The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on March 7, 1968 · Page 1
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 7, 1968
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The Paper With the Grocery Bargains By RUSS WALLER Merle Moxley tells us a true story from Colorado. Seems a TV station out there waspirating news from a local daily to which it subscribed, without ever giving credit as to its source. The paper printed just one copy of a paper with a big story about one Swen Laetsi, eastern financier, who was going to build a big resort complex in the area. Sure enough, the TV station in all seriousness relayed the story over the air. It was, of course, a hoax. . . .spell Swen Laetsi backwards. March was originally named after the Roman God of War Mars. Appropriate, isn't it. March, also, in the Sioux language, means "Moon of the Bad Eyes." * * * TWA flys planes all over the globe. And believe it or not, on their big flight map, to be found in front of every passenger seat, showing where the nights go, there is ALGONA big as life. Their New York to San Francisco non-stop flights go right over Algona. .. .only Mason City and Algona are shown on the map from Northern Iowa. . . .bet this will make the Spencer Chamber of Commerce green with envy I * * * Speaking of planes, this new SST on which we're going to spend a few more billions, will be unable to land on about two-thirds of today's air fields-too small. What we need isn't faster flying and bigger planes requiring more runways, but development of vertical takeoff planes that require less. * * * This is the 50th anniversary of the founding of the American Legion and at the March 11 meeting of the Algona post, a little birthday celebration is being planned . . . .open to Legionnaires, wives and the general public. * * * Algona's city dump is going to have a new firm take up the battle against rats. . . .they guarantee to get the job done. . . .all rats beware. * * * Judge G. W. Stillman, when holding court in Algona, gets about his only chance for a little exercise in walking to and from his home before and after sessions. . . .but sure enough, someone always comes driving along and offers him a ride, and the Judge is too kind-hearted to refuse a generous offer. . . .but we'll know better next time, if the weather is nice, that is. * * * Our political reporter tells us that thegroundswellfor Pat Paulsen for President is growing in this area and that the Johnson, Nixon and Wallace forces are trembling in their boots. . . .Mr. Paulsen officially entered the race last Sunday evening on the Smothers Brothers show, and while his platform is at the moment somewhat nebulous, we are certain that it makes more sense than some of the mouthingsof the old pros. Mr. Wallace in Omaha, drew a big crowd, including those not exactly fans of his. But lie did make one interesting statement: "Pseudo-intellectuals want to tell us where to go to school, who we can sell our property to, and all sorts of things. If I am elected president I'll make all those Federal bureaucrats throw their briefcases in the Potomac River." We do not suspect that Mr. Wallace will run very heavy out our way, but many a voter will say "Amen" to what he proclaimed. * * * Memo to Mrs. K. - Yes, it should have been Daley, not Dailey! * * * Three good rules for having fine teeth: Eat the right foods, brush them twice dally, and keep your nose out of other people's business. * * * Famous Last Line - Blindness is not patriotism. Upper ^ ^ ESTABLISHED 1865 Entered ;is second class matter at the pustot'fiec nt Algnnn luwn 1505111. Nov. 1. HI32, under Act m Cnneress of March 3. 187n AIGONA, IOWA, THURSDAY, MARCH 7, 1968 18 Mefro & 12 Taboid Pages VOL. 102 NO. 18 Teachers Get $98,000 Pay Boost Bill Finn, Lee Schenck File For Appointment McDonald Resigns As County Supervisor Gary McDonald, youngest member of the Kossuth county board of supervisors, tendered his resignation from that body early Monday morning. He told the Upper Des Moines that he plans to be employed by Les Faber, local road contractor, after his resignation becomes effective April 15. McDonald has been a member of the board here since his election in 1962 and resigned with more than two years still remaining on his present four-year term. He has always served the second (Algona, Union and Plum Creek townships) district- and is a third generation supervisor. His grandfather and father served on the board before him. A graduate of Algona High School, Gary is at present serving on the social welfare board, also. Prior to his election, Mr. McDonald was employed by Mr. Faber in road construction. It is probable he will be driving heavy equipment when he goes to work for Faber this spring. While the resignation does not become effective until