The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas on July 4, 1956 · Page 1
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The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas · Page 1

Baytown, Texas
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Wednesday, July 4, 1956
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Cloudy I'.AA'SUOKE WKATHKR— Partly cloudy ;ii;:I warm Wednesday night Hud Thursday with tliiindprshowers. Temperature ran;;p. 73-«li. HAl.VESTOX TIDES: Hijtli l-«w For Tliiirsd;iy— 3:2-1 a.m. 9:15 11:25 a.m. 7:19 p.m. YOUR HOME VOL. 36, NO. 246 TODAY'S NEWS TODAY Wednesday, July 4, 1956 BAYTOWN. TEXAS On School Bonds- Channel view Debate Is On Ninety-eight Channel view residents aired their views Tuesday night at an orientation meeting called by tin- school board to explain more fully the issues involved in a proposal thai the community build its own high school. The meeting' was held at the elementary school gymnasium. It was attended by supporters and opponents of the proposal to issue $635,000 in. bonds to build a high school. An election on the bond issue was called by the school board after Bay town school TELEPHONE: 8302. Kv» Cenf* Par Copy SUN ! Spots Convention Report trustees had warned Channelview that. Robert E. Lc- 1 his'h .schooi. v.-hicb Channr'iviev,- students have been attending- for to accommodate the siudcn'.:- xiler 1:1:17. Consisli'ii'.y. throughout ihe liiec;.- iug, speakers avlvotratinu; iho 'ooc.d were inlerrupir-d by applause from n majority of those present. However, no applause came in supper' KUVAXJAX-S. at their Thursday of spenkrr* opposing the bond issue, luncbeon. "'ill hear reports of th« 'J'iie meetiiift opened with a briej Inlornaiionnl convention held i;i tail; by Supt. H. f. S'-noelilor who .San Francisco. PLi?pori= will 'ne explained Ihe hisiory of ihe issue made bv Presirienl Sam Alfonl and and the fina.ncr-s involved in pay- Bruce Kanise.v. ing' for a high sciiool. Isach person in ihe audience Reception had been River: ti brochure c.on- (', H A M R K P. S (.'OUXTY Jurige taining' copies of correspondence Floyd \Villiams and o;her Cham- rrlaling- to the issue, as well a? bcrs Couniy friends ond supponc-rs charts ill' Cliannoivjew's nf f-en. Price. Daniel for governor sebolasli.: and financial picture, will alteiui a public 'reception for After- Schochler'." talk came th'i the Senator al ,";!."i p.m. Friday ai fjiies-tion and answer session. Many Flunel ]nn. "f ihe "question. 1 :" were actually fic'ry and sometimes develop.-d into Gosl-lnn Open lengthy iaii\s. <-;O.Sl.-!N>.". 'J'een recrraiion ceo- Sixleen s|:.cciators en me to t!io ter at Eavto\vn Junior high, will microphone lo ask oiwtion? or ex- be, open from 7-.:'.0 lo H) p.m. TKurs- prnss their views. Each dnuv an day in The school R ym Games ana answer or conime-it from either records for daucin^ will lie provid- Scliochl."i- or school board Pros;, (] (i" : .l .!. M. Downey. Of I he IR speak'--!-,* fi'om the f'l.xir. six of !h»m openly, or by infon-nce, expressed difnpnrova: of either the bond issue or the school EDUCATORS DANIEL'S CAMPAIGN League Meeting F. A V TO \V X .SKKVlrK ioague 'mcrri'^-rs \-.iii .c,''--"-t a; i 1 ::-') Kndn- in the home f"' M:'- c - -lack .Uoobk The i'i'jvftue.. ;,- to «ponsor i'S ;-:.;•>.