Southend Reporter from Chicago, Illinois on March 24, 1977 · Page 51
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Southend Reporter from Chicago, Illinois · Page 51

Chicago, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 24, 1977
Page 51
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Page 51 article text (OCR)

kHACS WANT ADS UNTU 5 00 P M FRIDAY FOR SUNDAY AND 5 00 P M TUESDAY FOR MIDWEEK ECONOMIST NEWSPAPERS, WEDNESDAY, MARCH 23,1977 PACE I ' r ·a. l-Lkt t *; OALASSI AMC/JEEP OPEN SUNDAY C H E V F V M ( T 114th ft PULASKI PRICES SO LOW... YOU CAN'T SAY HO!! 70 PLYMOUTH FURY III 1 4-Dr, V-8, Auto Trans FACT I AIR, P S, P B., WW s V top 70 OLDS DELTA 88 4 Dr, AM/FM Stereo w/Tape, FACT AIR Full Power. Vinyl Top 72 PONT. ICATALINA BRGHM. 4-Dr HT V-8, Auto Trans, P S, P B, FACT AIR, Radio, WW s Vinyl Top, FJCCELLENT CON DITION 73 VEGA WAGON Auto Trans FACT AIR 72 CHEV. CAPRICE 2 Dr H T V 8 Auto Trans Radio FACT AIR, PS PB WW s T Glass, V Top 72 FORD TORINO 1 O v 8 Auto Trans Radio PS PB V-Top INSTANT FINANCING BIG INVENTORY ALL MODELS SUNDAYS! WE CURE »BOUT YOU! '10951 '1095! '1395 W -i 75 MONTE CARLO V 8 Auto Trans , AM/FM Stereo, FACT AIR, PS PB Radial WWs Rally Whls V- Top Low Miles Silver/Black Top InL 74 AMC GREMLIN 1 f Cyl Auto Trans, Radio, PS X PACKAGE A REAL BARGAIN AT ONLY 71 MONTE CARLO V 8 _Auto Trans FACT AIR, P S, P B AM/FM V-Top 73 PLYM. GOLD 2-Dr 6 Cyl, Auto Trans dio, P S . P B . W W ' s 71 RIVIERA Radio, FACT AIR, Full Pwr P Seats, P Winds, WW s. Rally I Whls 74 MU ANGH V 6 4 Spu, tadio, FACT AIR P.S. VTop ·!T'1395 OPEN SUNDAY NOON TIL 5 P.M. 73 MUSTANG COUPE 6 Cyl, Auto Trans, Radio, P S, P B Super Clean Condi lion 71 BUICK ELECTRA225 V-8 Auto Trans, Radio, FACT , AIR PS PB. V-Top I73POMT. LUXURY LEMANS 2-dr Cpe., V-8, Auto Trans, PS, PB, Radio, FACT AIR. WW's, T-Glass, Pm Striping SUPER SHARP CONDITION ! 75 GRANADA GHIA I 4-Dr , V-8, Auto Trans , AM/FM Stereo. FACT AIR | PS, P B , P Winds, V-Top 75 OLDS CUTLASS V 8, Auto Trans, Radio, FACT AIR, 93. P B , Radial Whitewalls Low Miles 174 CJ5 6 Cyl, 3 Spd Tran-;, P^, Full I Metal Top, Full Whl Hubs, 1 Roll Bar 74 ALPHA ROMEO SPYDER CONVERT. 5 Spd, AM/FM British Racing Green Black Top Int VISIT OUR COMPLETE 4-WHEEL DRIVE CENTER OFFER!! '1 3495! '3295 '33951 "3695 '3995 Purple/BUck Swpes Int. V- 8, 3-Speed. Off Road Tires Wheels, Radio, ONLY 32.000 CtRT MILES LIKE NEW CONDITION 75 JEEP RENEGADE Black/Gold Stupes InL V-8 3 Speed. P.S . AND ONLY 8,000 CERT MILES 78 JEEP J-10 V-6. Auto Trans. PS, PB, Ra dio. ONLY 7.800 C£RT MILES 78 JEEP CHEROKEE S LOADED' V-8. Auto Tiam, AM/TM Stereo, AIR, PS, PB, Gv»««, luggage Rack, TOWING PACXAGt. ONLY 14000 C£RT MILES 78 JEEP CHEROKEE CHIEF LOADED' V-S, 4-Specd, Off Road Tires WJweK AM/f M Stereo. MANY MORI IUXU- ! 3795 '4395 ! 