The News from Frederick, Maryland on July 21, 1948 · Page 5
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 5

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 21, 1948
Page 5
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Fr**«r*ek. M«~ WeineMUr. .Tnlr 21. 1S43 Assault Case ! ^Colorado Is Postponed Ferndale July 20 'f--The trial j of t*o truck drivers charged with ' assaulting W. Bartcis Storm, cashier of * Frederick back, has been postponed indefinitely. Magistrate David Dusker said today. ' The men Walter J. Robbias. 22. aad Asbury Lownian. 32. both of Odeaton. were scheduled to be tried in Dunker's court today The magistrate postponed the trial, how ever. I because Storm is in a hospital and' unable to appear Storm, a past president of the Maryland Firemen's Association, is suffering from a broken jaw A third defendant Marvin Lowman. 35 is charged witn tampering with an automobile. ( Storm's jaw was Arokea Sunday ; mChi while he. his wife, and Mr * and Mrs Rufus Edwards, of Hagers- · town, were returning bv automobile from a week end on a Chesapeake pfc - Kenny Grimes Bay island. pfc Grime* son o£ Thomas Mrs Storm told State and Anne Grimes. Dickerson. enlisted :n Artmdel county police they were February sn the Arm Air Corps drmng near Fort Meade when they He received h* bas.c tra-r.« K at met a pickup truck on the wrong the Army A«r Base Sa- Artonso «ide o* the--oad Tex · a(ter «h cl » "« *P CR - a ·«'- " She said Edwards served the !ou * h at his ho ~ e l " Ju:;e Ht? !s car to a\oji a collision, and the vehicles passed v. ithout hitting Man Fell From Truck She continued Edwards saw that a man had fallen out of the truck and stopped the car Edwards ar.d Storm walked back to asd. and one of the men struck Storm and knocked him down. Edwards was struck and kicked He was bruised and cut about thi knees. The three men in the truck drove away before State police arrived They were picked up in an Odenton tavern a short time later. Storm was taken to Frederick Memorial Hospital for treatment where he is improving President Of Md. Gub Women Resigns Baltimore. July 20 \iP--Mr* John L, Whitehurst resigned today as president of the Maryland Women's Council so there will bt no conflicts w ith her new job as Democratic national committees oman for Maryland The Baltimore woman said her resignation would 'avoid any pos- \ sibie implications w hich may b o ' attributed to a partisan leader of , a bi-partisan group " Mrs. Whitehurst succeeded M Gregg Given 86,000 Verdict Edgar Ernest Gregc of Dicker- · ·;on, Montgomery county, who was severely burned the morning of July 29. 1946 wren a quantity of he was pump:."; Iron: a tank took f,re ana ··xp'^ded, was awarded a verd.ct oi $6000 by a \Va«b ugton cojnt jury in Crr- ca:t Court .n Hag^rstown Monday n sn* The verd c: -Aa 3S«i:rst Koaert Davfoff v ho ope.-a'ed a ··tore at'er^o". a' tne t:me of trie accident I', was co-terdci *ha» Gr«sa a customer '·a.ied at tr.e 'lore about 10 a :n and s kei for :'.·. P caltons METEORS FLASH IN NIGHT SKY * * * * * * Mr and Mrs. D L. Sharer and daughter. Mabei. Sir and Mrs. Clarence Stonesifer. Miss Dorothy WetzeL Mr. Norman Wiley. Mrs Floyd Wetzel. Mrs. Ainy Long. Mr and Mrs. Leslie Fox. and Mr. and Mrs Charles EL TroxelL Perseid "Shooting Stars" at Best About August Twelfth Sixty-six of the elements found on earth case been located in sun of Ka^o.'^e He c! **% ' to help h.""se 1 f a-i -A i the fuel fro ·". » sa^o.s :ook ::re ar.d now stationed n Colorado His address :s 1327J70! p| iv, Training Sqd 35. Lovr A r Force Base. Dcn\ cr Colo At Keesler Field * via* to'.c pj«np.rf " tank .t Burnr«' Grejc was bad!" bjrn»d about the face ar-rs a"d bodv aid after ;pend:ng corss.derao'* ' -re 'n hos- p.'.a'.s he brojsh* ^ - ::t asa.r.j: Dayhoff and the At!an'..c Ref.nns Company for S50 000 La'e- ?he Atiait c Re f i *sg Co v ai dropped as a dcfei.da':! The tase was f rst tr.rd :n Rock- v.lle and rc^u'icd i a d.·agree- ment aT.ons the ju'or* Attorney F B Welsh who represented _ tj ie defendant an- lounecd af'er *'.r \erdic5 that he w«:! f.Je s ~o' 01 'r- a «ew trial Attorney J S Wc-xJ appeared for Grccg'ccn v .'"ev-es ?'