The Racine Journal-Times Sunday Bulletin from Racine, Wisconsin on July 18, 1965 · Page 23
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The Racine Journal-Times Sunday Bulletin from Racine, Wisconsin · Page 23

Racine, Wisconsin
Issue Date:
Sunday, July 18, 1965
Page 23
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RACtNE SUNDAY BULimN Sunday, July 18, 1965 7B Journeys fo Pleasure ... A^TROt<SK^CAL FORECAST •j';.^ ., ;:;fetor_ July. 19 '"the wise man controls his destiny. Astrology points tile way/?. ; ; General Tendencies: Cycle high for Pisdes, Aries, Taurus. Special word of Libra. Time to finish now what you have already started. Aries (March 21-April 19): Cycle high. You can now impart enthusiasm to others. Your innate qualities of leadership come to fore. Time to be original and independent. Lead the way with confidence. Taurus (April 20-May 20): Mystery due to clear up if you are persistent. No need to fear the unknown. Examine and investigate. Utilize sense of humor to gain new friends. Be receptive, enthusiastic. Gemini (May 21-June 20): You can now accomplish much. Check details. Hopes and wishes in spotlight. Choose wisely. Remember past promises. Taurus individual could aid cause. Cancer (June 21-July 22): Leader in community could use your aid. Be co-operative. Show you can handle responsibility. Money question can be settled in your favor. Be confident! Leo (July 23-Aug. 22): Excellent day if you exhibit vision, faith. Perceive hidden meanings. Read between the lines. Long-range plans favored. Don't be misled by superficial indications. Dig deep for facts. Virgo (Aug. 23-Sept. 22): Authority, money, settlement of security question in spotlight. If mate or partner appears concerned with finances, have quiet talk. Emphaisize sincerity. Libra (Sept. 23-Oct. 22): No time to force issues. Obtain hint from Virgo message. Listen more than you talk. Learn from individual with experience. Be very much aware of public relations. ; Scorpio (Oct. 23-Nov. 21): Much restlessness evident. You may be tempted to skip basic details. Realize this would be mistake. Fulfill obligations. Be especially considerate of associates. Cooperate. Sagittarius (Nov. 22-Dec. 21): Changes occur. Fine for Vacation travel. Be understanding. When member of opposite sex expresses affection, show warmth, good-will. Cancer message provides clue. ; Capricorn (Dec. 22-Jan. 19): Time when additional tasks may be required of you. Neglecting basic details results \n detour from goal. Means advantage will be lost. Important you finish what you Start. Aquarius (Jan. 20-Feb. 18): "time to get budget questions settled. Then embark upon productive journey or project. Be sure of facts. Concentrate qn progress. Avoid petty persons . . . ignore gossip. • Pisces (Feb. 19-March 20): Utilize natural talents. Cycle iremains high. You can accomplish much now. Make contacts, see people and push ahead with plans. Stand tall and co-operate. ' If Today Is Your Birthday . . . you have dynamic personality, can attract people to your point of view. Would make fine teacher, writer or business executive. Synagogue Names New President ; NEW YORK — (JP) — The newly elected president of the Synagogue Council of America, an agency including the Reform, Conservative and Or- ithodox wings of Judaism, is J^abbi Seymour J. Cohen, of Anshe Emet synagogue, Chicago. He succeeds Rabbi Uri Miller of Baltimore. s for Tra^^ TICKET TO BEAUTY Visit UNIVERSAL TRAVEL SERVICE 1648 Douglas and receive o free ticket for a professional private beauty demonstration — a complete lips-to-lashes make-up at the Merle Norman Cosmetic Studio. Do it today. MERLE NORMAN COSMETIC STUDIO 523 Main Street On Monument Squore By Tranches Koltun The woman who can arrive at her destination, unpack her suitcase and come to dinner an hour or two later, looking fresh and uncrumpled is off to a flying start. Abroad, pressing bills are also depressing bills—you get so little lor your francs, lira and yen. Often, if you are traveling quickly there isn't time to have the valet look after your clothes, assuming that there is even a valet around (in small country hotels such niceties as having pressing done in 2 or 3 hours siniply don't exist). If therefore you learn a few good habits and tricks about packing, you can breeze through any trip with a minimum of mussing—and save temper, time and money, besides. Here, then, are a few basic rules. First— The goal of packing is to take a very carefully selected home base with you. You should have everything along to give you a pleasant, comfortable trip—and not a mite more. Packing therefore, must be a thoroughly organ ized process from beginning to end. Start by making a detailed list of everything you'd like to have with you. Visualize every outfit from lingerie through accessories. Think of your cosmistics needs from the top of your head to your toes. Then, having listed each item, including belts, bras and bathing suits, cut the list in half. Eliminate every outfit you can't wear at least 3 or 4 times, every cosmetic that duplicates another. If it's a choice between two similar dresses, take the one of better quality. It will travel with more freshness and bounce. Always take your prettiest clothes, the ones that give you the greatest lift. A travel wardrobe is simply