The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on September 20, 1918 · Page 1
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 1

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, September 20, 1918
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• t t • • • » > i it i ri tHt NiWi If A » MEMSfeK fM6 » AuSOCIAtfeO P «E8» • WHICH 14 THE BtflT «i THE NEW* HAS THfi LARGEST CIRCULATION OF THE PAPERS IN CENTRAL KANSAS VOL XXXIV. HUTCHINSON. KANSAS. lmtfiAt, 8I5PTKMBRR 20, 1918. LAST EDITION NO. .10. MAKE MORE PROGRESS German Resistance Is Stubborn, However, on a Front of More Than Twenty Miles. MANY BULGAR PRISONERS ARE CAPTURED Serbians Making Great Gains, Aided by Greeks and French. American Big Guns Are Shooting inlo Mclz—Quiet on Remainder of Fronts. <?> •§> <$* 3> ••«><•> <$. t*> <|, <5> <3> ^ <5> i$ > 10,000 BULQAR PRISONERS. <$> . if. <J> «. ij. ."J. <»,,;» ^ ^> <J, * <•(, ,)> <5> Paris, Sept. 20. —Ten thousand— Bulgarian prisoners were sent to the rear September 18 alone, says Marcel Hutln, in the Uclio De Paris. The pursuit of the retreating enemy continues with great success, the article adds. Hie officer snw the shot lake effect, killing sumo of the enemy and wounding others. Ureal confusion followed mid after tho unillorymiMiwiaU firoi on tho cross roads and the region nearby for ten minutes, the iroop iiioveineul toward tile American lines ceased. I he cross roads were -not used during the remainder of the day yts- teiday, <!> <i> 'i* '!> <£• <V '-s> Sv^'S* <r ':• **• <v *!> - HUNS TELL OF METZ. <H>- The Associated rrrs.O I Srltlsh and French troops are j making further progress In the envelopment of St. Quentln. The German resistance continues stub- { born and battles are taking place along a front, of more than 20 | miles from south of St. Quentin | to west of Cambral. I In the north the firltfsh are Hushing low aid t'utelet and have advanced t mile nearer Hie town un the wen', capturing an Important farm position between Kphey and Lerupirc. doulh 3f litis point the Australians are east at' the outpost positions of the IIill- tlenbui'K lino and the steady -f.rugrcHS of the Hrltlsh ibrenlens the mnln defenses of the line all the way from Lempire lo St. Quentin. British Take Prisoners, West of Cambrni where the Germans been always possible throughout the met a serious repulse In an attempt war and ion;; has been expected. :o cheek the Driiish operations In the Modern guns have a longer nintfo south, Field Marshal Hals has struck than for example, from south of oack at the enemy and retakes Ilia Pont-A-Mousso to Molz. The present strong point nf Moeuvres, on the Canal bombardment tberfore Is In nowise lu Nurd, which was captured by the connected with the fact that the.ene- tneiny earlier In the week. The' my after our evacuation of St. Mlbiel Sermans thus lost the only galu thoy salient drew near to the town. It Is save made in the flghtlni: since Mon- only a cotnltant phenomenon of the lay on the Cnuibrai-St. Quep.Un Clout, present battles west,and^sjmtlhwest v * * <!• <?• * 1> •?• * * 4> * * '«> * « Ainsterdani, Sept. 20.—Metis Is under fire of American cannon. An of- ticlal communleatlun relative lo the bombardment Is publrahd In t!i newc- pupers or that city, uc.cordins to a Merlin dispatch. It follows: "The enemy for -lays has been bombarding Metz with a long range gun. Such bombardim nt has STILL OPEN The Austro*tiung8rians Want to Talk the Matter Over With Allies Without Passion. Amsterdam, Sept. 20.