The News from Frederick, Maryland on September 8, 1967 · Page 1
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 1

Frederick, Maryland
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Friday, September 8, 1967
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Weather Forecast Mostly sunny and warm today with high temperatures 82 to 87. Fair tonight with lows 58 to 65. Tomorrow increasing cloudiness and warm again. New Officers Elected tty \¥W Auxiliary Page 6 VOL. 84--NO. 276 Press Run i News 10,V'5 i _ . . , ,, Ted»y I P^t--13,500 ' Total-24.475 F R E D E R I C K , MI)., F R I D A Y , SEPTEMBER 8, 1967 TWO SECTIONS 24 P A C K S F I R S T SECTION 5c si* COPY 30c WEEKLY BY C A R R I E R Del. Houek Seeks SRC Law Chanjje ~ Legislator Wants Department More Responsive To Local Governments A Frederick County legislator vowed today to seek legislation to make the Maryland State Roads Commission more tesponsive to local governments. Del William M. Houck (D- Frederick), chairman of t h e House Ways and Means Committee, told a group of County lawmakers and SRC officials today it apparently "does not make a bit of difference" if local officials approve or disapprove SRC nroposals for road construction. "I know cne thing for sure," Houck said, "that law is going to get changed." Houck's criticism of !he SRC came after Charles E. Collins, president of the county commissioners, revealed that local officials had agreed in 1965 to use surplus funds allocated to work on Md 550 to build a new bridge over the Monocacy River on Md. 80 at Buckeystown. Commissioner Wallace E. Ilutton, who attended a meeting with other SRC officials in Baltimore Wednesday, said he was told at that time that the SRC never recognized the 1965 change in the road program. because local officials had not formally approved and signed the original SRC proposal \vithin the 60-dav time limit. So. since they didn't recognize 'ocal approval of the original program, thev wouldn't lecognizo any chanees requested by local officials." Hutton said. Northam Friese. chief of the SRC's Bureau of Prog r a m Scheduling and Control, confirmed t h a t local i f f i c i a l s must anorove or chani'e SRC pr r '.nos- als within 60 davs or the SRC will place crooosals into effect without local ar^iroval. He ;. ereed with Houck that this procedure is not spel'ed out in ftate law. but is an administrative procedure set up by the SRC. Thieves Enter Gas Stations, Steal Truek Thieves broke into three gas stations, a construction trailer, and stole a pickup 'ruck last night. State Police said a State Roads Commission trailer located at th e 1-70 construction site along the Ml. P h i l l i p Road was entered and a SHOO transit was stolen. There were no signs of forced entry Police believe a 1%1 pickup truck owned by the Middle Creek Construction Company was stolen troni the same construction site at the same time of the transit theft The truck was reco\ered a short lime la- It r in another section of he construction area Meanwhile, the T h u r m o n t ( " i t go station at V S l.~ and the K r a n k l m v i l l e Road, the Cloverleaf Shell station at Evergreen Point, and Woerner's Texaco station along I ' S ir at Sunday's Lane, were all broken into early today. At the T h u r m o n t station, the thieves broke through a rear door and broke into a cigarette machine and ihe cash register About $12 in change was stolen from the two machines At Woerner's. the t h i o v e s pried open a roar door and broke into the cigarette machine. There was no money in the m a c h i n e and nothing else- was disturbed. At the Evergreen Point station, the thieves left empty-handed after forcing onen a rear door and breaking into an empty cigarette m a c h i n e State Police today said they believe all the incidents are related and were committed by the same people. No suspects have been found. It's Football Tim»! The baseball race in the American League may br tight, but, likr it or not. fool- ball season arrives tonight when Frederick High School takes on Glrnrlg at Thomas Johnson Stadium. For a complete rundown of high school, college and pro team.; see the special pages in today's News sport*section. Pentagon Okays Chemicals To Create Vietnam Barrier Romney Blind To Viet Truth? Dense Blankets County Area New Services Motorists drove at a snail's pace on Frederick County high- WASHINGTON ( A P ) -- Secre- ways this morning as a blind- tary of Defense Robert S. Me- ing, grey blanket of fog cov- Namara called George Romney ered the area, a man apparently "blind to the Although driving was hazard- truth"--and one Republican saw ous no serious accidents were the administration assault as a reported in the county. The fog