The News from Frederick, Maryland on June 9, 1970 · Page 2
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 2

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 9, 1970
Page 2
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PkffvA-2 THE NEWS, Frederick, Maryland Tttttalay, JMM t. l«l Argentine President Out As Military Takes Power BUENOS AIRES (AP) - Argentina got a new military government early today after the armed forces ousted President Juan Carlos Ongania, the general they installed in a coup four years ago. Not a shot was fired, and life went on mostly as usual for the 3 million residents of Buenos Aires. The three military commanders- Lt Gen. Alejandro ban- usse of the army, Adm. Pedro Gnavi of the navy and Brig. Gen. Juan Carlos Bey ot the air force- were sworn in as provisional leaders of the nation of 23 million people. The junta said it would name a president within 10 days. Among those being mentioned for the presidency are Eduardo Ortiz Basualdo, the conservative president of the Supreme Court who is reported to have powerful navy backing: Justice Minister Conrado Etehebarne, who has wide support in the army, and two retired army generals, Jean Enrique Gugliel- melli and Osiris Villegas, both of whom are supported by factions that believe in rapid development of heavy industry. . The junta said their basic disagreement with Ongania was "the lack of a political solution for the revolution," the term used for the 1966 coup. Speeches in the last year by Lanusse indicate that he may seek a return to some democratic procedures before very long. Growing dissatisfaction with Ongania came to a head Monday morning when Lanusse announced that the president had refused to accept a "political plan" from the armed forces calling on him to share power with the military and consult with civilian leaders. It appeared to suggest that a date be fixed for presidential elections. U. S., North Korea Deadlocked On Ship PANMUNJOM Korea (AP) - The United States and North Korea refused to back down today from their conflicting accounts of last Friday's gunboat encounter in the Yellow Sea, U.S. Army Maj. Gen. James ,'H. Skeldon repeated South Ko- · rea's claim that ; North Korean forces attacked a lightly armed South Korean vessel south of the demilitarized zone, towed it into North Korean waters, and is now "illegally detaining" it and its 20 crewmen. · North Korean Maj. Gen, Lee Choon-sun insisted that the vessel was a heavily armed spy ship dispatched by the United States and that the North Koreans sank it north of the DMZ. The exchange took place at the 302nd session of the Korean Armistice Commission, with Lee representing North Korea and Skeldon representing the U.N. Command. Skeldon demanded a report on the condition of the vessel's 'Crew members and the prompt return of the men and the boat. Lee demanded that the United States apologize for "dispatching the spy ship" into North Korean waters and punish the individuals responsible. The United States has denied any responsibility, and the U.S. Navy has denied that any American ships were operating in the area. Ongania then fired Lanusse, said he would take personal command of the 135,000-man army and barricaded himself in Government House behind the loyal, heavily armed 1,200-man presidential guard. Blackmun To Take Court Oath WASHINGTON (AP) - The Supreme Court plugs a 13-month vacancy today with the swearing in of Harry Andrew Blackmun as the nation's 98th justice and successor to Holmes, Cardoso, Frankfurter and other judicial immortals. To train the spotlight completely on his old and close friend, Chief Justice warren E. Burger picked a day on which the court's only business was* his administering the oath of office to Blackmun, a slight gray-haired, 61-year-old federal appeals judge from Rochester, Minn. It was arranged for the swearing in to be a composite of two separate oaths, the judicial and constitutional. The judicial oath calls for administering justice "without respect to persons" and to "do equal right to the poor and to the rich." The constitutional oath requires swearing to "support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic." Blackmun, like Burger, was named to the court by President Nixon. Their "strict constructionist** approach to the law evidently recommended them to Nixon and John N. Mitchell, the attorney general. Burger has lived up to his billing by taking a uniformly conservative stance in his first term as chief justice. There are indications Blackmun may be more moderate than the man with whom he Went to kindergarten and grade school in St. Paul. Two other "strict constructionists," federal judges Clement F. Haynsworth Jr. of Greenville, S.C., and G. Harrold Carswell of Tallahassee, Fla., were rejected by the Senate for the seat Blackmun is taking. K has been vacant since May 1969 when Justice Abe Fortas resigned amidst suggestions that he violated judicial ethics by taking a retainer from the family of financier Louis Wolfson, later sent to prison for illegal stock manipulation. The seat has been graced with more luminaries than perhaps any other. It has been held by Joseph Storey, Oliver Wendell Holmes, Benjamin N. Cardozo, Felix Frankfurter, Arthur J. Goldberg and Fortas, among others. The last four occupants, Fortas, Goldberg, Frankfurter and Cardozo were Jews. Nixon broke with this tradition by nominating Haynsworth, Carswell and Blackmun, all Protestants. Nominated by Nixon April 14, Blackmun was- approved by the Senate Judiciary Committee, 17 to 0, May 