(; onpile«'''^.- %n'.nt Juno 16 i;: llu: O>miix:niii\' hon.S". Af ConvenMon T\\"O BAVTOWN couple.*. Mr. and ^Mrs, V.'ilton Roper and -Mr. ami 'Mrs. r.emry Hathaway, lo AJi'.>--.|ier sir-, t'i.ii,-.- 'von! or, rr-;- err) M;pr,ort '11,7 -e;; r.'-r tii'" 1 oord i^~ r-::i- (d' .be schooi im^U-ps. Another four- asked .'iiiestion. 1 : Ih.'i!. r,ot:nde.-| neutr.-il enough. ;-ind it. \vas hard to tell whether they \vere for or agi'iinst th" ;-chool proposal. nieniber..- of ;he aud!'- > ncr i turn home Thursday af.c-r a , fll} ^ ] , on ,, r!i jnpni Ti , 0 S , 1T , ,, K . V ' t|l;ivf - ht '''' n aaenriinp Uic ' { ' n ". '' n ^'rp^'t'alion\'rf >m ihe''"^ nisi Intenuuioiuucor.vcnaon. v , o ., inv , )|v(> ,,_ ,,--., ( . iy s . lir , .,, v ., hope you'll present our side of the s!r>ry ,'- Tfi S<.'m>c!'.''''r's talk, he Ann. [liann.i and .,,,;,, oh . u . ni , |vie . v h . 4S fn , lr n ,,,, | .. natives; M' Consolidate with another district a.-id pny Ihe [,iv rate of titar di- ; ':'ict. *:?) I'Vjr.tra. 1 ' -.\'itl> a sci-nr.i oilier than Rayluwn and pay abuu; On Vacation lj!,. AND .MRS. H. T. Davis and cluMreii. Audi' Tuff;.', p.rc on a 'hreo v.'cc; : .on. They plan to visit in «hil" on 'he tour. Election Foes Duel To Death limv MIX'Ii: f'A.V A AFA.V TAKK?—SI-amliiiK wilh his sons on the ashes of his barn. Franklin llelbiif. n farmer of Oakdalc. III.. MI.VS. "That's iibout all the trnuhli* -i nuin can talse." \\'h;iin a «'i'cl; h". los(: bis u'ifii Helen. SO. a. heart littacli. \'ictim: bis 11-year-old .son stepped on a, rusly nail ami was Ireaicd for tetanus, bis U-jtrar- old son u'as >tricl<cn with the mumps: he himself escaped injury in a Iractor mishap: a flash flood destroyed bis sons' guineas, anil bis barn burned to tbe ground after bcinu' st.ruclc by litrhl nin^;. ( fiiternatiimal I COPS READY FOR QUIET 4th AFTER LAST NIGHT i'oliee were hiking it easy <ui the Fourth, Iml wluit i\ worU<ni(, they had on Tuesday ni^bt: A liari-i-tt: Scltlemenl hi.jaeUinir victim \\-anted (h ( . hijncUcr raiiK'hl. Unlit uircs fell do\\'n in a street and a transformer on the liinnel road was Miioljinir. Tsvn carloads of boys look im two c.;vrl<ii'i.'s of licrr in I.n J'urtv and beaded for Hayto\vn, A man was tienlinjf ii woiiinn at tbe inlHrsecUon n f MiR'hways 7S ami ill;, but be i|idt and tlu-y left before police arrived. A ISaylimu Imsincssman sliovfed up :it. a hospital sln-shc<| ncross Ibe ri^bt arm, but. lie didn't, want to talk about, it. A man found several boxes of candy on the ruilrond track. A blue liliW Chevrolet sednii, owned by .1. Af. Hajr.uard of IS Cleveland was stolen, and four hubcaps ncre taken ~ff n IHfi5 DdiljTr «t Hiyuinbotbani Molnr On. Otis L Baughman, 54, Dies Of Heart Attack ( LaFayetle Eaiigliinan. 5-t, Junior Oivicr of American Mecli- Riiyiown bus.!ncs-.--m.'in, died at r>:.'iu anii.-s. a.m. \\'ed!ic.S'iay al. a Baytown how- He is survived by his wife. Mrs. pilal afirr suffering a heart. <it- Rosa L<\> Baughman; his mother. tack ai.oul mi hour earlier al his .Mrs. Annie R.'iu.Kbnian of Oikcn. iiomc a:, ir.ili U'righi. Boulevard. K. (.'