The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on September 19, 1918 · Page 14
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 14

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 19, 1918
Page 14
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Page 14 article text (OCR)

5",' PAUK FOURTEEN. TAB tttTTOHINSON KBWS, THURSDAY, jMSM38MB^ « JL^> r To the Woman Who Delights in Pretty Jewelry— We suggest a dainty I'cnrl or Diamond Hfooch— an ext|u'isitc Cameo- a string of Pearls—a Wrist Watch— a t,nvalierc. M. WELCH, Jeweler 18 North Main Or,r ji.'ickitifr -uid moving n'nict i-. cvcrylliiiiK tliut the luost <\.sitinK could desire If yon want your home's fur- ni'.hini: 1 ' moved SAI'IU.Y, call H.?S >- ii; i n>t the work to us. UNION TRANSFER and STORAGE CO. Phone 838 15-17 Second W. Jesse Langford AUCTIONEER Sept. 2! A. {*,. TcmpU', milts oust, '.j north of Saxman. Oct. 3- 1).ivo E. Hridc, 2V. miU«s vt 'Kl (if Lyons. On. J.*. - Cco, Raymond, 4 miles MM * isi,nib of pretty Prairie. Oci I—I. K. Van Ontetrand, 2',-i nil.'s w ;:«. rowih of Haven. O--:, IT .1 Y. Devinv, 4 mi low north, ' j c.'. i of Ni( kerson. I -Tli'iy h» ml ol' while faco stci-rs and :.«' luttd v iu!--. face l)'-'ifur.>, v,o)!;hi t'JO !hs., fi)i* sale at w.y eorral. Dales C.IP . h'* :irranj.;i 5 d at any limo iy i-alKii .K my offict* phone, Xickoraou .'j a! my ex p. use. Jesse Langiord ALFALFA SEED l ; or 1'idl Plantinjr $(•.50 to $12.00 per Bushel All central Kansas jjrowu. Non- irrigated— write for samples. YOUNG'S SEED HOUSE Hutchinson.. K.:ius. H.,ILf,OAH TIME TAULEJ. So. ,Nu, No. So. .Nil. So. No. AU. So No. So. No N.>. No. No. No. No. No No No No NIL I iANTA FE - 1 'he Navajo 1 '.'llleuao LimliuU.... i* cti.'L-jjiu r :.viJieijjj.... ii .Sduiu titfht 10 The fcitoul 6ti» i'iisfjoljyfl lltih J 'ii / l-llfi .T 6uS l'./..'lii UUb 11. :0s p. >;(jt> u, :.I6 a. :;lu ;i. .'i a. >U it. .or S. ra^si-nutr Ar.. 2 71 Wav l-'icjr.JU 11 r.-«rvjcuna. I 'I'lu- t?.:t>ui 6 .•; 'IJi,: CU.HOIIIIU Limited.. .1 b '1 lw CiLuUvlu I^XIHCJIU. .. & 7 I'Klto 1 i. 'J '1 ho Navajo i It lulnmUu Kiuit Mail.. C.t& i'naai-liner &Ci i';is*ii--nK.'l- ;*&7 ^ai^erifc'ur t.i)7 11. a; 13. raasenser .. .. 73 Way l-lidiflit (Main nu) ID. 77 Way l-'ielKht "Ulrauch liv) 7: .. . 1 ... b ... if j& p. i; i>. tin p. in y. Jit p. UU p. a. J6 IL all p. uu a. la a. :00 a. 66 a. MISSOURI PACIFIC. eaaTDouna. No. I'jl—laical raKseiijjef , Nil. l ?.4 --l.ul'al l'aast!lla.t r No. -lllfc —i.oi-ai llululii WcntbounU. No. i: 1 :!—Ixii'al I'ussi'nyer No. 4.;-— Local l J a*)»ilif c -r Nu. llit—Local KielKlit .. 10:10 am 4:3&pm . .12:lu pai •• ':10 pin •. V:'Ao aui • .11:40 um No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. ROCK ISLAND. Vast Qcund. 5:Sa n. m. : .it-purl $:i!t a. 11:10 a m. 10;lu . 12:16 p. Wcsv Sound. 7:20 a. m. 0:10 u. in, ,Ar. b:3a p. in., Dapurt (i;»u p. m . Local 1'ifiulu 1:40 p, m ARKANSAS VALLEY INTERURBAN. Eastbound. V^lertrlo Ir. Ins ror Newton, Wichita and Ini^rmwliiUo uoijRti leave Uut.-hint,yn a r li:30 A. M. 0:30 A. II., LlnilUJ; 7.r.j A U:15 A. M.. 10:30 A. .«. 