The Paris News from Paris, Texas on August 1, 1934 · Page 6
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The Paris News from Paris, Texas · Page 6

Paris, Texas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 1, 1934
Page 6
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tHE PAWS NEWS, Y, AUGUST 1, 1*34 YANKEES CLAMBER BACK TO FIRST POSITION Take Double | Texas League Bill While j £«*<&>* Tigers Split Leading hitters: Bel!. Galveston, : .361: Morgan. San Antonio. .S5S; j Moses. Galvestoii, .344. ; XoiE.1 hits: Sell Galvestou,? 1*0. Teams Fini*ll Month. Witll 1 Doubles: BeH,~^alvestori. S3. New Yorkers Toppins I **&-**- Hooks. Tuisa. is. rr —i=> • Home runs: Bell. Galveston, 2?. IjlSl i R^ins batted in: Bettertcourt, i San Antonio. 95. By EDWARD J. NKIX, i Runs scored: Bell. Galveston. Associated Press Sports Writer j i«l. I LJke a couple of "w-IId-eved 1-iids j Stoles bases; Shelley. Beau- j »n a jr^errj'-S'O-round, ihe X'eis- r^^nt. 2' Tork Yankees and Detrc-:; Tigers *3IoWgames ^-on: Killin, San """""' J "- 1 ™'--- *-_- ^•-•-. v ecrir-si-aj, j Antonio. I'l. s-i-.iL >niU". > r;.:rip ?v- t;.;- A:;'erican| ^Io?t strikeouts: Kennedy. Ok- the "i'snks tad a i;':c-rr on it. RADIO PICTURE SHOWS AUSTRIAN BORDER GUARD llf II! tIMI! Pari-Mutuel F;r:"esar:. i hree ::rres sinr^ July i -5-5 j * -y-> s-^7 1:?^. w ^r\-^si Wagenng tor ~Jf 'Vl-? Jolf Event stanec ju£^ did manage to finish there. 1 "^ ?th s-ur' 1 , familiar persons a> ; Sjcrierkr^'rl^Tay beL^V^ , Ticket* ^ ill Be Sold On rao::th closed -r. i he-.•-;. b'-" -w- : -^->^r-^ ; . , ,. - -Ti'o graces from the Boston "RC^ • Asua Caliente ft^'eep- ss::. ix to r a;nd r -o i. =s :*e T^-. s take? Competitors ers ^'ere a:v:c.;r-g a doul-;-:- !:ea-^e." : 'A record ™k-da.y "cro^d of 25.^ ; ,, AG -" A CALZZNTrZ,. Mexico. C^ •witU Joe Tcsniik leading a 25-hi: .artacfe ' on Three "ired Tisrer? r>:zch- >ers- took the f:r«r 5:3 n:e ? 10 7. i>ut li,«st she s^-cG:ia -; to :_' anci v. IT-: • it. itre 'services o£ Glern j>Iv£,:t. '•firs^ strlrsc; catcher, r^-hc broke his legist auk I? si! din.;: home i~ the jorres. the ane:en: one. pitched the ^"h::e Sox to a •5 to. *• victory over ;he Browns •-'•s. ' d'Jel '" ts'Ith George Bla^-holdfr -tiie AtJ3ietir-= :ook another f^r. t -of rhe tumbU-n:: Senators. 8 - 2. as Bd Coleman h;t h:s Ivih t?ro ors. :;.Ijoi3 "WaTneks provicec Thsr Na- itiossal X--ea^rue thrills of :~= d~v cur. -he July ^"-d t-ested trro scoreless fcniss-s to, -z!v». the Cc"bs s. T tc- 1 victory That -'liad .. aever* been chanrec from tne regular cay's ^ame th»- Cards, -K-izmins- r to 2 b-s- •».• cro-wd. or* 25,000. The first e of ~s=p:re Bill s career, a. decision c-n a. fly over- ruled by IL-eag-ue IS-bole cards of The day. on tlie basis of 5, S ar.d 2 per cent. TSie managemer:! announce»i tnat "^"h t"hc a-idinon cf a D€"iri£ Tvhicrh started our fotir years asro 2.5 ^he S 25,000 open, had. 2-een charged to ih^ As-us. CaHente s:olf . BS. plsiTizisr "the fare "r;i3.:r;gT. oTer. .. TTrtii ths G:as:s bo-.v:r.g- i to 1 ."bc'ors ilia .Braves :- BosT-.