The Racine Journal-Times Sunday Bulletin from Racine, Wisconsin on January 7, 1962 · Page 56
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The Racine Journal-Times Sunday Bulletin from Racine, Wisconsin · Page 56

Racine, Wisconsin
Issue Date:
Sunday, January 7, 1962
Page 56
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Page 56 article text (OCR)

-iivv nioiicv s l>U lillt'St Htvlcs S ill li r esses , S (•(Kit.", Sizes 3.H § to 110, all cxpiTtiy £ |)i'ii[Mirtiiini'(l to lit s voii Kniccfully. ~ (iny sun l>r<'-*-* w 11 h lt*ilrm Jat'kct ftf tilhrnst fionil-iirtnt st^-^(|ll:^r^• ("uititri rcrnili' \nil fnil> «1 ws OlhiT- S;; M^ tn fj'.l OS Conl- n» Inw- M- SIJ •<\ilt.-<. .-hm- "(tortKwcur. tirulfrwi'ur .Mnil c(>ij|)o/i for 11 !>- » |)age Styl(! liook. 2 0 CT) ^f"' 2^ i^>.^ KL/ INDIAN/ I I'l.a^'riiaii I-UKI:stylclluoktorHtmil Wotnt-n I '.T, I <•-'!») , I ' \ I ,41 t I •»« I Aititrrss I tti I / .1/ * iin'--r y.ottf siau I S I . J REMOVE WARTS! a: Amazing Compound Dissolves Common Warts Away Without Cutting or Burning DcKtors warn picking or scratching ,ii \\arts may cause bleeding, infcc- 'lon, spreiiiling. Now, science has cloM -'lopcil an ama/ing compound that penetrates into warts, destroys their cells, actually melts wartv away without cutting or burning. Its name is Compoiincl H". Painless, colorless Comiwund W used as *lirected removes common warts safely, cirixlively. leaves no ugly scars. OHJViY ACHING BACK Now! You ran get the tus\. relief you need fnim uniCKtng hnrknr'ho, hcnt\hc)w nnd miiKi-utarachcK antl pntnH that fifien cfitine ri-Hllwiii niKhtH antl niiBrrBl )le timl-out fi-i'linits. When theiie (llji«im(ortji ciimo on with over -ext-rtion or ulresa anil strain -)'iu waiil ri'Iief — wnnt it fnul! Anothi-r 'liHlurlkance may be mild t >ln(ldi>r irritat ion ftittowlnK wriintr f<MMl nncl drink—ort<*n linsr U|) a rvHtlCBS uncumfurtuhic fwlinit. Uoan'ii Pills work fast In ;i separate <lfiiy»: I.byspeedy pain.relivvinf; action to eaae torment of naerKiniE backnrhe. headaches, muscular aches and pains, 2. by ibKithinK effect on bladder irritation. S. by mild diuretic action tendini; to Increase output of the 15 miles of kidney tubes. Knjoy a BCXM I niicht's sleep and the 'same happy relief millioas have for over 60 years. I.arRv,economy sise saves money. Cet D«an's Pilb UHUyl lunior TREASURE Chest Edited by MARJORIE BARROWS. Editor of The Children's Hour St. George Puzzle By Hans Kreis Find the Princess, a girl, the knight's broken sword, the crown of the Princess, and her slipper. Riddle Me This! 1. When does a person's tongue move fastest? 2. Why should you sing and laugh in a spaceship? 3. How many hard-boiled eggs could Samson eat on an empty stomach? •i. When is an elevator not an elevator? Answorn: •uMOp SuioS SI ji u3qA\ -f './iyciuia oq lou p[noA\ ipHuiois siq :)Bq^ .IOIJB osnGoaq 'ouQ "j; .''^}tAi3 .tg .loj ao8[d ou si bii^-) asneaag ;auB[d ^af e uo s^aq I '^MM *I Whew! By Ragna B. Eskil Give each player a soda straw and five toothpicks. Place a target three feet away and see who can hit it most often. It's harder than you think! Let's Draw an Automobile By Ann Davidow Trees or People? By Edna S. John Let's imagine the trees of the forest got together and decided to give themselves names. Look at the list of odd- sounding names they came up with. Unscramble their names and you'll find which tree is which. 