The Daily Register from Harrisburg, Illinois on February 5, 1948 · Page 6
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The Daily Register from Harrisburg, Illinois · Page 6

Harrisburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 5, 1948
Page 6
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PAGE SIX · THE DAILY REGISTER, HARRISBURG, ILL., TIIVUSPAY. FEniU'ARY 5. IQ-iS , The Jrvins Uerlin of Civil W a r t Jys was George F. Hoot of Massa- , \-husctts. He wrote such patriotic Washington .piwY « "Tramp,Tramp. Tramp.! £ol U BYI I) plaints ol understanding I I I O I-.' i n v i · ·»' *· , vn what social security is sup i,iwcd to do. Many people be- commg eligible lor ben,ills haje the present Mtualion is that all these social security systems are in competition. If a worker shifts Author of "Monkey Trial" Textbook Dies HI \, I/I U I'V i i v t v - i * -· -- - i from government employment to vuKMONT. Cal.. Feb. 5-.i ,i .....*.. mk t* *i vwi tnr*M iinnL* \. i^. » * * . . . . · » * · 11 ....A ..... Weather Man Calls Off New Cold Wave (Continued from page one) .'the Boys Are Mart-hint!," "Just Be- ' fort- the Battle-- Mother." and "The Untile Cry of freedom." __ ^1^140,50,60?" -- Man, You're Crazy Vonsct jour UK«| Tiwiu«anil« are peypy at TO. 'iry " tx-piiiiie «|" » uti i *trti. Coutalii* tonic for wrak. rmj'lciw'i (tfliiie !'ic wlcly to t*xl'x Jack or Ir.m willed luiny nun ami w'uriirn call "old.' I r/ *»tnt 'low 'lii'''''t !ur t*l. jounm-r ftrlinc. this .very ilay. New "K*t acquainted ' lire only ^Oc. Al all drug Horn everywhere -- in Harristurg, Pharmacy. ia\e irom j;oi.».-jiiii"."i ,....,-.~.'."^"» .- ,. \IM.;;\HJ;VI. *-ai.. rf". ·--| (Continued liom \I*KV v»v/ be tht armed services and then back (l .,V _] n . GeoW William H u n t e r ; _ --~ give' to civilian employment, he may S \'I H SC- textbook on biology , ( .,.i t i ca i power shortage, but the age. lose benefits under all three!"· ^ K . t , off lhl . 1923 ".Monkey | ,,. icifil . c | as :im i Klectri- Co kept pro- sstems. ... , ovor tho teaching of evo- j ,,, t1 ieet its rciiue-st t h a t all us iall'- Any consideration ot broadening', llU ' oll 11V Tennessee-, died ycstcr- ' (l; .,t oim .rs curtail v o l u n t a r i l y their ville the social security .system must' j. iy 0 , ., j K . ; ,,t ailment. l!SO O f electricity. We i lhm ,fore take into, account a pos- ' ; . , . ,, . .. k ,, Uircr at Claremont r m i still Short Edsoo NBA-Register Correspondent JUST RECEIVED 25 Ladies' Winter We purchased the remaining coats of one cf our better sources at a very low price which enables us to offer you far better coats at only $19.98 - $24,! $29.98 - $34,98 Hurry. They won't Last WASHINGTON -- i N E A -From parts of the country come complaints mat the p.v U. S. government hociiil .security benefits aren't enough to get In on. Vcr clo:-e to t v \ o million people retired \\orla".';. of Go or o\i_r, their ii OUT t3. tlioir \'id- ov,.:, their aged dcpcndi",'. pare:i:^ :nui their i!.',)ende..t children un- dei 18--:nv now ret(.'i\in^ tr.esc bcneiilj. Cn the ;ivera;e. th s v.i;at they get: 87;,000 retired workeis o\er e ' 270.UOO of the'ir \uvt.