The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas on December 1, 1982 · Page 31
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The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas · Page 31

Baytown, Texas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 1, 1982
Page 31
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Page 31 article text (OCR)

4-D THE BAYTOWN SUN Wednesday. December 1. 1992 Television Guide EVENING &00 (NEWS CD YOU CAN'T DO THAT ON TELEVISION "Bully- Ing" Moose McGlade takes up the martial arts to protect herself from the show bully Alasdalr Glllte. © NFL FILM Highlights of Super Bowl VIII, Miami Dolphins vs. Washington Redskins (R) O TONY BROWN'S JOURNAL 03 SHOWTIME CD FAERIC TALE THEATRE "Hansel And Gretel" Ricky Schroder and Joan Collins star in a tale of two lost children who fall into the clutches of an evil witch with an insatiable • appetite for children. O CBS NEWS O) CB YOU: MAGAZINE FOR WOMEN ® CD BARNEY MILLER © LITTLE HOUSE ON THE PRAIRIE © CED HBO MAGAZINE © CD SOAP (2§ CD MONEYLINE © THE JEFFERSONS €E> ONE DAY AT A TIME 6:05 © GOMER PYLE 6:30 O FAMILY FEUD CD THE ADVENTURES OF BLACK BEAUTY "Three Locks To Fortune" A mysterious old key holds clues to hidden treasure. CD SPORTSCENTER O MACNEIL / LEHRER REPORT I NEWS ) SPORTS LOOK ) THE JEFFERSONS } BENNY HILL ) SPORTS TODAY CD THREE'S COMPANY ® P.M. MAGAZINE 6:35 © NBA BASKETBALL Atlanta Hawks at Boston Celtics 7:00 0 REAL PEOPLE (£ UVEWIRE "Express Yourself" Guests: Liz Swados, director / composer; Gene Anthony Ray, actor / dancer, "Fame." © COLLEGE BASKETBALL Kentucky Wildcats at Notre Dame Fighting Irish O BUSINESS REPORT CB SHOWTIME CD MOVIE "Cheech And Cheng's Nice Dreams" (1981) Richard "Cheech" Marin, Thomas Chong. IJD RUDOLPH THE RED- NOSED REINDEER Animated. A shy reindeer with a shiny nose becomes depressed over aW the jokes about his unusual feature and runs •way with a misfit elf. (R) ID ZJGGY'S GIFT Animated. The cartoon character with the big heart and the big round nose debuts in Ms very first television special. ©CE) WRESTLING O (D MOVIE "Nicholas Ntokleby" (1947) Derek Bond, Cedric Hardwicke. O CD COLLEGE BASKETBALL Kentucky vs. Notre Dame S HAWAII FIVE-0 © LOS GOZOS Y LAS SOMBRAS S8 CED MOVIE "Taps" (1981) George C. Scott, Timothy Hutton. ® CD KSA BASKETBALL Cleveland Cavaliers vs. New York Knicks @ CD PRIMENEWS S JOKER'S WILD MOVIE "Don't Drink The Water" (196") Jackie Gleason, Estelle Parsons. 7:30 O INSIDE BUSINESS TODAY IB FROSTY'S WINTER WONDERLAND Animated. Frosty the Snowman falls in love and gets married in this holiday special narrated by Andy Griffith. (R> Q3 TIC TAG DOUGH Cable Subscribers Ask For Quality Programs LOS ANGELES (Sp) — Research indicates that cable and pay TV viewers are demanding higher quality programming than ever before, a trend that is reflected in falling loyalty to shows on network television. This view .was expressed in remarks by Gerald M. Levin, group vice pissident-video of Time Inc., at the opening session of the iN'CTA National Cable Programming Conference at the Biltrnore Hotel in Los Angeles. Citing A.C. Nielsen research, Levin said current data show trends toward a decline in network TV usage and a parallel increase in alternative TV usage, which suggest a slackening in network viewer loyalty. "It's no longer just our impression that TV usage is in the pro- oooo of changing," he said. "The data we have now clearly differs from information we had three years ago when Nielsen first started publishing its Status Reports." Levin said the data show that earlier interpretations of how the growth of cable would affect network viewing need rethinking. "It used to be argued that people would continue to view the three networks as much as they did before, but that overall usage of television would increase