The News from Frederick, Maryland on December 4, 1951 · Page 6
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 6

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 4, 1951
Page 6
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FOU*TEENThe News, Frederick, MUL, Tuesday, Deo«mb«r «, 1M1 Casualties Of AllU.N.Put At 107,611 PARIS, Dec. 3--#»}--The number of reported United Nations casualties to the Korea war today total- led 107,611. This does not include the 212,544 casualties suffered by the South Koreans as of their last report in June. The Pentagon estimated that Communist North Korean and Chinese Communist losses through Oct. 13 were 1,402,504. Of the total announced U. N. casualties, 16,805 were killed, 75,949 wounded and 14,113 missing. The difference is accounted for by the failure of some nations to break down casualty figures and by the fact that some counted as missing or prisoners have since returned. S3 Per Cent Of Total The U. 5. total of 100,883 makes up 93 per cent of the total U. N. casualties. Th'e British total of 3.073 announced by the war office October 31 represented 343 dead, 1,024 wounded, 1,097 missing, and 609 known prisoners. The war began in June 1950. v Other casualty listings: France: 152 dead, ITS, wounded. 14 missing, total 338Canada: 106 dead, 130 wounded, four missing, total 540. Australia: 140 dead, 451 wounded, 13 pilots missing, total 604. Philippines: 45 dead. 164 wounded, 67 missing, total 276. Colombia: 50 dead, 126 wounded, total 176. Netherlands: 68 dead, 128 wounded, three missing, total 200. . New Zealand: 35 dead, 41 wounded, two rnissing, total 58. South Africa: 23 fighter squadron pilots missing, 43 aircraft lost. The latest U S- figures showed a total of 100,883 casualties since the beginning of the conflict, of which 15.323 were killed in action. 72,952 wounded and 10.856 still missing. The latest figures for Belgium- Luxembourg, Turkey, Greece and Thailand are those reported last October 31. Bureau To Let Out Knowledge Of Gamblers WASHINGTON, Dec. The Internal Revenue Bureau decided today to spill the beans on about 2,500 registered gamblers to local police officers throughout the nation. And it tightened the squeeze by preparing a crackdown of its own on a conservatively estimated 15,000 suspected gamblers who haven't bothered to register with the Government. The bureau has now received detailed information from about 2,575 bookies and punch board and numbers operators who applied for the new Federal gambling tax stamp by the Dec. 1 deadline. Their operations are illegal under most State laws. The tax agency is required to keep a public roster of gamblers who get stamps. But officials decided today to go further in cooperation with local police--they will turn over complete copies of all applications. Double-Barreled Attack * This data is supposed to include the names of nil officers and partners in the gambling business, all agents and runners, all places of business from a street corner to a casino, and other information. As Federal and local officers planned to push a double-barreled attack, reports mounted that gamblers are deserting the field in droves to try to make their quick dollars in other lines. They face this dilemma: If they fail to buy the occupational tax stamp they will have Federal agents after them for violating the new tax law; if they do buy a stamp, they could expose themselves to local criminal action. The question of how much information the Revenue Bureau could turn over to local .police arose over the weekend in the eastern Missouri Revenue district. Collector Donald Gunn was reported to have withheld copies of the applications from police! IT'S FUN, BUT IT'S SNO'-FAIR, ARMY SAYS--Chinese Communist photographers had a field day at Panmunjom, as UN correspondents built snowmen to caricature the MP guards