The Des Moines Register from Des Moines, Iowa on July 27, 1969 · Page 97
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July 27, 1969

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The Des Moines Register from Des Moines, Iowa · Page 97

Des Moines, Iowa
Issue Date:
Sunday, July 27, 1969
Page 97
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Page 97 article text (OCR)

Jofct if HittrMf 240 Cont. from Preceding Page HeyTTals!! Would you like to start immediately for a well established, still growing com pany Tmhm Minted TaioMrt WM1M EDDYVILLE COMMUNITY SCHOOL NEEDS: English n and 12, to assist wllh Speech and Drama. Beginning salary .S6I25 plus hospl- talizatlon, incumbent teacher Is belna drafted. „ . Apply to J. Ira Ryan, Sue'., Eddy- vine, low*. ~ ELMO"Rf,MINNT" i—Girls phy. education instructor 1— 4th Grade Teacher send application and credentials to "upl. Mclvln Haugc, Elmoro Public iChooK, Elmore, Minn. $4027. Ph, ' SEYMOUR l-OuWanc» counMlor 2—Voeal mulle , Apply to Earl Gr«v, SuPt,, Seymour, ' . , ... • O\.llUUl3f C1I1>UI V( 1*1111 Would you like to make;. sor-woiM coiiaci...... a change? Then we are interested in visiting with you about your skills. We have several openings with opportunity, for advancement. SECRETARY CORRESPONDENT ACCOUNTING CLERK TYPISTS Excellent fringe benefits Mrs. Ruth Maxon for appointment Farm Bureau Insurance Co. lOth and Grand J? E A II Si L tT'TNew party "plan! Uniquely generous and easy to op- pralol No Invest! For details on soiling and-or manaaetnenl wilh over 300 apparel styles plus Pen- nvrich personal bra write Vir- flinla, New MgR DePI. Box 956 indpls., indL 44206. _j " ~ FULL OR PART TIME Must be Jl, 574-7112 LUM'S, 3700 Merle Hay Rd. FOX VALLEY COMM. SCHOOL H.S. SCIENCE ,. H.S. MATH send application and 'credential! to Supl. of Schools, Milton, la. Ph •FT. MADISON Comm. School vacancies for 1'6t-70: . Eiemenian ' " (trade I Apply to" s'tibt. c."/(rthur Hansen, 1733 _AY.?... fi._Forl^adi»ors t j| 1 _s}j27. 260 lintral Sirvle* Send a CON GUI SCRANTON TEO SCHOOL) COUNSELOR J« **«'* Al IOAT CTMENT wcM 276-2195 , 255-0876 jfinMB. l*. Ander SOUTHEAST POLK le<jc SOUTH HAMILTON COMM. SCHOOL NEEDS: I.EIem. Art Leonard f. Roberts. and concrete work" by col student. Rof.sonable. Frc» ,„ ..jishTfte'w bairals, smaTi .r??. v i"fi"""- AP ° l ''" i f, eSi MMt< E- MAULlMo - Reasonable VatM. N«*i Apply to Sunt. Jewell, la. SOUTH PAGE FREMONT MILLS COMM. SCHOOL, TRAERJA. Needs for 1949-70 school year MATH-PHYSICS COMBINATION NCA School. Apply to Tom WHKIe, Supl. Tabor, ja. FULTONJLL River Bend Comm. Schl. ELEMENTARY VOCAL MUSIC TEACHER J6SOOBASE. Apply C. R. Lelnlnger, Supt. River Bend Comm. District No. ? 1207 12th St. Fulton, III. 61252 Ph. 9l5-5B9-«247 GARNAVILLO COMMUNITY SCHOOL NEEDS: (1) Eiemeniarv teacher tor Grada < (2) vdlal Music injtructor Jt-12 Send appllcationi to Merlin F. Raymond, Supt, oarnavllie community ^sb^Js J Gw\»moj_sp<fa_xii:iL-. girl's coaehln*. Ranck, Make appllcattorl M J. P. Ran _Supt. Colleflo Springs, Ipwa. _ SOUTH TAMA CO. COMMUNITY NEEDS: 1 . Jr. hlah Matft . , With som« coaehlrM assignments it desi . som« coaehlrM assignmen ired. Ass't Varsity ffoolball ' 7th . , Grada Football, H.S. Girls' Tennis, H.S. Girl's Golf, 5. H.S. Social Studl»s „ . „ „ Coaching to assist 9th Grade Basket h.ill «nd 8th Gradt Football. 3. Fourth Grade 4. Elern. Slcence Beginning salary for the B A degree $4,400. Ajsoly to: Jerry L. Nichols Tama, la. 52339 ___ . . eginning salary $4,400. Ajsoly to: Supt. of Schools Valley Community SCHOOL NEEDS: Jr. Hloh Social Studies teacher Conl.ict Supt. M. H. Moore, Eloin Iowa or cal 894L 2*0 Trucks 31Oi Trueki and Trillin rock, till dirt, sand, «r»v*t. 245-166' Eves. 9M-M31 . , OLiNdATIONS repaired, relhtorcedl concrete stucco, sidewalk!, drives 1 and Noon Porch rebuilding. Chimney reinforced ana plaitcrlna. Call] GRAND OPENING SPECIALS TRACTORS Bradley's ilns JlO Trucki and Trillin 2 TONS 310 Truck* ind Trillirt 3 lO'Des Moin«s Sunday Register v j; hev L,. ora FfOQ 64 Chev J27 thg/sTp •«4 White tilt cab 5 si CA CA IJO" CA CA it/.. GMC, 6-M d'.f',pi I'll M,- 'Wtpl ,rrr* Ifl Spd rMChrtr III 1 .! lored, all nrw fires, now two tono s^ddlf fur' palm. i96S r.'/c. rWl tilt oh ? -.ft .' <p:f i 1 "^ '•'•'<•' sinolr 1 axlo. cTOHcnt m fvrrv A too I'C)M\V |QM traCIOI i965 f-WC 6-71. liit sleeper, screw, 10 spd , onqini* and ••^rrnflv rnflj'-rrrt Now nilt'H \\\\\ 14" CA 84" CA traih barrels. .calLMfeLfgi^aqir "HAULtNO—All "kinds. Reasonable. 267-2861 or 263-8856 rfAULlNG--llqht, lawn work anrl misc.- 277-9J78 or ?7t-.««._.. : .AWN c * r o'~~!>od'dihb. raking, 19511 White 44COTD r.inqi» shrubbery trim. Rcas. 26V0402, 28H sprpii 720 Cummmos if SM2t_ __ _ _--,--- r,ui Ids <..M,fp 'd' FATRTfNG-^rush or spray. No loh too lae. or small. Free estimate i«s3 IMC V-19S. «.i v •. 5 :?• Mewflllamj, '" " ITT CHOICE OF TWO. I'64 Ford N600 4-2 102 CA *4 Chev 8 cyl 4-1 120" CA »] Chev 6 cyl 4-2 120" CA 6? Chev LCF 327 end. 52 10? ' TPAII FRS-MISf 60 tnev LCF 4-J |?0" CA I KMlLCKO— (V1IOV.. I.JA thrv Lf _p t _ } w . CA i»61 GMC Tilt. 401, nice J2Soo|-fO ford 4-J * 15',! Wilson .If 1 ?• gr.iir trailer "5i 36' Tan livestock traitor 10 lowtvv. l! 'on ti-.rct Mth whrri iA unit TRUCKS l»M f,,'•'<' 4000 ??J nr/, R fi^d 'ifi CMCV 36ft rnq V4 14' dump hi•,•- S.H : < .•- t.Mi7v 3(.A ena 54 13' dumn !•)',.! I,MC .1500. .)0< v-o comb v, ?ord j»| eng 5-411'dum n hoist, ru w c n o Or St»0<" ' - II /» Sl«c I CA ord 4-J 6 cyl I t ord < 7 1 < vl L VANS-COMB'S-FLATS- HOISTS AVAHABlf TANDEMS IHC rh- , Tilt ^ til;, v t oO- .' ',',C t-3H. Pl r KUPS 'AIMflNO, colieqe sracl sluSen). B yrs. exp. Snrav or brush. Qu.ilitv worK at re«s. prlccji v 37<jMm ... PATSf ING and CAT^PHNfER wfj '« Free esllmate j(,?