4395 11495 BRAND NEW 1 " 77 IMPALA COUPE TAKE YOUR CHOICE EITHER CAR FOR Both cars include Automatic Transmission, Power Steering, Power Brakes, Luxury Interior Plus Many Other Chevrolet Features BRAND NEW 77 MONTE CARLO COUPE · MC 36/36 '35MOXWSOR36000WIES MECHWHOU. WSUMNCE COVEMGE FOB NEH» CM BUYERS. ALL USED CARS INSIDE 12/12 eawmeonajKBiaus 77 IMPALA . ry 4 Door, V-8 ·og.n*. automatic ti«nt.. factory mlr. poww ·tMrlng, potwr brakML 76 SUBURBAN CARRYALL . '6250 V-«, Autp Tram, AH/FH Stw*C. P^, PA, mft T- Ctan, Front t B~r AIR CONO 76 PLYMOUTH 4-DOOft *3295 Auto Tran*^ S»«o, POMT SUMng, WNttmls. 76 PONT. VENTURA COUPE '3695 Auto Tr«n«., ItotHo Pomr SlMcrna, Pomr BnkM WliH»»dU, OU. p*M»d tap. 75 CAPRICE EST. WAG. . »4195 FACT AD. Auto Tr«ns, R«lo. P.S.. P.B, WW». T- TTlMPALA CUSTOM COUPE '3895 AH/FH St«I«o FACT AR, Atllo Tr»n»_ RMiO, P-S. rs, ww«, -r-Gita- BkM/wnite TOP * m. 75 CAMARO COUPE . . '3795 6 Crt Englra. Auto Trara, Radio FACT Am. Pmrar stMcing. mnnnOt. Fm» wtxdt- 75 IMPALA WAGON . '3495 9 FtaMciav, Aulo Tram. Radio. FACT MR. P.S, P.B. WW ». TXiUBt. V-TOO 75 BUICK SKYLARK . . *2895 Auto Tr«n, ft*3to P-S, P.B.. WWa. T-Glafe. 75 FORD MUSTANG COUPE '2795 4Cn,A»to.Tr«n»,R«Jlo WWa. T«ow 74 CHEYENNE SUPER '4195 V-8. Aulo. Tram, Radio, p^, pj, T-Glan. W«r». 61 extant CondfBon. 74 HALF TON PICK-UP . . . . '3195 WU. Camper Top Auto Trans. Excttent Contfttten- 74 PONT. CATALINA '3095 , 2*. FACT AR. Auto Tram. Radio. P^_ P-B. WWa. V-Top. T«aaa. Brocaa. Mo* Rool a kit. 74VW .... '2395 4 SUMO. Radto. 74 FORD MUSTANG II - '2695 Auto. Tram- Radio. PS, ww«. T-dan. 74flAT4^)R. ... '1895 Automatic Trata. 74 VEGA NOTCHBACK . '1695 A«tomaOcTranm. 73 PONT. GRAND PRIX . . '3195 | FACT AJR. Agio Trana. Ra«o fS, PJB. WWS. T. Oaat. Ra wtmia. V Top 73 OLDS CUTLASS SUPREME. '3195 AOlo TnnL. PS. PB. AM/FM. V Top. FACT. AVI 73 PONT. LEMANS COUPE . '2995 Si^-v^Sio.^ w P0 - r S1 " rt ^ "^! 73 FORD CTRY. SQ. WAG. .'2795 9 Faatnaar. Aato. Tram. Radio. FACT AIR. PS. PS. WWm.M5la«j. 73 IMPALA CUST. CPE.. .. '2695 JbOo Tr»n»_ FACT. Ml. Rafflo. PS. PB. WW». T«Um 73 NOVA . 495 A/C. V4. Atda. TranL. Rat»o. PS. WW«, Onvn. 73 MAZDA-JW3 WAGON. .'1695 4Spn«.nadio.«oiaTyE9gin« 37jooo Cm. Him 72 MERC MONTEGO CPE. '1595 *lo Tram,Radio,PS. WWi ._.._._ 72 IMPALA 2-OR. H.T. .... '2195 V*. Jbflo T«an_R»5B,PS.PS T«lan.F*CT «m WHOLESALE SPECIALS 73 DODGE 140N VAN '1895' JHflortiallc Tratii. SAVE UP TO DEMOS! BUY ^ NOW SAVE! BRAND NEW '77 FORD LTD'S 2-Or' V-8 Ens Auto Trans Power Steering Disc Brakes Radiats ·.Much More 1 Order HOW PERMOMTH 48 mo with ok c r e d i t S300 , d n C i s h o r " t u d e A P R 12 25 Deferr«C P r i c e s L T D - · 5 4 2 3 G r j n a BRAND NEW 77 GRANADAS Factory Equyipped 2 Door AH Colors Avaiab -Order Yours Today' PER I MOHTHJ WE BUY GOOD USED CARS! ·rnJ' lf*as»- Power ! Power Brakes. More* *4587 . 