The Paris News from Paris, Texas on August 2, 1934 · Page 1
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The Paris News from Paris, Texas · Page 1

Paris, Texas
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Thursday, August 2, 1934
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Budget Shows Cut In Lamar County Tax Rate If Yo«r t«m N*w« U Not On Yo» Porch By 5:15 VOodk, Call TW New. Offic* Brfor* 6 o'Clock For Prompt 164 or 1«L Full Associated PTCM Leased Wire Service (AND THE DINNER HORN) Complete Regional and Local News Coverage HOME EDITION VOL. LXV NO. 241 PARIS, TEXAS, THURSDAY, AUGUST 2, 1»34 EIGHT PAGES ESTABLISHED U HINDENBURG DIES; HITLER PRESIDENT . . ^— »~m «hJ» <W* U» *UB O^ jtf «« • ** ^« «« tW» **T «u* kfl X X X X X Guard Is Held In Connection With Death-House Break IS "INHERE is no need for aj^umect | conceraing the need of Parisfor: Improvement of the sanitary { sewers. Or instead of improve- ' ibeat, the better word would be repair, for the system is badly in need of work to make it effective and restore it to its original usefulness. That is the real purpose of -the plan to .^V* -some bonds. receive a. sizable girt rrous the fed- erat goYernment and put a good heads of families at work Former Paris Resident Is Under Charge Prison Officials Silent On Inquiry Until Case Is Complete Hindenburg Line, One of Most Famous Decrease Of Trenches, Monument To Field Marshal By the Associated Press denbure defense was not literally . Prussian ch.?ef of staff, Marshal Ex-en as i'i-esident Von Hinden- . u line- burs regarded by inauy con- 1 It -was a. series of lines, three servative Germans as their last : major systems ol trencises with bulwark, so was the Hindenburs I niany ramifications. Ttiese trenches stretched nortliward and northwestward from St. Quentin. occtt- c Mt/AiSJt o ttV DJL maay now are dependent on a dole. ; The decision to be reached by j thtr property owning: voters Tues- > day ' is whether now is the time; tc do this work. The News can ' ss«i-"i*-s far into the future as,any-! one, TC^ws it seems that no better time j m Patterson. L Tells Conflicting Stories of His Affluence he last defense of th< man araiies in France during the world war. The death. of the venerable statesman and general Thursday was just six days before the sixteenth- anniversary of the turning point In t"e great struggle, the turn which, led to the collapse of j the Hindenburg line and assured Prison ) Germany's defeat. One of the most famous of Paul Von Hindenburs. But the allies went tnrougn. Canadians launched the attack on August 26. 19IS, two weeks after Hindenburg had seen his advantage vanisB- Tlie Dominion Five Cents Is Promised! Dead 1935 Budget Shows Further Saving For Taxpayers of Countv pied by the Germans;. They bloclt- soldiers and British Tommies bore ed the- allies* patfe to Cambrai and i t * ne brunt of the battle, although. I ended near Arras, whicii Sras held } Americans got into it more than! by the Britlsji. - J a montli later. Tankee a. n -i i Tisey formed A deadly arc for j French f orces^ were making their ! FINANCIAL CONDITION the allied forces to invade. -Well j major drives further south, | inside the Germans" farthest line j xhe attack began outside -Arras I of advance, thoy had been heav- 5 and swept forward Irresastably, | 1 Uy wired and studded with ma-1 Sy September 1, the British and Five Cent Cut Will Bring j ! <rhiTi«> am-n •nfftfs- TTis master mind ? 