-4&'-.j PAINTlNG-lnlerlor, exterior. Ren- sonable prices. Call ?65-400J eves. MNT — Interior, Exterior, JO venrs exp. Ref, Free est, 162^0584. DUMP TRUCKS JMV7IOA. !xp. R ilWTTI pSINTTfiO, 'exterior 'and' fnierior. Verv reasonable. 2811.4590. PAINTING Int.-Ext. brush or ipray Free est, 2B2,6569.2jfc459L %VC '-.r>ri> ^(: rv ' ' end flump ho* >i \i D.;fnD S 1 ?! 1 •* I96 r ' GMC. Model WV .SOU, ,pr .-fj, .1 W.1V U* 1 VA" A nvyif-v m tV ••• PICKUPS •4 Ford J91 «n« 5-4 14' duinn 65 Ford J9I enq 5-4 ir dump -,5 Chev 409 rr.» S 'I *lr t>na <*9< r\ ID rornb w ho>5t ^, !??- — • i--; wvi>na VJ 13' dump • 60 Ford 55? cno 5 13 13' dumo l^ SINGLE AXLE TRACTORS ' »8 Chev .161 l"!0 5-3 PS *S In!-' 450 fna S-?Mpei>er c.ih SM-. ..i ^Mii F?SO 341 ena S ? S j. 6.; C'IPV (.(.<"• 409 «nq J.J \ '( : •',) '-'.K.k B«l S-J sir lot V ," •.' . hi-v J4d eng i.? •'- LEFTY ROBINSON 1 • > M?« NF. Mlh ?65 U9S V 4. :,, IV1. 1M V 4 t- Cnev ,T.l, A ,r,ii •• i ton nit.M;i> ... pLASftRING, chimney repair Dry; wall Small lobs. 285-4045, 285-9041 PLASfERING since 1948. TexlurinB. R |on n) v . 8 , 4 511OT< , , • 6 cy , 3 .p,,^ £(,'„„ ,, , on 6 CV | , t .,, p ,.,. a p 0 rd '; ton, V-8 engine. d.ilo. WBi-^Py^y'.j.nj *.i'j^j- J "-t T ^"-' ••--;,• PLASTERlKTS^drv wall and stucco repair, Free estimate, '«?-'pn_ ,IW5 OMC I 'nn rli,r R6tl< Walls, W?n'! <! . r »'77''''l°'V^!, cp *'i Ju '' 1 '' V ' 6 er " in ' 1 ' ' 'too'"" f''" rrl Econolin* p( riirto door r , '.is and f:.»n v/ith. sncwl. Teaehm Wantid 260 ALBIA NEEDS THE FOLLOWING: 1. Junior High Math. Modular scheduling, new bulldlnfl. Hflh School as_ sistant coaching available. Contact Donald 6. Rosebcrrv, Sup't. ot __5chools,_AJbJa.,JoW8._ 1. Instrumental Music in new building, excellent facilities) Contact Supt. G. O. Jensan, Gllmore B. P. NFED ALLAMAKEE 1. THIRD GRADE 2. LIBRARIAN Apply lo Sypt. of Schools, R eher, Wa ukon,J a. 521 /_2. _. Anita Comm School Vac. 1. Arl. 3'. 6?h C g?ide 'to serve as head teacher- Spnd n aD r p e i!catforis to Don Brlchacek, AR-WE-VA COMMUNITY SCHOOLS Westside, Iowa N?ed tha tollowlns teachera (1f6«- i.INSTRUMENTAL MUSIC Apply lo Supt. Robert W. Nielsen, Westside, Iowa. BAXTER, IOWA GilBert.Community HIGH SCHOOL PRINCIPAL Apply Supt. of Schools Gilbert. Iowa. VAN BUREN SENIOR Hloh history Apply to Suparlntandant, Keosauaua, Iowa. Gilmore City-Bradgate . . COMMUNITY SCHO_QL iMUNII ntal MI located WACO COMMUNITY SCHOOL NEEDS INSTRUMENTAL MUSIC "ood Salary ••no Insurance program, send credentials to Ralph K. Gibson, Suet., Wayland, Iowa 52654. GREENE COMMUNITY SCHOOL NEEDS 1. Senior Math, Alqebra 2 ^ Art 'TiCA School, qood salary schedule Plus insurance. 10 years experience accepted. . ,. APply to Paul Grumlev, Suo't. Greene, la, ^^_^^_ HARRIS-LAKE PARK Due to late resignation. Is accepting applications for: LOWER ELEMENTARY teacher or a DEVELOPMENTAL READING teacher. Make application to L. J. Dpdd, _Supt. J jLaJce.Par1iuJi t J13fi, HAVELOCK-PLOVER COMMUNITY SCHO 1. Industrial Arts with NEEDS: Boys Athletics AppFy° S to Su'pt. Quentln Hardf, Hava- 1 lock, Iowa; 776-2256 or 776-2743. large'or smalf^rco est. Pi <crv. B «. D Rooting 2<5JJIJL. SOD and soddlnq any amount. 279-7506 . ANDERSON'S YRgE SERVICE 'Topping, trimmlna and removal, 267' 1040, 243-1676 TnTdMTindTrailw 310 Joe Bradley Equipment Trucker's Specials «s7 > vvi 1000 D. 750 Cum'nlns 4>4 ir.»,n I/, 000 In front ,lil'. 3«.0i. "•.}' i«lf. MrKp^r fih. tract," i',><.K»ar>, 5th ^'h^ei, cfnt^r pomi Pnr I MfOO HI i trar.s 7 %n r O'V ',',n. 330 V « r fl.l* A ?5* I Waterloo, Iowa Vacanclat for the 1949-70 school year. 1. English 2. Math HIGH SCHOOL . rench and Spanish Comb. ial Stunts. cial Education ..... _ and Physic* Comb. 3. Administrative assistant and Math. JUNIOR HIGH 1. Ind. Arts and Or Math-English 2. Mathematics 3. Math and Selene* Comb. 4. S. 4. 7. Wrestling with Math or Science ELEMENTARY 1. Physical Education 2. Vocal Music System Wide Math Consultant Starting base bay *MOO with ex. perlenca start as high as 111,352 plus paid UP Insurance program. Call or write Director of Parson Waterloo, D400, PT.O. Duals, 4 Hoist. Exc. Cond. driver education alter ^choorandSat Apply to Supt John W . Cook, Baxter Community School, Baxter, la. Call collect 227.1442 BAYARD 1 Guidance Counselor Bennett Comm. Sch. NEEDS 1. High school math 2. 4th arade NeiTT Boyle, Bennett HLVCOAAM. SCHOOLS i. HLG.H.SCHOOL LIBRARIAN •' AP^^U "«"«" ,,^of. la. B34JL— HUDSON 1. GUIDANCE COUNSELOR Contact U. H. Feazell, SuPerlnlen- dent, Hudson, la. nel, 1514 Washi la. 507 Appts. ington St., . 319-233 WAUKEE 10 miles wast of De» Molnes 1969-70 vacancies 1. Jr. High English a.nd ceadlnj 1969-70 vacancies ... High English and reading, Regular Teacher Drafted July 22 F-600. « cylinder. Stock. Grain. Hoist, i Ready to go to work. ; TED McGREVEY \ 437 E. 14th _ 264-1123 944^ and~94TTH'E\/. truck^ EVtra qood. 40 series. LCF with 327 motor, lonq WB, with 19 ft. fold dov/n and hoist, heavy duty front and Make applications and send creden tials to Supt. C. E. Eason, Waukee la. 987-4555, 987-4697. INDEPENDENCE Community school needs for J9W-70: H.S. MATH SCIENCE COMB. Apply and send credentials to M. R. Kiner. Supt., Independence, la. Ph. 319-334-2539 WHEATLAND COMM. SCHOOLS DISTRICT needs the following teachers for 1949-70: I. Fifth Grade Send application and credentials to Supt. Robert Sendek, Wheatland la, , P <MnlftLJchooi, "Bennett, Iowa S2721. Ph. J19-B9S-3341. CARTHAGE, ILLINOIS Kir F A < school'ef 400. Starting talary BA MA on step. Nelson. Carthage, 357-21M Ph. KNOXVILLE COMMUNITY SCHOOLS Due to recent resignations have openings In l,.