The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on November 29, 1924 · Page 4
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 4

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 29, 1924
Page 4
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PACK FOUR. THE HUTCHINSON NEWS. SATURDAY. NOVUM BKR. 29; lVf % THE HUTCHINSON NEWS j imlncan nom. CO, Mr. Davis, wn» | not a vote RI•H'T. Jlul even taking runH.hea l>.»» Th. r..P««._ , bC80 unfriendly thought* Into ' consideration, it ciinuot be quoa: iturn d but tli.1' Oniialtey tins a bold on tlio people "( Ohio, for that, was shown when the ballots wore counted ami his election assured although tli» II- publicans were sue- j i.esstul on every other nan of the | ticket Irom ;\"sldent to the login-j latere. ! So keep Go-, ertinr Donahuy In; mind as a ciitnlidiuo for tho poul V. MORO />N, EOITOR. Daily Thoughts ESTADLISMED 1B7L-. ICritPreii at th« Pu-ilutfe <' in Hutch tllaull. Kiititmu. foi i i:trinrri.rtali<f. thrinijili lh.» nmM.i a. BP . .m.)-rlaai. tnatn-r TELEPHONE 4400 l'ilva(i» [.ranch r-TWiui'K'.. wtlirt opcrali.r aiiaw>-r* glvo eio-suii or ila- pai i n-><-tif unfiled. TERMS OF SUBSCRIPTION FlMt Second and Third Zonel Ky man in., VI-AI Rejoice not when thine enemy fa'leth, and let nof tune heart be glad when he nlum- bleth.—Prov. 24:17. Guest of the Soviet How wisely fate ordained for human kind Calamity! which Is the perfect plnss, Wherein wo truly ace and know ourselves.—Dnvonnnt. I«.ui> 2.00 n'y mail. *u n>..t.tli« , """ ,, .,„._. .„ ,.,„ i, om 'gifts and that's such ily mall. three m„r.lli» MI : TLNN n! l>" hll,il1 -""SOS 10 11,13 IJem j • • and Seventh I in ratir. brethren. ..ii Hi bargain," explains another basket lover. Nice linen Is another of the most . common feminine irreslatlbles. 1 •'{J"' The tin-sent year has marked the I have known women who could I J..10 the passmc away of the groups „['steadfastly withstand tho allure- .71. , , " , ., i merits of lovely clothes, who could , ,„ political who have been . skimp and save on all sorts of por- •» •" . most. pi..minont In tile country for ; sonal helongln :i and personal Hie la:-t i|iiarler of a renturv. When •• pleasures, but who became weak as Mr. r .io .idce became president tho i v.nt.or when they Mood before fine „ . . . ' damask and heavv l!us.sli. i linen oh! ttiiard was compelled to step ; nm , , h| , M , nll „ itolu , aa ot nlot ,„. In tho rear. In some casefl lb,a , serin. I know one woman who lina win uniorlunatn but in many It the simplest of l'ood on her table, wan a good thin*. The- unhappy clr- wll » <l<"-'» not spend a hundred dol- tutnstnneea which placed Mr. Cm.l- Un " - v " Jr <"> ll,>r own wardrobe. .. . ,, ,, .. ! w.. i does her Own washing and i.lse. in ll-.e White House save the wa , ks ft mJK , n)m [( ha , f |Q „ le new dial to tho Republicans which far limits lo snvo eariares—and the Democrats only i:ot through a lias the fines', .linen sheets on her hitter parly feud. Much of Ihe hl '' ls , . . ,, ..... u Hue china la Ihe svmbol of loss In public estimation for ihe , ,„,., llly wh , ( . h u ," 0 lnmEill . democracy of the last ciunpalun t atiim of other women. They will r.-iitie front lite presence of a ' stand in front of the china store . Bryan on the ticket. A few vears i window pressitiK their no.. 3 to the a,,, the name of Bryan was one j TulX^^ to. 17 N «r» Miir. sireft. Huichinpon. ] with which to conjure in the rank . xiu-y will gloat over ono'more cup 1 -' ;1T;1 oi the democracy. Hut n J and pnticrr, or ono more plate arid+ I,ou ' g^ncrutlop had arisen which I od to their collection, or they will * * * • , knew 1u.1t Bryan, and tho youni;er Hy mull ortf ni'tnth Fourtn. P 'fth. Sixth tone: Hy mall, ono vi-at . i. ... H> rr, M 11 Hit rii'inih-i, .. Hy MIMI I . fhri-'..