Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on July 13, 1961 · Page 10
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 10

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 13, 1961
Page 10
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Eight HOPE STAR, HOPE, AKKANiAS Thursday, July 13, 1961 This Farm Produces Rich Return BY BILL HARRISON Folks Returned His Currency KANSAS CITY, Knn. (AP) — Wind wrecked .John McKinley's j house last Wednesday night. Also blown iiwjiy was $850 currency wliicli McKinley had hidden between the ceiling'and ;i furnace PETALUMA, Calif. (AP)-Thcy ipipc. He had hoped to use the feed the cows white bread; pay the farm hads nothing. j) 1P y ' money for iuldiliomil construction 'on the house. The McKinleys found about $165 Need fathered these practices !() f U K , money in the wreckage. At and. the strange farm itself— the' least five other persons returned simple, stark need of empty stom-, Schs aching for food. But the i produces far more than l food. Its richest return man spirit. various sums as they were found. All bul $100 lias been recovered. McKinley. a car clerk for a railway, said Monday: "We real• ly appreciate the honesty of those who have brought the money to Wants to Foot All Health Bill By DWIGHT PITIKIN Chrysler and American Motors in current labor contract negotiations. In negotiations at Ford Tuesday the union bargaining, team demanded a higher level of pension He Fought Over f hot Bottle LOS ANGELES (AP) - They've grounded high-flying Joseph New- •kirk vVho brandished a knife after benefits coupled with optional; nn airline stewardess relieved 1 Scientists Study Variety of Things statistics down me middle, you'd I which may have been the css|> find the median age for grooms tial life -beginnings on earth. was 22.8 years, for brides 20.3 J TJAY SHtFT Scientists can now lake pictures years. These .. , . , ,. | ftgures show said the , ^ f()Ckets and mis . siles ' early retirement at age GO. DETROIT (API — Tlie United :•-It also proposed a lump-sum pay* Auto Workers Union o'umandcd I rnent upon retirement and pension today that General Motors Corp. take over the full cost of health care .insurance for 310.0M UAW members in GM plants. .' The union also asked that the provisions for workers' widows. In resuming negotiations at Chrysler Tuesday the union demanded changes in the contract to prevent supervisory personnel company place :!4.000 retired | from taking over the jobs of hour- Byrd Ticket Sweeps Al! Virginia The farm hands, most of them, us." had taken an economic bolting in! San Francisco. 50 miles to the south. In comeback tries they'd fnefc only closed doors, averted eyes and "sorry, no." The reasons the men hit hot- j torn? The bottle sometimes. Plain bad luck in many cases. They \ hadn't been in California long I enough to qualify for official aid.! HICI]MO ND. Va. (AP) - The That left them San Francisco's ! Byrd organization ticket, led by Skid row or its fringes, and one i ..\lbertis S. Harrison Jr. for gov- free meal a day at the St. An- i ( . niol -. scored a sweep in Tues- thony dining room. j clay's state Democratic primary Father Alfred Boeddeker. Fran- '• in Virginia. ciscan priest who foundede and di- J The durable conservative fac- rects St. Anthony's, says the"farm ! lion of Sen. Harry F. Byrd that grew from the needs of the din- i has dominated the slate's politi- ingi room. \ cal scene for more than 30 years \Vhen a woman asked him to \ convincingly turned back the most find, someone to run a 10-acrc ! determined challenge it has faced hourly workers and