Lubbock Avalanche-Journal from Lubbock, Texas on April 7, 1975 · Page 31
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Lubbock Avalanche-Journal from Lubbock, Texas · Page 31

Lubbock, Texas
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Monday, April 7, 1975
Page 31
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.tO-A—LUBBOCK AVALANCHE-JOURNAL—Monday Evening, April 7. 1975 Ford Blasts Congress On Spending, Deficit Peace Said Chief Goal ;. PALM SPRINGS, Calif. (AP) '— President Ford, re.locting forecasts nf "depression at ho m e and disintegration abroad' 1 said today he sees cooperative growth and development throughout the world. "My vision is one of peace," Ford said in the text of an address lo the National Association of Broadcasters' meeting in Las Vegas. The text w;is made public before the President wound up a nine-day Easter holiday in Palm Springs] and headed East. Admits While acknowledging "it is true thai we have suffered sct-j backs a! home and abroad,'' Ford declared: "America will not give in to self-doubt nor paralysis of will power. Americans will not dismantle the defense of the United States. And we certainly will not adopt such a naive vision of the world that we dismantle our essential intelligence-gathering agencies. I can assure you that other superpowers arc increasing — not decreasing -— their military and intelligence capacities." Ford made no direct reference to current inquiries into activities of the Central Intelligence Agency hut. by indirection, he lias increasingly defended the CIA and other intelligence units in recent public speeches. Slams Congress The President who canvassed the economic scene and threw a few brickbats at Congress as well as discussing ihe nation's role in the world said in his text: ••There are some who sec , s ( ; nothing but a grim future of do-{ dcvc , , u |josrd currcnl ,' vlcl jircssion at home and ''^ ^ • Connally's Lawyer Lashes Jacobsen (Continued From 1'iigc One) would drop those charges?" \\ Iliams asked. No sir, I did not," Jacobsen in-.\vcrcd. Williams dropped the matter without went on in;Hion of Jacobsen, who Icsti- elaboration and with his cross-cxam- chminal attorney Williams got his first chance to shake the credibility of Jacobsen, would be a high point in the trial. Testimony Rehearsed Williams opened his cross examination drawing from Jacobsen an admission that he had rehearsed his testimony on a payments for helping If led last week thai he had giv- number of occasions with pros- on former Treasury Secretary editors in th.= case and that Connally two is illegal gifts dairymen got an increase in rinvcrmnenl milk price .supports. Courtroom Jammed A large crowd of would-be sometimes head trial attorney Frank Al. Tuerkheimer would play the part of defense lawyer in the mock sessions to give Jacobsen practice at answering cross examination questions. . . . , .. . • Williams then bored in on spectators jammed the ha!l-| w hi,t hp said were inconsist- way.s- outside the courtroom of cnccs jn sta(cmonts Jacobsen Cnie-f U.S District Judge|had made in the past about Jiis Ccorge 1.. Hart as the bribery j financial condition indl entered its fourth day to- Jacobscn admjtted day. 1 he line for spectalors began READY FOR BATTLE-Alrorney Edward Bennett Williams left, and former Texas Gov. John Connally arrive at U.S. District Court in Washington, D.C.. today. Williams cross-examined prosecution witness Jake Jacobscn during the session. (AP Wirephoto) forming at 5:30 a.m., but by the time the court rom session began at 10:15 most of the seats reserved for the public had been snapped up by VIFs with special passes. Two hundred or more persons ! turned away. that he had said under oath that his net worth was §:', million at the beginning of 1972, yet on June 16 of that year he filed a financial statement showing himself lo be 58 million in debt. Jacobsen filed for When were bankt ' u P lc 'y i» June 1972 ho jmade a sworn statement saying Mho The spectators had come in'° nc , ° uf his safc deposit boxes fam'cd Water Plan Gets Boost (Continued From Pa .HP. One) , u lodav'sl' 1 !" 1 hocn c "il>t.v fo >' ' s ';allcmpli integration abroad. 