- iTM-rilli*. Hy mall, "'. MI Hy '•uiTtPt. ttt-t WVfKtv Ni'wi • MEMtiGH AUDIT DUPEAU OF ClFlCULATlON MEMBER AMERICAN NEWSPAPER PUBLISHERS' ASSOCIATION. MEMBER OF ASSOCIATED PRESS Tli A9*n- atr<1 fr-'K- rml'lcl t*. t f>!) ri via* <-Si '(lls( Vvl* 11 dt? f .ir r ^piilrik-HlJun -it 'f'tlnr'l '.a if <ir nor uriier 'ft f hif \>» |)t'i. 11 n -i n !si tho torn t F )i w» 1 HI n! \» hfil heri'Hi. The SIdlinger Drug Co. PHESCniPTIDN SPECIALISTS. A Puzsle a Day llcre are 11- O Wells, fnmous English novelist nnd historian, and his wlfo and daughter, at Chesham House, London, for the reception given by the ltusslan charge d' affairs to celebrate the anniversary of the revolution. Build New Sewer and More Paving Two ordinances for public construction work wore passed at the meeting ot the city commissioners late yostorday attornoon. "One provided (or the construction ot a sanitary sewer beginning at the Intersection ot the alloy between West 13th and West 14th and the alley botwoon Madison am] Monroe street, then north 735 tcet. The ordinance was for the paving ot the following: Seventh avenue from Main to the east Una ot Walnut North Maple from the north line ot Third avenue to the eouth line ot Sixth avenue. Alley between liith and 1.7 th from the west lino at Walnut to the east line ot the alloy running north and south between Main «nd Walnut streets. The seven figures shown In the drawing am all parts ot a pertont circle. If they are cut out, they may be fitted together exactly. Can you do It? Yesterday'* answer) The 21 caddies searched tor a half-hour, to find one golf ball. For, If 7 caddies could find 4 balls In 6 hours, 21 caddies (three times as mnny) would find 12 golf balls in sis; hours, or two an hour. Thus they should find one ball in half-hour. such ever WEARINESS-. I'm i ;r>'>u inM' tired ,n slolii-s * a'nullt the h ;i\se ,"l t-twil, tile * uesli-lH bur,-; thill ulnries in " keeping cultnre. down, where * nil the men are sordid and all ' Hie women ilielip; of * we'vi hi-.-n in eoriled " trowing heap. And still Ihe * pr.-s: ; es (latter ;iml turn out. * volumes iiml. lunre Macks ot * lvndiim mailer about tin- li;iy* seed pad. O'er little western * cities 1 I011K have be-'n entlius- * i-d; it seems a thousand pities * Ilia' they are so abused; of ' course, in ^unps and geezers •' ile-ir buck streets m;iy alionnd. " tuu ile-y tin 11 out (he Cat-sais " who initivc Hie wheels go round. ' 'I'll.- men wiio.'e lame is spread• iue 10 ev. ry li.-misphe.--e, e,n ii- it ttii-il- bri.inl and ' inn-- in i'uiiUtou ri-h>-'tie -Mi -ie. ' Tii*- stut.-Miien >uu're ad.'nir- 1 iu.^, W 1 IOM> fame shall know no " sluine. i .iu-e toiled with zeal ' tlniiiitig in .SiiUi-isliiown-by-the- ' 1111 til p. Tie- aetri-ss in her " I ,,-:inr>, who phn.s before the •' qij.-'-n-, en..- did her bumble • duly in Ouini-eiown, serving ' beans. The authors who are " joliii.r; rh 1- world with cynic • yarns, which lind small towns " r.-veltinc. nm 0 ldayed among - Ih.-lr barns. Th..- aleeks are ' applauding while authors sling * th- ir slurs, and hayseed towns •ildiug among the cockle- hut still from old Hay eii'er the nation's great men the chieftain and the who maki- the bit; h.-d- eleuient in the party resented the old time dorninatlcn. Mr. Davis ' was never able lo get away from ' the fear In tho minds of the peo- \ plo thai tho election might result • in no choice and thus go to Con- j j press, where there was a posslbil- | ity that Governor llryan would be chosen vice-president and succeed i to the presidency, • Also there was resentment on i the part of Democrats to the lead' ership In Congress which had i made its favorite program a coai- 1 hinlng W'lth tho radicals on tho lle- pulillcan side. They were able in ' ' this manner to embarrass and defeat the Republican president In , . his legislative policy. But they - ; lost the confidence and respeet ot '.many Democrats who could not be \ ' replaced on election day. a re bur <; roue mentor w ol­ id bum-WAl.T MASON. A DEMOCRATIC MOSES While ihe Democrats are looking iroumt somewhat aiml. ssly for a eader who shall be able to reor- unize the puny and pot. it m liape to make n proper appear- uue lor the n.