ootential political favor for the blanket lifted about 9:30 a.m. Effort To Halt Flow Established At Of Troops City Airport By C. MILLARD EILER Staff Writer Michigan governor. "I suppose this help him, really, coming from McNamaja," said 83 to an overnight low of 53 n- v '.it, as the lawmakers gave the go ahead to the establish- at $1 per year---authorizes Capt. Hamm to construct a building The fog followed a 30-degree The Frederick Municipal Airon t he land for the school. could only drop in temperature from port got a lot of attert : -n from especially Thursday's high temperature of the Board of Aldermen last The building would become the property of the city at the termination of the lease, and would also po to the city in the Earth-Poisoning Agents To Be Sprayed Over Area Near Viet Border WASHINGTON (AF ^Chemical soil-killers will be used in South Vietnam warfare for the first time under the Pentagon's new plan to create a barrier icwa GOP Chairman Robert D. degress. ,.._ 0 _ .. .... wuuiu auu t-u LU LUC uny m me Ray after the Pentagon attack The weatherman is calling for ment of two new services there. eve nt that Hamm abandons the a § ainst infiltrating North Viet- Thursday on Romney. ' ' _. . . . . . . . . sunny and warmer tempera- The board also agreed to sell operation. i namese troops. AP Wirephofo POLICY STAND -- Gov. George Romney of Michigan said Thursday night he would be delighted to compare his Vietnam record with that of Secretary of Defense Robert S. McNamara. Commenting on his earikr statement that he was brainwashed by military officials en visits to Vietnam, Romney said in a news conference he has not changed his original support of the war. Aldermen Plan Open Housing Discussions Romney, in Portland, Ore., tures today, with highs expect- five acres of land on the SouLh- Another agreement approved Tne Pentagon said earth-poi- told nev/smen Thursday night ed near the 85-degree mark. '-- -~ J -* "-- : * * - - - · · 6 - FH -«,,;«« ^n^nto «nii ha crvra^eH he wou'd be delighted to com- I ows tonight will range in pare his record on Vietnam with the upper 50s to low 60s fol- i..v. tAv,._^ ^* .u.. u «.. -..~ «,,,,.... /inouier agreement approved . -- ... , , western end of the airport for bv the boar ^ provides a tern- somng agents will be sprayed : i *,,:,,! ,,:*,, » r . /M7*ar- trte* r*loar*irl Karrior fnnf* porary location in a small han- over the cleared barrier zone an industrial site. ., _,,_ a ,,.,.,,,, ,,,,... . _ . . . . . . . . The land is to be purchased g ar for an airplane maintenance at ° D South Vietnam to prevent McNamara's. "I think the lowed by partly cloudy and war- by John C. Lewis for $5,250 per s h ' to be operated bv John J un i le growth from returning American people are hungry for me r weather Saturday and Sun- acre--$26,250--according to Ma- z u britskv and providing concealment for -.ponle to sav what thev think." day w jth a chance of scattered , yor John A. Derr. The sale will The agreement provides that invadin S Communists. late S u n d a y ! subject to prior approval of the shop is to be moved to ihe Introduction of the sterilants I the Federal Aviation AdmiiuV re g u lar maintenance hangar as w ^' at *d a new dimension--and tration. soon as t hat hangar is vacated ' perhaps a controversial one--to Derr said Lewis plans to con- by its present tenants, m e m - j an already wide-ranging chemi- struct a building on the site and 5 e rs of a local glider club, who ca ' program aimed at wiping operate an import - export busi- can ^ e required to leave t h e ' out vegetation including crops ness and a shop to rebuild air- bmiclmg within 30 days m certain areas of South Viet- plane engines. The glider owner s have made people to say what they think, he ';aid. thundershowers And in a speech to a Republi- evening, can fund-raising dinner there, Romney described "the administration credibility gap' as a ··national embarrassment." McNamara's attack came as Romney, an unannounced candidate for the Republican presidential nomination, faced criticism within his own party for asserting the administration brainwashed him in 1965 into declaring U.S. involvement in Vietnam was morally right. He now calls the involvement a tragic error A top supporter of former . Vice President Richard M. Nixing T , "-fi V Few To Lose Jobs At Fort Detrick A previously announced ducuon in the work force at Fort Detrick will prove to be much smpller 'nan had been an- The aldermen approved two a pr0 posal to the city to build Secretary ot Defense Robe/t agreements with businessmen their own glider hangar at the S. McNamara announced plans who plan to establish a flying a i rpor t ) Derr said, and the pro- Thursday for the barrier- re- school