The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on November 28, 1924 · Page 14
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 14

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, November 28, 1924
Page 14
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PAGE FOURTEEN. THE T-TUTCHTNSON NEWS, bvSDMUNDSNELL BEGIN HERE TODAY T 'nn.-tM Wlill.', l.i.nti-l f '.i iln- OntiiK- fuU'U i?.!;itr 111 H.'ihi-'i. Tl I • • I v. I'.IH- .Hill Ml:> SIMII lli-npr mi llw li '«n. ill'- II. Hi: !•• i'M !i. i *' . 1111" III 11 lirlL'!!- iti.ini Mr. 1,III-M". .m... \'.lii 'iii "!ii' . .(In >MllI| k > Willi.' I l<> i'."-.tril.--liip i»- lli.-- II.-Ill: In I',.nil." 'I.III. \..<lts lul-r. ' Vir- •ll.iili, Willi*'"s « [r:i»lni .;r, Ill's :l Vlfi'i'r ,11 tin |" I'"M • Mr. I.;i:-M", v-II'i l, clim I.. vii y M' i 1 r r I''' I. "Wh.'n I luvc a [iliiul. 1 .li. . \ .•!•> tlilni: tlutt I Mil fur Mill." M.I H.Mr l.ifi-lln, "hill t I llllVV 1111 111. II1V, II Willi].I I... tll'l- |.T for If In- liml in v. i' llvi'il ill III!" Tli.'ti tin- I lull!-i > i'il visitor in''" S:tri'S t'< f.l I'Tlll Ills tti'ill.l'.n. Till''.' h-ruf, li-> l.'i.v rnrlit--:tn. Ill' •.I'liuilhl lii.'- Iiri'l.- I" li"r ti.'W •. >JOW GO ON WITH THE STORY "My wlfi' uns M-lit. to yiillr finllt- rry. Shu study- ami »h" Irani your mrtKuiigp." He npix'tirod In lin lonn- ing furl tier n ml fiirihur fnrwnrd I" tin r.hnlr. The Irli'inlly ton<? lib linil llr^t Hssunifil M 'f'lll' l 'l tt) lllivn Lll 'own friulunlly rolil. uniil IMH'II snnti'nco >o mii'ri'il rum.' mil 11U<- u liltlnr ilnvnt. "Tin: li'.'ii'hlncs nr tlii> In Tliiiia iin- fiiniulii'ii; ilic KulorM'iin i>l".i grow* iiii I flnil I hiivn iiiki-n \ Hi'i-prnt -ftliusi' tiiHeli !s I'old, liown li'fp down luftiilf, *ho has ii heart Hint la IPII mul u:trm, Mr. f'nllipnn; 1 dcalH nut fur mi', but. fur soun*- nnily yvlm must fup'YiT In 1 my Iiii'iny!" I'orrK'an Mirreil. " mi Plirtli lin .i nil this to tin Kllh me Mr. 1JII-HII 7" ho ilnniaml- •'1. his Imiw* litiit. "IVrponnlly, 1 mvfl nnvpr H.TM yniir vlf*\ Qilltn tp.irt Tronj Ihiit, I hapjii'n to have ono of my oivii; in KriKlainl for hi*r icalth, I .iilmil. but still very much Ixi my Ihouphtti. I 'm far too tievotivd mil too busy to liolltpr ahout. other >"nplt..'H family affairs." ruse [ruin Ills neat anil, rriisslnc Hi" Mramlii, JIUIIRII asiiH' •In: lilui: sun lilinils. lie point iwl Iramal irnlly 'ijooli'." In' *aiil, liis finer slutk- ;im wilh ii fury that was almost iiiiiKiinilnK him. "It Is for this that I eonie to yini'" Corrli:an FIrolled toward lilm and Quilted ovei- his shoulder. He saw an infinite expanse of vavfni: rilliher tre-.'s, Kreen and liiurislihiM; Just showiuu almve the ir.i'inost leaves, the house of I,aide, is le-iiihlio •> lyliiu astride a ilupe |i];c a siiuai's Ark; and. itiiiidini; out in the near distance, ;ine Tree Hill silhouetted ncalnst i s h y rif ilei'posl hlue. A man In .ilaki drill sat iieyotid the shadows if a Kiant In eudfruii tree, his •.lasses el in tlnjtc In the sunshine. \|< CnrriKun shaded his eyes iBainst the flare, he saw an arm nave suddenly liUe a semaphore, md from the window of the hunKa- iiw siOtnethitiK fluttered for a mo- nent, as if In reply. "I see." said Currican crlnily. 'cinKiiizInK at a glance the man— lint the situation. "This must itop." "In China," pursued the oriental, 'the betrayal of a poor man is n nke—-Ufa wealthy man—a tla.eedy." ,|e swiinc slowly around, lettlim ihe hlinil swini; into place. "1 RO In\v to catch the Main to .lesselton, !or the hoar, to I.abuan leaves to- nnllow. In t .n days I leturti. 