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The Daily Register from Harrisburg, Illinois · Page 1

Harrisburg, Illinois
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Thursday, February 5, 1948
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Register Classifieds Get Results Continuously Since 1915 THE DAILY REGISTER, HARRISBURG, ILL, THURSDAY. FEBRUARY 5, 1948 NEW SERIES, VOLUME 33, NO. 185 REE ON CAUSE About Town And Country By TWIOTUEUS T. Advertising Methods in 1907 , Different Than Today ,, ()KX I.OKTY YEARS TOO or \ 1)FPT Bob Ingram was ffi- ' h i m i R h some old year '" OM %,, other n i g h t _ and came Russia TelSs Of Aid Pad With Romania Military Pact Pledges To Fight Germany Or Any Other State Kv EDWAKI) V. KOKKKTS New U. S. Anti-Inflation Drive Will Advise Home Makers How to Plars Secretary of Agriculture Works on Details Of Plan As Food Prices Hit All-Time High I5y VINCENT BUKKE i The Labor Department reported United Tress Staff Correspondent WASHINGTON, Feb. 5.-- l'.Ri-i The government was getting ready today that average retail food prices hit a new all-time high December. They were nearly 107 today to invade the kitchen and per cent above the 1935-39 average, toll hnusfiwives how to nlan their. The department said overall looci i All Reds Here Agents Foreign Power, Urges ; Clark Is Lukewarm Former German Chief In Netherlands Jumps Wall to Escape Trial NUERNBERG, Feb. 5.--l'.K-Field Marshal Johannes Blasko- Question of Communists Bock in Lap of Congress; Attorney General Has Other Suggestions to Halt Subversive Actions in hm iw" tilt \mi · \ of .1 I"'" 1 - tary pact with Romania b i n d i n g ' p . Anderson was to work out tic-[since last May. . both countries to light against at^-'t;,,^ O f tnc program at a meeting Consider Old Bills pessive -threat Irom Germany "01 , this afternoon with representatives Meanwhile. Sen. Ralph " LOST! any other state, hov about the size Soviet Foreign .Minister V. . O f producer and consumer groups, ' ders, R.. Vt., said he outside his cell in Nuernberg jail, By United Press WASHINGTON, Feb. 5.--U.E-- The question of what to do about Communists in the United States was back with Congress today. Rep. Karl E. Mundt, R., S. D., said it's time to make them stand up and be counted as agents of a foreign power. Attornev General Tom Clark was- Formal Opening of New Palace Clothing Attracts Throngs Corn, Wheat, Oats Drop Full Limit Again Capital Wonders If Temporary Or. Start Downward CHICAGO, Feb. 5--UE)--A major price decline swept the big grain exchanges today and industrial stocks at New York plunged to their -lowest level since June 2/ The price of corn, wheat, oats, dropped the full and soybeans Well-wishers streamed through limit allowed for the second day barefooted with his uhoi """hoes on. had an empty , , ' ,,,, his back containing two ,,,7,-,, it tunnels, and a bundle of 1 ""* . ,. ......«»(·»« sinnn M \ Anderson's aides foresaw a cam-' off an old bill to sponsor Molotov, in a statement on the paign in which the government will treaty, said it was directed against "fomentcrs of a new \%ar honi the imperialist camp." advise housewives what -foods to buy and may even suggest how much of thc family budget to it was announced today. n't so sure that would work be- 'todav from multiple injuries, in-1 drive subversive citizens off the inflation had tary rationing*' by restaurants lie "institutions and housewives the administration doesn't come U P ' ceding" a""crushed chest. government payroll and educate .... ....... ._ _____ . . ________ . . ,,,,,,.,! O u.s he wore a mutton chop ! Thc . trealy r u n s I0r 2 0 year* I sp-nd on food. They said an saving tt ith bean soup lining. He ,. ,,, he rcn ewed automatically | effort will be made to get shoppers , The bill with some voluntary plan for meat, ^he^ump was made just before', the public that'Communism is not I eivina " ,». · . _ ^-.»,, ~ ,i..i _-i 4,' rif.\ thrt Shiner fr\i* fhi« /»niintW east corner of the square. ther reached the The store is owned by Herman pea k an( } tn e sharp downward ''ltsv«i»lst «\*if4 l^i*» 4 tif/\ o/\no T?/i tirin . ·· + ·* * bean soup lining. He ,. ,,, he rcn ewed automatically | effort will be made to get shoppers , Te i was i n i o ved at the back of his vorv f i v e yeais unle*. it is re- Ho pass up scarce items, like some j year by Flanders and Sen. Josepn ^ hair was cut curly . nou nccd a 'year boiorc ihc e n d ) meat., in favor of cheaper, more ! R McCarthy R ,, A .is :· Io »* IgJ^ bom before his eldest .. of the jive-year term. ' thn vormnnt Rpnublican oncreu v i«rtii .v* -- Thc j was made j ust b efore, me puouc mac yommumsm a nut T Towle and his two sonSi Edwin r~-- --r - , I.^-H ii«i Blaskovitz was scheduled to go I the thing for this country. and John. Edwin, store manager, tC;.