1 _ _ - Qf COUNTY IS GOOD chine gun nests. Hie master mind worjd war fortifications, the Hin- l in their preparations had been the See 1,IN Page Page 4. Sheriff Clyde it was reveal- A tip to one of but no further, and to Jhe j SJ , e!ton - s deputies, «tt«r tinse $ ^ - n Paris -Thursday, led to the { .T,-W : come in which to engage in j fashioning o? a net of circumstan-; such an enterprise. Surely., mere j tia , ev j Qe:jc «. xchich finally result-* lia-s: been no better time in the j - n the arrest of Jlm ^ Patterson, j ..past. For now is the unie the • QL- \ 5taw peaitep _ tiar> . g^ard. in con-! ..ferj-of 52S.OOO gift is available— , nectloa with the sensational] iKor* than one-fourth of the cost ? .. death house •o; ibe>.-ork— and this once rajnilto ^ Joe O f Raymond Palrner £nd Trvin , State Names New Orleans Tax Board i PWA ALLOTMENTS EV AREA INCREASE Texas and Oklahoma. Communities 1 Get Benefits ! tin* -'door. ville state prison. Thursday was termed by Simmons, general ?s Threat Carried Out Appointees Supercede Elected Tax Assessors j WASE1XGTON, <JP). —The Pub- ! I Sc TVorks administration Thursday j ! increased by £2S7 r 1>S4 .previously \ awarded allotments for con-federal I j projects. Reductions aggresating | i SS2.200 werte made in other allot- ' Tp-Tfaa , T * ; J- \_-^^*\g j ments, - . ! ! The increases included 360,00$ | ] for extensions to water distribn- { : ricn to $130.000; Garfield county, j OkSa-. $49.000 for a courthouse I Young Girl Shot Down By Prowler Recent Reductions to 2O Cents Bonds wiSl have to be pasd, some j EANS, -ey P- lens's threat the $650,000 college to endanger heir comfort- Girl* Stavinit In Arkansas Tourist Camp Innocent Victim A proposed decrease of 529,350.50 in tfce Lamar county expen- j ditures for 1335 which, despite- a J j loss of $11,200 in taxes through. | i decreased valuations, will allow a. i ta-g reduction of 5 cents on the I $100, was announced Thursday by • C- A. Martin, county judge. Judge ! Martin Wednesday filed, his pre| liminary budget report with Coun- j ty Clerk R. V. Ha-mmacS: in ac~ { cordance wirh. the la-re. The new I S rate will b* 95 cents on the S10G | | valuation. j j The reduction in the 1935 rate r I brings to 20 cents the amount j I End Comes I Quietly to I Old Soldier i • . . i ! Hitler Has Himself Declar- 1 ed President As War t . • Hero Breaths Last PAUL VON HINT>ENBUEG conditToa. clearly World Pays Tribute to Hindenburg GERMANY MOURNS PASSING OF LEADER Death Had Been Expected Almost Hourly For Several By LOIfIS P. LOCHXER. f-rist-T, 1934. by Associated Press.) C5*--—Paul Von Hin- warrior. patriot and president, died at 9 a. m. Thursday, and Adolf Hitler became the master o* all Germany. :.','-.•• Shortly after word came from. Von- Hladenbtirs^s country estate at Xendeck that the S5-year-ol.d hero had died, announcement;^was made here that Chancellor Hitler; had assumed, the- presidency. : . ; ' ', | The president had been criti- | cally ill only since Sunday. Phy- i sicians expressed amazement at tfcmsrs a bv ballot e properly to be cijasfd- { the voter before cas::n S { the corr.ins election, and the Pcr-'-i deputy sheriff- Once the tip was before Uhe assessors elected by the «5ty j C .;nn last Jacaary, - 1 Ractions included Ar- received by Backed up by the power oi rnobUized national SSO.OSO to 55,500 * C r a. school building and repairs SOT SPBrS'GS, Ark.. <^P—Ten- ; taken off the tax rate since or T~xa«.] year-old Bemice Hoffman, da=sh- ! Martin took ofSce. "The strong tc i ter of Mr. and ilrs-'a. J. Hoffman j fl? ^^f - ••-••• •-' :.