The News from Frederick, Maryland on May 31, 1932 · Page 9
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 9

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 31, 1932
Page 9
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Page 9 article text (OCR)

u man BY MABEL McELLIOTT THB DAILY HZWS. TRgDERIOK MD. TtJZSDAY, MAY 31^1932. ~ Holly wood Gossip FICTIO French Assassin Faces Guillotine AY Fftt'Kf CHAPTER XLVIII bad deliberately seemed to fall In feierish actimy usually associated (, our o ; j,; S we jti--g. AH :h with a weddiEg. There was no kept locked la her lic^rl. cacory cor was there a strip o£ crsauoa carpet. There were no Sowers Classed la nave or cbanceL; """ wr-isper excitedy cgaia but she XevenSeless the Sit^e group await- was leterr-jptei by tbe resou^dia- Aust Jessie wondered, down to Foaatel!* as soon as ray ;-re:e25!E? that she terselJ bad' heels can carry nie. 1're been want- to the extent of makics 23 engage- ?ot a cinder !a her eye. Tnere «as ing to make a pooJ lone visit tlier* ao s'sse to it. She might do a bit for jears. Mjbe I'll stay if I caa of \\eepi3g uita every good right s* "^ o' th* house." t.cause ibe «as go'.as to miss Sa-j » · · »a=. no cnsta'se atxut it. Still she' CCSAX kissed Rose. She kissed ( HE cb»'ch *as dark sad old.' »" =* latter'* r'aiis for bia even , . to the extent of makics 20 enffsge- There was about it =o=e of the · n . eEl for O ._ a o .. J(xi toda*-the chubby lit:!* girl began to «.i* g!«d to barter earned. Life O Lid been growing siagtilarly con- The dress and :UMHS. *k« »ith one "thing and!"" "«»· Cwered hat were packed ai-v'thsrr. This young ciaa seemed, a«ay in one of the big bags. Sh« of !us vuth hcthed eipeclancy the sr- chords r:-.a! of the brical pair had atwit playe.1 cow w.tii drasictic them 23 asr of tender eiciteraest' "Here they cose." F.js* cur- ofiee absent from ceremonies boast- mured. Erery head was turned to- 3 ing greater fosp. , 'a-"1 l - e ^ r a - J back asai2 t( " Gujside were the high winds and.^ard the chancel from which the r, b!ue sky of one of sprias's more brsd^grooa. tail and fair-haired. - btnevo'.en: dajs. A group cf chat- now emerged. Another, young man te"'"- girls b'oke away from the was at his eSbow. Of the 20 cr -·-' door as the unseen organist began ^ests gathered ia tbechurci. · ·-- to finser the strains of the meraor- !' ail were » o -- - "" arch. a'.: r:s^ Auct Jessie had beea dis- , wjn» the faua-colorel suit. ' Susan had c-ii^ed her mind abjut marrying J Krsvst Heath but probably it was ! for the best was crasbSsgly trl- as.Dliant cow as the bri-ia! pair turned to leave. The little swana of guests followed. rtos6 was TrhSsperlcg to the i "Goodby. gjodby. Don't forget to ; write to me!" The bell c'anged and the little group of fa_'c-i under the station lights begaa to fade Into a blur. Bob's arm stole around Susan. "I'm here," he whispered. She gave him a shy saclle. Was t he really hers--this splendid youag I tcaa w ith the soft roice and the march he ^as pla;. in were Lushed ^s Suan. u^vroutedly · chubby "Yes. I ran down this i dark blue eyes? It scarcely seemed cow. that pa'e. srproaciie-J on t:,e- arm cf a · t ^ OT , i !is and picked out the hat j PO*s*W«- Her t^es were to the door of the anteroom to gaze petals, ausiotisly toward church. The organ Not ^et was he v ^ .