The Racine Journal-Times Sunday Bulletin from Racine, Wisconsin on January 7, 1962 · Page 57
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The Racine Journal-Times Sunday Bulletin from Racine, Wisconsin · Page 57

Racine, Wisconsin
Issue Date:
Sunday, January 7, 1962
Page 57
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Quips and Quotes Let's Face It Why docs this little girl not smile? Why is she tight-lip]>ed all the while? Could she l»e shy? She is, in truth— That is to say, she's shy a tooth. —Richard Armour The public was welcomed to the opening of a new building in the city. A special feature was an express elevator which zoomed all the way to the observation roof in a matter of seconds. One large family crowded into the elevator, and the operator started upward with a surge. The smallest member of the family looked up to his father and asked: "Does God know we're coming?" —A. W. Stinson The hunter was not only an e.xcellent shot but an endless braggart about his skill. His friends anxiously awaited the day when he would miss. One morning he sighted on a duck and blasted away. The duck flew on unconcernedly, and the hunter looked stunned for a moment. But he recovered before his friends could even comment. "Fly on, you fool bird," he shouted to tlie sky. "Fly on with your stubborn heart shot out'"' —V. D. Palat The mother heard screams from the back yard and ran out to investigate. "He kicked me! He kicked me!" her daughter yelled, pointing at her little brother. The boy looked stunned. "I didn't kick her," he explained. "I was just straightening out my leg, and she got in my way." —James Streeter A fallen woman today is the mother who neglected to pick up the Christmas toys. —Charles V. Mathis A 2J ^-year-old girl accompanied her father to the polls on election day. She went into the voting booth with him and watched intently as he pushed down all the individual levers and then pulled the big lever to record his vote. This last maneuver puzzled the little girl because nothing happened following it. She looked up at her father and asked: "No gum?" —John Shotwell My New-Year Resolutions The feeling of virtue with which I make them is large and pleasant. And some days later. When that's worn off and 1 start to break them. The sense of relief is even greaterl —Gporgie Starbtick Galbraith SI I si a s: n: »: Si ::: •X, is is GIANT-SIZE FRUIT from Wbrld-Famous STARK DWARF TREES Ideal for Your Backyard Orchard. Take Up UHle Space. Use for Ornamental Planting and Borders, Too. ImaRJne! Bushels of lu.sciou.<?, full- .size fruit from trees no biRKcr than a lilac busli! Get luscious apples, peaches, pears from these hardy Stark Dwarf Trees. Plant them in your back yard or borders as ornamentals. A riot of blossoms in (lie spring, beautiful all year, with early fruit crops, often at 2 years. Plant up to 9 trees in plot only '20 feet square. Easy to pick; only 8'-12'high. JJK5JIL .X ...1'1 ie»~ Send for This Big Fruit Tree ^ and Landscape CATALOG Shows dozens of U.S. Patented I^adcrn in Standnrd and Dwarf Kniit Tree«. Also famous Stark Ornamentals, Rosen, Shrubs, etc. Stark Bro's is largest nursery in the world—oldest in America. Mail coupon now for KRKE CATALOG. YOURS FREE-MailCoupon Now I I STARK BRO'S NURSERIES, Dept. 6412 I Town of Louisiana, MIttouri Make Extra INONEY Check coupon for Free Sales Outfit which shows you how to make money taking orders in spare time for Stark Bro's. .N'KU COI .on PHOTO I .ANnSfAPK- J J FIH:iT fATALOC; ... contains valuahlo i 1 llomr lj»n<l.M:aiie I'lannlng I'.uUlc. I I • Send me your special otTcr lor early orders. | N'AME__^ STARK BRO'S SS'sro'! Dept. 6412, Louisiana, Mittouri K r D or >urv\ AddT^»» ivrrj important) • Chock hen? for extra money opi>ortunlty