The News from Frederick, Maryland on July 21, 1948 · Page 8
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 8

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 21, 1948
Page 8
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Radio [Stations Are [Cited By Court Baltimore. July 20 'JPt--The Bal- I iimore Supreme Bench t o d a y Lvited five radio stations and a radio Tjiews commentator for contempt of court on charges they violated its unique rules on crime news. , j Those named were Maryland · Broadcasting Company, owners' and operators of station WITH. ] James P. Connolly, news editor of I WITH; Hearst Radio, Inc.. owners i sad operators of WBAL; Baltimore j Broadcasting Corporation, owners j and operators of WCBM; Balti- i J more Radio Show. Inc. ov. ners I and operators of WFBR. and Sid- Key H. Tinley, owner of WSID in ['suburban Essex. Grew Out of James Case ; They were given until August 16 10 answer. = The charges all grexv uut of a ] case in which Eugene James. 31-1 year-old negro janitor, is accused : of the knife murder of ll-;-ear-old j Marsha Brill She was riding on s her b i c y c l e v.-uh playmates 1 through a wooded section near her ' i home in Xorjhwest Baltimore on 5 ^ July 6. j James v.-as indicted in Washing- ; ton yesterday for the similar slaying of 11-year-old Carol Bardwell j Ten days earlier. Carol was riding ' her bicycle in Washington's Rock j Creek Park near her horn?. Her throat was slashed. The Supreme Bench, made up of judges who preside over State courts in Baltimore, said the broad- Prediction Of Things To Come WAA To Close Business Soon Washington. July 20 (ff"i--The biggest bargain counter in the j country is prepanfig fo close up j shop and go out of business j It is the War Assets Adtnmi*tra- j tion. \\hich has sold, leased and given a\\ay Mjrpius war property , i originally costing the Government , JS23.GOO.OOO.OOO. It still has $5.400.1000.000 worth of odds sixi ends to get rid of Congress has decreed mat WAA , shall be abolished next February 28 So today Administrator Jess t Larson told his scg:c::al directors | to clear the.r shelves and ge: their ' books ::» otoe; Since WAA \\a* established shortly after the w a r ended. it has done a land oJKce business in war iactorie-- ;eep b'.^nkets flat-h- ?.r fields, and rtv!»od;ty imagm- Perfect Thr News. Frederick. Md.. Wednesday. July 21. 194ff ELEVEN Devil Debate May Be Held INext Week J he George Photo b Fran!c Keeier y. = enure auQi»^ et t°P or ro0 ' w " 5 casters gave reports concerning al: month on his mother's 175-acre ! eri=!s and equipment ic. the barn leged statements, conduct and act-! farm near Jefferson, .have been donated by various or- ions of James "embarrassing and 1 In conjunction with the .Mary- ganizations and outness nr.-ns of Thrasher. obstrucfng the administration o f ' land Conservation F i e l d Day , the county. Mrs. Thraihc:. huw- · general manager of me Maryland justice." ' which will be neld August IS on · ever, will contribute to the practices. Standing, from left to rsght. are L, H. Crickenjerger. James was arrested a fe\v hours after the Thrasher farm, a smaller 22- [ of erecting the new barn. costs , Conservation Field Day. and J. Wil- The Ham Brosius. Jr. local represen- lights. l.fe practsco.l.y a:y cvwrodst able. Larso-3 ^j^ ::-jt js o( had ;';:·; propers\ OR hand Heal property f land at'd bui!d- ip.gv ?4.2tX).000.000 including Sl.- 003 000.000 on :ea:e: personal property S 1 75 000 000: and a-rcrafs and aircraft par:* S7C3 OOO.OOO Whs: has- ::se Government realized :n ca;-h from its baigain j.a!e? T"ne books *hov. . an agency spokesman t^!d a reporter, ca^h income f:o:n ^»Iei- a:-.d a^.es of approximately S4 000.000.000. Bis! he lia-tened to explain !he $21 biliion original cost is considerably above the sale or second hand value of the property. Besides, the Government gave away property costing S9.000.000.- 000. Of ihe remainder a considerable amount is represented by Senses. AKo said the WAA man. torne of the property was only for junking. l.eon t ' t u m m i t t , J r Leon \\hti v .'I be .t vcv gr-tde Ntudei-'. ^t K! - !i -liei". S. j: She fa:!. ha- :s l ir.vjiM .1 i t i attendance U'jr.: 4 t';i- ':r^; years »f ichooJ .