-r. c-j^- -.pssc'liias'aad. P^ri£T "^ "-•-r- & :-"'s h~r^= ; ;. .-.&*•;. cc-T-.-r-. : eir-f as f.- oiher ;-~a-s - run,.. the Ccbs pxilled -jp TT:-"-:- •' -- ;•• --= -~'i-.l" -.-:-: tr-r c--* to b-= OxiTt .2Da"vis pitched T.he Ph:"-::-?? *•• ..-.-„. .^ - - ; - - _,-^.....^ ...-_,^ v.- t .... — -. :a.4 to 2 -ri-ctorv v--er ihe Z>-:>.i ;;•=••-.-• ^...^,. ...,. ; ...,.._^" _ ;,, '>,"„ 'l-_^ fi "V^ jF^ratss ,*ro^ e^ac"_J"-- no''/'^-^!'-^ ~ .*w.™i . .. -.^ .. " the annual Agrua Calients championship hers- January ?1 to Peb- zeii per cent soes to t»hs three FIGHTS Last Night r. THS ASSOCIATED PS.HSS IA. — Cleto Ix Iialv out taint i' TENMS TOOINAMEXT FOR ETSTC STUDES Click, ISi, Sa^i Trancisco. TORK — V--5 '7n:---'':s--': Tork t .3 j. .. CHICAGO. — Ht>dcn iY St-ahley, 1-51-,;;«re. IK. Sad 5s.iti£. I4C~, Ch .III-, i£2 sort. 133, Valparaiso. Ind... '2-. WORTH- Texas. .port, I-g,-, '2). Chaut-a Gc-^es:, i'ST, SSexico Cit>-. £t^pp*d J. D. ..JEitchesEr 13&, Fort Vv'orth. C5>. . • .KANSAS CITT. 0?5 — Twelve ••wireless stations, . '.• cr; radio- '«^uipped boats an<* :-^o c-n 'arid, TpeiSI £acallt£.t* ST. or err. en t. or f-elc-ht .^JE the Missotiri r:v*r sefsr^-n St. ss-d J. L BAIX & CO. Wirwt KatSoBBl Back Boy <H£ HIGEuEST BONHAM STREET Store jLezas courts. are <=r:-Eib."* for COTTON OPENING IN AREA ABOUT DIRECT —Cottc-~ h»r<s ^s op v :rz"i! Baker la hc-m* or: & "Tisir •frorr; tb«s CCC c?.~?p TK---r- h» is Gill & Johnson Handling HOLC Title Work Spectacular Main Event Wrestler* Leave Ring And Slug* Toe to Toe Among • Chairs Defeats Champion Telephoned to London from Vienna and sent to New York by radio, this Associated Press picture shows neimwehr rifieiri'tn and machine gunners of Austria on guard at Radkersburg on the Austrian-Yugos?avtar» border where they chased nari across from Austria following the assassination of ChanceHor Dotjfuss. Many o f the rebellious naris escaped at border towns, but scores were captured and some were killed. Cavalcade Is Leading Cash Winner !i ARE Furey But Superiority Over Peace JT -SKSrvIS that ev=ry year about Chance May Not be De- August i the thoughts of this frail el v Decided footbslh And "his season is eT;-:. v a opennjr o year-o toroughred campon- sc-con on te Tn ;ne i.ravers staKes o: T>52r-o, lT""ar'" c: j.he ne'.v siadiurn at Wise Kield.. once i: is coniplet-e-J, will put the p3 r ~^i'_,h s;iyth;;i^ :zi this > < ;ctjc-n of 'IV-XC.-S. Star? ".vii! bf- availctUIe of thv field and about SC»0 niore •iT!n:r capacity •w-i:7 be ••nO"2:M i:T-*n T ii_^ XVI^dr-its or thi "-.;•' •r'xis' here a.s "p-r*>"-"i.i;e<i at r:]a.r:;'-" tid-i—o ?eats •:ir". fcr -.he crov.