-· from MontRomcry county. wi*re summoned in thr- ca^c S O L I D - P A C K E D ° ' I T F U L L P I N T 4 WE ST rtk, BY JAMES STUKLEY Science Service Astronomy Writer 13«g. by Science Sffrvlce) i 9- Farm Tour Plan-. For Friday Are Compl«-led Preparation^ ha-, r- been completed and ai! :·= in rcndinc-s for i the Farm Tour -;chcou!ed for Friday of thss v ccK Open to an;, - i V."n:".e on any clear, dark nsght one may see a brilliant shooting star, or meteor, there are some times of year when these bits of cosmic dust that enter the earth's atmosphere from outer space are much mere numerous. The early part of August is such e time, especially about the twelfth. But often the moon is then so bright that the meteors are overwhelmed ID its glare. This year, how, ever, the moon is new on Aug 4 and is just past first quarter on the twelfth, which means that it sets about midnight. Since the meteors are most fre- que"t in the early morning hours, the moon will be out of the way for those who want to observe them. Oa the accompanying maps (which show the appearance of the skies about 11 00 p. m.. daylight saving time, on Aug. 1. and an hour earlier the middle of the month) tne constellation of Perseus is seen low in ihe northeast- This is the part o? the sky from which the August meteors seem to emerge, and hence they are called the Perseid meteor shower. Late on the night of Aug i2. these will come at about »he rate of one a m:nute. but even earlier tney will appear more often than usuai. The brightest planet to be seen these August evenings is Jupiter. iottih. SYMBOLS FOR STARS IN ORDER O^BRIGHTNESS cow ia the constellation of Ophiucnus. the serpent-bearer, near the bright and ruddy star Aatares. which is in the neighboring coostella- tion of Scorpjus, the scorpion. In the south as the sun «ets, Jupiter remains plainly visible throughout the evening. Another planet can be seen farther west, in the constellation of Virgo, the virgin, though it is much fainter. This is Mars, which sets about two hours after the sun. The cause of its fa:ntness is sis great distance. Last Feb. 17 it was shining brilliantly in the evening sky. for then it was only 62,950,000 miles from us. Now it has swung sround to the far side of the sun and. on Aug. 1. its distance is 167.4IO.CCO cci'es. ~~ As for the other planets, both Mercury and Saturn are invisible this month because they are so nearly in line with the sun. Venus, however, shines brilliantly in the early morning sky. about seven times as bright as Jupiter. It rises in the east several hours before th* sun. Brightest of the stars of the August evening is Vega, almost directly overhead, -i the consteliation o' Lyra, the lyre. Second is Arcturus. in Bootes. »ne bear driver, half way up in the western sky. Then comes red Antares. m Scorpius. low in the south, which is followed by Dcneb. in Cygnus. tne swan, high in the east. Last of the first- magnitude stars seen these evenings is Altair, in Aquila. the eagle, high in the south. j BRIDAL SHOWER A br-dal shower .meats were served on the lawn. jRosie. Mr ar.d Mrs Chester Zentzjand Mrs Fred Firor. Miss Marie ·A as given i n , Those present were Mr and Mrs.! ant * children. Chester. Jr. and Firor. Mrs. Carrie Firor. Mrs or shine bccauc of the amount,' of c,;:;pm^r:,,cn\r b :c n ^ ! r k crcpe ^- sh -- f^\ci«TM*.*r.*«ur, ****,,-, ; scmbled w h i c h it h : make The tour and occn preparations ifcessarv to the opening of the gifts, refresh- i er. Mrs John Ogle and daughter., sv ^ 930 m daxlicht time on the Her-; Pfc. John W. Enjtle i «"« Stocksia^cr farm just north Pfc Enplc !8. son of Mr and [ o { HoRcr«-to\vn on U S Route 60 Mrs Roger Enjle. 124 East Fourth ! N "cxt on the Drogiam is the street, has reported to Keesler ! Clarence Harshman farm just Field. Miss, -.hero he \\iil re- "south of Hajtcrstoun on the ae\s ccivc approximately 28 weeks Frederick road (Alternate U S Airplane and En- -* 0 ' when* at Alice Canole= as the Democratic · training in the Airplane and En- -* 0 ' wher** at 10 4 r a m 'daht;ht committeewoman as the result of gine Mechanics School located time* the proup w i l l ;ec a dem- there action by the Maryland delegation to the Democratic national convention It was not done vithout somewhat of a fight within the delega- Uon _, HNUTE MIGK.VTORS Mrs Whitehurst is a former pres- , Tlny soneblrd , v.