and a new maintenance posa i nas b een turned over t- actually an early-warning zone shop at the airport. t he beard's airport committee sown with mines and electronic for recommendation. eyes and ears. He elaborated lit"The question is," Derr said, tie about its operation. The first agreement, with Capt. and Mrs. Robert Hamm ticipated. according to Colonel provides for the leasing of a por- .. do we want the gliders at the Confirmation of the long-ru- Peter or not? The Olenchuk, command- tion of the airport land for a a i rpor t flying school. Derr said the lease--15 years, (Continued on Page 5) Frederick City's lawmakers hastily -" Green said, "but it It will not be necessary to at Fort many posi- Detrick, although for the nomination in -called the assertion evi- Irst night established a tenta- is good. At least, we can show cience of Romney weakness in tiong mus[ be aD0 i ished to re _ l i v e working plan for drafting the community that we a r e a municipal open housing ordi- moving." ~" ·--!- --··"- ·" ««'"""" c-ii" .r,.,T- t ,,j,, ,,,.,, procurement, nance. The working plan, although a skeleton, or model ordinance, it may occupy several months, which is to be prepared by \vas endorsed by Leonard Gresn. Ralph L. Gastley, city attorney, president of the Freder i c k for the board by Oct. 5. branch of the National Associa- Alderman Richard L. Shipley, tion for the Advancement of w h o initiated the move for an C.ilored People. open housing law at a board "It's not in complete accord meeting las', month, said the al- with my t h i n k i n g -- I'd lik e to dermen could begin discussions see this move a little more cf the proposal in executive sessions, and then make a propos- ciealmg with issues. u h programs. Individuals Former Oklahoma Gov. Henaff | cted apre % mployed in tne Jarrell The plan of action starts with ry Be'lmon said Thursday that p n ( ? l n p p n n e - - - vould he very damaging in a engineering, -·residential campaign. e Nine Injur In Two Auto Collisions Ambush Backfires, 92 Reds Die research and development, and security activities of the Post. Job rights of all employees under Department of the Army and Civil Service regulations will be piotected. At least sixty- days advance notice has been given to each affected employee. In speaking of the reduction. Colonel Olenchuk said. "For- City Appoints New Engineer al available to certain groups which are interested in open housing. "We could continue the executive sessions meeting w i t h eer- combed the jungles and paddy tain groups," Shipley said "We fields for Communist troops in could hold one meeting with the realtors, another with the Jarrell Legg, 30 year-old civil bv Nine people were injured in N'AACP, the Chamber of Corn- two traffic accidents which occurred on county highways Thursday afternoon. A d m i t t e d to Frederick Memorial Hospital w i t h various lacerations and abrasions of the body were John D. Miller, 22 c;t Pasj-dena. Miss Susan C. Brewer, 20. of Severn; K i m b e r l y M i l l e r , 2 of merce, and possibly Fort Uetrick officials, anil a third for the general public Then we could go back into executive sessions to come up with a f i n a l ordinance " "This procedure would not be intended just to consume t i m e . Miss We w o u l d not w a n t to ram Pas- s o m e t h i n g t h r o u g h , either," he lunately. in the realignment engineer, has been named . of some of our programs we the Frederick City government have been able to absorb near- as tne next city engineer. SAIGON i AP) -- U.S. Marines ly all of the employees who Legg, a former municipal en- occupied the jobs that must be gineer at Ocean City, will re- abolished. However. I am deep- place the present city engineer, ly concerned about the welfare Robert J. Rothenhoefer, who ot those few who may be sep- ha? submitted his resignation to arated through no fault of their the city Mayor John A Derr own. We are m a k i n g every ef- said last night at the meeting fort to find jobs for these valued of the board of aldermen and f a i t h f u l employees in other Hothenhoefer's resignation government and industrial facil- not yet been accepted ities. Vietnam's northern war zone today after turning the tables on a Red ambush and killing 92 of the enemy. Far to the south, in the Mekong delta. Sjuth Vietnamese reported k i l l i n g 34 members of U «* I. "We have carefullv reviewed the Viet Cong's Tay Do b a U a l - each, a c t ' o n to insure t h a t e \ e r v adena, and Mrs Mary A Mox- said. ley, ."() of RFI) :». Ml Airy. Gastley. who told the alder- ''-'tate Police said the four m e n llt ' has 1 ) t ; i i n ( ' ( 1 Copies of were injured in an accident °P en h()UM "« l a u s adopted ;ibou'. 