11:60 A. SI.. IJmlled: i:la l". M.. :::ti 1'. M.. ,.:.,i r. a, Uilillcd: 5:15 I". M„ 0:30 1*. M„ 1:65 1' .M., D:la I'. M„ }X:20 I'. Jl. ' Weau juud. Kleelrh. trnlna fl'om Wlclilla, Newton am] Inlermedluto points urrlve at llutca. Inuon ul 7:40 A. M,, »:30 A. M., Lllulled; 10:15 A. M-, 11:35 A. M„ 1!'5S P. M., 1:50 1'. M„ I.liiiH«l: 3:36 P. M., 4:56 P. M„ 6:60 I 1 . M„ Limited; 7:36 P. M.. 8:65 I: a.. 10:16 P. M.. 11:35 i'. M. 1:30 A. M, SAVE FUEL BY USING Monarch Weather Strips on your home." No OUHBUIIOII to uliow you, G. T. BRONLEEWE 120 Mth West Phone 523 A TEXAS WONDER The Texas Wonder for kidaoy ani) Wdd <Ji-i- uoubli-ti, Kiuvvl. dlubetiv*. vvtalt and lauiu bueh rliuuiiiuttam and jrrnWmrllH* vl i lie kidneys mid' bladder In both inoa uiid women. Ir not sold by your drusslsf, will be sent by mall on recent or 1 1, it. unt snnall bottle la two monthV treat- nieiit. and otlen cures. Head (or aworp lexlimoiilulH. lir. ifi ,W. ilall,-. OUVQ HI .. Bt. LOUU . no., svw w vmmi"' SHINE IN EVERY DROP" IUnckSlikStnve Polish ludltfrfM/, It ll(M*S not dry ont; r»n lw u^<l to th« lut dmp: liquid •n -l Twin tmm qu»litY; nliBcIntpfy no wnirt»-; no diittt or dirt. You got your motiej '• worth. Black Silk ^ Stove Polish In not onlr mr-at econontlcnl, hot tt nf»«l a brilll* nnt, nilkvlimLrii t!mt cinnotha oktrirMtl with »nr otlirr [><>tiah. ItlAelt Bilk Slnvc V*>Ii*h r!tx* not r«h off It l»fl« /ntir t)Tnr» »* loiitr M or ill n try poll«h so It tare* jut; tun-, work and money. Pon't lon«l— when JroU wrnt minve polish, b« mire to nnk forDlicVsHk, lfltt«ti't thn best Btwve polish YOU wrer tiitfd - jrutir dcalar wilt refund your inou«y. UI-cIc Stttc Stove Polish Worki, Sterling, Illinois. V*o tUack Silk Air PryHne Iran Vnmm*} nil Rmtii", ri-a* lulmi, Btorr- pipes, and mtio- mol'ilo tire rlmi, l'trveiiLi nutiuji. Try It. V*c Hl.rk Silk M*f.l Pol(•Ii rortiitvprwue,ntcliel,tln- wure or brats. It wurka nnfekty. nudly and Ifavtn a brilliant aurTafe, It has no equal foriuveaaatomoblles. Get 9 Can TODAY DISTRICT ASSEMBLY Of (he Haiareat Church Id be Held Here Nest Week. HUNDREDS OF MINISTERS Prom All Over Kansas nre Ex* peeled to Attend an lake Cart in the Program. For Ceilings and Walls If you contemplate renovating a room, and your fancy turns to panelled effects, you don't have to go to the big expense of real woodwork. ; For artistic walls and ceilings, for turning two rooms into one, for many general domestic interiors, investigate artistic and. economical Tho Nazarrnc church will entertain tin' district assfinbly of that denomination next vsoi'k, About three hundred ilckgali's and \)renchers are exported to bo In attendance. This district comprises the. state ot Kansas. | lion. Stipt. It. T. Williams or Nosh- [vlllc, Tutm., will preside. Ho will i ali*o probably preach at most of the- I night services. He Is a master preacli- jci anil wilt have something that vrlll be interesting as well as Instructive and uplifting. Gen. Supt. H. P. Reynolds ot Kansas City will also bo here. He Is the head of the missionary work of the church and most of his talks will be alons the line of missions. He Is will-informed of tho needs and opportunities of the different fields. Besides being general missionary secre- llary of-the church, ho made a tour of the world a few years ago to visit till the mission stations. This will make his talks very Interesting. First State Assembly Held Here. Tho first assembly of this district was held In Hutchinson In Nov., 1910. Since that lime the district has grown from ten to fifty churches. There arc at present about 1500 members on the district. The delegates will be entertained in the homes of members and friends of the church and in the dormitory of the Nazarone Uible School and Academy. All the meals will be served in Ihe basement of Um churchT Conveniences will be supplied for about 150 to eat at tables at one. time. School in the Nazarene Academy i ami Bible School will be dismissed ) thai, week and all unite to entertain and enjoy the assembly. The day services will be largely taken up with