- -into the crashing chords which an- j in °ae of the pe^s su:p-,-J tw.ce asd souace the arrival of the bride. *-·-*-- » -- ' -» i--1.«. They eat, hands linked, on the platform of the club car. "I'm sorry you had to make your . Miia:i i . . . . _ _ - "\nd Tbe youug man shrugged. "He'll lowered.. (tcy . w .. O . =s to Moa . aea , ^hat do' come aroul - d ' HJ Blwa " UoeS -" tune which h^s always power to Ailing. san-J-haired gcntle^ia !a , Ed dress foj . her w j, Ue they went evoke memory and tears. The chat- ifflmaculate moruin^ attire. . Ha ,,_» ,eri..» E-.rJs sobe-ed acd began to ! She xv-s all in wb:te. ivory white to --' Kli - r^°!« dotaTthe aisle! Thf^c^ergy- ! crepe dress wsi'i long s',e%«. »ma:i · The chubby girl marmuced that i father angry. Bob." maa'soieninia h'.ST.stments. came'white hat d-ide enure:;-- of iower was her Idea of romance. the back of the There was son^ibins tome-; ' j " n-st p'-yc-d softlv '.tbiES uaworlcly about her. A yel-.- T °- v --* Ot -a -' I sta wilhss to brea'k low-haired girl ^Lo sat Quite ^ione! Kose ^^id sturdily. "I think It's sai . A ta!!, pleasant-faced girl prettily , with a wisp of a ha-dkerchief. ressed in dove-gray was whisper-] Carryiss herself stra-.^.t a dabbed at her ciascaraed evciashes TJ . e bri( j e an d bridegroom signed ' iheir names ia a Luge register and "I'm glad though that we're not artmg off with a lot. of money." said Susan thoughtfully. "1 think i that would be a handicap." i The boy stared at her. "You're a C-: Route *.o li- . a I ssi» bc-i K value of ajyUr.e^ Four (.-! 1 as uiough 1 lia\c beca gone longer. * * * Plane? And Horse*. Incidentally I ju^r .eam-sd how an airline stevsardcss spends h*r Ume en her U:s off Th- you.-jj iad. en our ;;Ui.» -ld ai- tlia' --lie sues njr^c'oaei r"".!, Cn-.u!.' ,"' a irucn srtater 4 she twusS.- i ^i-- of toiler siates. Aiid r.jw ' »r Ho.:-.-*ot»d and a jod :r ·: a: *r.e Brjviri I*rbv Tha: s ^ie -. - · . . , . i · -V *,!" colocv to ^ f . i . . . . i......^ . Had bad dizzy spells ^)Ji«.T hrr Vecl a h Fs^l-haa's n uK« iora. , . I woaJer to say that." sts swara:e! around them, "There's no htnit to what we can -- n \ K S I I : BUOS T1VOH arou=J her face under the little hat. dered. that she had been so discon- so'-ind ia that She moved in a. hjppy dream. She. tented, so Icipatic-nt for thicsrs to mall, quiet p!ace beyond the vcCce of the had time to say to Ray under cover ; happen? Now she had everything · "11 minister and the low. clear re- of as embrace. "Tiiank youi Thank in the world. She had love and a to be ! sponses of "the principals in the Sou! Voa were risbt." j bappy future. What else mattered? It but I didn't know it was to be so together--" goon." There was cot '·But Rose." protested a small, chubby damsel sentimentally, think this is the nicest way to be ] sponses of the princip married--without