1 reject that;^,.^ :. ^jy v j s j (>n j s 0))C o fj scenario. projects (Continued Fi'iim Pagr One) la Be. and the answerii '.government artillery, which did [issue any more exit documents lo finance be used in I rowlh and of development! £„(. so much'moncy it "mild! , Car "?. pl;lnc ; s '£, cccA 2*. I1ic \ c ; . - - - Pagr One) | in the United States said today L nh :'' • Mia Be. and the answering ;Soulh Vietnam has refused In i previous two years, but Williams produced records showing Jai cobsen had opened the box six | times in that period. Conflict Is Admitted The last time he entered it was on June 12, 1072. "That, was just four days before you i entered a petition in bank-' jruplcy saying this box had been [empty for two years?" asked! I Williams. i "That's correct.'' replied Ja-l HAPPY SCOUTS—Four Boy Scouts enjoy the pleasant surroundings at the second annual Cone ho Valley Council camporee near Junc- tion. More than 1,000 youngsters attended the event last weekend. (AP Wirephoto) no known damage. Williams also hammered jfor Vietnamese war oiphans to, . wa - v aL Jacotscn with quo.s-j ' worldwide through increasing the world. "My vision is one of peace? be foolish to hack out now." ch.irman^™-'" 1 '- 1 [occupation nf Nha Trang by the country, cffcctivclyi tl P ns about a seven-count interdependence of nations ofj "sherma'n"" D~-Amlu-m<>'" 'noted j"f nl ' nfl ^"P-' with a drop off leave the country, effectively i lj "" & <"«>ui a seven-count in- halting "Operation Rabylift." ' !"" >trricnt . charging that Jacob- Storms Threaten Northwest Texas Ihut , ., r , , ,- , ; , , . , ,; n water development board! om which exploded .iust : A]r Force Base UPI correspondent ' Vicente;™» had helped".swindle $823,0()o| „•.„„,:„„„„ r ,. n "daisy cutter" iMaliwanag reported from Clark' 1 ™ 171 a savin Ss and loan associ-! ^- 01 " I11UCU l ' lom And my vision of Americans is | had stressed that tbn ovir-i strn above ground level and spewed; pines, that in _ f _ t L._ • i . , - 1 ....' """ vl »• "* Li«v, V_ .\H <1 »v .l/i' _ . r\nr\ _ i .___!•-. I 11 i people who will retain: million in of a their self-respect and self-dc-l riircclfy to th pendence so that this vision can; velopmcnl of emerge.' 1 Promises Made bonds "is geared! neccssitv of de- in-state water fragments in a 200-yard radius, [than orphans arrived Sunday Saigon government and mi!'-!aboard U.S. Air Force flights. Base, the Philip- ation in San Angclo. TC.N. lore "chapcrnnes" sovcrnment agreed to drop indictmcnt in return for Jacobsen's testimony against Con- One) of precipitation continu- April showers ballooned inlo threats of April floods as de- mg nally and a guilty plea by Ja-|' u « os failing at rates of more two inches of rain per 'supply projects." 'panic April 1. but field reports!"stretch" jets of World Sca-! cohspn to a bribe charge: ! James Rose of the governor's . isHitl Communist troops hallcrijboard airlines flew from Saigon: "There were seven counts in. c ,, T ' Ford asserted thai so long as! planning and coordination divi- "' nir 'Wttinvard advance Icssilate Sunday, carrying at least jthis indictment?" Williams' lexas today. he is President. "Americans;sion said Gov. Dolph Briscoc will neither resign from the [supported the bond increase than lour hit parts of Central and world nor abandon hope of|cause "He is determined lhatj of 1 ~°. (1(lfl peaceful and constructive rcla-jTexas will nol suffer the samel ^ n Palm Springs, Calif., tionships with all people." i hardship (with a water crisis)" i Secretary of Slate Henry The President referred [as it suffered during the energy jKissinger met Saturday withj direclly lo setbacks in South! shortage. '"[President Ford lo discuss Vietnam only in discussing fcd-| Briscoc's tnsk force on w;itor ;i 'idodiina developments and • crally promoted efforts In fly [unanimously recommended the Silirt ltl e President is makinu ; orphans here from that conn-i bond increase, he said. "very careful and pra.unlul' trv. I Bocho Garcia, director of i study of ihe situation. thoir snutiiwarcl advance Icssilate Sunday. carrying al least this than two miles north of Nha:50 American contract andjaskcd. ~ williout entering