Southend Reporter from Chicago, Illinois on April 7, 1977 · Page 1
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Southend Reporter from Chicago, Illinois · Page 1

Chicago, Illinois
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Thursday, April 7, 1977
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Six arrested in drug raid skip court dates column 1 SERVING THE COMMUNITY SINCE 1893 south EPORTER VoLSI Thursday, April 7 , 1977 No 40 DEIIVIRID 10 [VUtr MDMISNl INO PER 55 C tMNltl Newsstand Copy 5 ** Name heads of BAPA's·'! fund drive Mourning sky: tf pictorial Lenten message^;^^ i · 'fr »ra»aik:|4«)4.Uriy.fF«(rfulMtU«lnSL(^ariHc«etery, MBaeltie. a*e» abx M«. The-dartatess weptcts the saJness «t Passion week .and Ckrtsl's 0»kFor^ih^lJ««i»*et,f»cu««^tMrrf.%micls)rAMtsiaidlbe ;cntd(LUM...lac i^l UK mnmdlan ud ihe juyeu Easter awss««e. SUff contrastfne overcast sky whicb casts a shadi* flfArtaM-tal b staffing l* a- photo by Larry ItuenJ) sets sights on 10 neighborhood goals ByTONYHAKANEK A total of 10 resolutions have been accepted by the Homeowners federation in an attempt to .determine this , year's worfeload, and as usual, at (he Wp Of Ike fist is a pledge to wipe out real estate solicitatiM an the Soulb- w«t Side. The r«oniHon was proposed at the annual HP CLUTV^IQOB hy board mem- ber Carol Pud.ll, who aaWl "Ibat the federation contlllut to punue epti-sol- icitation a. freemen U from realty firms when complalnU arise against them. "If we allow flj-ty nlebt real «U« cgmpaples I* soucil, w* w«n't b%v« a community |«n," she satdV'We should pin »nli-5ollcil*Hoa agree- menu, tera»s« there is still no agree- able solution at this time." The statement stemmed from the many encounters HP has had with varloilt nal estate com parties for over Iba past three years, some or wblCi have resiiUed in signed agree- meMS. In 1376, the group claimed to have received aaB wUdlaBon agreements Six arrested in drug raid skip court dates Bond forfeiture warnmu have Issued against su indiriduali who allegedly skipped a triad dale dealing with a 1500,000 drug raid which' took place last month in Morgan Park. Dfstrict ?2 tact force LL Roben Hanle reported ihai 5500,000 worth of herein, one saweftoff shotgun, a H-auumatic . l*o'3B calibre revolvers and a total of 41,000 in cash were recovered in the raid of two rooms in an unidentified motel in the Morgan Part area. Police withheld the name of the establishment at the request of the owner*. %ho asked to remain anony nous. Arrested in ihe raid were Bo nine Johnson, as. 7W5 S. Clyde: Ronald W. Clover, 39. 516 Longwwd dr. in Park Forosl; Willie L« Sawyer. 24, ISM W. Mill SU Louie Evan*. 36. 3071 W. Jackson blid.: Patricia Curtis, 32, 13K W. «2lh sL: a«d Denis* Curry, ». 12019 S-LaSallesL ' Tht six were booked on cfearees of possessim rf fceran, inmates of a disorderly hvase. possession of COB* (rolled substances and nulavfid use of ueapan^ In adSlion, Johnson was charged rilfe allempled briberj rf an offictr, AD six were scheduled u appear in cMtfl out tailed i» she*. None of 1be sii ha\t been appntanded' Haaltv said dm pofice were afcn- cd te the crime thnm^i urieraiants and from persons tmn lie Hngan community. An immediate 5»- nce was pm into effect for « . tlariini at 1:30 a m. March 1C. "Oof officers vanned one male (JoTinroi) standing o/ one rf the spfjlmenu mfo a .