The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas on July 3, 1956 · Page 8
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The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas · Page 8

Baytown, Texas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 3, 1956
Page 8
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.'8 JElfr Hailfiiinit Tuesday, July 3. 195<i Murray-Go-Round By TOM MURRAY Hammer Tigers, 7-0 Yankees Jump Into Teen Lead Traylor Calls Marcontel, "Great" BAYLOR not only picked one of the state's finest guards, hence one of its most underrated, in Baytown's Cleo Proctor, but a determined workhorse as well. Early last week the 200-pound rock-'em-soek-'em Proctor was barrellin' up and down the Gander practice field in a broilin' hot sun. He's gonna make a fine him!: of grid machinery before departing Baylor's rustic campus. Dovle Traylor isn't shy when describing Cedar Bayou's Jerry Marcontel. "He's gonna' be a great football player," the bullet-passing blond exclaimed. "He's big, he can move . . . he's just a fine foot- bail player!" Now they're putting the Dave Sime injury blame precisely where it belongs . . . at the feet of his bewildered and inexperienced coach. Why biame the boy's mentor for an injury? Every track coach, even in hot-water leagues, knows the Olympic 200 meters is run around a curve. Yet Sime's Duke tutor repeatedly sent his redhead after 220-yard world records, down the straightaway. Sime had never competed in track until arriving at Duke and then had to be talked into competing. The kid wa.s as out of place running the curve as Reel Riding Hood in a hot-rod race. Seven times in the last month Sime shot for a 220 -record, seven times he shunned the curve. By his own admission, it was the Duke star's heartbreak over losing the 100-meter NCAA spectacular to Abilene Christian's jet-propelled Bobby Morrow which caused him to pull a leg muscle. So determined was he to beat Morrow in the 200 a little later, the New Jersey lad strained everything in his body on that Edwards Stadium curve. Like the usher was saying. "He shouldn't oughter done it!" Brooks, Braves To Tour Texas? RUMOR from the East has the Brooklyn Dodgers and Milwaukee Braves making a barnstorming tour through Texas next spring . . . perhaps the Boston Braves, too. Saturday the University of Tex?..- signed Jay Arnette. 6-3 Austin McCaiium All-State basketball and baseball By TOM Mt'KKAV Sun Sports Editor Optimist Senior League loaders? It's nobody but the Bayshore Motor Yankees, loser in seven of eight first-half contests;, who opened the second-half with a resounding 7-0 thrashing of strong Hollaway Tigers al Oiler Park .Monday night. And they did it the difficult wny. boating James Lansford, ono of the entire organization's premier hurl- ers, tagging the. crafty little right- hander for nine solid hits. While Bayhore bats were awakening and the Hollaway defense was collapsing, Tom Rushing fired a sparkling one-hitter to sub- duo Tiger power and collar his shutout. In the second game, Cal Hartrick's Klks Dodgers repented their opening night performance, stopping ,). C. nickel-staffs Optimist Giants, <S-G, us regular center-fielder Kay Bradbury pitchcd an eiirht-hiller. Tuesday First-half Senior League Champion Culpeppcr Indians meet Bob Knlbitz' third-place Scarborough Red Sox in the second game of a double-bill. Cab Galloway's First-half Junior League Champion Lion Cvibs meet the Kiwnnis Braves in the 6 p.m. opener. Quite naturally the second-half standings will be knotted following Tuesday's play with two teams in each loop knotted for first and last. With ::11 due respect to |,«ns- foril, who was not having one of his tatter nights, the entire Kiiilt for the Tiffcr loss is not heaped upon his sturdy little shoulders. His defense leaked for six glaring errors, including three dropped fly-balls, only one of the seven Yank runs of the earned