1 onk to ynii, my jlieud, to pluvent ;hi — llaaedy!" "I f It I ii h. I I'iin promise you," said "I'lrlmiii, hnlditiK out his hand. "I •.in usually answer for my em- itnyes." "Thanks," replied Mr. Lal-Ilo, MiUinj-' up his hat and making for Ihe steps. From the distance came .'lie shrill scream of Ihe approach- im train, lie hurried off down the ilnpe. Cnrrinau watchinf: htm from Hie doorway. Iionald White sat, in saroiif: anil linclet, ll-i'-niOK to the contented iiiirninr of voices from the coolie iin.'S. The nUht was dark and ifarless and a faint hreeze sllivei'ed ilie dried le;ives of the thatch above lim. In the living room beyond .he veranda, a Chinese hoy was :/e;u'[riir away the remnants of a ii'-al. A terrier lay outstretched at lis master's feet on ihe moist larlli. his head on his paws, both i.-irs pricked. Suddenly lie emitted i low Krowl and sprani; to his feet, lis eoat hristliui:, and hei:au hark- )ilr luriuusly into tin- blacitncss at loinethint; Wliitf I'ould not discern. H'- ins.: calllin; the ilu^ io hini. and a silni form cunic 'iiiiiiini; into tin- pale lic/n; thri.iv. n >V the oil lump, ami slipped tn lln- iii'llnd, hiith arms clasped round lis knees "Susie!" He gasped iuci'edtl' OUsly. 119 gathered her up ill iiis arms, vnd enried her to the veranda. "Yes. J have come," she said in I low voice. "I have stolen away 'rom my iieli—to rest in I'aradlse, iur Just, a little while. I think he >lll kill me soon, hut, while 1 live, must see you sotnei hue's. I am Hill Kuellsli," she oommuod wist- hilly, " and he—is. just Chinese: I (ih! Donald, I stayed too lone over there, and just when I mliiht have miniated to rorj;et--I met J-OII." Her facu hrlifhlened suddenly and she laughed thronuh her le.-irs. 'There! th^ devil Is Kone! lie Is ii dnviO Iionald, the prince of a)) IIUVUH—and so fall I have crawled on my Itneea to the master of my destinies, to ben him lo ho kind—and comfort me. We will Just IIIIIRII u little loRether and pray that, nobody saw mo leave, and nono will watch me return.'* White knelt by her Hide and pressed his lips to her hand. They did not notice that the doK was harklnff again, nor did they see CorrlRim'a ureal, form until he Htood .before them, in tunic, and breeches, his hat In hln hand, his malacca tucked under his Hrm. The Rlrl uttered a llttlo scream and White rose awkwardly to face his employer. CorrU;au's heart was the biggest part or him. He hooked a chnlr toward him with his too, bowed politely to Mrs. and naked the amazed usslslant for a smoke. White muttered an Introduction and brought over a small bamboo table. There wero ctynretH upon it. a snunre. bottle and a couplu of glasses. I'orrlgaii lit up carefully, throw- In c the match out into the lilKht. "You two poor dovlls!" ho said suddenly. Ho rested a heavy hand on White's shoulder. "Tell us all about It, old son. The story's older than the hills, laddie, but this one's likely to have a pretty tough conclusion!" While opened & bottle of soda water. "Coirlcan," he declared warmly, for ceremony was the one thins Corrisan could not stand, "you 're the bent pal a fellow ever had. I'm damn sorry I didn 't tell you about this before; but I was fool enough to think you wouldn 't understand." "I shouldn 't have." said the other "without seeing Mrs. I .ai -llo." lie turned to the. Klrl. "You have taught mo something- tonight, that yesterday I wouldn't have believed. 1'lviug In these remoto fringes of civilization, working nil day among Ihe very lowest types of your people, one forgets, if one has ever known, that there arc others so different, that It is difficult to R KNELT HY HER Imagine thf-y come of the name race, I came in here lo put an end to what I believed to be a mere liaison: I beg your pardon humbly. I find I've stumbled upon a romance." He surveyed the glowing end of his clgnret. "White.' he continued, "I know you'll listen to me, because I believe you respect my opinion. These meetings must stop. This lady's husband came to seo me today. He knows overythinr:. I won't bore you with nil Ihe things he Implied to me, but. they wero unpleasant in the extreme. 