1. Mac Yesro 2. Tod Tocnwoo 3. Mark Atac •I. Nap Quinchi 5. Alma Inog 6. Tut Nubert 7. May Ganoh 8. Hec Stunt 9. Mel Chok 10. Pat Temlo Answers: -oi-jauijHd 'QI '.y[oo\ui3i\ -5 '.inu^saqo 'g i/^ueSoqetu 'i '.^nuja};nq -9 IBIIOUSBUI "S luidBnbuiqo 'f,- ;y(Dej -euiBi '£ :pooA\uo;ioo Saaouiea/Cg Tongue Twister A swan swam over the river. Swim, swan, swim! The swan swam back again. Well swTim, swan! T7 o V o V o U This old wood bench with fat peg legs Surprises us a good deal By'suddenly becoming a funny automobile. Miracle Cushion Holds False Teeth Tight SnuB * brand Denture Cushions are _ a triumph of sci- • sticlis to Denture i-nce. a sen-sational - unU«ron.ii."«" new ever-soft plas- •NoMoreOjIly Fixing tic re-)inin(f that Bets rid of the annoyance of loose, badly fittinit false teeth. SnuB eases sore, irritated Kiims due to loose dentures. Helps prevent food particles Kt'ttinR uniler plates. Applied in minutes, makes wobbliest plates stay firmly in place—Kives iierfect comfoi*t. Eat any- thinit — talk, laufrh — plates "stay put." SnuR re-liners can last from 2 to 4 months. Stay soft anrl pliable—harmless to Kiims or dentures. Peel rinht out when replacement is needed. No daily bother with adhe.sive.s. (Jet Snutr brand Denture Cushions today! 2 liners for upper or lower plates $1.5(1. Mimcy back if nut satisfied. At all druBKisls. Live your ''golden years" without laxatives Growing older doesn't tnean you have to take laxatives or "bulks" that work unnaturally, uncomfortably! Take new R EGUTOI .. Its not a laxative, yet it restores regularity as no laxative can. R EGUTOI simply makes the moi.s- lurc in your colon keep waste sofi for, normal elimination. Hospital-proved ., nolhahit-forming. Try R EGUTOI.. 113tll ANNIVERSARY CATALOG Send for this remarkable nursery catalog. 1,000 selected varieties o( bulbs, trees, shrubs, flowers Includ- Inc rare Items. Every page of this bijr colorful catalog is a gardener's treat. You'll like deanng with Spring HIH, the nursery with guar- antoed-to-grow stock. Early order ^discounts. Write today—it's FREE! Spring Hill NuritrlM, Oopt.K2i, Tipp City, Ohio $iiH \0-16-Wt(htisAAA -aE We ipKialif* in lorg« sizes only - iijfi 10 to 16. widlhj AA* to E5§. Orits. Hiort, casuol and worli st\atf. )olf shoes; insulated hunting t>oots; SOI; slippers, rubbers; overshoes; ' shoe trees. Also... sport shirts in your exoci, extro-tong sleeve length tnjov perfect fit in your hord-lo- find size ot omoz • ingly low cost. Sotisfoction Gvoranteed. Sold by moil only. Write for FREE Style Boob rOOAVI ill KING-SinjNC \V7 Foreil St., Broclilgn, Mois. SORE THROAT? I:! With 2 antibiotics EASE SORENESS DOUBLY FAST 12 Family Weekly, January 7, 1962 Woman Tortured by Agonizing ITCH ' 7 nearly itched to death 7V4 years. Then Ifound a mew wonder crime. Now | I'm happy," writes Mn.' P. RamsayofLA. Cati/.i Here's blessed relief froml tortures of iccb in women, chafinK, rectal itch, rash _ and eczema with an amazinKctew tcient<6c (urmuta called LANACANi;.This fascactins medicated crane lulls harmful tractcria gctaa while if HXHbes raw, irritated and inftanted tiisue. Stops KratchinK—so speeds healini;. Don't Miiier! Get LANACANE si dtucnios.

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