The News from Frederick, Maryland on May 31, 1932 · Page 5
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 5

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 31, 1932
Page 5
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DEATHS Cben Haltett. The fuoerai services for Eben Kal- ieu who tiled *t his home, 225 17t:i avenue, N. E.. St. Petersburg. Fla.. vn.. be held Thursday at Yarmouth. Mass He was a we- tooim business man in 2ULG fo^S tSQtCfi -^ ot. i*?CcnOlir. ii^ leaves his wife. Mrs. Miriam Gray Halle-.!, formerly Mrs. Edward S. dberger, of Frederick, arxd one Among County Women's Clubs TIDINGS' SPEECH OX TAX HELD TO COST SSM.MO THE DAILY HEWS. FREDERICK. MD.. TUESDAY. MAY 31. 1932- 160 BOYS AND GIRLS FIVE WEEK TO USHER IN 1 COMMENCEMENTS I (CONTINUED FROM PAGE 1) LOCAL MENTIONS CITIZENS' NATIONAL BANK TO GRADUATE AT F. H. S. (CONTINUED FROM PAGE 1) i Washington. 0. C.. May 31 . Malookn G- HaUeK. whose popu-ar or( ; cbestra is known from coast; w caast Club Meets. ; The Jug Bridge Woman's Cub cnet : with Mrs. Evan Cirpenter Friday eve- . · n:a£ with nineteen saesibers and two · . visitors present. The rceeting was open- j ed w:t,h singing o' the following songs: j · "'Xeath tie Crust ot the Oid Apple ; i Pie." --Pack up Your Dishes." "Adver- j :;se.'' "Doughnut Soog," "The Long, i Night." "Smile Awhile." These-- i Mrs. HaUea wi2. be at her dstigii- , ^ ".j 's, ia Wor- - ^-^ -,., ter's Mrs. Parser W. Eigeioa-'s, cesser. Mass.. and later visit her son. ; Edward G. Eicbelberger. win the American Jugoslavia. and Mrs. Howard Hayne i the treasurers report- Plans uere i .t:v* to a trip to Anna- : AP.--Chairman Smoot of the !! eiitwrj are: Jobs Bo-er. pr«:de2-::__Les- li Senate finance committee estimated in toe Senaie yesterday a speech by Senator Tydinjs · Democrat i. of Maryland, had cost the G-v.vrtinnrnt $200.000. After Tyduigs had spent an hour trying to ge-; the Senate to ask the Tn?asury for new ngures on ivhat atxy is necessary to balance the budget. Srcoot said delay in passing the tax bill was costing 82,000.000 a day. Tydings. he said, had already .,, -i-'-r, ·«: w - - " j _ , . . . taken up one-tenth of the dav. f ..TWE ! ^^^H^n^; \ ! - -in, the Govern, .0,000 ·Th? Scheme that Fsc!*d." was read j Charles H- Abb i by Miss Floy rfiveshew. Miss Lilian ] i Zim-nerman, Miss Katherine Xusbatim, rd and Mrs. John C was m charge o: . J __- a . Delicious refresh- of more l**". two months. His age was; ^.^.^ we . e ^. Tet; v, v -,h e hostess. Xext 69 years. He was a son of the !ate Jocn ; ^ ;..-. ^ j^ , 0 a . .^ -^^ *·_ and Hhuanna Bopst Abb. He :s survives , v ^ D Mu rrav Stauffer. by his widow. Mrs. Barbara Hui-berd i ----- ' . "It's expensive Smoot added conversation." BEHIND THE SCENES IN · - *- o?s; | Grace Reformed carch ana 3 Eetcr-e- of that church. DISCUSSES DISTINGUISHED PATRIOTS OF LOCAL NOTE i · BY KODNtV DUTCHES XEA Service Writer. Washington. May 31.--Xight life the national capital, of a'hich there ' he So\ ocoi. viceprrsident. M^s Helet; i Wilhide secretary, and Mrs Vada M^"! er. assistant secretary: ar.d CliOrd Kvl- j ly. treasurer i Elementary Commencement June 10. I The commencement f.r the ek-njen- ' tary schools using Thurrr»oiit Jj. a cont- j er. \sill be held *: S p. ra,. on June it' I on the schxl srouuds. weather per' mittuig: otherwise it »lll be held ::. i Tise exercises »:11 tafce thf iota: ot ' a Bicentennial page-ir.t. stade v.;i oi · six episodes depicting the \ari^us p.ia*e» ·of Washington's Hie A platform »il. i be erected on the fro»:t lawn s^c oh*ir» ^i'i.1 be p.icec a^^ut :t .or tne sp^.'