The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on November 29, 1924 · Page 2
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 2

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 29, 1924
Page 2
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PAfrE two. THE HUTCHINSON NEWS SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 29, 1 ?Z* All nr AIW CAD \' M " ' ; " 5 '' " ml - Vr ' Hnaglrt I I* nlsn ftl.l, Kr.AIJl rim th" only living charter,member of 1,LU »»*J *aa#« a v«» the Musimle lodge here. FARM CENSUS I Santa Claus Has 1 a Fairy Along The Enumeration Will Starl j Monday Morning All Over Country. Tin* inkitic nf til" sov^rnlinMil *Krfrn|turni rnnan? In Hftio county, an \vi II. pvprj'Wliorc CUM In the VnSidles, will Murl. Muml/iy niornltiK- Ten cmininnifnn* \vi)) mnlio tlm houpp-lohnu ^P vtsiltttln?] nf thn fnrtiK-r^' IUMIII'H In H"iio rouniy. Kvc.r;, wIi'To reports will hi mjcuv- (H\ rc-.tunlliiK emu statistics and farm informal inn nf Mml.-*. "This renins nothing what• e vol' In do \\i!h t ;i\al hni witi t ors, or HsH^f-siut'iit, nr in nun i! utxf 'H," nx- Ti !ii (iir -i| M. N. N'.'iyhtr, Jr., assisrant dUtrlcL KiipiTviBor nf Lho VnittMi Siiil.t-s C't'iifiii.s bureau who wa.i litTt: today HIM?! HE that cvciyihiiiK la in ruadiiii'^s for tho t-urvoy. r-ryi h'mK must hi? rnniph'tcil Within jiixiy days," h« rnMoil. Ilcpi? county hurt hotiii snhiiivhlfd tn t n mini tit-r uf rUHtrlclH, *-acfi with i wo to four townships, v, ith an pnuniiT .iitii' in oiuh illrftiict. Married 58 Years; Pioneers of Reno I ho Uin(ihaiiirrt-\VU"> Toy.ami • wan a busy plain toriuy v.iih iiitlo I fulks \ Ml inR Santa I'laii* nntt j ; looking ovttr thn CUUTIUUBH niimb 'U' j j nf toys from real r 1 1- 1r. motors! ! tn Mama dnlln Hint talk. | With Santa Cl«un this nflurnonnj I was st 'i 'ii a 111 11f* fairy in thn p*T- i j HOII of Mnxine Korby, riuughtpr nf • Mr. and Mr.-. (.'. D. Kurby. Kvory . Palurday frnni now on until ('brinl- 7iin« Mr. Fnrliy who !* ninnajjor nf. tlio dnpartmont. has Invited a mini- ( bor of ltttlu -iris to preKldn us! fairies with Santa Clans. He Hi also unanniuc fnr Hovcral dull J part ami paraded which will 1 M; j glvon for and hv the little folks. Start Drilling in Kingman Again Ktnuiiinii, Nov. 2').-— Once again rini'ikf in pnuring out of lho amoke stink mi u holier nl IUI oil left in the Kinsman territory. A crew nf four men, two drillers and two helpers are nf work nn l- ; known as tin* Uraher tcsl well, on flu* Ciinnnnliiill n mile and a half fiisi of Kingman. Tlu- well l*> 2.">n0 feet depp. nni! has been standing idle for about two years, u is reported that thv Inlpntlnns arn to drill thp liolc on SENTENCED TO SERVE TEN YEARS IN PEN. Mr. unci Mrs. Mnrtin Ho»«lnnil, j down to .l .iim fpot of ;iK Fifth Avis. wi >«t, today role- i'tnli'd ihelr oMh wpdiilng nnniver- snry. Fifty-elRht ycHrs ago today thin film couplo wnra marrlorl at Bar- dolpli, ill. Mm. Hoagland Is 78 years of apo thia w*pek, BO this Is n douhln annlvorsnry. Mr. HnaR- land -will ho Si yrnrn old next monlli. Notwithstanding thi 'ir ripe old api^ hoth urn hourly and nbln to take a livr -ly Inmrcnt in affairs. Mr. nnd .Mrw. Honglnnd nrn plo- n.^i l r«* nr this bounty, h.nvins Hoti!' I li "ii' In 1 ST 1. iininnK the very liiM t -i .Tti'T. 1 ? of Va!