Lake Charles American-Press from Lake Charles, Louisiana on August 26, 1962 · Page 13
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Lake Charles American-Press from Lake Charles, Louisiana · Page 13

Lake Charles, Louisiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, August 26, 1962
Page 13
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AMUSEMENTS AND ARTS HOPES TO HELP CAREERS Garland Won't Keep Her Children From Stage EDITOR'S NOTE - Judy Gar-, land is one of the most frequently witlen-about stars in show busi-i ness. What she herself feels about life in the spotlight is told in the following first-person story, written exclusively for The Associated Press. By JUDY GARLAND Written for The Associated Press I love my career. I want to say this because I'm always being pamtcd a more tragic figure than 1 am. and I get awfully bored with myself as a tragic figure. T wouldn't have been anything but an entertainer. With all the «!•••» iblcs. with the stumbling and falling on thr way. the rewards arc still so great. If you happen to bp a success, you meet writers, politicians, people in the arts. People with stimulating ideas in many places. It's a marvelous opportunity to lead a broad existence. As a performer. I love the en- thusiasm audiences have shown me. You can't, blame me—we all want to prove ourselves, and I've had appreciation shown to me in the most inspiring, spontaneous ways. Now I took at my three fine children and I wonder whether I would want them to be entertainers, too. Applause alone doesn't sustain you at 3 a.m., when you can't sleep. But even if my children understood this, could I stop them in : their choice of career? I don't think there's much I could do—or I would do. I'd be a damned fool ' to discourage them if they wanted badly to be actors. Thoy'vp been around, theater i people all thoir lives, it's inevitable that they'd think of the stage and screen for themselves. If i they're born talented, if they have j the desire to sing and dance and I entertain, it would be most terrible to have that smothered by a ,_.. JAMES MAUREEN k ~~ STEWATT 0 O'HafJA .. .FaBiAN VACATION parent. I would never be a mother who wants to be the star of the family, with no competition from her children. How then could I help them prepare for show business, if they chose to enter it?—as Liza, the eldest, has already. 1 used to think the best thing is to try to keep their lives, up to a certain age. as normal as possible. But how the heck can it be completely normal when they travel all over with me? Yet I believe they have been helped by the security of being with their mother. That i* better than the best boarding school or a home full of servants —and no mother. Finally, it comes down to a .matter of talent. Liza has been j studying ballet since she was a i child and loves it. Last year she i spent the summer season at Hy- ! annis, Mass., as an apprentice in summer slock—painting scenery, | moving props, sweeping the stage, (working hard. She. seems to like | the theater more than movies. | Lorna, who's 9, is the singer of j the family, she has a tefrific voice. Joey—he's only 7 and you can't tell with boys. He might turn out to be an engineer. Right now he's only just finished the first grade of school and he's just a nice fellow. But if they approach acting, I would want them to be aware of the responsibilities of a career and the little hurtful things that can happen. They have to be taught what true professionalism is—good manners at work thinking of other people, your coworkers in a production. There are people who have been acting for years and have never achieved this. I may be many things people disapprove of but I have always tried to be a true professional. i So if they are talented, you I teach them and encourage them ; and give them confidence. If they I and not talented, get them into j another line quick. It's difficult enough when one has talent. When hasn't, it's too heartbreaking. A€?ft 088 1 Moves up ind down qtifcfcl? 5 Confession of faith 19 Three-banded armadillo 14 Effluvium is Weighed down 16 Moslem judge 1? Discontinue 1ft Think 18 Tribe 3» Wedding answer 2 Words 21 Operator'* post 23 Praise 25 Mechanical tackle 26 Bronx* 87 Help on thespjt: 2 word* tt Elevates 33 Certain bird* 34 Constrictor 35 Cycles M Irritate 37 Indistinctnes* M A&atotnteAl vesMi 39 Embroidery silk 40 Visitor 41 Concert B 44 Sheep's 45 Enlarge 40 EdfrW: 1 52 Originally flamed 53 Owlling MWtf 54 PMite 55 Dane* 56 Rip 57 Deere* 58 Bow and arrow 99 Retfttestt 60 Belief •l BOW* fundamental E*cel 21 WftSfisit 22 COM iwfld 24 TtbM m 27 Btflqggt^ 28 Debt ftevw 29 Send W Third MA at Jacob Si Ctfofitff *f „ *UddI« £a«t Si Basketball m#- n Spectral J« StUbrplt SY «ltei;|«ift 3 Sweeper 4 Diminish gradually i Buffoon* « Fast 1 CtfTWt t ScOUt risors: I Distinctly tetov par: «ompdtn4 i« Address ^^ 11 Appetfeiflf 12 Hebrew month 39 Gffttft 40 Op«niflf» 42 Cntrrth offlclAH 43 Egg . 45 Hetb MHirMft 47 Crifflin*! 41 •gent m dreefe .. 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'Til KLOU RECORD HOP Featuring Ge«r*t Callowiy Ball's Auditorium 72M Sl*ck *l St. JMin StrMt Flrit 1* LQdltt FREE Adm. Me Partnti invlttd t* cam* It Cftapcronti § ENJOY FAMILY FUN ... with America's Favorite Family Sport PUTT-PUTT GOLF COURSE Open » A.M. It 1J MldnloM Oak Park Blvd. & Hwy. 14 Acroit From Grdnwlch •owllng Center MEMBER COURSE PPA FOX SULPHUR, LA. OPEN 12:45 TODAY SUN.-MON.-TUES. ALL THE EXCITEMENT THE LAUGHTER, THRILLS AND COLOR OF THE TEXAS "STATE FAIR" COMES TO LIFE IN ROOGERS t HAMMERSTEIN'S« STATE mm 2a Starrinr Pat Boone — Bobby Darin Alice Faye — Tom Ewell PALACE Open IPM HE 9-3406 TODAY-MQN.-TUES, DOUBLE FEATURE HIM Te Buy, Sifl, Rent or trade Us§ Classified - Dial HE 9-2781 PIWI Last Two Days! DOUBLE FdR ALL tH£ W6fiLt) NIXT! STARTS TUESDAY * —. §16 DOUBLE FEATt*E — * Mi! Nd. WFli§hi Of Th* Lo»» Balloon" Mil *te. 2-"f»»AT£ AND THE SLAVE GIRL" 1OTH IN COLOR AND SCOPE Hit No. 1 at 7:15—The Bit Man Whips tip HI* Biggest _ f % , >v DmifiAi DU - - • Scon i scon mmum COLOR Hit No. 2 »t 9:10— 1st Lake Charlet Drive-in Showing KIM NOVAK JAMES GflRNER TONY MNMLL SUN.. AUGUST 26, 1%2 NOW fffi C-2503 Feature 1:0?—3:15 5:24—7:31 | CIXllffllA PICTURES ortwnts < AFRED (OHUUR-RIOUfiO (JUWE PROOUCTW ft Jbck (ANDLADY BTRIEW1NWOOO to**!* fc URW KLURT ind W.AKE EDWARDS GULF COAST FURNITURE MFG. CO. TEMPORARY LOCATION 817 6TH AVE. MONDAY THROUGH THURSDAY CLASSIFIED CLEARANC! READ EVERY SECTION CLOSE OUTS • FLOOR SAMPLES ODDS it ENDS • DAMAGED PCS. BEDROOMS Damaged—3-pc. Bedroom Suite. 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