The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on September 20, 1918 · Page 4
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 4

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, September 20, 1918
Page 4
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THE —— —... NEWS. —........ FRIDAY, S13rTEMBMj0jl6ia ^jni£MUTCHINSON NEWS 3FFIC1AL PAPER OF RENO COUNTY W. Y. MOPGAN, EDITOR. F.STAQl-JSHED 1872. Knfxrcd lit the l'uMufftc« in llutchtn- Kh. Kan., for tron* mi prion through ine ttiHiku uit s*cun <l -«Jaiut matter, TELEPHONES. IJusinesn ottlcu . No. 3 \dvurtlMn* Ijepartiaciil No. 3 iyJiluiiAl ttuoms No, 4(13 bocitty Kdjior No. MiM TERMS OF SUBSCRIPTION. Dally edt'.luu ti*ii\ert*i \iy carrier lo any pat l of li ule hi iiftuti, 10 cunts a. neck. Uy mull one ytar IS.00 Uy .'nail. U.teu tuoi»tti;i • Ui> JJ> nuiii, t>tu> month ... i .........••< > <1Q Wf.iit.y jNuwis, una year MEMOER Of" THE ASSOCIATED PRESS '•"iil 'VlShu""" repuhtlr.ll.rn of fecial (Ji *|-«t *:h«-« hnrtln two also reserved. The SWlinjer Drug Co. PRESCRIPTION SPECIALISTS retcpnone n. No. 17 Norm Main Street, Hutchinson B ELL-ANS Absolutely Removes Indigestion. Druggists refund money if it fails. 25c ly IO.RR brutal than the Turlifi and nt least n tenth KB fiendish ns their tier- innn allies. Therefore it tho Serbians get the ehanee they want tho Ilnlgars had better seek nonee and peek It f-oon or inovo off the map of Knrnpe. Arthur Hrlsbano, chief high priest of anil.prohibition, has Jji -cn smoked out. It is announced a big Gorman brewer loaned lilni morn than $;i00.HOii about a year ago to buy a newspaper. Tho more you make the brewery line hack up In the United Stolen the more our Allies arc able lo forro the Hun line bark in Europe. The two are working together, " MIH.- all • ^Minting ll'i" J l ,,-r inttaic THE KAISER'S PHOTO. * I !e Herman mother lost nine ' stalwart, young, up- " lie wept beside 4 doer for those who \uiiili! return no more; the burden * e,' li-T grb I ateI rare seemed 1 greater than her soul rimld bear; 1 h-r lure was wan, her eyes were " blealt. her hair grown snowy in ' wiel-.. Hut now the postman 1 e,mies .ui'l cries. '•Here's pome- ' mini, that will dry your eyes! A ' letter v. it It the Potsdam /.-rest— ' new in;,y year woes go galley west:' ' Willi awe the stricken ' mother takes the missive, and the seal -h, breaks. Ureal YVilhelm, ruler of the Huns, has heard in her nine lost sons, and he • sent a woil; of art to soothe * and heal the broken heart; it Is * a photo nt himself, fit for the * iii.ini' | or the shell; majestic, * beaniilii! and ^rand, it's aulo- * era}.in,I liy his own hand! The 4 mofli- i diies her scalding tears; * she am! the postman give three * cheers; tie ir arms in ecstaey they * leei, : and bunnyhug around the * block. "Aeh, lilmiiieh" cries the " nio'her ibeti. "the woilil seems * bright and fair again; who would * not send a bunch of sons against * Die h'.intri allied 1:11ns, if there* by he or sh, tnl'jh; gel ibis photo- '' graph already yet'.' I have a * granddad in the house, two uncles. J