any fuss and sort'. little drama. Tiiere was a pause of like a surprise party.' "I thought it was all another girl, nodding "Her aunt told, my mother yesterday afternoon that she was going! ing which the listeners strained' She *e!t a. touch on her arm. dowa to tie country to live and to hear. Then it was ail over. i --as Jack Waring. Kav s-.opped on the steps outside night wind grew colder and It I Susaa would probably go with her. I Even Aunt Jessie blinked and | "Cas. I give you suppose happened to rush !t so?" don't know what I've done to deserve so much " a lift down- 1 Sbe Jifte(J l!er e y ps to h!s - Tte .-WTieu she called to' sir she was i fumbled for ber handkerchief. I t ' town?" ' ; bo - r P ut a kiss ! ° the pa!:a of :he going to be married this afternoon ; had been so nice of tliat Mr. War- i \Vcrins looked kinder somehow.. ^ and h = was bolt-ing. I nearly passed out. What do you , ing to offer to give Susan away. The familiar mocking smile was 1 Funny, be mused. If it n a a n t make them , Of coarse he wasn't a raeniber of ' gone. Ray thanked him aimost tim-, faeen for father end Dess^e--bota ! the faaiii-.- but it seemed more iu!y. Susan was g!ad to see them. °' them text on separating u»- * Rose smiled crypticallr. She! proper to have a man do it. A u n t ' g o away together. Poor Kay! j we probacly w o a l d n t be together thought how eagerlv thev all would! Jessie dropped her eves as t h e , Ic »as all a goliiea dream--the touignt. uen'se especial.y. tue · ' - · her sije-the 5;J:1 ' t re:l!; v w - :lt Ee - u I' 1 *' maoe :r mad to thick aaone else did." "Call it Der.ise." mur.-r.-.TeJ Su- saD. her eyes darken ing. "Oi call it--fate'" r.I i i.. __.» , J; _ " « T - T . _ " J . , " T , I.i . . , The train plunged westward. "I'm going i THE END. hear from The pr^u ,-a nioiie be west agi::; l:-.e\ --v! 1 "·· -!I.T. -«rrfs art- pretty dead jrouiiu H '.:·· v. ^-G But f.f! - those »r-.o j.- ^ ..s irr 1 . wv-.l ·».'!» their stage i.\i--^ :'.a-.e »-.»arJ loiig::.^ for our B.gar.tic :i m ut'. ' -non*: 'which are :· tw ! ^111^1 i" Ni w Y\rk novi The la*- »-.-·. IM: of e\:^ when Paraaio-n'. h .-'V A "- ·' i- 1 -'- *·»'· on ;'-s Astora. · : _ . - w.-.'i r.o buyc-s i Manv t'omint Home. ! Qu.;e 'ft. -. i 1 ^ .'.'- ·: b'-* TO y.;ni- I mer too-- ern-e ur-iJv !.'.-.;_; d»y?r-ei j Nick Stuart ?-ir. SA- Cxro'. alreidv :vrr 1 back r-onie -t:'or -v-,".:v mot vis ;«'iture j theaters :il'. '!·-· '-V- '^-' CAS' Alicf I White alro h.L^ \:'. ".f~ tno ·*·· cj^f-t Plfi DOrva- Y.i "or M-L.-'s'-'-i -i^'Edd:e Lowe -ill w.'.' be rii-.',d.:i? '.vr li'-'.- lyaoofi before '.-:·.- to d- prt;:rt' S^ ur.! Ze!m. O Xc..'_ Ar:: I-".s M rr.r. ' vinr.ts to g : S-u : a.- -oor. .ts pc.v " ' But her ro!c :n · O' Tnr-e 1 S-:-.- w j is i-canng a '^:s !:.t : a.»t f* k-« p in Xc'.v YcrX ffr r-.- '.:r.