.at^r^ '. Each school repreje::tei ·*:'.'. put · on one of the epitvxies. and 1:1 j-ict- fom. oi color.ul dances. »ill o-.- put ca: .:: The high school or^ht·^tri u:ivie: j;.. ::w direction of Prof. Chis. C T. Stull : .s ·A ill furnisii the mtiJic for the pajeiitt c: Misi Ethel Cra»ford. of the Thui- m^nt school, u general direc-tor of '.:·-.- aSair. FcCoxtrijj the pajeant the pupils »il. , be presented »;th their certificates b\ , I either a member of the county School I | Board or Prof D W Zimmerman. .o.iu-1- L'."; A:::-A R i?:tv.:h Mary N , The .Hltk We Air Selling At Our F»rm. .is produ.vd «-\,-'.uM\r:'. l.orU \V- ,ro t^r"'-.-.- CHAKUKS W! POTTS GRIFFIN. PU V.-.- tiuif. TONIGHT You m a y oo'c tacfc Ic'.o th» 2a '.he oth^r ^ de ct ·r'e The ua sr.d '.he ^ J r . Curfu Sam's Creek Hast-iV. -AS:. Moo:o V- v. M^ a:id Mi and M.^ . May 31. -- Sur.dsy M:-.:e .-I Mr. and Mrt \V*:Mr arid Mrj- Moo-- -»-d Mrs J.»hi: K.»rni::v; Mr .i"i Mrs. Charlo- M Nutire. K C....' ·: '-*'·"-;'.- :' 'A--1 ~i .\:: 1 Mrr-,c-:j Smith. Masd- - Mr a:-j V.ri. Gei-rBe Miller cjlU -g on the Kngrl fa:'.!-' Mrs Mr Modern Apartmrnl : K- :.t Ar - W -'. "·· .-. ti; North Miii.-: S: Sj»caU's B-auty Shoppr. H ·'.-·-· -.-. ·".*:!.«- : ^.v.. An in-e'esunz adciess on diitin- j era'ae ascer.d Capitol HH! to obsene '. vire and Sabillasville. " ' ' a'tnots of marked local inter- j the upper house coins its stuff under j TM T ^° b ^ h S ^" at *V;. Alry- c:\de --Mrs Cir\ille Aleisr.dtr. Hele::. t::i ? jo». Mr. and M: Monii:istAr. M^rsto::. spent aftenio^':-. \i r :tin i : the former': tor. M:» Be-sMf Alexander at she . Be.".esch Jtome. Ba'.tjjiore Miss Alex- · a::der »»s -_»*.·:: Friday »tsh a hf^r. attack She is :!:·»' at the home of her parenif- u::t:; .·-he can resume her du'.ic-- aS nur^t* 1:1 Uie Be:x**ch homr. --Mr. dt-.d .\Sr.~. Lei^htoa ScSsr.e.dt-r and «L\UKht«-r Miriam. ^;vnt Sundjv cveijutj; at the !-..^mc of t:-.c lornter'.- 5« V ?'. ; 7-J His-. S THE CITIZENS' NATIONAL B.XNK OF FKKDERICK. MD. CAPITAL $100,000.00 SURPLUS $800,000.00 OFFICERS JOSEPH D. BAKER. man of Board. , Our 1-s" in the - 3 POTTS JOHN N. CLARY. JOHN N CLAP.V. G v l L K V R N ST.E'i. -', These 135 9 N C--.-'. St Tor alr -- ri.I.ii :..i w. i-i.- o: : s co; i^ir 1 ; O\V::K. 'f more . caurch - Westminster, will preach President. Jons II. BAKES, V i c c - P r f f t i i f n t . JOSEI-II McDivix. MISCELLANEOUS. t'SiNC'. \st ::A:':O RKPA:~.:NO i:'T ^.j 1 :: C 'i^r.rr '.'^ "-P Wrst II'!. -·.:·-·- ··----.': AUTOMOBILES FOR SALE. Rocky Hil! church Beautiful floral tokens were pre- · ^ vern ,j. en - · g vern ,j. ent headed by Hanson The 24 members of this year's grad- merman _ . T _ =,, ^^^federation. Although the gov-1 at 2.30 o'clock. Rev. Dr. Henri L. G. , e ^^ er . {oday ^ a jegislative. execu-1 "Depression Divorces' Kieffer, assisted by Rev. E. A. G- Her- ^~~ ^^ ^fccial government, in Han-' rnann. cradac: ^I! e ^:^ e . T -c^;-^ i sin's adnaaJsoatto there was bearers were: Wilfred Heede C-.^es ch ^ ^^^ H . ^ W. Wastler. Muourp \ Z^nsne^a-. ,^ c .^ 2!ld w ^ lra!y gr Hay H. Zimmerman. Men.