and my wnriby spouse, and I '* shall --eih! tb -1,1 fori li 10 die; per* haps ihe -raiser, in reply, will send '-> a ]ihoio::riiph!c view ol * Wlllyum l-'rieiiri •h. n n." * U'Ai.T MA.SdX. ah-, ha: r Abe Martin , ' .... ' ,,„ 1 lv convinced me of his sincerity that ithout that v.ouldnt really , h( , lm , )]( , , >a(1 ft ch . ince |() get GERMANS MUST BE WHIPPED To properly end the war the lie mans musi l;nim they're whipped Peace be peace. Tlie tiermans have 00 long tall.ed of 1 lie "power of might being right." that the uovernment and the people wouldn't understand an;, oiher kind of an end to the war. Germany really expected to win tie 1 war by her superior force, her "might" without regard to ri,'_*lu. Her statesmen have always said this. She brought on thy war because she (bought the "survival of the fittest" meant the winning of the strong over the weak. If some 1 brand of peace by understanding, which would give to formally wbaf she so earnestly desires and must soon have, brought an end to tho fighting, Ceniianj and Ihe Hermans would immediately conclude the UoFlIn government bad won the war, and soon begin 10 brag about it and make ready for some future conflict when she believed she would be still stronger. Therefore It is plain that the only kind of an end to the war that tho ti'enmins will recognize as being the end will bo a complete military victory, one of the sort that jiutis tho Gorman army out of business, puts the present rulers off the throne and gives Ihe whole nation the physical defeat It was trying to give to the remainder of the world, i'utllng the Merman rulers and tho Herman ' militarists in irons, Instead of allowing (hem to ()ult the game armed, will he understood by every Herman in tho world, not only in (lermany but the Hermans in the United Slates that titill pray for tho success of tho failicrland. Therefore tlluro is only otic kind of peace, Ihe kind that makes the Herman army quit In unconditional Mirnuidcr or one that whins the Herman army until there is nothing left of it to light. The remaining Herman peoplo al homo, backing by every action the army in the trenches and tho government at homo, will then suddenly be awaro that (jeraiiiiiy ns a military nation bus gone tho way of other oppressive nations of the world ami war, as iar as Die Teutons are concertiod, will never again have a chance, Hcriuauy must be whipped until She surrenders—before wo tun talk ponce. The government ownership of the express business has gone along now to the place where the second In- eiense in the rales the people will have to |iny lias been asked. DO YOU KNOW THIS MAN? Ily ltulh Cameron. There is an old saying that if you cannot have what you lik' 1 it is equally good to like what you have. l-suppone that it is true and yeO*- well there are some people who have that eminently commendable habit, and yet who are very eiasperaliug to me. For instance there is a man in our neighborhood who is filled to Ihe full with this spirit of contentment with his let. He has a wife and three ehll dren. Three children is, according