The Daily Register from Harrisburg, Illinois on February 5, 1948 · Page 3
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The Daily Register from Harrisburg, Illinois · Page 3

Harrisburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 5, 1948
Page 3
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THE 'DAILY REGISTER, HARRISBURG. ILL. THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 5. 1948 PAGE THREH Calendar O f Meetings Special meeting E. 0. ,,-. . w M S- of lhc Horrisvillc 1 · Miiir'eh will meet al the baptist chuKn \ui ^.^ The f h m r n of the Society are urged ;°St"n(l the meeting. Ml members of the choirs of- the Siptisl church will meet to- at 7 o'clock in the basement Winsome Sunday School dd will meet Friday of Muddy 1 ul . at 7 p. n»- l)orotl: at" thc home of Mrs. Social and Personal Items Kfla Sitfnia 1'lii Hears County Housing Authority Plans At the regular meeting of Ueta Kappa chapter Beta Sigma .''hi, held at the library .Monday :iight, , Clyde Whitcside. attorney for the Miss Hortcnsc Hahn of Cape Girardeau Kride of Warren G. Harding Rudement Mrs. Robert Booten, Correspondent Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert Gibbs and and Mrs. Luciun " . , , ' , M I « ,iniii.hlpr of «·'·'«» visited M r . a n d Mrs. Lucian Miss llorlcnse Halm d a u g h l c i o r ^ a » d Mrs -,, 1Rnr L J r Mfe,n S. Rov and Doc DeNcal loft Sunday I* * « * * . U I 1 V I J * » * *'* f *\t mm* J ~* · -- · ·,, Girardeau, Mo., and Warren G. ^ ,,^, .. ... *,x, v v ^, « » v w « . · v,7 » v t v i l V . V i 1 411 U VJ4.1U | * » i V » » « » « « - · Saline County Housing Authority, Harding, son of Mr. and Mrs. Clyde told members of the plans lor a Harding. Sunset Heights Subdivision. ' Mr. Whitcside explained how the 420 West Miss Ella Hise Heads Educational Society Chapter \Vliiu- .'Man W I N G A T K . N. M. (I'.i'i--A n i n t h j-.ivdt' Knulish cla,ss of Indian Mu(kills al the vocational high .school IHTO \\.". assijiwd a composition (n ooiuiili'in:/ on the Nnvajo re, M - n a t i o n . Om» student \\roti-. BIRTHS To Mr. and Mrs. Wilburn C. Harger, 102 West MitlkUf Street, ILrrisburg: An 8 1-2 pound dough- Miss Klla K. Iliso. former isiyuuo \/A * J M ^ » \ - » M W « * M » » S * t *· i Km- -mri no,- n,.Ni-il Simd'ivl il " 1cmsor of t n c Koy and Loc Ucwcai leu imuuyi, u . w .,,, mlB .,,,,, lor Hot Springs, N. M. where they will visit their uncle and aunt, Authority operated and told of its lie schools and now art pill)art director on Thursday, Jan. 30. The single ring ceremony was lion, he told members. The hous-l s ! l ' SlCI 'r 04 es to he built for sale by the Au-. s a L. approximately Tlie bride was attired in a grey gabardine suit with black acces- thority will cost j-57,000, .he :iaid. r, - - . . Following his talk, Mr. White- i-sories. Her 1 lowers were pink ca side asked for questions from t h e , mcllias. Miss Hahn wore a blue ; members, and in answering t h e m ! s u i t and a pink carnation corsage, revealed that most of the houses) Following thc ceremony the built will be of four or five rooms!bridal party attended a wedding the next month. We extend our sympathy to the Joiner family in their recent sorrow. Mrs. Joiner was a resident of Hudement for many years. Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Gribble Jind children, and J. C. Booten, \isited Mr. and Mrs. Bob Booten, bunday. Randall Osman of Waukegan visited his parents, Mr. and Mrs. ol the Kffingham public schools. lu-Kuid. been installed as the l u s t n a m e d president ot the newly o^gani/tcd -Alphi Pi chapter of Delia K . i p f i j Gamma, national honouiry t d u c a - l tional society, according to Mib.s 1 Kalherine H. Obyc, RockforJ. state president. The new chapter includes f o u r ] central and southern Illinois covn ' The N a \ a i o s a n - s t a r \ i n j M o death, i tci. horn on Feb. 2 at Lightneu' ;uid the \\hik-s aie helping l l u - m . ' ' hospital. Thc baby has been named Violet Hose. Mrs. Barger is Uus uicj t; ut i former Itosalic Kcneipp of Ha)'- p.H;:;:: ;,.