- Stud ana , ^ -^ Revolu . ionar ,. ^ r:od Harold SttiU. Burial in ceme.ery ae- j joining the church. iL R. Etchison and p- ^^ ^^^ ^^ ^ Sen. funeral d!rcc f-f___ i Governor of Marvland. held his office, . . . . ' i£ a very tryi.s time. Governor:^ case Congress provided us economy , RUM R U N N E R S CAPTURED iJoansoa sent many supplies to the visited reo-a:'.y at the home of hi- nvother and step f.ither. Mr. and Mn Raymond G,^s:;-i:. Woodb:::«. i --Children's service w!ll be held a" Bethel M. E. church. Sunday aioni::ts Jur-e 5. at 10.30 a. rn --Mrs. Gr:»ce Shaffer who spent several cays at the home of Mr. and Mrs Earl Warner returned to his home ::~. Baltimore. Thursday evening. ., . , --Mr. and Mrs. L. Shcats. Baltimore. Depression Divorces" are no joke. ! G^ys_ Marian^ Snead. W:.^m Lucaa , were rewn . V!g . Mrs a . , he ^^ Qf Mr PSOP Ilrst r'oiiri'airt Scr\i*'e In T.:- C.~. S SERVICE DS"G STORES WILLIAM G. ZIMMERMAN, Cashirr. SAMUEL G. DUVALL, Ass'.star.! Cashier. J. TRAVERS THOMAS. Cashier. I -- PUBLIC SALES. Pt. IK.IC t- M.f. VALUABLE r.E\t, FS By v:r: .:? e: C'ity rirunup Day* tus Scheei. Jr.: Dora Edith :o wt out i". rcfuw forcoll--'t;o:j. CS-.-.r.- : ·jp di.. s ·*':*.'. be joscrvod l'.; .ir.ous ; \\ed::'etd.»y. northwest. Thurs:'.ay. i ·All', be .i?prec:Ato-J ELMEK F. MCNSHO\VER. Mayor. u m ""' .,,:" n t - o u n T !Continental Army at VaEey Forge. ItJ'^* ««· -TM AFTER EXCHANGE OF SHOT Johnson . vx . v , ho nominated | ^- « ^ ! Washineton as Conimander-in-Chief of w_ea empio .ewpo.. H. as Consmandsr-ln- m 1T31. Washing measure that when husband and v,-ife j ! ' work: for the government one of them first considered for dismissal be fired. The contract PERSONALS today o f gunfire. The rum · runners ; vras bom wereVhe Idle Hour and the Mitzi. Both i\Var and capsured craft were taken to New Lon- | Taney v»-as don. Conn., and coast guard authorities , 3 condemned of his life for his decisions rend- nere declined to say whether there had i ered. yet Taney believed they -were ac- _.-j^ been injuries to either side during the | cording to the laws, of the land. After - ~.- _ !- a laYxm rtf r**r*fL nv^/iri^nK and iunstj; I n-a^.. Mr. and Mrs. William G. Zimmerman. Mr. John M. Haller. and Miss Nettie Haller spent the weet-enl and over ·v- j Memorial Dav at Natural Bridge. Va. fire" ce I Mr. and Mrs. John Francis Fischer. r., after sho-werirj? j 'West Patrick stroe'.. were hosts to - j newlyweds Saturday evening and Sujj- country. A competing j day. when they entertained Mrs road hastened to assure the girls that j Fischers brother. George Van Pelt it would adopt no such policy and mean- · Wright and bride, both of Bound a. lapse of time historians and jurists j national v-crker. Admiral WinSeid Scott Schley man of universal valor and is noted Mrs. Harry Wolff. York, Pa: R-ev. would be glad to get their bus:- · Brook. K. J. Mrs. Wright was formerly iAIiss Mildred Bali. They were married * « TT ion Saturday in Elkton, and were ac- · Florence Eckcr and Mrs. Mcl^ie Bond. ; Ezra Miiicr and son Horace. --Miss Florence Ecker was a rcce: 1 .'. i v:sitor ir. the home of Mr. and Mrs ' Dav:d Marsteiter. Weldon. : · --Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Shaffer. Bal- ', ; timore. spent Thursday evening at the '·. ' home of Mr. and Mrs. Earl Wami-r. ! i --Ch'tcn Eckcr. Frederick, spent a ; I day recently at the home of ha unck · ' and aunt. Mr. and Mrs. Aubrey Ecker. ' I near here. . · I --A nuniber of residents of this place j '; attended the Zile trial which was held ' : in Westminster, on Friday. i --Clifford Alexander. Edgewood. spent \ \Vednssdaj evening at the home of his parents. Mr. and Mrs. C. L. Alexander. '. --Mis Bessie Alexander, who has been home suffering from a heart at- . For Sale. Go,-d Va'.uc-s In Cscd Csrs 3--Dos;e Seiins. 3--£oc;e Coupes. 1--Dodge Roadster. 