as new viewing alternatives become available. This new viewing . would be incremental. It was also claimed that even though there might be a drop in network viewership, the networks would still deliver more homes because the number of TV households would increase. "Over the last two years, in fact, viewing of the three networks in pay homes has decreased by 11 percent in primetime and 17 percent in daytime," he said. "While the number of TV homes did grow over the last two years, there was also a loss in the three- network rating of 3.8 points in primetime and 1.5 points in daytime, resulting in an actual decrease in the number of network homes delivered. Levin added that as more channels are offered through cable, more are being viewed. In homes where 1 to 4 channels were received, the aveage number of channels used was 2.6. In homes were 26 channels were available, people used an everage cf 10. "Cable critics say most people use only a few channels and that multichan- nels are unnecessary," he said, "but they ignore the fact that while people use only a few channels, different homes use different channels. "On the other hand, while usage of the three networks is shrinking, the use of pay and basic cable channels and viewing of independent and public TV stations are increasing rapidly in pay homes. Between 1979 and 1981 the usage of pay television in pay homes increased by 17 percent in primetime, usage of basic cable channels almost doubled, and viewing of independent and public stations was also up." The era of a single network dominating a given night also seems to be over, according to Levin. "In the past it was common for one network to win an evening by dominating all time periods. Now audience flow seems to be ebbing, and viewers are showing less network loyalty. Thirty percent of HBO subscribers switch channels regularly, and in HBO/Cinemax multi-pay homes, the figure rises to 37 percent.' Quote/Unquote TEDKOPPEL .-"'"'"'E.T.' is essentially, the Christ story. Christ was the ultimate extraterrestrial." — Ted Koppel;, ABC-TV commentator, on the hit move "E.T." (McCall's) "1 think the bottom line is there is no question that the president will be able to lead this country effectively." — James Baker, White House Chief of Staff, on the impact of the 1982 elections on the Reagan administration. "We ordered champagne for our stock traders five minutes after the market closed and we're going for a vintage number." — John A. Conlon Jr., of E.F. Hutton and Co., celebrating the New York stock market's record high performance. "Games have been called because of rain. Has one ever been called because of spit?" — Edwin Newman, NBC-TV commentator, on the candidly televised on-the-field habits of major- league baseball stars in the 1982 World Series. "To me, she was the ideal. I think I probably put a great strain on her by treating her like that. I did net allow her to show me her vulnerability, her needs. But in the last years of her life, we got most of it out and 1 was able to see that hers was not an ideal life." — Lana Wood, actress, on her relationship with her sitter, the late actrass Natalie Wood. (Ladies' Journal) Home "Not only did we finish in the black, we finished in the very black." — William Bolger, U.S. postmaster general, on the Postal Service's 9888 million surplus in 1982. "I though Pete Wilson really rubbed it in. He called Linda Ronstadt for a date." — Johnny Carson, Joking about Pete Wilson's victory in a U.S.. senate race in California against Gov. Jerry Brown, who has been linked romantically with the rock singer. (NBC-TV) 8:00 O THE FACTS OF LIFE (3D THE PLOUGH AND THE STARS Sean O'Ca- sey's classic drama concerning a family at odds with Itself Is presented by the Abbey Theatre of Dublin starring two of that company's most distinguished