-Slnde ; c'and'idates 1 address Inquiries lo Carl Miles, Sup't., Knoxville, Iowa or call 842-3152 .-Kindergarten (.-Fourth grade, l.—Sixth Grade. CEDAR RAPIDS LAKOTA CONSOLIDATED INDEPENDENT SCHOOL Needs a Superlntandent for 1949-70. Send credentials to Edwin Neumann, Pres. of Board of Education, EI more,Minnesoll, Winfield-Mt. Union HS VOCAL MUSIC TEACHER BA Base S7148. Credit given for 1 years experience on schedule: Apply to Richard Drake, Supl., Win field, la WINTERSET COMMUNITY jools need* a Director for Specla Education; excellent salary. Con tact: D. R. Llllard, Superlntenden of Schools, Wlnterset, Iowa 50273. Schi American Studies ln,rtrot to 'assist with wrestling and-or foot- bll "personne1 Services Division LTE COUNTY schools need a teacher for the emotionally disturbed. Apply to Richard M. S ' '" Superintendent, P.O.. I Madison. Iowa 52627. tiaTrip"Kenneth M. Maljas, Schools, Vowar' StYrtln°g' 1150 fringe ben eflls: CHAR1TON COMMUNITY SCHOOLS V Jr h ' r Hlg 5 h'sod8l Studies-Elementary 2 ' p. 'E. with Jr" Hlflh Wrest ina, Jr High Football and Ass't Oirls 4338^ ZION, ILLINOIS Teachers needed: ELEMENTAR GRADES — 2 SPEECH THERA PISTS. Beginning Salary $6800 Must be properly certificated. Writ or call Mr. Paul A. Eklund, Cur riculum Director, 27th St. and Beth el Blvd., Zlon, Illinois 60099, Ph 312-872-5455. LINCOLN COMMUNITY School -has.the...following vacancies for the school year 1969-70. 1. Industrall arts and auto median- 2. "Elementary teachers for the fol lowing grades: 4th and 6th. Please send letters of applications and credentials to Supt. Leo H. Stable, Lincoln Communltv School, Stanwood. Iowa LIBRARIAN-High School 140 students — J4700.00 Base, szo.w paid insu. £nce. IF INTERESTED: PONE COLLECT Ray A. MensendIKe, Supt. Hanover Comm. Unit S.D. No. 212 Hanover,-Illinois 61041 815-591-3316 PARTS C.MC SAIPS SERVICE .„. .. ,..-....' AND MANY WORE 'nOC. H^01 Alnnnfl li IFINE ustu TPUCK.!, AI OUR NtwIZYj-^/ I AMyunci, n IOC AT ION IOWA TRUCK CENTER 4140 F.. Mlh 767-5685 (sales) "The truck people from General Motors" _ 96TVVH rTE~?reia"htl'mer truck tractor with 570 Cummins, 10 '.need trans., single axle, air conditioner, excellent rubber, unit nenrlv 966 ke AMERICAN 40 ft. flatbed trail-; er, with steel bulk head, 6 new hc| chains with bindi/rs, 2 new tarns, i excellent rubber. , ASK FOR JACK TUBBS i Atlas Loan 8, Investment Co. 2309 TERESA DRIVE S.W. CEDAR RAPIDS. IOWA _Ph^o_day_p^_e.« L Jl_9_-.36.'v97.i; _ TRUCKS, BOXES;HOISTS AND TANDEMS IN STOCK FOR ; IMMEDIATE DELIVERY Tops in Truck Equipment USED EQUIPMENT DODGE '62 DUMP ; i li B & L MOTORS 18 U. Steel high sides . . IS It. implement bed B l_o_n ! 3 HI It. Anthony telescopic llsofl tflndem 10 It. telescopic end dumn used truck hoists SI 295 BIG SPECIALS At Humboldt 11767 FORD C600. 330 h.v., 4 sod i?- 17^5 INT', tin cabs, series CO 1400.' 4 spd., 2 spd. J.25X20. THE ABOVE UNITS ARE FROM THE SAME OWNER, ALL ARE ONE OWNERS AND HAVE LOW: i MILEAGE AND ARE EXTRA; | CLEAN. J1960 F6()0, 14 It. box dlld hoist, •jDd cheater axle, 4 sp.d 2 «. '1958 Dodae 2 ton, new VS motor, new !5',3 Ooolr, CTOO, 361 V ». 5 «D I M •1UA AhovC .ivernno IVi9 Dmisr, C700. 361 V 8 5 v> , I »ii with Inctory l.ia fl*lr 1»64 LVWOO. GMC. 153 V/R. V » fog sp. 7 sp. Tilt cnb. 1964 Chevy HO »C!riev V d mtr t sp ; \D 14 It. bo< »nrt hoiM vrpv ; Cl L'.IN II94J Int 1700 Sorln V-J I M< ? -,p wilh 40 It. stork and »r^in txn ami w'J'cf^vy i.w, vi. 4 <P., ? ^ 1VM Int. 1700 serins. JOB * tvl 4 10 2 SP., 10 ft dump b^« and hoist .1 1 ton IrucVs with bo»r-s Mu-*»st '.rlection of used trutv 'Kirthnasi Iowa l..irgp fl^sortment of l*if mod"! nirh uos Truck Hoists and Bodies Mid Equipment Grundy Center Mason City, la. 7-1969 FORD F250 PICKUPS Vciy Low MiltMUP -!0 AUTOMATICS lO'l-SPIFOS $2795 Tfticfct »nd Tr>Hm 310 i GRANT WILLIAMS USED TRUCKS LIQUIDATION SALE MUST GO ••'•' 1 Ir.t OCOT 3000. 770 Pn«jinrv Mngfrn, your (hole* ' *..''•<>') I^M InlfrnAhonAl f : ?00fl. ??0 *»n(jin^s, i' 1 viv-rM ro-"id ranger, pus'iir ri»!(\ vouf choicf ijfWS !**•» f-orcl TOT OSO, -;20 fnolnp'>, 10 M>ft*><! ro«d fBnQ^r, 1 toWPpr cnb 1WS Hf »500 no tntllnf'. 10 tpf>rd rn.)H '^Ofl^f, fuH twn ?rrpw, ifrrp- »f cr^h. Irtif.h in iw-r'Ar I condition, MlH! sell 1499$ Othrri to chdpsr from Hnwdv Gldi* or.F-r^nk Fmbv FORDTOWN .(001 l-,f Av«., ll«.V,i.01|| . Cedar Rapids, Iowa TRURO I.'OOD I ,v i;r- < ,iv.13* l<il KKiOO, j 1 lona Ixi. by i;i) On 'mi lf(Hil tiutn In' flit DrUMc ^nd rrn . twr, t-nr> 'fj*" molilinq, ch-rvnr vS'r • ' -inrf of •,. hcrtvy duty '.'CM • /&Cvlf\ A nly |trr»s. nv d nw tires f p«r, 7JSO rr.n nnrt flu" . full to,vn rush i» <»i>d oil onuots, Iflt flnd TRURO FARM EQUIPMENT CO. null, i,i. Ph 765-4717 .CLEMENT WATERLOO, IOWA i Ph, Jim Schmitt_ 232-66311 SEE AT "OUR NEwTdCATION ' 1910 EAST EUCLID DIESELS l* ' l.ig ' tift |0|,, lir, ast 3rd and Walnut =_•—^_ 33'TANDEM AXLE REEFERS !L Thermo Kino, side doors, extruded alum, floors. Very clean trailers that would ue ide,!l to; ritvl delivery use. 4 to choose from, j .JIOOOto.tlBOO.ea....... M _ M4? j ORD '63" 2 TON! CLAPSADDLE Sales and Service WHITTEM IOWA Ph. 486-5311 9MILESSEOFELDORA , hox, hoist, 4 spd. ? spd. (THE ABOVE UNIT IS WAY ABOVE AVERAGE CONDITION. 5 spd. J «P<J. 1965 FBOO TRACTOR -.._.. air, fifth wheel, rfflttv to work. 1960 F800 two twin screw, L.W.B_. new raint, iusf off the lob and readv to work. MICKEY FORD, INC. 