The News from Frederick, Maryland on May 31, 1932 · Page 7
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 7

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 31, 1932
Page 7
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THE DAILY NEWS. FREDERICK. MD. TUESDAY. MAY 31. SEVEN BRUSHING UP SPORTS . . By Leader \ \\ a.-MI ' ud Kr.i\on. * . »'T u-.- ' l : 1 ot On- l«i ' . j"d. ·· ·! t t i o i ;-ct lens ^:i(J SIN IT! high, all except .utibor'vxxl iI blr.'} Australia, re- '.!« iraniii f 20 railway locomotives, · · i h . Ii.i5 uiclaicJ a b.-.cfc. wall. 30 and par, of a church. w Viffiam Braucher B. 1 ·A! £.^ir^^n_-. lie tin t-r-i '-i. -· .- S3:?.* He cr: « :r. run; Srs.ces r±e .-sn p-3 a sv. _11 -Jt-.rld He cir. titrc 1 · strides across ":. ' :lav from tne *" » -. - a .»A - - o »t " ° ~ -- ·. 2« ijx, Ke -s a psyo"-!"""! ":T-O' _ -" -.-^r-S cr S.niE;oii5. but lie hits : pl?:.ty '»ne:: .' coua^ And be hits . jei'er t.ian ar\v otrser secocd basenvan U Goe- To Sunrooas. 1 -_rc Jr-n: ne u^orp \o*«? to be c*5t r~' v.rrer vh: had troush: up tAf 5'-O'^ t 1't 'r 1 ? nrs* piC tno--giit for , ~ ::uv ar- tne sound -aai the · v .=^i:g ci^ter u: trie cab Then he *AV", .=.-'. -r ;t s all sale i«c con?. ( y.'^.£?7,r.z -g?, .sb-lr., fitness arid \CKir ' ".t^.t '.o jcmecocy :n the major leag\;e«, . c r " i * r pivr. to anybody els* And ;.-i .. ; c';'Se.der. too Ke pla* ·.-a:..- s* oi'e:i aj Gehrig. I Uiuik. - .; . U-.r.rg his piaed in 3 .?: of ' beaten" fca. Pica tor Gcar trie ^ec-·:i .- Piajs out trtrrre .· rv ..^v K.'i .··-·::* 350 day :n 2::= c^y .,,· H, c.-....» .*. ruiii. roc IV? l:;2ra ·jle.i'y cf ;,. ,r- D-ir: say they'd ra - :.-r p.-ch to anybodv els. :--r S Is i::e lea;--?- A i d 1. _ r. :-· : ^-sl U-o.e " 1 Iji^ '..^.i ~ - :::· .: »· ball ?s.".:es all by h^nel£ r-ijt: v . _ t :.e iias ac^e. -ion th»!2 _ . bv .· r.-_- .: Ait Cl^rk Gr:fi:th ' At-- .- v.-^ ..'.I '.er Jir-ci thi ^03-5 jert-nrfl .n tne yre^ oox to put co»a t..e ^.vry cf ar.-.' oai! game t-hii ^^3i" writer oegan -\oniering ho\v it ...» :pensc '.na: Bab? n^ - n «aini e\en H-. » a rretty good ball Damascus "Judge rra. _- s. !:".Ie -o .cr f.e bu" no" rr.-._£. G._ a-d ."--.'£. :· :;· he's go: coi?r. TOO. A b_g D'Jtcn a h»al:ny grin l.ste tha" ·. .. · h.t ihe "ay he 5oe5, srjp^a's *o iins Ke has a let rr. ·"· tc.o- S^nnionr. I'd s a ~ ' --., j£ay 31 --Heaibers o: Uc- j ;a Baot^i church, at, Cedar j .i t.terr annual siTauDerr' :es- j il a.ia chicken ^tipper on ^he grounds cntr.? tne c.s'^r;n on ilfnca;. e\e- -.·". --CnJerJr-a Dir *erv:c*s -*ere held at. ·a.-. Wesley Grr.e Methodis; Episcopal :h= crr.JT'-h a', WoodSeld on Sunday. i« --Mrs. Ol--. cr S. Ll^yd of Baltimore, .-.. _i A. ',"'j"."