to him, exactly the best number lor any man to have. Fewer would not be doing his duly. More would be too many. lie works in a part ot the city Which makes it necessary for him to walk a mile and a half night and morning unless he wants to pay a double carfare. He loves to walk, wouldn't live in any other part ot the city for that reason If for no other. lie has also a flivver. He has bought that type not as Ihe rest of us have. it Is the least ex. pemiive. but because it is so convenient to have a ear of which one can gel ihe parts anywhere. Also, he wants his wife to be able to drive it and he doesn't think women should drive those heavy cars. All of which is very convincing. Hut wait a bit. He used to have a small bouse which he adored. A large house was just so much more work to take care of, he *aid, he didn't want a maid around, tltey spoil the privacy of the home, and yet he diiln'l want his wife to spend all her time at housework Then, too. small houses are much more homelike. He had so thorough If th' worst eotnoe t' th' worst th' Hun army kin live on canned generals. German helmet hangln' baskets are all th' rage in France, an' you know how Btrong we are for Paris styles. 7\ ^ ARMY CASUALTY LIST j Tho foltowiiiK riisuiiUtos itrr repurtpd l»y llio CcitiKWJKliiin Omnil uf thu American Kxpi'ditiotmry J'urcis; KUI»*<1 in action, ;io; missing in action, M»; uuuiKtf^i Koverrly, S'J.; Jit 'il of tllai.'ase, (0; (Iltnl of woumls, JG; divt\ i.T .lecMvul ;irul oUitr cau&ts. It. Total, iy7. KILLED IN ACTION: Captain: Jamw ICJwaru ) t <Mul '?r'f .in, Oil CUy, Pa Sergeants: JVtor Ktltvurd-i. \\'illhitim-Hli'. .V. Y. Kdw.-u'U Al'.'njje. S«JHIU«, W U*\\. Corporals: Sam l.lradlt'y, Kc.idlnc. ft, 'Jti.'tiitrt'il Jlnrt, I 'Jdci -M, \Y. Yn. Hurry O. Knitztr, L».iyi >:i. »>. Privates: Joseph Y. IV-nolt. l'.iJd Knon, Ark. ,1 <d)ti Silas lldiini', ilar'"'t-\O. John W. i']<~jktn. .M iUW>;,, Wis. .luhoi M. I-irniifi'. ."'ffl'l, Utah. Krodrtle J. Finn. I'o^sw-'il, N. U. l^-'c T K«n». I^ii.' 'I \. Li. Sylvan vJaxel, KIWJOU, I ml. Hoy Hiunllton. Carri.: -l N M. Horace H;»i«Jy. Austin, 'lex: I'^HI 1 Jari'inptoii. New Vorii. N. Y. Ilfiiffln C. Kyii.:li. Mavti M-.-V. Va. Kitul V\ AtiKu -man. Linn. ('•. I.tyinard t )Kti'«jw.s'ki, Chi.*;!«.), Ul. lytuif S. l'liart-s, Motnul ritv. ill. fltwtav Tlorrick, l/it-liCcUl, N^h. tJustav M. Scliul/.c, Wlncin'ster, Tex. .7*ihtt HohwactK, Marln -.M *<•, Win, llobart H. Si ?c. Hvfi::w.f.i-rt, HI. Don Kdwnrd Sharp, 0.*U-.,it Mi-h iliUmrl Viltlnp, KKK H:iH-,r. Wlx, I*»•(€•!• V.'hJtf. *'ant^riitit v, W. Va. .John J. /.aiikmvl '-h. Jt >r.s<v i. ily, N. J. Aiitoino Zucliowsltl, .Sa\ni. Win. Aninl K'.hwartz. Holly. Mich DIED OF WOUNDS; Sergeants: AUrM C. Tlalley, \CU, "kl:-. J(^«')ih J!. TriHter. 1 (jiinii.wh.ini. 