The News from Frederick, Maryland on July 21, 1948 · Page 4
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 4

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 21, 1948
Page 4
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Satellite Agents Use Propaganda Washington. July 20 '/pv--A State B«partment cS lai sas he thinks every representative of a Russian satellite country in the United States is here to spread propag^n- aa. "Their presence here is a threat to the security of the United States." he declared. But the official, William Harlow, chief of the Department's diplomatic visa section, said "We have got to have tangible information" that such is their primary objective is coramg to this country before they can be refused entry. · If you cut all those people out, jou will have no United Nations, and that \M!! not be permitted," he said. Karlo\v confirmed previous testi- ·nsony of Department officials given before the staff of a Senate Judiciary subcommittee that at Jeast several hundred known or suspected subversives have been admitted «s attaches or employes of the United Nations and related organizations. He added. "I don't think anything can be done about ;t as long as the seat of the Unitec Nations remains in the United States." U. X. Officials Surprised At Lake Success. United Nations oScials expressed surprise at the testimony Further information was requested by a spokesman for the U. S. delegation Harlov.- also testified before the subcommittee staff. He said that persons applying for admission to this country on United Nations missions cannot be denied visas unless the "Department has prior evidence that their presence will endanger public safety. They are granted limited visas valid only for the official UN site and the immediate vicinity, he sa:d. " But v.-hat they do after they get here we cannot control." He said that is the responsibility of the Department of Justice and the Immigration Service He said an anarchist would be denied entry but "an ordinary, everyday, run of the mi!! Communist can get a visa." Harlow sa:d t is possible under existing lav. for a tremendous number of subversives to gain admission by the UN site route "There is no limit on the number of people that come in." he said. The subcommittee is making a general study of immigration laws. The previous testimony of State Department officials was made public today. New Machine Expedites Parcel Post Mailing There will be no more waiting in line at ihe parcel post window of the Frederick postornce. for the urne it formerly look :o mail a package has been redu:ed by one- half due to the installation *3it ·week of a special postage r-eter PostorSce clerk Joseph A. Whisner is shown at the window as he was getting ready to use the new machine fcr packages being mailed by. left to right. Misses Vir- ginia Carryback. East Fifth street and Agatha Harr.s ?.Soi:er a\e- nue Ihe new installation which :s shears on a table hxjhird Mr Whisner. works like tn.s Tne clerk at the parcel post M indow after weighirg \our package and computing the fee. takes jour mcnev and touches levers on the electrically-operated postage meter machine Out pops a ^-nall printed label, gummed and even Photo by Frank Ktefer ' automatically moistened, complete w !th postage of the exact total value plus city postmark and' s date of mailing It s clapped on ' our package, and the transaction's t over AH stamp-licking is abolished and the only thing required! of a patron v. ill be the writing of the address on the parcel, and payment of the mailing charge Tne insured numbers also have to be placed on the package Army Rushes Emergency Air Strip In Berlin V. F. W. SoftbaUers Score Over Coca Cola V. F. XV. trounced Coca-Cola. S-4. Tuesday evening in City Softball League competition at Baker Park. The win put the Veterans -sv-thm a game of tne loop-leading Dr Peppers. The contest last night was a ·slugfest with V. F. W. maintaining