—Notwithstanding the apparent rejection of the Austro-Hungarian proposal for a conference of the belligerents to discuss -the possibilities of peace, that government's offer Is' still open, says an official statement received from Vienna today. The statement reads: 'Trotn reports received from abroad, the rejection of the Austro-HuiiKitr- Inn government's suggestion Unit n preliminary discussion of the peace question be entered inlo can hardly be longer doubtrd. "The official reply to Foreign Minister llurlnn's note has not yet been received and therefore, the reasons which prompted the attitude of the governments of the Hnleulo cannot be discussed al present. Only from Secretary Balfour is an exhaustive discussion of our suggestion availa- gle. His arguments show how correctly Haron Burian's proposal Judged the situation and that only the adoption of Huron Durian's lino ot thinking could master lite confusion of minds prevailing everywhere until today. No Favorable Progress. "The peace quest Ion as discussed by Secretary Ualfour—and the same applies to the debates in the French and American senates—under the pressure of big catchwords and overmastering passion, can .naturally make no favorable progress. Especially regarding Mr. ltalfour's speech. It must he pointed out that it pontains a series of rush conclusions concerning the attitude of the Central Powers toward concrete peace questions which lie would not have arrived at had he entered into u discussion in the spirit of Baron Murinn's proposal. "Only if discussed under conditions free from the influence or passion can the peace question make that progress which Is In the interest of humanity. "The Austro-Hungarlan's govern, mcnt offer Is still open." The HriUsli have added morp' pvitiun- ;r« to the total of ion thousand announced, Thursday night. , The French Jams. Over the different terrain south end southVest of St. Quentin the army of General Debency Is working its way steadily toward tho city. AI- !3> ,ler the capture of Benay the French [• look Kssigny he Grand, less than four utiles directly south of the town. On the southwest they also continue their pressure. Farther South. General Mangiu's threat lo tbe security ot the Chemis lies Haines is compelling the Gerniuus to niako strong counter attacks lo protect that, important ridge. In the region of Al- leniant, where (he French nre within two miles of Fort Malinaisson, which of MeU and will - 4 ^**ift - iiJ *t 'ho«r: battles come lo a'." standstill:' Kegu- latlous regarding entry and departure from the fortress zone, there- lore, aro unaltered." S> <8> <5> •$> <S> <S> * * * • FRENCH STATEMENT. Paris, Sept. 'i0. —In tho enveloping of St. Quentin, the French have carried Essigny Le Grand, suyj the war office statement today. The Germans during tho night made strong attacks against the new French positions north of Allemant, between tho Allette and the Aisne. The cnouiv was repulsed with very heavy losses. THE OLD "PEACE OFFENSIVE" DECOY IS SOMEWHAT BATTERED BUT STILL IN THE RING CHAMPS IN A PARADE Keview of Royalty of Livestock Kingdum This Morning. lion, scorr FLKRIS SPOKE Tomorrow Will be Automobile Day and Hoeing Program of Six Lvcnis Run. The French have gained further uouilnales the ridge on tlio west, the ! ground northeast of Vailly In the enemy Thursday night hurled, five attacks against the French. All the altompis were broken up with extremely heavy casualties for the Germans. Repulsed the Huns. Northeast of Vailly ou tho Aisne, the French are H 'lwinctns toward the Cuomfu l)es Humes and have wrested further valuable ground from the enemy. West of, Hhoims a German attmnpi to cross tho Veslu baa been defeated by the French. Haln has been falling on the new American front southwest of MeU and operations there were virtually at a standstill. In northern Russia, Karelian direction of Chemln Des Dames. A German attempt to cross the Veale, where American troops are in the line, was repulsed. IN MACEDONIA. London, Sept. 20.