the city | military personnel and tons of! A. Yes. sir. personal baggage which had Q. And the total Oficia! observers attributed the spreading areas of wet ] weather to a clash of tropical | moisture pouring inland from been slacked at airivrt puslnnv-; 1 ^' , I'lusin-uuve inoLai.ui-c pouring imann irom for clo'iAnco cusloma ; penally . . . was 35 years in the! the Gulf of Mexico and unstable ' 'eni ' s Killed American ivit- given his community a "health-lot' its !29-man embassy staff and icr life" by financing the cxten-lall its dependents and their' Ford bore down on Congress!public utilities for Rome, said for giving him a tax-cut bill i water development bonds that went beyond his request and for threatening to increase the federal deficit through now js ion spending programs. j Mrs - •'•£• Lockland, city sec-JO "The Congress must learn lo ! rotary of Thornclalc, said it had t to live within the nation's means";borrowed SHli-DUO from and should fix and observe a!" l)llrfl - ;llul l " e Staff hvaciiiues Britain t.iday evafiintedmosl Meanwhile, messes said South Vietnamese were conducting what ailed systematic "dis- Ue elimination" of fleeing refugees they thought were I penitentiary, was it not? A. Yes, sir. air which shoved into' the state j from the Pacific. Judge Hart interuptcd Wil-1 Sometimes violent thunder- Hams as ho went into detail on; sto ^ m ? a dama ?mg hail pum- Ihc charges in the savings andi" 1 ^ 11 ^ ""me sections loan indictment. "Mr. Williams. the One witness said he personal-!"-] v -' 1 ^- ""-' m^us o, u,e in-| sa id it apparently caused v- saw two killings Sunday atj«"<-lmenl aic nol, . . . he is still nf town Suj]d nj )n 'hu Quoc Island in the Gulf O f |l v - G ^ lmed to '* innocent, Hart ciama ge. hwesl. of Saigon, a i sdui - Police at Uvalde in Southwest , Texas reported a funnel spun .??....\ '? jdown from a black cloud to hit country 10 miles south no They budget that would limit to S(>(); billion the deficit in the ncw fis-j tanl f, w ,f tC! ' anrl cal year that begins July 1. said. 'meant the difference in plain'the embassy will be H 1 or fewer. I long Kong. diplomatic, ^^ camp ^ ^^ VM _ } diploma tic staff at '":! nlf 7 e .r" lfiicrR hcld as pris " ;;n ' i ,. i crs of war. "Adding to the deficit is like gambling," Ford said in the address prepared for the gambling capital of the nation. He said that overstimulation of the economy can offset all governmental efforts to combat the current recession and lead a quick renewal of runaway inflation. Saying that Congress, is thrcalenincr to vote actions that would produce a deficit of S100 billion, Ford declared. "Every time your congressmen and a good water!by the end of this week, ipply." 'sources said. In addition to Adams. Sens. American officials and He and other Americans said j i'l'ney had heard numerous their ircports of the summary exccu- Police Chief ICiiglo Pass Battered Hailstones up to the size of jgolf balls battered Eagle Pass, Aikin Jr.. D-Paris. and dependents continued lo fly out Ilion flit-ting I loss. Near Rov Harrington, D-Porl Arthur.: () f Vietnam today iwo other KaslTcxans, voted lo |c „ m m c ,- c i a I. military and i; approve the measure. (Continued From Page One) suspected Viet Cong j his wife and daughter, he said.j and marine forces [ij e said two other Klcberg po- also received heavy li. an estimated 4(1 Dance Proceeds To Help Give Moiiev considerable property dawn the rain belt— scattered showers and with thunderstorms of -covered to group ! At j "official" pendents LEVELLAND (Special) —• A'.sundav senators add a new spen 1 -lingj sc , hola| . s|ljp | )enc fj ( . r i an( , o io, ' ' Nn -, rorn V j saft pr.igram or otherwise increase| proviflfi ( . n ii 0 ,, c scholarships for,. Thp fUl -ector of a , the deficit by a few billioni Mcxi( .., ]] . A]T][ , 1 -i ( . ; i n s (. u detits willij volvcf i j n a irlif!.incr Viet- (ration more, the inflationary odds j,'o| hl , Thm-srinv iiirrht in [.ulibock. '. „ ^,-,,i,n!v< tn homes i that against us." Tlie President also com- j[ne |.;| |:, ; ; f |,-i n o Club, a Lubbock! plained that Congress addecii r |j S( , ol |., cclU( , > will feature what he sees as ill-considered! an(1 ohtcr mlis j ( . sounds, amendments to the S2'l.S-billion ;mnf , couple of a dance contest tax-cut law and weighted taxj w ||] receive SHI as first prixc, relief heavily in favor of the: and lowest income levels. stretch of coun- of a line from the Victoria to Eagle spotted some of threatening storms " c . . ... - i .1 nn^T 1 * 3V " MJJ ^'"' IPI ---*-J' -->"^i "j'-= ^nu.LiiL-it 111 me vicinity of Fred- excess personnel and,Sunday also criiu uai me p».