1 can assure you." The girl's eyes opened wide. "My husband knows?" she demanded fearfully, her hands lo her ears. «• Corrii:un nodded. "You must admit that your daylight signaling was, to say the ei' it. indiscreet. I promised him 1 would nip the affair in the bud — be. for- 1 his return t'rom I.abuan in l'l days." The girl swayed softly to und fro her hands still pressed to her head. "if he knows that 1 have been here," she whispered. "It will be 1 the end." I "He must, never know," said i White hoarsely. ! "Now, look here." .broke in C'orrl. j gau. "You've got to grit your teeth, Imih of you, and put up with It, (iive up these signals, meetings every mortal thing, anil be patient. A mail with a carcass llkn our honorable friend's can't last forever." The girl shook her head nndly. "I know you are right, Mr. Cor* rlgan. We are following a course that can only have only have one ending. Our turn may come, as you have said, but the fires of our ro- mnnco will liaVe burned out with our youlh." "It does sound pretty hopeless," added her lover gloomily. "It's all so confoundedly rotten. I'd run away «!Th you, but I'm hound tn remain here. If 1 did clear out, we'd have precious llttlo to live on." Cnrrigtin pushed a glass toward hint. "Cottle on," he shouted. "Stiffen your lip! This is life, my lad. I've been through it and you're only getting It in your turn. When I RO! an Idea Into my bead, It's usually come Iher -. for some reason. Now, I've a notion there will he a way out." He rose and held nut his band to Miss Hong. If 1 can do anything to help yon both." he assured her, "you enn be certain I'll do it." lie slapped his nsslstnnt on the back, picked up his hat and cane, and went down (he veranda steps whistling a tune he had heard when he. was last on leave, He was about to cross Ihe stretch uf single track, when nn unusual sound came from the bend to his right caused him to halt! Ho listened Intently. The dull, rumbling tiolso drew nearer and he recognized the sound of a trolly nn Its way from the coast, town, presently the thing came In sight, a four-wheeler affair, propelled by a cluster of coolies. Seated on a cushion, his red umbrella folded at his feel, his fat hands folded over his chest, dozed Lnl-Ho. (To Be Continued) FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 28. 1924 OUR BOARDING HOUSE DAY NURSERY TOTS WERE REMEMERED YESTERDAY The 12 homeless youngsters at the Day Nursery were given a big Thanksgiving dinner yesterday by the members of the Rotary club. Besides the dinner, tho Day Nursery received a large number of dressed chickens from the Nickerson Sunday school classes. Shop-o-Scope will mike the buying of Xmas presents for others as much fun a? opening your own on Xmas shopping. tf. VOL) EVeR -ftS -rE A -TURKgV fcS DELICIOUS AS-fvUTBIRD V16 V\AT) VlOlJ A -f-fUe r?A^VV.E?r EG AT),-I "5AV rTvOA5 k<Z "SWEET AUt> -fEKiDEP AC, A MAVDEkfe PRAVEfc! ^VOUIALK LIKE ^ '•) AKl IrJVrfATiCAi OLVf ' It) TM^ER • «= OLD'.- rtr*v-lA,~VuW <S AV, A-flURKEV WAS OVo A PEelSIOtJ vWEKJTrV PILGRIMS LAkiDET? ' f I LOS-f-W' ^iRSf-lVlO ^ ' BALL'S VuTTVWrV DROrA- ^ STICK l.GBAPPLEP.'