—In Macedonia the Serbians have expended their front westward to the Czerna river and It now Is 25 miles wide. The total depth of the advance is 16 to 17 miles. Five thousand prisoners and eighty guns have been captured. All the flulgarian trench systems , !on.tUe Serbian front have been pene- Iroops, righting with the Allied and ; u . aU , A . Allied cavalry has laken up Itussian forces have inflicted a se-: lh( , mlrsu |, aIlU ono 01lva | ry lm | t Ults vere dereut on opposition forces be- cro3se(1 Ule Cerna| 2 0 miles •north or tween Archangel and Petrograd. 1 he , |m . S[)kol noslt | on . Another force of hostile forces are reported to have j ll01 . at . mell llus , nove( i tUe anme dis . taueu northeast. been led by German officers. <5> vj. st> s*;- <5; 4. <i, <v DIVISION SHOT TO PIECES. <*• »»• <»» * <t- 4> * * * 4> <• * * * * »•' Illy The Associated Press,) With the American army in Lorraine, Sept. 20.—(Noon)—"Several prisoners, from the clghty«evouth German division were captured lust night by an American utitrol west of Vahdlcres. This division had boon In the line In this secior only a Tew days. It is ono of Ihe German eraek divisions and It wna marched Into this area from the quiet suctor west of Rhclms where It had been resting. The prisoners said the Eighty-Seventh would liave been sent opposite to Uto Americans sooner but that if. bad been well shot to pieces on other fronts, Including that north of tho Marno during the German retreat, und )«U1 beeu compelled to await some replacements which had been long In coming. Took Quick Action. An American officer visited an observation poBt during tUe day yoster- day und while he was there the observer saw a movement ot troops on the cross roads west of the Moselle. Tho Germans were moving southward. Tho officer took charge of the situation by telephoning tho artillery, which responded promptly. The gunners opened up on the road ways and a, direct hit was scored" on the cross roads Just as two enemy squads had reached that poJtiL ThrpueU rough, powerful slajses, ,i> <S. 4. <f. *.^v . vi> <!> tj> RUMANIA AGITATED <S> <i- . • * s?> ^ <fi sf> ^ <i> <?• <!' -i> <4f <•» Amslerdnm, Sept, ID.—The Norlh German Gazette, Ihe German semiofficial organ, reports that there is serious agitation in Jussy und the unoccupied parts of llunmniu in which tho queen is the prime mover, to renew the association of Rumania with Ihe Entente. King Ferdinand, it is asserted, la holding aloof, but under certain circumstances might yield to the pressure. Tho North German Gazette and likewise tho Wesphnlian Gazette which also prints the report both warn the Rumanian government that It is assuming a great responsibility in countenancing tbe agitation. THE WAR SITUATION ^ \^ THIS MORNING ^ {iiy The As*sbctgted pr.'H 1. . British forces have wrested from the Germans a long stretch of advanced elements of the Hindenburg line north of St. Quentin .as a result of the attack begun on Wednesday morning. To the south, the French are slowly but steadily approaching the main German positions north of of La Fere, having taken several villages and intrenched positions during the past two days. This success by the Allies on