.; iv.-o brot.hers and three «is- Baiighrn.'in. a n.-.sidenf of Ba;/- icrs. tov.'n for ~u v- ars. w.a.s the ov. ner Also surviving arc three stcip- of tbe Khythni Miii:ic Shop at '~ childr'en. Arlhur Hcnscn s'alion- Snnlh Ashhe'i. lie had been in ili c<i at. !.he M:iul(lin Air Force base health, bui tiie aliack early Wed- in .Missouri; David and Rodger Politics Hot As Weather On July 4th Kv i'NITKI) I'KKSS The argument between Sen. .'.''rice Daniel and leaders of or pinix.ed labor in Texas threatened today 10 r«t;e right up to the July :.'$ Democratic primary ns alien- tiuti in jrubeniatorial race cm lered on San Anselo this July 4. Five of tlie six candidates — all except, former governor \Y. lx-e OTJaniel — were expected to appear tonight at a K'ianl rally in the San Ansrelo High School foot- hull stadium. The rally could produce some 'ire-works as tins is tin.: first wholesale feathering of the candidates. It held the promise of action a« Reuben SenterfiU, for one. said lie would "take the political hide off" and Ralph Yarborough when his turn conies to speak at the Independence Day rally. Meanwhile. Daniel RO) in the last, word from Midland Tuesday night in his battle of words wiin .lorry Molleman. executive secretary of the Texas State Federation of Labor. Background for the feiu! was Daniel's wire to Hollcman Monday, asking the labor official to answer five questions as to whether labor leaders lint) expressed hope to "dominate" Texas polities this year'. F.nrlier" Tuesday, llolleman got in the .second word when he' sent a telegram In liie junior X". S sen Hlor accusing him of "labor bait in a" lac!:;:.:::. Tuesday night. Daniel sent an An Editoria Three Cheers For America "U> hold these truth* In be self-evident, Ibitl nil men »re Dcboinj; !lmiii!;h the iciti'S of our country's proud history, tin- utirds of Ibe Ill-duration of Independence im- living '.ruths . . . now as then, truths to be held imd clicrisbed, n'lmrded »itd preserved t>y nil Atm-ricnns. This .V!-:\r. mnvt* thuii ever, Uitlepemlo.iH-e l)ny is n tiun> ."or us Jo b»- det-plv n\v»re of our priceless heritage of independence and Ibr ri^ht of one and all lo life, liberty and the pursuit nf ba ppines's. Let. us rt-solve, with flic sum.. hii;li purpose rind ilixlicau-d spirit- (lint moved our forefathers. l.-> remcmticr t Infer Vrulhs IbaiiUtiilly and to act so tluil. they .sbnll ever \w iii«i-iiinirfiil. (Mi July -t. !77!i. tbn I>cclarnl ion of Independence u'ns signed. Tlnil has been ISO \cars nun mid tbe uri-iit itocoioenl i-. none the wtirs* 1 for wear. II still serves ii s the unshakable foundation nf the K'Tillcsl. mrtioii inuli-r beaven. John Adams, one of Ibe chief iircbit.-.cts and Im-cmosl cba.mpiims of the Declaration, lived lo see bis dreum come true. Her was on bis death bed, barely conscious eiiotiKlt to spcnU . . . bu|. history sn\s Hint \\li.-n the bells IM'IIIIII to bail tin- siuniiiK of Ibc Declaration, John Adums raised Iiiriisclf-Jroin Ibe lied mid declared: "Thank (>od. Thomas .Icffornon »till lives!" Roseland Fete... 