-'Js 'lu>" :>;rn---j •-f:r:iil ana «-e"ii- ^'•.•r.ool <?ven ;nto s .i:>trl-: K r rlrtyofr ''c"" a f<?v.- ye3.rfe — :h3.i aaJItiona: -•"its -?.' ; il "';>^ :':;r;hcvrrr,:n^. An?! 1 " : - : €-.5, p^.r.T~. h-raag^-ars. shc-"I^*r '--onJC- If c-'v'": r«:c.2!I --vh^r. the »-. ri ^-^ r\ T?- £>•"&' T •-- — 1^- *>-- *"S«i ^*o 1 -*"/-.»- ; —•- • ... ^-..-^^ ^ -„ t_ . _^^., -^_ . „. — ^.s»,._^_'-. _£ ^25? * ^^ —. ^? ? ^ O*^ T .^. TT dt 3 - -^.-^P -7-^ .: cro v^~^;--. QTrr-'-c. Church of JLc-s A^ Based o~ past performances *h! _-^-H i--,.,^,,- *,,. T —,^, . ,,,, .v,^: . - ..•-- - t '-" r ^P^m^^r • '-3-fnp-oT5 = n:r. cf -t^- i^-^;-;? Jtip.ic-r .^-e,-. J\.^....^^c_^i-_, ; ^ .o^a^e --^jas •? t:=^a-:y -r.» ca«. jrt^nry c.. .-oll^-e Athletic A.^oc^t-,.-,-. In ^4 ^-^^di^r^'T^-^^Va^^" — ^ S !: ar ?: T - : ;" neCTr coach, says hs. . - ,^ S2 t hey P ia ye d the =-hrei-^r In- c-f re^;-:;r^- her :^<i-r^;;:p. | fv CON'NECTrON ^ith footba:! — "I«. In ir-34, based n-Tear D?"-r"orrr.Tir- rh? Drasror.s' a!!Major Leaders ; "--ir:- this Ti-'. An^i ;--•> r 1 -• come back *•? r.c"r> t'r* ^ "vATK^AL^Eli?;^ """ i^ltt*^ ?n%hr^r^- of the in-or,-.;-^ rror of .?th- can find *r;r-:-'---r:-s-.r.r ^urlr.s: I '4: Co-iins. Cajrc:na.3s. Kits — AHer,, Phs.'!:*!-. r-.,-.. POWDERLY LOCALS. GLORY COMMUNITY COMMUNITY ITEMS TO HAVE REVIVAL FtL.T. — K-T. Johrn^; G-I>ORY. — The ^Ic-v. ' t;C ' I JL.GT»1I of ZJubiis an<i his par*;™'_s. . ?.- i >'«*"Sii of ^•o'fisrt— ?po ^"tioies — ?", J^^crr/iaTi, *2u* r 'S.! jjj—. an^ i^*"s. John jL-ov*-": f•-" ^ H':nda.y TJiomlr.-i? <t*. th-~ :0; Cnyi^r. Cubs. 15. j V,-fe;:e-9i"rishi vi&ite^ her«. .**• • -,:-.urch on "^Vry W* N>---I <t F.«!- ?:ra*ea, 1 <3: ?. ; v.-eek at ta« h->rr-fss of S, D. atr-t , '- ; vai." A I-ir** cor-sr^-zatior; it- ^i-O^D.^ rijns^^^-Ot-t- -j-sasti. *^f 5 vn^ pssi "^ Collins an5 Berg*r. Braves, 23. i T.^rtnts. 31 Stolen bases — Martin, Card:-;"-", -t^r. PivcbiriS— -*. Dear:. Cs'c:na;s. ; '-' • Si '- s ~ AMERICAN' LJELIOCF; ^s-:r. her* .SS2; 0«hr:n«*r. Tilery, .?«/ " " \ ^ f ^—^- RanB—C V.>rbtr, R of rh eper.- • Mr. K<>-*'*It has b^cr. called by *r.'J Mrs. J. 1>. Cocr.- • -o cc-ndcct a reveal ."•*r^r:::nins :ne a^-.-iv, oo'J *n<J f-ira-;:- : n,sat Of Augus: 4 a* the ;-ib<:r- ' ,-r the ge-rvices, B. ! ; , f Ki-s of T:;* or, past **w ^eeks br Gill »a<! hn-orr. io f -a.: abstract office, for j t tx-ho ar* 1 F'jeklng i«3S.ris fr Ho"r;€ Oarers Ixjar? Corpc-ra- of y l = e5 ' :1<; T Jo - n «»=- R '•'*- *" *t a.r<S K":>r;<" to o. START SYRUP MAKING s*n«o«. ;47.! AT GARHETrs BLUFF . : ; i"i<5re*« on a- v Mr. and 7*Trs. !•; Jean Kv*-r*r*t render 34; Of-hrig, TAr. p orr at a: t'me*. J>tICfJ>K RISE of r^acn- }«<J the r«v>r<! tbtal of £,«S7 in j- rO m a visit :;.!i erf;c;aj .'jp^h 1 cation blanks and; AUSTTX. r horn i fi .j«j n ,, ; Kentucky '.^ handled »ey for CoriH>nt- I Ous«« of a,t tempted x*a!cid« : Mittti .