'iHumboldt, la. 332-1582 i : ~~DODGE TRUCKS JIM CORDES FORD n WAT'ERLOOJOWA i Dump Trailers JIM CORDES FORD:^- Jim . Schmi ^ 23? - 6631 Jim V-WIMVLU W.NU WE AREN'T THE BIGGEST WE JUST SELL THE BEST Truck Bodies, Hoists, Feed Bodies, Tag Axlps and Hydraulics USED EQUIPMENT ! W, f! t ',rnh hnx , . l-lu M i.omli box '. ' S H cornh lvi.« ^' I t Ton hulk hvd. Ir^d iw in rt f, • conih.' tMu and iiu.t ir, -.q'ili (. I, ,n»nt Lmdi Uino 1' -aiiiM',. r,,,-^n l»*.' ami 156ft. 10 ,,j P"" HM> in- 11 of; I'nfl t v.h <•.,-•!.., if,' .,! , ,»" '.i;"-,i'r1 ,1,1.1 g^tp "nee r. tl i, Jj.jn : Lime Green snd Iriin-i.. Omaha Standard, Inc. i 1 -!] I WPS I Bioctrl'.vciy, fwncil Bluffr,, M. 5I')OI Ph /I2 323-/1 16 .Air Conditioners (Used) «; Wnile 9544TD.. 152".WB , 10.DOO Ibj Irt axle. NHC250 Cummins., RT 910 RR trans 36,000 lb tandem driveii ,, rear axle., Co|pr: Red _ l 65 Mack C6I5LST., 158" WB., 11,000 In frl axle., END864 VR en»., II) MK| dupli-< trmu., SWDL75. landen- drive rear axle. Color: Blue —.. Ill" WB., 17,000 6? White 5400 TO.. ... ... frt axle., NH 220 Cummins 10 st>d CHEVROLET '69 '/a TON Pickup. V8 800 miles. S,ivo. TED McGREVEY l«?_E^].'!!hi____ . ? RR trans., 73,000 lb rear axle., Col or: Red 64' White Freightllner., WFT7564T 139" WB., »V7rDetrolt dlesel., 5 spd trans., 2 spd rear axle Sleeper air cond.. Color: Blue-white 65' Int'l 18»0 D.,fT)9"WB., »,000 lb frl 1966 FORD C-800 tractor, Jow rnlles.i ax i 0 , 6V 53 die's*!.. 5 <,pd Iran-,, 73.MO lb 2 ipd rear ax(p.. Color: Red INTERNATIONAL full Flovd Ge'rlock, Ph. 774-5870, Cum- bcrland, Iowa. tractor, " 427 motor, nd 2 sp. radio low rnflcaqe; 1968 IH 2010 traclor,| 1000x20 tires, radio, air conri. clean.! 40' Wilson stock trailer, 1961 model with double deck. Monmouth, III. Ph. 734-3935. FOR SALE — 195' Int. BC160, lan- dem with new 308 engine; 5 sp. overdrive trans. 2 r,p. rear axle. New 24 ft. Grain and stock box, and 20T twin post hoist. Tires J 4 left. Ph. 319-3B5-3994, Mt. Pleasant, la. „ .'. ! 65 Int. tractor "new'rutber. '68 45 ft. Wilson livestock trailer, hardtop, '65 Ford straight truck, !7'/j It. fold down rack like new with hoist. AH in qood shape. Ph. 319-377-3504, Marion, la. ,ALE: 1964 Ford F250 Wrecker. quipped, 1000 rubber, 5 f 7, I perfect »29vj !lV64 FORD C-750 tractor, equipped wilh 5 and 2, 1000 rubber, cleat] 1963 DODGE C-800 tractor,'equipped with 413 cu. In. V-fl, 5 "~ NEW Si BUS 4 cvl. 4 spd. 1959 Ford C600 Wrecker. V-8. 4 spd. with 2 spd. Charles D. Linn Co. TiPton, Iowa 319-_a86-2111 AUGEK box (Gaddis Bros.) on 55 IHC tilt cab. 190, 2 SP. 5 sp. taB. VANDER HAAG'S Spencer, la. _ _ Ph. 712-242-7471' 1967 FORD WiOOO NHC'250 Cummins Fuller RT-910 trans. 12,000 lb. front axle, twin screw, Excellent condition. Resaonable, Georqe Dorr, Phone 510, Yale. Iowa 64 Custom Rancnero, 8 cvl. radio, hcnter, auto., covrr. Also, '44 Mer cury 8 cvl., radio, heater, auto, power steerma, brnkcs, spd. control 4 new tires. Mitchell Aulo Co. Corvdon, 872-1420; ~HERlSHED~T957" Ford "v T, V8, overdrive, R and H, exlras, and canvas topper. i.US, or trade on later pickup. 319-234-2444—Waterloo, Iowa. LONG Iowa 52337. PRAIRIE, MINN. . School H 14 passenger Econoline E-300, 8 cylinder, Mitchell Auto Co.. Cory- don,lowai (72-129*, 472-1420. Information 270 792, CLEAR LAKE COMMUNITY SCHOOL: O.-HK a hinh school speech ana EnS- lislv instructor due to'»,•««,"' renusst tor a release. Clear Lake Is ,-, ( .itv of 7,000 Weallv located In North Central Iowa. Good salaries ,Ynd an excellent place to live and W Ai3ply to R- ". Lashler, SuPerln- tendenl, Clear _Lak.e_,J.ow.v Community School 1. Instrumental and Vocal Music BA Base $4450 and Insurance. Con- CLINTON C&M Community School, Massena, Iowa T Elem. Special Education 2. 4II\ grade . . _ 3 Jr High Science-coachlna 4. Jr. High Math-coaching..,. „„,.-, Conchina available - Girl s baske • ball, ass't football, Jr. High basket- br Contact Max E. Sander, Sunt., _ JVia^senai Ja^ CORRY, PENNSYLVANIA PHYSICS E T?ACHER For person wilh necessary auall- . Cations and experience. Contact .RayJJsea^SupL.Corr^ llcatlons and experience. . jnlact Ray Elsea, Supt. Corry Area Joint Schools;* 800 East South St. JUIIM J\-llwv,a,. M«« — ~-j c «f^ Corrv, Penn. Ph. 814-668^272^ nsu. tact Supt. Charles Barker, Sul Iowa 50251 :on- illy, MALLARD ' COMMUNITY SCHOOL NEEDS . Industrall Art with or without alrl's basketball. . , . .. . :ontact L. Adren Adarni, Supt. Mai- lai-ri. ln\»»i Ph. 475-3451 1-2-3-4-5 It'* trual Only 5 weaki until school starts. 4 weeks In some schools. We can't be blamed If you "sit out" the 1969-70 school vaar. Enroll fraa to day. Teachers Service Bureau MANKATO, MINNESOTA TEACHING POSITIONS " Enroll NOW Midwest West and Alaska CLINTON TEACHERS AGENCY >.. R. Cozzans, Mar. Dept. R 8ox 310 Clinton, Iowa IRS MERIDEN-CLEGHORN ntci 9i daiv** *!*•• **m Expenses pd. Free write Overseas .' Airport, BOX 536-«, nnianii.rij TEACHERS needed. Blol. Eng. Any thing, $6000 up. Teachers Special Socfal Studies with a combination ot Earth Science or Walh. •). Elementary Principal. u Call or write John F. Smeltar, tupl. of Schools, Cleahorn. Iowa. _ $6000 ... Ists Bureau, Boulder, Colo. "l^^X^rf^^V^l^-lw-V^^^rf^^^^l^NX^^V^, NflHtRWaiiM, Mm MT. PLEASANT luwa.^ MUSCATINE COMMUNITY SCHOOL NEEDS: 1. Jr. Hlah counselor 2. Sixth grade teacher Aoplv and send credentials to Sup t. ol Schools, Box 97. Muscatlne, Iowa "Council Bluffs, la. has tha following vacancies 1. Elementary Reading Teacher !. Elementary Special Education 3. 'IlwSe'ntary «rada l, 4 and a. 5 4 ' TrlSomj'rnetrv, Algebra with Cham- 6 'j'r^Hlah Math or Math Science. 7.' Jr. if K. Hlsh Special Education i H S Spanish-French eombinatlon. 9'. Vocational Drafling. 