former players. Siobhan McKenna and Cyril CusacK, reunited with their ex-colleagues. O SURVIVAL "Mzima: Africa's Mysterious Spring" Richard Kiley narrates a revealing look at the variety of creatures who visit Kenya's Mzima Spring for nourishment and those who make it their home. QD MOVIE "Missing Children: A Mothej's Story" (Premiere) Mare Winningham, Polly Holliday. QD THE FALL GUY S3 MOVIE "The Enemy Below" (1957) Robert Mitchum, Curt Jurgens. m CO) MOVIE "Cuando Los Ninos Vienen De Marsella" Manolo Escobar, Sara Lezana. ffl MOVIE "The Conversation" (1974) Gene Hackman, John Cazale. 8:30 O FAMILY TIES (C) SHOWTIME CD BEST OF BIZARRE 8:50 ©NEWS 9:00 O QUINCY © COLLEGE FOOTBALL "Mirage Bowl" Clemson Tigers vs. Wake Forest Demon Deacons (from Tokyo,Japan) • O WHO KILLED THE LINDBERGH BABY? Trial footage, original evidence and contemporary accounts are featured in an examination of the Lindbergh kidnapping and the trial of Bruno Richard Hauptmann, CS SHOWTIME • CD A NEW DAY IN EDEN A powerful family encounters many difficulties in an industrial town. §irt5) DYNASTY d) MOVIE "The Drowning Pool" (1975) Paul Newman, Joanne Woodward. ® CD NEWS (S) CH) MOVIE "The French Lieutenant's Woman" (1981) Meryl Streep, Jeremy Irons. © CD FREEMAN REPORTS {Q INDEPENDENT NETWORK NEWS 9:30 © SHOWTIME CD ROMANCE: TEST OF LOVE m GD NINE ON NEW JERSEY S3 THAT QUIZ 10:00 O (D IB NEWS CD WOMEN IN JAZZ: BREAKING THROUGH This program profiles some of the great female jazz artists who paved the way for the female musicians of today. Featured are Dolly Jones and an anonymous all-woman "swing" band providing a background for live performances by Sharon Freeman, Jane Ira Bloom and the female jazz combo "Alive." O BIOGRAPHY © SHOWTIME CD MOVIE "The Best" CJ7) CE) HOT SPOTS © CD SOAP SD © GD MADAME'S PLACE © CD DE Tl PARA Ml Rocio Jurado la senora tie la cancion espanola, en un especlacular musical especial. gg CD SPORTS TONIGHT Q3 SATURDAY NIGHT ©BENNY HILL KhOS © ALL IN THE FAMILY 10:30 § TONIGHT PBS LATENK3HT ARCHIE BUNKER'S PLACE 09 ABC NEWS NIGHT- LINE (Sf • OD CHARLIE'S ANGELS QD BOB NEWHART @5 CD HAWAII FIVE-0 ©CD CROSSFIRE ffi) SOAP 10:35 © MOVIE "Between Two Worlds" (1944) John Garfield, Paul Henreid. 10:40 CD ARTS VISITS WITH ROBERT ALTMAN 10-55 C® CD MOVIE "Harper Valley PTA" (1978) Barbara Eden, Ronny Cox. 11:00 <B BONANZA © © COLLEGE FOOTBALL PLAYER OF THE YEAR SD WILD, WILD WEST © (D MOVIE "La Ley Del Monte" Vicente Fernandez, Patricia Aspillaga. (5T) CED STANDING ROOM ONLY "Country Rock '82" The Oak Ridge Boys, the Charlie Daniels Band and Rosanne Cash perform their latest hits in this benefit concert taped at the Pine Bluff Convention Center. ©CDNEWSIGHT Q3NEWS ^D THE ROCKFORD RLES 11:05 (D MOVIE "The Streets Of L.A." (1979) Joanne Woodward, Robert Webber. 11:30 O LATE NIGHT WITH DAVID LETTERMAN CD SPORTSCENTER Q DICK CAVETT (R) CCJ SHOWTIME CD MOV' IE "Southern Comfort" (1981) Keith Carradine, Powers Booths. O CE) COLLEGE FOOTBALL Notre Dame Fighting Irish at USC Trojans (R) O CD MOVIE "The Grapes Of Wrath" (1940) Henry Fonda, Jane Darwell. © GD YOU ASKED FOR IT © CD MONEYLINE UPDATE S3 ALL IN THE FAMILY 12.00 © COLLEGE BASKETBALL Kentucky Wildcats at Notre Dame Fighting Irish 09 NEWS 3D MOVIE "Canyon Passage" (1946) Dana Andrews, Susan Hayward. © GD FOR THE LOVE OF A HUNGRY CHILD © CD PEOPLE NOW © LUISANA MIA Q3KOJAK 12:30 O NBC NEWS OVERNIGHT 03 THE LAST WORD @D CH) MOVIE "Cutter's Way" (1981) John Heard, Jeff Bridges. 12:45 3® (D MOVIE "The V.I.P.s" (1963) Elizabeth Taylor, Richard Burton. 1:00 CD SPORTSCENTER © MOVIE "Marco" (1973) Zero Mostel, Desi Arnaz Jr. 03 CBS NEWS NIGHTWATCH (2§ © MOVIE "Pobre Pero Honrada" La India Maria, Fernando Soler. ) JOE FRANKLIN ) SPORTS UPDATE 23 JIM BAKKER g) INDEPENDENT NETWORK NEWS 1:20 CC) SHOWTIME CD MOVIE "Ice Castles" (1979) Lynn-Holly Johnson, Robby Benson. 