-"d ha- p «vsi- !5iS e\.i.'-'-^ He :·; the M.-:! *f as-.d Mr^. Lo-!J Ciu:!i-r.!-. - . S Rouie '. Mr Annapohs. July 20 ()--Alexander W. Andrew-!. \\ho doesn't j belieie there s a devil, and his ad\ e i -Caries who do are all set for their iadio debate piobbly next \\ eck But General Manager Edwin R Mowbiay of WASL said today he , doesn t know how many people . \\ill he-r the forenwcs. The local station which will put thr dew! debate on the air. is dick- eutig with a national chain for a coa^t-to-coast broadcast Andre-As \\ho bt-irted the fu«s ' o\- r whether Satan and hell really exj^t \i itii a challenge to any three Pm*e*-tunt minister;, to prove it. he expect '. tell hi 'ide in , about three minutes* The 64- year- oKi ox-Sunday School teacher from S!.i.i\-idi- hav offered hi^ ar.tagon- Jan.f-* L Simlev 8! vicar Anne - pal s^-h. .1!ready has :pt tea'iv Hf s^id he ex- .i t o n \ « » i i " Andrew* Si'ii!e\ s eolleaguej. have be vho'-en fso:i a ho»l of !i!!Ufis fiom Baltimore and Two Take Terms For Scrap Metal Thefts Unable to pay S50 fine? imposed Monday by Magistrate Raymond L.. Benson, Westminster. Charles^ Green and WilKa-n Slade Washington, botfi colored of Baltimore, elected to take thirty day terms in the Carroll county jaiL Both stood convicted of petty larceny in connect.01 with thefts of scrap metal from farms Be?sie Lee Monroe, colored, Baltimore, abas Mazie L. Brown, who s«i 22 years old. is in the jail awaiting trial on a s.milar charge. State Police think the trio and other? are respo::s:o!e for numerous raid? on farm machinery scrap in Carroll county. PAINT FIRMS IN'DKTED Pittsburgh. July 20 ·?--A Federal Distiict giand jury today indicted 14 pain' :»! ia:r.i-h companies on ihaige; cf c^n-^piring to re^rim trade by price fixing Of- f:ciai- of the fsrms were andicted as \..! W ; churchet. Mow bra\ 'Frank!\. fro: 1 . 1 , vct-:: v.e have !o ep!e--o::t France, in the coii^u forth. I tliink that - ^ the ;t-op!e t'li- S',.i'.» -. ;: jSe-. .ni'l ··» !-:^ 01 Jiiet.c_ In I9t~. about 200000 people travelled to the top of Pskes Peak us Colorado good trs »»v tii i tiitu tt ic » ii^s-ti,^ *..!*_ j. ..*. ^----.^* _ ,, . - - - . -- _ ^ -- -- ~ ,, ^ ^ *· ·_ - i * · » .1- .1 I . in i ii--' '· · ' the Brill slaving. An alert co^c model of ;he above structure ; lower part of the barn consisting ; ta;ive of the national manuiacuir- n«- rtr o| W l \V| man 'e^embered t"at a ! will be erected to replace ihe pres- j of concrete blocks. VLI:! be com-; ing con-.psr.y which :s donating the _UO^t UCCOratetl Ct been sent to prison in '· ent. inadequate facilities for hand- ' pleted prior to August 18. but the ; quor.set top. · \^., a j|^ Diplomats » ~ ' , - -- - l 1940 for knife attacks on women in the Pimlico neighborhood. After almost 48 hours of quest- i ioning. James was accused of the | Brill slaying. The Grand Jury quickly indicted him on a charge and he pleaded innocent reason of insanity. Considered Contempt I Modern Dairy Barn Will Be il Erected On Thrasher Farm As an "added attraction" to the , Day, concurrently with the trans- grain, and grass to feed the live- i stock. It is the feeling of our co-n- i - mittee that the erection of this , barn will bring up to the same level of efficiency the facilities for Xew York. July 20 -3"--Former Lt. Audie Murphy. America's most decorated World War II soldier, today called U S. diplomatic representatives in France "fat-headed" fas-headed v\\ .:e L i v - ing down 0:1 tS'eir job-. · I don't know \\uy -r how except that maybe she\'\e been :heie a few years too ioiiy --ay abous 20 or 30 and they're '.rv !.i^ to get out and cio J h c i r job " He- said he had he.ud ' q u i t e a few" compK'iiitb aiiax'.it Aisieueau , representativei \\hi!e 1:1 France and that ' I heard co:npiain:*. from Americans in France " 'Tourists who are gosiiK '.here now." he added. ' are finding out ihe kind of people \se re.illy have Uhere to represent America " thcir jobs " He said they are "too lazy to get ! handling milk, which is the main " and said some are -laying down on source of income on this farm " . . ,, the machinery, lime, fer-. il= -,,,,, v ,, v , ,,,, -Under the Supreme Bencn rules, , Maryland Conservation tieio. Day . formation of the soil. Oroinanly. tilizer. seed, paint, and fencing ' ou t and do Ir-ei- jobs " it is considered contempt of court which will be held August IS in ; the erection of this quonset top , which xvill be used in making over ' Murphv who holds more than 20 to publish or broadcast any state-j Frederick county, a 22-cow dairy · a i one would require a four or five; {he farm i anc j. all of the materials decorator's fo-- wa-- j,ervices in- ments an accused makes after he | barn, complete with all necessary i u, ail crew working for about two ; ^d equipment needed for this '. n iitdin« "hr. Congressional Medal just returned from France He received two ighest medals while In announcing i this unique barn-raising igreed. nwvcvti. nj ^miniumc *}.«,-*¥ demon-, substantially to the costs of erect- ,, " ,_,,, ! . . . . . r y\v: is5tl a His photograph may not be pub- \ "face-lifting" on that date, lished without his conspnt. ! To" do so, the S^*'' ***** *CT ] I.W V*ifc- ^jjj»_»_ij-n_i**.»««-*-j ·--·-. -- -*. - - -- -- -- : V^i/ilSCi V«lLHJil iT itAV* A-**»jr. *. ^ * V- Baltimore newspapers, for ex- i i n gt on . D. C. milbshed. Unlike the ! t h a t the milk production on this i ample, could not publish the state- j } and on th j s f arm whicn will be \ farrn has bAen seriously handicap- ' ment of Washington officers that j comp i e telv changed over from j ped bv t - ns inadequacies of the i BLAST KTLLS MINER James had signed a statement ad- j s traight-rov.- methods to soil con- 1 pres ent barn. "Through the est- i McCurtain. Okla., July 20 3*.-- nuttuig the slaying of Carol Bard- ' serv ation practices by 500 volun- a blishment of a complete conserv- j One miner was killed and another well in the capital. ieer Corkers, the construction of a tion program on the Thrasher, was reported missing today when Today's citations are the first | t jjj s new - barn will not be accomp- f arm .- he stated, "we are going to; an explosion and fire swept the involving broadcast news. : lished entirely in one day. The m crease considerably the capabil- Lone Star coal mine here. Nineteen A sub-committee of circuit : j ower story, consisting of concrete · lties of " ' judges has suggested that the Sup- ' blocks, will be completed some- ' reme Bench regulations be incor- jj^g pr j or to August 18. However, porated into the rules of the Mary- j ^ e entire quonset top or roof. diplomats interview. LANE AT CAMP TODAY Camp Ritchie. Md . July 20 .T -Gove r nor Lane corr-mander-in- chief of the Maryland National Guard, will review the *T5th Infantry regiment r.» "Governor's Day" ceremonies tomorrow. Lane will be accompanied by Maj. Gen Milton A Reckord. state adjutant general. The Governor was General Reckord s adjutant durin" World War I Troops ^f the 175th RcR'men' began their a n n u a l two-week tour of field training at Camp Ritchie July 10. an Indian guide Vacuum Cleaners Wall Paper or alzost anything else A Weak,Run-Down Feeling Is Often A Warning That-The Red-Blood I Is Getting Low ' If you do not fert Hi* roar real i?H. do i not hair the \KS* to be up and doing, why not check-xip on your blood ! itreneth? Loot «t th- pains of your i hand*, your fingernail*, jour !:ps. the ] lobes of jour ens--ere they pale asd OS ! color? i Every day--«very hour--millions of tiny red-blood-ceUs must pour forth from the marrow of your bor.ej to rc- piacc those that arc vorn-out. A low blood count may a£ecZ you Six s;«-'»ral ·nrays: no appf.ltr. \iaderwrSgbt. z.o enersy, a run-down condition. lac* o' resistance to Injection and disease. To get real relief you must keep tip your blood strength. Medical authorities, by analysis of the b'.ooc!. have by positive proof shown that SSS Tonic Is amazingly effective In building up !o» blood strength in non-organic nutritional anemia. This Is due to the SSS Tonic formula which contains special and potent activating Ingredients. Also. SSS Tonic helps you enjoy the food you eat by Increasing the gastric digestive juice when It Is 2on-orcacl- callr too tittle or scanty--thus the stcm- «ch iriU have little cause to get