business sessions and anniversaries, j but one of generals uperlntendentB, or i one of the preachers of (ho district j will preach at each evening session. IThe opening service is on Tuesday i night. All are welcome to come to I any and all of these services. ftyer complained ot the work done hy BarrlcMow's machine to O. W. Dawson, count}' food administrator. At Dawson's request Rector made ah inspection of the two stacks and later examined the threshing machine. He estimated that one bushel ot wheat in six had been sent. Into the Straw stacXe by the machine. Ho fotind' from inspection the machine that the concaves and cylinder were In bad condition. The machine was In ho conditio - )! to rntliresh the stacks so arrangements were made for another tnachlnoto do the Job, Barrlcklow signed an agreement to pair for the rcthresulhg on condition the waste wtts more than two per cent Hector's Inspection shows the waste is between sixteen and seventeen per cent, DEFEATS ANTI-WAR * MAN FOR CONGRESS " Pat Harrison. With a perfect record for staunch Americanism to his credit Representative Pat Harrison soon is to succeed James K. Yardaman as United Slates senator from -Mississippi, Harrison defeated Vardaman in a straight- out fight. The main issue was Vardaman's opposition,to the war. Vardaman believed Mississipplans were pacifists. .Harrison proved they were not. Harrison now is a member of the house foreign affairs committee, For Walls and Ceilings Only a hammer and saw are needed; it can be nailed right on walls or studding and will not crack! It comes in sheets, ready to use, in two styles—quartered oak and cream finish. It need not be painted, hut can be. It is waterproofed and sanitary; easily cleaned with a damp j cloth. , ' —' _ For Sale by LJ.Wbi'eLumberCo. 101 Sherman W. l'hono C5 See Display at Fair THE TURKS HOLD BAKU. Net Known If This Means That the British Have Been Defeated. Paris, Wednesday, Sept. IS.-—Turkish troops havn taken llakn, according ito a Hasel dispatch quoting a telegram from Constantinople under date of Sept. 17. It is pointed out by the Temps that We treaty of Brcst-Litovsk lett ilaku to Ihe Russians hut that this does uot prevent the Turks from continuing their advance. This report from Constantinople would seem to indicate lhat tho British have suffered a reverse in the liaku region, It was reported on August 1(1 th that British forces had entered Baku, having reached that city from their base by way of Persia. HEADS ENGINEERS SERVING AT FRONT Major G«o <!Mi William C. UngStf , Tin- ucuvy increase of our urniy that it, now being workod put has created a great demand for emsinetr officers. Consequently tho army engineer examining board Is about to start on a tour of uli the largo cities of the cann> try to examine young engineers ifor commissions. Major Kdward II. Williams of ihe engineer corps Is pr|nsi- dtfpt of the board. Young men who jpjuja preliminary exumlnatlous are commissioned and sent to Camp Humphries, Va., for a three nioulhs' course of training before going to France. Weather strips will (tare the coaj The famous Torblnson rear axel In Republic' Trucks. Reno-Buick Co. ,. 10-6L THRESH THE WHEAT OVER. Food Administration Had It Done Up in Barton County. Wichita, Kan., Sept. 19.