Clovis News-Journal from Clovis, New Mexico on May 11, 1966 · Page 2
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Clovis News-Journal from Clovis, New Mexico · Page 2

Clovis, New Mexico
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 11, 1966
Page 2
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Mankind A Humble Sfwderrr of Marx We *o took to tiM W«i (tar tommf In !«», a tnomentcms thi&f hippeued in Chtot: the UKaeot Coufaciiaist cirU «errke examinatioQs were abolished. Finally convinced of China's weakness, the Dowager Empress Tt*u Hsa assented to reforms, Including a promised constitution and parliament It was too late, if not too little. That same rear also saw the founding of a revolutionary party by a patriot and expatriate named Sun 'iat-sen, who envisioned a thor- •tumfoing social and economic revolution. On a fund-raising tour among overseas Chinese when revolt erupted in the city of Wuchang on October 10, 1911 (the famous ''Double Ten"), Son hurried home to accept the provisional presidency of the Republic of China. By the end of 1911, most of southern China had thrown off the rule of the Manchus. In Peking, the last Manchu emperor (the dowager died in 1908) was forced to abdicate and the government was turned over to the powerful general Yuan Shi-k'al Sun. to his later regret, stepped down in favor of Yuan. Within three years the new president had become dictator, ousting Sun's Kuomintang, or Nationalist Party. This was not enough for Yuan. He announced a new dynasty with himself as emperor, but popular opposition plus pressure from Japan, which did not want a united China, forced him to back down, After Yuan's death in 1918, a long period of anarchy ensued. While Western money supported conservatives in Peking and warlords disputed for spoils throughout China, Sun continued to work for the revolutfon. Rejecting both capitalism and Marxism, he sought something between the two. As later outlined In his "Three Principles of the People," first must come national greatness during a period of tutelage by the Kuomin- tang. The Chinese must substitute national loyalty for family and clan loyalty, he said. A new China was indeed appearing, at least among the urbanized and educated. The everyday language begdn to be used in literature and the authoritarian family structure to break down. One rebel against parental authority was an assistant librarian at the University of Peking—Mao Tse-tung. Another epic revolution — the Russian— took place in this decade. When the Bolsheviks offered to give up the special privileges (but not the territories) -wrung from China by the czars, Sun, abandoned by the West, believed China had finally found a friend. NEXTt Communists and "Dwarfs" Senator Sees 'Ghost Writing* Keeps «&" fMedical Men Informed Ww IH ; A ALBT T GUKRQl;R t\ Pit forte of &00.000 rnon "'tfw poured into' Viet \Am IS in order to f^hirW' in "the "lanerr rm'il'aw of ihr conflict i ' S Sfis ' rv M )a«\*r.r. iVvv-»o fxiesdav Jackson .«*!,1 br ai*o :' strong a;r P's of the On* North Viotr.AWOi?e their power'" yr-nb ' trolpum suppiv' «n,1 , )ort<; •• ' 1 Jackson made the jtat in an interview with ih querque Tribune He was in ,V.- btiquerque lo attend the ',V.MTA\ of his mother-in-law. Mr* V M Hardin of Albuquorque '^I'KHQUE (I'PD —iofficers and councilors and vote! Albuquerque and Santa ion committee recommendations. Physicians — who are too;Dr. Tom L. CJrr of Albuquer-j tVi/s busy trt break away for this ;que will become president, tnov-j ,4\ »<vk's 81 h annual meeting of I ing up from his current presi-i !hp No\\ Mexico Medical Soci-jdent - elect post. Jle will re-j rjv \viil bo able to take in'place Dr. Robert P. Beaudettd thp sessions via long distance,of Raton. jihosj «niii\£." " j The NMMS convention itseli IVviors at Albuquerque's Pre-i begins Wednesday. Some 2CKJ Ntrnsn Hospital and nt Santa i doctors are expected. Vr"s St. Yim : ent's Hospital will! Tuesday the educational rej l-*> whip to view and hear lee-j search foundation of the Amer-i p<>. iturw given at the University of can Medical Association pre<- iheir ^N Mexico in Albuquerque via i sented the University of New a t«o «:ty communication sys-j Mexico College of Medicine si nen's '<" r -' <Vu'tor Klectronic remote! 