4 and confirmed by the Senate, 94 to 0, May 12. Mafia Suspect Leader Of FBI Picketing Line NEW YORK (AP) - A judge has agreed to take a first-hand look today at a picket line unlike any New York has ever seen. Its target is the FBI and it has been led at times by Joseph Colombo, one of the top names on the Justice Department's list of Mafia bosses. Meanwhile, the jurist, state Supreme Court Justice George Starke, advised the picketing Italian-American group Monday to tone down the volume of its sound equipment, which has led to a court suit by East Side residents. The FBI's neighbors are seeking a permanent injunction from Starke against the demonstrators, whom they describe as a nuisance. Among defendants in their suit is Colombo. Far from playing the shadowy role of a big time mobster, Colombo has taken to the streets with his wife, his son and hundreds of others to protest what his lawyer claims is "a reign of FBI t e r r o r i s m" against Italian-Americans, "They want a congressional investigation of the FBI," said the attorney, Barry Ivan Slotnick. " As many as 4,500 pickets have demonstrated five nights a week outside of the FBI's Manhattan headquarters at 3rd Avenue and 69th Street, denouncing the government's chief crime-busting agency as an American "gcsta- P°." The demonstrations began April 30 shortly after the arrest of Joseph Colombo Jr., 23, by FBI agents. He was accused with two otter men of conspiring to melt down U.S. coins and sell the silver for more than the coins themselves were worth. Leading the first picket line was the senior Colombo, 46, identified by the Justice Department as one of the high commissioners of the Cosa Nostra and head of one of New York's five mob families. The elder Colombo currently is free on bail on federal charges of income tax evasion and Slotnick said Colombo feels his family has had more than its share of "FBI harassment." However, the Italian-American Civil Rights League, which organized the demonstrations, said the issue goes beyond the government's drive against individuals it regards as big-time hoodlums. Paul Arnold, public relations director of the league, said the purported harassment has extended to small shopkeepers, to housewives, to anyone with an Italian name. "Most of these people don't know anything about it. They've heard about it all their lives. But they don't know anyone who is a member and they're inclined to think the thing is all blown out of proportions," he said. Arnold said he knew of one reputable woman who changed her Italian name because of frequent questioning by FBI investigators. He added that the situation is general and that his group has received inquiries from all over the country by Italian-American groups interested in joining the protest. The local picketing led last Friday to the suit filed in behalf of 200 tenants who live in the neighborhood of FBI headquarters. They contended the demonstrators with their attendant bullhorns and other electronic equipment "constitute a nuisance injurious to health, comfort and enjoyment" The FBI declined comment. As military units took up positions in the capital and elsewhere in the country and tanks rolled into Buenos Aires, the junta announced over the government radio station that the commanders had "resolved to resume immediately the political conduct of the country" and "invited" Ongania to resign. Moments later, a commu- nique said the 55-year-old president was "deposed from his duties as president of the nation." Ongania held out for 12 hours, then drove to the army headquarters and presented his resignation. He was the seventh Argentinian president to be overthrown by a military coup in 40 years. Ongania's ouster came after months of severe and unpopular economic austerity, student disturbances, antigovernment violence, disenchantment of the nation's political leaders and- most recently- the kidnaping by unknown persons of former President Pedro Aramburu, another general who was considered a likely successor to Onga- nia. Shortly after he replaced elected President Arturo Tllia in the 1966 coup, Ongania dissolved congress, banned political parties and instituted rule by decree. His strict economic policies, including wage freezes were opposed by most of the nation's labor leaders although U.S. government and many foreign business leaders praised the measures as necessary to restore financial stability in Argentina. Antigovernment violence started in April 1969 with a series of terrorist raids on military posts throughout the country. Student disturbances broke out a month later, protesting the brutal police repression of student demonstrators. The disturbances spread across the country, and workers seeking higher wages joined in. Aramburu was kidnaped from his home May 29 by two men wearing army uniforms. A Per- onist organization claimed to have done the job; Ongania blamed leftists. A radio station in Montevideo, the capital of neighboring Uruguay, said it had received a telephone call saying the former president would be released in Montevideo "in the next few days." Group Seeking To Discourage Florida Growth GAINESVILLE, FLA. (AP- Wtiile chambers of commerce woo industry to the Sunshine State, a group called Zero Population Growth is trying to keep peopte'away. "At the rate man is reproducing now, there will be one square foot of space for each individual in the world 700 years from now,'* says Dr. Seymour Block, an engineering professor at the University of Florida and ZPG spokesman. "We don't need to add to our population