|py ro «-nii)iin. Th ^y are chartiir members of (he j. n>i F'p'hhytprinrt church of Floyd IT. Brolllnr, who pled guilty to attempting to assault o five year old schoolgirl here on November 24, "was sentenced to serve for 10 yenrs nnd six months In tho penitentiary this morning when ho was tried before Judge W. a. Vain-hUd In district court. STATE MEETING OF YOUNG PEOPLE Association of Ntureni Churches in Session in Hutchinion. CURSE OF THE HOPE DIAMOND Did It Bring May Yohe to Cheap Lodgings and Present Quarters? "BOY EMPEROR" SEEKS REFUGE WITH JAPANESE CALM IM" A FIRST NlGHTtLR vJnWllAMC,' . I News 50 Year* Ago London, .Vnv. 211.—According to a HiMiier dlHpntvh from Peking, llsnnn Tims, the "boy emperor if China" who was yesterday granted JJJ e Subscribed For his freedom by the new government of Titan Chl-Jnl, today took j refuge in the Japanese legation. It j was stated there was apparently no cause for him to fear Immediate danger. In No Man's Sea A I'lt'TI'KK (»!•' THfcJ'h' HORROR IN'WHICH THK UBV BIRIKSSON MKBTS .\ POWERFUL FOB Geo. J. Walnner, of 120 Seventh east called at the News office yesterday afternoon to place an advertisement tn the paper. "It was Just fifty years Rgo today that 1 called at the Hutchinson News office to subscribe for the paper," he remarked. "I have taken It ever since." .Mr. Walnner had just arrived In Hutchinson BO years ago from New York city, and one of tho first things ho did was to subscribe for the News. The state young people's convention of Nnaarono churches opened ; this morning In lho Klrst Nti?.nreno church tinder tho supervision of llev. A. ,T. Hugh pastor of the local church and Or. A. S. London president of Droesee college. A largo delegation representing lho churches at Wichita, Topeka, Emporia and Newton Is here helping to make tho convention a lively, success. The morning sessions were taken up with business nnd lectures on young people's work. Tho afternoon's program included the gym exhibition at. the Y. M. C. A. hy the hoys of the llroeeeo gymnasium class. A missionary service will bo held this evening at 7:30 o'clock and three services will tie held tomorrow. The convention will close at the ovonlng services with Kev. A. J. Kring preaching the sermon which will also conclude tho revival services which have been held for the past two weeks by Kev. Kring. DEATHS AND FUNERALS PICKED UP AROUND TOWN SAVED MILLIONS BY DROPPING PENSIONERS Washington, Nov. 29.—The inter- j for department has returned to tho 1 treasury $25,12S,7SG of ths depart- men"s 1924 appropriation, Secre ; tary Work announced today, representing a saving of ?23,157,13S by i the pension bureau alone in dropping 14,217 pensioners from the I rolls. li The reclamation bureau of the i department closed the fiscal year •. with a balance of more than II,,' ODO.Ono and the bureau of Tndian : affairs returned nearly a half roil! Hon. UNDER THE DERRICKS Another Producer. Wintlald, Kan., Nov. 29.—What looks like another producer in the shallow sand was added to the Graham field, six miles southwost of this city, last night when the Marland Oil Company topped the pay at 25DS feet on the Graham No, 2, with the bit in the sand 1500 feet of oil was standing in the hole. ENTERTAIN DELEGATES AT NAZARENE CONFERENCE The Breeseo gymnasium team entertained the delegates to tho Nazarene Sunday school conference this afternoon with a drill and apparatus exposition at the Y. M. C. A. There were about 125 