'Miss Baytown' To Be Crowned Jt'll be a tfala. affair Wednesday al'ternooit a.t. Ko.solaiid 10 Former Presidents Of TSTA Listed A.RILIs.VlO - (S|ii... Sen. Price. D.'iriii?! nnnouncwl \Vednesciay that. lo former preskk-tns of Texas Teachers nssoi'intion have publicly endorsed him foi jrovor- nor in a joint .sln'erneni. praising his "long' and faitbhil support, of our public schools and tho leach- inj;' profession.' 1 The cmlorsi-mrtnU cuniB from R. li. f'.risl(>]' nf Wapo; Mortimer Brown of Kl 1'aao; \V. B. Irvin of Dalla.s; I',. I-' 1 . 1'itt.enger of AusUn; VirKini^ Link of Abil'-nr; Meeting Wifh BEF II. X. (Son) I.ovi>. tiieinlii-r of thr Ituylown;^ .l'><li;rn- lion (\iunrll, iiitiimtnv^l WM!- m-sdny that » ronferenrn l»- Iwi'i-ii Mie-)iiliei-,s i>f Ihn council mill Sen. l'rii' t > Duniel hits htwn iirrtiitKcil for •>::»> p.m. I'Vidny »t tin. nKK nrricc. M. .Rogers of Amarillo: Elizabeth Koch of Sun Antonio; Frank Jackson of San Aiifjelo; Tvmma Mil* Brot/.c of Mnr.thn.ll, mill Joe (', Huinphrey of Abilene. Daniel .said th>it. -scvcnil other past president.* of Mm TSTA have , privately endorsed his candidacy. The joini. statement of Ihe 10 past, presidents was as follows; "Because ,,f your long and faithful support. <if our public schools and the leaching profession in nil (if your places of public .service, and especially your un- tirinjr and succi-.-isful efforts in helping save Ibe iidel.-inds for our other telegram to l-lolleman. ao p;irl\ as Miss Baytown i.if 15)56 is dln.sen from a m'OUp public, school fund, and befivusc nf cnsiufr Hoileuuin of "siricslirppinfi" id' .If) b.lllling' bl'.'i III ifs \vllo will via for !.!lr iil.k 1 ai -1 p.m. v "ou.- !«•.-<<( t>t :,i-,j< . ,j'.'iHi)i]ii.j;- |.- ius rive questions. \Vpdncs<.la v at. Baytovvii's annual Fourth of July «'Vle- 'pV™ '". p ."'-:'":, '•;"'<•«'•';»•• <'<• Daniel said thai he 'resented . • • I'-MIS, x\ <•, as uidividmils. hereby whal he called Hoik-man's infer bfH.LlDii. endorse mid pledf;.- you mi,- sup- Xprc-.I.Oil lo port for c/ovoriior of Texas." Frank Jackson of San Angr-lo. co.mly • 'U|.ieriiilf>iiij'-n: of Tom I'rcon ('olinly. adder) ibat "Price Iwniel iia 1 - a lotij.: record of work fur public edueat.ion and improve- MI'')J| of our- schools. college.* nn.'f utuver-ii! ic;*. II w.'udd be a. Kre.V iay .'or public education in our that he had "sought the '-n- Hundi'ed.s nf holiday-^lad Baylonia.ns an? dorsemenl. of organized labor lend- vv j| neK , s | | K , choosing nf tin: boaniv that will rcccivo the . In a separal.- stalenvMil . in Midland Tuesday night, not on- Ill'St. place l.ntphy and W." (S.-c I'Ol.mrs— I'age Two) SI I'M per student nut of local funds > : '";day '- v ;'--' sudden and 'unexped- Ililio,, both of Baytown. to some oilier school .iisti'ict. ed. mcmbcry of th» family .said. Funeral arrangements will IIP Xr-g,-.. Man Dies Trying To Save Wife John Kdwiinis. n 51 -year-old .-ash. Misy .Innice Kill;;, tin- MI.«S Baylown title wintier year, will nialte she I'nriiial prc.senlation. Actual judging of the u'inner is nof expected to begin until fi:--. : i pui. alter a -tri-minutc eon. ert hy t:ic llohert K l.i-e band, directed l.y -I. (*. Hurkcli. \\'i'i|iii-.