a front which is one of the principal I bastions of the German position in France, lias aparently alarmed the enemy who has been launching counter attacks along the lino. The heav lost of these was along the lino from Trescault lo Moeuvres, west of Oam- brai, where, afler a terrific bombardment, the Germans made a determined attack but: were repulsed. At one point they 111 udo some progress bin were immediately driven back. Greeks In Fight. In Macedonia the Allied success east ot Monnstir has been followed by nn attack on Ihe L,nke Dorran front by tho Mrllish and Greek arm- iest. A foothold In the enemy's first position was gained, according lo an official report which says that the fighting is still going on. This attack seems lo be n move In the direction of the Vardar vnlley wheh has been considered tho most feasible avenue into Serbia from the south. Lake Doiran, lies on Ihe eastern side of n range of hills which runs north and south between tho Inlin and the Vargar. If tho Anglo- Greeciaii attack Is successful it may open up a new phase of lighting on this Iront. Good Advances. East of Monastir the French, Serbians and Greeks continue lo forge ahead. Reports of the righting indicate Ihat tho Uulearlans huve hurried up reinforcements without, however, being able to stem tho tide of defeat setting against thorn. Rains and cloudy weather along tho I/orralne front where tho American army Is engaged prevented aerial work yesterday and operations were virtually limited to outpost righting and artillery duels. Metz Is under fire of the American guns. U Is re- 'portcd that nn American hospital lias been deliberately fired on by Ihe German artillery duriug Wednesday night. Eight Americans were killed When a shell hit a tent In which gassed soldiers were patients. THEY FEAR FOR KULTUft Saxon I'oreignMinister is Afraid That It May Collapse if the War Lasts. American Big Gun. Washington, Sept. 20,—The forts of Metz, the German stronghold in tar ralne, aro under the fire of American guild) of nine-inch and larger calibre, members of the house military committee wore told today at their weekly conference with Acting Secretary Ciowell and other war department officials. Repulsed the Enemy. (By The Aasoolatud Prp-is. - . With the American army on the Lorraine front, Thursday, Sept 10, Enemy forceB attempted tp raid the American forces on this front this morning. After two bourbardnients which lasted 45 minutes, the German 'laf &ntjr »J4&ck .e4, ' be was reDulie4 NEWSPAPERS RESTRICTED The government bus ordered a reduction in size ot newspapers and a cutting down of circulation, the object being to largely reduce the amount ot paper used in printing. ] That Is the reason ' the News is .compelled, to print ^ ouly^vte^.-. pages. When, It formerly printed twelve; twelve, when It formerly printed fourteen, etc. Sorry, but wo can't help it. What the government says must be done. and did not reach the American trenches at any point. Ono German was killed and 3 wounded. In a patrol encounter iilong tho southern Lorralno front two Germans were killed and throe were woundod during a patrol encounter during the night. Swedish Prince Dea.d. Stockholm, Sept. 20,— Prince Eric, Puke ot Vestmanland, youngest sou of King Gustaf, died today. The prince was 29 years old. We can't recall that any curse we ever bestowed, on any man did any harm.—Atchison. Gtyh«. . Amsterdam, Sept. 20.