The News from Frederick, Maryland on December 4, 1951 · Page 4
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 4

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 4, 1951
Page 4
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The New*, Frederick, Md., Tuesday, December 4, INK SHE GUMPS MR. AH19 MRUL Andy Celt An Assist WHLCOMfi MR, 6UMP* I'M BRENTWOOD BRINK, -i^WOWDI' BRINK, 6ECON VICE-PRESIDENT. .7\ I'M ' AND, MORE IMPORTANT-- MR. \ WE'LL WORK BIM GUMP'S SPECIAL ADVISOR I WELL IN CAPITAL. INVESTMENTS IW AT YOUR ANP IT'S YOUR KAULT OUT ALL WEARING ou Vout? J=EET ARE NEVER WHO CAKI ·SEE UNPEK TWg TALE? Wfe ) NO. 1 VOU'C* I ONLY WEAP IT our IN VOU 64T WHEKE X'M SITTING, y PLACE HCWPTHAT MUTX AND JEFF Like All Country Boys, Thyroid Goes In For Fishio'J CHRIS WELKIN, PLANETEER Gravity Power ?irr THE EXACTLY BQUAL THE EARTHS CVKV- YCV4AY INTERCEPTING THE "PAKENT y»\P, VOU MEAN THE FUKNI-Z-HE-Z THE rue FLIGHT! Carnival i. M. BCC. U. 8 PAT, Off. COPH. mi HV NCA SERVICE. INC. Radio Star HORIZONTAL 5 Electrified 1 Depicted radio actress, McDaniel 1 She also has appeared on the 13 Speaker 14 Bullfighter 15 Biblical land 6 God ol love 7Mix 8 Outer garment 9 Railroad (ab.) 10 Lamprey 11 Before 12 Correlative of neither 10 Persian water ** Ff ench island 36 Heads (ab.) wheel 19 Fruit drink 40 Dry 18 Bry thonic god 20 Gicatri * of the sea 21 F * ner Tyndareus 49 Beverage 22 Reluctant 42 Chief priest of 50 Request "Our little son Is growing up! princess was a blonde or a brunct!" He asked me whether the fnirj ON BRIDGE JAGOBY If You Want To Win Watch All Bidding NORTH 4 4 4 2 V AQ7 * 10532 * Q 7 4 2 EAST 4 A Q 8 6 A K 1 0 9 5 3 V K 9 6 3 V | J 8 4 2 * 874 4 J96 4106 «8 SOUTH(D) A J 7 V 1 0 5 * A K Q A A K J 9 5 3 North-South vul. South West North East 1* Pass 2* Pass 3* Pass 3V Pass 5 * Pass Pass Pass Opening lead--+ 6 By OSWALD JA'COBY Written For NEA Service A strong contingent of Canadian players usually attends our national bridge tournaments, and this year the Canadians will undoubtedly turn out in large numbers since the scene of the national championship is Detroit. The hand shown today was bid and played by two Canadian experts in our 1949 national cham- · pionshlp, and it has stayed in my mind for two years because of the very neat bidding point involved. At rnost tables South decided to risk a contract of three n trump. North usually raised clubs, and South then took the plunge in the hope that the opponents would . open the' wrong suit or that even their opening lead would not give thenx more than four immediate tricks. Whenever three no-trump was tried, it went down. A spade opening was pretty automatic from either side of the table, and it always provided five immediate tricks to set the three no-trump ' contract. At one table, Mimi Roncarelli, of Montreal, held the South hand and decided to try for game by making the invitational bid of three clubs John Wiser, also of Montreal, responded with three hearts to show the location of his side strength. . This was a highly informative bid--not only for what it said but also for what it failed to say. Wiser promised heart strength with his bid, but he also denied spade strength. If he had held strength in two suits, he would have gone to three no-trump instead of three hearts. Miss Roncarelli saw the handwriting on the waU. Her partner saitf he had no spade strength; and she had pone inkier own hand. A 1 no-trump contract, was clearly a bad gamble. Hence she bid the finme in clubs instead. The defenders misht hrive taken two spade tricks, but. West ninde the somewhat understandable openinp of a trump. Now declarer could draw trumps, cash the top diamonds and cuter dummy with a trump to discard a spade OH the established ten of diamonds. Later on. the success of the heart finesse gave declarer twelve tricks for* a well-earned top. Know America Today's Anniversaries J816--Benjamin Silliman, eminent Yale Univ. chemist, son of a famous Yale scientist, burn in New Haven. Died Jan. .14. 1885. 1818--William W. Loring, noted Mexican War Soldier, Confederate general, Egyptian Army head after the Civil War, born in Wilmington, N. C. Died in New York, Dec. 30. 1886. 1818--John Le Conte, physicist, noted professor-president of the Univ. of Georgia, born in Liberty Co.. Ga. Died April 29, 18!H. 1845--John A, Cockerill, journalist, the old New York World's fighting editor, born in Adams Co., Ohio. Died April JO, 1896. L855--William J. Henderson, eminent New York music critic, born in Newark, N. J. Died June 5, 1937. 