-;;, ; ,,; lislnirg. t Not I-'i,,,, St. P.itrc'l., t! ties, Bond, and Clay. Fayette, Kllingh.t.n, SHE SUES. Five-year old Joy Carol Fink, ol Cleveland, 0., doesn't know anything about law. she knows is that "a my daddy and he's srr r,KTSyr = s su-·sL'SLSs^sf .·w^ (Xm-m list Osman last , "« »«· «· · attended the funeral oi Pete Gibbs. Sunday. Walter Wilson has recently ac- 4 about law. All ""' l "'" uc V ,u , V. "Y.V 00 TM! 01 ' 10111 party atienueu a wcuuu.t, \v a it c r Wilson has recently act "a woman took )}'' lrh basement that all will be mo- dinner given at the Rosebowl cafe I t d employmcnt al lhc Dairy . tie's worth more ^"' a " d t h a \ anyone wishing to in St. Louis. Guests, in addition Our ^^^ is in deep sym . v in the- world "! . vc a nouse b u i l t in tnc *ubdivi- to the bride and groom and tneu i th j - . h , h 1]vei . s f a m ,i v : y '"A. . vvo ".: sion by the Authority mieht choose nitTM,!TM!* mHnrlorl Mr and Mrs. _ ,, · ·_,?"*!. .!._ r^__ J y ._.. _ ' .u , Yvmn I in ono oi thc straneest lawsuits ? · " y u '. u ' u i"" ru y m '8 ni cnoosc attendants, included Mr. anu i»us. i m m j nc uo our friend a nd nciuh- Jrotl'y 1) ' inn - r » S^andv h s t n r v the child m own dcsi « n from a lar S c num-|George Purdy, brother-in-law and £ f 1 }}^ u f OU1 lncn ° ana n c i ^ n The Kainbo'vTd^o of Muddy , ^ s ^g ^ falhc^cond wife, *?, rap ^s^ "nd Mrs' I * «« crowd attended the fune- .rJj Friday at 7 _ P . m at | Dolly |? ink 30 . a , kin , $2500 for ' ./^^ ^t Cavcnff Mr " a " d MfS ' -1 of _Mrs. Ihoda^Joiner, he.d S'hoSonirs. Molly DiM^-1 Venation All members are urged to attend. I - - fhc Daily Register. 20c^ week.! deserted them. of affections. Joy's j w ith Mrs. Grace Brown, was in divorced the child's father, i charge of the program for the eve- Max Fink. 36, in 194G after h c l n j n { j The regular business meeting of the chapter was held following thc program. Plans for the annual Herbert Nieuhaus. i here Tuesday afternoon. A Special Purchase of Wonderful Mrs. Harding attended College | v business college · j ;c ' rt and for the Mr and Mrs Jolm Gribble are as been em-1 in thc Law department of i ,. , _ , . . . i"^ ..nosouri Pacific Railway Com-1 I-ounders Day observance in April pany in Sl Louis Mr. Harding attended was called for Al- at the time. NEGLIGEES Fashion and Quality at savings to us that we're passing on to you . . . . 36. SATIN BED JMKETS Brand New Quilted $7.95 Values iwcre discussed and the January- '"'^ "iiaVdTng''"attended Harris- j $ '4.50 Weekly Pay .February social committees an- b ' , ' schoo]s 6and was graduated \Hike Holds Oregon .nounced a Valentine bmp- P ! -' f r o ^ lhc ]Iarr isburg Township p f e "' 9 TM. ,7? .noehle party to be held at the l i - l j n g h school with thc class of 1940.' "'inters °* Jobs 'brary at 7:30 p. m. Wednesday, i,....,i..,.,; n ., h i c ,ii«f»nrao frnm thc! -- - i-nnrt\.ving nis tiiscnarge irom mi. i PORTF ,\vn Oi-o Ki! i "i Army, after four years serv- _ A ° t ,, I re committee com- ardson. Dorothy Cavcnder, M u r i e l . ,, ,, , ,, t , ; m f | ir :,. Partain. and Miss Parlev Dabncv 'P rescnl Ime nc ^ ,.. n - n n n n i n t p f i " " ilader Pharmacy, 3 \vas appointed. JQn slrccl Sl Louis pharm- " A U'reatciiw' v.orx stoppage by i Georgia Harbinson, At thc u n i o n P' i n t e r j al l!l ° ^'L-^o.i J o u r - i r o w teaching hi Dees v and the ror-.lanu Ougonian) -'. i was aveitcd today oy j ia».