variety. But that is all Rushing needed the way he was firing. The well-built right-hander not only choked off the Tiger attack with one safety but led Yank hitters with two hits in three trips, and scored a run. Joe Esquivel singled into right for the lone Tiger hit in the fourth. The Dodgers CHUM; from a, 4-3 deficit in the fifth with five hi* runs on four base-hits to wrap up the Giant game. Chuck Saunders wa.s the loser. Center-fielder Doug Bell and Catcher Chuck Franklin had two for four to pace Dodger hitting. Jerry Walters, who played three defensive positions, collected two- for-three to pace the Giants. Frank Nichols had two [or four. Kl'ippstein Hot. .. Redlegs Looking Tough In Lead OOPS! player. Arnette compete in the North-South High School All-Star ba.sketbail game at Lubboek in August. Don't look now but Fort Worth's Lorin McMullen claims the National League Ail-Star ballot was stuffed when those five Cincinnati Redlegs were named to the team facing the American. Leaguers Wednesday. The Star-Telegram sports editor says a marked ballot was run in a Cincy newspaper with fans clipping and mailing thousands. The poll had been regulated by thf Chicago Tribune under the guidance of the late Arch Ward. With Ward's death the Windy City paper refused to count the votes. At IS years and six months UT.'s Eddie Southern is the baby of Uncle Sam's 1956 Olympic team but could bring back a gold medal from Australia. His one-yard defeat to Glenn Davis. Ohio State's great world-record holding 400-meter hurdler, proves it. Had Southern not chopped his stride at the last hurdle, the former Dallas schoolboy sensation would've won. "I had already resigned myself to a second-place finish. Eddie was setting such a torrid pace." said Davis shortly after his victory. "But when he clipped his stride on the last hurdle it let me catch up and I came on in to win.'' The handsome Southern admitted his terrific pace had tired him perceptibly at the finish. But. not without reason, he claimed to be the happiest loser in the Los Angeles Coliseum. His 49.7 also broke the world record. By CAKL Li'NnqUlST United I'ress Sports Writer Cincinnati's muscle-men looked more menacing than ever today from their first place perch in the National League race because risht-handeii pitching star Johnny Kfippstein apparently is back on the beam. There is a gnawing fear among National League managers that if the Redlegs acquire just a little more pitching they can suddenly turn the wild pennant scramble into a cake-walk. With Kiippstein clicking thai could be the difference. Monday night in a showdown rattle with Milwaukee for first place. Cincinnati's sluggers for the most part were silenced. The only homer was by Milwaukee's Bobby Thomson. But Klipp?tein. turning in his her: performance in almost a month heli! Milwaukee 1 to eight hit? »r.i\ struck o-.U six including two whr-n tht v Braves threatened in the ninth, ar.d sonninely earned Al'-Stnr center one of Cincin- single and the fumble by third after Be.H had times. He now has a 7-4 mark. The third place Dodgers los' ground when the Giants scored ; f>-2 triumph on the strength o; homers by Willie Mays and BUS Sarni and run-producing extra base hits by Jackie Bnuicit and Bil White.' Allan Worthington gained his fourth victoiy with relief help from Hoyt Wil'helm. The. Giants moved from eighth to sixth place with the, victoi-y. rnrdon. bu( our slip was show- in IT, aituiiil Fridivy the finnl first-half Optimist Tcen-As;i> Leasuo base- hall standings were run on The Sun sporls page. "High niathiMimtics*' thri'w us for a loss. When it was over we had Cab Calloway's Lions Club Cubs and Klks Dodgers lying for (ho first-half Junior .League litlc with 5-3 records. Truth is the Cubs were undisputed elumips with a fi-2 credit ami Cal Jtarlrick's Dodgers run- ncrup at 5-3. Our apologies to all concerned. \\'(-'rc i-nteriiijf Ashbel Smith come September to bone up