1861--Lillian 'Russell, celebrated comic opera star and stage beauty, born in Clinton, Iowa. Died June 6, 1922. Today In History '83--Gen. Washington bids farewell to the officers of the Army of the Revolution at New York's Faunce's Tavern--tears moistened the eyes of all as each bade him farewell in turn. 1867--The National Grange, Patrons of Husbandry, organized by Department of Agriculture em- ployes in Washington, 1915--Henry Ford's "Peace Ship," to "get the boys out of the trenches bv Christmas," sails from New York. 1925--Some 600,000 home-seekers found encamped in" Florida. 1932--First band of hunger-marchers some 25,000 men. women and children, arrive in Washington. 1945--U. S. Senate votes America's full and active participation in . the United Nations. 1946--John L. Lewis and United Mine Workers fined for contempt of court. 1 9 4 7 -- U. S. Attorney-General makes public list of some 90 organizations labeled as being disloyal. 1948--China asks United States aid for a three-year program estimated at some $3 billion. 1950--$3 billion plan for civil defense goes to Congress. Today's Birthdays Fowler B. McConnell, president of Sears Roebuck, Chicago, born at Upper Sandusky, Ohio, 57 years 19 Declares 21 Poet 24 Solicitude 28 Bacchanals' cry 29 Class of birds 33 Trial 30 Scatter 31 Lease 32 Allowance for ' waste 34 Born 35 Domestic stave 3J Massive 37 Soaks flax 38 Opine 39 Her an a comedienne are limitless 46 Note in Guido's scale 48 Renovate 49 Oriental porgy 52 Hot 54 Sagest SB Nation 57 Cringes 23 Rat a shrine 25 Thoroughfare 43 Tidings 26 Renounce ' 44 Double 27 Venerate »5 And so forth (ab.) ago. James Russell Wiggins, managing editor of the Washington (D. C.) Post, born Luverne, Minn., 48 years ago. Vice Admiral Donald B. Bftary You DON'T BEL THAT H6 COMES DOWN HE COMES AROUND EVERY CHRISTMAS EV£ AND HE COMES DOWN THE CHIMNEY 1 .' I PUT FISHHOOKS IN THE THYROID, AIM T YOU IN BED YET? DON'T YOU SANTA O.AUS MIGHT BE WATCH IN' THE CHIMNEY DO YOU? 60NNA f FIND ) UJ"' / E*9/ BOOTS AND HEX BUDDIES Magician Wanted MO-SV ONOSONL Answer to Previous Puzzle 46 African worm 47 Scottish alder BUGS BUNNX Handy Valisa 51 Belongs to It 53 Ancestor of Pharohs 35 Symbol for selenium FRECKLES AND BOH FKIENHH WEEPERS/Mow LONG- BEFORE -VOUTJH our OF HOCK T3 AND THIS LAMP WE" ]VOU SHOULO'v/e BROKE TURNED our Tb SEEN MRS- BE A VALJJABte ANTIQUE/ I HEY. MAYBE JANEF COULD eer HER. GBAMNr TO SHORTEN OUR SENTENCE/ WAY TO SHORTEN THAT IS TO JAKE OUT THE WORDS LIKE SMASH, BANG AND CRASH CLABBER, pop 1 Scuttle 2 Brazilian macaw 3 Light brown Size of shot Clea n Up. Ma* COPB. 1951 BY MCA SCRVICg. INC. T. M. DEC. U. S. PAT/OFF Call In The Nighi NAME WA HAMILTOM SCRISE. INSPECTOR 6ROWL. AN AUTHOR. AND HALF AN HOUR LATER A (SUILTY CONSCIENCE IS AWAKENED. YEAH, I USED TO READ AAV5TERIE5-. LET'^ ET THE APARTMENT PEOP1-E. THIS- IS THS SWITCHBOARD, MR. PEEDER. THE POLICE ARE ON THE LINE WAKE FEEDER, AMD REMEMBER/ YOU'RE A MURDERER NOW/ MAYBE Fine Intentions /HOLD ON, WALDO! DON'T PUT ANY MONEY IN THAT THING! I KNOW MY RIGHTS' THEV CAN'T MAKE US PAY FOR PARKINe WE PAID FOR THESE STREETS IN OUR TAXES! WE WONT PAY FOR THEM AGAIN! WELL' I GUESS WE TOLD HIM!! orn Helena, Mont, 63 years ago. actress-singer, said a number of other applicat- stamps have not been issued yet. Names are not available until stamps are issued. OUR BOARDING HOUSE OfT OUEflMT -HAR?E6At, HOW OF THS ACT X SAS'vI IM A LOMDOM MU61C rtALL-*-T FQR.~Jji TROUBLE i5 GCT TrtE ^jo^c, SOT rr U/A'S ^ o MANJY HILARIOUS -- AUO TvAS OTHEF? COMEDIAN'S HAT WQJT^f 6T HURT ///; TM - ^,. FALLiNi" flff(/W/. 5T(?A\SIAT Upy \ ItiTO Tril6 IS -STUFF. YOU'LL HAVE TO 3O UP AMD GET \ THE BEST OF IT/? ru. CSG so FAR AMD wo IM AW POCKETS ·so-THEY SHOPPING DAYS TO CHRISTMAS Labor disgraces no man, but occasionally you find a man who born Winnipeg, Canada, 29 years ago. Maj. Gen. Frank D. Merrill, retired. of rauders" fame, born at Woodville, Mass., 48 years ago. Elbridge W. Palmer, president of the Kingsport Press. Tennessee. born at Meredith, N. H., 65 years j ago. Dr. Robert G. Storey of Dallas, Tex., dean of the Law School of Southern Methodist University, born, at Greenville, Tex., 58 years ago. Today's Horoscope Today's native will be 'passionate and probably compassionate. The mind may be given to the gratification of the senses or the pushing of a selfish -idea, possibly to a degree that will render it finally delusive. There seems to be some ambition for position and wealth, mainly for selfish reasons, and yet there is a good heart underneath. GET GAMBLING STAMPS BALTIMORE, Dec. 3 (A*)--Two more Baltimoreans have been issued Federal gambling tax stamps, the Internal Revenue Bureau here reported today. The stamps were issued to Jack Greenspon and Louis Martin. Costing $33.34 each, the stamps are a tax on gambling as an occupation and not a license to operate. Nine Marylanders have received the stamps which were supposed to be taken out by Dec. 1. R. Austin Siir.mi, chief Mt *· ,'SPAPERf

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