—Two straw stacks on the farm of Phillip Dyer of near Olmitz, Barton County, are to bo relbrcslied at the expense of K. E, Itnrricklow, a thresherman, ot Great Bend, according to a report tiled'to day with the Food administration, by Ben F. Rector, and assistant in the threshing division. PICTURES OF FRANCE. Title of Picture to be, "Do Soldiers Like Music?" (By G. T. Bye.) Across the road from the American Press Headquarters on the British Front Is a hut that was at one time used as a lecture room for Tommies about to perform special tasks for the undoing of Hun existence. No attention had been paid to the hut until one evening when the Yank writers had come in from their various .excursions and were at dinner. Rollicking music was heard, through jangle of a tired piano and a blend of voices fresh and harmonious. When twilight set in the music suddenly stopped, but was quickly succeeded by a marching chant which became louder and louder. The correspondents, now beside the road, saw sixteen Tommies, approaching, singing lustily in spite of the burden they carried, which was a piano. Of course,! they were asked for an cpxalnation. . "Oh, we wanted a singsong pretty badly," they called. "We asked permission to borrow the piano at ihe officers mess, and wo have to get it back there by 5:30" "How- far do you' go?" Y""Oh, only about tour miles." ' The title of the picture should bo, "Do Soldiers Like Music?" sPI&HrfVfRY WRONG RIGHT f 0 1M tuw» ol Hart Bsbttamt kjt&m earth* Select Your Clothes From Full Stocks rpVERYTHING 'S READV hibrc for it. Fall Suits, •a-/;Fall Overcoats for. men arid young men; Fall Clothes for boys getting.rea'd'y for school; Fall Hats, Haberdashcy. Every item is guaranteed to satisfy in value, style, fit, or money back. You'll find a great variety to choose from and at prices which mean that we are sharing with our customers our advantage in buying. Suits and Overcoats for Men and Young Men. • $20, $25, $30, $35, $40, $50, $60 For 31 years Headquarters for Manhattan Shirts and Stetson Hats. • - ! SOLDIER SENTRIES FOOLED BY RATS ON BARBED WIRE They Make Trapezes Out of Them and Set the Wires Dancing, Causing Alarm. The twentieth century way to harvest with a binder. Use an International Grain. Schocker. Don't worry about harvest hands, Working today at tho Harvester Company's Exhibit at the Fair. 14-61 A Lallov 'purchaser Is given ser- Ylco .;Heno-B 1 u |okY'Co. 16-6t. In These Days Of Wheat Saving POST With American Armies in France— (Correspondence of The Associated Press)—Barbed wire which protects the trenches plays odd tricks on Ui'e soldiers sentries. The ground under the wire becomes a runway tor all the small things of tho night. Rats make trapezes out of the taut strands, wcazles follow them and the fight which ensues may set dancing all the empty jam tins strung along tho wire us alarms so that sentries over a Ions stretch of rront will tiro repeatedly into the night, bringing the guards to their posts and awaking soldiers over a wide area. At night the wire takes on a ghastly aspect. The cool dews settle on the picket posts and the wires contract, straining with little rustling and creeping noises or chafing and chattering liko a living thing. Tho muffled sentries prick their ears to listen and peer anxiously through I ho darkness, now and then discharging a shot into the black night, for it is sometimes difficult to tell whether the noise is that of the wire or that ot enemy mcddlem In No-Man's land secretly cutting a path way through the defenses. When the barbed wire Is new and freshly erected, and secured to its J stout scoffoidlngs and stakes R looks like some carefully planned work ot engineering, the- skeleton perhaps of some concrete rampart or breakwater. Time weathers It at first to an ugly thing of red.rust and sullen neutral tints, but later it may blossom In amazing