The Paris News from Paris, Texas on August 1, 1934 · Page 7
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The Paris News from Paris, Texas · Page 7

Paris, Texas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 1, 1934
Page 7
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Page 7 article text (OCR)

WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 1, 1134 "L PAWS HEWS, Or Trade It A Paris News Classified Ad CLASSIFIED AD Information All M.; ia U S*w* not For ottic* of a Tin*** 60 v*« *or<i C Tin*** »e t>*» *or<L .* Tt«»«» lie »*r word. SO* p*i •orA. cli&rje*. 30c. onmtv»r of v or nut* uni*iG on ta ifi the tin*. i ra.t«* «»*U »• gl»«ti upon Application Lx-^^i r»t»« «.t ' Ont or-tow» ord*r« tor * for mor* Incorrect lc«*rt»oa copy both Sox tx* ji blind T»!e p«teot will or b«»i »nt*r«*t» %od r»»rt»T. *r» c&re N«»» will Advertisers yoar «.d» to :r»*d A VOU In ? I«4 OR 1 Livestock Feed Plants and 6e«d Aftnou.ncem.ent* Societies and or SASTEHN STAS PARIS Ko- £ O. E- S. m««59 every tad Ca.vIu«SB. W. il, ilra. Dona Sec. Queen of Dixie Poultry Feeds Sure Naff Stock Feed Field Seed — Garden S** 1 * Poultry remedies. Bulk Bird Seed. Bird Remedies and Supplies. DOR and Puppy Food Chisger Chaser. Guaranteed to Keep the Chiggers Off HARRY BOOK S7 Grand Ave. TeL .«04 Feed Plants and Seed BURH CLOX'-ER SEED—50c per busheL Oscar Sullivan. Caviness. Teaas. Merchandise for Sale Miscellaneous for Sale 82 MY EL.BERTA PEACHES will be ready for canning: about Sth to 12th of Aus* jst - SI. 00 per bu. at orchard. 51.50 in Paris. R- R Hicks. Razor, Texas. QUICKMEAL gas range. Lorraine co car Newman Phillips, judge New Cases Filed Francis Tenntson vs. J. nison. Divorce. suades th« polic* to a**l«n h*r to ] i the mystery of an old hoa»« in • exchaajr*- for heir freedom- BJi* | discloses bow a -woman "1» fright- | ened to death, the housekeeper Is * drowned anil her own father *• | ? - - s | murdered. * DEFY JUDGE AND ARE JAILED Ten- I Tj2e sirl &er*e— faces death In f 1 the- water cistern below the house \ i at the hands ot the maxtiacal j COITKT ; killer after a succession of rapid- j C. A. Martin, judge } f i re events crammed with spine- ; One case of delinquent child • freezing thrills. } * iled - { Miss Wilson as the psychic, Er- j i win as the detective, Oland. aad | Marriage XJcenses ! Dudley Digges comprise th» tea- I Melvin Harp and Edith McCor : ture<i "cast. Ir-viag Pichel idrected. j mick, i —— — ' i LIGHT SHOWER AT j ! CLARD Y REPORTED i At The Grand regulator. Good condition- it at 54 S. 5th St. See Musical Instruments BARGAIN—Nice reconditioned piano. Quick sale. 540. Denman Music Store. Ha mar County Aato licenses Passenger Cars Jesse C. Badsert, Rockwell Field, ! j a!.. Plymouth sedan. j CLAK2>T.—A light shower of j rain fell here last Thursday but! I not enough to benefit crops. j Several Clardy people have been \ ' at-ending the revival at Cross- j | roads. - i A young and ambitious det^c-1 Henrietta Short is visiting Cora, . after much effort arrests a : Lee "Williams at Marvin this weete- | beautiful fortune teller only to j Mr. and Mrs. Aaron Parker of i make her his sweetheart- This; Biardslown spent Saturday with , romantic sidelight occurs in "Be- j Mr., and Mrs. J. H. Parker; John- j fore Z>2,wn." RKO-Radio mystery i nis Short visited Mr. and Mrs. j dramatization