-- ^ - ,1-cofsqSts _ was, 5-^>t,. aoo,t &,&£•£*>&&£•?•" jtfd^«;-,s:artzn' 'sai^'f Messages ' From Great of f %. TT»«—Ai^. **T». •-. «r^»l*» ' "n«- ' •' • TAVkAe' 1 • • Everv Countrv Pour ". •'by. Ually wonnded af a" tourist camp | Thtrrsday/ "In r spite near hers early Thursday by an [through, valuations and the f to another school. losses iowered «nident!fied prowler who attempt- | revenue estimates we stm are^ able ed to enter the cabin oc«rup;-efi by f to lower our zai rate azaln." the Hoffrnans. f Jud^e Martin announced, a. pnb- of net eventuallv rtlcally ever>'bod>* todas ng a. det>t of sonie sort, de- | we ^ on the Suture to I>e ab!« .eet the obligation- Indlviduatt | arresi of Pa doing so. some from necessity. ; lived in Paris and at one time they want something I said to have been an employe ; -Sheriff Sheltoir's force even- depu- ] already ha^ seized the city voting I ay Is ^ ty be^an tafcinc a hand in the ; registration office. W*il]iam Rankin - s net of circumstances; 0 ^ tfa * Louisiana tax commission | Hv was to lead to the i announced the appoiT3tment of the | t^r-on. Tvho formerly Uiate tax collectors to take charge i Orleans. replacing' the ity board of assessors, 1 S recently vJecte ssome J>e<sxase tney wa.»i »oiiici-ii-^ri = = --- ----- - — Tor which they cannot now pay in t the state high'.ray department. Ke j Seaa:or f«ll. Why should not the city do { has been a s«ard at the Hiintsville jel this would be done as a. result the same thins* The city after 3tli is c-nly an a^:rr*?:ax!on of indi- •vlduats. all TOC-x'ed by the eomm.on puri*ose of living tagr^tber In peace sud «»ch bcn^fiited by the presence o£ the others. to Ask Federal Aidl Could the dv-rserM*nt of and ev«ry be cast in ; t. ^voald l»-e an CK- i .he issue of the ol>- ] acceptance of th* j is ui5 day TVednc^day an.j nsrain or> Thursday. tv5d It-tcal deputies; that :he prison system and \vas b^ing .;n early ds.'c. Through local ohixn:«.is the Sitaiit-uvers of Pattcnso-n \v-cre traced. H -sv-as foiiuU he ba<J in his pcs- BOARD. Pace S. Col. -=, ,- - ,;_„,..<- ,-- = ^e*<- . criticise the budget or make any; I Police ana deputy ine^-.-St^ ,_ i .__ ^^__ ^ rr-L.. i—-. \ s swarmed the scene soon after the}"" --' *~ T» i- f i- J "»«• ^ T> u J I shootinsr at 1:15 a. ir.~, and blood- j =- er cajl abeut » v«r «n« war-i « M«-or T. Semme. Wate«I«y. | Relief Ftljlds Must Be Had j homi( j.- were Ptlt „„ &, -jail. | approve* by w..v.».».,v ho . ras ., Flris ig^-'^"ags'^sis:'| to Car ?^'J qr ** Ij^e^^s^i^s^i' 0 !^-^^-^--- s mans. A man occupying' an ad- • ^fc^^"- on * I joining cabin said that he -was j The Texas j awakened by voices and heard . j .v^^-. . v.« ii 4^ 1 . J =.^« -"* -ask the I some one standinsr between the i ' * ins command Hoffman to hand j over his trousers. The robber ap- { } his heart's stubborn resistance: to S disease and the Infirmities, of - age. : [ \vatn word came. Sitler an-3 ; his wer«' prepared. -;!it' sesssott:.