a collection of good- looking clothes that happen to travel well—and these days that means practically anything you can lay your hands on in a shop or in your closet. Never make the mistake of thinking that a trip is the time to wear out your old clothes. What a depressing idea! Imagine spending hun dreds, even thousands, of dollars on a pleasure trip and feeling anything less than your glowing best? Alone Pack alone, undistracted. It's a job that requires a certain amount of concentration or you are likely to forget such essentials as matching belts, robes or foundation cream. Pack on hangers. The best ones are the thin wire paper- Paris: the River Seine with the Cathedral of Notre Dame in the background. covered ones that come back from the dry cleaners. Then all you need do is scoop your dresses from the suitcase into the hotel closet. Take along two or three foam rubber covered hangers for dresses with wide scooped necks that invariably land on a heap on the closet floor and one or two skirt hangers for these practically never show up in hotel closets. Organize your packing on Machiavelli's principle of "Divide and Conquer." Before you start putting things into a suitcase, lay in a supply of plastic cases of varying sizes. You'll find them at five and ten cent stores or the notions counters of department and specialty stores. After making organized little mounds of handkerchiefs, lingerie, gloves, scarves, etc., slip them into the plastic cases and the cases into the corners of your suitcase where they can be easily spotted. When you unpack, you need only Alfar Dates Back fo 1690 HYTHE, England — (JP) — Twenty richly carved baroque carved stalls from a Carthus­ ian monastery at Buxheim, near Ulm, Germany, are the outstanding feature of a new chapel of the Convent of the Presentation, recently consecrated here by the Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr. Michael Ramsey. The stalls, together with their carved panelling and high altar, date back to 1690. They were bought in 1803 when Napoleon secularized the Bavarian churches. Weekend Beauty Camp for Teens Borrows Tips from Glamor Girls put them into dresser drawers. Tight Pack your cases tightly. It's a mistake to think that leaving room in the suitcase will eliminate wrinkles. Just the reverse is true. By the same token, try to pack several pounds under your limit so that you will have room for the items you pick up abroad without gaining overweight which can be terribly expensive. If you are using a flat case, the best way to pack is to put shoes (in plastic cases) and other heavy, lumpy items such as handbags at the bottom, stuffing the valleys in between them with small items like plastic encased lingerie, gloves or bathing suits. Having thus created a reasonably flat surface for the next layer, put in your bulkiest clothes like suits, followed by your lightest, until you come to the top where you should put your robe and slippers, usually the first things you change into when you arrive at your hotel. Undecided Tissue paper adherents slip wads into shoulders, bosoms of suits, between the folds of dresses. There's no doubt it helps eliminate wrinkles, but it can also be just one more thing to think about — and therefore add to rather than avoid, confusion. I have mixed feelings on the subject and use tissue paper when I pack linen dresses for warm climates. In these clothes, creases often become ironclad. I don't use it for worsted woolens whose resilience is so great that they bounce out uncreased even after a flight of eight or 10 hours. You'll have to make up your own mind about this. Teenage girls can have their own weekend beauty camp—modeled after the professional ones spring up all over. Sports, make-up sessions, facials and fun are the order of the day, according to a complete two-day beauty camp schedule in a current magazine. Below is the outline for the first day; follow a similar one for the second, but do hair and nails in the afternoon. 1. Rise and shine. Start with a wake-up toe touch: with feet apart, try to touch fingers of one hand to opposite toes (don't strain). Straighten between touches. Do a dozen—for legs, waist. 2. Get glowing! A shower first, then a brisk toweling. Splash on freshener. 3. Fix a slimming breakfast (half a cantaloupe, cereal puffs with raspberries, glass of milk) and serve it on trays in your room. 4. Plan individual beauty- camp routines at a take-stock session. For example, one girl might want an over-all exercise program while another decides to concentrate on her hips. Then decide what your goals are, both long-range and immediate. 5. Brush hair 101 strokes (one for good luck). 6. Midmorning beauty snack: frosty grapes to nibble under a shady tree. 7. Exercise time: do a variety of exercises (indoors or out) as a group before you focus on special problems. Movements should be slow, rhythmic; if you have a portable record player, exercise to music. 8. Take a beauty rest on a tilt board for 10 minutes, taking turns. Use an ironing board, propped up about a foot; lie head-down for overall glow. 9. Special low-calorie lunch is ready in minutes: chef's salad with low-calorie dressing, hard roll and two small pats of butter, and a diet- watcher's dessert. 