-- ;-o* i It won't b" Iniii; :f · S -on -AO . be In Salt Lake C.t\ v.hcrc I c:- MID-WEEK SPECIALS \ \ - U M I \ V V\l 1 1 U K N | ) . \ \ orrv O N L Y . J l NE T1U- 10 r \\» ;M. to the sia- . eyes as - pounce on the details she kae-- it' bridegroom put his arms about the j tail young man ac she "were indiscreet enough to re- girl in wfcne and claimed her lips, packrajj--i::e journey veal them. How Susan had decided Aunt Jessie sniffed and turned to iljn. i the day before to give np Bob f o r , glare fiercely at Rav Flacccry sev- j "Premise me you won't stay a · his own good. How she had changed eral rows befa!r.d who was weeping sir.^!3 cay in tLe bouse atom." the . her mind. How Bob. goaded by his'openly and unashaiseeir. vn~ dul ;irl l-gped tsr cunt, father's Interference and pursuit, I fool women always have to cry at i Aun; Jess.e scoSeil- GROCERY SPECIALS Queen Olives ircc Bottle Karl-Ja Malt 3 for St.CO Vinegar BEHIND THE SCENES IN: Washington ST RODXEf DUTCHER ! XEA Service Writer Washingtori, May 3Z.--General Win- ' field Scott Hancock, nonnested by tile Democrats for ih= presidencr in :SSO, said tlie ^.nff -ras a local issue. They · laughed at 'nm and pe::eti him Tilth j ndjcule and he ·ras defeated. Bus the lariff -iras a '·local" issue and has never seemed more so than in :he fighi which began in the Senate o-ver the pronsions m the tax bill -srhich Tronic levy impor; duties on o.l. lumber, copper and coa!. I: becocr.e a 1-ocal issue ·sitn nearly ererr member this tirae. almost as rr.uch so as if a general tariS oill had been These are the fac;s beh-nd the' strange situation Trhich deTeloped in'o 3, t-hrea« t^ tie up tne Senate ^definitely a J -arhich led to :he reniariable promise of Speaker Gamer and House Ia.o--:y Leader Snel: to keep the Senate in sessicn tnroujh rne national convent!Djas if it cidn t, pass a revenue Adding Fat to the Fire : The b.U -sras theoreti:sllT pure lax · bill. The lobbyists brourh; pressrure. ( enzmeered comb.nai.ons and made it- , a ta~ 2ill and a tanff b.U a-, the same May Be Cuba's President Sarah Afiraugn v ere callers Saricay af- ;emo^n st :h»" cf Mr. and Mro Edgar Pluliips near rloysMUe --Mr. -ind Mrs Karrj- JloUney and daughter. Je,n. -\nJ Mrs Marj- Moh- r.ey. mctsred-o Bcoforf Pa. Sunday rotumea hcrre but Mrs Mr.r"- Mohn^y rems-rij-a. going to Butter. Pa. and to Wsrrsn Ohic. .xp -ct^ig to «pei.c j some t.rr.e sniorj^ relatives and friends. --Mr.=. Mary Sw.t-r ard Mrs Sarah i Al'oaugh spenainc Thursday -.\i:n Mr and Mrs. Samuel Sto'.cr and fam- --Mrs Anceli has returned to j home adj^':iir.c the L'. !wra:i I --Mr nrci Mr U.-..? 21-ni, : more Mr .r.d Mr-. H-5 G.'.: i son. New \» -. -.! Mr | Mrs Curl.*. G B A -;- S .i-a.r.- j --Mr. -snci Mr~ Mil.»r n\r-:?r. Mr ! ar.d Mr; J h- P"i.' n ','.. .n Br.-:i l^Ir r:id T^Ir- T.i - c.or~ "r -~. ':^i sorer: Mr -n" A:-- , T -I'M O .-.-.-. da-:sri!cr T ----. Mrs G M. Cr:r.:.-. and Mr? M R.I--, s F-d-.ic'r: -«».ri Ms.tors it tri* r.'Hi'- of Mrs E-r.nia Rodjcr?. Sun 1 iy --Mrs. L.5CL?. B-^n V, r r- niirislcr Msi'ed s. id fr.ond5 ir. to'Ar this v.cck --Rev A T Sutc 1 £Te an'! ".'" ·· B Xaill as ia". d?!f_a:{v alttndcc ;Ie IVIEAT SPECIALS Long Horn Cheese -| ·"T \ery TJ^t^-- round A · *Sugar Cured Haai \Vholc--round I . i ,-r M or? /{ortrj/Mrr .. Ksmon NOVARRO --IN riu M *·. M. mr -H U D D L E H i: !i--M V I OI-. E V \ N S M M K \KTOOS KOMI D\ /, \ M % - JOAN BENNETT In she RjJso Drama that electrified the air'. THE TRIAL OF VIVIENNE WARE -- \ f a x Dram» With-SKI LTS t;.