of Edgar Wallace's | I>o Cherry in Paris Thursday: } exciting thriller of a psychic de-! Mr. and Mrs. Mack Williams of tective, with Stuart Srwin, "Warner Paris ~ Oland and Dorothy Wilson. i Mrs. The girl proves she is really ; Stone gifted psychically, and Erwin per- ! her sister. Miss Eugenia Reed. Thimble Theatre, starring POPEYE At The Plaza SHADY GROVE PLANS ITS ANNUAL REVIVAL Atym*. Loy and George Brent These two Danviite, Ky., reporter*. Jack Durham (left) and We«!ey Carry (right*, spent a number of hours daily In ]af! after being cited for Jay W, Harlan of DanviHe, for refus- in the eourme of their n«w»paper work. „ K - ~ ***' £%*' Grove Metbodist meeting wiS o*» appear together for the first time | , in at :he re j, ular time. Angon 1. as & rosa*nttc team in an irttrig- I the date the first Friday IE Anyu*t uin£ and. exciting tale of inter- ! btln^ that observed, -the past sixty national espionage in "Stamboui j years by this churca for ii» *»Quest." whicii opened Tuesday at ! rma! revival. No special bom* th« Plaza. Theatre. t coming- prosrram has been arrans- The plot throws -a new light \ ed. but al! f srsaer members of ta* •apon the fascinatlr* business of j church and community and other* spying: and also serves as a. vivid ; are invited to come and take part Illustration of the spy's unwritten • -a *he meeting. code — Never Fall in Love. j The pastor, the Rev. C. B. As Frauleln Doktor. whose cs _ : Thompson will do the preaching Ifitence is knc*v to only one man. ^rx! the Rev. Dempsey Gardner of Myrna Loy sets out to trap the Houston, one of Shady Grove's Turkish general. Ale Bey. who u-'-West preachers. Is here Trlth h* suspected to selling military se- I wif ^ visiting his brother. Geory- ereis to the eaemy. { Gardner, and will attend the sceet- i *-r*cr But before she accomplishes her \ ~"~ = " _ _ _ mission in the Dardanelles she is " continually hounded fcy a love- j TAKEN 1 TO HOSPITAL smitten and reckless young Anreri- ? rOABrX,. Okla.— Mrs. C. 1£. can whose antics onlv serve to Anderson was taken last Friday ta complicate matters. ! Oklahoma City for treatment -ar As Beall. George Brent shines j *• "• lver » :t J r aospitaL _ in his finest performance In his i brief -'^oreeii career. C. Henry | f~* AT T Af\"\ .Gordon takes care of the skull- j v^.rVl_L» fHJA dugsr^rv with the role of AH Bey. ) ^ his performance comparable to * e ^ 11] byv or tra<i " {or yoar h'-s memorable work with Greta : "" ld turntture. Come in to see- oa Garbo in "Mat! Hari." \ r ° r the b&sr *a*«es fc» borne *«*! Lionel Afweli takes care of the { ' :s= ' n # s character of Sturm, chie* of the • ™. -* 13 t T secret service and the one person j L*« ii. ISalier X*ttTll. ^.'ho knows whether or not "Frai:- | The House That Sells Fcr ' iein Doktor" is a myth. • Greater Love Has No Man By E. C. SEGAR A. F. a-nd A. it- Wanted to Buy evening* each sjontii i :.»0 p. "• < VisUlSS brettires corillaJJy lasted, i- J, { il_ H, G. Br«a«=3*c- DID VOO OO IT. PtO VOO STICK THAT INTO rr 5JA ME rVCCOCMT CP i UJfVTTS O S£E {F iT*LL KILL OR MOT- IP it DOcS, e UJOKiT GO iLJAKT VJOU ~«"O USE r¥CTE TO'BfVXJc TO CALLED TH£ 7 POOR PRiEHD- I'LL CAL\_ A DOCTOR SAUJ THAT POISONED I HfXt>- U)EU_- Po VT AND STUCK. IT cafe or sandwich CHAPTER N-0. *s a. Z reasonable. Address "CAr INTO HtS ARM, " tacis cvoolh. 