'i (I'-uiff VodlvUa. (*IH".MK", J11. Privates: Arthur F. Aldcn, Mvermorv Falls, Me. 1 JVO l:, A tw«t»T, hfikeviow, U, <ilM 'rt .1. MMoV, AinluMsl, Win. Arthur 1^ Iiubinson, Warriors Alnrtt, l',i. ("nintt riarrl.sun. Rnston. F'a, ' WalUT Harrison Henry. Newark, X. J. AirrtMl Johnson, Eh-va, Win. Ivv^ri It Mnrehlitnd, Lower AVo *XlBtock, N li . Canada. ljiuis 0 «h «Mowl:^. lliddoford. Mass. Walter Jtozwosou^ki, Dftroit, Mich. Fiisqunle Servino, Seraalc, Catnnzftfo, Ilaly. OcorKt* SnrtnRi*t)ne t Itomft, N. Y. DIED OF DISEASE: • Corporals: Jnmps Dngnn, .tt-i^ry r|ty,-N. J. , WilltanrK. iHii-nnrn, Totiltifttoit, i.'on. Privates: Ail^lrtrtV Ni»*hu«. N. H. Dun til t; Hptidrltx. Srwnian, 111, Unbelt 1!. Klllmrit, Cnrydnn, VA. U»uU II. NlrHolJi. MtnmJlpolla. Minn. Hubert Oftllvic, Mnlbon, I'anamn. . C-Jilvhi UMgfwny, .Inokson. t.!a. * Hlrdhj SiMnkfl, Vatden, Alisrt. Isidore Turner, Twlt'Stlne, Tex. DIED FROM ACCIDENT AND OTHER CAUSES: Privates: Willi Am M. .km*??. Cordova, A a, Oem-gtj I). Matirer, lU'Hlai, P:u Austin C. Mtji'nen, tliUveston, Test. Krnnk X. Miehcl, New York, N. Y. Jiwt'ph H. Wolf, IrvtiiKton, N. J WOUNDED SEVERELY: Lieutenants: nus H, rimfnuilh'j-, Itrooklyn, N. V. Haiph fHinpinnn. Vienna, 111. Ilt-enar T. KlUde, New York, N. Y. William J. Rweoney, J'ttteburgh, Tn. Sergeants: KmII HnehftJu, Lliuemont. O. tJo*n-eo J I. Duck worth. Now Kedford, Uu&aeH J. r >y«r, CIIU-IIKO, III. Hoy K. Kusfti'H, l.H »XtPf, Mv. HpriiLin J. Svlia«Ut>r, Wuterbuiy, Cc»nn Alfn^d WcatlMM'l«'»\ Akron, O. Itcnjan-.dn C. Srhill, lUdtefbnt's To. John y. I'Vrgtistni, 1'Y-rndalr, Onllf. I^iwrfince- I>onnld Myrm, Custer, AIlcli. Cllffonl li. Troxoll, Fallen Timber, lu. Durwln lioetx', tirnml Haven, Midi. CeorKo WIIHOII Hondy, Monroe, Mich. Jmnra K. Counthnn, UoxbitO'. AIOBS. .lanira o, fsitehi'I, Hudaonville, AlleJi. Hear>' Jiyron Hitil, HaidlnslMWK, Ky. Floyd N. Hollklay, Allison Park, Pn. Tliomo^ I*croy I^IWMOU, Corry, I'a. <'lyd.- A AUHWC, CarneKlo, 1^ >Vnltcr a. Bfhui/.. lltlMbui-Kli. Ta. Kdwai-d S. Wafpiner, Indhmapfilt -j, 1ml. Hf-nry n. Wlei'ii, Matikato. Minn. John Herbert WiDiiini.^, Bui'taiv, N. C. Bugler: Joifph C i .»(.vr 'r, I 'lnki'lelpliln, Vn. Musician: Harry Johnson, Ui Crosse, Wis. ^ Mecrwnlcsi Alexander .Sn-snowskt, Detroit, Ml eh. Henry I* Testers. Mniii'.^seni l'a. Cooks: John J. Foky. Stroud-lmric, J'^i. William SIii£i' , fon 1 Morris town, Pn. Privates: Speros D. Andres, i,jnti, Mns«. (Itiy Dnrtolettti. Allddlotown. *.?o:>n Yn-lintT WentiIn, Derninoiw Mich,, N«il P. Ho'nuh. South Iteml. Ind. William S. UllllK. M.'Adoo. Pa. CeoiRu lllacklniin, UocU Wall, 'IVx. Joseph Bla*h. I'hlhid'Mphia. Pa, Willlnm J. HraiHford, Provbh-nco, 11. 1. Joseph 1C H10/.0, Turner Falls, Muss. Andrew J, C;irp"'iH.'r, Diekey, N- D. Hoy F. Carroll, NnhlwvlUf*, Ind. Arthur G. Carter, t.'orona, ^Tallf. Mi -iton K I 'oifinan, HliacaTnlieh. Chn rlr.v I?, n ton, llfwl.vj>, Va. Vita Fiotl. Klnifftton. Pa. Tino Florpp, Hedl.'uidK, Calif. Anton Hurth. Dorchester, Wis. »fi Hull! flirt fof *oldi—«llSl» th. 'ent«d»« tlti.tffl .Bt— mi m NEW PRICES ^.aOo. 60c, $U0 Karl Hut chins, tli oi-kport, Pn. Clareneo J. King-, Mnrlton, N, J. Floyd lsah L«nne, Ciuslorhihd, N. V. John N. Musty, Kohl ft Wales, N. Y. Jamos Btlwnra Nnc.le, Mntnwnn, N. J. Huron Now bury, AlatiM'M, Minn. Wltlliim IT. Oelrlch. Jersey City. N. J - Jn.