\Ll_\GHER Smoked Si-.usnge Vcrr ;o«d--Pound . 19. I. \I11KV M,5r5'LTt - Jds and Knds--Fair I Xt.NKLi:i KI _9_8c rBE%DS 47c I ' H I L U I U N S OXl-OUD^ ·r STIIAT-;--Ml ^.zr-^-1'.ur \ \Kll \ \ J U E SIIH. Good Wright--Yard BOYS' ri*\\ l'ITS Khaki or Slnprs S OOTTtl) SV. IS--Licht Ils-k--Ne« Color":--Y.ird RAYON VRi: '"c'.d e DC 39c 15c Sic · roiu:T n-i-^iL fp 1000-shcfl roll *· ILOTTON LI^LK IIOM: ;.Icir% or Ladies'--1'air ·tlsamhray \ \ O K K IHKTS T::t full--Each i.\Ki;i: on. «orth 73c tor 9c 5c 29c 45c MLX'S H1NLS I'-SUITS Broadcloth 37c I . A D I K S - BATHING -SLITS Ml C olort 79c " SILK HOSt \ll Colors--Pair 17c City Opera House T O N I G H T AT 7 I'--»10 A "Yes" Girl and 'No' Girl Fight for a Man in Two Different \Vjvs TWO KINDS OF WOMEN -- \ Paramount Picture nitb- MIRIAM IIOPK1NS PHILLIFS HOLMES STL'AKT ERWIX \DDKI1 \'tV\ VAC McKINVET SHOET j h«r norr.e V-'edr-esday. irom 'Florida, v,here she ;?per: the «Jiter i v~:h her sister and brotner-^i-^? . Mr. · and! Mrs W:i:.ani E VTaencr i --OrestU5 R Koontz K"~svii'e. who M I L E S has been .11 'or some i.iro. v.*as la^cn i :o the Frecenck H'-sp.tai 5or | trca'-rr.en' and an operation He con! tiE'j-rs seriously i".". i --Tr.e Tan"yto-sn Homemakers' Ciub VTI: ho'.d -Jieir mon'h^v meetirg Thurs- dar aftomsor 1 . June 2. at, 2 o'clock. Roll call. ' M?-tcr;al Sirtaole for KCK Wea^h-.-r Wear." Dercon^t-a.-io^. · V/ash D-es»£ for Sr.Jimer. · by Miss Agr.?s Sluice? --Rer A. T S^t-cUIe ~- as elected one of ".rie d-^'-ega'cs to repre^em the Maryland LuUicran Synod a:, the General Conference of tne Ur.::«d Luir»erBr: churcfl. wCI meet in Philack-lprua in October. --Mr. and Mrs. 3xy Robb have removed from Derry. Pa. to Taneytown. the-r housel-.o'.d goods arriving Thursday even-r.; anc w-.L occupy the_r At, a tinic --he- nearly erervcne ~as aim.ns to balance the budge; through 3. tax bTM asa ar. econcmr b_::. both ex- trenielj measures m --inch tnesibers vere und"r esrreaae pressure from a'", froes cf I^bb--ists. a tr.-ra con- trover; 1 .a! issue--tar^fi--'sas bro-ght ja. as if to rr.a-ve a 5-fTic.i't ^latt^r worse. Tr.e or. foar cos^cDilies j ' --ere ir:s.en«i in tbe Senate Finance j vtv"--~.3TZ^,i. ·y'-'.'::^'- cir:"es ii Hars-.a. as«?rt that ? of Dr ; Co3im."«s tat measure on tr.e ?re- Orestes Ferrara a; C-oa .= s^c--iss.?? st s'a-e p^r-'--.ds '-.e ^3r. of tense that TTO-JXS he.? raise needed ·p^ G^rarca f-ocr C::oan ^-.-r :-e °:re"-arv of s'ate succeecs . r^/jC^-Il'r-cn' a?."i« T J-.- 1 -..en. z pirrr-^-"- of S7 OOC 000 on Cuba's Claims and Counter-claims f:r*.rr. .~z.?y.e~~"^ ^ c-- "t ^ --"-5 "i-it Dr Femr^. is r'.n.'idcr'sl an ac- Tiie c-sner:-s ca'c^^t.^ns 01 t^c t£r- . ~p^7^ a-^i rtcr.Ti - D~'- t .~ "' ^ '--^ SSOOC OC^'a year a relatr.c'y t--Ti£.:.= j:n j ' --_ -- -that I ~.d *~_v. Dr Fernr. ,~'r. Ii j l:.--:.3r. 3.-- - Da-s .-^n from can?. -- _r-: .-r.^s Dr a-, a Mrs Fe--1-3 -.- mand^ of tn^^" .cr Tr.-e :.". --mbtr. cooper cr.c coal .