Ironwood Daily Globe from Ironwood, Michigan on September 11, 1998 · Page 10
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Ironwood Daily Globe from Ironwood, Michigan · Page 10

Ironwood, Michigan
Issue Date:
Friday, September 11, 1998
Page 10
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THE DAILY GLOBE, Ironwood, Ml — Friday. Sept. 11,1998 Page 4 MOM IS SAT. SEP. 12 MORNING 5:00 am 16 Twelfth Night 5:20 am 18 Fantastic Voyage A miniaturized surgical team is injected into a man's body. Stephen Boyd. Raquef Welch. 1966 5:25 am 15 Triumphs of • Man Called 6:00 am 22 AlJenn Ings of Oklahoma An ex-con attorney returns lo the tegal profession. Dan Duryea. Galo Storm. 1951 44 The Big Trees Homesteaders protect their timber Iron a greedy land baron. Kirk Douglas. Eva Milter. 1952 6:55 am 15 Movie Movie 7:00 am 17 One Fine Day 40 It Runs In the Family The Parker clan endures a memorable summer in the 1940s. Charles Grodnt. MarySteen- burgen. 1994 7:05 am 18 Where Angels Go, Trouble Follows A nun locks horns with her superior on a cross-country trip. Rosalind Russell. Stella Stevens. 1968 (CC) 7:15 am 16 Like Father, Like Son 7:30 am 22 The Naked Gun 2 1/2: The Smell of Fear A bumbling police lieutenant engages in a chaotic manhunt. Leslie Nielsen, Priscilla Presley 1991 (CC) 8:45 am 15 Roman Holiday 1 8 The Night of the Grizzly A iawman- tumed-rancher is threatened by a marauding bear. Clint Walker. Martha Hyer. 1966 9 :00 am 1 4 The Last Unicom Animated. A lonely unicorn searches for others ol her kind. Voices of Mia Farrow, Jeff Bridges. 1 982 (CC) 16 In His Father's Shoes 22 Count Three and Pray A rogue- turned-pastor uses his wiles to rebuild a church. Van Heflin, Joanne Woodward 1955 10:00 am 39 Gas Food Lodging A divorced waitress struggles to raise her two daughters. Brooks Adams, lone Skye. 1992 10:30 am 18 The Chairman A scientist is sent to Rod China on an important mission. Gregory Pack, Anne Heywood 1969 10:40 am 14 The Shaggy Dog A magic spell transforms a teen into a large canine. Ed Begley Jr., Scott Weingor 1994(CC) 10:45 am 1 5 Breakfast at Tiffany's 22 Like Father, Like Don A surgeon swaps personalities with his teon-ago son. Dualoy Moore, Kirk Cameron. '1 937 11:00 am 16 Norma Rae 1 7 Little Bigf not 2: The Journey Home 21 TcenageMutantNinjaTurtles Four ' martial-artist turtles clean up NRW York. Judith Hoag, Ettas Koteas. 1990 30 The Chase An escaped con and his obliging hostage head for Mexico. Charlie Sheen, Kristy Swar.son. 1Q94 34 The Big Country Texas ranchers involve an Easterner in a water rights (cud. Gregory Peck, Joan Simmons. 1958 AFTERNOON 12:00 pm 28 Where the Red Fern Grows A boy'slife is enriched by the two hounds he raises. James Wfiitmore, Beverly Garland 1974 32 The Con A New York con artist falls in love with an inheritor. Rebecca Oe Mornay, William H. Mucy. 1993 'PG' (CC) 39 The Plague The government quarantines a city when a plague breaks out. William Hurt, Sandrine Bonnaira. 1992 12:15 pm 18 Fantastic Voyage A miniaturized surgical team is injected into a man's IxxJy. Stophon Doyd Raquel , Welch. 19C6 12:20pm 14 How the Wast Was Fun Twin sisters help a woman save her ranch from developers. Ashley Olsen, Mary- Kata Olsen. 1994 (CC) 12:30 pm 10 (10) Last Train From Gun Hill Ala wman witl stop at nothing to bring a killer to Justice. Kirk Douglas, Anthony Ouinn. 