-H*;*.'' Tarj»5<";- of 1 ' l>*.k« ? prenent^d J.o the -«.taJ. also * oe*.\ i rr4N?.fc'"J* '%;*•:«»,; Dr» ;*n<J M;>, j; Jtn'B .srra..rfdd»rgh.?.*n JK. . v-^o it local attorney In a spectacular finish that had every fan in ihe arena up and yellins for Wood—anybody's blooU —Billy Burns Tuesday nisht defeated George Harben in the ma:u event of Manager Fred GregerV weekly wrestling show: "Sit Pari* Athletic ciub. Harben and Burns left the rins in favor of a piot o£ floor surface at ringside- before Sums Inally Tvhammed and slani- irted. Harben into s-ubtiisssion to win with a body slam and spread not Ions: ater the slani-bans third fall had started. Burns had to -win the last two falls to avert defeat at The nands of the Georgia roughsrer. who took the first fall in 17 miautf-s with a series of body slams and a fe-v -.veil-directed punches about the head, which he held steadily L-y the simple expedient of srab- biug the ample Burns blond locks. But the l>enver boy came char^in::: back to win the second fail 5:s six minutes with a flyins; tackle iiTid a btxiy spread after getting Harben sro§:g>- by whamming him around the rirsg. The last fall of the main even!. however, was the wildest exhibition seen in weeks at the arena. I~very principal of the rip.ij combat, inc'uciris: Referee M. O. Rike. v. as the recipient of at least one 3'.: sty wallop. Rike getting hsci while trying to separate the wrestlers. But for a moment Burns anci Harben stood ^P *oe to too and. slujrireQ after Burns climb«r-J over thf ropes to .££t at Harben. a series cf head scissors holds. Fans at rinsrside -^'ere just about ready to- take sides w'he.n the -vrestiers climbed back into the ring arsij Burnb finished Harben in short order, Frankie- Graham got the decision over Jack O'Brien in. the seini- final when. Referee Rike disqualified O'Brien in the third fall aftei warnirjir hirr; repeatedly from the i'-virinr:".r>.g" of tht match asaiiisi. i:=ing his fists. "Each had won a faH ar-d v;hen they catne back for tl;e deceive fa?! O'Brien statrte-d 5-ii)c:si!ig. Two rnir.utes later Gra- hgni had br-en dectare-1 tho win- T>ei" i T^ *^vhsT ii^pcared to be a i}*>7-iiJar -JecisJon -^.'ith the fans. O'Brien took the first fall in 10 ruinvites -.v!th & lot of rough tac- iics ihtit 3f<5 up to 3. body sprea-i after 3»*r had practically knocked ' Jrahar.t cold. .Franklc- retaliated in the second faH --virn. a -do-bie J:.^-m^*: t^e ho:d, which he tiamp^'i o~ .in six minutes arrJ -.vhich i::3-Ie O'Brien pat the mat :^ a hurry. And just to show bj5 'i'^'lke for losing- -the fall O'Brien t->ok. a. poke at Rike before leav- frsr the rin*. not TO mention thos*- •ie tc'-vk s." the ref^re* during the »•-IT Ketcrnins to the ring" when a. -cheduied match fell thrcugrh. Red "Williams again defeated. Bob Mar- t:rt in the curtain raiser. The time •vaf six and one-half niinutss, V.'i-';janTs u?ed a body spread to ic.