April 15, two applications for appointment to the position have already been made. The applicants are Bill Finn, present mayor of Algona, and Lee Schenck, also of Algona. Appointment to fill out the unexpired term will be made in the legally prescribed manner, with the County Clerk of Court, Alma Pearson, County Auditor Marc Moore, and County Recorder Mertie Huber, to make the appointment. The appointee will have to run for re-election this year, if he wishes to remain in office, for the law states an appointee must do so during the election nearest his appointment. This move is necessary despite the fact McDonald's term runs until 1970. His resignation came as a great surprise to his many friends here. He stated that it was necessary due to the mounting cost of living for him to relinquish the post and seek other employment. Burt Bank Robbery Night Attempt Foiled •0 • A I ..-..» «« ii _ ^ ^^^^ ^ Early Alarm, Tear Gas Are Disrupters A Burt man, who just happened to still be up at 2 a. m. Tuesday morning, was probably responsible for the fact that burglars working on the vault in the Burt Savings Bank left hurriedly without any loot. The burglars had knocked the dial off the main vault in the bank, but could not enter the vault; they evidently then transferred their efforts to a second vault containing safety deposit boxes. This vault door they managed to break open, but as they did so were met with explosion of a tear gas bomb. It must have been at about this time that Town Marshal. Paul Schweiger, who had been awakened by Martin Voigt, parked his car in the center of the bank corner so that he could watch both bank doors as he waited for armed help to arrive. Mr. Voigt lives over the Cunningham Cafe, and does the clean-up work after the cafe closes. He had completed these chores, but had not yet gone to bed and was standing in the cafe door "killing time" when he heard noises several buildings away in his block, seeming to come from the bank. He hurriedly went across the street to where the Town Marshal lives, and told him of his suspicions. Schweiger called Sheriff Ralph Lindhorst and then moved his car into position to watch the bank doors. While this was going on the burglars, probably with a lookout man watching the street, hurriedly left via the side door. They had entered the bank by jimmying open the front door. Their tool kit was found the middle of Tuesday morning by Paul Larson on his property. He lives near the bank. Evidently the intruders did not have time to open any of the safety deposit boxes. They did no other damage in the bank, officers said. Also in Burt, the dial on the safe of the Burt Co-operative Elevator had been jimmied off, but the burglars were unable to get into the vault and left without doing any further damage. They pried open a side doqr to get into the elevator office. Biggest headache there was that records needed for business were in the vault, and until the door can be opened they will not be available. The same handicap occurred at the bank, also. Sheriff Lindhorst and an F.B.I, agent who happened to be in Spencer overnight Monday, were checking all information and clues, Tuesday. The bank was closed Tuesday until all inside Check Laws To Be Explained On Monday, March 11, at 7:30 p.m. there will be a meeting in the Board Room at the Court House in Algona for the purpose ol explaining the Iowa check laws and the prosecution of those individuals who are writing insufficient funds or no account checks. The meeting has been called at the request of and will be led by Kossuth County Attorney Walter B. MacDonald and Kossuth County Sheriff Ralph W. Lindhorst. clues were checked. - o - Landmark Puts Up Fight The church building shown above (at least the one on the left) will readily be recognized by residents of this area as the First Lutheran church in Algona. After 80 years of existence, it became a thing of the past when workmen toppled the steeple late Monday afternoon. Destruction of the structure continued Tuesday and will soon be completed by Reding Gravel and Excavating, Algona. A large number of persons, including Rev. Robert Lorenz, First Lutheran pastor, were on hand when the steeple was finally pulled loose after quite a battle with modern day equipment. A Caterpillar tractor and heavy cable finally did the job after workmen had climbed to the top several times to saw vital timbers to loosen it. First Lutheran church parishioners, who recently moved into their new church in the east portion of the city from the old one, which was located at the intersection of Wooster and Lucas streets, received the bell from the old belfry before it came tumbling down. The bell, bearing the date 1912 and weighing 1,200 pounds, was lowered through the old church tower to the main entrance, loaded on a