«day'.s ln-aulv v.-iil iic ti|.- fif'h lo win Ibi' honor since tbe .lulv -I affair was fir:-l sl.irli-d u 1 Holiday Is OH To Sane Sfart Here Beaumont, drowned T;-i-:e no action anrl let Ihe county RauKhmnn was. a meinher of the announced by Paul I', funeral about. 7 ;•),") a.m. Wednesday while ->mc. fishing behind ihe pump bouse tit i-liants- cornrnitlep of tbe I 'hamiio." of (i'oijiiiierire piiuno'e^ th" func RTILWKI.I.. Ok!a. llT" — A hi!! country, .sheriff and ;nc man who defeated bun in Tuesday's IVmocralic prininry kiil-vj each other in a suii duel ui the Ailair comity jail shorli;. before midnight.' The bodies of .Sheriff Cii.'Sii'-r ("ri'.teiifl'-ii aboiii •">". and bis po- itical eneniv. Hob Aibr-rty. Sil. school hoard assign Ohnnneiview Bayiown Opiimisi club and of ih liiKh school .students lo wlifr'-'Vor the comity board desires probab!'.' Houston, lie: said. '•!> Build a hi.;h school in Channolview. Advantage's of havinjr n hi'Rb school in rhannelvir.w. Scliocliicr said, iiiciiidc more I'M'-rsona! ,1:1011- ti.iri for .student..-;: more studi-nl^ able lo lake part in exu"!\c.ii!Ticu!ar activities; simplification of transportation; and civic pride resulting ir-oin having; a hiph sciiool in t'iia:ni"h lew. ^'rai:d jury on ihnr;;c.s tiial she He said ihe high school would murdered her husband Vv". V. Wife fs Held Without Bond In Slaying Of Her Husband Mr:--. i;;l;i.f>>: F. 'Mickey) Cun- Mrs. C'unrur.^ held without. i:n<;iiaii!. -tH. uas held in Harris- \ llm c{ until h; r trial in district •ounty jrtii wilh'.ut boil.I U'.-d.'ies lay aitcr iicr inilicinir-nl by Ihi n f •. on Ihe floor'of the jaii kitchen for i'"7'' ; -^ the. _ cost, of _the district (Biil i uu on Mav S. .-oiirt, probably m in.- f;\ll. Mrs. ('ui'.uinahain's HOII, l-l. was the oiily wilnc-nR !o ihr actual shoot,inp'. lie said he wa.s thi'.-e hour.- 5 today wh'!e otlvr "!'- licers re.'-oii.struf.-led the shootm;; and ei.'ciion workers downstair." continued connlinp; then- ballofs. Crittpnden's iuirnniiate predecessor as sheriff was «!so Itilled by siuil.'-hiil three years ato. Jailer Ik.- 'Martin Jr.. one of two ov. witnesses, said A!i-<orly filed first from Ihr- darkc-n^d jail kitchen. "The br.Hel knocked Crilteiidi- : backvvards, ami he shot bacli. Then there was ,-oiue r:inid fire:," 'Martin said. "Tlir-n the she-ill tried to band his CUM lo nil- ii"i he couldn't make ii. He :st.^spei>"d tnlfi wy bedroom -and said, the sou of a shot me. He diod a bo-it "0 imnutes- lat'^r." Crillend''!! v.-as struck three lim'-s i>v \lbc. ;y's -il' autoniali' in the «!r>inarh. left shoulder and ln'-ii i. AM, -r iy di.'.i in-'i-intlv fro,'.i :i :-:ins;ie '-hot in Ih.- for.''-bc-.'ni fro. 1 . II'.' sherilfi: ..> sii-'ci'il. Around Town THK KfiPHTIi of July this \ <v hn.v ^pei' significance for Sp Donald Clifion. pharmacist, in th. rMlh Army Hospital in Orleans. .France . . . Ibis is the day he starts bar!; ID !in> I', S. ;uld ("atop ("ha! tee. Ari;.. v.iiere be will rc-icixe iii.s clipchnrge, Mrs. .Man' Jo Lawi-fiion. enjoy- itijr a vacation down in ,N>-. Ahleen? . . . Mrs. 5"ehna V\"arvvick f-nfinip a «.'