..T-^:-liw a::a s^ter. ilr. and Mrs. \ Cose For Second Base. , Vj.:cni H Da\ j It sounded like n pre-t'y fair ess? at --Mrs J c*. liaocs eulenaiised her that. Then the 'h rd b25?:r?.ll wr.'er cr:cge c.-o at ner nome on Thursday j ic:ced his opinion :.-£2t Priws -.ere auarcec to M^s Ka- j "You can ra-.e S-rr.rr.^ns and Gi^n'. · · -'-·* M.*-~:i. Mr.-.. Beima Souder Har- j I!! -?ke Gchr^igtrr o: the Tig-ri Hes r_-. }!:» C-KSt-in::-.- MuJ^n_\ anc M. j the bes: 'Aorkrr.a:! in tn£ b-g '.oa^ti^. ' J-2ie* K. Da;-. . I bar nooocy K? Ita^st slaved is Ion; I --^1-" Ja-.^e P- H;.att. a member j as Fnscn.'ar-d hose t had the spotlicrr.t , o: the 19^2 cla^s c-i George \Vas.-_=g;oa on htm ;r v.or'di series like Frtsca ha? Uni 1 .ertit;.. attendee 3 tea on Sunday bus he's a be'ter second sasemar. than · j^temom g.-.en a Alpha ?: Bpsilon ' Fr.sch or I'll est all ·h'» uohsl^'-try :n Fra--- :..-.;. th^ cab. --Po_r rsicntoer;, o: Woodiield Grange ' "Loe a; in; Tic- -c Las: year Geh- .r.cluctr.; Perry Burce::e. Laura Btir- ! r:rtger was ou^ cuitt- a bit and .vas: ' cette, E_s * _-rth Sing and Pauline King. | handicapued with a iairte arm Tn.b t ^.re .dtt-crnc-n^ a, t,7T3-da.y session, of j year he's in good shape Speak-ng oi ! Poniona Grange held at H^hland. Kax- ( psychoiofl-:ai advartages, Gehnnijer i? ' arc cojnt;. the gay -s-ho gives yyor ball c.uo just t --Mr a::c Mrs J. Bradley thai He Uts tne \ r.o'e t.Jb oecauie , ^tutatince tne btrtn 01 a- 10-pound son. the bojs «ho p!av on the same teaai ! Taan:.?.;. bom May 16. OFTH PlTCHE!? l SB. E\ ! E \V£N| IN TEAM AT S) T|4ftT {45 Pf ALLOWED TO PITCH THE ISAM \\\ . - c ·«."· - - . - · · · .. »'., ·· ·· , -v ' · " - er-T- A ' « · · . * . . ' '. I'-'.X CHICHESTERS j H ^M» »Y PHUCSBTS ITEM WBIIS We carry only standard coals. Their quality cannot be surpassed. Geo. S. Rodock Son titib St. »t Pa. R. a. Ftaoae 90S. BRUCHEY'S ' When your children, like the buds of flow ers, blossom forth in '.I spring attire, just no |: tice how much they have grown in a year. There should be a new photograph to keep, 4 . for all time, this record ,ii of change. It must be [i made now. Make an i: appointment today . . . PHONE 799 P E A R R E ' S 4 Modern Pharmacy DRUG ^ PRESCRIPTION SERVICE TELEPHONE 208 j-. rnu«£. »y 1| Edmonston Studio "While Voti \re \bouf It . . . Of a Good Picture" «-ji,6 Snow they're working w:th a v.hale oi a M-ss Janice Hyati asi Mr. Roland ball player, fee's good company. "Yon lose lots of bail games through second base. Plenty of runs are cut -'.. there, and tight: games are -»on or !os; by bum throws or p-'^r f:l-:..c C ; ~ ringer is a sreat inS-jlcer I r-.; r slrec«ti 3. point, and say he's the greatest In5e!c2r ji the majors. Name some- preaistonc monsters at body better. And he migh: no;, h.: 0.