The News from Frederick, Maryland on July 21, 1948 ツキ Page 7
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 7

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 21, 1948
Page 7
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Skテつォ New*. Frederick, MC. Wetaeテつォテつォar. Jテつォl? 21. lit* Hilda Hat tt All rtrwe* (Hit JUTT LOOK. AT THAT SHrSAGOOQ SHE LOOS P8ETT1SK THE OTHER. CONTESTANTS IN TMAT CK!C attOS-CALF EXPRESftOM ON *3CテつォJMP*SRテつサiCテつ」/ OH.WSLL--I CAN HAROLY SLAMS MtMテつォ- OF THE Ml** CONTEST, Vefs Guide Parliamentarian HORIZONTAL, 1 Pictured " British M. P., Sir John 9 Estrangement 11 Chlorin (symbol) 12 He fears --war 13 Exclamation 15 The one here -17 Bavarian river 18 Pack 20 Correct 22 Disgrac* 23 Interior 24 Faded ' 25 French article 26 Comparative suffix 27 Declaim 30 Footle* ap.Lmals 34 Titles 35 Show 36 Always 37 Weapons 41 Chest テつサtt!c 42 Half an err. 43 Interstice 45 Low Latin (ab.) 46 Card game 49 Softened VERTICAL 1 Boy's nickname 2 Dress stone 3 City m Sumatra 4 Greek seaport 5 Hungarian nver 6 Asterisk 7 Grease 8 Negative 9 Straighten 10 Inborn 11 Face part 14 He formerly was minister of 2! Woody plants 33 Observe 22 Weapon 37 Seed covering 27 Umt security 23 Rant ISJTiree (prefix) 29 Prayer 15 He invented a endings bomb 31 Elliptical 18 Keener forms 19 Espoused 32 Tedious 38 Network 39 Lament 40 Cut テつキ53 Beveragfc 44 Exist テつキ}" Either 43 Editor (ab.) Carnival By MAJOR THOMAS M. NIAL , "Washington, July 21.--If you ] read this space last time you know, j that it mentioned three approach- j rug deadlines--two on insurance, | one on terminal leave pay. j July 31 is the deadline for easy j reinstatement of term insurance, no , matter how long it has been in a i state of lapse. August 31 is the j deadline for applying for terminal j leave pay. We never did get to the third t deadline, which concerns only a few persons--and not veteran* It's July 31. too. and 2t marks the end of the time during \\hich certain beneficiaries of NSLI may change the method by which they receive j their NSLI payments テつキ Which beneficiaries" Those 11 ho started receiving NSLI payments, on account of the death of the insured, before Sept 30. 1944. Those beneficiaries had no choice of different kinds of settlements because at that time there weren't four options as there are today So they were given two years to switch from the settlement under which they started receiving the insurance to another settlement--the refund life income settlement. j The two years are up July 31. ; After that beneficiaries who started i getting their insurance before Sept. j 30. 144. will not be able to change 19 a refund life income settlement. The VA says it has tried to notify every beneficiary who might be affected and thinks it has succeeded It sent oat a letter telling each beneficiary he -or she' could change to the refund life income settlement. That settlement guarantees that the face value of the insurance will be paid out to some one--either to j me beneficiary or. if the beneficiary ' dies, to the second beneficiary. It also guarantees that if the beneficiary lives beyond the point at which the face value of the insur- j ance has been paid out he will keep on receiving monthly payments for the,rest of his life (A secondary | beneficiary gets only up to the face value.) If you are one of the affected beneficiaries