The Paris News from Paris, Texas on August 2, 1934 · Page 2
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The Paris News from Paris, Texas · Page 2

Paris, Texas
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 2, 1934
Page 2
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FACE TWO 2. 1994 ociety Churches Club s Garden Party Is Given By Mrs. Duncan Mr< Ncal Duncan er.tertamec \ w'th" a «"ir4ers P*r:y a: her home f oi/SouVh Church strvet Tuesday | evening. .A deli=Mfui surrer was 5 served al fresco TO :^e follo-.vir.g j and Mrs. IX Vi . Tir.r.^r-.. .-•. - ^--^ , 3-jTr,:-s O«•?•"—, -"'> — an-3 Mrs- ; Make This Model At Home Paris News Daily Pattern hhy Honors Visitor Here XVS*^ \vor- ~ " ^'. •.••^'^ t~., - •r.^.'l O - **• n - oree zr-2 Miss K.I~:na Boynt_ ^ another <-.-j*.--f-:.:-'.v- £ru--st. '..vith ly 'Flerr-ir;?:- J-es?e Scott Pr ; ce Vlrcinis T5sxte~. Jar.e ok K'varsor ""oc-'-i, ^c-.vir:,i ^ v \ :::-.-ri *-•' San H>i~£ro, C"a.i-. ^-"ho is t^is i":O"Sf AL 3IEETING CLOSES AT UMTY UNITY. — Tr.-r revtva; meeti'i conducted by :h- F: = v. Johr H SHOW HIM YOU CAN MAKE A CHARMING FROCK: PATTERN issi By ANNE ADAMS First thins we know youns rr»:i ;ir? sroirs to* begin asking that '-Can she make a cherry pie?" sorz c* tiiir.g. TVe are getting back to -he o!i standards, girls! Show him ths: you ca.r. sew* *Tere is the very pattern wiih which to do it. It is ! ensy as can be and charming:! j Those epa-jlets for example are \ nothing: to put on and aren't they j chic? ~Just ge: a pretty material j —a coI-.-r he likes — and follow \ :»cur s-?wi:-5 instruction? siep by j <:•?;• And will you make a hit?] The cris-tia! W;LS ma-ie of eye'e^ | embroidery, but organdy or dint-; ;:v Tvouid be lovely, too. ; ?att*rr! 1?S1 is available in sizes; 12. 34, 15. IS. 20. 30. Si 34. 35. j 3^ 'no'" 1 fabric. Illustrated step- ' by-step sewing instructio'ns in- ; eluded. ! Send FIFTEHN" CENTS (ISc'i i in ec-ins or stamps (coins prerer- j for each Anne Adarr.s pat- \ A POPCORN CROCHET DESIGN EXCLUSIVE WITH LAURA WHEELER Wolves Killed From Speeding Automobile In Smiley Meadow Modern methods: of transportation plus a well-directed amo matic shotgun Wednesday afternoon spelled death for a x>air of Umber wolve* on* the Smiiey meadow about nine miles west of Paris. The animals were shot \ down by M. L. Smiley, who fired os the fleeins wolves as he sp^d along side them in his coupe. Mr. Sisiiiey felled the male wolf with two charges of buckshot from his gun but five shells were required to snuff out the life of his fleeing mate. The two wolves killed \Vednesda5* brought to three Lioii* Club Meet* at Hugo Wednesday Noon HUGO. Okla- — The Liona club, meeting Wednesday at the. Belmont hotel, had as gruests Dr. \VaIling of Oklahoma A. and M. College and r>r_ Rupert of the business department of Sam Houston State Teachers college at HuctsviH«L. Texas, xvhc are making a survey of typical counties of cotton, states, working: in Choctaw arid Tiliraan counties in Oklahoma. "VV. S. Dean, abstractor, reported Lions International the number shot down by Mr. Smiley in recent months. 