?.',/ to brat the heat . . . Fir? Ohir-f Art T/intPlman being: elusive fR'^in . . . r>v. Kennerh '•.'ii.i ..,-iiin^ ,, r; ";-. H n a n.-j.. eiij'. • . -•-..;cc. Sec- I'.O.NDS—I 1 ;!-;,. Two I haiiKStc,,, Kuifj ordered oius.'d,. t be bouse. i,,.,i, c from his . p Whil h ,,.,,. - sh-pia.nerwnon |,e looked ihroujrb ( . o mmo:ior, and th, a window and saw his mother fir- wnm -, n iiiiT a v-ur.. He t'\siifir-,| that, his However, by the tin.: li v'.eofaiiiei- r ,-, n oiusiric thp p,| | 0 i|,e water in sa and ••com.- at me" \cjth his arms t np m(ln j, ;)( | riisappearpd. iiu;strr.;ched, He |ell and died near Oiler and the emergency cortc-; •' builo'ir.^ m which the (•mining- were notified nnrl the body was !Sce SI.ATINC;—l'ai;c Two) (Sec DROWNS—I':\KC Two) Ihe Anahnac Irn^lion District. M-'msor-vl by Haylowi, ,ne,-,-b:u,t.-- eanal. Picliiro-- of ll'.e llir.e (op \vm The body was recovered about :ier;, v-.ll appear m TluuKday > an hour la.u-r by C'hiirribers County issue of The Sur.. Fhcriff 1-ewis Oiler nf Anaiiuac and Willie King, a member of Anahirac f-jmci'Kenc>- corps. Kd-.varris and his wife, I'.ubv ped off a bluff .-'jid fi 11 inio wau.-r about. 10-fpBl deep. Otter said. AccordiiiR- to Ihe sheriff. K.t- SALT I.AKI-I CITV. I'tah -t'P v.-ards, who could not swim, jump- !';.,rky Jean Maructu' lookup lid into the deeper waier in an nHle.'id (h 1 1-^ v.a;- f.iuivi "| effoi't lo save Ins wife, /i j-.n;--sei'- | ( ,- (M -|v jij..-,." 'f;i.- : -.;a •• r,i"b: Roy While, heard tm- ,„.;,),, ., ..vr-c,-ke<i ai.tornoriile v.:,. -•be had lam nun da;,"-- '...itb t(i(td and water. '.'. ''•''" . Resellers in.nid 111" c-o'i.i''! • i'--! I'.dwaros Itavliiwn KO| off to mi '-arty sliirl on n safe inn! simc l-'imrlli, I'ivi-ryooc. including umsl of tin- n-stji lira nt, slept tale. .N'» I n illlgli- imp nf colfi'd could In- found on Te\a-s nvc- nih- until 7 a.m. when H drugstore, opened for the coffee erou il. All places were closed and industrial plants wen- -ipe- r:i.tinu \\itli minimum crews. stale i r be i. 1 ; plected fTOVernor. 11 Daiiiei (If-olareflr "Tiie^e leaders of iSee. DAMKI^—Paic<» Two* Plucky Girl 'Barely Alive' After Nine Days Under Car news in brief lt> I NITK1) I'lllCSS VVASUiNI'lTOS— lloiis,,, |i-a»l((« in seliool hill fight fear mi-iisiiri- doomed b>" jUTteiidiuenl |<» bur funds to southern stales n-fm- in« lo lleficgr.'gale sebools. il-'-.on a<>io in a 'i>,mp of !re.''s i..-|i.',v I ' S Highway -HI e;,M ,,f Salt, I. ••'••:" ('if. s.ii.i' .--ill.' ivecp- i!ig vlien ih'-'i- n.llcd !)!.- car off •'m.u young -Aoman only Ii. Joel aw:>v lrom :iu' bo'iy ot iier .-'.'.'.<• Iia'aM. Janice f'., Hivin Jr., L':'. He appa: enll-,- died i),i. ni^iit. ui June :-i >iiorti\' aflcr their car w-!:-' (.vc; a Wa.-aU'h Mnuiitam iiigh-Aav while they were rclurni.-.; 1 to Salt Laiv'- I'ilv troin •< lir-hiiiK trip. wa". f»ij hi.'; bai'i'l:" 'ir.'l \\ A.siiiM. ro\ — <;<i\. ,\. n. ('handler "f K'Milucl.v joins riinlls of tiiMirito son cii mlldlltes for II <• in ,1 <• r a t i c )ir>-^n!'-',iti:<.H nomiojt ' ion. Bread Strike Still Looms Negotiations Recessed Until. Thursday !r;;:.