young people present including a few members of the Breesee college faculty. HOSPITAL JANITOR INJURED IN A FALL NEW VOOK CITY Mi.p of the course tiiken by t..e. Yc. When lost early in Septcmbci. nrsl upper left, a lookout scanning the horizon for the lost bont. Service photographer, in Arctic hood worn on trip. in, w,th c.ocs showing probau.c Uc,-:tion of the Llev ElrlUsson Upper right, the stormy sea »stern from the Trenton's erow's- lEDITOR'S NOTE: M, J, of NEA Service was the only photographer to accompany the expedition ol the cruiser Trenton In its va;n .Utcmpt to find the Lirv Em!-, sson and it., crew. Here i« .in exclusive story of the great handicaps laced by the occupants of the lost sailing boat.) BY M. J. ACKERMAN NEA Service Photographer. New Ynrli. N'uv. 27. • l'liture '\ luHpiun i 11 1i 11 it>' in uirJd hlM.-k wkU-r lit-lituuli :--'lnl '!V >'U\'tinni'' filled Willi «•».«. -I' 1 -' I. mill MHiaillUg Will'l CM.-I:-. Thb, in lb" N'nrlli Alliilllic i!i N'uvi inlii'r, wlii-ri- ih.- 12 inut l«i '-v i-Iirlkr'Min is. lnsi. lulu tlii-"- uvi-rpuw i-i in^, fihiclniiting si'i 'ii..', 1 wi-in "it tin'•miser Tr.-ntnn mi lu- ll -d-iy -enrrll tor the HNIe s;,Hli.nil mill |1-: I'l-l 'W i,i ;iil\I'lltliri'l'-'-. Tn lh»- i'.\p'-rii 'lir>Ml nlli, ,'!•». ami Ji.-.n id liie Tp-limu tin- lilp ivn- i Imply an il< in in llii-ir .inh, :i iiuiM' into wliati-ver the stiirm fcods miyiil i-end, all in-fUftinn tor u ^iiiri their i-i'iiiituiii'liiii and clearness of sight. Hut to I li in laudliibber It was a Miivm-sln-u »f halrhreiidih esenpcM illtu the lllllldle wl' tin- tuv .ui. ,-in:l• il i.niiTliw;,rii (n i .-hi -1 -l; up lIn* re- iniri ni a di-reiii I. rrn *-ed the ^ann him- ri \i -r ni' Ih, (llllr Str.-itlii aud ii'iiii'n .'ii .-;ii [il \-liitini '-ii Tii- Kirlk- -m. i..'»rm* Wv'.. Nii'lini: ainl lii> j.any, luid .--<iii• M li.nil i • I 'l-i-iiInnil eaily In **'P' - ti-inli.-r. heaili'd tor I.abntdnr on 'tin' last leg nt their voyage uerOHS !h>: Ailantii'. If they had been lost nr diMilileil. the natural drift of the 'Urreuts in ihut region would have 'Hiri'-d ilieiu in a rtiuuheii9terly . itui'.-i 'i'heii rate would have aiimn M inil,a day. Our ' our*'', ili'-p -iori". w i^ a ilnimlr lu- • I '-ri-'-i-tinn lt f liie Lriii -ii tbeir boat ' lllk'ht lia\<- In-ill i '.\]l'-i-!i 'il tn fn!- iu '.l. i hxcrpi tor abuiii tlin-.; days id i uiir trip wn were eiiiilliiu.jiisly but- leieil by niiiriiis. Hy the time we t'-a '-iietl Klre l^land, four hnur.s out from New ' York, tin- Treiitnii win* lu-ing ham- in.-ivil Sli.. was built t'nr '.pi-i'd, a "in ni iii.ifiiiiii 'il i |e---'iii.uT. about ; aaii li-i.l Inu^ with nuly feel : beaiu. Down tliusi; nioiiiilaiiioiis idopca 1 of the deep raced our ship to bury | her noso in ibe face nf the steep Circle Inset, Ackerman, NfcA i>>- biiliiws would bombard us from ail directions, hitting us when down, pounding us nnd rattling us like flit-e in :i cup. And nt. the depth of some such e\]ierl.iii. , with the deck .-butting nt a la de^i'' 1 '' angle, i-iiinc humorous sailor would grunt to the landlubber: "f hope she comes back." She always did. Worst of all was a. hurricane from Cuba which broke at night as we neured the end. Yet we miasm! the full force of it, for Captain luirhfus had h"eilcd warnings and altered his course out of Its direct sweep. How a srnuil boat could live In surh an ocean .feems Incomprehensible. A enntimioii.