you should write to vour Veterans Administration Branch Office to get details There are very fe-v beneficiaries in this ! c'sss. How many ex-servicers will be affected by the new ruling on avo- cational (or recreational 1 study courses under the GI Bill"* Congress tacked on an amendment to the VA appropriations bill which said that none of the appropriated money can be scent on GI Bill education if the VA administrator determines that the course of study is avocational--not connected with ihe veteran's occupation I talked to the manager of a large eastern VA regional office about this the other day He said he thought a lot of veterans would be affected, especially those who want to take Sight training It's still too early to say just what the story will be Undoubtedly such courses as dancing, bartending, piano lessons. learning how to fly a glider, etc.. are going to be cut back drastically. "Is there some window around here where I could bet on a horse to The VA has to move slowly on come in last?" this. It has to set up some kind of ! standards to determine whether a i course is reallv vocational--or just i avocational. One thing the Cen- . tral Office of the VA has made clear to me is that no cut and dried rules will be laid down Each request for a course of studv ivhich might be recreational will be judged on its own merits. Trump Sacrifice Makes Overtrick A 3 4 3 V J 9 テつキ A K Q 7 ; * 8 5 3 A J 1 0 9 7 V Q 2 * J 9 8 5 2 N W E S Dealer 4 k K 5 2 IT 7 53 テつキ 1064 Tobin A A 36 V A K 10 3 6 テつォ 4 None A A 7 4 2 Tournament -- Neither vul. South North We^t 1 V Pa=s 2 * 3 V Pass 4 1f Opening -- 4k J East Pass Pass 21 By WILLIAM E. McKEXXEY America's Card Authority Written for NEA Service Miami, Fla . will be well repre- , ;.ented at the summer session of j Uie national championships tourna- テつキ which gets under way at the Hotel Stevens in Chicago July 31. ' The ?.liarm unit will be host to the ! winter session oテつ」 the nationals the テつキ lir^t week in December. i One of the Miami players -who ! is sure to be on hand for the Chi- 1 caso nationals is E J. iNed Tobin \\lio was the iirst secretary of the American Contract Bridge テつキ League Although Xed is getting s on in years he is still active in bridge in Fjonda. A few years ( a g o Ned and I won the soutti- , eastern sectional open pair cham- | pionship. and he helped us to win 1 it with a very fine play on today's hand The 3?ck of spades was a favor: able opening. Ned 'South' won it , with the queen, but he saw now | that he still had a spade loser and , two club losers And he had no assurance that he might not lose a heart Of course, he could bang i down the ace and king of hearts ' and try to drop the queen, but that , might leave him with three club losers. I Ned made a rather unusual sacrifice play. He led the four of hearts West had to go in with the queen If he had not Ned would have won Uie trick in dummy anyway West led back a spade. Ned won ( with the ?ce led a small heart over to dummy s jack and cashed the ace. king and oueen of diamonds, discarding three of his losers Then he led a t-!ub to the ace. picked up the other trump and conceded another trick, making five-odd Developing A Bad ('.use Of Rubber Legs Union Bridge Union Bridge--The Tjnion Bridge G:rl Scouts are asking for donations of books for their ne\vly- opeaed public iiirar - on South