The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas on December 1, 1982 · Page 32
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The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas · Page 32

Baytown, Texas
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Wednesday, December 1, 1982
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V""""' • • Harrelson Offered Guilty Plea Rvmv AMfW?A*Bnr\nDBicM i i ~,«., >»»»» i _. . — _-_ *^ THE BAYTOWN SUN Wednesday, December j,' 19t2 f ~ By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS -SAN ANTONIO, Texas (AP) — Charles Harrelson denies he assassinated U.S. District John H. Wood Jr. but confirms he twice offered to pJead guilty if the government, among other things, would give his wife a $250,000 reward and allow him conjugal visits in jail. Harrelson said Tuesday his demands also included immunity for his wife, Jo Ann Starr Harrelson, stepdaughter Teresa Starr Jasper, Joe Chagra, Elizabeth Chagra, El Paso businesswoman Virgina Farah, a man called Leo, ex- convict William Mallow and all alibi witnesses who placed him in Dallas on the day of the killing. He said he first made that offer in a March 23, 1981, meeting with FBI agents, who said he also told them that Huntsville gambler George Edward "Pete" Kay should not be granted immunity. "What I said was, 'If you gi ant Kay immunity, you - will never find out what happened in this case,'" Harrelson said Tuesday. Harrelson also said he made a similar offer to plead qullty to prosecutors through his attorney in September of 1980. Harrelson is charg- . ed with accepting a $250,000 payoff from convicted drug smuggler Jamiel "Jimmy" Chagra for killing Wood on May 29, 1979. He is on trial with his wife and Elizabeth Chagra, the wife of Jimmy Chagra. Both women are accused of conspiring to obstruct justice and Mrs. Chagra also is charged with conspiracy to murder the judge. Chagra will be tried later for murder. Joe Chagra pleaded guilty to a murder conspiracy charge in exchange for his testimony against Harrelson. Harrelson also said he could have covered his steps more professionally if he, as the government alleges, was the assassin. Harrelson testified he would not have driven a car owned by his wife or used a rifle she purchased 12 days before the slaying. Government witnesses have placed Mrs. Harrelson's car at the San Antonio airport jus.t before the shooting and prosecutors contend Harrelson shot the judge with a rifle his wife was later convicted of buying illegally under an assumed name. "If I'd needed a gun, Jo Ann would be the last one I'd have asked to get one. I'd have stolen it," Harrelson testified. "... I would not pay $1,000 for a gun and fire it onetime." Harrelson contends the FBI is trying to frame him for Wood's killing, and that his movements during the time he allegedly was "stalking" Wood were orchestrated by Kay, a lifelong friend, whom Harrelson maintains was working with the government. "If I had shot anyone, I would not have had a weapon with me for- 10 seconds (afterwards)," Harrelson replied to prosecution questions about his alleged ditching of a rifle east of Dallas after Wood's slaying. Harrelson said if he was the assassin he simply would have left the weapon and made a quick escape. "Had I been involved, I would have found a weapon, clean, no way to trace it. It probably would have been on a perch. I would not have been in a car that could have been traced to me, either," he said. Harrelson's testimony prompted Jahn to ask the defendant if he was testifying as "an expert murderer." Harrelson, who once was sentenced to 15 years in prison for the contract killing of a Texas grain dealer, glared at Jahn but did not reply. Before Jahn ended his 15 hours of often- volatile cross- examination, presiding U,S. District Judge WDliam S. Sessions cautioned Harrelson he could be held in contempt if he continued to lecture Jahn. The warning came after Harrelson, despite earlier warnings from Sessions, persisted in saying prosecutors did not give him sufficient time to listen to all his jailhouse conversations that were secretly recorded by the FBI. Harrleson also quarreled with Jahn's description of Wood's slaying as the "killing of the century." "I would not call the killing of a federal judge the 'killing of the century' when you consider John F. Kennedy was killed a few years ago, "said Harrelson. Harrelson has maintained he falsely claimed credit for Wood's slaying as part of a complicated scheme he and Kay devised to fleece the high-rolling Chagra out of some money. Harrelson has testified that he loaned Mrs. Harreli>on's car to Kay for two weeks before the killing and that Mrs. Harrelson, who once lived with Kay five years, bought a deer rifle and gave it to Kay on May 18,1979. Kay, who testified as a government witness under immunity earlier, arrived in San Antonio Monday night and is expected to be called back to the stand as a rebuttal witness before the case goes to the jury. Death Row Prisoner To Marry HUNTSVILLE (AP) — Charlie Brooks Jr. says he plans to exchange vows Friday with a Fort Worth nurse he met as a pen-pal. He is scheduled to die four days later. Brooks, 40, is on death row at the Ellis Unit of the Texas Department of Corrections, awaiting execution Tuesday for the 1976 kidnap- murder of a used-car- lot mechanic in Fort Worth. I The exchange of , vows will be in the visiting room at the prison, with no minister or justice of the peace, he said. "We are planning to exchange vows with each other with God as our witness," he said last Wednesday in an interview at the prison. "It's just between the two of us." "We will be committing ourselves to each other in preparation for the next life," said Brooks, who declines to identify the'woman by name. If executed Tuesday for the shooting death of David Gregory, Brooks would be the first man executed in Texas since 1964 and the first in the United States to be executed by lethal injection. His lawyers plan to ask U.S. Supreme Court Justice Byron White for a stay of execution later this week. A three-judge panel of the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals last Friday rejected a request for a stay. Brooks said the woman he plans to exchange vows with has agreed to witness his