baity trtth gag. bloat and give oS that sour food taste Don't wait! Energize TOUT body with rich. red-blxd. Start on SSS Tonic now. As vigorous blood surges throughout your whole bod^, greater freshness and strength should make sou eat better. sleep better, feel better, work better, play better, have a health? color glow in your skin--nrm flesh nil out tolloir places. Millions of bottles sold. Get » bottle from your drug store. SSS TonlO htljpi Build Sturd? Health. : i aa d for producing hay, 1 others escaped safely. AIR CONDITIONED CANDIES JOHNSTONS--LOWNEYS PAGE SHAW--APOLLO BRACKS BLUE RSDGE NEWS AGENCY 101 F. Patrick St.. Frederick. Md. K' land Court of Appeals governing ( w hich measures 36 feet by 48 feet. ~ r for the entire ' criminal procedures for the entire j State. i . Some of th£ State's prosecutors, i the Maryland Press Association . and several county press associa- ' tions have announced their oppo- | siiioa to the proposed state-wide rule. The fact that WSID is located outside the city limits may provide a test of the court's jurisdiction. b e erected- during the Field E L E C T R I C A L W I R I N G Residential, Commercial and Industrial FIXTURES OF ALL TYPES AND REPAIR WORK HARRY TINNEY 12 Hamilton Are. Phone 1601 What the well-undressed man will wear PHILCO RADIOS We have on display the new 1949 Phiico Table models with FM and AM reception Console Models FM AM--Radio Phonograph Phiico Television--Your Theatre At Horns COME IN--SEE THEM--WATCH TELEVISION HOME MELVIN M. ENGLE ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES HOME OPERATED Back of Post Office Phone 80 Frederick, Md. O FACTORY OWNERS! MILL OWNERS! ESTATE OWNERS! Can von protect your investment against destruction by fire? We have availyble wheel-mounted chemical fire engines of 20, 4» and 80 gallons capacity utilizing the miracle extinguishing agent "KAKBALOY-'' "KARBAI.OY" not only extinguishes general and inflammable liquid fires with amazing speed, but also absorbs vapor and fumes generated by fire and creates no vapor or fumes of its own. "KARBALOY" fire-proofs surfaces it contacts, is znti-freeze. and does not deteriorate xvith ape. "KARBALOY"! An exclusive product of the Fyr-Fyter Company, Dayton. Ohio, and available only in "FYR-FYTER" extinguishers, Remember, anything that -will burn is a fire hazard! SAPPINGTON AND COMPANY Libertylown. Md. Phone Frederick 1133-J-2 his jaunty sports coat and slacks is an equally trim and comfortable combination--a Hanes T- Shirt and Fig Leaf Brief. Made of Hanespun combed yarn for long wear. The Brief has a superior quality elastic ·waistband and elastic in leg openings. Gentle athletic support- Double-paneled hygienic seat. The T-Shirt doubles as a sport shirt. Briefs, 85c to §1.15. T-Shirts, $1; SANFORIZED SHORTS --SI to $1.45 Enjoy Yourself During This Hot Weather WITH A Cool Beverage We have Hiball sets with tray for two, four, six and eight people. Priced S 3.50 and up etnzveta ~i KEY HOTEL BLDG. · Bane* iToic^ ?horl= arc ;c5iernn=lT !ai- lorcd So fij w5lho:!t pinchinc. In "marl n^vr =!njc?. color; and all-white. EJa«Hc sides. Gnpp~r!eneri. Be happy There's no time lost when you stop at the sign of OJdsmobile service. Factory-trained mechanics, using modern equipment, swing right into action. Your car receives maximum attention in minimum time. For efficient, time-saving service, drive in today. YOUR LDSMOBILE DEALER THE KAUFMAN GARAGE CO., Inc. ; 223-229 E. Patrick St. Frederick, Md. Phone 930 Corn Borer and Japanese Beetle A S A D V E R T I S E D IN LIFE -the label of quality knitting in underwear and sportswear. P. H HafU K-ittiro Co.. Wir.ton SaUra !. N C. HEADQUARTERS **y Organic Chemicals Corp. 43 SOUTH CARROLL STREET Who are entering the third successful year of Aircraft Spraying in the control of-MOSQUITO CORN BORER JAPANESE BEETLE ALSO AERIAL SPRAYING OF APPLE TREES - PEACH TREES AIRCRAFT USED IN THIS SPRAYING ARE SPECIALLY CONSTRUCTED TO GIVE THE BEST RESULTS FCRMSHED BY STEVENS FLYING SERVICE STEVENS AIRPORT Frederick, Maryland FOR ADDITIONAL INFORMATION' CALL OFFICE 1971 NFWSPAPFR! AIRPORT 325-W-3 -IWSPAPKR!

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