at the truce site. A while later, the Army spoiled the fun by ordering the snowmen scuttled, and banning future ones because, as an officer explained, "It dosen't fit the dignity of the occasion." Belgium-Luxembourg: total cas- pending a decision in Washington. ualties were S3, with 18 killed and 65 wounded. Turkey: total 1.920. with killed, 1,170 wounded and missing. Greece: total of 312, with killed and 226 wounded- 458 282 86 135 Officials hero said instructions would go out shortly to make the complete files available. Thailand:. casualties were as of last June. No figures have been made public on Ethiopian losses. VOLS PRESENTED AWARD KNOXVILLE, Tcnn.. Doc. 3 t/P)-- The Father J. Hugh O'Connell Memorial Award, emblematic of the national collegiate football championship, was formally presented to Tennessee's undefeated and untied team tonight. J. Frank Miles of South Bend, Ind., president of the Notre Dame Monogram Club. . made the presentation at the Volunteers' annual football squad banquet. The award was presented to Tennessee in anticipation of it finishing first in the annual Associated Press poll, on which the award of the trophy is based. Chipmunks retire to winter quarters earlier each fall thnn most hibernating animals but they awake from time to time to eat the food. BICYCLES $ FOR $ Backed by Sit Years Bike Experience Best Value In Town All sizes Trainer Wheel.Bikes BURALL'S CYCLE SHOP Rear C. C. Carty's, E. Pat. St. ("Sly Location Saves You Monty") TIMES EDITOR DIES NEW YORK, Dec. 3 f/P)--The managing editor of the "New York Times, Edwin Leland Jnmes, 61, died tonight. He suffered a heart attack last J u n e and had been ailing at times since. He was taken ill agnin yesterday. A native of Irvington. Vn.. Jnmes began his newspaper career in 1910 as a reporter on the Baltimore Sun. Bucket Brigade Saves Farm House In County Neighbors operating a bucket- brigade saved a rambling farmhouse on the D.olly Harwood property near Doubs, from fire Monday afternoon. Three colored children all under ten years'of age, returning home from school discovered the shingled roof of their rented residence on fire about 4:15 p. m. The children notified the Hume R. Davis family nearby, who immediately phoned for the Independents' county fire-engine. While the Independents were making a quick r u n , the Davis family and other white neighbors assembled and passed buckets o:f water to the attic of the house rented by Ralph Bowens, colored, who with his wife were just getting oil duty from work at the hospital In Frederick. The roof which had caught fire from a defective chimney, firemen said, was well wetted down by the bucket-brigade, when the firemen arrived. Using a booster stream, the Independents extinguished the blaze. Damage was confined to approximately $600, Capt. Melvin Schwearing o£ the fire company estimated. LENHARTS BUTCHER A large butchering was held at the home of Mr. and Mrs. John Lenhart, Adamslown, last week. Dinner was served to the following: Mr. and Mrs. John Lenhart, Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Lenhart, Adamstown; Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Wiles. Poolesville; Mr. and Mrs. Donald Lenhart, Ijamsville; Mr. and Mrs. Char- les Po.ole, Yellow Springs; Annabelle Wiles, Poolesville; Martin William and Walter Pooles, Yellow Springs; Roy Myers, William Webb, Urbana; Harley Ricketts, Clyde Lenhart, Jr., Adamstown; Thomas Wiles, Jr., Poolesville, and, George Lenhart, Adamstown. ' Say you saw it in The News. Essoheat Fuel Oil Kerosene MONOCACY OIL COMPANY Hitilribtttrs Ess» Products Phone 365 Frederick, Md. TICKET PUNCH CHAMPAIGN, Dec. 3 M--Ticket Manager George LegR of the University of Illinois today received a letter which began: "I'd Rive an eye-tooth for a ticket to the Rose Bowl game." Carefully taped to the letter was ;in eye-tooth. Commented