1 $500 check. .VHv,;- iM.ickboardi being set up for •,e ivnvrnt.ion. The system enables speech iMh \vay$ so the doctors can } ask questions and allows writ-j WARSAW —Stefan Cardinal Hen ,*a;ii i v.rr-d 1 i'VOI" 1l» A\ Quotes Jackson, who has nuuie sc\ • oral trips to Met N\i:n. mohul- ing one in December, said. "\\e face two problems on the military side in Viet Nam. One is the larger military phase of the conflict. I think we ought to step up our committments of manpower in the field in order inc to be transmitted over the telephone lines and to appear as diagrams on blackboards in the hospitals. Wyszyski, addressing 100,00<) church-slate differences in Po^ Catholics on the current ui.Mifunii ... t..^ ..v.~ "•-• — -• awarded the A. H. Komns tom- ^^L^l^J^f^^i^""'^- sprvicci Award - Malonc, a general practitioner, has practiced in Roswell since 1942. church-state differences in PO L land: Tuesday, during opening ses-i ,. The church does not want w sions of the Society's House of jdirect p 0 ] i(ical and economid- nclcgntes in Albuquerque. Dr. j activ j ties> but to brin thent Earl Malone of Roswell was jlovc so the may be morfi H. Robins Com- effective." guerrilla fighting that is going on. : "We ought to push our efforts to get the military phase out of would need; the way and we uuum '--' !of (he coun ( r y." 500,000 men to help seal off the ,. Tnls involves the g ucrr iii a infiltration routes." Sen. Jackson said air attacks NEW YORK —Franklin D. Roosevelt Jr., commenting oil Today the delegates elect! rumors that he will seek tht ; Democratic nomination fo|- goovnor of New York state: type of fighting which has beeni going on," he said. "I hope '"If I decide to run, it's because I'm convinced I call can Prisoner Hangs Self In Jail *TUCUMCARI (Staff) - A 28-j year-old Vineland, N.J., man: has been transferred to t he New Mexico State Hospital at Las Vegas for safe keeping pending a mental hearing after he tried to hang himself in the City Jail here. The man, Ralph Paul DcSte- fano, attempted to hang himself Friday afternoon by tying together two of his shoelaces and attaching them to a joist in his cell. A-Bomb Creators Voice Dissenting Opinions Ever since man first unlocked thc secret of the atom, he has questioned the wisdom of his own accomplishment. Among thc creators of that first bomb which the United States dropped on Hiroshima have been the strongest voices against its use. And as membership the in international the "Atomic 4 "\ K* ' ** * I FOR GRADUATES A Personal TYPEWRITER- "Greatest Gift Of AU!" SCM CORONET Electric Portable Club" has increased from one to five, there has been a growing repugnance to it. The fear is not only the weapon itself and instant death to millions, but development, of of its very the radio- FREE! Bonus Gilt With Each New Portable — FiU-Up TYPING STAND TERMS <oi Ifttlt if $5 DOWN ^nmj&mi active fallout which, although not directed at any single iniviual, city or nation, still can distort nature for generations yet unborn. Such was thc case of the "Fortunate Dragon." It was <at 3 a.m. on March 1,1954, that the Fortunate Dragon, a Japanese vessel with a crew of 23, was fishing some 80 miles east of Bikini Atoll in the Pacific. A brilliant flash lit the sky and a mushroom- shaped cloud arose. White Ash Fell Ninety minutes later a white ash began falb'ng on the decks of the Fortunate Dragon. By March 3 most of the crew was incapacitated by nausea, burns, and swollen and irritated skin which in some cases turned black. The Fortunate Dragon was 20 miles outside the restricted zone established by the United States for_it^J9M_jvydroge,_n New Water Well For San Jon San Jon Village's quest for another source of water was moving rapidly ahead today with a new well which has reached the 850-foot level. Estimated to cost about $10,- JOOO, the well is being drilled by jthe Smith Drilling Co. of Logan iand is expected to hit water be- ifore the 900 foot level. The cost of the project includes not only the drilling, but the casing, pumping equipment and finished well. Drilling began about one week ago. Planning of the well was done by the San Jon residents who received legal and engineering help from the Farmers Home administration office in Tucumcari. (FARMERS UNION INSURANCES * * * * * Foreign News Commentary Phil Newsora bomb tests in the Pacific. {337; U.S.S.R., 127; Britain, 24; (President Dwight D. Eisenhow-;France, five; Red China, two. er told his March conference that the on power plants, petroleum sup-i Vietnamese themselves 1 plies and ports of North Viet (solve this problem after we. WASHINGTON —Sen. Robert!Nam would be more effective;have ended the larger mililarv 1 . F. Kennedy, D-N.Y., announc-Jthan attacks on tactical targets, phase, after we have made it ing hearings on the dangers of the halucinatory drug LSD: "On the basis of my inquiry thus far, I believe the unsuporvised use of LSD The six-person crew, includ- creates grave people." risk for