=; v.'orJd* Fair next jear. BPIDGE af the EXPERTS PLAY IT BY WM. E. McKEXXEY Secretary. American Bridge League I vi an'- to pause today in our presentation of national champions to pre- rr.adt- cQublcc bi.t. Xcr.n ai - c make five spades \v.tiu3Ut, any d^iicui- ty aac even if Mrs S;n-^ had been se. IAO she \\ould £ia\e h-a an e?- pecuUj good score ---i the b.-arc Psychic bids are oaugerous tactic^-not, recommended fcr the bepinac-. Lu; ihnU producers when succecsful TOMORROW: Commander IVinficld i \V ·:ebri".!t^r Rcbs 3-:t\. R . Jc in \Vt.lcr EJ!. Son:.. Csrlo;. i 1 M.;tc-:i Or;.:- ncafner F-an.-: P EllOi R-"f! JLi.j : Car'jcnciair.^: i Norman H"3i. Harold D-I-, a" i Rakes. Stcriuis Gar.icr. Lll^^er K'-.-.c .Malcolm Yinsling. Ral.T.n Kceler. Ea:l I CraDos. Roy Ulcmiahlen. Paul 'Cirroll Ro.\c. Alfred Yingli.'.t;. Mcli-n Cterman'.en. Moiir.ce Ba'-crr ^fcl\:^, ; Liffjrett, Jr_ captain ot the team which Kcefe _ Ro .jert, Utermaliieis. Mauri. : holds the National Contra t Team-oi- gaker". Melvin Keefcr. Robert and A'.\ :.i Four title, jives his favorite hand. sent to \ou Mrs. Dorothy Sims, " Welier and James Marshal! e,-reen v.ere guests at a .ea on sa.uroay ^j^.. of ^ associa.-^ jaernoers of Afternoon a: me n^me of Co'_ ana Mrs. I ^ ^^^ Bridge League. H-r husky l-ri:ata=. a. A:co^. \a. | husband. P H. fliaj SSnts. acSr.ow- " I'eceed as one of the country's greatest A huge metal g.obe. standing as mgn j p:ayers ^ generaK v conceded the title is an eight-story building, -anil repre-| or ^p^m of y^ .Four Horsemen.' sent tne earth and house of display of . .. [h ,,,,,,.,,.,,,,.. !adv usually takes the Chicago | Losts One Fast Ball -- Finder I Please Return To Wes FerreU while this djrunutive !adj- usually takes charge of the situation and'acts as the real leader of th-s group She is credited tilth being tne originator of psych.c oidding at contract I asked her one day ho-jr she happened I to develop psychic bidding, and she re- I plied. "Contract is a game of bidcLng I and when your opponents hold al! of I the good cards or are altogether to-i j =kilful. I decided tnat I would no .en;- i er sit back and al!o«- the Romans to , capture the city so I put j in s. few bids with tne sole intent 10 disrupt che teamwork o? my opponents, and it 'JT3S surprising hotv well it noTk- cd." Mrs. Sims has been holder of several national at both aucccn | arid contract. She is a capable · player and one vrhose bidd-ng is most difficult, uv analyze. It was only recently thar her bridge friends persuaded ner to publish a book describing her interesting and unusuai psychic bidding. In the following hand. Mrs Sims gives an o\amp!e of one of her interesting pcych.c bids. · Union Bridge. May 31 --A birthda% " party was g.