-i J roco j vcf ] a threatening phone lericksbtirg and Koeksprings to dents but the outbound How !support_being tiivcn to 7C ' u sec.s ra] , thore Mf wcekcntL , hc north anrf norlhvvpsl nt ' San ...vUinucd. confirming stones of _stai\ation Latp Tucpday aflcrnoon . the!Antonio. least r )0!1 of the IS.f.OO :am"iig the fleeing civilians day before Brown's house was; Americans and fit'-! "We're gome; m lose a net 01 dcs;rovcdi a j<leberg police dis-jin^ slowly toward the north and left by late a lot of people ^ because^ (^ a, p . Uchoi . rerp i vcd ., c ., n f n)m ! cast _ official observers ex- from 50 degrees at El Paso in the west up to 7.T at McAllcn in deep South Texas. Lubbock recorded a iiigh of 69 Sunday and a low of 55 Monday morning. Forecast for Lubbock and vicinity called for conditions to remain considerably cloudy, windy and mild today turning partly cloudy and colder tonighl and Tuesday. High lemperature this afternoon was predicted in the middle 70s with winds gusting from the south and southwest 20 to 30 m.p.h. Low tonight was expected in the middle 30s with winds diminishing slightly. High Tuesday was expected near 60. Sunset today was due at 8 :\'.\ p.m. and sunrise Tuesday at 7:26 a.m. Extended forecast for Lubbock and the South Plains area called for partly cloudy conditions to continue through, Friday with a possibility of showers in some portions of the region. High temperatures in the 60s and lows in the 30s were expected to prevail through the end of the week. In other parts of the nation, snow and winds howling to nearly 70 m.p.h. rode the tail of a storm across the western United States today. Another storm dumped hail Fire Halts Rail Power PHILADELPHIA (AP) — Train service between New York and Washington was halted for more than four hours Sunday night and early today when a warehouse fire forced the Pcnn Central Railroad to rn off its power. At least seven trains were stopped at various points along the Washington-New York route until service was restored shortly before 2 a.m. today. A fire in roughly the same area earlier this year halted train service for more than six hours. I'asscngcrs Bused An undetermined number of passengers were bused around Philadelphia wncre the fire burned out of v_o;itrol near the Perm Central's main north- south corridor at the North Philadelphia station. There were seven major fires in Philadelphia on Sunday, including four at once in the northern section of the city. There were no serious injuries. Firemen said they did not know if the fires were related. "It seems strange we spoilt O'jv whole day in this area with one fire after another." ssid Fire Commissioner Joseph R ; z- -/o. Firemen Busy For much of Sunday night, almost every piece of the city's cine, ibomiea nucivy lams UVL-I , f , rc equipment was on It I Texas, Oklahoma and southern! slrce( AL one poinl a citv H . Kansas. operator said no calls would 1 With the precipitation spread- • w 'he Thursdav night in Luhhock. , lrlrn( , S e war orphans to homes: thai a team i The S p.m.-l a.m. dance al|"-'---— technicians^ flew Lubbock' ' --•-.- T-,.. ts. Si Grid Suit , , ... . i (('ontimicil From I'ayi- Onfi) and second-place will receive ^ . . . S5. The dance wil] be sponsored ! reasonable, canncious, not ap- ..... - . • - • . , . . e. oca oservers ex- larl^of rood.jvatcr and shelter lhc Dn ,, as County shcrifrs Sllh . 1 1)ectcd it lo become more wide- station M Scagoviilo informing jsnrcad across tho southeast the office that the sheriff would; half of Texas by tonight. They no longer answer calls in Klc-;predielcd significant accumula- berg. i lions of rainfall by Tuesday. Sheriff Clarence Jones said i Skies wore overcast throughout for tho refugees, ho said. In Washington. Ford adminis- confirmed of nuclear 1 1o the nvuiiv Uiin city of Dalai over Faster i |h;n i ;lsl wcck Kleberg weekend and disabled tho sole' ] nuclear reactor in South Viet- councilman Charles reserve policeman the state. Wright, a; and part' Warnings Given advisories - svarned - ] i I.