«f.pti Pax ton, Mllwnti^er, Wis, William F. II, Sehlldbaeh. Peoria, 111. Chirles T. SchwInglP, Nan-leu, N. Y. I>etl C. Walls. SpnrKar.svllle, O- Claude 15. Wernettu, CaU-dohla, Mleh. • Kmpfit Pewey Vunden Hwoh, Cland Haven. Mich. ; Domlnlck Cnstnro, Turomn, AVnsh. Ira 13. t^affman, Ibtltlmoro, Md. Harold Oarfleld Chaprrun, 11i\wklyii. N. y. Nicola ColfirosRi, IJnrtton, MACS I'MwRrd F. Crnnford, F.mtyto, Ga. Vornnn li. Panlelsnn, Waupacft, Wis. Fninlt J. .Devino, HaJtlmore, Md. Atichiul J. LKjolpy, t^harlefftown, Ma*s. Frank Fablch, Hammond, Ind. Krtirtfi M. I'Vilehmw, impAn Hill, N. Y. Halvnn I*>aHno, BAURstuek, Conn. . Phillip W. rriutnr, MonlnloUer, Vt. William J. Front Ma, Lead City. S. D. Uolmrt tJlbson, Wtdlsvtlle, O. Wilson K «rnvr, AUnmsnnolls, Minn. » John Harrlfl, Hulls ,«ap, Tenn. lieorpn L. Harris. Nettleton, Ark. Frank F* HOKPT. Homestead, Pa. ArehlfV Ollbert Housnnd. Urooklyn. Ind. John Jinmbrtlstl, AmstflnUim, N. V. MISSING IN ACTION: Corporals: I Pi vi-,- l^ofiard FrlSnll, Aujnistn, dn. lOdv.ard H. MaeDomvld. Chester, Conn. Privates: Hly^rs Arhontous, TliompsonvlHe, Conn. - William J. Allotitown. Pa. 1 -Twrt'IH 1 " I* neHetllet, Knliwny. N. J. Joseph IliKtker Murphy, West Philadelphia, Pa. Torvjil NV-tson. Albert l.^a. Minn. nirbard N Nlckersoii, (inind Juhotlon, Colo. HJrwln liiiffone Itiinrh, l'^inniw. Pn. Wallno** HI chard Hold. Philadi*lphi.i, Pn. Charles W, Arndt, AJlentowrr,-Pa. Ttradl-v ("J. FJHs. Klmwood. Oklu. Wllbort P. Fro, Cutbnnk. Mont. ' Flovd FYrtlnrlcks, l.eedoy, Okla. Harrv *\V. fJarland, Kunlco. Ln. NUdiolftH Hermes, Wannelon, "N. D. William II. Hock. Chicago. 111. T^ouis Kaplan. New York, N. Y. Marino I^iplelra, Alkeiisvill». N" Y. Lester I.eltl, Kturceon Pay, Wis. Peter Mandick, Pittsburifh, Pa. Alllo Mulborry. Arlington. O. Tdiwrence J. O'Connor, t. T nion City, Ind. Klvln I* Peterson. Olivia, Minn. Constantino Pk?h«zzi, Philadelphia. Pn. GREAT OLD REMEDY FOR SKIN DISEASES O KUI tl. Qiilnn. Iliu-rison, N. J. •Winiiim Oi Toloert. PAducaft, Ky. Krul Til PP. San .Tnclnto, Onllf. Chester F, Troiin, Mtlm, S. 'D, Ja»e O. Tiujtlle, t'linjilon,- N. M Anton M'ecker, Oionond, Neb, Wnltrr W. Willnr, C'lnveliind, O. llarl A. Wells, Hmlthdalc, Miss. Itni-rv Wr/..|ph.'ll, Olinirt li-hinil, Nr-b. Mvcinlt ('. VVhci'li-r, Mlvewlde, Csllf. , riirlsj S. F. Wllinds™. Marauctte, NVb. flmirt Wllllfttn., llchvtt, Untlf. Itlcbnnl WllloiiRhby. rori'lnton, Mlclt. Ctarenie lllilnehurl. .lei-sry Shore, l 'n. Uariv Hrbuek, Knst Oranjra, N. J Ua )'•• Scott. House, N. Al, Kdwniil ^t. Sharp, l^otlfi i.:lly, hob. Mleliael Jiuwph flhoehnn. Tnnntoii, Masi. I'bRilrn A. Slilvb-y, lrfiwveu<:e, r4i?^. Ttr-n H. Blmtwou. Lufayette, Tenn. William .A. Sniff, rhlliuli-lphla, l'n. Willlnm A. Siiyiler. t'lwltnont, Okbi. James A .Stanley, HnlldsysburK, Pa. Mwnrd J. Sulllvin. Aliilevei', Mass. Ileorffo M Tabor, Mnnltou. t'ole. Ultirrt IJ. Tlionljiklns. ItllRby, Tnlin. Vlto Valeehi', Ulllllll, Italy. I'hnrley Vrtter, Nnsltun, 1H. .ln.niri« H. Yoiitttr, Hamilton, Ala. Clrorse I» 7,ul>olsky, Slutrtiokln, l'n. (MARINE CASUALHUST) The foilnwtnff citJiUaUlto uro-ti ported hv ihd Coin-mat id Ihg Uenernl of the Amer- leau l^xpeditlonury Fotves: KlIleM in aetlon, »; killed necldunlally, J; dtod or wotiudx rt-cuived In action, wounded lit uotloiii syvyiely, G; mt^linf Ui aeiion. 