1 a recent visit to the Lions club in Seeing tl» wolves roaming about { the cit ^ of Mexico where the mxt the meadow Wednesday, Mr, Smi- I c <?nventipn^ ley came to town to get his shot- ^ 5 " oe " ne - <3 ] gun. He returned-and. using hiss —1 car. began runnir.s them. Finally j WEDDING AT BROKEX he maneuvered the car inio ;>osi- | BOW ON lion where he could safely fire at • * the wolves. i HUGO. Okla. — Clyde Mclntyre ' When he shot the male the ani- and Miss. Ida Rush of Broken Bow Chicago on a" three week*-wedding' trip. They will make their horn* at Broken Bow where Mr. Mcln- tyre is connected with the Four- States Grocer company. Th« bride, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Rush of Dierks, Ark., ha« been employed by the Choctaw Lumber company. Permanent Waves >1.95 up to $5 Wave set 15*.- A ±5c . . Satisfaction GuarnKt<^ed • ROYAL BEAUTY SHOP S4 Bontuuu Td. «*J How proudly some women show •eir crocheted spreads, handed'i QU " ;rernen:s ' PCORN CROCHET PATTERN T8O all stitches used: and material re- leaped toward the car, almost i dead at that instant. The mate i stopped and whirled about, giving Mr. Snailey time to turn his car | around and resume the chase. were niarried there "Wednesday evening by the Rev. Mr. Ros«-rs. Methodist minister, and left for lifth shot, fired as the wolf start- Ser.d 10 cents in stamps or coin ed under a fence bordering a cot- OT ''-.""•iic-* an crder for a lasci- i - c " ..... u - ! an heirloom. estimated- The wolves attracted a lot of attention when brought to town, where they were hung up in front of Lindsay's Sportin.e Goods inctiLstnj st \fe\us NOB EN6M/INO COMPANY PLATES rv-vo-i^t. V. is mate 1 store, and pictures tvere n»ade of it was then;. nating book, crammed from cov-j — er to cove- with stunning iHus- \ square, because of the simplicity Tr , r . :on<s an! j captivating cescrip- : of its design, makes an unusual { CENTS. Address orders to The News. Patter.- Department. 243 West 17th Street. New York Cizy- closed Tues^sy nicht. v,-::h siTteen additior.s to the church, a.;; by baptism, fifteen ror.Vr-r-.ions hav- the fonrtli Sundr." :r. Au Mrs. Ells- T ;•••:. 5 ^-'2 ^*-V. Hope" Gr-ve ar.r. Mr*. HUGO BUDGET OF PERSONAL ITEMS HUGO. Okla. — Miss Z>orothy rrtal recuperating after an opera- Salvation Armv Here • espec'aJIy etre • articles besides a. bedspread can be ' zriade of this design. I Pattern "SO comes t? you with ! detailed directions for makings: and I Coining the sQuare to form a va- j ] riety of articles; illustrations of j At The Grand The vast sweep o~ the western Mr. ar.d Mrs, John Car;er c-f - Goclsby of etr.:t a M L.. Carter. day *o I^.^,n.S-r "-."•?; :"?-. I r£- Todd left plains, the wild vistas of rugged ] -nountain peaks, braved by our; gold-seeking ancestors. only a i -mall pan of the scenery display- j in the latest Ken Maynard-! Universal starring production, th* ; epic "Wheels c* I>es::ny^- -which •, will be shown at the Grand 'Theatre- Friday and Saturday. ; Mayr.ard has devoted months to .->f D*stiny." the dramatic story '•' ; 3. trek in covered wagons into :r.- ; •s^esi in search of gold. In the : story. 3- tundra is s*.vep: by ma-- ; made flames to drl*-~e back Irdian?. • 'here is a repulse of a- In-iiar. ; iriven from, their on a m:-- I •western h:-tel- ! A. tho-jsa-nd b-:ffaio graze- peace- ; by a. band of marauders. I-ciriV" \ • rise to the r:cio-s peak of a -7,'*.- ) I dance ar.d attack, ilaynard goes t? j • the rescue of the embattled p.or.