The Paris News from Paris, Texas on August 1, 1934 · Page 8
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The Paris News from Paris, Texas · Page 8

Paris, Texas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 1, 1934
Page 8
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Page 8 article text (OCR)

MGEE1GHV jpTHE PA1US NEW* WEDNESDAY, AUGUST!, Flashes Of Life I., i WEST POINTERS TAKE A LESSON IN WAGING A WAR By The Associated Fres& OOP CATCHES COP „ ASH1-AXD. Ore.—The old ada^e Xfc»t ii takes & thief to catch a tlu«f fcad !:» counterpart here •\Fh-6a officer caught ofi-cer. John F. Graham, special deputy, was arrested by a local policeman asid charged with dn\ing SO miles as itour through the business district. Graham posted 510 bond. UNDERTAKER'S OUTING ^ JERSEY CITY. N. J.—No Avon-j der police were perplexed—the tin- ; •dtrtaker was steppi"S <-''^ : Officers took charge of a hearse vhlch apparently had !>eer. abandoned, coffin and a!!. Tbeu appeared Janies S-.nsrletorv i=esrro undertaker. «ho explained zfee casket was empty. He came from Florence. S. C-. :or a bocy. but It had gone souih by train, so fee went to a party in Harlem. TOO BUSY TO WAIT .PITTSBUKGH.—Half 35= hc"-r -a-as too ion? to wait for 3. train to run over his head, so an unidentified siau grot op and walked avvay froia tiie Peisr.^-lvania railroad tracks at Fourth avenue station. Th© man lay on the tracks after icllins T>assersby, "I'm s^-i^£ to kill myself." But the assistar.t sta- ..-bon -asrenr told him: "Tne next train ••won't be along 5or seariy 5>.3Jf an hour." Hitler (Continued Frurn P^se One) emergency powers enabling it to clo almost anyihin?-' II aucb are the plans of Sitler. tlie time is speedily approaching Germany's enigma, the hr, or regular army, ^xvill to unc-ver it&eif. it has long l?eeii devoted to Von Hindenburg. Germany's worid \rar hero. Men who know the spirit of the ehr say it is possible Hit- tave s-'ch s"-ooth if be seated him self in the .chair. 'Ever since 291?. it vvas painted rt, the Reichswehr has aclniantiy xefiised to become the football of politics- The army was the --hief ent of tne president, while the as-ency of political ler. wer cabinets. To place the Reichs-.vehr under Sitier. th.e heaa of s. political gc-v- eminent ajid s. political party. of the army say. would i about-face on a policy fully a^rtured as s. heritare cf r for IS years. - Eitler's po-^-ers Ts-ould becoz:^-= They "would incluoe znoviti^ ni-en ir^ce Gen- The fine point* in conducting a war were shown to members of th* senior class of the United States military academy when they were taken to Fort 5ennir;9 ? Ga., the world's largest infantry school, where some of them are shown Inspectins tanks ranging from small ones capable of making 70 miles an hour to larger types weighing 43 tons. (Associated Press Photo) MARKETS At A Glance FARMER PUTS DOGS TO WORK Tickets (Continued From Pas* One) be secured. Cost of the tickets will be 50 cents. Bob Blanton, manager of the chamber of commerce, said the art exhibit would be on«* that wouJd exceed anything ever held here. £fforts are under way to secure paintings from the brushes of well known artists and it also is regarded certain works of local painters will be included in the display. AssiUe from the carnival, free entertainment will be furnished by Bumiy Dryden. h>sh wire \v:t!ker who thrilled Thousands several months 350 by his fe:tts on the hish and low wires, "Ho will be Kick August -0 with new feats of darhij and will climax his per- formanee Monday nisht at 9 o'clock by walking the wire with flamins: torches burning in the ends of h\s balancing rod. This is ex peeled to be the most spectacular stunt over staged in Paris and is being looked to i>y the chamber of commerce to attract thousands to Paris for the carnival ur.d its attendant features, Dryden will be recalled by Parisians as the man who walked the cub"? on the sky ride, high over the lagoon, at the Century of Progress 13?