the preponderance of pokier throughout. Actually the Veterans se-.ved It up in the fourth stanza ·when Coliiflovrer singled. Shaffer grounded out and Kennedy fl.ea, with Stitley's single plating Colliflower with the fifth run for the winners The score: R H. E. V. F. W. 8 16 2 Coca-Cola 4 10 2 Shaffer and Keyser; Aorecbt and Hold Hearing On Bus Line Washington. July 20 ;P--A Blue Ridge Transportation Co. official said today the firm w:uld be hard hit if the application of Capitol Bu« Co. for a route from Harrisburg, Pa . to Washington is grait- ed "The impact would be sei:ou^' F. D Spoffard. assistant to the president of Blue Ridge, told a joint hearing board of the Interstate Commerce Commission The.Capitol Bus Company seeks to exter-d its present service from Harnsburg to Gettvsburg. Pa. ort to Washington by way of Etismits- burg. Lewsto\\ n. Frederick and Gauhersburg. all in Maryland The joint board--comprised of members of he Maryland ar.d District of Columbia Public Service Commu.sio:ii and the Per.ns;. J\ aa:a Utility Commission--ib not expected to make its recommendation to the ICC for ic\erai weeks. Would Os\frt Traffic SporTsrd baid granting of tne application would cause diversion of Blue Ridge trafhc from Frederick to Gettjsbarg "which :n tne past has not paid for itself " He added that it \\ould also cause diversion of trafT.c and revenues on the more proiitable Frederick to Washington run. Funds from this portion of the Blue Ridge route aid in paying for losses on other sections. Spoffard said In addition, he said, some service would be curtailed irom Washington to Gettysburg The Pennsj ivania Railroad and the Pennsylvania Greyhound Bus Co also opposed the application George B. Hartmar;. Washington i passenger representative of the Pennsylvania Railroad, said seine traffic would be diverted from the rail line if the Capitol Bus Company is successful in opening its proposed new route A number of witnesses testified that present service on the route is adequate Phihp Hileman. publisher of a weekly newspaper at Emmitsburg. said the Biue Ridge bus service is "ideal" for his needs Asked by Wilmer Hill, attorney for Capnol Bus. if it would not be to the advantage of Emmitsburg to have additional bus service through tne town. Kileman replied. "I do not believe that is true because it would induce people in Emmitsburg to shop elsewhere" Parents Demand Belter Road For School Bus A delegation of property owners along the Smithsburg-Raven Rock road told '.he W a s h i n g t o n Countv B o a r d o f C o u n t y Commis;io"ers Tuesdav rrornins; thst un'es* 'he coun'v ro?ds de- partrreT adequately repa.r* ihe road I.":'; Sumner they \\sl' not pe-n^-t the r c.i Jarci *o -de * H e school ou« j'y.o Sm'hsburg t,-.;s Fail ur.d Wzrste- C' - dc S X3\'or. S-nithsburg bu^ re-1 . T3' \\ho owrs. t u o farms and rc--it-. z'.c"z tre rc-rd. headed the dc'.f^at on i^'.d v ie Board e«* of TS kro-.v ledge ·ee" do"e f» *he road excep* !·*" c load or :.' ~ of occa^'^ :i a decide or t\\o N-v'.or de^c'ioeo t^e road as be- mg "jrely pjv-^o:e eve-; :n fa.r !S '.-j -1 t ..'.a:e.i ust- :ue c-ie buv tne pjre-3'N t re de''rn'.ned tcev \\.I1 no" a o\\ t~t:: ~ Idren to use tr *f !v v * x ' v I -"^'* "*^nsc T*«» r r»r Thf News. Frrdrrlck. Md. Wednesday, July 21. l§4f srml changing Allied plans for a Western German Government German sources attending the conference of the U S, French and British Militarv Governors with 11 top German political leaders said the Military Governors had made it clear thev will n"t agree to major changes in the Allied plan tion of McGowan'jK conduct tuA actions on the field during ths Cleveland-Washington I*SM at I Washington last night. I Ha-r^dge s announcement did not 1 go into details of McGowaa's coo- duct McCOWAX Sl'SPEXDED Ch.cag?. July 20 ?--Pres.uer.t Wsll Harridge of the American Leajtue todav ordered the immediate suspension of Umpire Wil::am McGoua:i. pending in\esti«a- Commercial potash deposits it the bnited States are behev6d t* ce adequate for several getter*- Ior -aid t».