«. 6'5 or c.ver, get half allov.ance. or $: ' Man and \ . i f u UKN 4et ap- ! j:roximatel S3 8 a month. ' 135.000 widows wish oun.. ihll- ciren get about S20 a month. ~~T65.0i)0 aged v.idow of deceased v.orkcis get S20 a month ! 10.000 aged dependent o r i e n t s pet about SM.'A a iv.jntn. ^m. 1 filJfi.OOO children of ^devX-n-va or ' ittired u o r k c i s ret S13 y m ;:...!. , As menlioiUd r.boxe. these are riverage iigures and the benefits go only to those covered ov uie social Security sstc-m ; 'uirgcly workers ra industrial ar.n tf::r.r - ,t.i'- cial e.stsb!i.-h:nents. Another cau.-e of i had the idea there would i i»r t i f h monov coming m to JJIUMIO » . i u u ' ^ a T S ! of V.Lse in old age. lesc benefits under lint social M'cunty can never pros stems. \ide the equivalent of even hall ..., v j t jj, intended to provide l o r ' t h e Ixire necessities ol l i t e j therefore take into account a pos- ""(. m ', J' r ".J lecturer at Claremont n u .r still Short ;%r.Xc.««n li «-s..B.e^^^»K ; c :S ;£- »" -" ni ^v^i'fis^'Ki s^,ET,!in.^.rs.JA w - *" UM j-rj^s^sa.^^.sr ^r-Ks^sMs i c i , n t y system should never pro-1 .-f^-T^ STOV E , en - ot li.ology." when he was Mw Yor k. Nearly 300.000 work- · x . c l i : eu-n an adequate tandaul 'VJ B SwN ? niS FUROR i wd of violating a Tennesoo uv XV1 . IV without jobs m those 01 hving. M ! K^KOMO nul-- «LT) -Tabby h" Gainst 1 mcntu.ning evolution ., n , as occailsl . of imlustnal shut-\Ve cannot. h\ govcrnmcnt^aid.' - · · tho v[c{[ ^ j n ., dasj;i . oom . A l t e r a sensa- (1 o\\ns by tin- shortages. a cold weather accident. tioiw! trial in \\Inch \ \ i l l i a m Jen- A ;i m , ( . :mo ii s and St. I'-nil fuel ties. The boat Umod hi- ^ of seven oil barges which hau; H-eii locked in tin- cluiniH-l loi ' s by ico. me uaw* varry an e s t i m a t e d ! . ^ i3,00(1.000 gallons of fuel oil. a m i ' 1:1! other barges Iro/en waterway contain destined for Chicago · t V I · · v * - - - - « - - - - , the past 12 days by ico. . . o i l i e r northern Illinois The barges carry an estimated | . , kiclivuy. . ,. in(J h ca v('d the contents inlo the i Thei c a r e now 77 million Amen-1 T bbv mc i u ded. The cat The correel w:;y to l i f t a pupiv, day. x^%i«. ··* CLYDE A. Candidate for STATED te# U jU^i D Bn uJ) ·'- .-Yi-Wi * -.^ ^ "JW;r»! r v *,«.*»*-fsiv,*. /· ^Vi'^ /^^ v IT*-*-. ^i^ *** £$ij$. sA * y. i I C r r i J L I C A N I ' K I M A U Y April 13 An Overseas Veteran yrs v.»: u.aiiii-*-**.*^'* 1 '-'' *- »·«*·*' | c.