^ in .S<-plcini"»-r m tiie Moi Thi- Julv 4 holiday was- all that cessed Tu<-.sday afirirnoon uiilii 10 „],. ,,| j- ;i j( i^.,;^. c\\-^- |:revpiite<f broad delivery in Ray- a.m. Thursday when I. hey will re- |>h--.,icians '.-aid ,\ !-•-•'• '''' ' ' ' ;.iwn Wei-lm-tj !«y. bin it could be sumo negotiations in hopes '> different, story aft'"-r Thursday. I'nioii and baic-iv officials i' Eaytown Attorneys To Houston MeeHng would i o<'(I'.-r'r She s';fi'. by bread Iruci: ,„,,.,,. ,,,„„ sh ,, ; . K .,,.,, , If 1!'. hell c.'llieilV IS lv:tcl,t-d il'.e pmiied 'l'»-Ue:ith Ml'- OV.-i'MMH Thursday betu'-ec ;h>- union oji.l i Hl!-d. Th*- (liners f.ri' deiilaiKtiiig; ; :.e Calir. -.-iii al'l. i H f:ve-(.ia,v woik week and tiiKhcr sean h plane -[,(,11.-d tbe • n..-•-•.. Ii. B Moon, business ag. n', fo'- i.,*A_l— C..r_A^.l«J l» Pair* Onv.- s In ion !/,cal \o .1!. AfSCHIC jUSpCCTed |H Death Of Two-Year^0!d NOT >I.Vt». JI'ST M.\IH-i t'l'—Silvio, \ounic rrencb nrti>( and mal;!'-li(> -p;-t iaiini, ili'i.iansiri.i,>>: j.i» ,,n<i.,ii 11! ;..i '..i.i.-n -,-.,;,; riij,t pri.'.o in u niilioiMil bfuitly purtur coii.'i-.'., in i'ari.v, Uiiiciii.ilioii)ti) Sevcra: Bayto-,'-;! l.i''.'.-. r">: -.-.-nl ^: •ciid s.-ssior.s of :,JTO Tt'h annuf rncr-linj of Ihe TexB,? 'nnr tha'. :S AKI>. in Hnuston. which with ].<-,- cnnvninf' in lin-ision V-.'nrlnpsriay i:!>! '.'10 of Galvost.on. ha~ voi^ri 10 throii;rh Hat'ird.iy. slnkf, s«id no progress v,as r'-;ar : " Robert. Giilc;.!". n memhnr of at Tuesday's session p.nd the uni'V! RHA'.'Mv'-". !", T':-:, i'P- '!"" r :"vi" the firm Reid. Strickland. Gillette i«t merely v.-sitiiif; until it ror.eivrn ^' '•'- t.v--o-y'.-nr ; -ri>i r : ,n-,- -.,ho d'r--i and Ramsey, that, ihe bcacf- strike sane-lion from the Interna- wore than four years a;:o '•••'ix (inarlcre for the bar is fit the Rice tional Rrotherhood of Teamsters. h ^'' n ^ examined loduy for signs hotel. Reg-istnttion began \Vrdncs- That would allow strike b«n<:-fitfl °^^r.senic poisoning, day but many of the lawyers gath- from Ihe inlfcrnational, 1 ;', e boy ' , , y / } rl ^' n - v ^ l=i -'' '•red Tiifsday to participate in a No comment was made by the * rr<;al S™'«--ncpnrw 0 a ..|'Kro har-.dicnp golf tournament at the Texas Gulf Bakers coun'.il, rr.-p- w ? man - •"'". ura ix;e r:co., ,...!. Houston Country dub. resenting the companies in Hous- ^^'^^^^^ .Tumor jurists nlso got m some ton that will bo affected*. All bread hor h)lsband am , flnoth p r n ephov.- pro-meet practice with a mot" to Baytown is delivered from Hous- anrt anthon . io[ , s ,,,, por . sh( , m ,., rourt. pittm? Southern JTc'hodisr. ton. have r.oison.--d'.e Jerr.v in.) I "niver,sity of Houston agftinst Tb» strike ha.-? hr-r.n twj.-o delay- Th.-'womin found ir-.Tioi-er;! COMKPIKNNK AND MT'^ICIAN" \VK1>—Uroad\v;\y C'omediMinc (rrctch.-n \Vylfr Colcman, 21, uives her bridegroom, musirinn Shop- it rd Colpinnn. 32, n bit, nf weddin? rake folbmiiie their mnrrinRp in Ucverly Mills. ( alif. she is featured in (he ir.u<iral. "Silk Stnckimr«." phnim; in I.os Anneb's. II.- U rt'llisl in the orciic-tra \\itb tbf N' l w \,. l t. ,l..i»\. 'M..-I M ii'.pt I cll.-i." U i« l-is x. -i trn.l o,».ii.U';c. I., r

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