-rninute '" I agicement on a new \.^e scale. Members of liie ··"=' n.mnh 'i\-i At the installation held in Ki- fingham Saturday, Mi^.s Obvv pain high tribute to Miss Hisc loi hci \\oik in Delta Kappa Ga,nn..i Miss Ilise, who began her \ \ o i k i n ' | Delta Kappa Gamma as u cha:i v r member of Psi chapter, the fu A southern Illinois chapter, oi ^am- xed at Harrisburg in 1940, soned as pr n sidcnt of that chapter from 11/45 to 1947. As president of the Harrisburg chapter. Miss Hisc was instrumental in the organization of thc n c \ v , Cairo chapter last spring arid; appointed chairman of the impor-i t?nt school legislation discussion panel at the State Convention in Peoria last year. Attending the installation from southern Illinois were Dr. \ era ! Peacock, Southern Illinois Unner- j s i t y professor and state m e m b e r - j ship chairman. Miss Mary Kn.-.t- ininger, Southern Illinois L"ni\cr- hity professor and state vie:; president, Miss Wanda Gustin and .Mis^ Harri'-burt;, Deealur. ri"j D?ily Register. 20c a week, TPROVED tfcis simply great to relieve 'PERIODIC' with uncomfortable fullness Aro you '*ou'I'cl by Uhtrw or fc- ) · .'. ;i · tioi 1 iiiout'ily illsturb: M i ' I / c t i l l , !· .1 ·· jou wilier Iror.i ji.u.'. foil o m njus. rc.',tlc:,s, cr-ink^. .wai. ,r. s-ic n UJI.P^.'Then lio t r , : .".o'l. L c!U E. Plnkham's '. · ' · t.n '· Cim;uuii(l to relieve .SKI.'! ' \ ' p l a i n s ' Ja i r i' r "'Ifit t"it It proved r t i d p l u l to uoinni u c n i f o l f d tliis v.iy. You owe it to 1,0-irs'./ «» ' i v It,. Plti!:*-...-..·· Co'npo-iml is what Doct'j! c ill ;i uterine M'diUlve. K h.i-. .1 , r.. a --ootSlnji effect on «'· ; jvo."" 1 ' .. )/'; t important oryans. Taken regularly--Plnkham's Compound helps build up resistance against such distress. Also a great stomachic tonic! NO IK: Or you mar prefer I.YDIA E. PJ.SHIIAM'S '1 AUI.1.IS wild ail.leil Iron. Lydia E, Pinkham's VEGETABLE COMPOUND '"»·»^ -? 1 -- ^Y" 13 - . - ! Members of Uie .uuh.jomah T % - i ·^··wnmi UVBRM Mr. and Mrs. Roy L. Mctc-allY UP?" their return from a biicf j j . ^ - g voted | TA n|||l|O 210 West Walnut street, left thLs'^ng ^P^^J^Jf 8 ^ j ovlrwhclmingij to .iccept a wage"^^ PAINb thev will exhibit in the antique at 5349 Perslung avenue, St. ouis. j tola ij nR $14.50 per week. 'BIT RAIOCS they will exhibit in the show to be held there Feb. 9 through 14. En route, they will: ·^ 0 " t . h ' · visit friends in Corinth, MJss. On! lla l )Ust MKI their return trip they will stop Meeting of General per week. Both metropolitan dailies im-i j mediately disbanded their emer- Members £ the Ever i 11 V 11 « « « t . v * * * « w i i j ^ v · » V f .T . . » » » ^ * . " - j ' j _ at St Petersburg Fla to view class of thc General Baptist church another show. While in St. Peters- met last evening at the church igcncy crews of typists and photo- Ready en g,. av ers which had been assembled to produce photo engraved editions in event of a walkout. Of Tired Kidneys When disorder of kidney function permits poisonous matter U remain in your bloixl. it may cause nanstinK backache, rhciinutio burg they will be the guests o f , f o r a monthly business meeting at Thc pr j n t e rs accepted a wage Mi. and Mrs. Robert Lewis. Mrs. .which the class president, Mrs.' ,., lc of 590 f o r daytime work and Lcwis is the former Lela John- Lester Brinkley, presided. on who was teacher of English! Alter a discussion of business, a I1TI1S for many years. members participated in an