3. Total. 3!'. KILLED IN ACTION: Second Lieutenant: J. W. Overton, Na.ihvilk>, Tenn. Corpdrnttt l*>lwnrd Nnrteti, Nuwnrlr, X. J. Kdward II. .. Oclm -'hlRtificr, Hoboken, N. J. Privates: All's I*. Clhlsloftt'jsen, I'inmo, \'olo l-'lnyd IOIIKO. Fast ChaitmmoR.i, Tciin. Charles Mc.Vleiiamv, Phlladi'iphla. J'a. lU'uJumtn P"eler, Hleh Shoal.'*, i!a. Jc«eph L. Rishei, Hutchinson, Kan. KILLED ACCIDENTALLY: Seryeant: J a men Mai ifon, Wtntrop, Minn. DIED OK WOUNDS RECEIVED IN ACTION: First Lieutenant: Donold tlonlon, 1 .iris, l-'ranro. Sergeant: IJoyil UroHltM, CurtlitiKe. Mo. WOUNDED IN ACTION: t SeviTi'ly) Corporal: Daniel T. >IcKV'iinn, itoxbury, Maf>", Privates: Amliew U S. Shepurd. Ftyrin, O. Hoynl H. C Slteplierd, Houston. Tux. Crortre N. Snyder, Cleveland. O. Dloyd 12 Plki*. Silver Bpiiiuss, N. Y. Clarenoe A. Shodd4Mi, Dundee, 111. MISSING IN ACTION: Privates: Norman fi. Lomas, I-7iiladelphln, Pn. Malewri K'. Webs!»r. Wolta.flon, Mass. HOW THIS NERVOUS WOMAN GOT WELL r Told by Herself. Her Sin* cerity Should Con* vince Others. Christoplier, 111.— 'For four jteaMl «u(Ter«l from Irregularities, weakness, ncrvouanes .1, e u 0 Was ln c run down oondltlon. Tv/o of our beat doctbro failed to do mo any good. I heard co l.iuch about vjhnfc LydioU.l'Inkham'a V egetablo Compound had done for othcrc, 1 tried It' ;:id wno cured. I :io lohgcr ner- vouo, am roffulnr, 1 . -l:t! In excellent Cicaltl). 4' believe t!io (impound will euro any female trouble,"—Mro. Aucn IIEIXEK , Christopher, III. Norvouancr; b often ii symntor.i 0! \;cakuoBC or como functional derangement, which uay bo overcomo by tSlu famous root am herb remedy, Lydic, K. Pinkharj'D Vegetable Cotipound, ac thousands of women havo found by cxiierlencc. If complications exist write Lydia E. Plnkhar.i Medicine Co., Lynn, Mass., lor ot'ggontions in regard lo your ailment. The result of its long experience Is at your service. a much larger house for the same rent I said confidently, "Of couse he won't take it, he really likes a .small houiio." Then 1 hoard lie had snapped up the opportunity. And now he ROOK about sayiiiK thai the house he has now is really adapicd for his faniily and that there isn't a house in the whole city he would rather have. Of course it is an awfully happy way to be, this thinking that anything you . nve is the best ever because it is youiv:, and that, you wouldn't change it if you could. 1 am ashamied of myself for being exasperated by it The only half way decent explanation of my exasperation that 1 can find i.s that self deception is at the root of this content and there are no lies 1 dislike so much as the, lies one tells, oneself. It is beautiful to be contented with ones Int. but. 1 ilon't think iliere is any need of pretendinj; that if one could have them, there are not other things one would like even better. S. S. S. "Clears Skin of Eruptions—Drive Poisons Prom the System. Get it fixed In