—In speaking at a-banquet given by the town council ot Leipzlc In honor ot Swiss guests, Count Von VUztbum D'Eck- stadt, thu Saxon foreign minister, spoke of the German peace aspirations us follows: "The reason tor our readiness Tor peace Is not a consciousness of weakness but a sober recognition of Ihe fact that endless prolongation of tho war must lead to a collapse ot European Kultua". No paji-Gerraan politician, let alone any German statesmen, has ever revealed In any speech such wild aims as to destruction as the official leaders of our enemies have done since the outbreuk of the war and aro doing today. We Are Deceivers. "Wo know this paroxysm of hate is not a sign ot real strength, but only designed lo deceive neutrals and kindle the exhausted war paaBlon ot their own country. "VVhoii however, for the Bame purpose, an American street rabblu murders before the eyes of the authorities and with terrible tortures peaceful Germans and German-Americans In the United Slates and their murderers arc ucqulud in American courts, we have the rglit to characterize us hypocritical all moralizing interference by that country In our international affairs. "German order should bo able lo stand in comparison with American lynch kullur. Wo are no nation of wild conquorors. Thu government lias no sympathy »lih 1 'un-GeruianJc dcmand>-but we are also not a nation of slaves." NOT ENTHUSIASTIC. Berne Switzerland, Sept. 20.— (Havas)—The German authorities In Berlin have Instructed air Germans discharged .from the army and living in Switzerland to return to Germarry for work In the rear of the fighting line, especially In guarding prisoners. German subjects . here show little inclination to respond to the call and it is believed that 75 percent of the 10,000 Germans affected Will refuse to return to Germany. ON A SAND BAR. $ ^ 3, 3, <5> >j> .5, ^, 4. ^ <j> <y •..> <5> <t> ICE AT JUNCTION CITY. Junction City, Kans., Sept. 21). —With Ihe thermometer reading thirty-two degrees above zero tills morning, the first freeze in this section of Kansas was recorded. A scum of ice ' was formed on ponds in tho country and slight damage to ulfulfa was reported. Mo., and return. No one was injured and the excursionists suffered only slight discomfort. WEATHER REPORT. Flrtt National Bank Building. Tempera, turo for Last 24 Hours . at noon ,60 A. M. li A. M.. 8 A. .M . 10 A. M.. Midnight.46 I 12 Nonii. A, M <0 I 2 P. M.. Maximum, 36, minimum, 56. 4 V 0 1' 5 !' 10 11 M,, M., M., M.. ...50 ,t,0 .48 River Steamer St, Paul Was Held Up with a Load of Excursionists, Qiilncy, 111., Sept, 20.—The steamer St. Paul with four hundred excursionists stranded on a sand bar In tho Mississippi river four miles north ot West Quincy last night and the boat was still fast aground early today. An expedition was organized on the government steamer Dandelion aud the federal boat went at once to the assistance of the vessel. Tho St. Paul Jjr»# bound from Quincy to Cunton, S01t1 (J '.vllHt Kansas—Fair tonight Saturday fair und warmer. TONIGHT'S PROGRAM. 7:30 p. m.—Concert by Herb's Official Dand. 8;30 p. m.—Lnst appearance of the Russian Ballet Dancers. Comedy and Vaudeville Acts. 8:45 p. m.—Last performance of "The World at War."—Special features. Brief talk by Howard Ycwell in the interest of Liberty Loan. I'IHUT Mrjtl v.-fjithiT rondiiuuiH a rrmwJ ol thou.suiiil.s <if K;tn>;in.4 .saw tin- paruilt' of tin? kini^ ;uid quct-ns ol t h<' nn: 1.1 nl kingdom in (In i r pa radr iiruuiid tin* ;«PLM>.1 i IMJ; at Uiu Kansas Siaic Fa if. Tin' value nf tlif lnn>i->, mult-.