10. Counseling and guidance. "the above- Excellent location, sala, rles, and benefits. MA^ °*££ffl Dl?ect an" Inwlrlea »" Cralq Whitney: Director of .Personnel. '"' Srott Sf. Council Bluffs, 51501. 207 CRESTLAND , MATH N AND S PHYSICS Preferably with some coaching Applying to Supt. C. Landhuls. Early Deep River-AAillersburg COMMUNITY SCHOOL (35 miles from Iowa Cy) :al music-half or fu time. JOBS.. Europe, Jouth rvcisocMa jwoa — curjpe, America, Australia, etc. 2,000 open--- - • -'" Engl Inas. Construction, oAli neers, Sales, ate. $400 ' ffice, to K, - 100 mo. Information, International . ... Jobs, 6- A, Miami, Fla. , . , . -. __ 944 FOR~D Truck C802 with hydraulic gas Stale 210 FOUNDRY SUPERINTENDENT or foreman In Iowa or Illinois area Knowledge of all phases of foundry ledoa off operation. Experience "in "gray iron ilnum, mouldar to superln- Waaas open. Replies to •nd aluminum, mouldar tendent. Wages open. .. Apt. 306, Westoate ApartmenU, »10 West 2nd St.. Ottumwa, Iowa. TURE~GOl.F. COURS MINIA 11, lore. E GOLF COURSES earn [,.000. Installed outdoors or e seasons. Priced a b I a INC., ! eranton, _ TERPRISES 'a. H50I RELIABLE cple. for Steward and Matron of Co. Home. Resume. 515 U7-4394 after 4:30 P.M. Mon. Thurs. all day Frl.. Sat., Sun. Writ 1005 N. Grant, Knoxville, la. Per lal Interview. • . trailer, good cond. Sell or trade. Guehrn Machinery, Marengo, Iowa. Ph. J-7007 or 2-2191. _ int. Metro Van, "4 speed, Tieavy duty, 10' storage. Good shape. $1295. Lowell DePue, Rt. 1. Adel, la. Ph. 448-2518. _ T64 Ffsoo IHC"192 twin screw, air, 5-4 speed, aluminum grain box, hoist. Call aves, 422-2714 Slgourney.j " VAN BODIES 20 SW 14th _ HOUSBY 268-6547 940 CHEVR6LBt 80 - Series, 34S cu. in. Full air. 1954 Wilson livestock trailer 37 ft. $1400 complete. Ph. 747-3268, Joe Bock, Earling. la. HEV. '53 "i T. Pickup, New tires. Clean. J300 277-3742. WRECKER - '5* Ford, Vt ton, heavy Muskegon, Mich, needs teachers Secondary 1. English French 5. English Science 3. Jr. High Math. 4. Home Economics coordinator i. Librarian Elementary 1. Kindergarten J. First grade 3. Second grada 4. Third grade 5. Fourth grada 6. Fifth grade 7. Sixth grada 8. Librarian 9. Art 10'. Instrumental Music .11. Vocal Music Mora than one opening In the above. Salaries start at $7,300 for A.B.; M.A. at $7,731. Top for M.A. Is Call or wrl\e Georae Carlson, Personnel Director 349 West Webs'— "•Muskegon. Michigan 49440 CAF SlOO'Vp" per day. Very" attractive Placa. Price $3,500. Terms. C. C E. Pop. 7,000. Rent $65 mo., hea luded. All elect, equip. iRecelot Armstrong. Redtleld, Iowa. DENTAL OFFICE — PLEASANT VILLE, IA. Formerly Dr. Strinafel low. -_ Complete Oftice -Wll - Wil Plea Rent, Corwln Strlngfellow, santvllle. la. 848-3254 SINGLE man desires steady work Exp. in shipping and receiving, or der desk. All types considered. 285 SALESMAN Interested In second Una presently calling on dry goods an parlment stores. 276-3M?. JqwaT"Write' VSii. -33J . P SACKHOE operator tra! Iowa. '"'- ""rlbune. ••"l! •W-'lffi 1 ?.^' ATSl«.8 refer Cen Reglste )rivinf Mini over-the-road, single o relief man. Ph. S85-4269 shallrock Iowa. 21 OELWEIN COMMUNITY SCHOOL NEEDS: 1. Kindergarten Apply to Art..Sensor,. Supt. Oalwln, 1. Vocal A-pphTtoSUPt. Harold Davisi Miller,- 1. Senior High O.E. CQrOrdlna bgro, la DELWOOD 2. Junior High Home Economics. Send credentials and applica.llon .to • • • • Supf. c - Chemistry. Sup't. nelmar, DIKE NCA School located near Robjon, IMPJ f la - Don PERRY OLDER married woman desires Non administrative position in Elci mentarv parochial or public schoo rehabilitation program of other re lated area. 20 years experience currently In Assistant Adminls trative position In Child Care In stitution. B.5. Degree plus gradual hours In guidance. Professions teachers certificate, 13 years do mentary and Junior HlBh Enqlls and Social Studies teaching ex p«rience. References. Des Molne or reasonable driving radius. Wrl p-lMfRealster and Tribune lAVSIYIiNii In mv Drake are home. Mon.-Frl. Reasonable. 25 COMMUNITY SCHOOLS NEED: "Igh O.E. Co-ordlnafor inStil "BT8lne"H. n Lyfla,'"SupT."««" Schools'", Perry, Iowa 50220 o-or eco 1. BAND INSTR SEAACO Needs, f 2 M94«» ELEMENTARY TEACHER .. INDUSTRIAL ARTS 7 THRU 12 i. ART INSTRUCTOR Send letter and credential* to Dr Harold Gourley, Supt., Oilman, Iowa. .OVING Grandmother wants to ca lor toddler. 55-5372. Llcenstd. 242-5074 WILL do typing In my home. Gi 276-2195. i.l.B. students nead part tima c work. Call Mr. Chase 244-4221 DOW CITY El'lsworfh "C^nunlty College ASSISTAN E TLIoRARIAN H,-. -eauired with major in library , .ence Excellent acllltles and v.orKing conditions. Please send ap- o'i -,nion ond credentials to Glen V^arlord. Dean, Iowa Falls, Iowa. SCHLESWIGCOMM. SERGEANT BLUFF-LUTON COMMUNITY SCHOOLS NEED 5th and 6th grade departmentalized, social studies .aojd reading. Small classes. Excellent working conditions. Contact Ivan L Rector, Supt. Box 97, Scaraent BluH. Ta. or Ph. WHITE COMPACT CITY TRACTORS WHITE TRUCKS 4771 Ind Ave. . : oas Moinaa. Iowa TILT CAB GAS TRACTORS '47 FORD C 1009 534, V8, 5-1 spd trans. Sleeper cab. 1000x20 tires. •67 FORD C ISO 477, Vt, S-l scd. trans. 1000x20 tires. •64 FORD H 1000 534, V8, 52 sod trans. Sleeper cab. HAWKEYE FORD TRUCKS 4101 E. 14th 265-1665 lly e rfect 1965 DOClGE C-500, equipped with| 13'/7' comb, box and hoist, 900 ruM hnr nirp »79V3^ 1961'CHEVROLET, « cvi., 4 and 2,| 1963''Fo| r D"F-i8) X ,' equiDR«d with V-«, 8-25 rubber, nice . ' ]u l? 1965 FORD 'J-lon pickup, new rub 1,^' CH'^RO'L-ET w-ton Pickup! H.D. sorinas, 4-speed, extra r .M („..