* sun r .mer and was subsequently barred from the exposition grounds. He was at that time performing his feats on the wire for a concession in the exposition grounds. Those who have signified they \vou!d enter the ticket selling contest for the art exhibit August 20 include Mrs. Herbert Turner, Catherine Peyton. Naomi White and Mrs. Everett Billingsley. Other names are expected to be added later. (Continued From Fa** One) curacari. ?s. MT, and returned to t->e prison, 'Clar£ was seriously wounded resisting arrest. On the morning of January 19. this y«ar Clark and Brady led five other prisoners over the prison *.val. after overpowering a cell- house guard. Brady was killed near Paola. Kans.. and the other fugitives with the exception of Ol^rk were recaptured. 1 he Memorial Day break was followed by a sensational reisn of crime, that had as its climax the 5200.000 kidnaping of Charles F. Urschel. Oklahoma City oil millionaire—a crime for which Harvey Bailej'. one of the escaping prisoners, is now serving a life term in the federal penitentiary at Leaven worth. Kas. Special officers of the Kansas highway patrol left immediately with Clark for Lansinc. ABOARD CRUISER XEUT CR- LEASsS with Pr«atd«at ltoo*ev«lt «B route to Portland. Or*., (ff) — President Roosevelt was Approach- ins the Or*«on coast Wednesday well ahead of schedule. RQAJDt TfeOBLEMft AUSTIN. <*>—IfeUcatidAa -frotn many count!** of Texas w«r* fe«r» Tuesday to discus* highway problems with member* of th« fttat* y commission. Why Not Let a Master Cleaner Handle Your Suite and Dresses 1 You can get the services of a. Master cleaner at no extra charge when your suits and dresses are sent to the City Steam. Our charge for clean* ing and pressing men's suits and women's plain dresses is only — TELEPHONE 21—22 50C i YORK COTTON 'j Frev, C-o*^ Hisrh LXJ-K- Oose { 15.ri 13.30 is.:» i5-:s; ..... 7C.47 13.5- iS.45 13,5; ; Ri.E-\N> COTTON Cora- May . CHJCAtiO GRAIN I:?* -i C TO T^~» Police From Page Ou Peter Amesbury, Mass., farmer, doe*n r t believe in allcwinj WASHINGTON, ii?- —Facirj? a ; W-emer Von Frftsch, chief of -••---; ->v the larger railroads over \ ••staff''of £&£ &rnj v , •rfco is said i^ut : .^.-. < ~.--,- ;l -.^; i = ; "- c ,- r^e ~^-KT c~eai- • tt> »« 'n accord Tl:h Xazi r-ol:c:es. i ^.'."!'- ""-VL *"«?T™^ "r,-,.^,^,. i his 003 power to remain idit Here 3 Doberrnan Pinscbsr and a Ger , . , . , . : '."" '." ."I " . " '" "-^v-.^ J mar. shepherd are shown busi!y ennsaed sn towing a tcaci of hay, an: "~ It f^- I ^ rCi tf B ,;^. a '^°t'"" ^I.--^ 71 r-^Ii,".- ^r'~^^^"^ a e ^a^o—vid^ : wh * n th ^ sren't doing that they help out on cultivation chores. (Asso ques^ors T\n.e-.n»i ..n^ -.t:.-.,.-. ri-a-a.- .o ..c...-^,-; " ••- "*^,_" j ciatea Press Photo) ,r woala q.uiei;y accept sue-- :•;-••;". :or p--s:c-ri:-g roa^roac w-j ia .- : _ sw-eli Kitler. When you 'come up 9 qou II find OLD GOLDS! Mvers (Contin'-ed From Pa^e On Mae LUest daughter of a ITniversity cf Okla homa professor. The girl di-ec a' leged-Iy after an atterapr to pri vent motherhood. Tonng- Myers said lie becani panic-stricken and "couldn't fac the disgra,ce t " he felt "was ronnect. ed ^vith the girl's death. Ke flee the day the girl d:e< three fi-eeks ago. and told ofr;e«r Tuesday ci^ht he had wandere maticr: of martial la'-v, applying: to the city lis.11 area, continued in ef- Ward and precinct leaders of both factions muttered. Ordinary citizens stared wide—eyed at the fully-armed state soldiers in the votlns; offie-r. Sonie stopped to lauch and joke \c:th the guards- Mayor ^"almsley and Senator Lor.g- lambasted each other over the radio last nigrht. The whole affair pointed, to the cornice congressional primary in S^nteni bvr. in which 'XValnisley ar.d Long- are supporting rival cancidates. Atonc -a-ith that issue tvas L/on§:"s announced deterniinition to clean up the "vice and corruption" in the city, whic-h Wa.lnisley interpreted as 3. ruse for .Long to seize control of the X-ew Orlea.ns 3^3.