\ v(*\ ~ ' ·^t rtr\ ^. bec?'-jt" road \\ h:ch tn-e- Tr.e rosci tie o:yi:t.o.i · as · cd of the at all ^.o". :s the u~- finij^ee port.o:: of the h.ghv, a\ that extend- from Sm.iSSburg to Carr.p R:t.-n:c A Ntretch of a m:le cr t\vo -A h:.-1 pa--«es the Gardenhour orchards, -^a 11 made o\ the State jer.ri ago bat rothing do::e sncc Plan^ 'hci ca'.Icd for bu-^d- riq a ?'a - c h - g h w a \ OT tnrougn to Camp R tchie Persors \Oo have traveled the road -ay ;t cffords one of tne most at'rac'.ve seer, c panoramas in Wash'n^ton county a"d t h a t :'s co lx ioletion \\ o^;d PC an a^set .:i more \\avs tha'i one NO CHANGES IN PLAN Frankfurt\. July 20 .7. --Tne three Western commandcis of Gern'arsv were reported today to have saken n =trong stand agair-^t Gerrr'an proposals fcr You air i»!a\:"S ^our rards rieht v\!irn \ou brine \our radio la Th» Htctronlfs --hop lor repairs Here \o« arc asure3~of^ rrtiablr *rr\itc bv ^xprrirncrd r adif irchnicians Uo:t ! gamble «it!i inexper'encrii repair mm Rrui: \ot:r radio (o The Electronics Shop, tthere \ois can: lose. LECTRONICSSHO RADIO *nA r TELEVISION SOMCC' ummer is more Delightful at Sea- Coo/ Co/fon FOTIOUI "Ship'i Sun -Deck," »ea- water baths, bothmg rji'ect from hotel Fines! food 250 re»t- ful rooms American and European Plans Booklet. Many thousands of tons of jade are estimated to be deposited in i Wyoming, California and Alaska "With the opening of Foreign Trade Zone No 3 at San Francisco. Cai. the U S for the first time has a free port area on each coast. ATLANTIC CITT ._. . PinntylvQnia Av*na» Oir^rfooHag Boordwollt ^^!l -"" , » .. ., » . PAUt AUCKTE* The «ef«l of Mcny Happy Riturni c^.. M»r- J Since the Rissians claraped down taeir blockade on Berlin, the U. S. Army has been flying food and other supplies to the beleaguered people of Berlin. The greatiy increased air traffic has overcrowded the city's airSelds and the Army is rushing emergency facilities. Here, Army eauipment ie-. els aa emergency strip at Tempelhof A.r5eld, b mlt o\ er a base of w ar rubble. (Photo by NEA- Acnie star? correspondent Al Cocking.) Court News Equity IMildred A Zimmerman vs William A. Zimmerman, bill of complaint for an absolute diiorce. Property Deeded Frederick A "Wivel!. ef si, to John A Wivell. countv. $10 John A. Wiiell to W:lham H. V,Vveil and wife, county, SIO. CHILDREN GIVEX ESTATE A son and daughter u-jll share :a the SiO.CQO estate of ilrs. Mary E. Albaugh. late of near Central, according to the terms of her will admitted to probate Tuesday by the Orphans' Court Executed August 13. 1945 and witnessed by Lola M and Mar'-cell H Xelson. the will provides a S3.- 1 300 bequest to Mrs. Rachel A. Jones, a daughter, sad directs that the re-r-airicer of the estate shared equally by Mrs. Jones and a son. Walter B. Albaugh. The son and daughter were named executors , ROCGH OX BEES i llartlnsburg W. Va , July 20 i -^ --Beekeepers have reportea a con- siderable loss of bees during the past season, believed due largely to lead spray used by orchardists on apple trees The beekeepers say the residue ' of this poisonous lead sprsy settles 'on the cover crop v.hich bees visit for pollen. i Dr Cariton Taylor of West Vir- ] gin'a University s College of Agriculture sajs he v. ill urge an edu- i cationai program amo^g orchard- ists aimed toward correcting the situation Lufs Stuff .THOCGKT FOR TODAT , The flo\\ ers bloom in grand array, unconscious of their beauty, yet 1 very humbly one would say. perform their v. ondrous duty. A person's life may also glow with values unassuming, but fev. display the oerfect show of flowers in their ! blooming --N. A LUFBCRROW Say jou saw it in The News- Idaho's Grard Canyon of the Snake R:ver :s the deepest gorge in North Amer.cE. Zachary Taylor wanted to appoint Abraham Lincoln governor of the Oregon Territory but