Benedum street, opposite Lou's Beauty Salon The library will be open every Monday. "Wednesday and Fndav. hours 2 o. m to 4 p m. until farther notice. --The board of directors of Mountain Vテつサew cemetery. Union Bridge, a meeting held" on Friday evening, report their funds exhausted- They are hoo- :isg more coDtrifaut-orss wiU be in the ce:nete~ which is row in good scape. The board found it necessary to purchase Va.o r.ew Iaテつサi niowers this year. --The Worsen"? ^Iissionary Soc : ety of St. Ja-rses" Lutheran church. Union Bridge, held its Juiy Tneetiug at the tioine of Mrs La van Banker! on Wednesday evening. Mrs. Banker! teas in charge of the program. They studied about China The Scripture WES read by Mrs Walter Houc Mrs Vernon Gladhili told of the earliest known introduction of the Chr : st;an fa'th into China by the Nestonans :n the 6;h Century Mr?. Abner Devnlbi^^ gave ?- ar- tテつォcJe on later conditions in China- Mrs Sewin Fogle related parts of the bioeraphy of Robert Morrison- Mrs. Clarence Xelson toid about the Lutheran Hospital and school si Tsingtao. China, and Mrs Charles Fowble explained v. or bein Alternate Route 40 Now 24 Feet Wide Alternate Route 40 from Ha- gcrstown to Frederick is now 24 feet wide the entire distance following the completion of 2-foot shoulders on the 3 mile concrete roadway on the Washington county erd of the highway "When originally built, the three miles of concrete roadway was only 20 feet wide When the macadam section of the highway \\as constructed, it was made 24 feet wide. -Several months ago the Better-Long Company was given the contract to bui'd shoulders on each side of the concrete section of ' the hishway. ! S xt*i District State Road crews arc now f.-stased in repairing sec- t.ons of tne s.des of the highway \vhe-e soft spots developed. Radio Program MBS ABC V K C CBS WOR flMA.1. WTMD S.ffi-- VeT Evening Report. 15 Min -- ^e^vsea^i s-,\or JDa\ -- cbr "tworix ?i'e-,t Hour -- abc-ea^t K .W -5 iiojr (r.-pea:)-- a N-l-vo-.x -, t i; {! hr ) -K ud t; iic-. - ( -- nibs-west 'S -- SpJi-::- Muテつォic T.-nc-- abc" G.."t Ta'i^-5 T.TM " -- cbテつォ 33 -- SJ テつサ-"C "e Loxre . T'-o テつォ:CO -- Sapper C' b -T"e l.^w.o テつキ^'-o-ar TS -- Ne-" art) Co-ii Pa: v CoTTe-tan Xens. Di-rer Dale -- ^ 30 -- .1 Kol!.-ii Tri- -- r.Sx; Jcrrr \ \ a \ - f f ^^w -- c Lc-.f Kar.ce- Pra m .a -- abc 11, The top.c \v..! be on Souti America and the Lutheran rn.ssson stations the-e --Mr and Mrs Karry Spurrier Union Bridge entertained re!a;.\e: and friends on Wednesday e\enmc July 14. in honor of their son and his wife. Mr and Mr* Harry Spar- ner. Jr.. who had been in , Union Bridge for two weeks and the! wno returned to their ho-ne in done amonz the illiter- j Tennessee this Friday. ate n China Mrs Kathryn Flem- j 1-1 spoke about the unoccupied n f , r T f t R OPFVi; nvvirw fir-Ids and of the \ast number of . DOCTOR OPENs OFFICB Chinese peools yet to be Christian- Dr - J arae s w - Allison, a veteran ized Mrs Bankert told about their { cf two ' ears in the Armv . homes, food and living conditions. , opened an office for the general prac- BEGINS SEXTEVCE Ma'tir^bu. c V.' \ a JuK 20 * --Mo'i.c MaiiritM 1 * a* Ions las' ha~ started テつォcr\ ing a 2-to-CO ear sentence on an ar-on charge in connection \\:T the burning of a hcu^e on :ier father テつキテつキ farm in 1945 She \\as convicted more than ( three ye?rテつォ ?go but the ca^e was appealed to the West Virginia i Supreme Court i Judge H ?I Calhoun ^passed ' sen'crc" v.hen the conviction \\as affirmed and the defendant was transferred \esterday to the West j Virginia women'* prison at Pence ( P- SporUi Co-rm--nt -- i S.OO -- Xa:oia: M .