inter- $95 for night work within a 36 1-4 hour week. The former work scale 12 QUILTED ROBES $^95 18 PEER NEGLIGEES AND GOWN SETS 3 Smart Styles $19.95 Values at Savings of Vs $29.75 to $59.50 Values Quantities are Limited On Sale Friday DISTINCTIVE FEMININE APPAREL NEW RECIPE PRUNE JUICE Full Qt. Iour It--Taste II-Compare It! Pour Bennett's "N'ew Recipe" Prune .Juice into a glass . . note its clear, rich-colored, win- cy quality. Then taste it . . . compare it with any other prune juice you've ever tried. Compare it for clarity . . . uniformity . . . richness . . . flavor. You'll understand why, in blindfold tests, 9 out of 10 preferred "New Recipe" over five other nationally-known brands! NELSON WHOLESALE FOODS 330 Ford Avenue Harrisburg, Illinois esting scripture quiz which was! r ( conducted by Mrs. Velma Gwalt-j 1 ney. i Refreshments of hot dogs and b coffee were served to the follow-1 . ing who attended: Mr. and 'Mrs.' Nomas Summers and children. My-, ron Lee and Bill: Mrs. Irene Hicks ' and children Norma and David: , Mr. and Mrs. Jim Kendall and son. Maxie: Mr. and Mrs. Lester Brink-' | ley and children. Lester Gene and 'Linda Lou: Mr. and Mrs. Carl | Parks and daughter, Phyllis June: ] i Virgil Ferrell and daughter. Alice:, Mrs. Helen Hargett; and Mrs., 'Gwaltney and daughter, Maria, i $75.50 for day work and S89.50 r equivalent night work. The Daily Register, 20c a week. r carrier boy. I pains, !CK pains, loss of Pep ami ones ·:. ·:· t- tinji up niiihts. swelling, puflinc", um'ci t'lt; eyes. Jieadnchcs and dizzmes*;. Frttnicsit or scanty passascs with smartin;: n:»l but ninTM sometimes shows there is something wronji with your kidneys or b!r.l!er. Don't wait! Ask your druits=t for Do-in's Pills, a stimulant diuretic, used sncce-.-fii!ly by millions for over 30 years. Dean's Ki\u happy relief and w:!l help the 13 miles of kidney tubes flush out poisonous ·ttabtc from your blood. Get Uoan's Pills. ^ ~ "Hardware for Hard 104 N. YLiM rw. low Give and Redeem Eagle Stamps r-e4e/ni mci nii) Easter is early--MARCH 28 *^ \ BOB BURNETT'S PRE-SEASON SHOWING OF NEW SPRING FABRICS AND FASHIONS .NOW READY FOR YOU. An early Easter means an early buying rush. By placing your order HOW you get your pick of hundreds of fine new colorful, all wool fabrics and you'll have your suit in plenty of time for Easter. Thc fabric, thc fashion and thc pattern of your choice, tailored to your individual measure. It's Madc-To-Meosurc This Spring Summer Exclusively from The Main TATT.ORS-HATTERS-HAr.ERDASnERS on Main Street _ KNOX CAMPHEI.L SPRING HATS - Mrs. Bob Humphrey Hostess ' To North Williford V/. M. U. ! Mrs. Bob Humphrey. DOITIS , Heights, vas hostess Wednesday a t a meeting of members of the J W . M. U. of the North Williford * Krptist church. | Members assembled at noon to I enjoy a delightful dinner which ' had been prepared by Mrs. Htim- I iilirey. The meeting after dinner was opened with group singing, after j which current topics for study j were presented by Mrs. Ralph ! Stout. Mrs. Lula Kinser. Mrs. Maud j Froman, Mrs. Nancy Cox, and Mrs. | Ilild Swansey. Topics under dis-! j cussion included "Our Country." j i Mrs. Stout: "A Home Mission j [Task." Mrs. Kinser: "The Taski Unfinished." Mrs. Froman: "Work! ing at thc Task," Mrs. Cox: and ;' Urgency of thc Task," Mrs. Swan- jscy. I During the afternoon an clec- ] tion of officers was held, and the .following will serve for the cqm-j l i n g year: President. Mrs. Orville; | Kinser: vice president. Mrs. Ralph i Stout: secretary-treasurer. Mrs. ' Maud Froman: program chairman. · Mrs. Bob Humphrey. I Mrs. Ben Knight will be hostess j j at the next meeting which will be held on thc second Wednesday ! in March. A FINE CAR MADE MEN MNERI A i i o w Fast Noble Grands ! 