* TrtAf -fURKEV VOAS PART EAGLE OlJ Vte WtiERfe \T\ SIDE, AMP T OUGHER? T HA>J e>iy KO^ T H/S BACK* REviT.' ,rAA7QR'<5 \WVLE-TQPttEVgeTS SONAE "^1^ CQMpTlKArLvAT^' An Unusual Record Wheeling, West Va: Mrs. Stephen U. Elklns, of West Virginia, has tho unusual distinction of having been daughter, wife and mother of United States senators. Shop-o-Scope will snow you a lot of things you never knew about Xmas shopping. It. ADVENTURES OF THE TWINS. By Ollv* Rabcrtf. Barton. A CHILLY RIDDLE So Tom Tucker had Five Sandwiches, and Jack Horner had three pieces of fruit cake. All the Mother Goose people ou Pippin Hill were so interested in the Kiddle Lady's riddles that nobody had moved scarcely. Hut after while Mrs. John Insisted on serving tea in the oretianL "It's quite correct to have tea at five, you know," she said, "and it will give your brains a rest." Ko Tom Tucker had five sandwiches, and Jack Horner had three pieces of fruit cake, and Miss Muffet had ever so many cups of tea, ami everybody had a fine. time. The itiddle Lady was soon rested and sh« got ready to ask the next riddle. "Is the ne.M, one to rhyme?" nsked Nancy.' "I can make it either way," said the Riddle Lady. "I can make It to rhyme or not. to rhyme. Whichever you like." "Let's vote ' rni it," suggested Mrs. John, "i never liked to vote but it seems to be Ihe only way to rind out just what people want." "it's a good idea." said Mrs. Mpratt, "Let's vote.'' So Ntincy and Nick took small pieces of paper and passed around to all tho people on Pippin Hill and they wrot» on them "yes" or "no" according to their views. The yes's had II, so the. Riddle. Lady made her next rlddlo lu rhyme. "it's not very hard," said she. "It is far easier than a cross-word puzzle, at least." y,*> she began: Seeking Knowledge. Mrs. Cr»bshaw: "Does your father tako any Interest in your school work?" Willie: "Since I've been studying chemistry he sometimes asked me questions about the homebrew."—American Legion Weekly. "There Is a chap who bothers us a teasing, freezing fellow, j Ho comes late In the autumn and I mid turns tho leaves all yellow Shakes sugar on the pumpkin, anil sugar on the grape, But. leaves the corn and all the fiowcrs in dreadful shape. He nips the rose and dahlia, the golden-rod and phlox. And ruins all tho liny leaves of privet, hedge and box. He jumps upon tho rat-tails all sleek and velvet brown. And slits their jackets up the back and musses them with down. Ho dusts the fences, fields und trees with powder white as milk. And slyly cracks the milk-weed pods and spills out all the silk. Ho spends the winter braggiug about tho tilings he does. Ho paints designs on windows— great ferns of musty fuzz. He freezes hard the water in lily pond and puddle. And chuckles like a silly goose when things get in a muddle. And all the Utile turtles and fishes In the river, Turn slowly Into chunks of Ice and haven't room to shiver." "t.Uiodness! That's nn easy one," said Mister Hunting "It's Jack Frost I know That's why f go hunting for rabbit skins In the fall—to keep him from nipping my family" "Right."' said the Riddle Lady. (To Be Continued) PYORRHEA Y1EDS . TO CHLORINE GAS To those who have followed the reports of the remarkable curative powers of Chlorine Gas iu certain diseases it will bo interesting to know that this gas Is now available In a simple, Inexpensive form known as Jo-Vex. Jo-Vex combines the Chlorine Caa with other valuable elements especially designed and balanced for the treatment of sore and bleeding gums, loose teeth, trench mouth and ail forms ot Pyorrhea. Thousands Df laymen and dentists who have already used this new product are amazed at Its wonderful power to heal sore and bleeding gums and stop the dread disease of Pyorrhea which ends In broken health and loose teeth unless conquered. Almost all good drugglBts are now supplied with Jo-Vex especially A. & A. Drug Co., Foltz Pharmacies, who have just received large shipments from tho laboratory. However, If your druggist's supply Is exhausted you may send $1.00 to