on udciin' and subtractin'l SPORTSMAN TO AWARD TROPHY TO FISHERMAN The Bert Wheeler Award for the best all-around fisherman in the Freeport Jaycee Fishing Fiesta starting July 4 through July S, has hern announced by Bob Whittle, thn tournament publicity choir- ma n, '•\V'i. feel this beautiful four foot trophy will add a Jot of incentive to Fiesta fisherman this year and in the rears to come," Whittle Sox And Cub Pitchers Highlight LL Action l^f Kff The Wheeler Trophy will be judged on a percentage basis against the latest recognized world and Texas' fishing- records. Whittle announced the Wheeler Trophy rules as follows: 1. All per.sons must be registered in the Freeport Jaycee Fishing Fiesta. 2. AH rules of the Fiesta (as published in the 1956 brochure) must be followed. '.',. All fish listed in the official "Winning Catches" list in thu brochure shall be eligible except gafftop. crab, aiuf croaker. 4. The winner will be the person whose catch comes closest to the world's record catch (by weight) percentage-wise. For example, the world's record for any fish divided into the weight of the contestant's catch of the same fish. The percentage will be carried to two decimal points. a. In case of a tic, the first registered catch will be the winner. ANCHOR FENCE Gateway to a Secure Home Anilinr Fences Are Built to Withstand the Klcmeiits installed by Builders of Fences for Over 50 Years FKEE ESTIMATES 3« MONTHS TO PAT Thad P. Fenebn Phone 3-140!) 100 Gresham Gus Bell, th'" fiedcr, cirovo in nati's runs with a other scored on a baseman Thomson Upsets Spark Crosby's LL Moravians And Baptists Score Wins sci i;r) xh<n rally with a single. Kiippstein. outshining Milwaukee southpaw Warren Spahn. hadn't won ". game since June S. Since then he had tried four previous times for his seventh victory. iosiiic twice and being knocked O'.;l of the box the other Yankees Maintain Lead In Anahuac Liftle Loop Race Th-: "Yanks Icept a tight gnp on their first place spot in the Anahuac Little League Monday night by taking an 1S-5 victory over the Red Sox "and the Tigers moved into a second place tic with ihe Red So:-: by whipping the cellaritc In- diar.s.'n-n. \ pitchers were David U':!cnv for the? Yanks and Charles Ranviy for th,? Tigers. Jack Ternok w;t5 the losing Indian, and Bubba \Van'iu:.-:k took the loss for the Red Sox. leading Yankee hitters were Frankin Hargrave with a double and Larry Wolf with a triple. Russ»! with •'.( Ezer triple. paced Red end with t:u- Civcr. Moravians daub;.:-, and a ;::-.gie for the Bar- L Kr.-i ihr. Baplists ho'cing two very iim. Oav;,] Br.unica.-h coubi-j T led by shared P.irh- r. and hitting EU-p ciostr to the i«.-agv:i.-!«-a'J:r.i.; M"lhod..sti hy wnippinj.' th<;rn ;•>; thf? ric-iv ., -Hmms.'* Czech >'or;iv;;ir... \\ J;;H> j^r..k nil twi jiome rur.:-' for Ih" wir.ncrf Tfam W L •.vhilr- Ken Losi&k VO'. I Wo KinglfE -'•»•: t:':0-'j;.-'uS ................ ? 5 lor th. ; Methodists, rx<-" : n Moravians ..... ....:! 2 Lincoln Ki:sorr achieved '-he Ca.:ho!i:::< ................. 'l 3 ivin for t.h' Bi'.p'.ins. h;.:t was as- 5aptis:s .................. .". 3 By JOIfV CH.VXDi.KK Danny Loiiirncre of the KEI-" Red So\- and Jionnie Klnch of fho Kotnry C'uhs both pitched two-hit liull in MomiayV Little League play, as Ihr SHY downed the Wilkic Indians. •,:-», sind Ilic Cubs blasted the \\'i"st Loop ohampionship winning Bayshorc ^Motors Vankeo. s-1. Mickey Rcilly got the Indian loss and Pat Sappington was handed the Yank defeat. Wayne Bell and Tommy Roberts were the only Indians able to sneak a hit from the hot Longacrc in the first game at Jaycee park. Both Yank hits went for doubles. one each by Bill Marshall anil Steve McAfee. The Sox picked up five hits off Reilly. singles by Longacrc, Stan Cernoch, and Pat Higginbothatn, and two solid doubles by short- jstori James Kelly. The hit-happy Cubs gathered in nine tags, all .