-•- : Xve4iie^<siy" cree revoking a la-pr of 1932 the president of the supreme court would becosne interim president. : •;;•' Von Hinden- d FaTii JO- assumed absolttts the capital earl" mominc nours. tee death it had , money, sbenfrs deputies sa:»i v>n favor i „. " _, ,' - monev -- Fortune Left By Dressier FORT WORTB. •> j rclie* ..commission will ask I federal g-overnmeat to advance all | relief funds necessary to carry on i operations IE the state until the j trousers ar;< k-£isla.viire can authorize the sale •, hand mate lor it. _«-a poini-eti See BUDGET. Pagre 3, Col. ordered Hoffman to S3OO r OOO Is Estimated Worth of Estate Left Bv Actress another pair hanging- S of more bonds and the rnonev can | =eaj-by. A shot then was fired, j i The bullet struck tSie sleeping-1 It is hOi"?i5 il«at some o;" ib<* p«opie interi^sicd in the ac- ; firiv*. a little time- t-> voters 10 ?o to the &r!fl cajit a ballot. '. the rela- Patt«rson. J>herifrs <lef!u;j».^s r.!s;e .srsfd ..•;> caJHrss 0n th* • Th«rsda.y a Paris ir.nrs was und-cr polling piacs'S ; •*arv<j;Ua..ncc ir> cosine*.-' i-..«:i wi:ti tlsv Such vi-orlc *.* ? tlex-elopnients ccritersne; abfjt Tat- ,«htp of the best type, and ! itrson's return to Paris, The I-.val wha pfr'orni it will "r ir»an vrss said r%> hav»- notified Pat- t 5«rvscf to the city r.nd to .[ torson to v'omc to P- r ir;s >hortJy rafter the prison l>rt*ak •«.»-; ^xocut- . — ——— ! «xl. I'atJpryon left the i>ers:t»;ist:iary I>VAX"TKY BURFEt* ] jus: a few hours prior to the NANCY. France. C/P'S —Marshal i br*ak. en rout»* ff»r l-*nri>.. lit- ^:;i*- X-ouis H. )Lyaui«-y. fourth French; vd in Paris about two: days before •war marshal t*> <ti*\ was taken on returning: to Hunt.svi!;»r. ;arr^s;\" Tfsurs-day a.!ons; XV"hen He rciur?u''-d to his duti'ps windirsj; stre^t5 to «. toiubijio -was ijujxz^d .n r»--s:-irt3 t«.» hi» th».: 24 dukos of Lorraine j ;n.>55»cs^it>ri o' ?-x:ch J* Inrsrc sum of aLso s»<rrx"<!d France as soldiers. ; money as he w-n.s «iuorc<i as t^Hir.s he told conflii'tinc s-tori and other <;' i 'vrSo;'Jr.«*: I.OS ANGELES. i3*! —The actual value of the estate n* Marie T?r<wy>- ?*T. aotr<r<^. filed for probate on Thursday %vas r.ot srivcn bnt \vas cstirrsated TO be at least 5300,000. in M is." Drcs>l<?r's service for a tjunrtor of a century, Tva.!5 be- !>e made This was announced Thursday j '""^ffsaaii leaped from his bed | l-y B. E. Glesecke. chairman pro j an( | f| re d his shotgun into the air; tero of the Texas commission, who } to -wake tip the camp*. j declared the- matter woala be dis- j The can-.e here a-boui j cussed at the next rneetins on Aug- j -otir days aco. j ^st 13. \ Under the best of conditions, he ' rex-ealed. the state win be without' funds for 30 day before the bonds j can be sold. He estimates that S3.- j yiMJ.OOO will be repaired to handle i Texas" relief activities during: &ep- | Guardsmen Off to Camp Paris Battery Leaves Fr: id Saturday in Two Continxents dtzrizi^r the ' and the ^-orii ! expected. /_ j "tV'hile official "Washing-con -*vas i Germany went into ir?c*urninjr. 1^ j slow to comment on Von Hincen- | on the 20th sr-nlversary of its con_ i burl's death anc the succession j scription of troc-ps for the - "world I of Chancellor Hitler co the presi- i war. = ! cential post, the question on ev-| The fcneral will be held at Neu| ery one's lips ^-as: —What will j deck Sunday, the Associate^ Press j happen in Germany no"w?" j heard frorrr a sour\?a. -usually re- i — — j fable- Official confirmation xva? LO^TDOX. irf 3 ) — Sincere srrief t not obtainable but it xvas an! anc apprehension ! over the political future -of Gert rnany Teas znanifest in Sritish gov- ' eminent, circles Thursday after the f President Paul Von Hin- "»,iT'0 and aH the ac- \ tember. Ke believes the c, .. sjr apparel. J>rry Cox. i ;r,^ n i wUl b^ wiiiing to adx-ance the I husband and chnuf- | £ un ds -.rh^n it :.