Ironwood Daily Globe from Ironwood, Michigan on September 11, 1998 · Page 8
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Ironwood Daily Globe from Ironwood, Michigan · Page 8

Ironwood, Michigan
Issue Date:
Friday, September 11, 1998
Page 8
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THE DAILY GLOBE. Ironwood, Ml — Friday, Sept. 11, 1998 Page 16. Land mines should be banned Dear A»B Landers: I know you are aware that the International Campaign lo Baa Landmines is a project to which Princeu Diana devoted her time and which recently woo the Nobel Prize for Peace. Each year, 26.000 civilians are killed or injured by die 100 million land mines that are planted in 70 countries around the world. In Angola, land mine* outnumber children. In Cambodia, there is an amputee for every 236 people. In Somalia, 75 percent of land-mine victims are children who are injured during innocent exploration or play For every mine cleared. 20 more are planted. The mines do not discriminate between military personnel and civilians, or between men. women and children. Last December, 124 nations signed the Ottawa Treaty to ban the use. stockpiling, production aod transfer mines* Ann Landers the United States was not among them. The reason teems to be that the military finds them useful on the ban IrfirVj. especially in Korea. And. of course, land-mine production and trade are very profitable. While the United States has been promoting the use of "smart* mines, which will self- destruct after a given period of time. the fact remains that these mines also harm civilians. The Campaign to Ban Landmines, composed of hundreds of nongovernmental organizations from all over the world, is a good demonstration of what can be accomplished by ordinary people through a united global effort. There is no problem that cannot be solved if we have the will and the unity of our human family. — MAY KHADEM. M.D.. CHICAGO DISASTER RELIEF SUBCOMMITTEE, AMERICAN ACADEMY OF OPHTHALMOLOGY DEAR DR. KHADEM: Thank you for your thoughtful and compassionate letter. A few months ago, I saw a very moving film put together by one of the non-governmental organizations you mentioned called Physicians Against Land Mines. The president of the organization is Dr. William Kennedy Smith, and the chairman is Dr. Henry Bells, who is with the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago. The film showed hundreds of civilians in Mozambtque,Angola and Cambodia who had had limbs blown off by land mines. It convinced me that there should be an international agreement to outlaw these hideous devices that cripple men, women and children. PALM is now working to establish a center, in connection with the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago, for the development of low- cost artificial limbs to benefit landmine survivors. I do not know all the reasons our government has refused to sign the Ottawa Treaty, but unless all countries sign the agreement, it is questionable how effective it will be. I hope, however, that someone can come up with a solution that will protect the interests of the Uniiad Slates without crippling and endangering civilians around the world. Readers who would like more information about land-mine organizations in the United States can write to: Campaign For Landmines Free World, Vietnam Veterans of America Foundation, 2001 S Street, N.W., Suite 740, Washington, D.C. 20009 ( Confidential to Can't Figure It Out in Shaker Heights, Ohio: When your wife of 12 years no longcrcares when you come home, it's safe to assume that it's later than you think. Do you have questions about sex. but no one to talk to? Ann Landers' booklet, "Sex and the Teenager." is frank and to the point. Send a self- addressed, long, business-size envelop* and a check or money order for $3.75 (this includes postage and handling) to: Teens, do Ann Landers, P.O. Box 11562. Chicago, HI. 606110562. (In Canada, send $4.55.) To find out more about Ann Landers and read her past columns, visit the Creators Syndicate at ANN LANDERS® (D199S, Creators Syndicate FOR BETTER OR WORSE Ve^H. IT WflQ fl WEJKD SUMMER. | SAW CflNOflCE fl LOT -SHE SOT A T/*T12e> ON HER -fl CROWN OPTrtO«NS! P«J«« i SHE'S LEHTM'HER H«RGno*0 I Your Horoscope Saturday, Sept. 12. \ ' '* Smalt enterprises you can handle m your down time could turn out to be a good source ot additional income (or you in ttve year ahead. Put your spare time lo worV for you! VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22) Chances are favorable (or getting what you go an> r today. but be certain what you acquire is Bridge West * Q J V 7 3 • 9 8 * A K South 1 * 3 4k North 09-11-98 * 9 2 V A K J 10 8 • A Q 4 2 * J 8 East 10 * 7 4 » 9 6 5 2 53 * K J 10 6 Q 10 * 7 4 3 South * A K 8 6 5 3 ¥ Q 4 * 7 * 9 6 5 2 Vulnerable: Both Dealer North West North East 1 V Pass Pass 2 • Pass Pass 4 * Ail pass Opening lead: * A wha.t's needed to make you happy. Trying to patch up a broken romance? The Astro-Graph Matchmaker can help you understand what to do to make the relationship work. Mail S2.75 to Matchmaker, c/o this newspaper. P.O Box 1758, Murray Mill Station. New York, NY 10156. UBRA (S»p1. 