-n:nent employes, the seit-emplo : eu small business and professional ;-cople. . , i Employes of the railroads, fed-, cral govornment employes, mem-; hers of the armed services and, u-tcrans of :,ll wars have wnat an.ounus to social security systems ol their own. ! There are over 1.340.000 rail- 1 load empires. \\no pay 5 3-4 pen t -nt of their pay. on the lirst! S300 a month income. Their em- p'.o\ers match this sum. It pro-, ^ .d-s the fanciest retirement so-| tlaf security beneiits in existence.; There are 1..516.500 fcderrd gov-; tniment employes, now covered; bv Civ-,1 Service retirement, rney · n" ; n 5 per cent of their salary for · culcrage. Oxer 120.000 of them now riceive pensions. ' ·q^re are 7.500 Navy and Ma- ·. in V~ Corps oificL-rs. and 30,000 A i m y ofticers no\v receiving regions. Running Slow? Any lime-piece, we nu-r.'i . . . \\atch or clock of any kiiu'l FllEE ESTIMATES CHEERFULLY GIVEN Don't tolerate un ity -- bnnsi it in to V.'-nkle- rnans' .'or a thorough checkup. Repairs, adjustments, cleaning, and replacements all at prices \ou c a n t resist! i l i i ^ - U H - l I L ^w-i*-'.^..^« . . . ,. The Veterans" Administration ! has v 30^.000 ocnsioners on us tells Dlus' 936.000 survivors ot \Uerans. Half a million vets are r-ceivin" other benefits. , One of the great confusions ot leaith News Illinois Medical Society Remember folks, It's Jewelry Co. Harrisburg. UK H. .1. Heinx Products Baked Beans. 16 o/.. en. 19c llein/ Catsup. 14 o/. 27c Beef Steak Sauce .. 23c \Vorcestershire Sauce 23c Texas Marsh Seedless 8 Lb. Bag Duffs always the ,__ £S£fe*fJ ^--4®^1 r ^-^cSj ;: ^i^^^ .Br-^T^ --^2i$«= : ^T-~ : ^-^^^f^^-^ti ^\tr""---- "-'^'§ : S^"^ P .. \ ;i.( #f · · ! · :|ipM^^^ L ·Jdr ? - r A it'll 1 ''' I i: '! ·' j*^ 1'flk ', ii \^ ^^\j "\ What Is Heart Disease? Each year more deaths occur r ro-r hca'rt disease than from any, I/-her single cause. The Educa-, Ijoaal Committee of the Illinois. St-te Medical society states tnat kncv. ledge and care- could reduce deaths from the many illnesses \vhich stem from conditions at-, iccting the heart. Actin- like a pump, the heait cii dilates the blood through tne bod\ The heart itseU is com- ooed of a mass of muscles form- tn- four chambers which receive tf-e blood brought to it trom aU i : rts of the body througn the ,''e;rA This blood is first pumped'; io the lungs, where it receives fre^h oxvsen. and goes bac.-c to ll^ heart?from which it is again, passed out to every- part of the, Udv through the arteries. After h lias distributed its oxygen and other essential substances to the ! "'dividual organs, it is collected ' ii-; o inv vessels called capillaries', uhich feed it into the veins and, , thus back to the heart. The es- Ucntials of the circulation o, che hicod were discovered HI 161a b \Villiam Hsrvcy, an English ph- fek ln n 'the heart there is .a series ,,i chambers to let the olood in-d out a procedure systematical v 'controlled by a series o '·· ives The lour chambers ot :Vc heart are the right and eU vontricles and the right and left SSf^to^ SS siS-f } ^^t^^s^TSh rietn-.lir.onar- artery. It returns · 'v-oT'tcd from the lungs to tne l.-H%i'de of the heart, from which K "left ventricle pumps it into t'iu. -orf. or main artery, which ···il-He, it throurJ' the arterial ·'u-irTthroughout tne body, ihcrc Tc thus four in heart ",·;·«,!:. tin- correct timing of which * i'« i l^\. *i n.