« atrtomaUc in hb btlU" said Hamltv. "People were going in and mil tf the apanmeM all nee iuide, a large browrt bag was atoenred. suspected of containing Mexican heroin. A continued search revealed ihe saw«d-ott ihotfun. which was hidden under a bed., -We had leen Joluuon going from i nwm to room, ao we und the same routine in the apartment across the way," said Hanley. "We subsequently found the other substances on a counter top, while the two'U callbn ra rivers were dltcovired In a beer cooler." ED route to the district itltlOD. Johnson allegedly offend it bribe Officer Wftiam CaUaghau,.saying he weoJd £tve 'tJ.tW righi now" if Cal laghan would drop" or reduce the charges of weapon and narcotics violation*, pounding to Hanlej. Johnson was nibjequenl}}- uiesled for bribing an officer. All wtn eventually .released on UD,000 bond and haven't been seen since. "We have, warrants out ," said Hinley. "Chicago's a big city, that's Hie only problem." Police hunt leads in slaying of ex-cop . Italic? added that Hie S ipparanrfy vnAotfced J Joint- n, who itporledly opened Wie dwr «lm\y for «nc of the officers «lm had imocXed at we of tfie apartments. lovestigatvrs infte poMce depart- meal's iMtni crimes stcdon were buj Tuesday udtfag with, and mak- ·nj bK^roujhl tJrtcte en, buHnesa assocutn of Soofcwest Sider John Lounns. as ibeF antiraed t daj^oU seaicu far Lourgos* IcBter. Lonjus. a resiaunnt vwner aid former Chjcagv powcemaii, was shot ganutd to deatii Mowto in front of lis honiE. sn S. Sprinvfi tM. InoiEes- wife, Frfefe. lad «*ie» her, Angeline, wen inside the tonne at UK few of Ite aooouBg- Tin auaci IMS been (eraed a gain^and slyh staying by uwesti^a- lots, tart no evidence has been «BCOT eirf I* In* LoDTjos with the crime syndicate. Invcatijplora wen trying to discover If an) of the slain roan'* associates have ties to On tynOictU. Lourgns, police said, had muneiwu real estate holdings, some of which involved WTtncrsWps Trc partners and oilier Indlvidiialu an being quu- timed ty pcljc*. ;nt«(igJtori are especially Jnlcr- tsied in a disputed deal jnolvjns ^ome nl IxmrgoV partners, *5i1ffi U said ID have involved more than Lourgos was npDitedrr fcJUed with a K-f auge shotgun used by «ue of l»o men wiio fcHo«ed him home trom Us rfsUUNirt. Lorenzo's Pizza and Giro. 315 S-HaJsied. The alUcher wn 9 ·*· mask and nrtd fiTC ^Mis-two ol »hich hit tourfV^ as be lay ·.uanded ox Ote ground, poflt* saftL Ibc slajer «d w*t lake OR Sl.«D9 in cnh Ibat Untgos tad will Nmvhen be died. LMtMps jobwd the police fonx tn September of 19SG and resigned in From Bern Kealty. 10821 S and from N orris and White Realty, 1IH3TS. Seelej ave Along the same line, a second resolution proposed bj' Norm Podell was afca anoiiiiousl adopted by tie HF. wkich says thai "the f«dentl«n lobby for passage of state and ftdwal legislation, including: the Rosso federal HJB. M67B to reform FBA; a state Bim-Mliciiauon areas act; a state lh censimg of mwrtjage banters act: a state generic drug label a?l and a state act aUm-'tng for home-nu real estate regulation. "Panic peddling on my block has become an emotional problem, 1 ' said. PMell, who livts In suburban Evergreen Park. "1 know that Here is name peddfintf and blockbusting in the area. We hav« to get a non-solid laUon ordinance in order to na\e a stable commmtty." Podell ipoke of an wnidentified real estate firm on »lli st. lhat "has operated ullhout a license lor iwo-anfl-a-haK ears." Another resolution, prcpwed by Bill Hamew, said that "the federation (should) work lo prevent any ifhool busing in Chicago and suburbs for purposes of desegregation, and work instead lo maintain and Improve nei|hbDrhtjod schools. Jim Sweeney, an si-large board of directors member representing BIV- erly Hills, ruohtd "that tho Homeowners work with memben gf all affiliate groups lo establish methods of rcvicalization