23-OcL 23) You may have to contend with someone who will try to block your efforts with unsavory tactics today. II you're awarp of this, the ploy will have no effect. SCORPIO (Oct. 24-Mov. 22) In shared ventures today, be sure to select allies carefully and wisely. Interactions with the wrong people could nullify positive results. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 23-Dec. 21) Be witling to make concessions when dealing with others today, provided they don't directly oppose your interests. CAPRICORN (D«c. 22-Jan. 19) Practice sensible health habits today, so you won't be tempted to overindulge or push yourself beyond your physical limitations. AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 19) If you're ottered something from a person you know isn't fond of you today, examine it firs! to see if there are strings attached. Crossword The depth of frustration By Phillip Alder In four spades, you see 10 cast-iron tricks, but you cannot cash them before the opponents have taken four. It is extremely frustrating. Yet sometimes you have only yourself to blame. Today's declarer fancied himself as a potential bridge expert. Unfortunately, he was aiming higher than his ability would allow. But what would you have done in his position? Against four spades, West cashes the club ace, then switches to a knavish spade knave — as the English used to call a jack. South's three-spade rebid was invitational. He would normally have 10 or 11 high-card points, but he felt the heart queen was sufficient compensation for the missing point or two. The declarer won trick two, then paused for thought. Assuming a 3-2 trump break, he could see 11 tricks via five spades, five hearts and the diamond ace. But then he noticed that if he gave up a trump trick, the opponents would cash their club winners. So, South started immediately on the hearts, discarding a club on the third. However, West ruffed with the spade 10 and returned the diamond nine. Thinking that West, having played the jack and 10, was now out of trumps, declarer put up dummy's ace and played another top heart, throwing a club. But West ruffed with the queen and cashed the club king to defeat the contract. As you will have seen, South couldn't recover at trick six. His error was earlier. He should have let West win trick two. Then, South can win, say, a diamond twitch, draw trumps, and run the hearts in peace. Think first, play »econd. O!«MbyNEA.lnc. ACROSS 1 V*ry*«r1y (2wd«.) 7 Ru**l«n king* 12 D**ct!v« vi»k>n 13 G*t« up 14 Not moving 36 E«t (a lollipop) 37 W*odlng-paga word 38 M«tln*« man 40 Tamarisk »a!t Aniw«r to Previous Puzzle (2 wd*.) P»rc" 15 Perchee 16 Agnus — 17 Larg* cask 18 Nothing doing compiler 23 To — With Love 26 Author 28 Actor Robert D« — 29 Author Umb«rto — 30 Sh«tt0r*d nook 31 Forceful 33 On* who 41 Commit a laux pas 42 Evergreens 44 Ending for auction 45 Pt. of SSA 46 Nothing 46 Finally (2 wds.) 51 Mad« amends 55 Is In store tor 56 Small stone 57 White oak 58 Some written compositions DOWN homeland 1 Drivers' org. 2 Explosive (abbr.) 3 Click beetle 4 Mimicked 5 More sagacious 6 Country 7 Small crispy bread piece 8 — National Park ) Call for Answers e TOUCH- tor* «f S6t p. mm** 1 -900-660-4500 ext code 100 10 11 18 19 54 Beast ot burden Soak, as flax Draft agcy. Blood vessel — Creed Certain chemical compound Musician Cugat Biblical hero Jew, e.g. Frozen water column Type ot chair Beer container Pie mode Quick retort Decrees Delaware Indian Locations Go yachting Tennis strokes Swiss river Pair Chemist's workplace Knicks org. Bridge expert CulberUon — Molnes PISCES (Feb. 20-March 20) Results won't live up lo your expectations today it you try to change your InencJs 1 personalities. Appreciate others (or who they arc and what they have lo offer ARIES (March 21-April 19) You're nol expected to bo an export in nil areas, so don'! place unrealistic demands on your talents or skills Avoid attempting things that are beyond your scope TAURUS (April 20-May 20) A wise approach lo business today is to be a bit tightfisted. Don't expect to gel something lor nothing, however GEMINI (May 21-June 20) Occasionally, when we find ourselves in an uncertain position, wo can bluff our way through it Unfortunately, this ploy won 1 ! work lor you today. CANCER (June 21-July 22) Others cannot be relied upon to resolve your dilemmas today. Utilize your resourcefulness to extricate yourself from tight corners. LEO (July 23-Aug. 22) Subdue temptations to spend funds you know you shouldn't today. Just because a friend has something expensive doesn't mean you need one, too. KA. Inc ",'so'SH^S MCVteP IN WITH J SOTo HER D«D *V«N KICKED ME. am* THE HOOSE. "" f\ NIPPLE RING I'M LtVlN' IN OUR FRANK & ERNEST H/ive TO &ARFIEL17, WHV PONT <T>OO UP ANP PO SOMETHING?/ BEETLE BAILEY THEN WHY SHOULP YOU CARE IF I GET OUT OF BEP? I5 IT VOUR OPINION THAT I'M TOTALLY WORTHLESS? HAGAR THE HORRIBLE THE GRIZZWELLS A Rte'LGANE ME. AU>HE' THE BORN LOSER (cm'r! IT TOOfAAHY PERM Pi I DON'T HKVCK DOH'T 6£ SIU.Y 1 I TO GCT RiDOF IT. 1 I P£M_CY GO &UY WMATTOGE.TA i ALLEY OOP DID I HEAR ~7THESE. G\KLLS ARE. THEY NOT V SPOtCEN \ Y£T. FOR.? THEY GOT TH 1 MAKINS 1 S / T'BE E£TTER. COOKS THAN I AM.' ------ -- KIT'N'CARLYLE HERMAN C l«>fl by NCA, Ine Td better warn you. If my grades don't start improving, one of us won't be getting a new bike for Christmas."

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