- m i n istrs. ti o n. The main point at issue TVed- nesday revolved about the ne^v po- ;ice board authorized at the re- •,-ent ^Long-controlled 3e^|slative ^•ession to take the police power :i-.vay from Mayor ^Vateisley. The board coniposed of representatives selected by various civic ns. was scheduled to ^ne control at noon Wednesday, out the city administration ] obta-in-ed a. court order Tuesday j Temporarily restraining it from ] taJcing authority pending a hearing Monday. j 3Iayor vralnssley armed his po- '• iicenierj and stationed them atj headquarters Tvith instructions to resist, any attempt to dislodge thetn. State (Continued From Page One) **Iz seems to rne that the occasions! smoker is a better judge of a cigarette than, the constant smoker. At least, 3'cur occasional smoker is apt to be more critical. "Off the screen I never smoke. On the screen, I smoke "when the part demands it. And I -want, a cigarette that is non-irritating, mild and easy on the throat. After trying many brands I settled upon Old Gold as my 'picture smoke.' It's delightfully smooth — and free of bite — and doesn't give the least discomfort to the throat. "If I ever dec$3e to take up smoking in earnest, you may be sure Old Gold will bt my brand."' (Signed) MAE WEST The net of it is this. Miss 'Vest: No b*tt«r tobacco grows than is used in OtcJ Gold. And it's pur*. Thot's why Old Gold* or* *osy on th* THROAT •ltd NERVES. "not caring •where I went," A fe ca-s ago he communicated --vit one o* his attorneys from Der ver. Cc-i€-_ ari-2 •was brought hac IVIyers ix-I;l stay in _>& = • for only upon district court hat-.-a r*is!*~£ !£3"icaT*r r I tJiih v. ; ' being needlessly delayed-. ^otinTT A*to"~nev '' r "^^&'-s-r?.*f r"c ^ifrian?, "who Tcnd-"''.'t*d ar: a';'';' 1 .-'- f'>i;nd tha- r ~ii f : srirj's d*r^th fo- :';•.:,--- Tncs? 1 f.lg'jres ars ^s^i^j&Les j throughout as cone-era participation, it -was pointed out by 3oyd K'Tig. assistant to the auditor, arid i>re furnished •»•!!.;"> the view of aiding: the auditor '.n preparing: badget estirr:a?^ for the rext y-ear r •-chich start? November 1. Past .'xperierjces hav» *ho',vr: that often rhe estate is unable to j>ay even as a.s much a--> firs: estimated be- fand, Tn^ aur?;ror> rrffic** has to The Laxative For Upset Stomachs T > r«iv;ou5i*.'. aathoritjts had h*'- *o : "CJ by fi-az"; BTO-T:?. frat'rrr ~>». It » cooling int eh«urin<c frays, =sor* nctsral bat rh i-n-j rijrh' Jiving. \Vh*-n ! I*t <Jrsv<g the oa.r I said 'Xow, J *p**"2 in this <rar and grel ar don't ca^5 on xne. I won't ro thfj 2«JJ ar/d %+t you out.' :Tif-m to stay o«t of tro'. . tfff - now my rr f !«>-tAk<?. I should h; \ Li* to avo = ri trouble, but if -,\ ', "I »*;*? that. b*rcauwi *>f \Vt: Boy Old HIOHEST PRICKS fjor > n«i« No. I2-ft4I BONHAM STREXT Jewelry-Music Store i troubi*. h*> ytAx afraid to com*- t ; ni*," i "J* that ST. N>?»T?" he aak^d. I Th<s boy the l»oy"« on3y Tfiotiv* for , to ««cap« CICAMCTTC "He ha.