> convinced :he i ;«io man fo-r Th«? screen \ state will repay the money after; :t SIS.OC'O and her aa-5 if? bonds are sold, | Warnings of | Stonns Asked urincr the 'World j years, when the so called "Hin-; | cenburcr pillboxes" on the Belgian j Batterv A. ISInd Field Artillery | coast menaced En ? !and. alt Brit-j - r ens heKi the Germar. military! of the Texas National Guard ; eader ? n zres.- resoecr. i leaves Friday and Saturday for; since then he has been regard- j the annual encampment at Pals.-1 ed. as the chief stabnizinc: force j for both Republican and Hitler-! need a state funeral would be he'd. Members *">f his "immediate fant- \ i!y were at Von Hindenburc's bed- i sice. They vtere his son j Oskar Von Hlr.denb-ars:. ! ™arri---i causrhter?. Fran ! Von Brockhusen and Frau Anna. -|e. Von &erstr. n Hindertburg's vcifc died ITJ _ A T '^ Rour!5 . former field Alan B. \ f i rvr> on?; with Mrs, FIND AUTOMOBILE BODIES EN Appeal For Improved Hurricane Forecasting Service GALVESTON. Tex. <.•?*• — Texas coa^t cities- from Fort Arthur to difd Jasr Saturdav in ' . Sarsta Barham. was nnmed execu- Oklahoma Offiwr^ Believer My>tcry ! Brownsvme. niace a ^rect »TAt**m<»n M»5<i colonizers since [ Taris rcsidcnis he rt>ssi*-s.v^ t j v\hj-t- 1 432, Half a <!ivt»>0n »naroh»»<! >n ; h *!•••. ThroisarJi qac^Tionins; :t tv»«« a mHe lone vriHrr^sSorj as church i ?»>UR<J t»*{}» toJied in memory *>f tbc j Tho^c Tor of the estate without bond. The actress r*-<;uci-*cd them to reside in bor B-'v^rTy KiJIs ho*«e yntJ! it is v>Ici. srid Cox r«nd h;s _ivife sro TO c-^Tstfnu^ as rer-rvnnts there until the >4»5«?. r**crivinss their Of Siolcn Cars Is "mak*r of Morocco. WASHINGTON, {ff^ announced j w^rc credltetf Ny li>ra! officers as I :ho ultima t<- caU5«» of h'.jt arrest. I Wh»!c here Wcdit*«^<jay. Warden — Actinc \X"aid took stAirmr-nss from alH>»t Thursday !: Parrs r«"sid<-nt-.. I-j «rnt-r«i llv C»«:r:-ri»! W. Howes «-ry. WaU*r D. A\ Insrram; Vcrnon. Will Rogers KULAMAL'I. — Did you r-v^r h<?»r of ih« Jlnwailan isJands? 'W*!!, If you didn't you hav« h^ard of B«Mwlna. Ftcw into an i*taT»<i >i«>r« that is* jts«.t chuck full of I- ran'* Baldw-in h»* th«? i(f*«" plantfttlon an<! ih« moart up to <!«ite «n«1 tn»5t run. A j that is* bip 1 sot j H biR cattle mnch—»U rJd^ri* *nrt j rop«r* anrt polo players Th<»»e vi.<«, tt0rn that n«*vfrr ir^t »\vay from the Whykikl J>*«Arh wh*-n thry rorno oat It^rc niiJw a U>t, This ixland llTiTwt have th* hc»t polJtirtann for tJicy jp«t? zh<* h<>«t r»rfi<?»«. Over h"r«c a f^ngrfswmun Is P<-V<T any h^itr-r lafno' whjl* ir; Paris an«5 that he hxd a?t*>mnt^d 10 hrtve Paris rcls- JJvrjs inform ofMo^ns they had loaned h;m tT^ss n».on*y. H** tv.».« \vbom h*» paid th" mon^y or. ftis j»o- «"<>ii;it?t that "h ^"hiK^ ^>t>rrowe«j *bt" ritr«nfy froyn hl» r^»ittJv«w. Sri Par!?'. '.VhSlc l<jc»! otrierr? hav« not dc- i*>rmin*<l y<«t n-hat r»«rt fn tho transaction*, »f any. tvas taken by thf Paris man now b*?in|* n-atcht'i!. .motion* and making; a ch<*ck«up on hi* action,* r«cf».nily tn nn effort to a»c*«nain If h« was JnvoJv*;1 Sn the jaf? delivery. AJ« R pr^cavrtion as:a.inst i*-rs xvho misrht ftttenipt to claim a ivrs she did not wish to re- N*r Mist's Dressier stated in hrr rtnted in May. li«S-J. that sh^ heritcd all person* who be det^rmSrred ss those s*!ic named in I to President i for improved htirricar.