-\t political cam >uii:ii, pi me suggest to them that hat they take into coii-iiileratlou \'ii: Doriahey. At the reeerji elec- crallo gover- The real leadership of the Democratic party Is still In the South. That bloc of more than 100 electoral votes which Is the property of the nominee of the Democratic parly na soon as be is chosen, must alwnys bo kept in mind in considering the future ot politics. That bloc of southern ritatcs is unfortunate. The solidity of the South is not a good thing for the country, and not good for the South. But It Is a fact and we must deal with facts and not with desires. There Is a uew leadership In the South. It will not accept the name Republican but it believes In many of tho principles which ara Republican. It prevents any new party becoming effective. It will rirob- - ably find Itself within the next ' four years and rearrange the con! trolling influences of the next con- iventiou. It does not really sym| pnthlze with Tammany Hall and on that account is not likely to ac- have the. heartache as badly over the beautiful platter they can't afford to buy, as if it really made any difference In their lives. Svhieh, of course, it does, for what are any of the things we want but symbols and toys. How very little we actually need. Wo neon food nnd warmth and shelter and enough clothes to keep us warm. How many millions of things we want. . . . My own particular price la beautiful bowls and pitchers. I love their shapes. I have a bronze bowl with a little silver leaf design on ft that seems to me a frozen bar of music. I love their colors. There Is a wonderful little pitcher of qrange colored pottery that stands out among the blue things on my table. There was a lustre ware howl, beautiful both in Its shape and its marvelous copper color that I committed the sin of lovi.ig, But I was punished lor it (yon see tho Puritan In me cropping out) by having it broken. I can't bear to think about that bowl. - It's like a losi friend to me. . . . 1 wonder It there are things men money by giving shows In the schoolbouse, admission ten cente. It appealed to us from two angles. We had the instincts of the showman and we did need the money, lint all wo were over able to do was look at the picture of the machine In the Companion's premium list. Wo tried hard, but we could not get three now subscribers. Had we got the subscribers we never could have raised the twenty cent* for postage and packing. If we could get hold of a magic lantern now maybe the old thrill would come back. Oar uiaturer judgment Is that the Companion probably overestimated the amount of money to be made by a bright, alort boy in the connection. We trlod with tho printing press and it worked out none too well. One could get a complete printing outfit for one new subscriber and fifteen cents for post- ago and packing. Wo finally persuaded Charlie Harbaugh to take the paper and sent on for the outfit. Wo had to subsidize him to do it, but we have always felt the end justified the mcann. We had lo give him a halt interest in the prlntln:. press and the anticipated profit, from it before lie would turn a betfs apparent modesty. We do not think Mr. Corbett fairly earns the eminence accorded him. We have recently read Mr. George M. Cohan's memoirs In the Liberty Magazine, ilr. Cohan, If we are any judge ot that attribute, Is nine times ns modest as Mr. Corbett. If distinction goes hand In hand with a modest appraisal of one's own virtues, It is Mr. Cohan, not Mr. BLOCK OF WOOD DROPPED IN CITY SEWER MANHOLE vice president, C. tt. Hardyl rotary, Alex a. Yost. Shop-o-Scope will show yoil ot things you never know ]• Xmns shopping. OALL FOR FUNDS TO HELP THE LIBRARY Stafford, Nov. 29.—A popular subscription Is being raised here tor the benefit ot the public library. The tax levy, which Is limited to halt & mill, docs not ralao enough money. A fund of (500 is being raised tor the library board among the churches and social cluba. Farm Bureau Election. LaCrosse, Nov. 28.