2--Esses C-3achcs 1--Chevrolet Coupe. 1--Hudson Sedan, j--Packard 7 Passenger Soc^ !--Plymouth Sedan. 1'- Ton Ford T~2k. Easy ;e:r.-.s. STALSV MOTOR CO . Frederick. Me. HELP WANTED. \VAXTED.-LADV TO HOCSEKSE." AND DIRECTORS JOSEPH D. BAKER, THOMAS H. HALLEH, CHARLES H. COS-LEY. M. b.. JOHN S. NEWMAN. JAMES H. GAMBRILL, JR., HOLMES U. BAKER. DANIEL BAKER. JR., JOHN H. BAKEB. ELIAS B. RAMSBURCH, ARCHIBALD E. FISHER. -V* tilt:, .a".-'.*· - N. i tX'--^rrt ' V.'. ' lions' L?c-r EIC.HTS! :\V OK JUNE. at the hour ct !1 o'o^cic .t ::: . Fr«!?r:ri C::y.'Frea-r.c^ CJ :::tv. ·-'··-··^, '· d«cr":brd :1ii'ihc fif'J. V-."-.t ~*X~::~-IC"K.S:.::: and "*'.!·?. to'i !' Jl.-. s . ir.d tl-i^cli" S ROM. isis «::-. dj:-a Apr t S. '-S,"3, ar.'l rrrorrted ir. L;j--r t? H H Na 17 j: lo!.^ 3:3. one o; the ti::-.l .-rccTr^ '.:- E . T . I F:r--- rr.cic COU:;;T Imp:o\r(l !jv s n'.-^drr" AND ONE-HALF STORY STOVE AXD FUAMS DWELL::;.; noucs. Senate's "bad boy" moves around in j tendants at the wedding. Mr. Wright j : ac !; ^ somewhat improved Grcrg:i .irc::-Jf. N- \Vash:r.g:nn. D 563- C ten rotnts. larec r,: t:d bath roer.:^ :.-- lr !·:-: the Senate like the baadest boy you i is connected with the Pathe Frere; | ever saw. Eis movement is a cocnbin- i moving picture studio in Bound Brook. J ed slouch and swagger, the most dis- · and Mrs. Wright is a stenographer, j tinctive feature of which is a swing j After a honeymoon metering in Mary- i of the hips. . land and Virginia. Mr. and Mrs. j ily wears a light brown suit j Wright will make their home in Bound : LOCAL MENTIONS WANTED. what is no insignificant stomach but; M R S . CYRUS H. K. CURTIS, might ae less obvious ii ae stood uo : PUBLISHERS WIFE, DEAD The most dignified member of the Senate--and there are savsral competi- ; Philadelphia MaT 3I fA P).--Mrs. tors for that hsnor--is tae exact an- ! Cjrjs s K Curtis, wife of the Phil- no j cneiphia publisher, died in Jegersor. _ manner. { hosoital todav Elmer Null Walnut C-rove. end Charles \^^^" Jr ^"'^^^ j^-^ "^ j that :s. i jbs. Curtis" had been sufferins from Plank. Victor Gordon and Amos King., ^.^ ^^ ^^^ t ^ e ^ j On the Soar he 5S constantly m mo- j hear . trouble j or seTera: Tea rs. --Mrs. Waiter Lambert, Hagerstown.. crc6iz:g i]v D-!apiaine stressed the! £ ~ :K1 - ^ fa!!s ~'^ liis seat ' ^'-^^ Mr. Curtis, who suffered an attack is spending part; of the week here wit a . fac; _/ a{ . ^^ enn2 ^ ma ^ r h3rd . {there a moment, gets up. _ swaggers over of jadigestim in New York last w-. her mother, Mrs. John Hesson. , . ^^ ^^^^-^^ ^^ thes-! ana si:s ^ £Cn2 ^P'- 1 ^^" 1 memoers L= al£0 Ln Je3erscn hospi:3i . He was --Marlin McCleave. near town, a. ^^ ^^ ^ ca=tac; . le {odav seat, proaaoly stopping for a waispered reporiad Covering today, student of Westminster CcUsse. -^^; s nol - Id ^^g look to :he "patriotism, conference 7 ": a . £o:r - e . !ae en -««-*- He ; Mrs . Curtis . ^ ho ^^ Ihe seconti ^...0 the pulpit at the T7. B. church on un- ! ; examcle dur-! ^ s:a7 P 3 ^" 3 a 1£ 3 mmu:st a \, a of the publisher, died on the anniver- dav evening of last week. Rev. Earl!?^-^ ^erT Smes « ! tirne ' ou;: " he dO6S he ^ cor!S " ant!v i sarv of her marria-e in 18S1 to her Redding being at Bair's Station for a ^ " jjj^" Tj e !e" Yestact B2.'-irrfre a^-a ; s " ai::ir ' s n:s ^ os "^ n - pu"^s rus fing-; g, 3 . n^snar,-, :he ^.te Harris-sr, N revival services i ^^^ ", r " '; s n ^-^' ^,^1, " ^.' th( » i ers LTI h:s m;u: " n or a11 ° ver ^ ' ace - i Pilisbury. of Muskegon. Mich. Flower Show. The annual Flower Show un'-'er the · WASTED --POSITION A s :: u R s s ^011 nspic^s O- v^iC G2.rcc" Olxts) o* P^rcrf" 1 ' iio'-irc"'or. .