10. Take a walk down to the beach or around the lake or go for a leisurely stroll through the park for half an hour. 11. Afternoon activities start with a swim or bike ride, a tennis game, badminton—any lively sport. An exercise you can do in the water: stand hip-deep with arms straight out sideways; D&R Window and Awning Co. Invites You to see the MOST WANTED ROOM IN THE COUNTRY OPEN DAILY 9 fo 5 • SATURDAY 'TIL NOON • By Appointment onytime — Phone 634-8831 cross left foot in front, of right and turn from waist as far right as you can. Turn back, step out with right foot and repeat. Go across the pool for legs and waist. To firm arms and bosom, play water volleyball. Hit ball over your head; don't let it hit the water. 12. Cool off with a scoop of ice milk (only 100 calories). 13. Facials are fun and do lovely things for your skin. Wash face first, then "steam" it 10 minutes over hot water. For a quick glow, give yourself a honey facial: mix one tablespoon of honey with two tablespoons of tomato juice. Pat on, then let it "set" 10 minutes. Rinse off with warm water, then cold. For oily skin, use a lemon-egg mask: one egg yolk and five drops of lemon juice, beaten until creamy. Smooth this on your face. It will harden as it dries. Leave it on at least 10 mintues, then wash with warm water and rinse with cold. 14. Relax in a bubble bath before dinner. Cover eyes with cotton puffs dipped in cold water and lie back. 15. Dinner. Serve tomato stuffed with shrimp or chicken salad; fix the salad the night before and chill, but stuff tomatoes just before serving. Use cup of chicken or shrimp per guest, chopped celery and diet-type dressing. Round out the menu with coleslaw, a dinner roll with butter, a glass of milk, small slice of angel cake and iced tea. 16. Make-up session: pool all your supplies for a van- ityful of different types and colors of make-up to experiment with—cake liners, liquids, brush-ons, pencils, several blushers (try the new frosted ones), plus powdered shadows, sticks and creams. Pool your talents, too. 17. Early to bed; you need your beauty sleep. WEE WOMEN "If you know so much, how come you're not rich?" M155 PRINTED PATTERN SIZES 8-18 Jump Suit Is Newest Rage Jump into the sleekest, smoothest "jump suit" on the fashion scene — masterfully shaped by that sportswear genius, John Weitz. See how superbly he combines a curving princess line with lean hips and straight pants. Note the snappy double row of buttons (one side opens), the amusing touch of back pockets. The jump suit is fashion's newest rage, and it's also marvelously practical for summer living. Sew it in stretch fabric for driving in a sports car, patio or poolside — in little-girl gingham checks for at-home or garden — in silk shantung, for parties. Printed Pattern Ml55 is available in Misses' Sizes 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18. Size 16 requires 4V^ yards 35-inch fabric. Send one dollar for Printed Pattern Ml55 to The Racine JoumalrTimes Pattern Department, P.O. Box 59, Old Chelsea Station, New York, N.Y. 10011. (Add 15 cents for each pattern for first class mailing and special handling.) Please print plainly your name, address with Zip, style number and size. Send for the premiere edition of our couture pattern collection—57 of the world's most beautiful designer oVig- inals plus 50 cents free coupon to apply to any one dollar pattern. Send 50 cents right now for Couture Collection 10. Racial Lines Erased in Delaware WILMINGTON, Del. —im — Nearly 200 Negro Methodist churches and about 370 white Methodist churches in this southern peninsula region have merged into a single integrated Methodist annual conference, ending separate a d m inistrative jurisdictions for the two groups. It was the first actual merger in a process of eliminating segregated jurisdiction throughout the denomination. Why room in the country? . . . Because being iniide it it just like being outdoors. There is no other room like It. Uniqu* design blends with any stylo home and gives you a convertible all-weather room. You must see It to believe it . .. •Compare features before you build or buy. • Can ba built to any size —custom fitted to your requirements • Meats All Building Codes • Lifetime Maintenance Free, Heavy Extruded Anodized Frame Structure • Exposed Extruded Aluminum Beam Ceilings • Self Storing Gloss Panels — Removable — Easy to Repair • Full Fiber Gloss Screens — Removable — Easy to Repair • Double Fiber Glass Sandwich Roof Panels with the Aluminum Shade ond Solar Deflection Core, Allowing the Light to Come Through—An Exclusive Design—It's Like Sitting Under a Tree One Foot Overhang with Built-in Gutter Self-Storing Aluminum Combination Door Vinyl Sealed Roof Panels — No Leaks Wool Piled Weather Sealed Glass Inserts Top or Bottom Ventilation • Choice of Colors • Fiber Glass Insulated Knee Walls • 95 Lbs. Per Sq. Ft. Load Bearing • Adequate Roof Pitch for Drainage • Tremendous Savings • ROOM FURNISHINGS COURTESY OF PAULSON'S JUNCTION FURNITURE We Will Be Pleased to Show You the « Unequaled Quolity of This Room. See It Now At d&R Window and Awning Co. CORNER DURAND and TAYLOR AVES. PHONE 634-8831 FIXTURES FOR SALE STORE HOURS: Daily 9:30-5:30 Friday 9:30-9:00 KATHERINE FINK CORSET SHOP 414-6th STREET RACINE, WISCONSIN Permit No. 112 City of Racine, Wis.

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