The Daily Register from Harrisburg, Illinois on February 5, 1948 · Page 2
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The Daily Register from Harrisburg, Illinois · Page 2

Harrisburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 5, 1948
Page 2
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PAGE TWO THE DAILY REGISTER, HARRISBURG, ILL, THURSDAY. F K R R U A l t Y 5, 10-18 ALASKAN MVSTERV ISLE APPEARS AND DISAPPEARS ANCHORAGE, Alaska-- OJJy -- Bogoalov Island consists of three volcanic cones and is one of the . mystery islands in the Bering Sea, 25 miles north of the Aleutians. It is of volcanic formation and Bince its first eruptive appearance In 1796 it has disappeared, reappeared and changed physio- graphically many times. Its most recent eruption was in 1910. Sea lions and birds have returned to the island at every reappearance*. The Daily Register, 20c a week. JHere's WARMTH for SALE! Home Accidents Cause More 1947 Deaths Than Awtos; 100,000 TotaS CHICAGO. Feb. 5--t.l.-- . dents killed more people in their homes than on the highways last year, thc National Safety Council reported today. . The council said it was Peace Issues ke creased to 190. compared with 75 the previous year. The railroad accidents toll drop- d to 3.834. a tuo per cent dc- crease, during the first 11 months I pcd to 3.834. a tuo per cent dc- \ i; ? DONALD J. GON/ALhS riruuiiuu wu-.. ,crease, during the first 11 months fniini I'rrss Staff Corres,iomlcnt The council' said it was the O f 1947. Seven per cent fewer \y.\oilXCTON IT' -- T h c tea- first time in 20 years, except for p at .scngers~1,329-- died in rail- ^j.,,,,., top-hatted, striped-trouscr- a brief period of'wartime driving! roa d accidents than during thc C( j. c . ·' · f.»irhm: men who formerly restrictions that more people were , samc period in 1946. h a n d u i i international affairs are killed accidentally at home than g M . r DkaSl i crs 0!1 ,} u way out. Their successors tili.-oi restrictions, that more people were , samc period in 1946. killed accidentally at home than Sevcn i a j or Disasters '" .W'fi I M U« frnm all tvocs' Seven disasters caused 50 or All told d . ca ^ r °TM ^.^J^.more deaths each, the council rc- of accidents in 19-* \\cie two pei i tcd Thcv u o r e tllc TcxaS cent higher than in 194b. »,. T ^ t the T exas-0kla- . . T h c ,nh a 5 C -h- ? w 1-tncciSS homa tornado in April, the Ccn- the s'^vcdlhatthis b « hat a.ccidents coal minc cxplosion haj did to the b. S. last \car. i*." . .. , --i *!._ / ^ . . i r ' . Killed--100.000. injured--10.500.000. Cost--S6.700.COO.OOO in medical expenses and damage. 32,000 Traffic Deaths Traffic deaths dropped from 33.411 in 1946 to 32.000 last year --a four per cent decrease. 'way out. Their successors '.oi:iat; trained in the prob- n loot!, iuel, iibcr. and fer- Juinue has been rapid since 11. It chicflv i r U l l i l . 111.. I.VU1 l l l l n v . v-.»^.v^«v... j JUcl:* . ^ v .. ~ . v - . - r - . 1 - - . « three airline crashes, and the Gulf by at -ton- world conditions which Alllee Demands Half to Hikes In British Wages To Receive Nursing Cap at Washington U. . Miss Hetty Winkh'imin. ol liar- risburtf. is one of Gl .student nurses oi the Washington University .school of Nursing. St. Lou*, who will receive their cap:: in a ivro- Attlcc said. government had oi i ^y \ V 4 i l l * 1 * 1 * * - i»«" ttv . ' imposing a compulsory ceiling on i wages. It recognizes, he added, that wage boosts in certain undermanned essential industries period and are fl . os hmc n nursinu students.. ··*· Hcsiimcn nuisin. of World War o:i brought about i , Coast hurricane in September. most of the pre-war dip- wages. Ju2L JIUl i iV«uv. 4 i l v j x . ^ f c ^ » » * w . » . IHIL t ' - t k ·».w. » - * - - Twentv-cight of the 43 states loma'n. u^toms. and have cut down · ·· · ' ·- · s i. b;ru|uets and cocktail which ported their complete mo -^ dcath toll for thc had decreases compared with en partR has seen the decline on a greater workers. IJlrd Slon'liuilelcr The hammerhead, an African bird, builds a nest which rcrimes six months to construct. Thc government's wage policy) was announced by AUltc in t h e i House of Commons. He estimated! that wages already were 73 per, cent above thc pre-war level. | The statement was more a con-j ciliatory call for voluntary co-op-j eration' by employers and trade i unions alike than the hard-hitting lie's for Safi-ty First I M I L W A U K E E «U!i_.Karl Kdia dr . ;,cl)midt has been flying :iiipl^ n( , since llKJt). but doesn't drive a car. Automobiles make him n ci . vous, lr," says. 