beauty as the rioh weeds and undergrowth •climb : through its meshes, leaving cornflowers and blazing poppies to cloak, its ..ugliness. The wire has a Voice of Its own, U sings and drones In the wind, carrying back the memories of the. men who sit behind it to tho dusty roads of Connecticut or Missouri or Alabama, whore the tall telegraph poles Hing a similar song and lazy insects, reeoho the chorus. The Favorite Schiller Pianos and Player Pianos are sold at 108 North Main Street. A beautiful stock of uew fresh goods. Fair Week they will be sold from the store at 108 North Maiu. Now is the time to buy a Schiller. The Superba Phonograph, plays all disc records, :noue better. Phone 2431 J» H. HARPER Ptano Man producer to the consumer. Under tlie terms of the new contract, which covers the coming crop, harvested in October, mjlers will pay the growers a base price of $4.32 par hundred for No. 1 grade, which Includes fancy and choice Japan. Tho retail price at tho grocery store for the best grades ot California rJce will be approximately 11 cents per pound. The agreement had the unanimous approvai of the Pacific Rice Growers' Association and was Indorsed by a largo number of Independent growers. RECENT BRIDE OF SALVADOR OFFICIAL -the most delicious corn flakes- have a promimtxi place on patriotic boards • . • • • REAL ESTATE TRANSFERS. * • . -'• (Rejorted by Hall-najriand Abstract Co., No. I East Sherman.) iMHzabeth Dick to .Herbert Dick, 48 acros in .13-22-4, $1.00, •Same, to Henry Dtok, sl-2-sw% 12-224, 1.00. Same to Lizzie Di.ckfn.V3 sw% 12-22-4 $1.00, ' ' H. J. King et al,,lrs. to G, H. Grieve, lot 12, bile 63, North lSiron,"»450.<)0. B, H. Pope to D. Wi Tbarpo, lota 16.-17 blk 3, Hosklnson's "and tSulves, . 'First add to Turou, $1400. Carl Alfred Kurlson to Hilda Maria lCarlson, lots 9-10 blk 1 II. L Cos, 4Ui add, $600. James Dukelow tp M". II. Foster and Rose Foster, tract 00 by m ft. blk 10, iD. B. Miller's add. *1800. R. H. Steele to Bert Cook; all blk 8 Farotlagtoii, tl.flp, , . r Bert Cook to JS.' W. .UcNaghton, same desc, JJ.OQ.' 1 W. Y. .Morgan to B. W. Htifflae, lot 16, blk 2, Hyde Park second add,' St. Useful all ovcy the farm, International Motor Cultivators. Pull ypur disk harrows,' drijls, seeders, Jand packer, land roller^, ^peg-tooth 'harrows or any Held *work tfiat four horses would do, Soo them today at tho Harvester Company's State-Fair Exhibit: .'"„ ;,. ' lf6t A VOLUNTARY AQpeSMSNT stabilizing the Prjcf. ft California WasUlnston.—It was announced 'rev cently that a voluntary sgrceuieut baa' been perfected between, tho United States Food Administration, for California and rice growers and millers, t^WUlni tye nrlce gt rice |r«m - Senora de Reyta-fluerrar Senora de Reyes-Guerra, formerly Linda Eiizabelh Hardeaty, Is tbo wife of Dr. Antonio Reyes-Guerra, charge d'affaires of Salvador. The wedding topk place late this summer In Washington. Senora de Reyes-Guerra is a direct descendant of Lord Bllllnguley andTTjeneral. «a<Jd6ck Warren. Popular Location. Paris.—The American Red Cross warehouse In Paris, at 90 Rue dh Cbomln Vert, is. located on the scene of p good part of the action in Victor Hugo's novel "Les Miaerables", The suUior gives the streot Its,'lull naijveV now discarded,: of ''nje du Cheiiiln Vert St. Anlolne", U was up thlB "loijg and narrow street",'.that Joan Valjean and the child FautlneTlurned when pursued by the police. At the end of this street .is Ficpus, where Jean Vaijean took refuge in a convent At tbo ptlier end is the Place 3es Vosges, where Victor Hugo lived while'writing "Les Miserables." Popuiailqn of Sclliy isles. London.