7:30 p. ca: Vlsitiaa -ieamcd. J- J CunnSns- E- H. P. H. G PAY CASH for a good used car. Xothins older than '29 model considered, and prefer light car. Must be a bargain. Ray Morse. Morse Bee I-ine Station, comer I9th and Grand Ave. K COOXC11- NO. 3* R S XL Stated assembly "«ieli raosifa. 7:50 p. m. Vlaitias com- J- J. v H. Gla COilitA-N-DiCKY NO. S KNIGHTS Real Estate for Rent j>. CT ' Visitiss Sir rCniRaia cordiaH? Bur:-: D. Johnson £- C.. H•G. Bres«inasu recorder. Furnisticd Rooms FI7RXISHED room comfortable. Reasonable, Ne-n. 1 Plaza. HoteL GROTTO M. O. V. P. E. Ris; Friday evening TO GEXTLEMEX becroom close in. Phone 1223. FURNISHED bedroom By HARRY J. TUTHILt THE BUNGLE FAMILY At>a.« ments for Kent WE'LL. CUT OUT AU_ THE OBJECTION 55 OVERRULED. GO PROSE- FOCR-B.OO3* furnished apartment, all conveniences. Reason- B'lis paid. 1S3 South 55th. IT !S WE-.L KriC^.-N, HOMOR,Tr-AT ONE OF THE SUSPECTS HAS A, FiREl IN HIS TIME: HIS c— CRS21TCRS ) r-^ UP WITH j ,- i ' lto ' ( * KJM -<> • ' ^ TOUR HONOR,, AS EXHIBIT X I SH YOU A. SET OF n, FORMER PROPERTY or BENJAMIN FOUND IN take 2 or 3 passengers to on or about August able. 5^ .... Share -expenses. If interested, j address Box S-A. care News. TAKE A CHANCE ON SHTTTiNe THE i»KURNISHED or unfurnished apartment. 123 Bonham. Phone • 5 jr*. ;-S-1 AKD HORACE-IS CHAKLSS PRICB Phcise SOS » We«t Houatoa St Genera.? !3s*jranee~ Business Property — Rent FART ot store space near Plaza. Hotsses tor Hent Rni. Furrs, Kra. and Dnp,— SS5J TOUR LAKJt CROOK. ie and i5c Per IKwcn We- have ali Kinds o* ba:t and rire n t 100 rr.innotvs each ssontfc for largest fish caught wttii oar shiner*. H. W. EARLY FIVE room famished house. in. Phone 704 C»t>" Co=?;ci' of tfe'f Cit oa t!z* *tfc <i*y of Jaiy 1534 II i o- :v * noise* -b«.: *r! e;*^:c: <j'o*l:r:wS •- eter* o* tb« Oty Tills for That Politeness Plus DIANA DANE r •r t*rat!i>T». »i:5 fct>ar« or r:C9 o'clock. A, 51.. ! ! WJ5H OlAN.A CC5! HAT" ^•^ COM IK N \THTTK HAGS CANTED V.* A XT ED Will s;5v«- :wo 20-acr<* o;; ieases two tfriiiir.? for use o' small car tor about three w*»^ks, Adiir^ss Car. care of txs--'? Ic b<« tasvie-;! 'cr a. I ine thirty yr».r* froir It* 5 Mattres* ana RCR NO\V YOU CAN HAVE. YOCK MATTRESS RENOVATED Tho Easy Payment Flaw:, One Pay Mattress & Awning Co. SO W. SSierman Pl»on« STO r* St»T.i«n D. P ; 3£««n~tv.c ii'ds.. C,ra=d AT*.. t, r-r*s'-'ir>e cffic*^; :-. Co«ri Hocare, A. W. « *: HOMER HOOFEE M!'*ceil»nrOT>«« Service SX WILS.^KN. TO t>O ABOUT L\KE TO FAN eni3 motor re- Matn Salvage Co, 26 Korth Jlain St. Employment ME -3iST 1 60CD TWCKS w^ss WHILE W room and 5>- .iri'. Invitation Accepted SCORCHY SMITH G A L B R h A I H, D l£\V EfiSE A,\T> PKOCK SPELLING MATCH AT OLIVE ON THITRSDA HoOR CATCK — AT A £p?:Ur:er at th* school ho'«*« Thursday rsljrht And *>vi?r^'hody is in- vit^d to conic an<J take ar* se'.Il hoping for rain ao th*y tan plant * crop. OUx'« Sports w'.l! go to Sunday afternoon to P*ay AUTOMOBILE LOANS GENERAL INSURANCE r*r<-ml«m« f*nv»t>l^ Oft Monthly people from Olsv« »T- tended th« singing convention at M!nt«rr Sundsiy. Sunday school at th* Bnpttst chxirch Srtn- d*y. Th« BTS i* cond«cilnir «. contest; »rs«1 th* winnlnit jcroup will IH»NT TRADK VOUR CAR fwtlj yow *nt our «mt!m»t* ftfl ««m- Mr. < > •: viuited in K JL1XK STA.

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