*» en a: the home of j Mr and Mrs Frank R. Bohn on Monday evening in honor of their son Ear" The evening v^as spent in playing \ar- ' tous outdoor games untii a late hour T.'nen all v»rr" in 1 , itc- 4 T for r^fresh- ments ·wh:- ". _ " r^- "-rr.on- ade. cinch, popcorn and nu^= Those ; present were- Mr and Mrs. frank R Bohn. Mr and Mrs John Marshall. Mr and Mrs. W.iiiam Eckeirocc Mr and Mrs. Rex B-ddmger. Mr and Mrs M D. Smitn. Mr and Mrs Charles Gross- j n;ckle Vr. ana ?^-j- Mari.-all Sii.r;--. i Mr. ani Mrs. Russe.l L.ndsar. Mrs. LdU Ro?ie. Mrs. Ray Welier. Mrs. Cnarles Bowers. Mrs. Amelia Craabs. Helen Marsha". Viola DayhofT, Lois Biack. Grace Rood. Cat n-rine Mackley. Catherine Bowers. Louise Garber. Gladys Graybil! Almena Bakes, Evelyn Garrer. Ruby Qaesenberry, Martha Wardenieitz, Audrey Dtn-an. Louise Baker, Juha Uter- ' mahlen, Lola Bonn. Ruthanna Keffer Artie Smitn, Lillian Grossnickle, Meda Marshall. Erma Re-, a Qaesen- berr}-. Belle Cartzenoafner. Julia Garber. . Caiherine King. Erma Wolfe. Margaret ; Bowers. Pauline Weller. port.3 Crabbs. ' Catherine Ymgiing. Edna Cartzer.daf- j ner, Caroline Stoner. Lacy Graybil!, An- ' H. M. Snyder Funeral Director AND E^IBALMER Ridgeville. Md. I'hone It \iry Also 923 North Market St. Frederick. Md. Phone Frederick 545 REASONABLE P R I t t S Extra Money For The Farm! K t l - l Kl \ K \ H I H t s FOR 1_!»: - . . i. '.' I ·.- i · M "- .· ^ - FREE -- FREE RABBITS: K \BBITS: RABBITS: COME 1 \ -- H I ! O i l ( O I P O V FOK FKL^ It^BIlIT I » ! I V \ \ ^ ( . *. \ T t K D \ l N I G H T . " f M \tn v.\ -T M HlKt TO M I S IF N 4 1 | f I K \ \ W ONF FRCK Kinitir TO im-T I I I R H NXMES DK \« N Lrt «·; lr!l roll how tc srl «hf f'« r-sbbil Op^n C\T* tlav tblt wtrk K \. M to In r M. Tonic fa»Ir thr mornta; f^rt thr hr^t of thit brevdtnj stock xour^elf \LL STAR H XBBIT BREEDERS - · I North M - i r k f l -trrct FOR EVERY BANKING NEED As a complete commercial bank, we are equipped to give every form of financial service required by business organizations and individuals. We invite you to use our facilities for your checking account, savings account and other banking needs. SWo Interest Paid On Savings COMMERCIAL BANK OF MARYLAND Sf^^ AK-J-4-2 : V 8-7-5-2 410-4- A V - 1 7 ¥A-Q- 10-96-3 · K-J-73 A10 NORTH r- !7 tf\ ^* 2 V 5 ~* Dealer SOUTH A10-3- 6 VJ-4- 4Q-8- 6-2 A9-6-3- 2 ^A-Q-7-3 VK + A-9-5 AA-Q-8-5-4 ' ATTENTION THE SEW DOMESTIC Buckeye Elec. Refrigerator 1 u Ticnr on Displty in Ibe Weln!«rl »'n- * J dow 119 S. Marktt »tr«t. for short while. ^ I * ALBERT C. PAtMEB, Agent. THE PEOPLES FINANCE CO. LOANS PAY OFF ! YOUR BILLS! Do not hesitate to see us if you need money. It's our ; business to lend it to you. ; Quick service. Strictly confidential, friendly and dig nified. WE WILL LEND YOU UP TO $300 Peoples Finance Co. 15 N. COURT ST. (Mr. Sam in charge) PHONE 1473 BY ( L V i K E BtRCKY NM _.,,., , p . r; , ,,-.,,^-2.20 M=v 3D-- Kc - -. -. .. _.:-,, ., b , d ;; - -A? ^-. ,.