-.i':-; Jris "-"ictorj* after a.g'ttin ont- classsnt; 31art!n all the -wa-y^ A deir.onstratlo:; of wrestling frnal and the main event, proved r[u:te Interesting to th« fans and •vhen th!^ was concluded M. O. n-resigns, giving «om» of its background arsd recallins sornc of the -I'M t:rn* wrestlers -who "tried to make- wrestling- go over a^s just bur who failed. He then re-count- !*:rx conce'vci th^ 14sa. o* miiKinis the -rorr rougher, resetting 1 in the Hiki!. ?.r?- r ^v*'-r< t -<5 iuest!on5 about -,T r^stl'tr?' that were -r»ropo"in<it<i b" th» fan*, H«^ ?«c«rnr'! to hr •=resl-lr*formed on The sport, -with Miss Carotin Babcock (above) of Lo* Angeles, is shown with the Seabright, N. J^, tennis tournament trophy ju«t after she had defeated the national women's champion^ Miss Helen Jacobs of Berkeley, Gal., in two decisive sets. (Associated Press "cvT A iF\ T^ StancmAi TCESI>AT-S RESULTS TEXAS LEAGUK t Dallas T. Houston 5, night s3.m,s- San Antonio 14. Tulsa, 1C'. ni£ht Galvesion ~. Oklahoma City C, nisrht srame. Fort Worth at Beaurr.otit, postponed, "wet grrounds. AMERICAN UEAGtTE New York 13-2. Boston 2-1. Cleveland S-3, Uetroit 7-4. Philadelphia <>, Washington 2. Chicago .3. St. I.ouis 2. NATIONAL. LEAGUE Chicago I. St. Ix>uis 2. Boston 4. New-' Tork 1. Philadelphia 4. Brooklyn 2. Cincinnati 6-5. Pittsburgh. •*-".[ f second game 11 Innings..) Bucs Defeat Tribe, 7-2; Steers Win Jorgens Hurl* Ftmr Hit Game; Dallas Uses Three Pitchers By BUJt» PARKER Associated Press Sports Writer OrviUe Jorgens. Galveston ri^ht bander, -who is one- reason th» Buccaneers are in second plac« in ».he Texas League pennant race, pitched another of his sterling Sames Tuesday night, Orville limited Oklahoma City to four hits and save his mates a. 7 to 2 victory. Worsens toiled for a shutout and had it in the first eight innings. but a hit batsman, an error, a. single and another ruiseue accounted for a pair of Oklahoma City runs in the ninth. The Buccaneers staged a seventh inning hit and run Stampede that featured Waily Moses' home run with one on oft the pitching of Henry Shoaf. The circuit -wallop climaxed a foar run rally. Beau Bell, Galveston outfielder and the league's leading hitter, got two hits and batted in two runs. They had to use pitchers Sal Gliatto F Fred Stiely and John Whitehead to accomplish the trick, but a free use of mound talent enabled Dallas to beat Houston, 1 to 3. The victory broke a. four game losing streak for Manager Fred Brair.ard's thundering Herd. Houston tossed Spencer. Payne, and the veteran Mike Cvengros at. the Steers. None was effective enough to prevent Dallas from taking a 6 tt» £ lead the first three innings which later proved too much of a. Handicap for the Buffaloes although they out-hit I>al- las. 1* to S. ' • • It -was a dizzy s-pree