problems by encouraging people to come to Florida. The state's advantages will bring plenty down on their own. Our industrial and political leaders make the mistake of failing to plan for the future. They lack the social concern to look beyond the present. "The population will never reach such proportions because nature will solve the problem through disease and war," he says. "We would rather see it solved through more humane methods." Block says "Americans represent five per cent of the world's population, but use 50 per cent of its resources and produce 50 per cent of the pollution." ZPG has chapters in Jacksonville, Gainesville and Palm Beach and is starting one in Satellite Beach. Block says ZPG hopes to convince America and eventually the peoples of the rest of the world to "replace yourselves and no more." "I think we must encourage people to avoid having more than two children, and the best way to do that would be to make it economically advantageous for them to limit the number of children they produce," he says. "We could give tax incentives to people who have only two children and impose penalties on those who have more. A poor person might have to pay $500 for a third child, but it might cost a rich person $5 million.*' Reds Show Losses In Italian Poll ROME (AP) - Italy's first regional elections have given Premier Mariano Rumor's center-left coalition government a strong boost, while the Communists did not do as well as generally expected. The voting Sunday and Monday put Rumor's coalition in control of 12 of Italy's 15 new regional legislatures, and the fowr government parties got 58.2 per cent of the 32.7 million votes cast, an improvement of 2.8 per cent over the last national election in 1968. After gaining in every major election since the war, the Communists got 27,9 per cent of the vote, a tenth of a per cent under their 1968 showing. Finch Will Direct Peru Quake Relief WASHINGTON (AP) - Robert H. Finch's first assignment as a White House counselor will be to run a $lO»million program of special aid to earthquake-ravaged Peru. An announcement Monday did not say if Finch will go to Peru, where the government estimates 50,000 persons died in the Maty 31 earthquake. Peace Corps Director Joseph Blatchford already is in Lima. Finch, who has served as Secretary of Health, Education and Welfare for 17 months, will go to the White House staff when the Senate approves Elliot Richardson as his successor in the Cabinet post. In his first White House task Finch will set up a special steering group including representatives of the Agency for International Development, HEW, the Peace Corps and the Department of State and Defense. The White House announced Monday that the $10 million grant will come from AID's foreign-aid funds. Berlin Envoys Set To Continue Talks BERLIN (AP) - The Big Four's ambassadors to Germany met in West Berlin today for the fourth session of their talks on the future of the divided city. Pyotr Abrassimov, the Soviet ambassador to East Germany, was the chairman today. Meeting, with him were Kenneth Rush of the United States, Sir Roger Jackling of Britain and Jean Sauvagnargues of France. The talks opened March 26 and are being kept secret. No progress has been reported toward their goal- easing tensions in and around Berlin. Informed sources said things are still in the preliminary stage. WASHINGTON (AP) - Theft of government securities has become so widespread that'some insurance firms have balked at covering U.S. Treasury bonds, the Federal Reserve Board says. Losses, reached $20 million last year for banks in New York City alone. Wall Street brokerage firms were hit hard also, the board said. The FBI, keeper of Vie only full list of which securities are stolen, wont make its data available to banks that may be confronted with a suspicious bond, the board told Congress. The report was sent privately from the Federal Reserve Board to a House investigating subcommittee. A copy was obtained by the Associated Press. The board made no mention of Mafia involvement in the rash of thefts from the multibil- liotvdoUar flow on Wall Street of Treasury bills, bonds and notes - each a type of loan to the government that can be cashed in or sold. But it said insurance firms have been hiking their fees for covering the government bonds in Wall Street hands since last fail and, in several cases, have refused to furnish any more protection. The theft losses last year were substantially higher than any other year in history, the report said. It cited the $13 million disappearance from the Morgan Guaranty Trust Co. as well as two other New York bank cases that each topped $1 million. Many Treasury bills are pay- Laird Claims Red Speedup Of A-Weapons VENICE (AP) - U.S. officials said today Defense Secretary Melvin R. Laird has told Western allies the United States has just 18 months in which it must decide what to do about a Soviet speed-up in nuclear weapons. Laird reported that Moscow had accelerated its testing since strategic arms limitation talks began in Helsinki, Finland, last November. The talks are still going on in Vienna, Austria. The officials said Laird designated 1971 as a year in which the United States would suspend decisions on new military production. Work was not going forward, he was reported to have said, on the underseas long- range missile system-- although contracts for research and development are being let. In a comprehensive report Monday to the Nuclear Planning Group of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization , Laird was said to have told seven allied ministers that the Soviets are already testing an undersea missile with a arange of 3,000 miles. The U.S. Poseidon missile is said to go 2,800 miles, though no official figure has been disclosed. Laird had met with the defense ministers of West Germany , Britain, Canada, Italy, the Netherlands, Turkey and Norway. The purpose of the meeting was to work on plans to ensure that nuclear weapons would be used only as a last resort to halt aggression, and then as sparingly as possible. House Maps Probe Of Postal Thefts WASHINGTON (AP) - Congress wants to quiz the Post Office on links between mailmen and the Mafia. A House government operations subcommittee has asked Chief Postal Inspector William J. Cotter to a hearing June 18 or his force's efforts to combat the spreading epidemic of thefts from the mails. A subcommittee source said the hearing would zero in on what he called an apparent lack of training for postal inspectors in coping with organized crime. The panel, headed by Rep. Dante B. Fascell, D-Fla., has been conducting a series of hearings on the preparedness of federal agencies' investigators to deal with Mafia-related crimes. The Mafia has been connected in court cases with the misuse of credit cards stolen from the mails by postal employes in Brooklyn and elsewhere. An Associated Press study last month found millions of dollars in credit cards, stocks, checks, and merchandise are being stolen by postal employes each year. More than 1,100 mailmen have been arrested for theft in the past 10 months. The study found organized crime often provides an underground channel for disposing of stocks, government securities, credit cards and other items stolen and sold by mailmen. U.S. Treasury Bonds Thefts Setting Record able to the bearer and can be cashed easily. Other stolen securities have been used as collateral to get loans at banks ranging from Miami, Fla., to a small town in central Pennsylvania. Still other stolen bond* are carried overseas for sale. The Federal Reserve Board report was sent in response to inquiries by Hep. Dante B. Fascell, D-Fla., chairman of a House government operations subcommittee. The report said the Treasury had stopped keeping its central list of stolen securities 12 years ago, although it said several regional banks in the Federal He- serve system had renewed an informal checklist last fall to block attempts to cash stolen Treasury bills and bonds. The FBI has a computerized list of stolen securities, but it will give out the information only to police agencies and not to banks, the board said. The report recommended the FBI data be made available directly to banks, brokers and other financial firms. If this can't be done, it said some other federal agency should start keeping a computerized checklist of the stolen government bonds. Police Seek Ritualistic Killer Of 3 SAN WBG07jCalif. CAB - Hospital Aid Bill Approved By Senate WASHINGTON (AP) - The Senate has passed a $2,76 billion compromise bill that would extend the Hill-Burton hospital aid program for three more years. CaonlcUgnt three in- . .mental hospital for three me by police wai (Bdjert Uberty, 23, who was declared insanein M66 in the «£*·««*»: tfon of his 31-year-old girl friend. Burring candles were found by her body. Lfcerty was released from a state mental hospital in Atascadero in Sept 15, 1969, after six court-Sprinted P»yctaa- trists testified he had regained "Vetatcharged with murder and flight to avoid prosecution after his roommate, Thomas As- tronia, 25, was found shot to dean Jfcrch 12 in Orange County south of Los Angeles. Police said the fugitive kid- naped a 17-year-old motorist in Long Beach last Saturdayand forced him to drive to Westann- ster, where Liberty robbed his own mother of $45 at gunpoint m her home, saying she owed him the money. , Then the motorist was forced to drive on to San Diego, where Robert Mon, 52, was beaten, stabbed and strangled in his apartment ««TheC a n d 1 e 1 i g h tKiller strikes again** was scrawled in pencil across a closet door and two candles were left burning beside the body. Police said Richard Greytak, the young motorist, told them Liberty kept him tied up during seven hours in Irion»s apart. ment He freed himself unhurt Barkley Indicted In Hijack NEWPORT NEWS,- V». (AS) - Arthur Barkl«y, accused of trying to get a $100 million raafomfor a hijacked TWA jet liner, faces the dearth penalty if convicted of one of the charges now lodged against him. The Arixona truck driver was indicted Monday by a federal grand jury and on charges of aircraft piracy and interfering with a flight crew. The penalty for piracy is death and for the second charge, life imprisonment Barkley, 49, of Phoenix was indicted by a jury of 12 men and 10 women after an FBI agent appeared as the only . witness called in the case. Barkley was captured during a cockpit battle last Wednesday in which pilot Dale C. Hupe was shot in the stomach. The shooting at Dulles International Airport near Washington followed a wild eight-hour ride for the 51 passengers and seven crew members, and two landings at Dulles. Hupe is recovering in a Fair, fax County hospital. President Nixon, who served in the Pacific with Hupe during World War n, called the pilot a "national hero." Long winded members of the South African senate are to be more* closely watched in the future. A stop clock is to be installed in the senate chamber to record how long each member speaks. 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