1959 17 Wayne's World 2 22 Crossworlds A magic crystal leadsa student across multiple dimensions. RutgerHauer, Josh Charles. 1996 (CC) 12:40 pm 15 If Lucy Fell 1:00 pm 21 All the Right Moves A talented young football player hopes for a scholarship. Tom Cruise. Craig T. Nelson. 1983 40 The Scout A baseball scout discovers a talented but troubled player. Albert Brooks, Brendan Fraser. 1994 52 Follow Your Heart An ex-Marine moves Into a Southwestern boarding house. Patrick Cassxfy, Frances Stem hagon. 1990 2:00 pm 18 The Adventure* of Mi!o anc Otis A kitten and puppy are swept irrtc several misadventures. Narrated b> Dudley Moore. 1989(CC) 22 Wild America The story of nature filmmaker Marty Stoutfer and family. Jonathan Taylor Thomas. Devon Sawa. 1997(CC) 28 The Lady From Yesterday A man's life takes a turn when his c4d mistress reappears. Wayne Rogers, Bonnie Bedelia. 1985 32 The Paperboy A jealous newsboy stalks the object of his twisted love. Alexandra Paid. Marc Marut. 1994 (CC) 2:15 pm 15 Tha Mirror Has Two Fac** 2:30 pm 34 Earthquake California is torn apart by a cataclysmic quake. Charffon Heston, Ava Gardner. 1974 39 The Happiest Days of Your Ufa Displaced girls move into a boys school during the war. Alastair Sim, Margaret Rutherford. 1950 3:00 pm 17 The Saint 21 Lrttte Big League A 12-year-old boy becomes the Minnesota Twins' new manager. Luke Edwards, Timothy Busfield. 1994 52 With Hostile Intent Two policewomen are subjected to sexuaJ harassment. Mel Harris. Melissa Gilbert. 1993 3:15 pm 16 Princess Caraboo 3:20 pm 18 The Night of the Grizzly A lawman-tumed-rancher is threatened by a marauding bear. Clint Walker, Martha Hyer. 1966 3:45 pm 22 Freaked A toxic substance transforms a man into a monster. Alex Winter. Megan Ward. 1993 (CC) 4:00 pm 32 Dragnet Joe Friday's nephew pursues a power-hungry evangelist. Dan Aykroyd. Tom Hanks. 1987 (CC) 4:25 pm 15 Larger Than Lrfs 5:00 pm 16 RoboCop 3 17 One Fins Day 34 Boiling Point A Treasury agent hijs one week to find a comrade's killers. Wesley Snipes, Dennis Hopper. 1993 35 Planet of the Apes Astronauts crash on a world ruled by intelligent simians. Chariton Heston, Roddy McDowall 1968 52 Conspiracy of Silence A Mountie re-opens the 16-year-oid murder of a Cree Indian. Stephen Ouimotte, Michael Mahonen. 1991 5:05 pm 18 Our Man Flint A maniacal group plots to take over the world. James Cobum, Gils Golan. 1966 22 Star Trek: First Contact The Borg try to prevent a space pioneer's historic flight. Patrick Stewart, Jonathan Frakes. 1996(CC) EVENING 6:00 pm 14 Charlotte's Web A literate spider helps save a pig from slaughter. Voices ol Debbie Reynolds. PaulLynde 1973(CC) 15 Kingpin 7:00 pm 9 The 'Burbs A suburbanite's vacation is ruined by weird, rtew nolgh- bors, Tom Hanks, Bruce Dem. 1989 16 Mimic 17 In 4 Out 18 E«»y Money A slob must give up his vices to gain an inheritance. Rodney Dangertiold. Joe Pesci. 1983 22 Blind Fury A blind Vietnam vet protects a buddy's son from mobsters. Rutger Hauer, Brandon Call. 1990 30 The Principal An urban Ngh-school principal fights campus crime. James Delushl, Louis GossetlJr. 1987 34 Running Scared Two detectives are given 30 days to nab a cocaine smuggler, Grooorv Hinea. Billy Crystal. 1986 35 Beneath the Ptanet of the Apm An astronaut finds a society that worships the atomic bomb. James Franciscus, Kim Hunter. 