Mrs. Lincc-Ii -d.sapproved. (-\cvertiseiTient) CH Don't Suffer Another Minute Are r»ou tormented \vith i telling of eczema. DSO~as:s rashes athletes foot, erupticis recta! itchirg rough hands . or face or other skin troubles' For j quick rel.el and good results use Victory O:nta-.e-:l Dcve'oped for the bovs I in the semces row offered to the ! fo3'-cs back home. Whits greaseless an- ' tseatjc coolir;? pain relieving, --arish- jr.g Does not imtate. Safe for babies or children Money back guarantee. A ·nrar develosment. not a sabstitute. Get VICTORY O-OTTMEXT--tre finest--today Jars or rubes Sold in Frederick bv 'VViiliarr.soii's. Silco. Allen ^ Cut Hate or- --yi2T home lo-xrn oruggist, If Kicreys give trouble ask for XZF-TEX Pfr.k Antiseptic Taorets. Make Shipley's Headquarters For WASHING MACHINES WE EAVE FOR IMMEDIATE THOR Automagic THOR Wringer-l\-pe HORTON UNIVERSAL SPEED QUSEX We also ha-e a few apartment- size washers. Here's the popular "Junior"! A carton of 35 eight- ounce bottles makes the perfect package for horns use. With skilled hands, the Pcnnsyhanic Dutch potter fashioned native clay into apple butler cracks, pie d;sha, milk ju%- --and the more decorative v.eddir.g and birthday plates. A Masterpiece from Master Craftsmen Reflecting pride of craftsmanship passed on from father to son for many generations. Old Reading Pale Reserve is true to its Pennsylvania Dutch heritage. And its distinctive taste, rich and mellow, makes it a top favorite w i t h those whose love of good things to eat and drink is traditional. The Old Reading Brewery, Inc., Reading, Pennsylvania. Fine for its Second owner D.F. 103-105 N. Market St. 'S Recently, a large group of acd car owners 'W'sre asked what car they would buy if they -acre buying neik cars toda\. Those who own used Pontiacs led them all in saying they would buy new- cars of the same make ^hev are sow driving. standing, and Pontiac's fine performance lasts throughout the years. There could be no finer endorsement of a new car than this--arid we trust you won't forget it w h e n \ou order your own next car. In other words--according to this survey--a used Ponttac it more tati'jactory to oan ihxn ai:y other mate oj used car. Of course, that could mean only one thing: Poatiac's dependability and long life are out- Reaiember. too, Pontiac is the lowest priced car in the world offering GM Hydra-Matic Drive* -a tremendous advance in better motoring. It's wise to choose a Pontiac--a car so fine that even its second owner is sure to like it. *Gtncral Msfars ttydra-^lelse end U~.te Sufcuell Tires afitonel at additional cost. RENN POXTIAC CO. 526 X. Market St. Frederick, BURDETTE BROTHERS Hyattstown, Md. ERW1N SHAFER PHONE FREDERICK 1417-R EAST CHURCH ST. Oclv die niosucieot is ·wcrtr'. :o pi.- urbute to those Tiho i;»\e !2t:r iiies thit feee- dcni rsi'k '..:t !n .o:;irr.c=5ori::on of those cctics: to 'o-j, choose * BAJTC Grini:e Monumeat. We mie proud ;;-it St "set Bxrre Granite is v oi'hy or thj honor. HAWMAXER BROTHERS THl'KMONT. MD. I t ^ G R R S T O U N . MD. U V S H I N G T O N . D. C. flAKM. lOUILBl M o k e s your old! roof lik« new -quickly and cosily. NUROOF the quality roof c o a t i n 9 g u a r a n t e e d 10 years. J. P. KARN, Inc. We Deliver -- Ph. 2281 LEARN BEAUTY CULTURE and parn biff JMOJ Finest training- in all phases of Beauty Culture. Day or evening classes. Individual instruc- tion. SPECIAL LOW RATES Small Enrollment Fee APPROVED FOR VETS Vniet G. I. Bill cf RigUs NEW SUMMER CLASSES NOW FORMING SS.OO Enrollment Tee Approved for G. I- Training For Information Phone Frederick 478-K Or Write Frederick Beauty School, Inc. 12 S. Market St., FrerTfck, Mi Robert E. Lee Hotel Bide. QUICK-FROZEN FOODS era giving away hundreds of ,£ WEAR-EVER \ PRESSOV COOKERS It's easy to WinI Get information « from your Groe«r F R E D E R I C K PRODUCE CO. INC. Wholesale Distributor NEWSPAPER!

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