Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on April 23, 1953 · Page 35
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 35

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 23, 1953
Page 35
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Page 35 article text (OCR)

ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH THURSDAY, APRIL a*, QUBTlONOf VOUS-BI" FAMILY _ MCWIWUN0 YOU ALSO KNOW THAT HI DlfcHtimTOTWPT OfHtt CONSPIRATORS. UM-UH... * WITH LITTLE OF PASTtCLE* AfcE THAT THEM STREW IN© THE NUCLEI/';'. NATURALLY. THE- t?e OF i*oiuj> uejrn IIHUUIVKO. 443 DONALD DUCK TO V V/MER3E. -reEe.v' 7 T=U5, A X APPLE, ur—-—^ YEH.CAPTN, i DOWT THINK MACBETH'S eUESTS HAD A. VERY GOOD TIME LAST NIGHT. ^( ROUGH WIGHT, EH, , 6OLOER f I HEARD HIS MAJESTY ACTED SORTA STRANGE... IN FACT HE'S STILL KINRN GOOFY THIS MORNING.• n^A ..£0 WHEN TAKH5 OFF, I WANT H7U TO STICK RIGHT WITH 'IM/ OUR BOARDING HOUSE with MAJOR HOOPLE OUT OUR WAY BY J. R. WILLIAMS ESA{>, MARTHA.' THESE OVERALLS AR£.A6> SMLX3 AS A 8ANDASE/— /MV WORD/ 6UREL.y THEVNe 6HRUMK, 1 HAVEMT tV-PANiDeO THW MUCH/ WJ&-U, IF V<^OK HEART'S 5ST OtO tr. TLL APPLV FOR TWAT 6E1MER JOB —KAK — .... _. . ' KAFF/IDAR&k^^ MOT 6TOOP A COR6ET MlSHT MOLD IN 60ME OP THAT LARD /, AMD MECP LAMD TMe i JOB/—DM/ I'LLTI^OT ALOMS ^O ^OU WOMT AROUMO RIGKT PI ELD IM A KID BALL ^-THESE cozy .HABILI- .^ MARCH WELL, PUT 'EM OUT OF SIGHT AKJ'SHUT UP ABOUT IT-- I DON'T WANT 'EM SPCMLIKJ' AAY 6OOP TIME IM TOWN TOMIC3HT.' SEE THESE TWO LETTERSi 1 FAT BULKY OME \~> MINE FULL. OF MUSH AK)' MOM- 3EMSE TO A (3Al_... TH' LITTLE THINJ OME TH' COOK'S- TO HIS 5OMS AW' WILL PBO8VV V\AK.E HIM ANOTHER TEN THOU6AN' RICHER.' THE WET gLAMkET STOMP 60LA STOMPERS WELCOME: A T e CRUMPET HUT/ W Twouewr £f^1 r fo m >i WELCOME BACkri CRUMPET HUT, STOMP- A PULU eVEM!N6 OF AT MY — ters ALL ARISE AMP SEAT FBUOW CA SHE WITH PP.VMI A.WP PUUMO r. Birthday Party Answer to Pr«viou» Puttlf HORIZONTAL 1 Today was the birthday of TELEVISION; KSD-TV Channel 5 THURSDAY 5:00 P M.—Wranglers Club S:15 P. M.—Buckeye Four 5:30 ; IP. M.—Bob Ingham's Sports 5:45 P. M.—Telenews 6:00 P. M.—Mindy Carson Show 6:15 P. M.—Dottye Bennett «:30 P M.—Dinah Shore 6:45 P. M.—News Caravan 7(00 P. M.—Groucho Man 7:30 P. M.—I Love Lucy 8:00 P. M.—Ozzle & Harriett 8:30 P. M.—Theatre 0:00 P. M.—Martin Kane 9:30 P. M.—March of Time 10:00 P. M—Boston Blackle 10:30 P M.—Douglas Fairbanks, Jr. 11:00 P M.—Danger 11:30 P M.—T-Men in Action 12.00 P. M—The Big Picture 12:30 A M.—New's F BID At 7:00 A. M.—Dave Oarrowa> >>:00 A. M —Ding Dong School 9:30 A. M.—Art Museum U:45 A. M.—Betty Furnesi 10:00 A. M.—Garry Moore 10:30 A. M.—Strike It Rich 11:00 A. M.—Bride and Groom II; 15 A. M.