-i lookout was kept fruiu the crottVnest and another from the bridge. Kvery loss and li'-avi of the ship was magnified fur the inon in the top of ibe mast, dm. man toward the end nf bis watch got to "«i.-;ng derelict a surt of mlran Fruhk Lentz, Janitor at the Grace hospital sustained bruises about the face and right shoulder whou he accidentally slipped and j f.'.l Into tho excavation for the new hospital nddition. He was doing somo work around the excavation when ho stumbled and fell landing on ids face and shoulder. Wastebasket King. Berlin; The ris ,e to weulth and fame of Herman Laught through the manufacture, of cardboard waslebaHketa is ono of the sensations of Germany'* posi -wat' industry, lie was only atl ofi'leo boy when he conceived tho idea of making the cheap receptacles. Now be Is called ibe "Henry Ford" of the wastebasket Industry." W. H. Burnett attorney la building a new five room bungalow on West 18th street. Herbert Roe of tie Roe Realty company reports that there Is not a vacant house in Caroyvlllo. C. A. Ames. American Express agent is spending the week end In Arkansas with relatives. Kalph .McAdoo, who fs employed in Kansas City, Mo., is spending the week end home with relatives. The TV. IL C. will held the annual election of officers next Friday afternoon in tUa Odd Fellows hall. Mrs. O. Li. Noss and Mrs. J. B. Faulkuer of Salina are week end guests of Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Fletcher, 120>l N. Main street. Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Harvey have moved hero this week from Hois- Ington and havo bought the property at 410 East Sherman street. Miss Myrtle Weatherholt, children's librarian at. lho public library, returned yesterday from Wlnfleld where she spent Thanksgiving. Lelaud Perdew, who is attending the Mexico Military school at Mexico, Mo., is home spending several days with his father, Ed Perdew. The Curtis store opened up a toyland yesterday morning on the second floor of tho building. All the little folk:3 have been invlled to visit the Toyland. George Shannon of 432 Ave. C east is seriously ill at bis home. For the past thirty years Mr. Shannon has given faithful service as Inspector of sewers for the clt-y. Mrs. K. J. Huskstep of Lyons who was operated on at a local hospital has recovered sufficiently to he removed to the home of Mrs. A. I,. Shepherd on Third ave. east. Miss Marie Steele, Miss onnte Dnye and Miss Mildred Steele have returned from Zenda where they spent Thanksgiving with Miss Daye's parents Mr. and Mrs. A. <J. Dayo. The alley pavement between Washington ami Adams from First Avenue to Second was completed yecturday afternoon, according to Will Shears of J. H. Shears and Sons, contractors. Boy Scout Troop No. 2 spent yesterday and today near Medora at the country camp of Fred Burns of the Consolidated Milling Co. Rev. M. lj. Kaln, scoutmaster, was in charge of the troop. Fredrick Cowan, employee at the American Express company, hae returned to work after recovering from a severely sprained neck which resulted from trying to lift a heavy box of fruit. Ho was out two weeks. Mrs. C. C. Burdlck. The body of Mrs. Christine C. Burdlck who died Wednesday morning at the home ot her daughter, MrB. A. M. Lants ot Fresno, Calif., will be brought to Hutchinson for burial, funeral services be-, lug held