Legg: "I turned It over to the team dentist and told h i m 'fill that order.' " BAGS WANTED MILLS FARMERS STORES Attractive price* paid for Burlap and cotton bays. Good ones and bad. Deliver them yourself or phone 383 Frederick and we will have our spent call. THE FREDERICK JUNK CO. (TWO VARDS) 310 Chapel St. or East *th Street Ext. Phone 383 NKLSQN ARRAIGNED PRINCE FREDERICK, Dec. 3. (/P)--Charles E. Nelson, reputed one-time head of a $0,000,000 n u m - bers racket in the Washington area, xvas arraigned with four other defendants todny on lottery charges. The defendants did not enter any -plea In the Calvert county circuit court hearing. CUT THIS OUT! This coupon ontlHos you to a FItEK pen ami pencil set, or colorluj: hnnh with any purchase from 50r. up. FREDERICK 5 10 41 South Market--Open Evenincs BUD JACK'S AQUARIUM Barlonsville Road--East of Frederick SPECIALS THIS WEEK Green Sword-Tails, $1.25 pr. Zebras, $1.00 pr. Gold Moons, $1.25 pr. Black Mollies, $1.30 pr. Angel-Fish, $f.25 pr. Velvet Red Sword-Tails, $2.25 pr. Paradise, $1.20 pr. Pearl Danios, $1.00 pr. Rasbora, $2.40 pr. Red Platys, $1.25 pr. Blue Moons, $1.00 pr. FISH FOOD AND AQUARIUM SUPPLIES AQUARIUMS REPAIRED AND MADE-TO-ORDER PHONE 1941- W-2 5 Piece Chrome Dinette 30x60 PLASTIC TOP TABLE I PLASTIC COVERED CHAIRS (Choice Of Colors) CONVENIENT TERMS FURNITU 50 South Market St. Phone 678 Write For Our Free Christmai Catalogue HILTNER--ROELKE Frederick Camera Shop 20« WEST PATRICK ST. PHONE 997 Let's GET IN The SCRAP! THE NATION NEEDS SCRAP IRON, BRASS, COPPER, LEAD, BATTERIES If you are unable to haul it yourself, phone either of the dealers listed below and they will arrange to call for it. They will pay you cash and you will have, extra Christmas money. You will be serving: a call of your country the rearmament program. FREDERICK JUNK CO. RELIABLE JUNK CO. 383 966 COOPERATING WITH THE G OVERNMENT SCRAP DRIVE Bruce E. Crum, Pomona Grange Master Kenneth L. Metcalf, Pros. Chestnut Farms Dairy Cecil K. Holler, Sr.. Prcs. Fred. Co. Farm Bureau Geo. C. Slagle, Mjjr.-Scc. Chamber of Commcrc* Jacob Goldberg. Prcs. Fred. Iron Steel, Inc. Chairman Drive JOIN HOSPITAL AID TODAI Case Continued To Check Speedometer Magistrate H. Reese Shoemaker Jr 1 ., continued a speeding case one week from Monday's Peoples Night Court, to permit defendant Charles A. Willard. Rt. 5, to get a check On his speedometer. Trooper 1/c M. J. Whitney testified he saw Willard fail to stop his car while coming onto Route 340 south of Feagaville and that in attempting to cite the motorist for failure to observe the stop sign, paced Willard's car at speeds up to 70 mph, causing a second charge of exceeding 50-miles per hour. Willard in rebuttal tried to explain his automobile has an automatic gear shift "and changed gears twice before I went on the highway after observing no cars coming close from either direction." . On the failure to stop citation, Willard paid $6.45 fine last night He defended the charge of speeding by saying he had noticed the trooper in his rear mirror and had looked at his speedflfheter several tinies "vyhen it wasn't over 50." A red-ticket forfeiture of $1 collateral was declared when James L. Luckadoo, 100 East Church street, failed to appear at the specified time on a citation for parking between 2-6 a. m. After court the offender appeared and said he had particularly wanted to query police why other cars were HIGHEST QUALITY T E X A C 0 FUEL OIL ·AND KEROSENE STUP-CROWTHER, INC. TELEPHONE 2783 BICYCLES "Buy The Best" SCHWINN--All Models INDIAN LIGHTWEIGHT - Gear Shift Models SMALL DEPOSIT WILL HOLD 'TIL XM/VS Blick's Cycle Shop 413 N. Market St. 1961-J -- Open 9 'Till 9 "CHECK THESE FEATURES COOKING WITH GAS IS · QUICK · CLEAN · DEPENDABLE · ECONOMICAL Beyond the Main Use "Breotane" FREDERICK GAS CO,, Inc. Tel. 2575 Box 338 JO» HOSPITAL AID TODAY COUSIN1R0Y Today Join "Hospital Aid, Inc." '49 Chev. 5- Pass. Coupe '46 Oldsmobile 4-Door Radio, Healer Hydra- Matic '42 Stude. 