-!. j:u:ks anil caittc i.s i\iiiinau-d iij be nearly u milium dciliai>- and \Uvy IT- prpnt'iited iln 1 loyally ot ihr animal Kingdom, tor I ht\v carried tin 1 blue ribbon rh am pinna hip t ibhons awarded this wreK ut (he Kansas State Fair. Many ot ilio rat He also havn IHM'II winners in scores of other lairs, having spent the en'ire .summer on the fjhmv circuit. Leading ihe parade came ihe Imr ses and mules, followed by the beef and ihen the diary cut Lie Following the show horspB cauu a group of little Shetland poms. The championship cattle were followed by many of the pri/.e winners. It was ii,*- plan to start Ihe parade at 'en o clock, but it WUH delayed till nearly eleven by the lack of help in leading the stock. *' The grand championship livestock of the Kansas Stale Fair are it& fol lows: Percheron, Sonier i ,7-anii and (*h.i melon htjIU^n ijossarit fiii l\;ipilHlin- and I '.i -'irvi' ('nam- i'iitu - L"u'iili> nn Kaptien 1 Ira lit! Champion mm i*--11'iwi-Hs oii Cattle. AyreMtin' Sealer an.I ('J rand i .'iuiai- plon ilulJ- i'< verill en ^ankro M.xMlc. .lunt'-i" 1' lia 111 p'un Iluil I v. till I on KliM'S ijuod <iUt. Senior and i.irand ' 'hatnpion t'uw - i'l'i-erilt on llnid'.s Leyytiesm-eU Juniur (Jliiunplon (Juvv • f 'i ^ 'iill t>n I.«.n>a (ia rlriiid. ilel-tt-lris -Senior und Cumd i;haini>i '"i |!idl--L'lu-..slnul on Johanna ItonheUr 1 'l);U))plon XJHJ, I tt 11 Un- CluuiipiOfl Hull I'leVi-i-ly en Hll I'tertjt^ WitiHim 1 InrneNi »'ad Senior and Unuid ("lianipton I'JW eVi.-i.s Farm mi I'leln- <]«i .Ki>l I'l-hif I l-pne-^Iead Junior i'hamplon Ow •Cy^ Kami on Alejinini 1'iiiU .Johanna. Aberdeen - A njffua—Senior i iriind tJliam - piini Hull —Kershaw on I'lifwtnun. Junior (*hnm|iKm Hull - Kershaw on 'igfft JJIMI. I,., . ,,,, u 11 i» 1 . r 1 1 . Senior and (inmd Chauipiim i.'nw- by A. Mitchell Palmer, federal ctislo- | simp.son on Myia nf TopHm. Junior fhamplon I'uW - Kr-rrd;;'. \\ un MUfkuKM! May f.lh. THE HAND OF HEARST It Appears in Ihe Brewers-Pro- Qerman Plans to Control a Washington Newspaper. Washington, Si-pt. 20.—Although : formal Invealixniion by lht> HPIIU U- i p\ judiciary cumniitlec iulo U10 i>olilicnl und propagandiv nativities of tho brow­ ing industry will not start until next j Monday, interest in congrras today | centered in the documents submitted Sliorthurns s.Milor (.'li .-itnl 'i 'tM Hull • HerUrtl-ui) ml Cllmht-Han.l .luiunr unil iliiilwl ('hiLiniilon M11II i'lili h- itnl on Sclrct Half. St'illuv rhiiiiiptiin Cnw- I l.-iri is on ri-ya- tal Mal.i. Junior tin 'l Ciraiu) I 'liiiiMlilon tow i'rtlcl.jinl un 1 -J^li' .Susan I efur ,l- -Si-nlor i'lianipWn Mult- l-if- Kt-nl <ui Mriiu-u I l 'alrfax. Jiinlui- atxl (irund l 'iMUiimin Mull un lloraldo I lit), Si -nlui- <ltanU tjhainlilcin l.'i>vv' lt.ii >.!.it on V'TIIH .Santa. Junior ('liamjiion I.'MW - 1 lin-Jutl mi lllus.s HHIi. Sheep. Htnopshin'.i *'haiuppii, i;uu, 1 10, " • ' K.uis.,,1 dian of alien property, K I IOW I IIB that fifteen breweries whoso names were given, had in co-operation with the United Stales Drewers' association, raised a fund from which $37fi,ut)0 was advanced to Arthur Urisband for Hie purchasu "f tho Washington Times. Germans and Brewers. The pupers submitted by tho alien property custodian In answer to tho senate resolution requesting proof of his statement In an addn-ss in llar- rlsburB, l'a., lust Saturday, In which hn charged l.hsn "wltliin the shadow of tho dome of the capltol was a news- | i'"''" l '' 1 " , in. ri-abudy paper purebased to fiivht the buttle of f \;^ll!