-テつォ{:テつキ' Mr CMTTMテつォ'O~ D-Xa\ "- C C-K x ! -テつォic-- abc Ase".: -- -'bs 8 30-- JTV ro.T-! テつォ -o-v-- ^t.a-i i-i~a-- cl* i:cmai Ta'cit-- a H.s:*) .\'l\ei:テつサ:re. Drana-8 Sa -- 8.. y Kose Ccr-ircnt-- 9 テつ」テつサ-- Tex テつォ-" J n \ -- ntc L o - i r ; % Kp.r Qiiir -- cl テつォ -MN-'t ,t (_r"=:p. o -- ac Gibriei Hpa:!er Com-nenJ-- 9. "5 -- News Broadcast-- mis 9 30 -- D.テつォuic: A;tor-er Ora-na-- abc Jame; Melton Concert-- cb3 Go For th* HOJSC -- abc 1^. H.inpton Show--robs 9.S5 -- Bin HeTT Nev. テつォ-- mbテつサ O.OO^Th? Bis Storv Draira -- nbc The \Vhisticr Drama -- cbs Gordon MacKae Theater -- aSc Opmionaire Forum-- mbs 10-30-- \JtiMc Atpolr.tmenl-- nbc Sentence prayers by members fol- iowea Mrs Sewin Fogle was appointed as leader for August and Mrs. Abner Devilbiss aテつォ hostess. The meeting will be held at the JMUr't (home on Wednesday, Aug. tice of medicine at 106 Ea-,t Mam street, Emmitsburg He is married to the former Marion Shecly. daughter of Mr and Mrs Charles M. Sheely, Gettysburg. Pa. They have one child, a daughter. Ninety statues under the care of the Office of Works. London, require the constant attention of six men to look after them. _ On Tr tl ni^rii'-io-i -- abc Califonia Melodies -- rrbs 11:00 -- X c w % Variety, I hrs -- cbs Xews nincinfr Hour -- abc Xews. Dar,テつサe Band 2 hrs -- mbテつサ 11:15-- New* Variety to 1-- nbc 12.00 -- Danclne Continued-- abc-wcテつサt NEWSPAPER! Joe,~7wテつ」 c*.rjr j K*AKp5KOO Jeff May Be Little, Girls, But He's Got Kg Ideas MADE A MISTAKE! VCUPUNT/WHAT5 JEFF; BO-//DARE I THATS Trie SECOND KISS YOU STOLE.'NOW/ APOLOGIZE! I APOLOGIZED TK3EE TIMES Special! SUPER BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES RED RYDER KHEP T-ilS l?CiS3. 'SOUS HAT, BUT I KN'OV BOYS THAT FVGKT 5E 8033W NO, FLO TSSCOTT VAVTS TO A N'EW STAGE COACH THERE A CCCk IN? IT/ THE LAST With Muzzles FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS QUIET. EVERYBODY / TPE" COMMITTED, LCr/A!_ AND APPRO/ED =^. Or JOLLY PRUNES, WILL GOf-Ac I WAS SAYIM.WcD H ~o JOIN THE JOLLY PRUNES/ NOW WHAT WERE YOU COテつーR. 19(3 EY Nテつ」A SERVICE. I T JK. KEG- t 1 S- PAT. OFF Break For Sandra! in 3. hospital 1500 mites away.. "YOU OiD A GOOD-Yl FSL TKE SAME JOS ON THE SILK \\WY. INSPECTOR Li~ CA5=, ViC. SILK J GBCWL. SHE'S GOT Via. BJ2M A\9 H= /-TOGO FBOM 4 KOS- SaOL'lD. BUT THE A PiTAL COT TO A GIRL'S F135LEM )f JAIL C=U. I HOPE MS. A YOU CAM SVE HEK A BREAK. T ?iL CO WHAT \ IC.N. PfiULA.l CAST Wテつ」 DO SOMETHING KHZ SANDRA LIFT.VIC? SHE PAD 1 5テつォF5Oテつ」Tテつ」R- { NOTHING TO DO WITH ( /V1.NEO TO PAY ! HER BROTHER SILK'S j Kri? DE5T TO / MU20S21M VRGIL / SOCIETY FOR ^ SPENDER AND SP= DfD SAVE /W L!?t. LIXS rr, SENOR JUK=. i HAVr A P?C?O5IT!ON A J;Kテつァ. S!LX It.' PIS PICKPOCKET RACKET. S Hope For The PRISCIIXA'S POP get over it, h'c:テつ」l. no.:' csn hard// 'ffr rrs up in OUT OTTR WAT OCR BOARDING HOUSE 5A\V \ SUCH 3;AVlS3L.N2G r--T-E. \e ' ALL Rio-, i. r ?viB ENSP IS SAN1BO5 BLJT TH OTriER HD "TriS HC\v5VTZテつ」R テつ」 "Trioes ir-.^. - U'H :i scTiNj' A :: ^ STHSR/ t*_ * ^ v -- . (?LAT TlR ISCOテつ」= THE CLOVEE. WALTZ

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