< i, HUNTSVJI^KK, Tf.v of the all«>!tration Jim Pa«- lrjrfd to in * th*n lii» roft4- And *om«alm<« 1 __ hidden *Th«rstljiy \\i*'t in ntuhorit^- Mill »way, v\i- 1 ntty rowTKttnj: «p at-lj Mrs. Ko!»<rrt Morris New York ssociety woman *n<J in- tirnare friend of the aotrrfss,. was ctven a diamond bracelet. Nclla xv'ebb. sisirolcsri* 1 : sn*! nd\!7tcr of '•>r. was willed 35.000. hursday forecasting: ~~~ i 1DABKI*. Okla,—r>iscov*-y of ;3un«b<?r of 3Utornobi?es sunk in a| KcpreseRtatix'i?* front »5 cities lake four rniless north of Goo-.5v>'.»- ! urjred th<? pres:dent to instruct the ter. win j^>ssibiy clear up the my*- j United States weather Bureau to t*ry of numerous cars missir.s: fro:a j establish a special forecasting c-f- this s«cticr;. I ficc in the srulf durins: the hurri- It is believed that a s^r.s: of i cais« season and to use all possible thieves Ktolc airt^nrtobiS-es in th:*! n^ieans^. including boats at sea. to .*o-otion. distnanticU then>. ar.d s-ar.k | obtain cbs-er-vattons on which the discarded bodies ir. the Uke, \ prompt and accurate forecasts of The cotrrity attorney's office ar.d | srorm movements rr.icht be ba^ed. sheriff's forc# «re -i n vest ica tins. ; speakers cit?d facts and figures -., « . .. - j showing loss of iife and FIRST ! ^ recent storms, much j | they contended, could have beer, prex'ent'e-d it" the weather bureau ' had given adequate warning- first bale O!" cotton cios, »S men and three orficers entra,ininsr at S:30 o'clock Friday; evening and the remaining" 54 men with two officers leave by track abort 5 o'clock Saturday roornins:. Captain T. B. Mallorr says. The contingent going: by train will include the re^inrreirital band, directed by Arthur I^aytou. be- sid* the battalion corarr:ar:der. Major J. M. Caviness arid L.t. Paul Surge, a member of his staff and Sam Heubers:er. first lieuten: ant of the batt«r>'- Captain Maliory and Herbert J tte Germany. p rOS ;are trouble. coni binca J n f; rTrs .; : ,:«; o f aire to cause death. Or,e of h:s physicians PARIS, !>?"> — France sen: her condolences to Germany Thursda ' tor the death of President Vcn See WORLD. Fag-e ?. Col. 1 rr.:r:a after his end ha.*: been expected, Tlie cabinet the Pee "END. Pa=:e «. Col- 2. Mail Order Divorces No Good, Asserts U. S. Consul MEXICO. IX F. v** Mexican "•maii" divors: to Americans :rr the las probably \\-ouid be dec Turner, second Btutenant of the a j i; appeaTed batter>' will accompany the fleet : trict co-jrt^. t> of five trucks w;th all four of the i ate sea*"»i thorough IOrm cranted few years red iUeg-i to the ted era.", dis- | th-r* Aniericar; cens-t:!- I ere has stated af*er a c-i' stud'' of recent' sula-ie states. Its headquarters are jn Ctiidad Juarez, across the border from El Paso, whers many Holly\vocd actors and actresses ha.x~e g:on« to obtain divorces. BALE BROUGHT TN ;*x! $».<*«>0. and May Buryla. an oJd friend, was left J5.«>00. A vnluai.J*- .^inmond and pearl brooch w»s left to Miss T>r«ssler's csos** c«->mp»nton. Prances? Marion. brought in Wednc-sday. %;}ca>: 1. • at th^- Ki.-E»ertJ-oTi j in. the weisht being: -*:," 4 ^>a'es. \ The cotton was mised by Frank * Hicb on K. Hunter BywaterV farin. | tor Torn ConnaUy ant! Coni J. J, Mansfield and W. Thon:p*on were present edged co-operation. Thompson, who presided, stress- pTO^^rTj 1 " f * _ of which. < Saturday night at arrive in Palacios som* da; afternoon. Thost train arrive Saturday aftemooti. The contingent will return Sunday. OKLAHOMA Gr.