75 FORD LTD WA6. I Faa. Mr Conff ir^Pais. Poww | Steonng I Brakes. Rrxd Rack*4287 ·73 FORD LTD SQUIRE I Fact Air COM 1 Power Steenng. | Power Brakes V-S Aulo Trarst *2787 7i »»Tunn«.«« Xjil Ak 1 Aulo Trant Power ·2487 S. WESTERN JUMC-. Daily 'HI 9 PM Saturday 'HI 6 PM Open Sunday Noon 'HI 5 PM 434-2110 GALASSI AMC/JEEP , Fad. » 00TM)" Power S»«*S I Powrjr Brakes Aulo Trans el »995 , 75 FDRB LTB BtSML I F*CI Alt Ccnfl ^-Ot 1 Powpr jrtng. Power Bn*o V-S I AUto ?f«n» »3987 7SCNEV.MMU Fact Air ConO JJOrl Poww I Slewing. Power 9q(kCT I Airto Trana *2887 F«St *lr T««l Powei Tltnr.0 «K VJB Alflo Trato Mor ·6287 SERV. TIL WIWITE WMI-FRl 73J Ul. 12 MID. uoUt 9440 S. OCERO PHONE: 423-9440 SOMO*VS NOON TII s r M D»HV I 30 · M Til o JO · w S.A1 I JO * M TIL 5 » M SHnirlrio » erifctw V* »Dto 1 Trnfift »3487 CttLIWWly (23S-7JII 74FOWWLMK Fad Air Cond ZJ*' PS. Auto Trans. V-B More" ·2987 74FOtOPWTO A Roal Gas Sam* Fac Mn «- Spew Greal For Schoon '1687 74 HMO LTD Fact A* Con? « H T PS t Brakes. «3187 Tsuwccwm. This One Has All Trie Toys' Fad Ah 1 Fwll Pow*t Atfto Trant v-6 *3587 74 UK CUHUN Faa Air can) ;-Dri Fi«r Fac*2087 PB F«a AlrConfl «-So«I ?7oneW«I S 2787 ^71 HMD .WnatKK "^"·iiarg""" 0 " 1 TinnTntMo J«t Hi PS PS V-8 Jiulo ITtatu Sh«rtf M295 7S Th» One «M * «T Tad Wf! J« AM/TM SIBTTO Tarw: hppl Trrned Gflsm Jeoe: Orpon w/Whllc VJFlcipl Tletrf: Ort 1*1 Ml WOW t«»r-trlv.: WAS S07JB SHVt SI BfJ *7787 OPEN? JOTS A IWEOQ 114TH PULASKI lrryfs^ FOR!AND PARK W0 _r LINCOLN MERCURY PRESENTS A PRE-DRIVEN CAR BONANZA 77 MERC. COUGAR BROUGHAM 4 OR. V-8 eng auto AM/FM s-tereo side mouldings air cond PS PB white- wails tow mleage wheel covers Imagine only 677 miles and it won t last King stde 76 MONARCH 4 DR. V-6 eng auto trans radio mouldings lac! air PS wrui**alls ttnied glass wheel «wrs Ok. Wue in color afKl very she k 74 MARK IV 28 DOT miles white leather liflht blue '3900 *5495 76 MONARCH 2 M. 75 LINCOLN TOWN CAR Full power dark brown metallic '6695 76 MARK IV Many to choose from ail luxuriously equipped Many with Moon Roois SAVE V-8 eng auto trans radio side mouldings fact air ps whitewalls tmied glass wheel covets A Silver Bullet that targets in on value and luxury '3900 75 LINCOLN TOWN CAR Ginger 18000 certified miles leather Interior '6995 76 CADILLAC CPE. DE VILLE Brown with all the expected luxury options 11 $00 miles *8995 76 OLDS REGENCY 2Dr auto trans AM/PM rado Side moldings tactory air power steering and brakes tinted glass steel belted ladtals low mileage many extras Top-o* the-tine QkJs-- extra clean fjnced 10 sell 75 COMET 2 DR. 6 Cyt eng auto trans rad o fact air PS whitewatls t nted glass wtieet covers Yellow and a super gas saver '3400 76 COMET 4 DR. 6 cyt eng auto trans radio fad air* 05 whttewails tinted glass A red baron at a bargain pnce '3400 ·6395 76 MERCURY COLONY PARK * Or "Station Wagon - ^, ~TM Wagon V-8 Automatic Transmission Radio Heater Factory Air Power Steering Power Brakes Whitewalls Ttnied Glass Low Mileage Tan Glamour IP color 10 Passenger 73 FORD CALAX1E 2 Door automatic trans eh- conditioning power steering power brakes «nyi top '2195 '5795 75 CHRYSLER CORDOBA 2 Door automatic trans., air conditioning power steering power brakes 12000 cert miles yellow 8 white «4595 ·71 COUGAR.2 DR. V-8 eng auto trans radio s»oe mouldings speed control fact air PS PB white-vans tin ^ Q 1355 "" nyl top low mileage A creamicot- ored special Like new and pncefl 10 set! 7SHONTE60 4 Dr Automatic Transmission Fac lory Air Power Steenng Power Brakes Whitewalte Wnyf Top Super Sharp '2995 75 LHtC. TOWN CPE Burgundy and white A hard to fmd luxunovs boat '4695 74 CAPRI Automatic trans factory air A cyt *2395 '6995 75 JEEP CHEROKEE Autornatic trans air conditioning 4 wheel drive stereo yellow *5495 73COUCAR V-8 engme automatic trans. AM- FM radio factory air pow*r steef ing power brakes fun power I 7i MMTEGO 4 DR. V-8 eng aulo irans rado PS PB hnled glass vmyl lop «neet covers many extras While *nih Wye vtnyf TOO' Tnts wOl prab ys '2995 73 FORD THRUM WASH '3995 V-B ertgine automate trans., air conditioning power steering bg*tt ONE PRICE SALE ONLY 12 REMAINING 2495 76C006ARS A3 have tactory a* cona power steering power vinyl root imied glass \Vio ctxj.ce d colors Of«E PWCE -^ ; f 7S HONMCHS 4600 · ladory air cond s'e«rif»g »o*er "3900 74 CAPRI nulomntt !t«ro 2395 MAY WE GIVE YOU OUR VERY BEST? A jtnctiy Coflhncntol Sclectxx. of ttie moit preittgtoui cors ** tell --. Lmcoln Conlv nentol If tt s totol drnrmg comfort jrou cors for you eoch your dnvmg pteoture UNCOLU CONTINENTAL MARKIVs, LINCOLN TOWN COUPES and LINCOLN TOWN CARS NOW IN STOW: Ctnoa ·6595 73 MARK IV Blue metallic A truly elegant car with all o' Uncorfis txesfcge equipment ·5495 76 MONTECO WA60N Automate trans aJr conditioning power steering power brakes 3rd seat ·3895 72 CONTINENTAL NARKN 2 Or H T VB Au*omaliC Transmts- s«on AM/FM Srereo Factory Air Power Steering Power Brake* Power Seats Power Window* Fun Power WhitewaUs Tinted Glass Vinyl Top Low Mileage ·47951 72 PLYM. (RAN FURY 2-Dr hardtop auto trans radio factory a«t power steermg power brakes steel betted radial while- w3Hs wiyl top wheel cover rece n dean '1695 72 DODGE MONACO 4 DR. Oeam Must see to appreoale ttvs cared for model '1695 '74HJ.VEHCX I2 door 6 cyl Miglne sulometlc trans radio fun powers '2195 SPECIAL PRICE REPORT 3 HEW MERCURYS FULL-SIZE MERCURY MARQUIS For About ton doc MID-SIZE MERCURY COU6AR For About ^J447F_ Partstoes. eaxtsarasson PRECISION SIZE MERCURY MONARCH For about ·3788 s KM · TRS M M WW*K n TB TK sncra net. tmrtwranrt*- rfl** I-p* ciff»tfffl mote 9920 W. 143rd ST. 349-3400 LINCOLN

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