for business strips, including planning by the cilj's department of development and planning, the establishment of a development coroorairipn and use of UU0 comuiu- funds. ~Our main interest should be te the upkeep «T our homes and streets." he said . "bat the conunerrial area U a cvncem far all «f us." lto(4 mnabcr Ed Bindon revoked "dial ihe Immieawner^ ^pand Innr tlfarts i« IM)UC« trim* to ·Tsc rf Ihe dale 's altomcj » fteijjh- bnhood pnKecntont in entire HF area: rafuestitn! addiHona) pr»se- oxims m oor area from the MaltX al- NBW»MPEeflflCHIVE«__ Taxidermist hit by thieves Pontlic Tawderarijl, 24M Vt. WU. si , was ImrglaTizcd last wed o* -s number of animal skins and rup, and «*h. TaXcn were rap, made from cv«- hldc and the skins of a tiger, bear mt antelope and 12 w is deer rugs. Also ffliuin^' is SM i in foDinnnp Ihmuth on #nd M^jportrafi a parental i 4irdnuncr m Chicaf!« " Board member Jim Wrlphl rc K1i'od "ihai HIP HnmrawTKn requcM iJial OIL' mil an4 ISWi wrd aldermen «.iabli.h «mnnmi) aminp board", tn advise UICTTI on aminp maHpr*.." Olbcr ro'.QlalidTiv pi^pd anim- mwi«;lv callfd for ttit HF In imalr a Study Vnlimilod srnKf m · Smith Jibiaiy branrh. orw«' a ^bopping wnlcT at natli r. an mcrea«.p ir puMif nd «or1 t" climinsic By TONY BARANEK Less than U hours from the time be took over as executive director of (he Beverly Area Planning association, Mirk Frinzen made his fust decision, appointing three committees 10 held the lixth annual BAFA fund drive. Frnnien officially began duties at the BAFA Offices, mo S. Western ave., Friday morning fter completing his work with the Southwest YMCA. The fund drive, which is scheduled to kick-off at the April J9 muncil-of- delegales meeting, kelps defray the cost of mpensts, advertising and staff ul«rie$ far the BAFA. "We have six liilltine workers »Uh our orgamtatiou," said Franzeu, "and it takes a trig drank of um»ey to keep everyone empkiyei- Abo, it helps out in keeping cur newsletter in puMkaltOD " Fraaxen added that major contrih- utions for the fund drive are expected to c«me trom the business areas ui Beterry Hills/Morgan Park, with ·Ch- er contributions hopefully conuig from homeowners the-group would like to collect J130.0M dnnig Out drive. $10,OV more than last year, o h3ir thp major commiltee (over |SW) are utive vice president Andy Moore anfl board member Bill GUJuly, Franzen announced that UK nuf- ness CtMnraittte will be chaired, by Joe Heldecker and Art 8chi»nn*Jnin,- whtle the Homeownen division, will be headed by Joe Thmivenet) and Ted BryzsW. Head fund drive chulrman li Bill vonderHefde. Each of the three groups will btf seeking contributioiu lor en .as yet, undetermined amount of tine. ' FraEzen also reported toil th« BAPA b coniinning Its biTe»U|««o* an TandaSfM in the Mk 3t and Prospect a«- region, where wane incidents accwtred a mMlJi ago. .«· "We fallowed one case slralgM thriHnjb the inttll court Procee4lnft. v he said, "and an continuing to work closely witb OK Morgan Park 2Urt tactical unit and. the human taiatfons division of the police def artmeiuV' To dauVeuly one juv«ile has formally h»B charged in the incidenls. - -We're trying to develop ptslUve altenab'ves for the offenders," added Franten, "by sitting down and talking of both ol our needs. And tnlnfs have redly begun to quiet down in that area.