< K "",, r : pl l Mwf i h "" 1(1 Anthnnf twin tK ,, (| Wl<1 E[) , Sevrrdi us**fJ Anthony < '"' ""'NEW EQUIPMENT Twin polls • Mr New 12 '! Scissor hoist si.'. WELLMAN MFG. Wellman, la. 319-646-2444 I.H. BC1W truck,.} speed, 2 swt-d , V345. IB' flat bed. good court il?w 1957 l i Ion Chev., »oort llrrs. >,TCV . stifed i '< ton I.H C. TRUCKS r»ck and bumilo' ' " "'" '' * VWB ° 1-in.i n,,,, I, CIMI Cl",1" ', 1! "'•• IV. 1 K.V I I, 1 ' v,»n nodv i-t U- |,,M1 Vdlli (D" s'ul» "'r itccnnl lor R lifj'lnl STANEK'S I VI wytHINCi FOH TRUCKS TRUCK PARTS ' v > *""" P 0. HOK CEDAR RAPIDS, IOWA '4 747 1JSI ' 10*7 ' rHFVROLET 3/ 4-toftr H.D. "equipment; °speed transmission. l967 Xlr FORD a %-ton pickup,' 6Dly tires and heavy pl " FRANK ALSTON HAWKEYE DODGE •• -ina Rd L at Inaersoll i?i ton F-100 pickup, * cvl. , 67 '6 45l FORD n ^ S ton n * cvl. with com- 6< bin?m>n stockSnd orain,llke new •65 CHEV '3 ton. Sharp box. 6 cyl. 0 ,o Stoworl, Hight Chevrolet & Olds Inc. Truck Center -NEW TRUCKS ARRIVING WEEKLY See us befor* you buy any truck If} STOCK 196' Chev. truck V-8 eno. 7000 lb, front a«le, 2 so. 900x20 tires SJ895 8000 Series tandem 131 In. cab to trunnion, 478 V-6 eng. 12,000 In. frt. axle, air brakes, 5 sp.. tram, and heavy 19S6 Chpv. tractor, air »hoit W.B , Slh whc» ADAMSON" IMPLEMENT BLOOMFIELD, IOWA PH. 664-1484 ir| T Ir.i , tram l i,"h . •B C 0/noo ll« five. . f'-HI- *. P,|.,o :,n Hi Q'.'Od rul.-bcr. t . ?iO Cum- D ,, M , rn( , tirr'. twin II rp RR ».,nirin. air EMMETS&URG, IOWA" I96J DCOF 405 10 scr-i-rl Cuinmir.-. 270 engine Uvsi 1964 IH 900 Ton, new enaln» M.SO 961 IH 1400 tandem box and hoist all other eoulpment for duty true*. Also air condition and bucket seat Pickups In stock Also used *rucks WEBSTER CITY, IA. 832-361 TRAM ['R', *••!• (.I'rirr.biMl.nii llrtl Ijoltnm Irailrr, ' ,.i';''il ? i'h'""i'r "Y ••" ll ' i "'' 1 ' OIXK * ''ft.I i li,irnliprl,iln (Ml bottom liAlltr •js f-t. « tr^n-, 56 In Hoioht. «ood I ubbpr, Ktfitj Din JO 9M Ch,imt>rr',im hont«r hollcm tr,iilr..|, IS II q ,,, jd ruhher, 'jf '» 'rthl. Kniq i,,n Jli c.onMrt B 1 A M::,. I .icaitor John SMIov E ' - J-ll^. l *t9-Cilir L .la J _Ph i ^li4Mjloi, GMC TRUCKS 196* Ford 400, 2 ipd. 7x10 dumn box and hoist oj<n 1955 IH CUO box and ho« 1967 JD COF 4000 with IH engine Wr. ,ir» now located at 4140 f.. I4in St. 573: of 1*66 IH/V 705 wllh 471 enuine. Air : TrgcM Plfkups to „ - m Iowa. Come out and look fur brand new facility lo give better service to our TRAILER REPAIR uthorized highway parts-service 120 S.W. 14th HOUSBY 288-8547 63 IHC, box and hoist, $2395. 1955, Chevy, comb, box and hoist, $875. 1 A-1 cond. Leland Larson, Emmets-' burg, la. Ph. burg, la. i2 DT 931 __ sleeper, 220, R-96 tandem tractor $3,000. Also grain trailers and plenty of work. J. Klein. Bus- sev, Iowa Ph. 943-2300. OJ?D '46 *i T. 44 Chev % T. 2 46 Chev 1 T long wheel base and stake box. All V-B with 4 speeds. USED TRUCKS Call weekdays. can ^Hj-^aai wecKgciyb. j ANK WAGON '57 GMC and 5 com-l partment 1250 qallon Innk, hose reel, meter, and new pump $975. J79-4240 Wesley, Iowa 5 CHEV.. tandem truck 40V motor, 18 ft. grain box, about 75% rubber, year around iob. Whilham's Trucking, Falrtield, la. 472-4355. na, VKT1 WANTED: F700 Ford truck, '44-'64, must be clean, very good cond. Also wanted: 6V;xlO head lift dump box, Ph . LeClalre, la. 493-4312. __ ~ tailgate lift used in business. Call 244-8115, Bank, Cedar Rapids.Jow--: , Rapids.Jo 190 SEMI with 36 ft. ^ single axle duty, single boom, . 245-072/1 , with towing .. HEVY '65 twin screw end Dump. 5 and 4, new 409, good rubber. S6500 pr trade for cheater. 282-6204. : OR SALE or trade — 1959 D-84! GMC tandem axle tractor. 774-2529 Box 224, Char!tpji,_lqvva. ____ 960 WILSON stock ~45 ft. long 11.6 ilah. Very good cond. Baldwin Truck njLPh.JW-337L.Rake,. !.a_. ____ GMC 59 Diesel twin screw, 20' flat bed, A-1 cond. Might trade. 515-265- W/?. Ankenv. Iowa. _ .ill^cu. In. dlesel. 5 and 2 speed, with air tag. Ph. 2332953. Waterloo, Iowa. »50 CHEV. Vi Ton picKup, very good engine. $125. Ph. 515-4(5-2404, Clutier !• T6W Truck, Chev. 'Jl Ivi T. PTO, duals, perfect 1395. 2020 Hubbell. _26?-1945_ 6T~P6~00 V-8,"120 in. f A, qbb':l ':00| tires, A-1 Ihruout, makt offer. Dale! Wilson,. Noweti_ln. | iTSv, '68 pickup. Low mile's. Top- : per. OverlOrid springy. Radio, Snow Tires. 124? 37th St. . 56 G//C V6 3il. Mn --xle ?0 'I. nrsin and hoiil. '00 rubbor. H t. Mills. Osccoi.-i. iJ 0 119' '68 Ford M ton pickup, V8 standard transmission, custom cab $1995 '68 Chevrolet "i Ion pickup, V8, 4 tp«d, Fac. Air. $2395 '67 International ?4 ton pickup, V8 4 speed trans., radio. $1695 '67 Chevrolet \<t ton pickup, 6 cylinder standard tram. $1695 '66 Chevrolet l£ ton pickup with 6 cylinder tnfine, standard $1475 '65 Cbevrolat W ton pickup. 292 6 cylinder standard Irani. '. $1195 '65 Chevrolet ?-i ton pickip 292 6 cylinder, 4 ipeed. $1395 '65 Ford 1 Ton, V8 4 spaad with lervica body $1595 '65 Ford 1 Ton, V8 3 ipetd with Tire lervica body and built in air conprenor. Dual rear wheeli $1795 '65 Ford Econolina 6 cylinder standard $895 '64 Chavrolet Van 90", 6 cylinder itandard $875 '6S International TraveUll, VS automatic, Air Conditioninf. Ideal unit for camper trailer. $1195 Many Mora Good Used Trucks to Chooit From BOB BROWN CHEVROLET 4224 Merle Hay Rd. 276-2501 276-92771 CITY PICKUPS WITH 20-FT. VANS o To'dco Roll-up doors. WHITE TRUCKS 4771 »d Ava. __ Dts Moinaa, DIESEL TRACTOR '64 Ford NT 950 D NH MO Cummlni angina 4x4 HAWKEYE FORD TRUCKS 4101 E. 14ih 265-1665 tag. IzXcellont 2966 IHC CO 1V50 wllh IH 550 ' •»•"'"""-.. wngje-o w,,h PTO, hyd. M ^ 1 IOWA TRUCK CENTER """PALO ALTO CO. IMP. "''° " The Triirk pfj °Pl e axle"'frailc;ise frailer'wlTh hydfau-EM^MEJSBURG, IA. PH. 853'??! FrOfTI General MotOI'S" lie gooseneck, 30 ft. loading deck,j'67 vvrocniV 11"," N'lM'ir "nl'•«> nr," tilt to ground tn rear tor loHctinn. low ',iing, nii,i o-i HD ri'I IM ii'c also has winch mounted front and! y i. A M, r «tiio lov, mile, v ' 340 orarnc ov/inainq boomi. 