1 C(j p.m along U.S. -ID just west of Ml. A i r y . Police said the accident occurred w h e n the car driven north on the Bill Moxley Road by Mrs Moxley, failed to yield the right-of-way and collided w i t h a car driven west on U S 40 by Miller. M i l l e r ' s !!:")"» sedan and Mrs. M o \ l e \ ' s li)f( car, were demolished in the P'-cident. M i l - ler's daughter and Miss Brewer were passengers in his car Meanwhile, five people were treated for lacerations a n d abrasions of the Ixxly as a result of an accident about 5.51 p m at the Md. HO - Thurston Road intersection Treated and released from Frederick Memorial Hospual were Mrs Mary J McMillian. K i m b e r l y A. M c M i l l i a n , 3. Wanda S. Anderson, 9 and Linda G H u n k a r d , Frederick, M a r t i n , 2(5 of Hoyds I )hce said the accident occurred when a car driven by Michael K. Barry of Hoyds, in other cities -- including Roc-kville suggested the c i t s w a i t u n t i l a court test of the c o n s t i t u t i o n a l i t y of the Rockulle ordinance is completed. A Circuit Court h e a r i n g (in Ihe Rock- viile law is scheduled to br^in (Continued on Page 5) ion. one of the most seasoned Red u n i t s in the delta Several big M a r i n e sweeps w o r e under way in the no/t.iein provinces where nearly 7ro N o i t h Vietnamese and Vie; in hard f i g h t i n g since Monday around Tarn Ky, on the coast, and below the d e m i h t j r i ' i d ·/.one some 1-10 miles to t ! ) northwest. American c a s u a l t i e s in t'.e ai ea t o t a l 11.~ Mead ,iii i ' ' ' wounded s () far t h i s week U v -. C o m m a n d said change is essential U) the ef- f e c t u e a c c o m p l i s h m e n t of our mission I am confident t h a t the c o n t i n u e d iuyal'.v and d e \ o - t i o n of Fort Detrick employees w i l l assure that our f u t u r e op- e r a t i o n s w i l l b,' made even more e f f i c i e n t and productive b these necessary changes " Stork Market N K W YORK ' A I ' u i . i i k e t resumed t h The stock H . i \ e r m g r l v a c t i v e Soft Landing Sundav Moon Shot On Target CAPK K K N N E D Y , Fla t A P ) Several hours later, the l l i g h t - Riding into space on the most control center at Jet Propulsion I ahoratory, Pasadena, C a l i f , reported the craft was on a a c c u r a t e moon rocket ever launched by the United Stales, Surveyor 5 raced today toward near perfect course t h a t was a lunar soft landing w i t h a cam- only :t7 miles off its target point 11. all of RFD 2, era and a small chemistry lab in t h e Sea of T r a n q u i h t y and Barbara A to analyze the soil That's the most accurate The mooncraft l a u n c h i n g be- shooting yet in 27 A m e r i c a n fore dawn today climaxed a ,-,·,, )0n launching* spectacular space doubleheadrr "We're on a real good cours- that started Thursday night with t h a t will require only a s m a l l failed to stop at the Md. 80 th e orbiting of millions of "as midcourse motoi correct i m to interchange and collided with trobugs" and plants in a bio- hit the a i m i n g point," a project Mrs. McMilhan's car which medical laboratory named Bin- o f f i c i a l said He added ( h i t ,-,11 was going north on the Thurs- satellite 2 systems aboard the craft wore ton Road. Spider-shaped Surveyor ," working well. Damage to Mrs McMillian's started its intended 65-hour. 221,- j^e moon vehicle is to sei;!. 1 Isol sedan was $250, while Bar- 575-mile lunar journey aboard gently onto the moon's surface ry's 1957 car was demolished an Atlas Centaur rocket t h a t Sunday nigh, to i n v e s t i g a t e a Barry was o/iar^ed with oper- bla/ed away from C»pe Kennedy potential astronaut l a n d i n g -si'e footed by space weightlessness ating an unsafe motor vehicle, at 3'57 a m F.DT vvith a camera and a m i n i a t u i c and radiation c h e m i s t r y la'o t h a t may, for the first t i m e , tell scientists w h a t elements are present in the lunar soil The planned touchdown -ir'-a is in the Sea of T r a n q u i l i t y 21 m i l e s from the Crater Moltke. The two-shol spectacular s t a r t e d at (i 04 p m Thursday w h e n H i o s a t e l h t e 'i and i t s cargo of more t h a n 10 m i l l i o n insects, p l a n . s and bacteria rode a Delta rocket i n t o an orbit about 200 m i l e s above the e a r t h During three days in space, the specimens are to, g r ow. reproduce and eat to determine how biological processes are af- that has Rothenhoefer has been asked to remain on the job for several m i r e w e e k s to help Legg bivome f a m i l i a r w i t h t h e city. Rothenhoefer plans to go into t h e consulting engineering bus mess here w i t h his f a t h e r and brother Legg. a n a t i v e of West V i r g i n - ia, comes to the $1:! 