execution. "I have a wonderful lady that Aliah has sent to me. She has been with me for five years and she has agreed to be there at the execution should it come about," Brooks said. He said they were brought together by a fellow inmate while he awaiting trial. "He was receiving quite a few letters' and so I jokingly asked him if he would get one of his friends to find me a friend," he said. "I started corresponding with her in 1977. Our relationship bloomed from there." Brooks_ now considers~her his "mate." "Allah says in the Koran that he has chosen a mate for you, talking about men. And he has placed love in their hearts for each other. So I like to look at her as my mate. She is my other half," Brooks said. Brooks said he has become a religious man since his 1977 conviction, and has changed his religion to Islam and his name to Sharef Ahmad Abdul- Rahim. "I was a different person. I was Charlie Brooks Jr. then. Charlie Brooks Jr. was an ex-convict, cope fiend, anything else you could think of a person who lives outside the law ... but he's dead. He was put to death the day that Shareef Ahmad Abdul-Rahim was born.". Brooks and Woodie Loudres were convicted in separate trials of murdering David Gregory, whc had accompanied Brooks during a test drive of a car from the used car lot where Gregory worked. Gregory was shot to death in a motel. Brooks said the victim's hands and feet were "bound at the time. But he insists he is innocent of capital murder because that charge requires that the defendant knowingly and intentionally kill someone. "Morally, I did not knowingly or inten- tio n ally cause anybody's death," Brooks said. But he adds, "I have had to carry this fact tnat this man no longer lives because of my involvement." Loudres originally was sentenced to die for the murder but his conviction was overturned and he later received a 40- year prison sentence as part of a plea- bargain. The reversal of the conviction was on grounds that some potential jurors had beert improperly excluded because they expressed reservations about the death penalty, said Brooks' lawyer, Danny Burns. Brooks' appeal is on similar grounds, contending that five potential jurors were improperly excluded. Burns said Brooks' appeal also contends that he was denied due process of law because the state would not provide free daily transcripts of testimony during the trial. • The appeal also says the trial lawyers failed to .show mitigating evidence during the punishment phase, Burns said. "I can't imagine anyone wanting to kill Charlie if they knew him," the lawyer said. Brooks, who has two sons and a daughter, first was sentenced to die on Dec. 7, 1981. His second date with death comes exactly one year later. The slaying he is accused of was on Dec. 14,1976. Suits ' Failure Probed Brooks said that as his execution date nears, his asks himself, "How will God accept me? Have I really repented? I feel like in my soul I have, but have I really?" "As my mama said, I sure don't want to live in this hell and then have to die in hell." Facing an execution date is "like having a scary dream that you can't wake up from. I've had dreams that were scary but I knew somewhere in my mind that this is a dream and I can wake up from it," Brooks said. "One time I had a dream that myself and several other guys were being executed. Well, I was the third person in line and I could really feel this. I really felt that fear of, you know, well, you're getting ready to die," he said. The condemned man said the fear was "like a little kid when he gets into trouble, he can call out to his mother, or call out to his father, and they'll come help him.... "But there was no one I could turn to, there was no power that could save me in that particular dream. It was very frightening." Preliminary Conclusions Released SPACE CENTER, Houston (AP) — NASA engineers have tentatively concluded an oxygen pressure regulator in one failed space suit was improperly assembled and a malfunction of a high-speed fan in a second suit was a "fluke," sources say. If the conclusions are true the problems with the suits should be easily corrected, clearing the way for a spacewalk on the sixth space shuttle flight, now scheduled for late January, the source told The Associated Press. "If there's any way to do a walk, we're going to do it," said the source, who did not want to be identified. An unidentified source told KHOU- TV on Tuesday night that some crucial parts were left out of astronaut Bill Lenoir's space suit, forcing NASA to cancel a 3%-hour spacewalk during the fifth flight of the Columbia in early November. An oxygen pressure regulator on Lenoir's suit failed to hold the proper oxygen levels, and KHOU reported informed sources said "a couple of tiny pieces of plastic" used to maintain ten- sion on the spings controlling oxygen pressure in the, suit were missing. KHOU said preliminary reports showed the failure in Lenoir's. suit was due to a breakdown in quality control by a New York-based company assigned to check the suit prior to , the mission. The television station also reported the failure of a high- speed fan in astronaut Joe Allen's suit was a "fluke mechanical failure," possibly due to a faulty circuit breaker. NASA officials refused to confirm or deny the reports. The suits returned to Earth untested and NASA officials said they are anxious to prove the space suits because their use is essential to future planned missions. A mission in 1984 calls for two suited, astronauts to make repairs on a broken satellite now in orbit. Other planned uses include assembly of large structures in orbit and possibly .loading and reloading robot factories. The suits, which failed on the fifth mission, are of a new type that involved a radical departure from the highly successful suits used on the Moon during the Apollo program. The Lenoir-Allen spacewalk was to be the first test. The Johnson Space Center source said if a space walk to prove the suits is planned for the sixth shuttle mission the flight will be extended one to two days. The mission, now set for launch no earlier than Jan. 24, currently is a three-day flight. It will the first flight of space shuttle Challenger, the second of America's planned fleet. 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