*-^ o...s-- - - · -', t *£·» - - -·» - . . ~ 695-^. 3 - J « - -- v - r_C"*" ~"».. oc I^^.d Piicuiv. June 3 in * " [v;j COLORED V.'OMAN r-;----.:"* or i.oras at Bria- ' ' "' " " " s-31-dtf the parlsii hall of Calvary Methodist | WASTED --s»r Ep-sc^pal church from 3 until 9 p. rn. i d '." : :;" j" ' : Entries of flowers in competition Tor j d 3 C V " l "-'"" op?r: '· all, and the public is i invited to attend. ; prizes a. · "" SCRSE -WANTS CONGENIAL p--.-_r.-V. - Pi-.or.c 394-J Wednesday Special. kerchief lawn dresses 39c. Sizes 14 to «. GELSEHTS Exclusive Ladies' Shop. iXTES --POSITION AS COOK O?. HOVSf w c r k . E'.s.c Pc^Ci. t i l Ei;t F.itll * : -''; P. LUTHER RICE. HELP DESTROY DEPRESSION not By quarrrllag witft It but by adjaitias o-^rs-ivcj to it li you cannot ilnvs m Jti cylir-Ccr far drive » lour, but »hy drlre a lour it you roiy purchase a sli. fa.' me »»ms price Compare tills six rooni modern orlcr evtl'.'.as on Pari Ave.. ottered for only ( S3 500 w!t!i »cy other property ot » mucft nizher price. Twn thirds left m property Is dc'lred. A rea! opportunity Tor the bird. A JOB AWAITING YOO. 8 room modern brtcfc dwelllns lor tourist nuslr.ess. with cemeot Dlock modern (IHln; station tnciudiac one »cr» for caraplns pur- po^es. located on HlEhttay. May trade on C;'.y property 21 ocre on H'ghxay near Frederick. awe:i!n? ^tr'.'.h eiectnclty. bath and gravitation witer 5-steni A real opportunity for tourls: and £t:i:nc station bustness. FARMS FOR jALE o* any size, price and location information, opportunities, satljtactory This :s o::e ct tile :::o Tcrtr.s of S3 -- C thff Co'irt. A ti-»^a .: o rrquirtii ot :r^ ;'.,:::..- sale. Ail c*xv.s n' cc- 1 .: 1 . o p^nsf or the p"rc!i3.'-*r. And on \h". ^arne ti i p!acr. ImmcilLatr:;.- fo!: the resl estate the s.i:tf SIOO.OO.--Se 65 Snares tlonal Ban]c Stc-cJc. SIOOOO Un::*d Ra::nar 1.--..1 £:··;--:- Ccf.- ..r = 1 !ti.T-.or.? 5 J-tr.d.:.; i-.;.it Di.e | June !. I33S. · 2 shares Russe:! Crcei Cos: Co.-.-ar.y ; stock. 50 shires Temrj"r.-.r.-^:.- njs:^^ Sand a:;d Grave: Co. 1 Sha,-e Frcder.ct County A;r:c-,.u. j". £;- c!ety Stock. Terms oJ Sale --C.'.-ih ED'-VARD J S:.!I- I GEORGE I: L-'SNNt =. -'·.. H KIEFFER DEt-Af.'SS. John L. Du-.rc-.i. .··.-:::::--»r. FOR KENT. , , . ierv.ce ir.S consclent'oui advice, doa't Ja:! FOR RENT --SECOND FIOOH A?.-.nT?,:Err. :o consult R:ce. ! App'.y 336 East Second St 5-2:-uC: P LOTHER RICE. REAL ESTATE 1481 Q3 EAST rHIRD S"! 5-U-dtI series of Ever "Walk On Clouds!" over or knoc«ci down: "Aetna-:;:-;-" ·a-;;li an Accident Policy--before 5:n:-: a:::der;t be-clouos the -sue. POTT5 AN-i ir.IFFIX. NOTICES. at the --Mrs. Noah Spangier. near I^.i^s- · ^^j.^g town. Pa., spent Monday afternoon with ."" ' " air. and Mrs. MStoa Spang'.er. : ·* ir s^- t .- r/ ~i rnTT"n rJT/^Tr ' -Mr. and Mr,. H^rry Wolff spent, AMOlM G THE SICK i i JUST, brir 1 Huey! ^rith nervous energy, our . !SNELL PREDICTS "LIBERAL" Didn't Tuesday evening with friends at i~o -- | Profundity of members of Congress. Taverns I ' I °~ ma tters which ihey knew nothin; j _L\i r and Mrs Mc-rris Haines and = Capt. F. Lester Smith. East Second i whatever about is always eciiying. daughter* Ehirlev. and Mrs. Benjamin! street, wno was operated upon last ] Congr-«sman V/"i^iam H. Marshaa" spent Tuesdav evening with ', Thursday at Walter Heed Mr and Mrs. Morris Holbruner. WiXxiE-, Washtr.grtor.. is improving nt Beautiful Peonies can be had at r»a5onable prices un'.:; , about Jtir.e :0. at Stir.ny Hill Farm. 5 ' PLANK IN G. 0. P. PLATFORM 3:: « -' sh»5«:o« r«d. ooze out asa see :.