1970 48 National Lampoon's Golf Punks An ex-pro tries to teach assorted children to play golf. Tom Arnold, Rhys Huber. 1998'PG'(CC) 7:35 pm 14 Annie The Broadway smash about the adventures of an orphan girl. Albert Finney, AHeen Ouinn. 1982 (CC) 8:00 pm 15 A Change of Place 39 Alice An herbalist sparks a woman's journey toward self-discovery. Mia Farrow, Joe Mantegna. 1990 8:40 pm 18 Raising Arizona A childless couple decides to steal a rich family's baby. Nicolas Cage, Holly Hunter. 1987 (CC) 8:45 pm 35 Escape From the Planet of - the Ap«s Chimps from the future create a stir on 20th-century Earth. Roddy McDowall, Kim Hunter. 1971 9:00 pm 22 The Glimmer Man A former government operative tracks a serial killer. Steven Seagal. Keenen Ivory . Wayans. 1996(CC) 48 Blazing Saddles A black sheriff raises eyebrows In a small Western town. Cleavon Little, Gene Wilder. 1974 (CC) 9:05 pm 21 Rocky III A merciless contender forces Rocky into a title match. Sylvester Stallone, Burgess Meredith. 1982 9:30 pm 34 The Last Starflghter A teenage video-game whiz stems an intergalactic invasion. Robert Preston, Lance Guest. 1984 9:35 pm 15 Alaska 10:00 pm 13 Rag* at Dawn Two detec- fives pose as Irain robbers to nab outlaws. Randolph Scott. Mala Powers. 32 Midnight Run A bounty hunter and an accused embezzler must duck the ™ ob ' flo **"f De Niro, Charles Grodin. 1 yoo (CC) 39 Kiss of the Solder Woman A jailed ABC News exec Wald is retiring NEW YORK (AP) — Richard Wald, the top ABC News executive in charge of ethical and quality issues, will retire from the network at the end of 1998. Wald, 68, has worked at ABC for 20 years and is senior vice president for editorial quality. He'll continue to conduct periodic seminars in legal, ethical and diversity issues at ABC on a consultant basis, ABC News President David Westin said Wednesday. "Along with the pleasure of retaining a foothold here, it is time to try something completely different," Wald said. He's a former managing editor of the New York Herald Tribune and was assistant to the chairman of the board of the Times Mirror Co. before joining ABC News in 1978 to run the day-today operations of the news division. Most of Wald's duties at ABC will be assumed by Shelby Coffey, executive vice pesident, Westin said. ONE PHONE CALL •nd you awik* • SELLING GIANT Cla*«rf!*d 932-2211 gay ftkn bufl bonds witfi his revolutionary cellmate. William Hurt, RaJJUSa. 1985 10:20 pm18 Jackie Chan's FlntStrik* A Hong Kong cop fights to recover a stolen nuclear warhead. Jttckie Chan. Jackson Lou. 1996 (CC) 10:30 pm 9 Opposing Fore* A deranged survival camp leader wages real war on recruits. Tom Skerrrtt. Lisa Eicfthom. 1986 22 Intimate Otoesslon A bored wife and her busy husband play a game of seduction. Jodie Fisher, James Quarter. 1992 11:00 pm 40 The Scout A baseball scout discovers a talented but troubled ptaysr. Albert Brooks, Brendan Fraser. 1994 11:25pm 15 LE.T.H.A.L Lad««: Day of the Warrior 11:45 pm 34 Peacemaker Two aliens bring their private war to (he streets of L.A. Robert Forster, Lance Edwards. 1990 11:50 pm 18 Code of Silence A Chicago cop wages a private war against rival drug gangs. Chuck Norris, Henry Sitva. 1985 12:00 am (8) Charade A woman is targeted rn a search for her dead husband's tool. Cary Grant, Audrey Hepburn. 