^Z->^hi'm^^ the liquor traffic," were regardod as j * Sbi-iwisid Hm.H. telling an ninazing story of tbe ef-l^n- forts of the German agents and of brewing interests to uoiiuire a representation among liie press of the United States. Planned No Interest. Letters sent to the eommittee liy Mr. Palmer sliow tile source of the money rallied 10 purchase a newspaper amouutiiig In all to flW.OilO. The sum was advanced to .Mr. Ilrisbane for the. purchase of thu Washington , Times by ('. W. Ki-igenHimn a brewer warmer except In extreme southwest• [hrough the Growing I'lreiilulion Cor- ui Walllnli'i- portion. \'n & O\^CT TO GOWD 1f\lt> SHELU PUWT TILL I SEE IF SOnETrMNOT /\\KT CrO^Gr To HATCHED IMV 11 1 i. l »i ,..i.) l mii .tii poratiuii. huvlng amimg lis lilreetnrK Wm. A. Del-'oril, an attorney lor Win. 11. Hearst, and aeeurdiiig 10 a sum • ment by l'Vinonspan believed to lie "i:ii.hcr owned or controlled by Mr. Ilrisbane." No interest was lo bo ! ij'J,' paid oil tlte sum advanced although 1 -Mr, Brisbane has slated lie declined to accept the loan without interest. Mtvvolil.H— t'liiiuipion run) •I'op.k.i. i.'linmploit 1-i-i-uUsir. M. S'.ulliO,A\ nil — I'liiiinpioii i 'liairiplon I'WI-, K. H. A Oxfoeus Cllampton lam ,i inifi'. liorsuui cliaiuplon tain a A. I'. Iji-lains M'-riii'^i ('b:iniplnn Wallliili,... Swine. t'olaial l.'lilna Si-iuor Cliampion lloar - .Me> i-fii ,,i K.-rvi' S'lilor iliailipioii ,M,' Mijsk.r H0I1. Junior l 'liarnpioli float t 1 M.icl.. Jt.ui.n n,»i'rw 'h., t Afri t-eii mi ijt pti.'tll'n Hol' a fa I • i. I • > - uid lii>l>l rfeiiioi- .iitd tirand Mniire ..t, Mi.-ij t'ldef I'll.) IDli t< in fjfrW Meyi'C! Juniur elKunpliMi sew 1 II tmpe-ll viliplei, S> eiui i 11 un l)urot- , pinn linn h.mipiui t 'i linn tM. Sriil<H inn l'< l>aljii' .i.<ld> AN AUSTRIAN BREAK? Washington, Sept, 20~Uoania, Herzegovina, and Croatia are to be formed into a single provincial government under th« Am- trolluugurian Empire, with; Count Tisza, former Hungarian! premier, at its head, according! to an official didpatch from Switzerland. UIBERTY DAY, Waahinyton, Sopt. 20.—Pr««l- tjent Wilson today proclaimed 8aturday October 12, the four" hundred and twenty*ixth annl. Veruary of the discovery of Amer(ca «• Liberty Oay. and culled upon all cltUena to celebrate It to etlmulato a generoue response to the fourth liberty loan, I'id.-f W'.nil.-r. .Jurd'M ' L ) 111 n 11 'I > 111 t'nnr t'i'w -.(» i- li'illid Kltirl. He >' >\ • ,i')UI'-J . \i. -Till**: .1 > Sli.-ldn-i.J «.,- KlKti I* u ; r L |. , HeUJ'.j- ;iud C;J:J*"J I ' J' . It, j • ••). .->•» t'ttr.; ell tJlili Iti.i |tff|'.t> .-i • li.MMi'l in S'tVV -''I'i'.V (>l< < 'I'lW'h (Jliof. lit, ;t JllJil',- eh .iMd '«"n '/.M.U .HI M.ild-.i ' = i • K II"- •-.•iw v. II'IH . K.i.uiu. i. '/ii.i-. ..(, te^ lil!l'< 1-1 il:«m|-.!-)iii.-. S .'tiKn .n-i ' ii.-if,,) . t. ••, pi.-n I'.'-.i! <;-.llle n.i i.:, Ai' !•••! *ri;,S •• K s \ i- .s. n i'>t etmnil '"J. < '•• ' 1 : i.-e-. i i M > l,.e -d. it iMl (<••..•(*.- y.\.\v>\ • i :.v. pii ui •• m pi- wit M.nit I A . i i e Sr•niur aifl 'Jliind < i..i!ee."i S .-M Wi'Nlpl' <*li Jeillleltil, It'-.--' .i s.'r;-.,r eteiinpi'ii *<i\\ —Weinpe i.-t, t.i.u. J ui: u>r and K.'M-r.c t'r.iinl tdi.ttnpiuu ,,M U' 1 iiiin- <ju 1 .udv A K .-tin. Che.,ier Wl,lt.Setd.-t- u.,1 «... Chttniplon t'ttleriiau uuU I'IUUI en Smlh'y'.i Ivlml. J-uiiltir , ''Ittintpiun I'.um .MiAr.^w <ir 4 Jtm Wlliff L'nd. und (Irund \ 'ii;inij.iiou Sow C'tjletiuiii an<l ('mm on 't'ip Top. Junior v'hamuluu How • M^AI^LW, uu • miniuil, • Jacki. Qraad (,'haruplon Jcit-k^ -illnturiH .nM Hon. DlKhlor. on Ulllie \i Gnuid ('tuumjlou Jciinul - Ilim-uou in U Sin OH I'^u.ny t*oms. QtfLUd AiuU*— Ilinemttit iuri Sou ou Maud (Coutiuucd ou Pu£o 9.)

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