-.crn. ^joon M. Sstabr-aok, Tek- : ·Jhcr.i :803-F-4 OHOER NISI ON SALES. "-;O :3311 EQUITY, j^ . h , c-cu.t C-j-.-.r; tor Freder:cS S:t-.:r:s I: Eq-a:ty Ma; Tcrrr.. -, 3 ... g g_;-.:cr. V.'.iow. et a'.. ··- ""Bra-.r.-^.te. I-'-rry C'.a) tr-.e" t i t h i-r c: ID3C. t:.- Co-r'- i.t--:. '.332. ·; p:3:;-d to ici '-por. ihe ^tlt". r r p o r t e d t" Washington. May 31 (AP).--Repre- ,.j sentati^e Snell. miaoritv leafier in boro. d Hosp:»l U" Wisconsin is a chronic objector to j Hoase ' toca - v : ° :d ae-s?aper men that A-,, :h?r L .- ai , r Th ,, e Go icelv. 'isxali bills and has saved his country n . e ^ ^Ct* 3 i^^-o-"-^--^ Plar.i _-. He;fers and s?r _ n - e: i much moner in bis time. : ^. Bepuo-scaa p.atform wr-.d r* ":.D- Ei-iaa'S SALE. Eyier's Ttarket. 5?;e Good rs at But Trhen he tried to save money on · sra: - P.cpirt ct S;'-- =: K--: E'--T-. rrportejl '.-. s*:d Co:r: bv V.-.::.irr. M. E'"-. = ' - - · - c-... r! ,._. : j F.-.:-:-:»". Tr..-tcc-. .". '.:·" aoo-.» ' " - · b-' :r.^cr:°i :r. :o;r.« r-ca^p-.TT r-V.-'rifi .r. . Frei-r:?:-: C;-:r.'- 'rr thre» s .crsi'.re T?*i5 STAR FURNITURE CO. BARGAINS tS 50 s::gnt:7 usci retrtgerators, ai! s^:rs. Ji CO to S1200 100 ft:t Sise russ (newt $:23 up room. (Jsntr.R rearr.. oea rooiri and citchcn f u r n i t u r e ar.d houscbolc! ejects ol every klrjd and dcscrlpt'.rtri. r.e^ and s:;ght:j usea. at unheard ot pr:c»s Csras !n ar.d Da cenT:n«d tn»t yau can \avc more tbar, hat' We Till :rai- ysur o'.d :ar=l:ure In Your crcd.t Is sood faere FOR RE:rr --MODEr.N APART: IENT ;--R- porc! Private rntrir;;r No c-.'-l-t-. Ap- piv s:o N. Ma.-:ct s; " 3-3;-is-." FOR RENT.--AP.'.R-n.iS.VT AND OFFtCES Apply Blue ar.-i Gr:*- Hr~"^lr ".".:. 1C^ W. St. Pl-.or.c 3".-. 5-3:-d3: FOR RENT --3HD FLOOTl. FTtONT AP.'.RT- STAR rt-RN-TTTTKE CO.. 323-3^5 Nortri Marie; Street. Frticricic. i!ary:an4. FOR RENT --FfR:::SH~D second t:o:r. 20J E-.r. S?c FOR REliT.--A?AP.T?.IENT. heat, yard and S3ri:r: r; Moderate price J T.t C. FOR RENT.--F^KNtSHED f-TtOC" .\PA~Tj aier.: C; :-;T.i;. J . .-.. -· - .-,;- 27C8 care Ne^--P=.-t f-:t-;C: --Mr and Mrs. Murrav Fass and '· Many at Opening Hollywood Garden. daughter. Wiiliam Fuss. Gibson Kamer.! A Urge crowd a-.tended the opening tueno Rican stamps and currency ^ ****^*^^^ . : Snell said he was expresses hi .,,_. ; opinion but that "if anybody tells you -~ ^ ! the plank won'-, be liberal. d-?n't be- T '.:ne 3. 193!. Maryland All arcrciited and b'.xx: t«st«d into r.r.y state-. 30 head of the Hor.'i^ anri Mulf? Lois -:f r. o s-" - Maritt . . El.! G H A V G H . ELt C- HAUOH. Cltrk NOAH E. CRAMER SON. FOR R£NT ---.?.\F.T:.:EN r:ci strc*;. 6 rc^rr.-- a~d G:ra^c and l a r r e Kari'r; SECOND FT.OOK : -.- EraidDct State Road aboat i d-ornanded Stafford. Lozier of Missouri ., z~i nndtrhili of Massachusetts assur- : ed him that Pu^rtc Rican stamps and at · cu--en:y need r.ot be changed until , Snit« wisdom has rerr.".-«5 fro-- at the hsme ol Mr. and Mrs. Harry An- j ^^aoe _ een in honor of Mr. Angeli who cele- ; Cramer is manager of the place. A ; theirs to tr.e expense o. changing die= brated his 55th birtndzy. Those "resent ; -gi--^ and latticed arch marks the ; for their postaga i'^mps ana currency- were Mr. and Mrs. Karry Angel'.. Mr. | approach to the grounds, -hich ^co-.