- j the r.e-w Si Doradc. Caiiforn.a. ; : In the gripping production v. .:;- attempted i~ POUS. milk or creair. on a '^^""^^'^ * r ~- s -'-~- r -' : ~'" ' s "~ "faowlflll cf Xe;!ogg' t S Rice :-^ r . ar . : .^rs. R. D. Margraves Krispies. Then listen as *"•- d^-j?r.-.?rs '. ^r=.r.^a.^ ^r.d they snap znd crackle their i^a-^-"^" Vr." r/reeier. Co:c. story of ce:ic:c"s crisp-ess. :.:.--ror. G.:be— cf N>-a-k:r>. ;%f: .„" . r *', r Gis.d*~a:er af:er v_ £ .-.;t:r his y (->*"'-t7f T !f>"i»— *-~SC*-r-r^ P^V— " ~ i u—. vc „„.— k.d-^cw. e_-^/ a.-r.:„ ;»'rs. H. A- B-rk*. tiling' SO gOcC, Serve for M<?~: r-^rs cf ?~;rst Methodist b ^-^pl^T-Tso*- r 1 .*" T^TT-^l^ A-^ ^ f ^sl •-. T: U r'T:-'! p .5: !t i... -..»,-. .---i- ii*^,. . I, CTrt f» *. gLO V ^* i - s—*.. *.*-* -W^S-* ^ ^ ^ ^ • '• * ' —- "?" food for children. Light l : '.j:':>r ff V = Vho""ie^-eV's"j = day~ f*r and easy to digest. Made Gvcr=-:& c-n a •-•&-£--.'.-:. bv Kellog-^ in Battle Creek. 1_ * & GRANDMOTHER OF P.\RI5 MAN d3r af. rrocn he hop^d to A • ' L-a^r DINNER GIVEN FOR " """ BLOSSOM MSITORS ertaa- wc-rk of the - er.tertair.ed Saturday p.rening ^.- : :r. -at:cr sho-vs tr* oTgan:z%t:c-3 was • fur'o^^h from Fort H;H. 'i^!;;. "•"ar"~ 27.''"0 ',ff :/ ~'?'"^ i~ Tri 1 ^r-rk. -*cr.r.son Dav|j« ar.d th-e t^'o ho"'-.-- "^ 5 *~ 1 ^ ^OO c o r ^ ^* c ^ •?*. FORMER RESIDENT CALLED BY DEATH T COSTS NO MORE To hare your clothes *:lf*infd by the. I^eic Fi pro High Presfitre $y?«?m noic at our plant N AMI: VflffO RFX,!STTtAR !<!-<;'> •>•,,:*... H T, Tr.-."jT. ^t r v f ". ~ i r - r - J " ^ ^ ^ -......— jfc*;. Xf.-.-r' i-'-^* 1 :. \V*'jr 1 «*.'Jay replaced !•'. .* } '•*.' a>- !*-''*rn.l rf-sriwtrar, offic* wi'l b-e r*op<n^<J : *.f.,><;'.;: TT t days, asserts J. E. Up- . ie, <3!*i:rirt registrar. : Water bi!i» must l»e pauj on or ; ' iSrjrHf Autf<U«t 30 ir» ord'-r to ;h* 10 per r-nt <fisccuni,. j of WiM«r Work*. IN CHICAGO FKKVAII.ING SF*rRIT OF ECONOMY A V-->T '>•••:"•'« ^ » r-'^*^ a'-r - NORTH .fi^K K?* ri«'»M «oRi.r*'«t FAIR &2JVO Slnjrle . St.OO AS!r»ct!v* w^*^',. »'.-i :.-'>-: i!/ r*- ••* •T.AC K TO t-1% f. THE LANSING HOTEL A. Jt, Want W* More Miles of Real NON-SKID SAFETY? Here It Is/ The amazing new Goodyear "G-3" Is scoring a nation-wide success ~\\ T&VE never seen a tire make such an in* V V stant success—such a sweeping sensation -as "this new Goodyear "G-3" AU-Weather. Goodyear took tv^o years to develop it. Gave It months of grueling tests to prove that it gives 43% longer non-skid mileage. And that means NON-SKID-right in the center of the tread, where the grip has to be for safety. There's more £r*> on the tread—more rubber in the tread—more tread against the ground- patented Supertwist in every ply, to stand up under the huskier, heavier shoulders. And the test fleet proved that this new "G-3" will £^e/> its grip twice as long as tires tested against it* What a tire! And the best news of all is it costs no more! Come in and see it! Sur«, w* h«v* • GUARANTEE — oof only s but is addition • £o«rmnte« »4«inxt defects of material *n<J •work- o*a*hip.Wftb; the qualify of Go«xJyc»rT5re» where it is today — yoo c»n be sure of »*ti«f*cnot>-Ccni* in *&d *ee as «ixjtrt it. See the Husky Goodyear Speedway at these low prices SIZB 4.50 z 21 4.75 * 19 5.00 x 19 v25 x 18 5.25 x 21 riuCB 4.90 5.20 5.55 6.20 6.8U 'CLAIM'S SERVICE STATION 40 Lamar Avenue . Phone 2*5

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