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Z..L n«i- ront OvvfM- thnn ! r , .^ tr, to fnroien em- which he said were essential in I n f n u r nr»r OPI1L QCCIUaoL. vot i tv*u*-*.iw*» v» _».....-- --,.-,.,_,-A l , , v l , i v . «v ...~. 1 -1 * . . , . ,, ,- * But 33 500 Bcrion^ died in hlmc among cities of 200.000 population u n d i p l o m a t i c for thc once lavish Alice list S e n t s d u r i n - 1947 compared or oTCr-54 per cent fewer than ! flint . tl( :1 , u, return to foreign em-(which he s ; . L « « Ift/TTi O.IR n«.,.nafinnal in 1946. Lone Beach. Cal.. was K-KS:,- and legations when most the handling with F s O O n 1946 Occupational in 1946. Long Beach. Cal.. was baS!f ... and legations when most accident deaths rose from 16.500 second with 51 per cent less and « o f t i., Tl arc seeking dollar help, in 1946 to 17 000 last vear. Each Newark, X. J.. and Oklahoma City . HciKr ,, ucs t lists have been trim; . . . . . . \ .1. ~ ',,,, - nn * tinH fnr tMrrl with 44 Der cent. m/wi ^n nrivo t!io food and honor , {ie of statc Department there is no ul ' UL! U1 °. ll - ^ . ", «««««oi ;n i type" increased"'three per cent. tied for third with 44 per cent, mcc! . \4 have the food and liquor " T h e council blamed t h e over- drops. - , , - * · - budget- all higher death toll on an increase Milwaukee. V,is.. led cities pt in the number of deaths from pub- aOO.000 or more, population \suh 'lie accidents other than traffic only 3.D traffic deaths per 10,000 I which totalled 19.000 compared registered vehicles, with 17.000 in 1946. , Kokomo. Ind.. m the 2o.OOO- the handling of the situation. lhe were: 1. "to thc present conditions! and until more goods and services are available for home markets. of . for any individual! mil..5 u*. o*.*iiv- AXV,^M» *-*··%.»»v i have undergone similar general _,,.. . Nowaday, "they receivcj money incomes, more"cillcrs and notes concerning; 2. "It does not follow that it mo. ina.. m ui« ^a.uuu- , , ? [ioc-tions than treaties i would be right to stabilize ^u mi Passenger fatalities on sched- ,50.000 population group reported, ' " .. I comes as they stand today, juled domestic air transports in- no deaths. ."J^ ^.^ ^ a department | 3. -It is not desirable -' - r e iodine for Thyroid ministered in WaSer officei may meet up with the prob ' lem of recommending the number : of \\ rales that might be caught the n Vr ^ 3 Dandy ^ Sweater Buys for Men VIRGIN WOOL COAT SWEATERS Flat ribbed or cable knitted. Stoutly seamed ·to retain shape. Tan, gray, blue, heather. Indoor, outdoor styling. Long sleeves. Sizes 36 to 46. TWO-TONE SPORT SWEATERS ·Herringbone pattern, in two contrasting colors of tan, blue and brown. Warm. Part wool. Long sleeves. Sizes 36 to 46. .SPORT COATS Two-tone land solid colors, brown, blue, gray and black check. Rayon lined yoke. Sizes 'Small, Medium and Large. By PAUL F. ELLIS j United Press Science Writer j | Copyright, 1948 By United Press a NEW YORK. Feb. 5.--(U.R^Tak- _ ing a dose of radioactive iodine' a to treat a thyroid cancer is as i * simple as drinking a glass of water. In fact, that is what the patient does--drinks a glass of water. This water, however, contains a sub- m\ an in with the income of individuals otherwise than by taxation." 4 "In thc view of thc govern-, mcnt. it is essential iliat uicrc j should be strict adherence to t h e . terms of collective What are the proper cost-oi-liv- iny nilowances for American em- ba^5'. ocrs-onncl in Moscow now ^ c j) a iiy Rogister. 20c a week. | that" the ruble rate has been alter- Lv carr i er 'boy. ed? ' - - - ' «:.--£.