1969 '62 Ford til 1 "K! 'Ir.ici,,, l •,, j". 1-ton GMC, wheels, wllh weu: ' cn-T.t mirror^, r,idlo, his In'.s th/'n' 4,000 miles, has now 750 .imp Ho b.irl >'i;ctrir «(•!'!'r -Hid r.n',t-in built <ill '.tocl Ij' 1 '! wi'h nrovi . om Snles and Service. 714!, Com-inrhr? ••Ave.rClintoii. Iowa. Ph. 319-247-lMI hve; 7,1 C'"- I-(.I . II..R « n , •a'.tr GWC TrurV Co t. __ Phonf •>!•', I <|4 " " II ,,nd V," '-'Ml '60 MACK OWLST 33d"Cumrnlns "n-; ginc 1 . Uuplcx transmission Full! screw. See lo appreciate. J4500. 2—GMC G742 6x6''.. Never used for civilian use. Powered by "302" Jimmy engine. 2 Chevrolet '' ton pickum. Need some minor work. "292" t cylinders. TUCKERS -,44 Delaware _._ T9«~k~i2VkTEttWOimni screw, 10 IP. roadranger with 250 Cummins engine, has 86 in. sleeoer, fully air-conditioned with 10:00x22 In rubber, Fontaine air sliding 5'h wheel, no slack. In excellent condition with new paint. Joe Psse, Gal-. latin. Missouri, Ph. 663,3245 1962 I Me VFI90, 549 engine, 8 sp , 34 M rear axle, straight air, 10.00x20 tires, U''i ft. dump box or trdftor. in ni-w fi'ii'v. .4 '.u ? ,.t, ,i, ,rn S?I'J ' "; ' '-/ ' ', 1 1 ., ,- /. -, •/ i. •.P 17.000 '1 :u VuO li/'", BUCKWALTERS CHEVROLET Wellmrin, Id. _119'64t 60''5 or IM, Ii;i6 i-vi-'uni) . FOR" Diamond-Reo Trucks SEE IOWA BUS SALES CO. TRUCKS Ford »i Ton Stvle side p'ickup, 6 cylinder, 4 speed, radio, heater. liiw •U OMC Step Van 7 toon heater «*** •H Pert F-100 v> Ton Pickup, radio, heater, VI »1«M '«S Chevrolet »4 Ton Pickup « cylinder, heater. .. IIJ'S •U Chevrolet Tractor 346. 5 speed-2 speed W1W '«) Corvair Panel, 4 iP«ed •5$ Dedte «* Ton pickup heater. .. •»»> '6i Chevrolet I foot fleetside, 6 cylinder, radio, ne J.'JIi •53 Chevy 5 Ton Flatbed and hoist. •• *"' •64 Chevrolet '-, Too Pickup heater, 6 cylinder. »*« 'M Ford ' 2 Ton pickup, heater. »'"* 'W Chevrolet 2 Ton, 702" C to A, 2 sp«ed.S weed. «M5 '»S Ford 2 Ton ,352 Vt, 10 foot dump and hotot, i ujeedj 2 weed. toro flow dlesel, 5 speed, ? speed.: power steering, radio, vacuum over hydraulic brakes, 920 tires. /.OOO Iti front axle, 15,000 In ,.x'r' Good shape. Ph. 947-3401. Melchpr. .„,. „,. ,, ... b ,. ,_-,-,.. "^FOR'B^lCONQLINr Good cond. Ben Shlnn, Ph. 842-4991, window van Mmlel ?on Extra clean " " ' Sdve J800 TED McGREVEY 143' L- 14lh 766 II,) FORD ; 65 $995 Pickup ' j ton 6 cylinder Flfetsirjo box. Exira clean. TED McGREVEY Knoxville, la ' CONV. TANDEMS 1H4 DIESELS TOP CONDITION 1-GMC 6-71 GMC 1-srjd Irani. 1_IHC NH 2JO 10 spd tram. WHITE TRUCKS Scrvice-Parts-Tires 320 DIAI'FrJEf'80039'2 r >602 ~ REBUILDABLES r , J r^innt-vfiif h.ird Ion, rtir-vinvl '' ''' ' •''••' (font (Jarr)rtOf, hav»» '.9 Hirflf V.'ilMc'Tt 1 fr.Dr hflrcltop, flir, vwi loot, power, rpar damage, S7 Rv'irV '.VrldCAt •» rlnOr sr»dan Wllh "f, Icff front dHrruiqe, havft parts. 18 ('online txeculivc 4 door, undfrr- k% Morf.urv httrdiop v/lth a)r, rear 67 Mrrcurv h r ir<(tr>n with air, rear 6R Chov. V door, frnnt dAmaoe. 6/ tconoiinr club waaon, front dam- CHUCK'S AUTO And Tractor Wrecking Tilt Cab Straights 3-'66 Ford C 700s 330 HD VI aniline, 4 spd trans. 1 spd rear axla, pwr itrs. 900 tires. HAWKEYE FORD TRUCKS 4101 E. U*h 265-1665 IOWA FALLS. IO.V/- 'i V,l. ') ol Hiqnwav ft-j ,tnd 20 CLOSED SUNDAY REPAIRABLE'CARS *H F'unl 2 dr. NT Frt d/lmrtoe. 6, 1 ("orfl 4 Or /' iq PI If t 67 F.lirl.ini; 2 (It NT. Rt sid» til Fi.-rrt 4 i)r H T. HI nn8 ti-ll. l<37 E.J4H1 j_ 766-1171 '66 Poiil. GTO Lfll frl I96TGMC 5S8Twlin~N'uway"'1»(i',~7JOOo"'* Pl * r " 4 " r Light on rmih »r,'i' miles with or without 13 ft end '*6 Pont. Bonn. tonv. Nereis rng 'on. dumo. Al',o 1965 IHC 1700 wilh ''>'' Did-,. 4 dr. Ri;,ir dam. cheaters. Good cond. wllh or with ''-'• f.htvelle li'iht out 12 tl. end dump. Can furni'h '!>'< Chov. ? rtr M T Frt. end. plenty ot work tor above truck f, ,'64 I'oni i d, . !,.-tt l,.,n,|,T Ph. 738-3505. Grand Jet., lu. '6J Chev w,u| III i-<l-> moinr ten '65 2T Chevy V8. L.C.F. with It ft '6.1 '<""C tnnv Ui:«ls motor ri- n . van body. MFYFR AllTO ff) 'U 2T Fc,rd VI with tag »xle and 16 WCTCh; MUIU UU. II. grain box. 266-1107 28^ JWI '66 Chew 6 cyl,, 12' van body. 11! Ji:* HorseTChuvv short" block. J.'/. 776-7S74 _ __ Des Moines, In ' 37^ Hor ,e hjf-i injection heacis. •64"FRUEHOlFF aluminum high deck i Aluminum ti.qh rise in.milold .mil er 13-5 ovorall, decks UOO Ibs i 85 ° C' : M Huilcy carburetors, • " Srhr-ifpr HIUITI llv. ( ,tiL i cl and heavy duty * lulth, An-.on hpll hnu'.mq. Inr :.?/ lit-, '',', thru ",/ Ch(?/v. Mffllinn lifaU,.rs lor \'l> "t'j thru "jl Chevy. r'(.-.(> rrtlio Munrip t sp wilh Htjr'.t, -i^li riositr i, lio" for "t l i throu'jri '44 (f,,-v L ,<!'],;.> Ijar lr,l, ti'ih fiur.ltjrs, 9010 rV',nt'je dr,iO shocks- //allory rov.r,nl irjnitinn lor 12/ Chew. ",/ C.ii.-vy ? door ODdy, original painl. r ,cfll«"nl C0«rt. C.ill 362 9076 or all. ft f> P M W 4766. EsthPrvilA, l.i. Webster City iron & Metal 'tt> Oi>-il 7 U'. ',(.-;Jdr>, t'tt liohlly r,gh1 Oraan Briar 4 pauana radio, heater. 'M f»rd V» matlc transm Ton, VI, ay mission, heaji auto. $m 50 1201 LOCUST Trucks ind Trailers tow or Uitd $t« Our Display Tmday CALL COLLEa ^ Ear S, i :,tru <: ^ t n J ln l<9V P " ! * 1! * James Goodlna 319-365.3759 (Dobtwr) Welcher 515-424- I Dean Forret 515-265-51 '67 GMC 9500 trc\clor, 671 motor, new lires, cab damageO, • prm.'d lo sell. 279-9472. fJSS CHE'VY '-> Ion plck-uo 6 cylinder. Real clean. $300. 