-' Duncan develops- plan to fill bank jobs When the new Illinois Slate Employment Sen Ice opened at 3120 S. Ashland ave,, manager Manny Dun can expressed hope that at least 250 applicants a month would find suitable employment. Of court*, hi left a little time in there to acauamt the branen with the Beverly Hills/Morgwi Pank aiea Aa dungs turned art, kmter, An- can underestimated the popularity of the MW service. Final results from the first manlh of business show that a total if W persons were placed in jabs, 39 me fan Duncan had hoped for. And ww a he* wrinkle has been added. IQ ike system -- n testing program that WOUld pre-screen applicants for area bank jobs. Duncan introduced the idea ID various representatives from fecal tart- ing association* at a caucas held in the employment office. Latest reports indicate that die idea went over well with the officials, who have referred their applicants to the service. "We here at the employ men I terv ice got the idee that there shuuld be some way of pre screening applicants for banks." be explained, "10 test for the acute needs thai make up a teller's job. "Basically,'we test for arythmati- cal ability, clerical itilb and firtfer deaterlty," he added. "The hanks would profit by barmi quality pe sons to provide quality service." According to Duncan, aa applicant wiD late three su-miMIe tests ««d wfll spend no more than a hahT-hMir trial lime in the office. The test rtsdf ia contained in a peffonnaM* boo*M. -U doesn't tata ttfy long," saM Duncan, "bul wttn the applicant's rhmigji. we definitely kjnw how wdl be or she can handle; numbers." Tests re conducted eacb FrWij, with the lint session last week screouBf 15 applicaoii. pumtn «v ·ects thai Dumber to build as area bank's Ifccomc famttiar with ttie system. Meter maid assists police at burglary ByTONVBARANEK Thanks to the co-operation of a Morgan Park parting meter-maid, dfelncl 22 tad unit officers were able lo thwart « burglary at 8858 S. Winchester ave. early Sunday morning According to district 22 sergeant Ken Fre.wr, Gve jut antes »d one adttlt *tr* armled and charged «*h the bundary at the name of Jan? Boaman. In addjuon. the six offenders allegedly admitted lakagg part in 12 other unsolved burglaries in Ihe ton st and WfndiesKrare. area. AnrMtnf officers Hw* LereU, Jack Ftrriter and F«ycr were alerted u Me bnrshrj in progress bj a parting jntWr-maid Minnie Bales , »ho sjol- led the bure)»fc eoiering Bomnaji's hntne and vailed wlke at appran- m»M\) a.m. rrom her position. Bales otecnri thr fe vmiths reniDie articles fr«n Ibr Bnnman n^Tdmct and enter «n ffLin- nrnne ft !*6l Winchester. Krcjir said lhat four of the offenders MW irrcMed el ihe nmiw, Wien laltr implHalcfl Ibc other l«o TiWte in i ut,tnd Jl the MorgandPark dis 1nt122 sialinn In addition Iff WK: fi^e joulte, Ktilli Knlcman. IT, KKM S Wood st, was itwrccil »ifli tarelaTj. His caw! »a* cnniinucd Monday mnmmB. »Wlc ihe others ill awiii (uliirc jutcTiilt tnun dates. Pitlicc rccmerrt ilircc (cltvivmn seli, a stereo system. i-lixh i.suig dull oilier miscellaneous iivnu taken by the youths, fieiurnfrd lo the Bouman home were two leltvMons and a eo svstem. United services on Good Friday The ProiestMi Gtfeter «t Beveri- Morgan Park churches wtll sppnw a Good Friday community worship at 1 p.m. Friday at the Hot Park Cnfr««aitonal church, UK Itocrtnd!. fan Chapman, K, Leonard Pclenw*. Itorbrrt U, Pwtin fiffl and Handall E, W«M win join the paMor of UK hen church, the H*\. DimaH J. Campbell. in The kcv. Mr. Campbell nill deliver Uie sermon. "I Wa*. nitre." Mnvit nil) be undrr the Jiiwium of Irene Herd Hew. clwir dlwflor at the Morgan Part Gmptjuiiornl draw*. will! Care Madten at the pipt «TflM. Ttie Miliiiu mil br Bralah 11. Nary Turner Sal *cr The choir will sjnR "Wcr* You Thrrc Wicn They Cniciflpd My Lord" lint' Buridfjh.

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