1 Meet at Suvcr Home j i Thc Past Xoblc Grand Club o f | the Pride of Arrow Kobckah lodge' met TueMlay with Mrs. Lcla Suvcr. i , A^sistinj; Sirs. Suvci as hotessi i was. Mrs. Lctha Coiarl. lrj.. Anna ] Keel was invited as a visitor. ! ! Those in attendance included j Jl.e following: Mcsdamcs Pearl i Stricklin. Bessie Uordei, Ncha! 1 Douglas. Naomi Kces. Volmai Spra^uc. Minnie Hamilton. O m a j Sisk.' OHic Cain. Aha Williams.' | M;:dgc Johnson. Mslliccnt Guard. ( ! Mrs. Miss lx»u Reeves, anci thc, ' liostcsscs. I Refreshments of apple pic. ice i tream and coffee were sencci. j Webber EJder. son of Mr and j Mr.s. Hubert Elder, of Raleigh.' and Donald Fox left Tuesday f o r i a ten-day vacation in New Orpins, i i Iv.'... Florida, and other placo of 1 interest in lhc south. | Mr. and Mrs. J. W. J i m o » Me- i Gill have rclnrncd to 31arn.inirg after ;« month's visit in Tampa. Fla.. with their son-in-la\\ and daughter. Mr. and Mrs. E. E. New. Thc McGills alM visited other places of interest in Florida, .ind on thc return trip visited in Gulfport, Miss, and New Orleans F.vcrott Hess received a severe burn to his riglit hand at his home TucMiay. where a ran of hot ^ro.isc overturned in the oven of the .*-' vc as hc \\as removing it. A Prsi?xc:vfGrerTj!.ViStsrt GM Hydra Matic oti alt models! Today, Pontiac announces a scries of notable advancements in the car that has already won »hc wholehearted endorsement of more than a million owners and friends. Foremost among these advancements is thc great General Motors Hydra-Matic Drive-now offered as optional equipment on all Pontiac cars. Pomiac i* the lowest-priced car in thc world to provide this yrcat mechanical NEWSPAPER! Name Omitted ; The name of Mrs. Fern Johnson, was unintentionally omitted es-^ tcrday from thc list of s u n n i n g ! istcrs of Sgl. Howard B. Cose- bcxn. whose body arrived home, this morning for final intcr.r.oni. | Sgt. Coscboon was the son of Mr. | and Mrs. Errest Coscboon. -?261 West Lincoln street, L m.isicrpiccc--which shif:* coirs auiomat : i.illy, on\l completely eliminates :hc c!..tc2i j«edal. "oupled with ihis s cn.sinccmr-;; uinr.iph is .n ssrikins jmpnwcmcnt i" bc.i.i'-k ·»"«' luxury. New cvtcnor sniannt** e\m«is !r,rn ihc new radiator .crillc to :hc- sjrcjml'.ncd re.'.r b::mpcr. Int«piors, too. arc rcir.arV.ih'\ inr rm c«'. 1 ·psjcJ-jes .ire more bci.:ti!ul .inii arr «.pcnl\ blended to achieve r,c« attnuuxc-css and tharro. Instrument j\nc5s ,-rc fini-!-.L! in .; vinart adapted lYom quart*.r-sa«e«l m^ho.cany--and an .ulrojt v^c o! chrome mouldin.c adds .» deft to::c.i o) modern;-.. 1 n^snc ^nd chassis baxebet-n rt,'ic«3 \ v h c r c \ c r possible--b«: they rcmu.'n. basiMll-,. :hc si-nc cncinccrins masterpieces whiJi become s\non\mou'! in the automotive industry coodnc^*' and dcjNrndah:liJy. 1.crc -ire many more ihtns\ we could tell you ;aKi:t :bc new Pontiac, for there .arc countlc^ ·mprovcmcnt* ^hich add to its jr.iditional qual-ty and value. But w feel that, for tbo*c ^Iio fvou- Pontiac. tvc need only say-by far, thc moM Pontiac --here i*. c\tr hails -- hc.-c i* :hc most luatrhm Ponsijc ever built -here is the most dt}c^Me Ponti jc ever built --.-*.] it is now .ivjilablc w:th GM J K d r a .Vane On\c-- V,/-.V0v.j/ al additional tint. \\ c wish onK to add sba: it is here-- on JJ i- our showroom-- and th« o'i arc 4.ord:.»15 jn\::cl . sec an«i inspc*: »-. POOL PONTIAC SALES E. POPLAR AND MILL HARRISIU'RG. II ·51 I I I I v; M * \! I . *. i-

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