—Love of Life 11:30 A. M.—Search for Tomorrow 11:43 A. M.—Guiding Light 12:00 N—Charm School 12.19 P M.—To the Ladle* 1:00 P. M.—Bill Cullen Show 1:15 H M -Homemaking 2:00 P. M.—Big Payoff •2:30 H M—Houie Part? 3:00 P M.—Kate Smith 4iOO P. M.—Hawkins Falls VIS P M.—Russ David Snow 4:30 P. M Howdy Ooodj Buchanan in 1791 6 He was Secretary of under President Polk 11 Expunges 13 Appeared 14 Thorough/are 15 Mouth part 16 African fly (var.) 17 Roman collar 19 Oriental coin 20 Bowler's term 57 Heavy brealher in sleep 58 Concluded 59 Exhaust VERTICAL Uoke 2 Wiles 3 Female horse 4 Compass point 22 Mountain 21 He was near Mercersburg, Penna. 25 Lieutenant (ab.) 26 Attire 31 Range 32 Greek letter 34 Wolfhound 35 Pair of horses 36 Harden 37 Story • 38 Painful spots 40 Right (ab.) 41 Grafted (her.) 42 Rich part of milk 45 Worm 48 was unknown in his day 49 Collegiate cheer 52 Island in New York bay 54 Spotted 56 Small tower 5 Soothsayers 6 Perched 7 Far off (comb, form) 8 Wine vessels 9 Head (Fr.) 10 Paradise 12 Settled marts 13 Mast 18 Shattered (comb, form) 23 Erect 24 Appellation 27 Proportion' 28 Ardor 29 Seasoning 30 To cut 33 Achieves 39 Diatribe 43 Rave -21 Baseball clubs 44 Satellites 45 Royal Italian family nam* 46 Stupefy 47 Variety of chalcedony 49 Uncommon 50 Solar disk 51 Drove 53 Town (Cornish > prefix) 55 Spinning toy Read Classified Ads Daily The Telegraph's Daily Radio Chart Thursday K8D (NBC) SM KC &XUE (ABU) MA KC WEW IM KG smJTIJO SM RC &MOX <t!HB) ilt*) KC HWH (MW) UM Kt fWL 14M CO WOKZ 1570 KO News; Sports Freddy Martin News Songs of Today Ed Bonne* New*: Bonne* Newt Behind Th« Nvwt Sports Reel Reading Circle Mews; JackMM New* Jurt Vlassey News. Thorns* News; Hayward ririt riv* News; Records Record Report Spurt» e..Mr» George Martin News Sports View News News: Sports News Parade Morgan Bealty One Man's Ka Laux Ntws Silver Cait* Concert Hr. Jr. Miss Stan Daugherty Jo Stafford Ed Murrow News Exclusive Suppei Serenade News Roy Roger* Dad Knows Beet Top Guy Garden Guild Meditation Meet Millie Preston of YtUton Chuck Norman Famil.v Worship Cedric Adams Sky King Research jecil Brown 00 Truth or Contq. Cisco Kid Playhouse Time Capsule Concert Hall News Melody Pattern Date at Eight Stan Daugherty Jabrwl Heatter ritus Moody Official Detective News Bandstand i:00 Judy Canova Thru the .Years News Tenn. Ernie News Eve. Blessing News Open Bible Record Review Music Mart Krank Edwards Mutual Newt Bishop Sheen Newt Morgan Beatty Platter Parade Beautiful Muite £d\vin Hill Musio Master* Worla Newt; Nines Sports; Crosby Paul Neighbor* New* rime i'o Dream Police Quartet Abide With Me Dwight Cooke Sport Kevue News Bandstand New* Platter Parade News; Parade News By Mmlssippl Concert