4-I)r. Champ. '42 Stude. 4-Door Cond. '41 Ford2-Door '41 Chevrolet 5-Pass. '41 Chevrolet 2-Door OTHER MAKES AND MODELS IN STOCK not tagged In the same vicinity. Traffic collaterals were forfeited by Charles T. King, 108 West Sixth street, $2.45, cited by Officer Sherman Boone, for Tailing to yield right of way; John H. Kennedy, 303 East Third street, $6.45 and James C. Bell. Route 1, Walkersville. $11.45, both for exceeding 30 mph. City collaterals were forfeited by C h a r l e s N. Onley, 1112 Motter avenue, $5.80, drunkenness, charged by Sergt. Potts and Officer Shook; James L. Parsons, Mountain City, Tenn., $5, disturbing the peace. NAVY PLANE CRASHES PENSACOLJ^, yia., Dec. 3 Navy two-engine plane crashed and burned near Pensacola tonight. The Navy said six persons were aboard. All were believed killed. First witnesses said the plane exploded about 200 feet in the air. A Civil Aeronautics Authority tower operator who didn't want his name used said the plane had hit radio range and was ready for a standard instrument landing, ap- LAY IT AWAY I I We are filled to the rafters with Christmas toys and gifts. · You'll never find a better selection Come now and brouse around. 50c will told any article. Save also 10% with our saving stamps. FREDERICK 5 10 41 South Market Open Evenings Maytag Makes Your Dollar Go Further! Low Cost! low Upkeep! T H E M A Y T A G CHIEFTAIN. Easy t e r m s -- l i b e r a l trade-in, r ome im today. ptrtntly In no trouble; then It Io7 radio contact. There was a pretty solid ovei; cast and it was raining. A typical mile-deep oil well take ;i 76 men and 40 days to drill; tlv cost is nearly $78,000. · $129.95 BETTER HOMES EQUIP. CO. 15 E. Patrick St. Phone 700 ARMSTRONG'S ASPHALT TILE . * . the practical, colorful resl-sli lient flooring that can be in- | stalled above grade, on grade level, and below grade with complete satisfaction. It's durable and easy to clean--',. Call us for free estimate in your own home. SPECIALTY DIVISION of HAMILTON HOMES, Inc. 6 East Second St. Phone 2307 BARGAINS IN REAL ESTATE ' FOR SALE 4-room concrete block bungalow, electric, 19 acres mountain land, located opposite Tuscarora watershed property at Yellow Springs Immediate possession. · ... s - ro . orns - terge sun porch, outbuildings, over I acre ot land near city limits on Snookstown road. 30 day possession Mar5 j" r °2 m dwellin £ la rse lot of ground West Main Street. Thurmont, K-room semi-detached brick, slate roof dwelling, electric, sewer connection, rear and side entrance,-centrally located in Frederick completely modern semi-bungalow brick dwelling western section of Frederick. Immediate possession. Small down payments with monthly installments will buy most G'ILMORE R. FLAUTT REAL ESTATE, LOANS AND INSURANCE 227 North Market Street Frederick, Maryland ' Member of the Real Estate Board of Frederick . E. CLINE SON FUWERAL AMBULANCE SERVICE 8 East Patrick St. Phone 355 JOIN "HOSPITAL AID, INC." ·ipociaMy far year window* METAL .VENETIAN BLINDS lTiLE gfgg'lL MllHiS Baked On Enamel Won't Rust or Pod Attractive Head Design Famous Name Tapes to MatA 18 to 36 -- 64 long The Kefine Furniture Co. 50 South Market St. Phone 678 JOIN "HOSPITAL AID. INC." For DEPENDABLE OIL HEAT. Mobilheat SOCONY-VACUUM, HEATING OIL From a DEPENDABLE SOURCE! PROMPT J DELIVERIES I Expert Burnr Senrict! CALL 16 [ECONOMY OIL CO. ADMIRAL MAYTAG PHILCO Store Open Mon. Thru Sat., 8 A. M. - 9 P. M. WILLIAM S. HOOD For TELEVISION APPLIANCES WE SERVICE EVERY THi!\G WE SELL NEW MARKET 3011 -- PHONES -- 10 MILES EAST OF FREDERICK ON U. S. 40 MT. AIRY 203-W-ll BENDIX ZENITH DUMONT Y 0 U N G S T 0 W N iNEWSPA'PERr NEWSPAPER!

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