The Jo-Vex Chemical Co., Akron, Ohio, for a full size bottle with complete Instructions. SULPHUR SOOTHES AN ITCHING SKIN The First Application Make* Skin Cool and Comfortable. If you are suffering from eczema or some other torturing, em- harassing skin trouble you may (Illicitly he rid ot It by using Meutho-Sulphur, declares a noted skin specialist. This sulphur preparation, because of Its germ destroying properties, seldom falls to quickly subdue itching, even of fiery eczema. The first application makes the skin cool and comfortable. Rasfi and blotches are healed right up. Howies Mentho-Sulphitr is applied like any pleasant cold cream and is perfectly harmless. Yon can obtain a small Jar from any good druggist. (i She Says: "IAmThm" Her Friend Sayn She Is Skinny If she only knew that she could put on at least 5 pounds of good, healthy flesn In 30 days she wouldn't be worrying about her peaked face and nin-down looks. She has tried Cod Liver Oil, but the ill-smelling, nnsty tasting stuff upset her stomach und made her feel worse than before. Doctors and good pharmacists know that Cod Liver Oil Is full of vltamlnes ' that make flesh, creates appetite, builds up the power to reslsi disease and chas es away ncrvotia nesa. But it's horr: ble tasting slui and every da. fewer people ar taking it for do tors are prescrl. lng and the pev pie are fast lean, lng that they ca get better resui with McCoy Cod Liver Oil Tablets, wlmh A & A Drug Co., Weesncr Drug Co., and druggists all over the country uro having a tremendous demand for. It's a wonderful upbuilding medicine for children, especially after sickness, and Blxty tablets only cost Bixty cents. One woman gained 10 pounds In 22 days and If any skinny man or woman can't put on a pounds In 30 days, your druggist will gladly return tho purchase price. "Got McCoy's, tho original and genuine Cod Liver OU Tablet." OfficiM Boy Scout Outfitters. \ Boys "Cravenette" Processed Two-Trouser Suits $15 Proofed against wear and weather, tailored to be a* near boy-proof as possible; styled in English and Nor* folk models—and of fabrics solidly constructed. In new grays, browns and mixtures—at $15. Other Suits and Overcoats $9.85 up. —To Keep Boys Warm— Underwear Gloves Flannel Shirts Allen A Stockings Sweaters Tim Caps WUSSBAVM'S Established 1887 Hundreds ot Bargain* SATURDAY Unheard of Low Prices COAL BUTLER 515 So. Main SONS Phone 280 Butter-Kmst [Does Not Crumble/J Try it ' J PALMER DENTAL CO. Popular Priced Dentist 28 V N. Main Phone 2659 GAS FOR EXTRACTION Hutchiatoa THE GUMPS — BLUE BLOOD "XuRtfe -A VM£HM>, HOW M UCH M OU fc^t N«V> WOW fc£ VOU^N "SOU WfcWE * LfcoH- I'U, "WE NfcSBVre v-Wb k &oot> to-re* OV^HS^ TO CONVtSS THAT MOO AiTC ' MUCH NOV) ATc VS NOT TOPIC TOR CDN\l©R.SWUOW \S0U KN0\N HO\AJ C\)\.T\>Tit& THt THfc CaUMVS \>0 >VT ftWIWH Cvn^= TO Q\H VJfcWK *N CVVAHRXCMA SOCVtTM" VONT E ^fcVi TORGfcT THAT ON TH^ M &NFVOwJeK.? \ t»\t>N'T KNOW tHEVit VKSSENCrafcS OW THt THE LAST DAY I'VE DONE MY PART—NOW It's Up To You! RED HOT Specials for SATURDAY $35.00 Tea Sets—High Grade Silver, $17.50 To Clean Out the Lot—$45.00 to $65.00 Diamond Rings at— $25.00 each All Solid White Gold Mountings or Green' and White Gold. Mall Orders Promptly Filled . WELCH 24 East First 111 •TEETH Natural Looking Perfect Fitting "LOW." 1 "* SET $25.00 Heavy Gold Crowns . . CC nil Reinforced Bridge Work Silver Filling! $1.00 . Extraction* - $1.06 Without the Hurt ALL WORK GUARANTEED DR. CARL BROWN ECONOMY DENTISTS 12 Vear* In Hutcnlnion Office Houri, 8 a. m. to 6 p. m. Evtnlngt and Sundaya by Appointment Phone 1386 Over Hoagland Clothing Co, Main at Sacond Read the Classified Ads in The News-Herald.

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