some "I am opposed to the bombing of cities in the north, such as Hanoi,' 1 Sen. Jackson said, "but I certainly favor knocking j out her supplies and the port at Haiphong.'' impossible for thc North Yielna-j mese and the Viet Cong to continue the fieht." BANK RATES $ TRUCK LOANS f AUTO LOANS I Jackson termed the second} phase of the military problem in Viet Nam "the pacification DR. RRYCE STORRIE CHIROPRACTOR 100 \V. .Miiniimi rail 7(12-4777 COMPLETE IG:MI.',»O Cal Blochberger Agency K. r,th Clovli 24 news! The United States since has explosion j revealed that it conducted 27 .surpassed expectations an that underground tests in 1965. On scientists in charge must have been surprise an astonished at the result). In Japan, the news that some of the Fortunate Dragon's contaminated tuna had reached the home market touched off panic. In September, 1954, one of the Fortunate Dragon crew members died of a liver disorder complicated by jaundice and pneumonia. Announce Score Just a year ago, the U.S. Atomic Energy Commission announced the score on international atomic explosions as it then stood. May 9 it was disclosed the Red Chinese had exploded theu third device at their proving grounds in far western China Perhaps by the end of June just prior to President Charles de Gaulle's visit to Moscow, the French will explode their sixth annouced test, their closely this one from guarded new testing ground in the Tuamoto Islands of the Pacific. Neither France nor Red China are signers of the partia nuclear test ban against tests underwater, in the atmosphere or in space. France needs to test to implement "its policy of worlc It listed: The United States, stability." 1-25 Job Goes To Low Bidder SANTA FE — Two Albuquer-,opened bids on an Interstate-40 que firms bidding jointly made'project in Valencia County, the apparent low offer on con-!iiom Laguna to Mesita. Appar struction of an Interstate 25,ent low bidder with an offer .lighway project in Dona Ana Jounty. The bid by 0. D. Cowart and Lanaham Construction Co. totaled $1,283,618.19. The 11 i g h- .vay Dept. engineer's estimate af the cost was $1.448 million. The work involves construction of two lanes of highway parallel to earlier constructed interstate highway. The 7.613- mile project extends from two miles soutlt of Kincon northward in the Hatch area. The Highway Dept. also of $986,844.09 was Broce Con struction Co. of New Mexico Inc., Tuumcari. This projec calls for construction of 2.468 miles of four-lane highway The engineer's estimate of ost was $943,340.85. Other projects on which bid; were opened Monday included: Roosevelt County Drilling of rest area test well on US- 70 seven miles northeast of For- tales; J. E. (Nip) Pinkard Santa Rosa, $1985. Estimated cost $1300. BLANKET COVERAGE • HOME * FARM • AUTO t HAIL ONt STO» SHIVICf FOB AU YOUR IHiWiANa f*ttJ4 ^, A V. (Blue) Tate Place Your Trust In Professional Hands The reputation of a prescription department depend* U|iou Loth I lie e«T\ke it rrndrri and the quality of lh«- uii-dii aiii.ii it dicpeuse*. You are always at»ured prompt efliciciu-y uhcu you bring your prescriptions to uo for cuuipoundiug. Kb 4 Haia Over 25 Vears of Pre&mpium Service A. Sterling heart pendant with rhinostones. $3.95 B. Simulated birthstone, 14K pendant, $7.50 A GRADUATION GIFT FROM ZALE'S'PUTS . YOU AT THE TOP OF *THE CLASS! N. Lovely spinel pendant on six strands of 14K gold. $24.95 M. Teardrop shapo smoky topaz quartz, 14K gold pendant. $9.95* C. Fine 17-jewel ring watch with faceted crystal. One size fits all. $19.95 R. O. Catseye tie tac, 14K. $12.95 P. Spinel tie tac in'!4K gold. $14.95 R. Genuine opal tie tac. 14K. $19.95 S. R. Speidcl Big Boy ident bracelet. S. Best Girl ident by Spel- del. Your choice. $4.95 P. Golden baroque setting accents 17- jewel pendant watch. $15.95 E. 17-jewel pendant or lapel watch. Scroll design with rhinestones. $19,95 F. Lovely cameo pendant contains a J7-jewel watch. $19.95 H. This fashionable bangle bracelet is really a fine 17-jcwel watch. $19.95 J. J. Quality 17-jewel watch in rhodium linish link ident bracelet. $19.95 T. Charm the graduate with this double link sterlir^j bracelet and charm. Complete. $6,88 Fine assortment of French purses and billfolds for ladies and men. each $2.99 K. Handsome 17-jewcl Elgia Automatic, Waterproof* and shock resisianU Expansion band. L Two diamonds highlight this 17-jewel Elgia \vith tapered band. Your choice case and crystal arc Intact * U. Speidel "British Stet- ling" after shave lotion. $3.50 V. Matching "British Sterling" cologne. $5JBQ 31U

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