00()-pe: y e a r post in Frederick a l t e r s p e n d i n g ' six y e a r s as engineer in Ocean City'. He graduated from Pittsburgh A c a d e m y in Pittsburgh, Pa . and the I n d i a n a I n s t i t u t e of '1 eehnology at F o i l W a y n e He ;i;tended ( i a u l f v Bridge h i g h school in West V i r g i n i a . and s e i v e d m t h e U S N a v y d u r i n g the Korean War Leg-i and his w i f e and six- y e a r - o l d d a u g h t e r are .-esidi:-^ t e m p o r a r i l y o n N o r t h M u k e Street extended \r\Miian IVojMTty Demolition Ordered Demolition of buildings on the N e w m a n property, purchased recently by the City of Frederick for an addition to the F.ast Patrick Street p a r k i n g lot. are to begin "immediately " Last night, the Board of Aldermen awarded a contr.ici for the demolition of the buildings to the Ford ('(instruction ( ompany of Frederick, and instructed Robert J Rothenhoefer. c i t y engineer, to see that the work begins at on T Tlie Ford f i r m bid $2,820 to tear down the two buildings, re- the debris, and grade the land to be ready for paving Paving of the ground, the f i n al step in converting the pro (Continued on Pagp 5) J a r r e l l Legg gliders mored move came at a news conference at which McNamara labeled Michigan Gov. George Romney, a Republican presidential hopeful as "blind to the truth" in accusing the Johnson Administration of misleading the public about the war. McNamara also announced: --The remaining two brigades of the 101st Airborne Division will be among the additional 45,000 men destined for the war zone by June 30. --A new Army division, the 6th Infantry, is being created in January to offset troop deployments from strategic forces based in th e United States. --The Pentagon's open- housing prograru w i l l be spread nationwide to end what he called "a shameful story of discrimination" against Negro servicemen. Housing sites near military bases which refuse to admit Negro servicemen will be placed off limits to all m i l i t a r y men in those areas McNamara bared few details about the proposed infiltration barrier other than to sav its components would range "from barbed w i r e to highly sophisticated de\ ices " The idea is not to block the sou'hward flow of enemy t r o o p s -- M c N a m a r a said t h a t can't be done -but to slow i n f i l - t r a t o r s w h i l e elec.i'onie alarms alert U S c o m m a n d e r s Mobile A m e r i c a n u n i t s could then be rushed. b% helicopter and tank t the point of i n f i l t r a t i o n . Vi Congressmen (Question JShip, Shotguns As Military Aid W A S H I N G T O N · AP ' The .·2 shotguns allocated to I r a n un- iler the m i l i t a r y assistance pro- g r a m a i e for not control not h u n t i n g or c l a v pigeon shooting. U S o f f i c i a l s And suspi- CK us congressmen w e r e told the c o n v e r t e d seaplane tender , u r n ' d over t - K t h i o p i a and m a i n t a i n e d at SHO.(KK) a vear by ." i M K ) s h o t g u n .shells in this bud t ' e t . " Conte said "That is J l . C M M i m i n d s of shotgun shells for 2 shottnms That covers a lot of c l a y pmeons Their shoulders must be black .aid blue " But H'.'in/ q u i c k l v put in t h a t t h e I r a n i a n G e n d a r m e r i e -- " l e s i ' h a n an a r m y and more than i pclice" has other shotguns and ihe a m m u n i t i o n is for all nf the U n i t e d States is a t r a i n i n g t h e m ship for the Kthiopian navy, not : yacht for Kmperor Haiie Se- l.-.ssie But it -loes have wallpaper about $124 w\rth These items got a prolonged i!omg-over at closed hearings of a House Appropriations -;uocom- inittee April .1 The censored testimony wa-; made miNic to- ·!av Defending the allocations was Vice Adm L C Hem/, director ot m i l i t r r v assistance Rep Silvio O ( onte. R-Mass . observed t h a t 20 shotguns have 'een delivered to Iran in the past 17 vears and two more are riclnded in the current budget · We delivered ifi.OOO rounds -f a m m u n i t i o n for 'hose hot, guns, and they arc asking for Rep Otto Passman. D-La suggested, "So we won't Income bored, let's sidetrack a h i t What is some of the game t h e v h a v e out there'' They have q u a i l and dove, do they not' 1 " "I do not admit that there was , n v diversion," Heinz replied. In a moment, however, Conte had him in a discussion of U S \ i r Forco t r a i l i n g using shotguns This target practice. Co'ite d i e w from Hi-inz, uses clay pigeons "That is good enough," Passman said, and ihe questioning v f n t on Hem? "This is not diversion, I sav t h i s is t r a i n i n g " Thf shotguns were described is -not type. U ga.igo. 2O-mrh barrel '' NEWSPAPER!

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