from Johnson's Funeral homo on Tuesday afternoon at it o'clock. Mrs. Burdlck was born in Buffalo, N. Y., Sept 16, 1805 and mor- ed tn Elllnwood in 1879. She was married to Henry B. Burdlck on April 14, 1SS3 and.came to Hutchinson in 1S94 to make their home. She left here a short time Rgo to be with her children in the west. Surviving her are ton children, Mrs. A. M. Lnntz, Fresno, Calif., Mrs. G. E. Parks, Minneapolis, Minn., Mrs. Iloy Cox, Mrs. K. w. Patterson and Miss Ernestine Smith ot this city, John Burdlck of Partridge. Dan Burdlck of Boise, Ida., Fred Burdlck, George Burdlck and Allen Burdlck ot this city. She has 22 grand children, three sisters, Mrs. John Strobel of tuka, Mrs. Jennie Wright of Bucklln and Mrs. Lillian Schroeder of this city and three brothers Will Yager of Plercevillo, Frank Yager and Ted Yager of this city. Does the vaunted curso ot the Hope Diamond still pursue May Yohe, once Its proud owner? Above Is her husband, Captain John Smuts, in a Boston hospital with a bullet wound about which lho police have raised a question. He says that the wound was self- inflicted. At the right is the lodging house In Boston where May Yohe and her husband were living when he was shot. PLEAD NOT GUILTY, WAS RELEASED ON BOND Mrs, -Mary Hollkamp pled not guilty to the charge of having liquor In her possession when she was arraigned before Justice of Pence R. P. B. Wilson yestorday afternoon. She was released on a $300 bond and will stand trial in district court. Pioneer Farmer Dead. Lyons, Nov. 29, — Freeman Frantz, 80, one of the pioneer farmers of Rlcn cmnty, who for some time has been located In ,Lane county, died at Dighton, Thursday- night. Tho funeral was held here this afternoon. NOTICE M. W. A. Members are requested to at-' tend the funeral of Neighbor Frank Blxler, at 3:30 tomorrow (Sunday) afternoon at tho residence, 127 East Carpenter. J. T. WEAVER, Consul, j JNO. S. BLAIR, Clerk. 1 In the dining cars of European trains it is the cu9tom to print lb-; menus for each meal in the Ian guago of the country through which the train is passing at the time. Birtain's Premier in Action Blxler Funeral Tomorrow. The funeral services of Frank L. Blxler will be held tomorrow afternoon at 3:30 from the homo, ]27 East Carpenter street, with Rev. W. B. Stovens In charge. Victim of Auto Injury. Philadelphia, Nov. 2.—Dr. John B. Roberts, widely known surgeon, died yesterday as tho result of Injuries received a month ago when be WIIR struck by an automobile. Start New Paving The construction of the puvement on Seventh ave. west started yea terday afternoon. Tho work Is being done by the J. H. Shears & Hons Construction company. Revival at Hadley. A special feature "f thu music In the revival service at the lladley but the work was' Memorial M. 11. church last night Bringing Body Here. The remains ot James Vance, the ten months old son of Mr. and Mrs. William Vance of Mt. Vernon, Ind., will arrive tomorrow attcr- noon from that place. Burial will ha in Tairlawn cemetery. Irwin Funeral Sunday. On account of relatives being tin. able to reach Hutchinson today In time for the announced funeral of James Lloyd Krwin tho services have been postponed until 2:30 Sunday from the Friesen Funeral Home. THIRTY BARRELS OF FOOD GIVEN BY LOCAL SCHOOLS The Hutchinson schoof children donated 30 barrels of canned goods fruit and vegetables