*T*vt* " S\*. liCii* '.'iiro iCtl "^ J n«-ii- ·= · . · \nv " troub'.e with *"" Winesaps or Red Delicious Heinz Cooked Macaroni 1 Lb. Can p§es B l\o\ S2.75--3 Lbs. 25c « » £cu*f^t 11 O/. l'k-4. j Lilly Braiul IMnk No. 2 Can Hot Roil Mi; 27** jF-r» e -o Tootsie Cake Icing or 1 Lb. Bo\ Fudge Mix . 25c Borden's Instant Chocolate mmm s o/. No. 2 Can 35c Kl Morro Crushed No. I 1 - Can Pineapple Northern Grown Cobbler 10 Lbs. Dining Car a as Qt. Jar *c California 2 Bunches Borden's Choc, 13 O/. .Jar Heinz Cooked Spaghelti 1 Lb. Can iJj^^T^ l a B ^r * * Red Ripe 1 Lb. Box c f%£*Q .*a?fe*» Hardy's Plain or Iodi/cd 2 Boxes Moll's Apple -°.2 O/. Bottle hiifp / *£. JUliC · · » ^«««#^» Trnziers 14 Oz. lomalo Catsup 19c Del Honle 1 I,b. Jar White Large Heads '"leflowes 1 No. 1 Tall Can 2 Fof Each Borden's Eagle Brand Niik . , . o/. Can ·fe^KT Large Tender Bunches roccoli Bunch Fancy Premium Rice -. . Lb. Pkg. tym Preserves 27c Radio Slandanl No. 2 Can Brown Valley No. 2 Cans-- 2 Tor i Brachs 1 Lb. Box eans Box , ' :,ny of the four hor or - A i t h l h o valves «hich \V* sio« ^^ in lhe pro- dirft'ion can thu.s be a source oart dioaic. i- -'-- mosl important csuse.- ' . a r t ' u i ^ ^ c arc rheui.'a;ie V may damage the v.ihc 'nv. hir.n blood v.lac.j .rcr!o:.d the bear!: .scicroMs -vd-nJiu "t »'" c cosor.ary ?.r- ' v ' - . h u h supply i-iooci to U'.c ' .' ;. ;:iilanima;».j'. c.f Jiu- mne; · j :vi";«rf :i5.;5 \ahes o :,· : c.-'Tt bj. n i,C3i«. .x'.u-pi'.r.^ · ..n.'l.-n-. ar.d con^cmlal « Choc. Cherries S9c Libby's Deep Broun ,.\11 Varieties j Beans . . . 15c Flolill Lg. 2'^ Can Peaches-Pears 29c Libby's 2 No. 2 tans 2.K-: 4G c/_ Toniato Juice 27c Fresh Ground Pork Sausage Lean. Small Pork Chops Lb. heart. .ini o." outer *'0'..r- I^an r.o«.ton Butts Pork Roast l.b. 5 fat Sc i f v.i,!i IVo ^. «'«·" . li'OJ.-f. 0-1S "T OCll.'^.O". C.loM-0 n ci»'i 01 l]('id; 1:1 ;j .1 -n . :'.cr. " ' lock oil the ·; l-/o[] lo t'r.f !:-·... i nu^c'" 1 . v .10 ii-. of ]:.:b!n*n i;on rJ Tcndcri/rd. Half or Whole. Armour's Star. Lb. Smoked Hains . . 65c AU 1'opular Brands Oieomargarlne · B BACON Armours Star, 1-Jb. pkg. 79c Arrr,oi=rs Dexter. 1-lb. pkg. 69c Loan r.rcakfast Armour's Star. Side or Half. Lb. Bacon « . . . 6 9 c S«?ar Curr»l Lb. ;on Squares 39c pint- Selects, oin? Mod. ,*«i/e Box 16c Box" 39c Valentine Pudding ;;rmiJfa.if : Frbrunr? 7, 1') 1''. cu-- cinnrj ' i iMipoon «'! 1 pKr«K«- Imor- Dr.iin fru::: remove chcrr:ss. .-.:m ,ind j^It. V^'Kcn cool, stir :"· Ch:'.! un;:i :vr«py: ·*Ii:r "J 1 " 1 ' .V.c.-..v:rc ",i cup drjincd iri.."- r-n-..-.:r..:i^ frin: into gci.v.:n nj' or Chill until !": G.irr.:-h w:th Jif.lTt rn fhrr.-.c-. .ini filled ··»'· int.:. Male; ·? *rrv:n;*- "~ f (;KI.ATIN Fruil COCKTA1I 39c .. 2'.« car. «?·*" No. M Iamales.2 ot '. F. Gidcumh f, vr. lhe i.twi. ^,·cc·^:( }'^;n\ v', -c.' e.'-1 lo re.iuc. d ! ( , . ^ 1 r h-}: your ho:rl t;-...; :' c...,nol t h r t k \o;i. Pure Iowa 5 ?·* a »! aaii31f§ Vt7 . Lb. FiukcJ ^^^·' ^Siiiim, Miaflfcii '?S*5 1 Lb. Jar or Can 2 l.b. Jar or Can SwTft Prinkinct Golden Hour. 3 Lb. Ba?

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