—The Rush county farm bureau has elected officer* tor tho coming year as follows: President, H, W. Button; Aspirin Gargle in Tonsilil Cut This Out and Sav Subject to Sore Thro A harmless and ufluctlve la to dissolve two flayer Tabl^ Aspirin In four tablnspoonftl wator, and garglo throat tho™ ly. Repeat In two hours if Bary, Be sure you use only tho gfl Bayer Tablets of Aspirin, ni with the Bayer Cross, which <] had In tin boxes of twelve for few cents. BiLtterKnisI FRESH Corbett, who is out walking with It. j. ester aay, Considerable trouble and ex pense has been caused the city authorities during the past few days by a stoppage In the sewer In the roar ot the First National Bank. A block ot wood, which could have gotten Into the sewer by no other means than through a manhole was finally pried out of the sewer The word "bachelor" la derived from an old word meaning "cowherd"—a term that came to be up- piled to men who had not yet reached tho full dignity ot manly responslbillty. feel that way about. And I wonder | wnae i. But we did It only after he what they are? Gold clubs ana ; lmd agreeil t0 pay the postage am. fishing poles maybe, Perhnp- some j packing. When the outfit came w of them will bo moved to tell us * * • • ON SECOND THOUGHT By .T. K. HOUSE la Philadelphia Public Ledger. ion oniv two Demur. . ..,,.,„ were able to keep their heads j cept the governor ot New \ortt as • Hove the political waters . One j Itfl standard bearer. MIS Al Smith, the popular exeeu- j iwi of New York, and the other: MIS Vic Donah.-y, who was the • nly candidate- successful ou the \ lomoeratic ticket in Ohio, Just as smith was the only Democrat who vea In New York. Without disparaging the ability if Governor Smith, It Is fair to .ay that the* tight In the national invention la»t summar will bs dlf- iculc tor the Democrats to for- •eL Mr. McAdoo's friend* may iot try again to place him at the lead of the ticket, but they will brink from accepting the leader- lilp of the man who blocked their hive, which promised victory and j •hose Mipponers were so hitter 1 .gainst [lie son-in-law of Wooilrow j Alison. They will turn to some • ther statesman who does riot have | liese wounds to heal and there Is • "We are very Burry you have no use for a rhyming dictionary," "writes the publisher wno sent us one, "for as wo have only books, we cannot run to carmuffs. But If the admirers of your short paragraphs Insist ou a continued supply, perhaps you will find 'A Poet's Proverbs' more useful In a pinch, so we take pleasure in sending It." set up in his father's granary. The Companion had figured that boys who were fortunate enough to own its printing outfit could do a profit- ; able business printing cards and other small Jobs for the neighbors. It did not pretend that all kinds of | Job printing could bo turned out. Even its advertising had the quail-1 ty ot restraint. But It believed protitable small business could be I worked up. Maybe some of the hoys made money. The thing sounded plausible. But we never earned a penny with our prifits nnd we wore it out in less than year. WORK LESS.. EARN MORE Doggone! We are .getting a fine lot of trading stock together. Who wants to trade a pocket flashlight for a copy of "A Poet's Proverbs''? Who has a complete stenciling outfit and a magic-lantern that be is willing to exchange for a copy of "A Poet's Proverb" and a rhyming dictionary? Our government works tho best when the two opposing parties are fairly equal In strength and fire- sent real Issues to the voter. While a reorganized democracy may make It harder for the Republicans in 1928, It will be better tor the country when the new leaders are In charge and are organising to meet the (mentions ot the day and not eternally harking back either to Bryan or to Wilson. W. Y. MOROAM. THE THINGS WOMEN LOVE • Ever since the dear dead days In which we read tho Youth's Companion we've wanted a magic lantern. The Companion gavu a complete magic-lantern outfit as a premium for three new subscriptions and twenty cente for pasking and postage. Nothing has since thrilled us as did the Companion's publicity In connection with that premium. To hear the Companion tell it, a boy who was fortunate enough to possess its magic-lantern outfit could easily make a great deal ct Probably It. was not a good location for a Job-printing plant. At any rate, that was our alibi. After the actual happenings and experiences of our recent trip to New Haven, the curse pronounced upon us by P. H. H. seems a feeble one. "All I hope," ho writes to say, "1* that you get wet," "But recently," writes R. P. S., "there was a wedding ot considerable fashionable note nearby, and the pictorial papers and society columns were full of It. What I can't understand about it was the apparent ahsence from the festivities of Mr. .lames J. Corbett. After reading his recent memoirs, I thought he knew everybody and woulj certainly ba invited to that wedding." By Ruth Cameron. 