1:30 S NEWS CD CROSSFIRE (B MOVIE "The Devil And Miss Sarah" (1971) Gene Berry, Janice Rule. 1:35 Q9 MOVIE "The Girl From Petrovka" (1974) Hal Hoi- brook, Goldie Hawn. 2.00 © C5) COLLEGE FOOTBALL Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets at Georgia Bulldogs (R) O CD NEWS @1 Q) MOVIE "Sorrowful Jones" (1949) Bob Hope, Lucille Ball. © CD PRIME TIME NEWS © DAVID SUSSKINO 2:20 © CE) MOVIE "Taps" (1981) George C. Scott, Timothy Hutton. 2:30 © CD TOM COTTLE: UP CLOSE 2:50 C® CB MOVIE "Nicholas Nickleby" (1947) Derek Bond, Cedric Hardwicke. 300 © RODEO O CD MOVIE "Daisy Kenyon" (1947) Joan Crawford, Dana Andrews. ID MOVIE "Predators Of The Sea" (1977) Documentary. 3:10 © SHOWTIME CD MOV- ' IE "Cheech And Chong's Nice Dreams" (1981)' Richard "Cheech" Marin,-, Thomas Chong. 3:15 ® MOVIE "Gun Relt"(1953) George Montgom-' ery, Tab Hunter. 3:;W 03 MOVIE "Fahrenheit 451" (1907) Oskar- Werner, Julie Christie. 4:07 © © MOVIE "Top Of. The Town" (I937) Doris Nolan, Ella Logan. © CD SPORTH ffl LATE NIGHT HOUSTON LIVE 4.05 I ©CD NEWS 4:25 @B CH) CONSUMER- REPORTS PRESENTS "Dollars And Sense Show" The most effective pain killers and the least expensive way to clean hand-washables are examined. 4:30 © CD MORNING STRETCH © CD MONEYLINE «D PERRY MASON 4:50 ©WORLD AT LARGE GROUP W CABLE OF BAYTOWN CH; 3 . u •/• r« 1 1 CK CH. CH. CH CH W CH. CH CH CH. 10 .. GROUP W NkfcklodtM ESPN K 17 AH*«t« SNN PIS CABLE CH 11 CH 1 3 ... CH 17-0. . . CH. 1I-E. . . CH If-F CH JO-G . CH. Jl-H . . CH J2-I CH I3-J CH 74-K... CH. 25-1. . . Call 56 AtC USA GlMIMI WGM » HBO . . . . Sfcowtinw WO« » CM CNN 427-5607 Introducing a revolutionary new way to open an IRA. Open an Individual Retirement Account by phone. There are a lot of folks out there who didn't take advantage of Individual Retirement Accounts (IRA's) last year because they just never got around to it, or thought they didn't qualify. Now we want to make sure that doesn't happen again. So we're makin« it as easy as we possibly can. Just call 1-800-392-4470 and say "IRA'.' We'll take down all pertinent information, pre- assign you an account number and mail you the finished form. Just sign it and date it. Then mail it back to us. Or drop it off with your deposit at one of our more than 80 locations. You'll be in and out in less than five minutes! Call any time between 9 a.m. and 9 p.m. Our phone lines are open 12 hours i! day from Monday through Thursday. And from 9a.m. to5p.m. on Friday. So you can call after work. After dinner. At your leisure.There's no need to stand in line for 30 minutes to open your IRA. Not when you can do it by phone. Open an IRA with as little as SUM. Just because there's a $2.000 maximum yearly contribution doesn't mean you can't open an IRA for less. At University, you can open an account for as little as $100. Then add to it as you see fit. Call today and earn kl^^ *^tt* niojM utx- the IRA is an excellent way to save on this year's taxes and save for the future. And now it's easier than ever. For special retirement counseling, call these special numbers. If you have additional retirement questions, or if you just need help deciding which savings plan best suits you. call one of our retirement specialists between 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. weekdays. (DaI las. 526-3862 San Antonio. 657-4082 Austin. 478-9641 Houston. 529-4721 Fredericksbuo:/ V JOHNNY CARSON Now that every wage earner qualifies. Hill Country, 997-2121) We'll be glad to give you ail the help you need. It's no wonder we've opened more retirement accounts than any other financial institution in Texas. *ln Houston, 977-0047 Over $2 billion in assets and more lhan 80 locaiions statewide. In Baylown, 6902Garth Road/420-1525. Member FSL1C

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