__- , Should tobacco be shipped to 'Wcs'ein Europe as an "incentive" I i community under the Marshall! · Plan? · . i ' AVliat v.ouid be a fair proportion FRA.NKFURT. Germany. Feb. 5 between the United States and -- ' - raw cotton j controlled i ,^ «« . . -- f y ^ kt uuc l.Ui-un.iu;io. jjioaine, is ureiiMiij; uu. ui .*»^. *.~- tred" and has forbidden Lutheran' And. should French demands for jjperimentai state at New York's ministers to take any further p a r t i c p a i to filled before Italy's? i j;Memorial hospital for cancer a n a t j n the program. · if a ny one post-war date could | I _11: 1 j::^.^A^-*^r- **t'«?»-»Vi ic 1 of\f\T J 4C»t*i!!lT'1TlO t . .. . « - j - _ i t _ _ . . . » _ _ / _ . L . * ^ l . ~ n . » . 4 « ! V « i t f % r i and cancer, particularly inqse types OL thc pu ipits last Sunday ot an rro- I cancer where the original cancer- testant Lutheran churches in ^ the t "j," a t European countries get to- I ous conditicr has spread to other Hessen-Nassau synod, of w h i c h , r 0 th«r to figure out their aid re- l ( {'parts of the body, and will collect Xiemoller :s president. ' quirements. iodine. Such distant cancers are , xiernolier declared the denazi-' Work Longer Hours 1 called meiastases. In some such f j cal j on i a%v had become an implc-. -rh.c -figuring" on economic mat- I . severe cases radioactive loaine men ( r 0 £ revenge and. as an at-, f e r s Consumed thousands of man ' comes into use. ! tempt to purge national socialism.; hours in Europe. But that effort Patient on Diet . had collapsed all down the line. · j^ ^ ccn f a r cc lipscd by planning A patient suffering from thyroid , ,. 0ur * pcop i c have not" been led t cn ~ this side of the Atlantic. cancer--one who is likely to bene- a j ong the path of atcntfment. b u t , First, the interim aid progra fit by thc new treatment--is care- 1 j_.^~ t^g road to '·^"··i"' ^iH *h^ '.-- i «~ v,« ^^ir««ri hv thf Sta HIS WEEK. 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Lights the way for small tracer doses ot to prosecute or to act as a prose- j, egan to burn around-the-clock at radioactive iodine. They are given cu tion witness. * r no statp Denartment. the Marshall to determine whether the distant ' thyroid cancerous growths will pick "up" the radioactive iodine. Some types of thyroid cancerous tissue , will collect the iodine: others will not. , . ,. , No matter where in the oody thy! roid cancer has spread, it it still According .o : 'nicks up radioactive iodine, it can chairman 01 the bo detected bv the Geiger counter, department and chairman o, tnc °"delur?c instrument that detects Fashion Show, and her assistant. a Generic miru «. ^ jnu;;h lRlcrcst ,, ... is the finest wheel balancing device ever known ci\ _»iiao » ^iii»«- vr-» --- . ~ ,. * _ i ' «r being the Styie bnov.-. £.10. the State Department, the Marshall ·planning headquarters. | 1 Okl-tiir.ers at the State Depart- i 1 ment have found it difficult to j adiust themselves to the knotty | economic problems. But they are ! convinced that the former days | when straight international politics i were of prime importance are gone. Vaccination on an increasing; scale has done much to reduce thc j ill of sleeping sickness amonc meal ...... . ANN PAGE PGACH PRESERVES . . 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The iodine works fast, sometimes reaching thc thyroid tissues in 20 minutes or less. . . Thc patient realizes what nc i-; drinking but rarely does he show anv reaction, except that he kr.ov.s medical is trying to cure him. Thc solution with its radioactive iodir.c tastes like distilled The radioactive substance travels thrown thc blood stream, but not ail of it goe-s to thc thyroid tissue.- M"ch of it is excreted in thc urine. In the early das. when radioactive iodine »?·; scarce. i..c separated excretion in thc urire v..-'s rcadministcrcd. Kvontually. most all of tnc radio- .icti\- material is excreted l-o;n hodv In many instance it , s ^ijll : *hot," that is. still radio actne. n substance that cannot bv l-ouied dovn a dram. . , Thc procedure is to nut it "ICK T,!O ler.d containcis and !o..-.c it there until its inten.Mt dcc.i- No Kiss; No Husband; This Tims In Reverse -Taul U Merkel. 25. h ' l f i .'. 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