of circHtxg: bases at San Antonio where the league leading Missions clouted fifteen hits to out-hit and outrun the Tulsa. Oilers for a 14 to 19 decision. San Antonio staged-.a pair of five run rallies 10 keep abreast cf the Oilers. The scheduled sraine between" Fort "SVorth arsd Beaumont was because of wet grounds. EAST J>IXTE LEAGCE Greenville 11, Gr*renvrood 1C'- } Jaokscn 10. KS I>orado 5, night j ;arne. I Pine S>ufC 10. Cterksdale 4. WEST 1>1XIE LEAGUE Jacksonvi?!*> 5, Lufkin 0. ntg..t game. same. night STAN DINGS TEXAS LEAGUE Team — %V. 1^. .rat* Antonio »j-i -Ji Beaumont ........ 55 53 Dallas - r ;S a^ Tuisa 54 S3 Houston. -. . i- -»T Fort Worth ...... •»:< 53 Oklahoma City .... -ii ,^s .-j*o{ 1-ft. • .»s:j .SS'-'j .i!4 ; ,i>«5 ! te<S 12 T*> and th* fans en- AMERICA?? LEAGCK Team — ""V. I*. New York . . 53 35 Detroit <?<> 37 C~?v*Iand ........ 34 -'>: B-oston 52 •*? Sr. L-eui* , - 42.-." 4? jrtor, 44 53 ! Chicago - - 3* 64 i >'ATION.\& ] Team— N*w York Chicago \\ . $1 58 At The Lamar | Boston . . 1 Pittsburgh 5 j Brooklyn nJr Crosby. Carol* Lxsmbar-J, .-5 and Al!*rs. F.T,h*-t Merman Pet. .sri .si& .r^s .52* ,*S2 .«4 .4 95* -2*7 Pet. .500 .433 * •*> t .3<7 s;l<5 TTiPtrsb^r cou'd "carry" a DJC- jj * :rt ^ BJu<f f.ijre— but They arc a!I together in | *5r«»nvjj!* a. rcfr«*s}^irsit new South i?* 1 *. island i ^-* Oorndo .-*'!v*nt».ir» TTsJTntiJrtcal at the* Laumr I J-'irkson . . T?-.r?«.tr«5 Thursday and r~ri«J»y. j'~ r«"-n-?>-oc-3 In San Antonio GUNTER All >f<xicrn Cnt«rri«s«: Facilities Cool Open Air Roof Garden FAMOUS BAXX>S P-ATJT. >t»na«trr industry NEWS CNfM/INO 13 5« .5.14 IS C1 .417 !* rt .3: Paramount vehicle fn •which the 1 ---- -*--* of HV>!i3"*'QOd -combine } aVnT* to cr* Tcarrt 3'"t Ion. Cr^ttby !» * •-•!•!<»- »bo*r<3 Th* riirht of M;-« ix>rrsbard. lT*:r ar:>f!»t.«i ar« M!«.«t M<-rroa.n, Krrcl and '=sA fort':rt' r --hfjnt;r,>f prm?-«r*. Jay tv. L PCT. CS 11 .*»34 ". 23 *J Heal Those Sore Gums B;nsr r>-n«! hs* "sr** *•****•" to w*>rk ;•••"« hOTr <"5«"«rr* 1 ' a *•»,••< ••iin;:sx of !/>vf, of y Is frotu ^^n by Martin and M«.r}on. Jr. rap5.d-f1rt pjrrwre which prov«?<j In it» ftrxt ohowtn^r that It will be rtn </uT«tandtnir attraction for fhe Even aft«r Pyorrh** has *r?J yotir stomach, kJ<!nf^'« and y K*n«rral heaJth. I Rcm*dy. «»«i!j *..« direct*d can eave you. D«.r»tf»t» recommend tf. Droir- Klutii rct«rt> your morsey !f H falls. Palac* Dr«K Stor*.— Hollywood Bwwty Shop Bcantffal O« Wave Set Call Mre. V. C •5 iSowth 19 tti Stractx FREE This W«ek At Bomar's Eat Shop Sooth 10th Street (his T\ I**c or drink FREEL •>-.•» rh or<irr of VISIT US CURB SERVICE For Quality Dry Cleaning Phone 198 W«> arc *ttll payJrsjj NRA wnd hour* and dotr>« a quality typ« of dry clennSnjf ^^7ff^ for /9 V Southern Cleaning & Dye Works >*ornwn Cokcr, Owner i

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