their dependents under the hospital-surgical- medical program. Workers pay the full cost of medical cure insurance upon retirement. The company and employes shufc the cost on a 50-50 basis during active employment. Similar demands to expand the health made ly workers. James B. Carey, president of the International Union of Electrical Workers, showed up Tuesday for the resumption of talks with General Motors on a new contract to cover 24,000 employes represented by thc IUE in GM appliance plants. Thc talks had been in recess since the union's him of his whisky flask. He was sentenced to 90 days in thc county jail Monday for drunk- bureau, that young folks getting ^ d d ' aylight _ pictures that I married for the first time a™ j once could only ho taken at night. The pictures, which can be transmitted directly to indoor ! younger and closer in age • in the By tHE ASSOCIATED PRESS i United Stales than in any com- A look at love and marriage in j parable nation. the United States, a bloodhound, on the moon and a new daylight' LUNAR BLOODHOUND screens, can be viewed conlimf- ously - thanks to the Facet-Eye enness and disturbing the peace, camera for planets. Newkirk fiO a janitor was taken off a Chicago to Los An-1 With a deadly weapon. Washington Is Out r BIG HORN Wyo. (AP) — The folks in Washington can scrap m|( of the LOVE AND MARRIAGE Last year more American men i married at age 21 than at any other age, and more women married at age 18, says the Population Reference Bureau. box that will hound on the moon's soil for traces of life and chemicals. The device—which will be shot in ixcici yiltju lilliuau. i • f If you sliced the 19GO marriage! 1 " tnc moon in 1!JB3 as P art of 1 the U.S. Surveyor space craft — down small grocery store. | samples of the moon's soil and their plans for a new post office j T | loy a ,i v j s(!C ] t ), e s t a (o'.s con-' rc P°'' 1 baclt wna t chemicals it building in this northern Wyoming community, thanks. say they like things just as they grcssional delegation of their opinions. Thc lawmakers in turn Big Horn's 100 hardy residents asked thc Post Office Department finds. It will look for certain carbon chemicals associated with life to cancel its call for bids on thc | chemicals which have already meteorites, and Holloman Air Force Base. N.M. The catnea has already viewed Vends and Jupiter — and may make practical the 24-hour observation by. visual means of satellites and rockets in space. It uses 19 long-barreled telescopes each focused on a single point in the sky — and superimposes <r>e image on another. It thus obtains the magnification of one large telescope, but gets clear images in daylight by reducing the amount of stray light. >" modern times. Harrison. 54. who resigned thc fartn five years ago, an inspiration hit Father Alfred. Why not buy the farm and raise food for office of attorney general to run the dining room? • for the top spot, defealed A. E. S. "You've been 'a farmer?" the ! St ? hll " s - 60 ' lh ? p . rcs f nt surprised woman asked. Father ant governor, who broke with the Bvrd forces to strike out on his Alfred, born in San Francisco 57 years ago, has been a scholar - i °™ ominat(?d witn Hal ,. ison werg his studies included two years in home—a leacher, a pastor, never a farmer. But neither had he run a dining room before he was assigned to the St. Boniface parish in 1949. So the farm was bought. "For & song," Father Alfred says without giving figures. It proved too email and its clay soil too poor to help much. But -Father Alfred still felt the idea was sound and the Franciscans bought a 