Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on July 13, 1961 · Page 12
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 12

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 13, 1961
Page 12
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Page 12 article text (OCR)

e. Ten HOPE- STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS Thursday, July 13, 1961 Americans Don't Like to Create Scene By PHYLLIS BATTELLE NEW YORK — Americans, at least nine out of 10 of them, have a genuine horror of "creating a scene." A "scene." in the sense it is used here, is synonymous with a "fus." Or a "spectacle." As in: don't make a fus, or you'll create a scene and make a spectacle of yourself. This nearly national trait, no doubt begun by I he Pilgrim fathers to keep the children from causing talk and trouble among the Indians, is considered a quality of "niceness" and "gentility." It should, I suppose, be enthusiastically endorsed. However, this fear of a showdown in public has been carried too far in our society — to the point where the poor polite American is being put at the mercy of a few impolite Americans, as well as being forced to accept mediocre products and services. How often, for ex.imple, does a sweet and kindly matron enter a millinery shop and try on hats in front of a salesgirl whose haughtiness or surliness literally frightens the lady into buying a inodel she dislikes — rather than risk being publicly insulted svith inucndos or grim silences? Men in any kind of apparel store arc even easier to terrify out of making justified complaints. Wherever did they gel that term "a hull in a china shop'.'" Most men. in most shops, are rather like dogs in muzzles — bowed, cowed and incapable of barking. "Nice" gentlemen, as depicted by the scenc-avoiders. seem to feel obligated to buy anything they ! touch, must less put on their j backs. In restaurants, the majority of j American males and females are j truly taken advantage of. because i of their dred of "speaking up" land possibly crealinj; unpleasant- I ness. j If they order roast beef Well! done and it comes to the table I rare, what do they do? Perhaps mother will sulk quietly, "this isn't the way I ordered it.." iWom- en are by nature the fighters in the family, since the preservation jof the home and its purse is their 'self-appointed crusade.) But father will blush and act as if he hadn't heard; and the waiter will scowl and act the same. Hut most Americans, of both sexes, won't say a word about the food they receive at a restaurant, unless they receive an order that is outrageously incorrect — as in the case of being served scrambled eggs when they ordered stroganoff. It's reasonably safe to say that nice Americans are the most easygoing, and easy-to-lake-in. people FOR HOT WEATHER AT C-O-O'O-L PRICES! CURED SHANK END BUTT END HAMS U.S.D.A. HEAVY BEEF STEAK Cut To Your Satisfaction Excess Fat and Bone Removed 39 45 C Ib SIRLOIN T-BONE 89 C Ib 99 Ib Ground Fresh Daily GroundBeef 2 Lb s 89c SWIFT'S PREMIUM FRYERS We Will Process Meat For Your Freezer at Low, Low Cost WHOLE CUT-UP 55 65 ea Crowder and Purple Hull PEAS lb.9c Large LEMONS doz. Potatoes 10 L bs29c SEE OUR HOME GROWN * Butter Beans * Peaches * Tomatoes * Corn * Cantaloupes Folgers COFFEE u, 69c Guaranteed FLOUR 25 L b s 1 49 Richfex ShorteningS can 59c Richard Hudnut Quick PERMANENT 1.50 Reg. 2.50 Value Colgate (31c Pkg. Free) Toothpaste 53c KOTEX Box 33c Pet Gilette Super Blades Reg. $1 Size Reg. 69c Size 89c 59c Delsey TISSUE 4 R o,, s 48c MILK 6£T93c Spivey Barbecue SAUCE Pin , 29c Clover-leaf Dry MILK 5 ot s .25c ° BISCUITS 3 c, ns 25c EGGS 3 o«. L Lb 49c Krey — With Gravy BEEF DANNIE HAMILTON + FOOD CENTER + 206 lost Second St. ~ FREE DELIVERY „ Phone Says Public Will Pay for Defense WASHINGTON (AP)-Presidcnt Kennedy and his party leaders in Congress bore down on national defense and foreign aid in an hour and a half conference today. House Speaker Sam Rayburn, D-Tex., predicted that the American people will pay whatever is necessary in defense costs to meet what he called the increase in the Soviet Union's "attacking budget." The Senate Democratic leader, Sen. Mike Mansfield of Montana, agreed with that. And he said he believes that more support is swinging behind Kennedy's $4.8- billion foreign aid program as a result of Soviet Premier Khrushchev's saber rattling. Rayburn said that Kennedy wants the people to know that Khrushchev has "increased his defense budget, his attacking budget by 30 per cent." He added that "Kennedy has ben criticized for raising his defense budget only 5 per cent." What is going to grow out of this situation, Rayburn said, we don't know. "But whatever it takes," he said. "I think the American people arc willing to pay for the defense of this country." He said that Kennedy did nol indicate that he svas ready at this point to ask for any increase in defense funds. The President has ordered the Pentagon to review the whole defense budget in the light of Khrushchev's statements and the critical situation in Berlin jind Germany. Wonts UN to Take Up Berlin Crisis WASHINGTON (APf - Secretary of State Dean Rusk says the Berlin crisis may be .thrust into t'he United Nations. Rusk replying to questions after a speech at the National Press Club Monday declined to estimate the chances of a war breaking out over Berlin. But he said the issue will be around for months and "must be soberly dealt, with." Dam in Korea Leaves 114 Dead SEOUL (AP) - The South Korean Red Cross said today J14 persons were killed and 13 arc missing when a clam burst at the small community of Namwon, 150 miles south of Seoul. A Red Cross spokesman said the death toll could go higher. He reported 220 houses were washed away and 203 destroyed in the disaster caused by several days of torrential rains. The Red Cross said it was rushing food and clothing to the stricken community of 20.000. Two villages besides Namwon were reported flooded when waters from the leback Myun reservoir burst through an irrigation dam. Ike, Leaders Air Everything GETTYSBURG Pa. (API—The leaders discussed "everything from Berlin to backdoor spending" with former President Dwight D. Eisenhower. Sen. Everett Dirksen of Illinois and Rep. Charles Halleck of Indiana Senate and House minority leaders flesv in for a brief visit Monday a t Eisenhower's invitation. After the meeting at Eisenhower's farm Halleck said "We just had a good discussion of world and domestic affairs. We talked about everything from Berlin to backdoor spending." Eisenhower had no comment about the nature of the visit. INDEPENDENT* By Shopping With Your Independent Vahi-Mart Stores BRANDS YOU KNOW .... QUALITY YOU TRUST AT SAYINGS YOUR POCKETBOOK WILL APPRECIATE. in the world. They need to be approved of, even by people they cannot themselves approve. They are afraid that it would be bad breeding to send food back for the chef's reappraisal; they fear that if they walk out on a cocky sales technique, people will stare at them. • What a shame they don't realize i that those stares might be made i of pure admiration. | 'on Everything - looks - black department: Gary Player, Masters golf champion, says, "if I were to choose my; color I'd definitely wear black on j the course. Black attracts the heat and that makes my muscles warm and supple. 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