GEHING UP NIGHTS MAKES MANY FEEL OLD BEFORE THEIR TIME Thousonds Discover Quick Help For Backache, Nerve Tension & Worry Secondary to Kidney Irritation Are you one of the hundreds of thousands of sufferers « ho (eel old. llred worn out and depressed by losinj; sleep and worrying about Kettlng up nights, due to common Irrltalion of the Kidneys. Bladder and I'rinary I'assaResV Does this condition ciuisi' frequent. urRent and painful daytime passages and sometimes result In Backache? If .so. vou owe It to vour- self to try NKW IMruOVKn rVSTKX at once. OTHER SYMPTOMS Common Kidney and Bladder Irritations which Melting up nights may also result in secondary Bark- ache, Headache and Nervous Tension OLD, TIRED, WORN OUT FEELING MAY RESULT If frequent urination worries you. and hits you at the most Ins momenus. you're bound to feel tense and nervous. Then if your sleep is disturbed by gettlnK up nlfihls and you cant get much rest and you wake up feeling tired and groggy—yes. you really begin to feel old. And if v'our back aches you feel grouchy -hard NO MONEY DOWN! HOME. SITES $395 I Lovely VA acre sites in Central Florrda hills. < lake, grove area $395, no money down, SIO a monih • Suburb of Oca La, hifih and dry • Roads, utilities • 22 miles to Gulf Coast • I-ish, hunt • Invest or retire FRIifc color folder • Write Dept. Ul B Rambow Park. Box 52I.OcaIa, Fla. STOPPED iNAUFFY or money hock Family Weekly. January 7. i962 13 ITCH Very first use of soothine. cooling liquid O.D.D. Prescription posilively relirvtrs raw red itch—caused by ecjema. raslH-s. scalp irritation, chaling —ot her itch i rouhlcn GrcasoleKs, slamlc«&. A'x trial Ixilllc must satisfy or money Ijack. Don'l sudor Ask your druKKisI for 0. 0. 0. PRESCUPTHW. to get along with - and your work 1.^ a burden CAUSE OF IRRITATION rhc of <-omnion Kidney and Himlder Irritation frequently arises from a germ called the colon bacillus, an<l non-sixilllc germs resulting from ciiUls. bad teeth and other causes These germs can set up so much Irritation In the Kidneys, Bladder and Irlnary 1'as.sagcs that nature sends a warning through your ner\es to your brain that help is needed. Heed this warning now and you may easily aMiid many iin\lou.s. worrisome hours and days HOW CYSTEX HELPS .\K\V I.MI'K<)\KI) ( VSTK.X a gentle, soothing hncterlostat in acid urine to combat germs whlcli may be causing Irritation. This Is like a gentle, mildly ant I sept Ic. sooth I ng bath for the Kidne.vs. Bladder and I'rin.iry Passages (YSTKX also contains two of the ver.v best known analgesics for soothing, gentle pain relief of the discomforts due to common Kidney and Bladder Irritations. Thousands have been amazed to discover how quickly rVSTKX helped tliem to combnl such Irritations thus feel cleansed and refreshed, and because of les.sened nerve tension able lo sleep better and feel t>etter, and stronger .So get CYSTKX from .\ our druggist today Fresh up and cheer up and feel better fast. Lemon Flavor Recipe Checks Rheumatic and Arthritis Pain If you suffer the nagging minor pains of rheumatism, arthritis or neuritis, tr> thi.s simple inexpensive home reripe that thousands are using. Get ;> cin of RU-EX Compound, a 2 weeks supply, today. Mix it with a quart of water, flavor with the juice of i lemons. It's easy! No trouble at all and You need only 3 tablespoonfuls 2 ltm*»s a day. Often within 48 (ujui-s - somc- tlmes ovemlght —splendid temporary results are obtained. If the pains do not quickly leave and if you do not f <H 'l l>et- ter. return the empty c;in and RU-EX^ will cost you nothing. You are the soli'' judge as RU-EX Is sold by your druggist on a money back guaranleiv Over 7 million cans used. Proof ot wonderful results

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