to the Salvation Army the first this week, according to Ensign W. F. Nevltt, wbo states that part of the food was used in spreudlug the big Thanksgiving dinner for the poor ot tho city. Tho larger portion o£ It which is left will be distributed to the needy this winter. No secret service men surrounded Premier Stanley Baldwin (center) of Great Britain as he made his way to Conservative headquarters at Palace Chambers, London, for a conference with party leaders. And very few recognized the premier a* he moved along, minus overcoat, and with pipe in mouth. Visit Toyland on the 2nd Floor Resigns from Board Topeka, Kan., Nov. 29—Dr. J. .7 Entz. Wichita, today tendered his resignation to Gov. J. M. Davis as a member of the state board cf health. Dri Entz recently was j dismissed as state epidemiologist I by Dr. M. O. Nyberg, secretary of j tho health board. HUTCHINSON. KANSAS. Shop-o-Scope will show you a lot ot things you never knew about Xmas shopping. tf. Swedish Wireless Station. Stockholm, Nov. 29.- The government's new high powered wireless station at Starberg on the west coast of Sweden, is to begin commercial service on Dec. 2. The station costs 81,350,000. Mens* and Boys' Underwear —Specially Priced Prepare for cold weather—Prepare far It ahead of time, now, when you can provide your UNDERWEAR needs .much cheaper than later on. I 'tovlilelltiitl re M 'in'-i. wild 'IIIVM , And 'n liav». tnuntj l)irk-.-"ll 'vnillil hm i- a(> miracle. •|'l,.- Tr. lit.-li -aii'-'l I: Vnrl. u i w a 111 'il' inn.;..- IiiiiU'lliiml, tuus ni- 1 liii- --car. h ibe nlveii- j ni 1-1 -Urvu nf wider ut the foot. Or I from the mar curried on without Interruption. At night etiarelilfghls reached otlt th'-lr fingers m light for the plfan- <oiu Llev Klr'uiMoii, With glasses Lie •••il New tremendous surge would cateli it.' amidships nn iis ,.<'ali, the stern Willi i' - f'"H' |"'CP''II >'I - Mi king mil ilil" l!.-- air l!le siiii- :ht'.ii|i'!ir: I 'i'l liaiiiiiii; hut :i I •. .i >.- :ii".wn!; • I tni u.p'il and ii|i,i^bt.. in- the '_ln,p. li'.-;iii, our lookouts • -.-en in every dlrec auhl cover lion. If ibe l.i'-'. .i.'suii been in tcir [iurt -ii :'n* uii-aii, the Tivti- Lnn wuol't jiiuihl ii. Hm the mean Willi l"li rttrnns, tyu big. was n r'«!o'by Harry Undgers of (ho Hruesce college. Instinct to the Rescue. First Colored Man: "Hut how does n feller go 'bout lo he a I'ull- ilian po'tiih'.'" No. 2: "Well, fust yo' marries, uu' lien yu' gits in debt, an' ile. rest so'l, <,'. cullies nacherul,"- American l.eglou Weekly. For The Kiddies Xmas Wagons Ice Skates Scooters Roller Skates Sleds Foot Balls Kiddie Kars Air Rifles Automobiles Mechanical Toys Pick 'Em Out—We Will Deliver Christmas Eve SEE OUR WINDOWS Our Motto: Quality First, then Price—and the Price It Rlflhtl HOSKINS & YOUNG HARDWARE—TIN SHOP (Home of FRONT RANK FURNACE) Phone 3TS2 22 West First Men's Union Suits Men's Chalmers Baibrlggan Union Suits—short and long sleeves and ankle length. Each $1.50 Men's Union Suits Winter weight, elastic rib—color grey. A Rich- ileu garment. Sizes 36 to 4*. Suit $1.95 Men's Chalmers Union Suits A very high grade Union Suit In light grey elastic rib, fleece lined—nicely finished. Suit $2.25 Boys' Union Suits Elastic ribbed Union Suit—4leeee lined. Coler, grey. Sites «'° >" Suit 98c .Th« Curtis Store Co.

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