«r WSliam "snide'r Mr~and Jtrs. T. H. i 5jaildi=g has 2.500 feet of hardwood Downes. Carroll and Smith Mr. j car.cin? fi-wr. into which' projects at and Mrs. Earl Wclty. Mr. ar.£ Mrs j =·"* «« an attractive silver-walled Walter Kuaip. Mr. ar.d Mrs. Ijathpr j f 2 5?- »«^ i^s White er.ter- AngeT. Vaughn Fees, Richard An;eH. I -^---^ -ne r.tgnt crowc witr aH o' Hamev; Mr. and Mrs. R. W Per- 1 s^erai cances. On tr.e stage was Dies rise. Mr. and Mr?. Alfred S~dy. Harry \ Du-^er^taj.c^o^York^Pa^brinrlri? Bob^? e Ai!g5L' SO G^^^S- "pa!:" Mrs.:°= e ' ; = e C=rni=5 attractions will be Showa:t«r.: Dar - Gregory, it was ar^iounced. i ne alls and ceiling are aitractivel- fee- IN MEMORIAM. Resolution. Whereas. Almighty God ir. His ir.- camp «a:e '.ieai iocation for desirou? of s:a:i3 toa'isi ! ear; I «-.:; Fire Wood For Sale. Any Q.isr.f.ty Delivered. ' C. W WET Ir; the C.rca." C-i:t :--- I'r'd- S.f.r.; .r, £·;-.-.:-· =t I F O R T=-?r.t--5-Terj »cr« or :a=3 on state Roac i e'-::r.c . ;::-:!* v-.rS - r » a r Nc^ :.!sr!:e: improved x*.'h «lx room i St P}-.**~, -r. J.:n; 1-t .tone d^e":r;ij house, d a i r j Oarn O=Tjer . -:·* i.-..pp'.ts rr..:t to Baltimore A:: -- STX-ROO:: Korss ; the tiais when the dies and plates would be ciian^ei in the natura.: ccnTse of . events. The only important fact apparently wasr/t IT.OWTJ to anyor.e and went tir.- : mentioned: Puerto Rico uses U. S. ' stamps anr2 U. S currency exclusively Harry Clutz. Mrs. Prank the Missss Anr.a Mae Wils.:-r.. The'.ma _ _ Gluts. Ethel. Hazel. Hilda a-d Lcrer.e i ;r ^; e;: - . a c...sl3. ball in tr.e Koonts Elisabeth Gluts. Evelyn Jchn- j ~^~"°~ navirj a particular.- beautiful son, Catharine Welty. JuLa Ar.gell. j e "^r_,,. A -yS'^^ TM"~: ^ e:g: ":: Margar'-t and Elizaoeth Snider. Bet'.;. ^? 3t --s_-^ ?··« a,--e-- co.5.. The a.. \ngell. Kora Dowr.£S. LotxlU. Grace; ; ecv: -« : "? t7CJ ^"5* airplane motor and Doris Ar^eH. Norman ar.= Earl! -' ar -^- . Tae ballroom has ci-ased shutwr; Waty. Romair-e Valentine midst I/ec-iiard C 3a--i:i. for many yearc i rcember of the Derr.c-craf.-: State Central Committee -of Frec-:r;:.-: County, and · Whereas, as a member of tli-s cc-m- mittee Mr. Barrick renctreci axr-x-.e ar,i faithful «r.-ic« o the Demo~ati: Party ar-d to its car.-idates sr.d Whereas, we. it^s assc-c-atcs cr. '--"' Ice Cream and StraKhfrry Festival. Glaic Heformed Cr.ttrch LA-n. \ValI-t- ·:r=viH;. ?.Si . Fr.d?.y cver._-.~. J'or.e 3rd ' "vV;:: =c-r.e after 5.30. 15: Plat* Lunch Al~ L-^rr.-'-ade. Sar.i-,:;--?,. H-:-mc- msdo Cake ani Car.dy. Crarr.'-r's Hall .·' rair.y."c Btblt C~.as5 aier 1 FOR S£:.T -- SSCO?o no Fr.'.r.:.-- Ft tr.l e: S-tOO SOAB in COURT tr:::t- Irnr2ed!at« pos«ess:or-.. pr:cr Tar further part;c*j:ar app'.y to : R F E CRAMER SO^. si'Kaai. FRSOERJCK ·PHONB sea Fine Wateh Repairing. FOR SALE. I F O R RENT--MODES:: ^p\r:~.t " " FOR P-ENT --THIS a ar.d . ' -or Moncay r.ignt's trafSc was =7 several members of the state Famous Trotter Dies. Ir.c:ana?-5lis. May 31 · A? .--Follow- committee, feel that in his ceat'.-. ing an attack of co'.x the Senator. . hav« r.ot lost a -?ri^e ar.c uat '3' 2:03 : -. greatest of Indiana's trotting products, died Sunday at a farm near here. The famous trotter and sire was Now. therefore, be it resolve.-;. *.-.?.owned by C. J. Baker, of St. Charles, the Denxcratic State Central Corr.rr.:t- El.. who purchased him last Fall. The i tee of Frederick County ;o or. re:".r; great chestnut stallion was formerly : Sf exprecsir.g its profound of .os? 121 Nsrth a r e t t councillor but friend as well Rent-A-Car. Drive-I:-Yours^'.f N*w L-w Hatti Ga^ ?.r.i C.. In::-jd«c PHAXCiS SCOTT KEY GAHAC-; "Et.J G HAtTGH. FOP. SA1.E -- MILK 5 P.'i -ar.t %'.