•jingles. Tuoter Watson and John Pcct brought in Uvo hits each for the night. Robert Dunuway, Eddie Ci>- mcauv. Kluch, Grow .I-'crRU- *on. and Walter Heckler added to the hit list, with thf other singles, Lou Gehrig Acfion Ends On Saturday Next Saturday night will ring down the curtain on the Lou G'i'n- rig Loop, which has been in action since May 14. In « C p.m. fray at .laycoc Little League Park, the Citizens State Bank Oriole-? \yill clash with the Riiybornc Johnson Pirates. The Citix.cns Bank Braves will t-oilide with the Pan! I'rinf:..; White Sox in thf second g;im<> <.>f the night and the final Clehrig tilt of the year, Li'nter Alffti'd, i.'Onimi.vsinne!' of the le;i^Ur. reports that playoffs v.-il! be held in Jnyece Park as HOO:I IIH Little L":iRUP jiinyoffs nry Th" CVnsus Lha. thorn will thousand years of -ig :i:;ri-'iu csluiiato' be 2fi million. 500 Americans over 64 " in the year liOOO. AMtTIUj; CHKVKOLfT ni. IK. ,'in ' \\ . Main. rh"»- : I'OK MKS. FT;iM.MA\— Mr*. Sum IVrl- i I^.''.» ( 'In \ r*rli't !»*•} ,\it- fuiir-fl'to)' >ednrt \((!i her ».nn t t;ib \\;t!drt[>. »>x\ rt*« ill'- five V\ aldrip :ilx. <n\ n» ;> l!(.">li ( 1 lie\rolet — :t in ihe Imsiue^s. ^lr>. I'erliMnn lt;(v been user; ','('( \r>iirs »nd IIH*. lircn in (In; Iif|iinr lm>iiie>.s iIuriiiK that titne. Tin- picture W;IN made in front nt Snin- Tc\ .Nil. r,, 113 .V. .Main, uliieh i* ncvl. (r, liuck TiirnorN. \Vith Mrs. I'erlin:ui In thi' pietiirr »re .Mr. rind .Mrs. Al)i l , .fnrcnkcs, loriRtimr frietu! 1 .. Mr*.. f v «T'ji)Mii lr;ided in ji f'hexrole! nn the new <trw- nl I'.uek Turner <.'lu-\rolot ('«., 115 \. .Main ami 10 I 1 ). 'I'c\;is. (Adv.i foto hv frioftnoorl Sparks are sure to fly in Tuesday night's East League games, when the Felton Giants put up everything they have against the Earthman Tigers for 'the East Loop title. The Giants need but to win that game anil they will have the championship almost cinched. In the first game, the Dittmiin Dodgers try to collect their soc- ond full win of the season when they meet the Paine Bros. Cardinals al G p.m. K 11 K Indians (003 000) 023 Red Sos (OOOOlll 1' 5 3 Reilly and Davis; Longacrc and Cernoch. HUE Yankees '00(1 100) 122 Cubs (060 20x) S 9 2 Snppington and Wcrt, McAfee; Kluch and Dunaway. Ol'E.V ALL DAY \VKDXESDAY. JULY -I SUM-TEX 5 — Package Stores — 5 SPECIALS FOR TUESDAY & WEDNESDAY VODKA 80 1'roof ........... 5th OLD STAGG Bourbon, SB Proof, ottr r STORES TO SERVE YOU *5 I — 1302 Mam. 2—ids W. M«ln. —13 N. Commerce —35U M«rktt Si, J—113 N. M«ln If You're Looking for a REAL INSURANCE BARGAIN Don't Overlook The importance of dealing with an able, experienced Hjront located rijrht, hen; in tn\vn and always readily accessible \vlio ran protect you through a company );nown for good service! Whether its insurance for your car, home, family or business . . . YOU'LL ALWAYS DO WELL WITH KERR INSURANCE AGENCY Ml Pructt Bldjc. 1'honn -'^^sm,: Statement of condition as of Close of Business JUNE 30, 1956 Assets Liabilities .$6,419,801.97 . 155,122.88 18,536.23 . 130,000.00 First Mortgage Loans Loans On Savings Accounts . . Other Loans Federal Home Loan Bank Stock Cash and Bonds 752,940.56 On Hand and in Banks $552,940.56 Government Bonds . . 200,000.00 Office Building 109,709.58 Land and Equipment (L*:; Depreciation) Other Assets 2,400.27 TOTAL $7,588,511.49 ..$6,541,313.55 Savings and Investments Advance From Federal Home Loan Bank .................... 450,000.00 Loans in Process Other Liabilities Reserves and Undivided Profits 31,439.14 6,770.68 558,988.12 Federal Insurance Reserve ,311,780.98 Contingent Reserve .. 142,407.14 Undivided Profits ....$104,800.00 TOTAL ' $7,588,511.49 Current Dividend 3Vz% Per Annum DIRECTORS A. C. Kraft C. E. Carlson W. E. Duplantis Joe Reid Henry Cathriner E. T. Arnett W. H. Reber J. W. Strickler HARRIS COUNTY FEDERAL SAVINGS & LOAN ASSOCIATION A Fed«rd Savings Institution 300 W. CfeFet DIAL 8355

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