-:- i^_ '- r ' jffart^ :a cst'-.n tarJIs or. tcc^r corr-- : '- e c -- 3aTTy-5~--ct .-r.ff o.'... f-..ei ae-3res.=.;r .r. - ~ e - -a '--^ a-.c sr Tane^,*town ca. · The Deir.ocrat.: 02:--. " r. T. ·"--- -' i"-:r s. stA^r.v as5a..y ·:-. Reo io..-an tiart Den- :--at.c ir.^ir.- reorcs. it. coal. o.". aid cc^per tariffs co- operatei T- .'.-. B-.-o-^ ~ vs .- .^-r" 1 -; the d-'ies .r.t; ·.--·· -- er again T.-xr. s ^ ^f t:-e Firirc .r.ffs c.- ·'·-. ::A Costigan of C.-.--iio H-rr_^n ar.d H wast - ,- ··-. V.--;.- -SC--' f'- - -' -: ··.'.- ?.:.^ ^:r.= Ha-- '_- ~- - ,,- .^v.5 Tie ~~-j* -. -:~ . ^ . . .- _= t:. ^r.-.- ·-·vat ls s^sip?. Georre ·-: G--- ?. Tennessee ret.r-ec a '"a r.-r.c n-.-nor/v reisort eA-re^s.r.? c f r ^or.-e-r.t:t for th° duties. Bars'-.- :f Kcntu:-tv Tar.t- ed to protect coV. Cor.r.V.1" y T^as and G^re ot O-tlahomi ^?re -vor's.r.; f"»r ,a-.d .ncr and Kin? of IT'ih Tas th.r:.n; r --oi-TXi.- icrrr- of COT ^ - ·» ! T " " '-" From Bad to Wors« p- "-; e\~^-. t^;= ioiir lariS Democrats, naturally, i--ezaela,, . - o u -- ; r / ~ -- r:- l.-^--"- IV'r'-roT- ana v.ife ,, t -- - TM ?» 4-_-r t, S ,;-. -, -^ . '- ·.- · ' -,. · . - · -c "·:- .-r- M - o W .-.'Cci.._ - - W .. uco, ?erj and i --iLso V-r.e D-;tera ar.d Mrs 1 SATISFACTORY HEATING is not so zj-ch a question ci shoveling coal TiDtil your back aches, as it is burning tne proper kind and having a clean furnace. You hare your automobile acd yocr watch inspected and cleaned . . . WHY NOT YOUR FURNACE? Consult us--you will be surprised at the small cost of having your furnace cleaned the modern way. MARKELL FORD PHONE 202 THIS CAR 95,OOO A SIX-MONTH TEST . . . . It is in splendid condition and good for manij miles more A itrearn of oil, p connecting rod in the OMsmobile engine, bathes pilton pin bearing! continuously-- preserving iiic precision fil, and grezily reducing ws«r. Whether as one of a fleet of commercial cars, or as servant to a private owner, Oldsmobile never fails to w:n high praise for its day-in-and-o'ay-out reliability. Owners frequently go out of their way in recommending Oldstno- bile, and praise its good qualities in glowing terms. The car that owners approve so unmistakably is, surely, a car of exceptional desirability. Certainly, therefore -- if you seele an automobile of moderate price, offering th* foremost features of fine-car design -- you should carefully investigate Oldsmobi'e -- "the car that owners recommend to their friends." Let us show you what Oldsmobile can do. We promise you a genuine thrill when you take the wheel -- the thrill of mighty power, brilliant soeed, unexcelled smoothness and quietness. . . . FEATURES OF THE OLDSMOBILE SIX AND EIGHT . . . Syncro-Mesh transmission, silent second gear, down-draft carburetion, automatic choke, ride regulator, oil temperature regulator, engine decarbonizer, free wheeling, bodies by Fisher . . . Products of General Motors. !-"e' f'sm * tire imx .lt :ti; LC-. Tbe jttr --ffK^iraf Six KAUFMAN GARAGE COMPANY 221 Er st Patrick S T . Phone 930 ^ .J/ie Car that-, B I L E Owners Recommend-

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