truck and taken to the new church where it will be mounted in some manner so it can be used. Death of the old church did not come easily-and for some it undoubtedly was a sad occasion. The photo on the right shows what occurred as the belfry finally began failing to the ground. It is toppling and rubble can be seen below it (with an 80 year collection of dirt and dust, also) sliding down the roof of the structure, Sate of the church property to Don Tietz, local contractor, preceded re-sale of the nice corner lot to Doyle Dailey, Aigona, who will have a new duplex constructed on the site. The sidewaJls of the church came down Tuesday - and seemed to put up much less struggle than the uppermost portion. With the church's destruction, another Algona landmark disappeared. (UDM Polaroid Photos by Don Smith) OTHER COUNTY THEFTS ARE REPORTED Theft of a truck from the Schiltz Electric of Bancroft was reported Tuesday. The truck was loaded with wire and conduit. At the Northside Texaco Station, Algona, a rear window was broken and prowlers who entered obtained about $10 in cash sometime Monday night. Betty Bergum, Young Seneca Woman, Dies Mrs. Arthur Bergum, 40, Seneca area farm wife, died of an apparent heart attack in the farmyard at the Bergum home Tuesday. Funeral services for Mrs. Bergum will be held Friday at 2 p.m. in the Blakjer Lutheran Church, Seneca, with Rev. Harold Anderson officiating. Burial will follow at Greenwood Cemetery, Bancroft. Friends may call at the Garry Funeral Home in Bancroft after 2:30 p.m Thursday and at the church after 10:30 A.M. Friday. Betty Jean Dixon, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Orville Dixon, was born at Bancroft May 9, 1927. She married Arthur Bergum there Nov. 16, 1948 and they farmed at Jackson, Minn, for a number of years before moving to a farm in the Seneca area nine years ago. Survivors include her husband; a son, Thomas; three daughters, Audrey, Catherine and Carrie; her parents; five brothers, Lee, Burt; Terry, Algona; William and Harold, Dixon, 111., and Gary, Huntington, W. Va; and four sisters, Mrs. George Anderson and Mrs. David Doocy, Bancroft; Mrs. Don Larson, Burt; and Mrs. Harold Johnson, Oregon, HI. Fire Destroys Auto A car belonging to Mr. and Mrs. David Skogstrom, former Algonans, caught fire recently outside their home in Cedar Falls and was totally destroyed. Mrs. Skogstrom was in the auto when the fire broke out in the wiring, but was pulled to safety by her husband before the flames reached the interior. No injuries were reporte '.. Minor Mishap A minor 2-car mishap here Saturday on East Nebraska street resulted in an estimated $500 damage to the vehicles and a charge of improper backing against an Algona driver, Elma A. Lieb, 62. Her auto collided with one driven by Charlene E. Birthmier, 42, DeWitt, as the former backed from the curb. City police investigated and filed the charge. Heart Meeting On March 11, at 8:30 p. m., the American Legion and Auxiliary are hosting a program by the Iowa Heart Assoc. The public is invited and we are looking forward to seeing you there. Lunch will be served. THE BURT SAVINGS BANK officers, pictured above, Herman Rachut, left, and G. H. McMullen, vice president and cashier, had a quiet Tuesday in the bank. It was the first time in the 33 years that the bank has been in existence that it did not open for business, with the exceptions of Sundays and legal holidays. The FBI ordered the doors to remain closed until the robbery clues inside were checked. Mr. Rachut said it was also his first robbery experience. "Back in about 1925," he said, "the two Burt banks of that time, the Burt National and First National, were both robbed the same night but this is our first time - and I hope the last," said the bank president. Farmers 7 Night Class Will Have Banquet The 22nd annual Farmers' Banquet will be held Monday evening, March 11, at 7p.m. in the Algona High School Annex, with local members of the Future Farmers of America serving the dinner. This comes at the conclusion of ten sessions of the Farmers' Night School, of which George Sefrit, vocational agriculture teacher at Algona High, is instructor. He is also advisor of the FFA chapter. Featured speaker will be Dr. Walter H. Scholtes, member of the agronomy department at Iowa State University, Ames. Certificates of attendance at the night school will be presented. Farmer members of the night school classes invite guests. Give Farewell Surprise Party For Immerfalls Kossuth courthouse employees held a surprise farewell party for Mr. and Mrs. Leo Immerfall last Thursday evening at Van's Cafe. The Immerfalls are in the process of selling their home here and plan to build a new one at Lebanon, Mo. where they will make their future home. Lebanon is about 30 miles from Lake of the