65-acre ranch nearby "for another song, compared to its worth." At the dining room, men often ask to go to the farm. They go if there's an opening. They stay a day, a month, a year or much longer. To go or to stay is entirely their decision, and a ride back to the city is available almost daily on the farm supply truck. The men get three meals a day. a bed, tobacco and personal necessities such as soap and razor blades. Like the dining room, the farm has no fees, no questions, no sermons. And there is no salary for chores. The seller of the larger farm, John Messer, slayed on at a salary to supervise the growing dairy his running mates. Mills E. Godwin Jr. for lieutenant governor and Robert Y. Bullon for attorney general. Both are now slale senators. They won by slightly smaller margins, over State Sen. Armistead L. Boothe and T. Munford Boyd. a law professor at .the University of Virginia, respectively. Criminal Charge Is Proper Way LITTLE ROCK (AP) — An attorney general opinion to Lee County Sheriff Courtney Langston of Marianna Tuesday said proper course of action againsl an automobile graveyard too near l a paved highway is through a criminal charge. A 1955 state law pro- h i b i t s automobile graveyards within 1,000 feet of a paved highway and provides a maximum fine of S100 for each day of violation. Protest Rally CAPE TOWN, South Africa (AP>— A thousand Negroes and whites staged a protest rally Monday night against a government ban on the South African colored convention in Cape Town last weekend. herd, now 230 head including „, ,. , . .. . . calves. There's also a paid fore- t . Takmg P a * '" the demonstra- man on each farm. ^ onh wer f _ the * oman .. Ca *? hc . <_, bishop of Cape Town, the Most The cows, mostly Holsteins. are | Rev Owen McCa nn. and a former fed bread instead of .bran mash. Why? Stale loaves hauled from city bakeries cost $24 a ton; bran chief justice, H. A. Fagan. More than 200 delegates to the banned convention meanwhile met runs about $74. The cows thrive in a farm shed 45 miles from and their production stays up. j Cape Town and issued a call lo Father Alfred says already 500 j all South Africans to get together men have gone from the farms "in the near future" and hold a to outside jobs. non-racial national convention. Even In Summer! Vi cup chunk-style peanut butter 1 cup milk YM, even in the hottest weather it's best to serve one warm or hot food at each meal. This practice contributes to good digestion ••d a feeling of well being. For example, if a chilled fruit galad •nd iced beverage are planned for the mid-day meal, some type of hot bread would provide the needed temperature balance. Homemade muffins are always good and peanut butter ones are different aad especially tempting. Peanut Butter Muffing 2 cups gifted flour % cup margarine 2 tablespoons sugar 1 tablespoon baking powder J4 teaspoon salt 2 egg* Sift flour, sugar, baking powder and salt together into mixing bowl. Make well in center. Beat eggs until foamy. Melt margarine and peanut butter in small sauce pan. Add to eggs and stir in milk. Pour into well in dry ingredients and stiv, lightly and quick* ly, just until flour mixture is moistened. Batter should be lumpy. Pour into greased muffin pans, filling cups % full. Bake in 425°F. (hot) oven, 25 minutes. Serve warm. Makes 10 to 12 BBfdhiin- •zed muffins. Fruit Salad Dressings Try one of these dressings to turn a combination at feoHi !