1963 14 The Barefoot Executive A pet chimpanzee successfully predicts hit TV shows. Kurt Russell, Joe Ftynn. 1971 (CC) 16 Joyride 17 The Terminator 22 Spirit of the Night An architect falls prey to a curse In her Welsh homeland. Jenna Bodner, Michael Wiseman. 1994 42 Light Sleeper A career drug dealer has an enlightening midlite crisis. WU- lem Datoe. Susan Sarandon. 1992 12:05 am 39 Alice An herbalist sparks a woman's journey toward sell-discovery. Mia Farrow, Joe Mantegna. 1990 12:25 am 21 Diggslown A retired fighter re-enters the ring to con a racketeer. James Woods, Louis GossettJr. 1992 12:30 am 32 Test Tube Teens From the Year 2000 Sex-starved teens use time (ravel to fulfill their desires. Morgan fair- child, Ian Abercrombis. 1993 35 Conquest of the Ptanet of the Apes A chimpanzee leads a revolt against tyrannical humans. Roddy McDowall Don Murray. 1972 12:35 am 10 (10) A Stranger Among U* A police officer seeks a killer in rha Hasidic community. Melanie Griffith, Eiic Thai 1992 1:05 am 15 Prison Heat 1:30 am 16 End of Summer 22 Sprung Friends conspire to break up two others' budding romance. Tisha Campbell, Rusty Cundiett. 1997 (CC) 1:35 am 18 Madonna: Truth or Dart Tha outspoken superstar reveals her innermost teeimgs. Madonna, Warren Beany. 1991 1:50 am 17 Truth or Consequences, 2:00 mm 2 Hoffywood Confidential Detectives d«*use exptosrve CAMS hx celebrity cfents. Edwmrd James Ones Rx*A*Ho. 1997'14' 14 Th* Three Uve» of Thomaslna A mystical heater brings a cat back to Me. Patrick McGoohan. Susan Hampshire. 1964(CC) 34 Slaughter A small town Is terrorized by a pack of dogs. David McCatlum, George Wynor. 1976 35 Battle for the Ptavwt of the Apes Human civilUmtion baffles tar survival against ape rule. Roddy McDowall, Claud* Akina. 1973 39 Ki»* of ttwSpfclw Woman A jailed gay film buff bond* with hi* revofcrtkxwry cellmate. WiBiam Hurt. ftau/Julia. 1985 2:30 am 32 Dinosaur leland Vrvaoous cavawomen lift th« spirts of five downed pilots, floss Hagert, Richard oabai. 1994 2:40 am 15 Hollywood Dream. 3:00 am 9 Web of Deceit A lawyer uncovers a conspiracy while sleuthing a murder. Unda Purl, Jamas Rood. 1990 44 The Big THM* Homesteaders protect their timber from a greedy land baron, Kirk Douglas, Eve Miller. 1952 3:15 am 16 Summer Lover* 3:20 am 22 Ally* Plane-crash survivors are forced to resort to cannibalism. EthanHawke. Vincent Spano. 1993 (CC) 3:40 am 17 In A Out 4:00 am 15 Roman Holiday 4:05 am 18 Tha Might of the Grizzly A lawman-tumed-rancher is threatened by a marauding bear, dint Walker. Martha Hyer. 1966 Mr.MoeBill Says... THE MAM WHO SAYS MIS WIFE CAKT TAKE A JDKE FORGETS HIMSELF.' Ifs no joke—tttere may be a shortage of heating oil again this season. We hope !o supply all our regular customer. Do conserve fuel oil. BESSEMER 6*7-0222 - 932-0700 IfiONWOQO 1-400 272-M31 ' WIITA INSURANCE AGENCY The Name You 've Always Known and Trusted For All Your Insurance Needs (House - Auto - Health - Business) Offices at 400 Silver Street, Hurley, WI (Located as always on the corner of Silver Street and 4th Avenue) Ask for John Wiita (Bob) (715) 561-4487 or Toll Free at (800) 236-2266 also located at Wnta and Stevens Insurance Agency Ask for Sue Stevens Hwy. Sl.Minocqua, WI 715-358-2550

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