Ozarks, and Mrs. Immerfall's parents live at Lebanon. Leo is a long-time county officer. He became a deputy county auditor in 1934, and was elected county auditor in 1943, a post he continued to hold until he was named county assessor in 1950. He served as county assessor until Jan. 1, 19G8. NSW UNITED METHODIST CHURCH LuVerne Methodist, E.U.B. Churches Combine Soon In the very near future, the congregations of two LuVerne churches, the Methodist and United Evangelical Brethren, will join forces in one consolidated church, to be known as the United Methodist church. There are about 90 members of the LuVerne E.U.B. church and 224 members of the LuVerne Methodist church. LuVerne is the only point in this immediate area where the combining of the two churches, to take place officially in April, will concern congregation members. At a recent meeting held in the First Methodist church of Algona, representatives of both religious faiths and laymen as well, heard an outline of the pending consolidation and also asked a number of questions that will be answered to help smooth the combining of the two faiths. Rev. Frank Nichols of Sibley and Dr. Charles Mason of Sioux City, along with local pastor Rev. Wm. R. Noland, and Rev. John Dowd of Moville, representing the E.U.B. church were members of a panel at wliich questions were directed. April 22, at Dallas, Texas, there will be a general meeting of the Methodist conference, and April 23 a similar conference of the E.U.B. in Dallas. Unification of the two churches is to formally take place following these two meetings, and the name of the unified church will be United Methodist church. Among the numerous things to be worked out are handling of institutions, hospitals, colleges, pensions and determination of conference boundary lines for the unified church. School Board Sets Salaries; Up 93 Percent The board of education of the Algona Community School District at a special meeting Monday afternoon adopted a basic teacher salary schedule for 196869 which calls for a salary of $6100 for a beginning teacher with a BA degree, a 9.3% increase. Present BA base is $5700. An "index" percentage scale will be used for added training and experience, based upon the BA figure as a base. Applying this index, the maximum salary for a teacher withtheMAdegreeandlS years experience will be $10,370. A survey of other schools in this area of approximately the same enrollment shows this schedule to be about the median of these schools as to salary adjustments over those of 1967-68. The new schedule will result in an increase in the teacher salary budget of about $98,000 or about 4 mills on present assessed valuation. The board also voted to continue to furnish all full-time employees with a paid major medical insurance program, costing about $100 per year. This plan is in effect for the cur rent sch'ool year 1967-68. Jurors Report, Damage Matter Is Settled Thirty-six petit jurors reported at the courthouse here Tuesday morning, expecting to be empaneled to hear a damage suit, Elaine Guerdet et al, plaintiffs, vs. James Thompson et al, defendants, with a total of $694,057.29 sought by the plaintiffs. The matter, however, was settled out of court by attorneys and the jurors were dismissed. Two dismissals with prejudice of the matter, one each for the plaintiffs and defendants, were issued by the court. The amount of the settlement was not announced. It is not expected the jurors will be called again during the current session. Three other decisions were handed down by Judge G. W. Stillman, who is presiding. A $300 fine was assessed against Chester Rickard, who was arrested recently by the highway patrol and charged with OMVI. He was found guilty in court after being bound over earlier from mayor's court. Appeal bond in the matter was set at $500. A default judgment entry was entered for the Rock Island Corp. against Glen Lloyd et al and the entry decrees the plaintiff shall recover $177.02 plus costs from the defendants. A divorce was granted to Marcia Parrish from Kenneth R. Parrish, accompanied by a stipulation concerning certain settlements. 17 Students From Area On Dean's List At U. No. la. Seventeen students from this area have teen named to the fall semester Dean's List at the University of Northern Iowa. In this area, West Bend, with five students on the list, topped the field. The list follows: Algona - Lawrence Braun, Jorge Febles, Eugene Lieb and David Long. Cylinder- Carol Voigt. Livermore - Jeanne Eisen*- barth. Lone Rock - Judith Kraft. LuVerne - Jane Hanselman and Dawn Lwdebak. Renwick - Janice Henriksen. Ringsted- Bonnie Nelson. Sexton - Judith Thomson. West Beud-MarcuetaAnliker, Jeanne Bauwart, Kar en Christensen, Diana Metzger and Luanue Wirtz.

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