\K£> OFF IDABKI^ Okla,—Members of two companies of the Oklahoma and way bouclu b\- Kov\e Fortf forced the need of an improved; strern 14 cwS, 7^miur 3 rof 5I«^ ^- j for W a,t : n ? ^v:^. decl.rtnfr that J X»t«mal Guard entramed ing made ui*« » experience :n recent > ears showed . _ ^— i | that the predictions arrived too ' CONTKS.T late. who wrote the script for several of ; Marie's screen ju:oeA^es«. The ac-i ATLANTA; (^P) —The national | He said the bureau has under !:vs* cancelled unpaid notes she ; ^ttmination t>alk>on race apparent- i consideration a plan for establish- heM MsrjtJnst Starr Anderson and { '>' was b*twis«n tn« army and th«! m «» nT O f twt> district forecasters en NVi\«-n Van I>erhoff. her real es- | navyThursdi^v. f the sulf coa-st <*nd Jn-stalUit.on of a ; Herman Smith, first lieut. and ;;;:e ASiMits. j Three of the five bailw>n> that \ Teletype system connecting nil Roy C. Rowland, second Uenten- here Friday at nrtidnish* for the annual two weeks encampment at Fort Silt. Company G. ^SOth Infantry will send 6" enlisted men an<2 three officers. Captain \V. M. bivouac -'^"-- '•--^ -^ sx-ille arid ; These dec:s:ors= clear:;- >> ? t forth ; time Sun-i as a pr;nci:>:e of Mexican Uw that | goins by ! residence cf bo;h t>art:e:» in Mex- i ' ico at the time "he divorce is i granted is necessary to make the "'. action legral. No single decision nullifying di- j vorces. by the wholesale "has been • "made ~or T» one possible under Mexican law. but the recent rul- \ insrs open the way for individual \ appeals by thousands of Ameri-; cans ^ho were, divorced *n their; AUSTIN. <.JP» — The Texas hijsrh- \vay commission expects to awar-^ the first contracts under a rece-nt Si2.iiJ03.0QO e-tnersrency federal grant for highway construction at a meetinsr S^pteraber II. WEATHER August was ushered *T» Wednes•Jay -atth a sii^ht decreas-e it> ntaxi- nium terfrpfra.lure. the thermometer registering a h;?rh o? only **^ desrrees. or three less than that of the day tMefore, The mintmufn ft-r Vl'«Jne*day was ~T degr-^w*. five above that of Tuesday. TEXAS, PartJy ekuwJj to <hovvcr* on awl In the Lower Kfo Grttndc The investigation by American authorities co-operating with the Mexican officials nas resulted in the closins of several "mail order" divorce rinijs which defraud any American citizens It ha« sSowed J valley TbnixJay nijehi and I>ressl*-r ordered th* «x«Kru-j *<x* off from Birmingham, Ala,, j cities trom Miami to Brownsville, : ant. Conn>any B, l*0th Engineers I down the divorce business gener- f r.i«rbt to moderate iwwtlwrly tor to soli all her properties. After j Tue«Ja> night came down in Ceor-j.Such a service would tranismit r^i?:- 1 sends <S« enlisted wen and these S ally. | oo ju« <-<IOM, the h^ue^s arr mud* the «etres*»* ' ci* Wednesday. At an early hour!'ulnr reports on barometer, wind : officers: S. XV, Striblingr, captain: i Widespread publicity aind un-J OKLcUlOMA Partly T^i* «na ' VUM - Bonlta Gamhony. residing- : Thursday the l«ndinx of the navy ': velocity and tide. Thompson said ! Oscar Lotnan. first h«nt«nant; t f*vorabl« ruUog» by several cocs'ts Ufk>udy Thmr*d*y n%ht awl joosw « n «^; in Knj ,; ST1dt | 8 to h»ve til* remain- '*«trj' and lh# C. S. Army No. 1 the i>l*n had b««n delayed because 1 Marvin JU Conine, second lieut*n-lin tb* United States; _baro failed j c'ooter tn nordMMft po«w*» ' C«L 1 ' 4tr «t tb« iMtata, fcaU«o» J»d aot »••% rtporud. of Jack of appropri*tlon», ani* " x. to ^9** **** t*»

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