• •taaon into a very special salad. PEANUT MAYONNAISE: Combine 2 tablespoon* chunk- •tyle peanut butter and 1 teaspoon grated lemon rind. Gradually blend in 1 cap of real mayonnaise. Makes 6 to 8 serving*. FLUFFY ORANGE MAYONNAISE: Blend % cup real may- TB"»i*f with Vi cup orange juice, 1 teaspoon grated orann rind •tti VA teaspoons confectioner's sugar. Beat 1 egg white until •aft pM0 form when beater i* raiaed, fold in mayonnaist mixture. ilakat 8 to 10 servings. CUBRANT-NUT MAYONNAISE: Beat Vi cup currant jelly with rotary beater until smooth. Gradually blend in 1 cup of real mayonnaise. Mix in 3 tablespoons chopped nuts. Makw 8 to 10 atrvingi. with the post office operating opening presentation June 29. VALUES EVERY WEEK LE SUEUR WHOLE KERNEL EXTRA SPECIAL MILD AND MELLOW EIGHT O'CLOCK COFFEE 1-lb. Bag 3-lb. Bag CHRIS & PITTS HOT OR MILD Barbecue Sauce 3 PLAIN OR SELF-RISING "MIX OR MATCH" Robin Hood Flour A&P FROZEN VEGETABLES 5-lb. Bag 39' MINUTE MAID PINK OR PLAIN Fordhook Limas Baby Limas Cauliflower • • 1611,0^06 2vs35« DETERGENT SAIL Gt. Size... 49c 28-oz. Btl LIQUID CLEANER MR. CLEAN 69c CLEANSER COMET 7 14-oz. Size .... 33c AUTO. WASHER DEL PRODUCE SPECIALS LARGE WATERMELONS CANTALOUPES ££». PURPLE HULL PEAS SEEDLESS GRAPES FREESTONE PEACHES 2 Each Each Lb. Lb. Lbs. 69c 25c 15c 29c 29c Lemon Pie -39c JANE PARKER Blackberry Pie ,.45c JANE PARKER Angel Food ............. «35c JANE PARKER DANISH Pecan Ring «39c JANE PARKER POPPY SEED Vienna Bread 2^,33c JANE PARKER GLAZED Donuts.j&37c s»27c JANE PARKER ASST. SANDWICH Creme Cookies »,39c Fruit Pies I I HI I I lUO °- • Coconut Custard ............ Each Ann Page Made with "SUPER-RIGHT" QUALITY HEAVY BEEF "COOKOUT STEAKS" "ECONOMY CUTS" "SUPER-RIGHT" HEAVY BEEF "SUPER-RIGHT" HEAVY BEEF DASH 9-lb., 13-oz. 42.29 LIQUID DETERGENT JOY file LIO'JID DETERGENT IVORY 22-ai. Size .file DETERGENT DREFT Gt. Size.. 77c DETERGENT TIDE Gt. Size.. SIRLOIN STEAK J9< CHUCK POT ROAST .39* "SUPER-RIGHT" HEAVY BEEF BONELESS "SUPEMtlGHT" HEAVY BEEF CTnilMCAT ClV T-BONE STEAK J9< STEW MEAT b M .VY BEEF STRIPS J1 59 kVY BEEF RIB STEAK... J9< GROUND BEEF "SUPER-RIGHT" HEAVY BEEF "SUPER-RIGHT" HEAVY BEEF PLATE STEW MEAT "SUPER-RIGHT" HEAVY BEEF Pillsbury Flour Margarine Ketchup Cookies "3* off- Plain or Self-Rising. 5-lb. ..Bag Mb. Corn Oil ; Ctn. Ann Page Tomato Nabisco Oreo 1-lb. Creme Pkg. Instant Milk White Houi* 45* 29* 35* 39* 59* Peanut Butter s. »z 59* "SUPEU-RIGHT" HEAVY BEEF Top Round Steak >J9< "SUPEMUGHT" HEAVY BEEF SWISS OH Bottom Round , 79< "SUPEI-RIGHT" HEAVY BEEF Rump Roast - , 69< "SUPE*-mGHT" HEAVY »EEF KID N03SI 4th, Jlh i 6lh Rib. ......... Ib *t*J^ CAP'N JOHN'S FROZEN Fried Fish Sticks :29< CAP'N JOHN'S FROZEN Ocean Perch Fillets "SUPER-RIGHT" SLICED, SKINLESS Beef Liver ,, 39< "SUPER-RIGHT" All Meat Franks 2 C0 c "SUPER-RIGHT" THICK Sliced Bacon ^95* FROZEN Chicken Sara Lee v 59* CAP'N JOHN'S FROZEN Flounder Fillets ^. 45< CAP'N JOHN'S FROZEN Haddock Fillets ^ Pork Y Beans IlJtaB* Can Vl^wwNV \vWf1 10* Pag. "•* CM •V NABISCO JWNKflT Ritz Crackers !.fe":37c lot Cream Mlx.J$K15e CHEF-BOY-AR-DEE Beefaroni DASH BALLARD or PILLSBURY Dog Food 2^i33c UNCLf UN'S Biscuits 3 c. 8 ;;29c Long Grain Rice-. M & 53c * FRANCO AMERICAN MEATBALLS ANN l»Afii Spaghetti . I5l/ c° a n25c Kidney Beans 5% lOc VIENNA SAUSAGE ARMOUR'S 2 ££ .................... 45c PAPER NAPKINS ZEE 9 L, of 80 POTTED MEAT ARMOUR'S 2 NO.I/J Cans... 37c WAX PAPER ZEE 200-ft. 07 p Roll 0/1 LIQUID DETERGENT CHIFFON file PAPER TOWELS ZEE Jumbo Roll BALL REG. MOUTH PINT JARS GARBAGE BAGS ZEE 39c ALUMINUM FOIL REYNOLDS I2"x25' Roll 33C DETERGENT CHEER Giant Size... . 75c TOILET TISSUE ZEE A Rolls in Pkg., 35c DETERGENT OXYDOL Giant Size 77c

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