Favorites This I Believe Chase Orch. MerryntakWt News; Dawn Patrol Dawn Patrol Friday i :00 New* !:1S Melodtaa 1:30 Gospel Hymn* * -45 News News; RFD; 6:30 Markets; RFD. 6:30 farm New* New* ft Weatnet News 4k Weetnei Call Farm Home Journ. New* Journal «unna* •aaute Weatne? I' OM*W Ntwl New*; Iportj Alex Dreler Wealhei I'mieUplt New* Breakfast Club Bruc* uarrinton Break (Mt Club Concert Sacred Beert ,00 World New* Spora Newt Nancy Bt Jai New* Melod* New* Hvinps foi Home Mutie Family Worship Newt; Salute Newt Mku. vartetiaa World New* Bint Crook? Newt B'tMt Club Newt. Clock Newi Uoegle. Wilaon Osark Vanettw 8d Wtlm New* B'ta*t Club New*; Clock World N«n Clop* WltelMt New* M WU**» New* B'lMt Club Newi Mudcel Clock Chapel ol A1V Welcome Traveleri Double or ot)UUM I'ru* *}ton Wruspertni Ma> Kitchen Club s>howca»» Bone* * ttnijwi Nen 8trtk* it •!•» Phrase That Pay* Bob How A Gtrl Herri** Newt Friend in Need tympkow New •.and ol *TM New* Devotions Theme* of Age* Mu*ic Master* Grain Report Devotion Homemaker*' chat Artiiur OfldfNV S'nthin* tere'der* # Wit Pretenti HI NeigRMi \ Show C«s* BMdttUMl New* Urand Newi Meet the Bend Bibl« Quit aftrgua Counttw Nejr* WMtlwr Victor Uindtokr Meredith WiUon Newi Rhythm Mood* Martha UM t ui t tew ma rut ope* BII N*«t Concert Tint Wend* WvMB Aunt JwtBf our uai tunOai ReMUitWt) Vts> Newi tU) f an Stortt GarrowM Newt; MarktU Hal Frederick* Betty Crocker I'MCemMB Vic Grain Report Bepoae with CbrUt Gram 4 Marketi Music Apprec'lion Ma PtrkiBi Vwunf Or M Boadofyia tuttn rw • OM New*, Luncheon Newt; C*W Lunches* Date Mtwa; Market OUWNM o mrtrait Ptrn MiMi Nora Or«M Brighter Q*» TOJB • **^t Sport* Quis Dug-Qut Card* vs. Cub* UO i-Ue B«eWttfUl i| Road ol Ufo 30 Voung't ftmU$ New*; Fender i 00 Bawk 8IMe VUt '' 1*1 fltJBjjM QftilAft :30 tVlddai trow* :eA VamAji IA o*tt««* ^* W.*^"^M ••• *Vi»P UO Cl*in BUI i l| finti) M J-w»w»* J«M» ' : M ttaptor'a sVUa Ed Booocr Market* New* Music in»titutf Wutgji 01 UeaUnc * London Column jlm Bent O«tot Song Snop C!UM|'* AlbJlUB f urt Bai Becord* N*we your Topis Robert Q. Ed Murrow lint fecoreboaid Record Report VtleV Coudors SAN DIKGO. CaKf- last | at Norib 4ma>ric»'i «reat»tt bir4ii[&i{itivi$y or ty »rtiliciaJ tigjMf [ spreads ol W to U f»«t. t the California condor, were report- in their 35.UUO-&cre preserve in the three months ot efforts to trap I ed today by a naturalist as 4ying Coast Range Mountains north of r^u- for the San Die^o Zoo. out from starvation. Los Angeies. r-«,,«i«« c ^ »^» u-n j j * Uwis Wayoe Waker declwed; -tie saW he bad coupled only W Coa ^* do not kail aol d*t»nd was in ol the great birds, with wing far IflPd uim cwrioa left by of prey or

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