10 one in sight oqual to Governor i * lonahey or Ohio. Two years ago Donalu-y was lected but at. that time the habit ,f choslng Democratic: governors \as prevalent in .late*. The other su .5. ». .!> ^> <S> <i> A; <S> .»> .J. .$> •$! <!> <!' Mv neighbor has just come homo froui a little motor trip. With her, i as spoils of the road, sho brought hut tailed to repeat in l'XM Xjnahey, who made no active laii'.n, and whoHo oratory wn-. i-on- Ined to the radio, was je-elected in (.Hi lo by liio.Oui.) majority, a .nib larger figur. proportionately bun Governor Smith's MM"'" in York. Go.crnor .Smith's al- mall gifts for tho various members ot the family and a gift for herself—a gay colored Indian basket. Said my neighbor's daughter as | her mother showed me tho basket: ! want another got heaps ot, ! th Cm all over the house. Now. Itepithlican "What ever do you cesses of Dai-ket for? You've mother, tel! me what are you some j ing to use it for?" "Weli. 1 don't know," said the mother vaguely. "I hadn't thought about that. I Just got It because I wanted it. I lovo baskets." And in my neighbor's eyes as she looked at the gay little basket with Its odd shape and weave there was thai peculiar tenderness with The desk Is lined with crackB at Mr. Corbett, most of which have been restrained from publication. They are all predicated on Mr. Cor- CUTICURA HEALS LARGE PIMPLES On Daughter's Forehead and Chin. Red and Festered. Very Disfiguring. " My daughter was bothered with plmplet on her forehead and chin. They wera Urge and red and sometime* festered. Tho irritation caused her to scratch them, and the pimples went very disfiguring* "I read an advertisement forCu- tlcura Soap and Ointment and acnt for a free sample. It helped her to I purchased a boi of Cuticura Ointment and a cake of Cuticura Soap which completely healed ber, (Signed) Mrs. Waldo Clark, 509! Blaine St.. Caldwell, Idaho. | These fragrant emollients ara all you need for all toilet purpose*. Soap to cleanse and purify, Ointment to aoothe and heal. Talcum to powder and sweeten. tMtii*, D *fL I, ftUi<Uft 4«, BUM.** §0 )4 «*«rr- *>h «Tt. S OBP 28 C . OiatiSMtttafuilO«.T*taHaSta. aVap Try our new Sfc**fa>a Stick* FROM PERSONAL EXPERIENCE Mri.Bradford RecommendiLydii E.Pinkham'iVegcUble Compoaad Phoebus, Virginia. — *' Having this ' opportunityl justcannotrefrain from saying a word of L raise for the ydia E.Pinkham medicines. I have used them as occasion required for twenty years, and my three sisters have also used them, and always with the most r»ratifying results. DuringtheChange iof Life I had the jsual distressing symptoms,— hot lashes, insomnia, etc, — and I am pleased to testify to the wonderful results I obtained from the Vegetable Compound. I heartily recommend it to any woman and I will be pleased to ' answer any inquiries that might fc* sent to mo through the publication of my testimonial. — Mrs. H. L. B RADFORD , J09Armstead St,Phoebus,Va. Consider carefully Mrs. Bradford's letter. Her experience ought to help you. She mentions the trials of middle age and the wonderful results she obtained from Lydia CPinkham'a Vegetable Compound. It you are suffering from nervous ' troubles, irritability, or if other an- 1 noying symptoms appear and you are due at times, you Should give. the • Vegetable Compound a fair triaL For \ lie by druggists everywhere. Why ipend your time and lose your temffcr mixing poultry mashes when Purina Chicken Chowder gives such superior results? The per. feet balance, variety of ingredients, uniform mixing and consistent quality can be achieved only with the Purina Mills' enormous purchasing power and their specialized milling machinery. In Chicken Chowder you get the benefit of these advantages. A ration so well made naturally produces more eggs—and Chowder does—for thousands of poultrymen in all sections. A trial will convince you; let us send you a supply, KELLOGG BRO Hess Feed Store , Phone 467 17 B Wes glance 10 the "wets" nialteu >>>>" j wlil<-'li we look at that particular! .most Impossible In many states, i kind of object which for smno lorrihev Is -i "dry" or al least is ! reason lias an almost. Irresistible: •> Ohio.' .T ;lv r "'wc \ir b, 8B 1 think' So far as 1 h -i\.