-.TI:i vu ]iuui.i;iiinii cum |J<JM i.• opuc'iai advisories - warned nam to keep it out o: -soun owner O f a r , r j valc n j ? ht club. Uhal the continuing downpours Vietnamese hands. told Jones not, lo send his men might make flash flood warn. . , , • "' -«-i «u..».. b ] tt^rif IM ,)^ii\ t 111,1 iin_iiiiiiii^,in, L i j<ii\^ i ici nil i LV Jt HI ^vrll i i A .spokesman said the tec im- inlo Kleberg after an inc-.idcnl i ings necessary in several coun plans removed the fuel rods .,,_.T,,«jtni<i~<L-.* 0-J. 1 III* lull in: ^^ 11] ivi: .^t JV MI ->ui i. Hi-- ,., )• 'n ini II 111 iiii.i,k, vjvin. Arguing thai the lax bill i i )v U>s Jepanos of South Plains ' I'licd uniformly and is n vio-j fmrn the rcaclor and bad them Ki e |,crg councilman William . , . - . .. i !. .:._. ., ,u« ,,,,,,..,1 m-Atnrhnn.r,....- .„ „„ ..,„,, ;„ ,!,„ mirt-!M cCo lm. who supports Brown, places an increasing burden onic'ollegc. ' jlation of the crjua! middle-income Americans -' Tickets are o cents for men .'clause of the l'f ; . . "th.- most productive members: a ,,,| -,o ( . on ts for women and; Amendment to the b. >S. t,onsu-^ u ,. rol i nc j of our society" — Ford said: may bo purchased from anyi'utuin. I Officials flown to an atoll in at the ties around San Antonio and .Austin. Forecasters also saw pros„ • , *..v-^ u ,.,. f ,,,.,, .^. t ^[y. M ^.i 1 J J^/^^J 1 , i- \IL L. p i.nM(jI .-> rtlhu >(l\V IJItJ^- communist troops now saici lno Ilwiy 0 | cctcd cil y pects for a few severe fhunder- described the 1111 that those in the middle-income'meinlx^r of l.os Tc.janos or from! Rico's attorney, Willis Taylor.iclear fuel as the most sensitive group "cannot continue to car-^Krank f Ion/airs, spr nsor and i.said the hearing scheduled iliisiilem in ry an ever increasing share of assislant professor o : Spanish; morning before U. S. District| all governments." al SPO. I Judge Eldon Mahon of Fort| • \Vorlh. was canceled after attorneys for lhc .state attorney, iicneral's office, representing Tech in the suit, agreed to leti Rice participate in spring drills. Mahon, who gol Uic case on a' transfer from U. S. Dist. Judge] Halhert O. Woodward, is ex-j i]ict:tcd to get stipulated statc-j merits of facl.s and legal briefs (Continued From Fnpn One) -weekend are survivors of Fri- from both sides at a later date, their ,1-vear-old adopted son. !day's Cf>A Oalaxy crash in; Taylor said oral arguments Bloom, like most other ex-i w hich at least 200 youngstcrs|also will be scheduled later and, citad adults greeting the new! and escorts died or are miss-|a ruling on the suit is expected, additions to their families. wasJinK- j before the start of football sea-, full of happiness and pride. | Eleven-year-old Thuy. a blind,son. "Look at him!" he said. ;K ' r ' whn survivctl llic crash,! The state attorney general's "He's scared not even crying something?" of Vietnam. council "may be hostile toward | storms in Central and North Brown." He said Coker has'Texas, "been against Brown all; Early morning temperatures aion " !stayed relatively mild, ranging Massive Airlift Halted By Saigon Government who survived the to"d'cath "hut Tie'v wils mcL '" S;in ^ rann ' sco by! office is cxpeclcrl lo bring the •vine Isn't thaJ hpr new P arcnls - Dorothy and [NCAA into Ihe suit as a party Boh DcRolt. iln make sure the national or. "Thuy i.s a beautiful, beau-; K ani/:alion cannot la!;c di.scipli- .Mrs. Bob Davis of Piedmont, I ,j fl ,| jif t ] c ^,-1;. s;)i[i M .,. S . Do-! nary action against Tech if the Okla.. held 'J'i-year-old nc\vly Bo |, .whose family christened Valerie Eadcs Davis in her arms al the airport in Oklahoma City and said: "She's more than we ever hoped for. She's so happy and doesn't even seem tired." In Detroit, 14 children completed the last leg of their journey from Saigon on Sunday, and Gov. William G. Millikcn was among the crowd to greet them at Metropolitan Airporl. Some of the children who arrived in this country during the I what's another?" already in-'final ruling in the case goes inj c'udos IT children from pve-j Rice's favor, vious marriages and other adoptions. "All our children are so absolutely beautiful, and everybody gels along marvclously," she said. "Rnl it docs get confusing at times. Once a girl called us and said. 