* bft*n making a plity f^r lh<! isympathy of the pr<?s». er th« i»w h« I» grtnlty of m«r- h« -will t»« prcwecuted vigr- BUY THE DEL CO BATTERY in a D*ri'-o battery yo« *>« ed judgment of thfl car 4< Sturgeon Issues Statement As To Fees of Office I take this occasion to sincerely thank each and every person in Paris and Lamar county for the splendid vote given me in Saturday's election. I was second man two years ago, receiving 4072, and 1 am now 1011 votes ahead of the siaa who now opposes me. And as I enter the run-off primary, in justice to myself, my family and my friends. I v.-ant to forever put an end to the slanderous falsehoods that my enemies, have Tised and are now using against me -with reference to the fees" of offic« when I -was County Attorney in l^lfc; Therefore I submit the following statement made by rxjr. John S. Baker, wno -was your County Auditor then and who is your County Auditor now. This statement was mude in June, 1922, long before this present campaign was conceived. Paris. Texas. June 20th, 1522 TO WHOM CONCERNED:— In answer to any inquiry that may be made touching the subject, I desire to say that Grady Sturgeon, formerly of this county, served as County Attorney during my incumbency as County Auditor from !>ecember 1st, 1316, to December 1st, 191S. His first annual report was filed Tune 2nd v lSlS. which was promptly approved by me, His second report was filed March iSth, It»lS t and in it he claimed an overpayment of S570.00 for the previous year, as I understand it, by reason of a subsequent decision of the Court of Civil Appeals at San Antonio, and a.lso withheld other funds •which, according: to my audit amounted to $605,00 based, on this same decision and both being funds received from the State of Texas. Later, and during- the year 1320. the report came that the Supreme Court had reversed the Court of Civil Appeals in the case referred to and suit was at once brought for the balance due. amounting to 51240.34. principal and interest; ^*>en an agreed judgment was entered on October 27th. 1920. This, judgment was paid April 23rd. 1321. I W11VL STATE ALSO THAT THEIvE AV-1S NO EFFORT ON MR- STURGEON'S PART TO DEFRALT> THK COCNTY OR TO CONCEAL ANY RECEIPTS, BUT HIS CLAIM WAS BASED SOLKLY ON THE DECISION OF TTtE COURT. THIS AVAS AFTERWARDS REVERSED BY THE SUPREME COURT AND SUIT BROUGHT WITH THE RESULTS STATKD. {Signed) JOHX S. BAKEK, County Auditor. Lamar County. Texas. Xovr, my'friends, in addition to this. 1 not only invite you. but insist that you. in fairness to me. go to your Coutitj Auditor's office arid talk freely with Mr, Baker about how and why this situation arose and I telieve he wiH- tell you that this litigation was brought about wholly as a political reason and not that justice miglit be done, I>on't you think that my years of experience, with my qualifications &n& witli my anibiiion to move ont^ard ajid upward, ajzd after making two clean but hard cam- p-3ti^ns for this office with the results heretofore stated, that I deserve the support of those citizens who want the Cnm^ai La.%vs of this State enforced? .. I again pledge you every minute of say time and the best efforts of my life to see to it that this office is fjll«4 like It should be : filled and to your sitistectlon. HesptctfuIIy s-ubmitted. GRADT Young Men! investigate our LAY AWAY PLAN for Buying FALL SUITS In Small Easy Payments Pay Only 10% Down! New FaH suits are arriving: daily. . . .so come in this week and pick oat * good looking; new model .... pay only 10 per cent down. «.s balance in small regular payment*. W* will hold the writ for you in our moth proof vault* at no extra charge. Then by the time yes &re ready to wear the suit you wiH have it patd for. This is a plan that thrifty young men will like. Visit us this week. Perkins Brofo \^ CH Q /V\ F* A r*sj 'V "^ Fhooe MA* Urpwuaewt Store of f^rtn.

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