- 1 i able to ,-, K ,,,-. are very lew women who; •arn from the newspapers. Oov t ,| ou 'i have surh u soil »i'Ot In their' rnnr Donahey bail no outstanding ,HUC in his platform. He had been | iiipbaslzing Ihe necessity for econ- my and that was apparently a opular cry this year. He vns i.-dlted with great ability. Ap- arently he received the support i both klan and nuli-klan slate lakers, which wan something of a UCKeatiou of weakness. The He- heart.•• for some class of object. It seems to mo that baskets are one of women's most popular loves. I have known half n dozen women who fell an Irresistible desire to p...-.-ess every preny li.ishe: tb'-y saw without having any definite use fur the article in mind. "I could line It somewhere,'' defends one woman when her husband says, "you don't want that basket.' "Baskets are always so nice for All the G0DCH goodness is preserved because ihe NEW package is AIR / TIGHT/ •Jenkins Special Victrola Outfits' II it's Not a VlctroU-It May ba a DUapaaiatnaa* I Virtually every great personage in music makes Records exclusively for the Victrota; and just as Victor artists are preeminent above all others, so Victof Reconla by thea« artUU, pUjcd oft Vlctrola Inatrvnuntt Kl preeminent abort all others. , Our Special Outfit A Our KpttuJ OvtfH A tulu-ka liiii mtwmt \ktrJ. wit.-, O J i *-ii>. aaawCa KMeidi Mi i *i«U**s|- •HIT WBftlT Our Special Outfit B Our Special Outfit 6 in- djckm Lht» twwftYt l> rtfhl VktAU willi tit 10-la., Doutlft -fK*, lie Victor nvot-ds (12 K I*«- iiona). M«htj>ny. 0»V cr Amen'*tl W»lnu| I'inlah •I14* 5 ONLY •1.4a WEEKLY We offer aert aoau VERY SPECIAL OUTFIT laiCMtkna b Victrobu. Th* Rccordi InctodH in that outfit* art lO-lncli, doable-Ue*. Vklor llmrdt of your own »e Wet Ion; or, if 70a prefer otter BctoraX jou m*j ttltct that* to the urn* valu from tht Vklor catatof rotiUinin* a»orc (run 5,000 ulectlona. Siaw {irk*—-canh or tine. We five yoo the banefit of our almost half century'* cKstricnca, musks! knowledge, and nscrior aerv< kt. Our price* are at rotk- bottom and you caa buy « *ery «wy sarauaU Our Special Outfit D Ov Bpatkl OPtfli D liv tinim Utii aavail Cea- aato Vlctraa. wilt. 104ndi. Dnublf -jK*. 7(e Victor Baeerdi (12 •>!«£• U «IA>. Uohoswr, ffek or American Witsal •H4.W Our Special Outfit C Our fipfcis. Outfit C to* rlmlu this a«w *»t t )a- richt iklToU with Un 10-iiL, Ltoubk-fact, 70c Vistor Records ('JOaeUo- lkrt >i). Mahfacany, Oak or Arntrican walagt .1574* Our Special Outfit E ,0*r Special Outfit d«dw thla awawat Can- mk Vktrata with Un 10-U., DouNt-faoe Victor lUeorrU (20 talat- tloni). llaboiany, Oak or Walnu* It Does Make a Difference Where You Buy Your Vlctrola WKJOUT CALL oa wans 122 North Main Street IMFOaTANT Da a** ttrafuM the G«*«iaa Vktnat with the many thaap Unl- UU OM aow nooduic the narktt. There I* aaly «•* VWtreaj aiwt our Vlctrola ean-tca ta the wpahor atrrtce tnica M only * frcat tausk hotiM <aa five, *YMY 1TTTLK V1CTO0LA MAM WC BILL ON COBJtiarONDINQLY LOW fAVHKNTH We Will Help You! All of the experience of the officers of this bank, all of the facilities for gathering reliable information, all of our associated knowledge is at your service—that you may have the best information at any time. If you are interested in doing business with this kind of a bank we invite you to come in and talk it over with any of our officers. AMERICAN NATIONAL BAN 1 Individual Responsibility of Directorate $3,000,000.00

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