'This is Jennifer. I'll be home soon.' I said. 'All righl.' Then I realized we didn't have anyone in the family named Jennifer. Oh well, MICRO'S WELCOME DAR ES SALAAM, Tanzania (AP) - Rhodesian African nationalist leader Ndahaningi Silhole, giving a clenched fist salute as he stepped olf a plane, received a hero's welcome on arrival here Stmdav for an Organization of African 'Unity (OAU) conference. CONGRESSMEN RETURN—American lawmakers John Rhodes, left, GOP House minority leader, and House Speaker Carl Al- bert, right, crossed over into Hong Kong today after visiting Red Cliina. Their wives stand between them. (AP, Wirephoto) the all operator said no calls would be put through to the fire department unless the caller was reporting a fire. The series of fires began at 10:45 a.m. Sunday in the city's center, and continued into today as hundreds of firemen battled flames at the abandoned warehouse of Ihe H.R. Allen Flexible Flyer Sled C<\ Flames climbed more than Scatleed snow drifted down 1001J . r ° cL °;' crft . the , ^rcc-story on the northern Rockies whilcl bulldinK and offlcia s cvac " at f ri drizzle covered the northern! abnllt 3 ° faml ' ics from nearby plains. Temperatures dipped non } es Snow In Arizonn Flagstaff and Williams, Ariz., received more than three inches of ncw snow Sunday, and the Grand Canyon area got two inches. Winds up to 58 m.p.h. accompanied a thunderstorm at Winslow. Ariz.. Sunday, and 70 m.p.h. winds were recorded at the Petrified Forest in northern Arizona. into the teens and lower in Nevada and Montana. Skies were generally fair in the far western states and eastern half of were some Riz/.o said, "t can't think of any time in my 28 years in the department when we had seven multi-alarm bla/es in one day." the nation. There clouds along the north Pacific coast, and snow showers drifted across the cast-i crn Great Lakes, northern Appalachians and Ncw England. Buffalo, N.Y., and Burlington, VI.; received another inch of snow. Temperatures before dawn ranged from 73 at McAllcn Ocean Trip (Continued From T:\KR One) the pier to see him off. He originally planned lo sail last Wednesday but put the voyage off a few days to finish work on the boat. „,,,,, „ i He has equipped his craft lex. to .{ above at Cut Bank, with cvery | abor . saving dcv(ce Mon possible and has installed a Ford To Speak At Observance BOSTON (AP) — President Ford will deliver a speech at Old North Church on April IS, the 200th anniversary of Paul Rcvcre's ride, according to White House sources. Unconfirmed reports also came from the While House that Ford will appear in Concord, N.H., the same day for a northern New England economic conference. At the famed Boston church, a candlelight ceremony will commemorate the posting of lanterns in the church steeple to signal that the British were coining in a march on Lexington and Concord. The first French Avadian settlers arrived in what Is now St. James Parish, La., in 1756. has special radio which he has arranged to have in constant contact with naval authorities. Cellini, an insurance salesman, said he has had seven heart attacks and now has a plastic aortic bypass around his heart. He said he has foreseen most problems that may arise. "Believe me, if I find that the trip is beyond me, I'll turn back," he added. Promises Made "I have promised my wife and my children. "But if anything terrible happens, I've left all my affairs in order." Asked thought whal his family about the trip, he showed a photocraph of his two children, a K-ycar-old girl and an 11-year-old boy. On it they had written in French, "We are always with you." "At firs), my wife was against the trip," h e said. "But. she finally came to understand my point of ivcw."

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