··»· r.i r-. ·K-"-. 7-s street CENTS A QUART Farrr. Gi- S Mirtr. rr.s=e :33S-F-S 3-30-i5f frler.a. oi the Frecerxk City Hospital.' spent a short time here tr. Tuesday with the former's psrenis. --Mr. and Mrs. rhamas Starnbai^:i. owned by Thomas D. Taggart. Fire Destroys Hcmc. large dwelling near Gerrnantowr.. and niece of Tore. Pa., and Mrs. Minnie j belor.r-- g to John H. Nichols was ce- Nefetav. Baltimcre. were ' Tretk-er.c : stroyed ry Sre early Monday rr.crr.inz. home. rite origin of tr.s --Mr and ?.rrs. Arr.bros? Eckenrie \ Sre -= not kr.owr.. The Rocs-llle ar.d made a business trip to G^uysourg. Pa., i C-a:thersbu-- Fire Departments respor.i- Tuescay evening. ; «* :o i: ~ s alarrr.. but became of --Mr. and Mrs. Walter Kurr.p mace a i o: water were u-ao.e to .ZCf. ihe business '.rip to Litf.estown. Monday. --Mr. and Mrs. S2vem Fbcle and son. Everett, Union Bridge, spent Sunday af- terr.rr.n with Mr. and ^Jrs. Joseph Santas. Electric furnaces in Switzerland and La: Market Prices Grain. 'OU .- 55 Com. bbl $1-65 Lire Stock and Produce. ··Ftirr.Uhrd by Fre-sr:c' Csun'." Products. Ir.c i Stcsrs 4c to Sc Hc-ifers _ 3c to 4c CjTS - - _ 1C t 3 ! ;C Bulls ...- _.. 2c to 3c Calves 3c to 5c 4c to 6c in the death of Leonard C Barr::";; ar.c Be it further resolved. That z espy if this resolution be spread upor. tr.s utes of the comrr.itte*. publt5"r^cl :r. some r.ew$-Da._er is c-'-u-ty and copy be ser.t to the bc- WM. J. GRC-".~. t,CSL.LA M. ANXAX. C. K. COXLEY. BLAXCHE S ROSS J. HARRY KBXXHDY. DAVID C WTXEBSS For Sale. All *.nds o! se-.or.c hana ?:pe frotr. :o 8 tnches; I-3eams. a-i Ang:e Ir for Bui.clir.; purp-oses i=*R.SD£RiCS JUN'K COMPANY. Pr^-ni Gastlsy Pro? "Phone 333 Office .nd Warehouse--Chape. A::e; P.esiien:e--215 E Third St. FOR S s -t.E-- UPF.IGirr PIANO. ALMOST r.n A Tea', b V App:v S tVcsi 13th S: 5-28-iS; FOR SALE -- ELEVEN ACRSS OP ALFALPA. . ^»ar:y rcadr '.? -i- App:y J3h= W . Gr-ve. VTest F:ur:^ Street. E*t 'Pior.e S FOR SALE.-- CASH KSOISTSH, BEAtrnFCL x:-.:» Sr.:sa ae^-nstor; .:se =«T Also Sne =---.rr. :4b. sSsw -ue. ti-.rre-srinot: tr v c^^e- -^rr. Barbara Fr:tch:e C.-.?cs:»W Shoppe 5-:o-dtOf FOR RENT --s-HOo:.t :-;or.=s. j;-; Bcnti S-. Apc'.j 43: S %t;.-»". -·· S"O3 RENT -- :tODEr.N :ND FZ.DTS j Wst iS-ri St . POX RENT -- DATt_:G:-:r H :·-:;. c-jjr-.'.T rric-dTr R?i- t- - ·· T - - XSR. 3c" Frai.ce are making thousands of syn- tiiei:c ruoies and sapphires annually.. Larn'os .?,ucsai ~- to 5- Hogs 21 = c to 3 : _ c In Memory. cf our Mother. Edna B. Zimmerman uno d:ed five years ago today. --BY HER CHjLDRBX, HILDA AXD LAVISR. Lower Prices On Scratch Pads. Pettttl rib.eti mewsprmt pa;C7) Xow 6 Cer.ts a i Botid attd 3oo Paper Tab'ets. Xow 9 Centi a ib. CHICKS FOR SALE. 3=iBT CHICKS -BAHRrD AND -.Vililt i St: DC- K-iW a^-,-r'.ca. 55 '· Also stjrtil : =:-..-*.- C-jftim r-.?.:c..r.j We SJT pcu'.try ' a-S r;rs 'Piie:.? 433. Mi CT.lci Kate-*--. ::s East Pstr:c street 5-27-t.8; ·PCS RENT - MODERN i 323 Pars a-.-TM::; Pi ! George B Ker-.r.j FOS RENT -- ?.!O"S?.N ra-r-t, s-.t^ 7J-i. V/J S aivertismg pays F O R SALS --BAST CHICKS. SPECIAL rr.ce tor J-jr.c Br;r.? j-ejr «r?^ or. S»t- '.-r^y cf racri wfrk lor v'is'cm hater:*."? R--»"? Hatcri-ry. W»;ktrsv:::c. Vd ·Piorie j. »-ia-a3S; FOR RENT.--ATTHACTTrS App:y E:r» Hot:.-*. Jr.. ;: stre-t · FOS REXT --StX ROOM C. E.

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