your mind that skin eruptions, Scrofula, lOcxemn, burning, itching skin, and all skin diseases are. due entirely to impure and infected, blood, lf:the trouble was on the outside of the skin, by simply washing and keeping it clean >ou could obtain relief—not even ointments, lotions, and salves would ho necessary. Agree with us in this belief, and your trouble can be relieved—you can be entirely restored, to health. S. S. 3. is a purely .ve^W-nble treatment that you can secure, from your own dnig- glct—it is. a blood tonie that will pur­ ify your blood and cause a most decided Abatement of your trouble, and finally make you entirely well. Fifty- years ago S. S. S. was discovered and given to suffering mankind. During this period it has proven its remarkable curative properties as a blood purifier and tonic, and has relieved thousands of cases of disease caused by poor or impure blood, and chronic or inherited blood diseases. Von can be relieved, but you must take S. S. S. Take it If only pimples appear, for they denote bad blood, and may be followed by the sufferings from torturing skin eruptions. Therefore be sure. Don't take chances, don't use •lotions. Get S. S. S. from your druggist. If yours is a special case, write for expert medical advice. Address Medical Director.' «.S Swift laboratory, Atlanta, Ga. i.lusr»ph Utslie] was killed In action July to in the rirat of the Chatcuu- ThleriT flKlltlll£.) I Directory wnpaia so young ~" Rub Dandruff and »~>H Itching with A ; Cuticura Ointment SluwpM WKfc Cation Soap McVAY LIVERY TAXI—BAGGAGE Phone 86, Opposite Convention Hall. The .Serbians have waited a lows time, but they seem to be coming back to their own. Atid it they ever do ljet tho Bulgarians ou tho run, sufficiently to keep them goiun, it will be a sorry day for the Sofia government, 'foe B»i*a™ l»*ve "been nouro OVER OUR STATE. There vvcre H2 registrants for the war tit Little Hiver last week, proof that this fine city is growing. The city of Lawrence has Ki.OOO people ami a total assessed valuation of a little more than mi.buO.OOu. The ri-st room nt Lyons la one of the things the country people who come to town to trade always praise. Ford county people say they will raise the $12,001) for tho sevenin-one laud lo help along with the war work. The first name of the first man on tho list of new registrants in Ford county, Is Adam, which -is very np- propriale. "Ffght first, confab later," is the headline in the I'rntt Tribune in regard In the peace plans of tho Aus -I trlnns. It tells a good story in a few words. The people of Hutler eoiinly feel j certain their roads should be made permanent. They are about tho worst roads in the state, Is the general report. Most of Ihe schools of ltice county wire dismissed today so tlm children could attend ihe Kansas Slate Fair: lleno county will remember this very courteous act. A l 'awnee ltock young man, Just returning from tile war front in Ku- ropo, was married almost before he lilt the railroad platform. And be was right about it al that, A large number of the cities of Kansas have a