3913 E. Seneca, 266-8390. CHEV '54 PickuP, 2 new tires and battery, runs good, 432 11th, West Des Moines. . with dump box, $165. 2660-N.E. 51st 1964 CHEV. with Dodge bulk box. Nashua Equity COOP, Nashua, Iowa. Ph. 435-4 Ackerman ClarKsvllle TON TRUCKS FORD '63, 2 T, dump truck, Bli new motor, 11 T lie., $1650, 964-j 1966 CHEV774 Wh, drive P ckup. A-1 cond. Ph. 738-3505, Grand"Jet., la. WANT "58 or '59 Chev COE tandem truck. Ph. 532-3065 Clarion. Iowa 532-31 "fleet ^WILLYS fleet van, A-1 condition, new paint, 282-0067. 1825 Francis. "96l INTERNATIONAL Lone Star, flatbed. S800. • '42 FORO F 100. Utility box, motor ADDIT O Wiring- Air OTTf. 242-7047, T- 943 f. tl, t-5561. ROOFS-REMOPEL cond-Plumblnfl Cook 27»7-9888 _ njSkoc'Di^f IRICK AND •RICK AND BLOCK POR CEMENT WOR S«ICK. block .eamai Cement drives, steps, ' ait. 244-0757. 244-lSll .. 3RK 265-1728 . CALL 986-3297 :K block cement work. Repair ml., floor leveling. 243-3036 ART All classes to be taught In n*w (Ir conditioned building. Apply to t, A. Chriitensen, Schles wig, la. 51461. . _ _ _ I'CEMENT VWRIfTFrwrastimates. NEED a newer, bigger place to live?! Driveways, Patios Sidewalks. See Lldisilicalion 700. 2*2-0590 Quality wort 262-1744 OH, new clut Ich. t625. S'Vi pic 277 : 9401. Vt TON '63 GMC V6 pickup with »now plow. 17,000 miles. MS-778T. _ IHC '59, 190 series. Tandem screw axle. Needs motor L 283-2244 __ '67 CHEVROLET '/a Ton pickup, new tires. S1650. 262-6956 ' . . __ CHEV. '61 pickup. "•> T. * cvl. 3 spd~ 1 ton. 6 cylinder, run 0. 262-0145. DODGE '66, 300, U ft. van box, under warranty. 277;1471 CHEV. '64 Vi ton PICKW^ Cong wide box. Side mirrors. 262-8229. DODGE '65 VAN. Looks good. Runs irfect. Payments. 262-M29. . __ TTTMum.. van trailers, good 515-367-387; '53 CHEVY~pickup. Clean. $225. Ph 2M-3W1. TRUCK STOCK CLOSEOUT SALE! OVER 60 PICKUPS TO CHOOSE FROM MANY WITH FACTORY AIR Most dlvenWad light truck wUcllon In Hit itatt ot Iowa Including FlOO'i, F250% KWt, 600*1, ECOIM- linas, Ironcos, 6 Man Crew Cabs, Ranger Packaga Pickups and Camper Special Packaga Pickups. Des Moines 1 Volume Truck Dealer Needs tnd Wants to Buy Used Trucks See Your "Little Profit Dealer" DEWEY FORD THAT GOOD PUCE TO DO IUSINESS Open Weekday! 'til * P.M., Sat. 'til 4 P.M. East 14th « Grand, Det Molnes, la. Ph. 286-2271 DEAN FORRET TRUCK SALES ! liOil t I bth St ^6b ' .' ' 1 high, la. REiBUIUDABLES VANDER HAAG'S FORD cattle. 42 It. Air lift ramp, (or coun Jrv loads. Very light wt C.rp,tmpu(t condition. V. A. Carrnich,jp'. i,h 672 1169. Sl80urney,_lir _ 1966 fhC 1600 2-speed 4-sr^r^J 84'' r,ib to axle power steering Fipctrir. brake lock. Tinted windshiela. R,i•, dlo. Next to new condition. E. r..' Posusta, Tama, Iowa, Ph. 515-484-' 2946 alter July 78. '_ 1967 While Frelghiliner, 10 spd. Roadranger, 250 Cummini. new recapped tires, North America Fi • nance Co. Ph. 774-5408 or 774-4364 : _ Iowa. i ,,.„, 1-40 Ft. fl-itbed »ransparl trailer, - M "flu,!.k L jSabre 4 dr s.dan. hit In new in tall of 1968. With Gram; 7 m q-.-j-, ,,r,il r;tr sides and tarp. Low mileage.,, 64 .. 4<1 chevy. irucKs inrj pickups Charles Howe, Ph. 319-568-3157,! ^hs -md doors. .^-^9.^1 [ s 'j. - 'lU-'k*. Frj^t niut<upi and trucki, cabi INTERNATIONAL '47 Scout. High-] and nw> low range, 4 wheel drive. LOW'V<TBST(-.R CITY, IA. »32-53^o miles and extra clean. Only $1495.i LATE'WODFL PA~RTS FOR CARS Howlett Chevrolet, 423 E. Grind, -- AND TRUCKS J.44-2614. . -....-...« 1960 DODGE; trucfe tractor 700 series, very good cond. Ph. 35,,550. L, ^^ ^^ ^ SPENCER :/ Ph.712-262-7471 SANBOHM. IA. Ph. 712-729-3261 CLOSED ON SUNDAYS CAMPER SPECIALS We have i '*. Ton Chew plckupi. t needs motor work, 1 n«e<Jl rn»!i( work, I netKls minuf rcp*ir. TUCKERS 44IJ Dfi.iW.,re 745-Uil •HI PLYMOUTH SATTELITF: ? d.' h ,' f n-j|) Ntiedi 3 '4 front and v,,mj ,'':,-m 1st su?5 buy* tnis cnr TED'S AUTO PARTS 1ST AND UNIVERSITY 2I8-5787 Open Sunday 10 III 2 '67 CHEVT^i T. PICKUP' MOTOR BAD, EASY FIX •• '66CHEV.-2'/2 T. WRECKER Vuit sell, make olter. Factory lob 532V 2nd HA.NIFEN 243-3205 WRECKED 1969 f,istbac1T~Mustaho, 3SI, 4 speed, right side damage, d r I v e a b I e $1,300. Cash. Tom Staples, Corning, Iowa, nights 322- 2-2^D66R~T957""cTievy bodies and chdisis, $250 for bolh. Motor and transmission if wanted. 1150 for bolh. Ph. 432-2781, Boone, le. 2K3—CHEV. engine. All complete. Very good condition. Runs excellent. (75. Ph. 9V9-242I, Granger, IHC CAB OVERS IDCOP 405, New paint, New 10-20 rubber. Top Condition, NH 220. 10 Spd. Trans. Tandem. 1963's $4950 1964's $5950 WHITE TRUCKS 14771 ind Ave. J44-W3 Dei Momas, law* 1969 TRUCK SALE PRICES SLASHED THIS WEEK ONLY m 91. Over SO '/2 and ¥4 ton pickups. All engine*, trinimisiioni and options to chooie from. "Your Family Ford Deal«r" )7th FORD, set of 4 E.T. mag on 110x14 wide track tire. $175, Like new. 2127982. MS S.E. Hillside. 1964 300-377 Chev. engine, complete with ilro.yht iHck setup. Good condition, $250 285-5471 COMPtE Tri-power set-up. tSO. Carter AFB 515. Set ot Hiah Dome aluminum pistons 283, t45. 285-3466 2 BONNEVILLE convertible. All power. Bad motor. (100 or best ol- fer 7312 East 23rd. 14 IN. Ford chrome reverse wheels and tires, like new $100. 264-0066 or 244-4376 Junk cars wanted. 266-3575 BUG Shield for Cadillac '61 -'64. (12.50 or_ reasonable offer. 243-30»4 CHEV. V6 overhaul. Guaranteed. tUi -. .. J MMLl TIRES' — 155X14, S3 each. 7J32 N.W. 21st, 281-931B. ___ , ___ _ 2~327 chev. "heads, never used ISO. 279-5648 Continued on Next Page

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