-_-x.^*" c~.- . F-.rr" C-- l.r.a " --- :.:?£r P.- £ er _.,_,. ,,. .,,,, "" "' T -f -s--- ^ ago ih*=. ~ 1- o y^ that :iard one I The Bidding, Mrs. Suns -ras c.'.^-nc -n tne Wts; Her oppocens -sere usm; the Van;er- biJ:. club bid--an arbitrary conven;;or. ^ho's^ns at. least three and r-3e-ha.;r tracks "s-^en U56C. and a hand *ria* hc^ cne ffiut unprotsctei for ro truicp South oueneci the O.QO-T.; ~.rn a Vanderb^: cl-;b 7Trs. S^^s overcaj.---:; --itri tiro 5pacis£ \'Zu. will notice t-r.a* .1*^ hand cor.ta:-^ na"/n-r:e :n spscc; 'oat »he has an w-b:d -n r.--ari Xonii promstl? co^olea 'r.e t ? o SMCC= Pecl-i:- ' ^3^' passed. Soutb ;assed ar.d r^Irs v_- , 'Suns no-s: b.5 thrc; Searts X-rth c-c- _*x. ., the a-1 of ts» trr--^ hearts The Pla.T. YOUR FUR COAT should be thoroughly and expertly cleaned before putting away for the Summer. Dust asd soil destroy, not only the lustre, but the pelt itself. Your Fur Coat Cleaned INSIDE and OUT. (Absolutely Safe) Only S3.50 Q U A K E R CITY FREDERICK'S OLDEST. BIGGEST AM) BEST CLEANERS AND DYERS RANGES PRICED AS LOW AS S 109-- INSTALLED $5.00 Down--Easy Terms T H E Westinghouse Fir. or Zone Cooking Siirvev show? von hew ·'I*'' _3 a ':.'' "3 ace .n v e . ·-» - 45 garr-s?. z ?x~ s.rrr;. or b;cc_-^ : c w.thy-- ::a-:n: '-· raf. Amencr. ~ -.· -TS --= H. "-·- ." "-" fa-!ed to bother the - - -. --. c · --ar/ ; -n "ns »-a.-ch IT -"^ --' tis c .: ."-r ..·: trc-ncei tr.c r .V.--u; --- · :· """·=-- ~xA 'our out of 'rcc: ,.r. -- Y.--'--". '--r o-.-- of KX f--IT. h^; fast :n" fcr ;-' dsr. he r.-.d «.T :s ?"- H .' .- ;·'- ac. to Manager P£c.- ^v \Va ^:. - -^tr.- ha fast baU and ."-r TMa."-T.; :~r h-s f'-o" c"i»r-e ana poi.r.G- . - - ..-- . ^TM -- ^ T-- i - Vrt *o t* fo1"r (y-iTT^'^v ' a.- .r- . .... - ^- --^ .-i. «-» ?xx.- ---- ' "-'-s " r t a "· ff ° lack to --- f3 -* 1 -: . - : ' '-· - - ^ t- b- -.!s be*-, be' f:.- r. ~ Nc.- ..^.-. ~--t :o go to "XO- jv--f-ct .* f^a.n before he can b^ -.- x-rr.T -nat he's p-pposci FOR A CHANGE- -- TRY CAREER'S HEARTH BAKED BREADS French--Vienna Style Jmd Rye. The Garber Baking Company TlimL (if IK \ firlirr rookinsr mclh- ··xi that ro-t- ^on ]*·=-! Yc- . . . from «-/) rtf\ irv .«!SO.V ic- por car. That"- t'r-- .T-!'ja* ra'h -a^inc in \o'jr kitrh^n ir Zone ii j "v-n- is Flavor /one ?urv-\ provs it ... right in lour ow-n kitchea vnth data that von supply. Let our representative *h"^ vou th ( - -avings that only the Flavor Z«nc r«xkinc method can «rive ou. CaM n^w for an appointment f'-w it t« rrn. E I C i . T K i t n \ li F l i f c M O D E R N , FAs-T. f c C O N O M i C V L "WAY T O COOK THE POTOMAC EDISON CO. 26 W. Patrick St. Frederick, Md. Mount Airy--Taneytown--Union Bridge--New Windsor « ^ ^ rj N O V \ f f! KrmLiiVt-i-C' n

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