higher tax rate than the city of liufcliiuson, an exceptionally good showing made hero with tbe rate at 110.10 ou the thousand dollars. We always have a good feeling for tho Great Bend Tribune and tbe Townsley toys. They managed to eel their Thursday Paper out sovoral hours earlier than usual lu order to I'M SAMBO! yon see my smile on your dealer's skelf you'll know I'm just poppin* over to show you''some cake tRat is calces"! *e* Order Mr. Grocer to send me over to your House toclay- and. Have me ready iti tHe> mornin' for a real SAMBO Breakfast.' PANCAKE FLOUR *elf~ rising Follow the plain. simple printed, directions on' the package — for• the best cakes,waffles,gems and muffins you ever tetsteo. BLAIR MILLING COMPANY ATCHISON t KANSAS Kate Williams CITY VISITING NURSE , Olflco with Dr. Lou'.so F. Rlchmoid. Suit, fi) norabaUKh-Wlley Building. Pllonti 2G62W. • PROFESSIONAL CARDS PHYSICIANS. H. S: BREVOORT, M. D. Practice Limited to Office Treatment *f Chronic Diseases ftnAmlnnllan and Dlafnoul,' Ft—. IW West Klnt St.. Ht^chlnaen, Kiniu of the Rorabaugh-Wiley lililg. Elevator service day and ulffht. ARCHITECTS MANN 4 GEROW fUoni, 721 22. Phone 21B& ATTORNEYS Wfvk H. BURNETT Attcrney-ot.Law 60S It.-W. llldB. TESTING EYES AND PITTING SPECTACLES Is our specialty. Prices reasonable accurate service. SHIPMAN BROS. Over Commercial National /•k Bank. Phone 3359. DENTISTS iTiTToNtiC Denllet. Suite 612-13. PHYSICIANS AND SURGEONS HT^fTsTEWAnT, M. O. / Suite »tt. spccltl Attention to Eye. Car, Not, and Throat Gtaii" Accurately Pitted. In. buu Mu nit ell, I Jr. W. N. »lui..l... ORS. MUNDELL, sAiua-tll U.-W Hide 1'lion. list IT G. A. BLASDEU IPHYSICIAN AND SURGEON •Olte 111. offlee phone 2211. Paa. Phone ?MV r'-bn.' L OUISE F. R ICHMOND. ' Suite 021. Office Phone SOSJW. Realdence 2652n r - O. A. CHICKEHINO, Phytic'an-lurgeon. Ilea. Tel. S21SR. Office Tel. 31218 W. tjuile tU3. ', DR. A. G. fiEALL Pliyelclan and Surgeon Slicclal Attention lu Lmttfuoala. lloom SOD _ Phones:' Office 3399W. Res. 3551 ~ Dr..H.~D. STERRETT Practice limited to liTye, ear, nose and throat. Itoom sua Itorahauijh- Wiley litag. l'hone 26-0. REAL ESTATE AND INSURANCE Loana and .Bonda. Room 007, Pnopa lia. AUTO DIRECTORY AUTO SUPPLY COMPANY 114-116 Sherman St East Auto Supplies, Tools and Garage Equipment. Distributors: Bosch, Connecticut, Atwster, Kent, 6tromberg Carburetors, and Leak Proof Rings. Phone 3000. -"QUALITY IS ECONOMY"— THE ™VanZandt 1M|,£0 DISTRIBUTORS 13-15-10 First East REO Automobiles and Trucks HASKARD MOTOR CO,, 17 First West Phone 243 WICHITA Arnold Auto Co. Mention Haynes--Dodge Brothers Phono 2707 HUTCHINSON Automobiles 29 Eait Flr.t Si —••The Most Beautiful Car in America" PAIGE The Salt City Motor Car Co. 123 Sherman East Also Studebaker parts.and Service -IM -ll-i- .1,1. Electric Battery a Repair Co. DISTRIBUTORS wiy,ARU STORAGE BATTERIES U »»d by 47 P «r C »nt el AM Msnufactgreri LAROeST BATTERY REPAIR STATION IN KANSAS. 108 Sherman Ea|«. phono »7 «i FREE INSPECTION OF ANY BATTERY AT ANY TIME

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