-eighmR onlv a ident of tne General Federation of f ract!0n of an ouncc n . o x o r ' t h = Women's Clubs, helped form the executive committee henceforth nionc w i t h the Republscjp. national committee-.- oman onstration of \ariouj. tvoes of field harvesters ar.d mow ins; and ensiling of hay In the:r accompany- mc blo - .ver: Last stop on the 'our is the Otis Kins; farm ji^t south of Frederick on U S 340 At thi* farm the ' program will he devnted to meth- i ods and eiuiprrseat used in the WITH ADEQUATE INSURANCE COVERAGE. BE PREPARED FOR : - UNFORSEe^4 EMERGENCIES STOFFER INSURANCE AGENCY rtomens V-IUDS. neipea lorm me eieaitic -nnu cannpri MimalTva . i r .« V . i Marvland Council and became Its ! S2unta%s t" ice ?vca- " TM»«B ' ^ .°J ''f Eur °P el f 1 f o r n DOr ,. * ... . . inouniai..s iw ice a j ear. m.e.^oang cr an ^ the Japanese beetle first president She! be a i from India to their nestinc sites member of the ; n Sioena and back to Incia again FREDERICK.MD. Phone-.l292 / Complete Vacation at n f Admiral Cop* May, N. X Coot . Hat tzanas . D«c3r s« Octu Teas - 5o»b( - Cdf · r osr-j . CeektaJ SOOKJ · Kcsc faette *ae SSJC. tatran PSic ceaeaL Dntc. wtt er j i mi Itentn. Farm Pumps Installed And Repaired Pipe Fitting CARTER L.REID Phone Braddock Kjrts. 6271 OUSE I M T · · V · Certainly Does Last ALLEN G. QUYNN CO. 1863 ^ 1948 fghfy-five colorful of quo//fy 10 E. PATRICK ST. PHONE 19 LIONS CLUB FAIR UNION BRIDGE, MD. Talent August 9 to August 14,1948 GRAND PRIZES 1st -- S50.00 2nd--825,00 3rd--S15.00 4th--SI 0.00 5th--S 5.00 Write to Byron E. Harttler, New Windsor, prior to Jnly 31st for Audition. i QUALITY Markell A Ford Phone 2O2 Firemen's Carnival NEW MIDWAY T O N I G H T FEATURING William F. Myers Sons Band . Ferris Wheel. Kiddie Rides. BINGO -- the best stock- of prizes seen anywhere. Funl Fun! GOOD COrXTRY EATS, HAM SANDWICHES, HAMBURGERS, HOT DOGS. Bring the family and enjoy an evening- of fun and frolic Don't forget the new 1949 Ford will go Saturdav evening. FREE PARKING 6 MONTHS SUPPLY of Soap Powder* with the purchase of every WASHING MACHINE · Xorge · Automatic · Blackstone · Launderall Storm Shipley THE BUSY CORNER Market Second Sis. Phone 2S6 HOW! K N O W T H E R E S U L T S BEFORE YOUR PERMANENT 4 VETS-LEARN-NON-VETS Air Conditioning! Refrigeration! Electricity! Maryland s Oldest and Proven Refrigeration School Air Conditioninst-Refrisreration 32 \vks. Practical Electricity 16 wks. ENROLL NOW NEW CLASSES START AUGUST 9. 1948 Non-Veterans may pay in small monthly payments Mr. Mort Frame will be at the -Francis Scott Key Hotel July 23rd and July 24th From S.OO A. M. to 8 P. L for information and registration of students. FRAME REFRIGERATION ELECTRICAL INSTITUTE 1230'EAST BALTIMORE STREET Baltimore 2. Md. Br. 0626 THE DELUXE WAVE THAT'S Sprayed INTO YOUR HAIR! Mr Thomas trill give an injr Off-the-Head Test Curl method that en-blcs joa to "Try Before \ou Buy." THIS Test Carl pre-deterrnmes etact'v how long the Circlette Curlinj Lotion should be spraved into your hair, to prodace the exact wave you want, and where y,oa want it. It is the fastest Waring Process. averaging five or six minutes curling urne. FOR APPOINTMENT PHONE 839 BLUE GREY Beauty Shop 106 West Patrick Street AIR-CONDITIONED Fuel Oil Shortage £/H/ffccore/fn?fo rfc expert? ears. . a l^sfe f tfie *wous VALLEY FORGE DISTRIBUTING CO. SS2 Virginia A\enue Hagerstown, Md. Telephone* Hasrerstown 399 Whq Stick Your Neck Out ? BURN RICE ANTHRACITE COAL IT'S PLENTIFUL and CHEAP *-d yon can fcav» g ' 7 'clecinc Furnace-Mem V"C -- »" C *^TM»AC!*t t J K K E t INSTALLED IMMEDIATELY ! If rfolsi ^ie Sre, rsgula^et fj-a drafts, r*mev»» fie as'isi. KCSDJ yo.r hoTie ^am and cam. fo-}«b!e, aad » bu-n rice coal which ij «!w*yt p'sniiful and cheap. u p t o 50% o f F u e I * O i I B i l l fnvesttgafe -today -- end your Home Healing Worries Forever CULLER HEFFNER 7th and East St. PHONE ins "AT? AM' S C M E I D r B R E W I N G C 6 THI "REAl M^COY" OF ORANGE D R I N K S DONALD E. IEATHERMAN. Distnfautor PHONE 17S-R 1EWSP4PERS 1EWSP4PERS

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