—-Tlio population of the Sclliy Isles' are -mourning; for their "king", 'JV A. Dprrlen-Smltb, whose death occurred in August. . "King" 'Dorrien-Smith ruled the 145 islands in mujsb/tne same way as a landed proprietor on the'mainland would. \it) inherited the Islands from an 'une,le who rw «ed their Inhabitants frojn poverty by introducing the. culture pf Jlowors. The Qprrjoa-gmltk estate at Treuco Abbey tp reputedly the rnoat comark- abie in-the kingdom and excited tho Intense admiration of the -late fClpg Edward wbo.ylaltofl the lslftflgs when Sugar Crop In Argentina. Frost occurring In the last week of June In Northern Argentina has damaged the cane In tho vicinity of Tucu. man and Jujoy so that previous estimates of the crop tor ArgehUna must be reduced, probably by 30 percotiL, according to present prospects. The cold weather continues and the dam- ago may ho more extensive. This loss will make It necessary for Argentina to import sugar again this season, although it Is at present not likely that the amount required from outside sources will ho as largo' as last year. —New York World. ' Kansas Threshermen... < Washington.—Six straw stacks near Conway Sprlpgs, Kana., was rethrash- ed tho last week of August, With'ex­ cellent results, County Administrator Jacob Englo ordered this done by O. W. Pierce, because the first time he threshed'his machine was In bad order aud much ot tho grain went over tho sieves and into the straw. Two stacks belonging to J. F. Meade and four belonging to J. L. Walters, farmers in tho same vicinity, wero also ordered, rethreshed. Short Jenks: "1 havOiSo much -trouble with my, own wife that I don't see why I should fool with any other man's wire.—Atchison Globo. A man who makes'many bets loses many and a man -who does a groat deal of talking Is often wrong. 1 —Atchison Globe. Did you see ihe Republic Truck at tho Fair? Reno-Buick' Co. 16-6t. SEtiF DEFENSE DEFEAT BACKACHE AND KIDNEY TROUBLE WITH ANUMC. I Many people in Kansas, »• elsewhere, have suffered from rheumatism and kidney trouble and have found Anurtp tp be the most successful remedy to oyercome these painful and dangerous ailments. .. The lucky persons are those who hate •uttered, hut who are pow well becauae they heeded Nature^ warning signal in time to correct Their trouble with that wonderful new discovery of Dr. Pierce's called "Anurto."'You should promptly heed these, warnings, some, of which are dizzy spells,' backache, Irregularity of the urine or the painful twingei of rheuraaUsm, sciatica or lumbago. To delay may make possible the dangoroua forms ot kidney disease, such as stone In the bladder. To overcome these* distressing .conditions take plenty of exercise in the open air, avoid a, heavy meat diet, drink freely ot water and at each meal take Aiwjrlo (double strength), you will, in a short time, And that you are one of Its.firm Ipdorgcrs. All druggists sell AnurJo tqr soe, or send Dr. V. M. Pierce, 8uB »lp, N. Y., 10c for trial package, W ETMORB, K ANS.--" I must s»y that 1 cannot praise Anunc too much. I was BuQcriug from soreness In the bade and found the Anuric Tablets gave rac immediate relief. I think Anuric U a good mcdicpic; I know it did me good, so I recommending it to all.' — Mas. flwwv T HOWAB. HuNHKWtxt, K AHS —"Dr< Pltrce's Anuri.c Tablets have dp .ne more, goofl for my sick kidneys Um ,*ny wgttcine J I ever took before {or. fodajw #yim I H ^H «r Ss &jBf,; tVi,. «»»•,,.* . m>C.H<j&'' i'.#? - -

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