«~r«n r» ' introduced last, Q n {oj . waj . crimcs wUh 14 i IIc IS against outlawing he Com- today said the re sponse of the vis-. Dlsa *'? e on Cause ?" d Sen- Joseph. . , eaders _ ! munist party or denying it a place itors was magnificent. Traders disagree i abundant foods. drive will II n \l is Uwi I I L**~. * w a w ·»-**· VI LIU. l l * * ; * ^ - * * * *-V- » · · » · - * » » . * van Y * M » » V ji. wMM* Uothfis. Ins mother being present) In event'of aggression against .Slogans Planned -t the occasion. When last seen ! c j l n c r country, the treaty provides The new anti-inflation u ,..v, ..... ...-- ^ T,,««Hnv i Pital Jt is tne izin anu iasi ' w a s shoveling wind off the spcc ificaHy that "the other con-, bo backed by such slogans as "Beat by a subcommiUee on Tuesday^ ^ ^^ ;M steps with the m-; lracUng party w.ll immediate y h , gh costs vuth food budgets.» j The ^^ndere-McCar^y b 111 ^ ^.^ ]s the Vermo"nt Republican his standby meat rationing bill. That measure was voted down 3-2 iop NM . leaders Thc trial of the this morning while dying in the hos munist party or'denying it a place irilitarv on tnc ballots - He told tne House . » i TT A I » n _ A n4-!**t t * rve* e*r\ w\ w m i t + nn Un-American Activities committee, which has such a bill, that it would 12th%nd last war only_driye the_Cpmmuntob.under he nas ;,ho\enng wmu un. «·'"--, specincaiiy mat me OUIL-I- t u u - i o o oactteu oy SUKH siugaiu. a» wtai. j u / « ^~,.v...... --- - - - - - crimes trial to be staged nere. .ground and make them harder to OBCHouse steps with the in-" lrac ti n{ . party will immediately high costs uith food budgets." . The Flanders.McCarthy b i l l ^ 5 icidc is sim t; ar lo that keep track of. tontion of raUing enough money, r t n d e r military and other assivi -what \ve need." said one agn-j would appropriate SZSO.OUOtopon Boehme, defendant' Seaway Debate IC - "- '- -- ' all the menus at its culture official, "is a little. more j sor volunteerjocal Programs^TM ' ' " v - 1U ~ c " to ,, u ) to the Opera House to see l£ , ncc by \ I'air of Country Kids.' Monday disposal." Ni ht Feb. 1«. 1907." , forerunner of Other Pacts culture official, "is a little. more i sor volunteer local programs o - «-«· - Nuern berg generals| With the Senate continuing de. business administration in running j meat saving. Thc campaign would «· J c ^^ ^ bate Qn lh(J proposed st . Lawrence i ., i -. t A i ~ * ~r v. A .. r . n ...:«r^^ i ^.Mrt^'ir-nan roctaiiranlfs SPnOOlS. nos-! . * ' .. « i ? ; · !,, or.iti»nir onri nnw7Ai" nrrtipf*i ann Tnft itors was magnificent. Flowers in honor of the occasion from 28 businesses and individu- j Traders disagreed on the cause of the break. Some said corn. basic crop, had itself." They said *.S?!* IS: TOWte ' *° rat - iZSTSd "S* dSttaSS ed the huge room. their use of corn in fattening live- I'l'Bl.IClTY: Voti'd be surprised ho A much publicity you get iHrni'^h the mails, advertising " IHIMIH-SS juiimuaiiuviu" «» 'u«.tii.. e | ...v,~v ----o- -- - - ui«io Kftc li;ai wno Kiuea niiusen uv juiuw- the kitchen A lot of housewives j encourage restaurants, schools, nos- - .j. insi[ie * · . _ - · - , _ » ^i._* r - « .. n « M r ' «: + «l^ r.«^l V k r k i i c o i v i v P Q tA. hllV ItSS , v* r * . ^f ° (IfJlMlim- 1 "» v*«^.« · wfc-».- i tm_; f v l l V ^ l l V H - * «vr*. vi. ···«· *»w*. - · «· · --" j -- C7 - . Political observers expressed be-, have been-doing just that for years., pitals and housewives to- ouy liel thc So\'iet-Komanian trealy Xow we hope to get a lot more of I meat, serve smaller portions, was the forerunner of other trea-, them to do it." I make better use of leftovers, ties binding Russia directly to the iSVr-O p.-« of the stuff 1Tre- reody are bound together by an ?,e! one dav that was addressed intricate system o£ interlocking ^ ' / , k n nu- Let's "0 through ticatics among themselves. . cured to K fr 0 ) * « 0 l " r ? ub i -The contracting parties pledge it anil see what it lia^ to sa\. rominon all oossiDic- Here noes: i mtasures for elimination of an A special full-reel concert feat- Ui .. eat of a g gre ssion being repeat-i urms tne Famous Northwestern^^ Qn lhe part of Germany or 1 Ur.ncrMty Maumba Co-Eds orches-, a n v olher slate tnal should join. tra .us been released by Film J Q fc " rmany cither directly or in any, Suiciios of Chicago. j O n-_ er way." Moscow said. j Cness entlmsiasts won't even j Generalissimo Joseph Stalin and j have to \\ail for a partner anymore Molotov were present at the sign- to pby tni.-ii- favorite game. A 1 j n g ceremony in the Kremlin, tne . new acor-^ory. called chessolitaire, f-_- ;lay against an_ actual oppouenc. broadcast said, with Romania re High School Will Dismiss, Teachers To Attend in Group "The" two^- ilarrisburg banks will j Nuernberg jail. FRITZ KUHN ESCAPES FROM DACHAU PRISON seaway and power project and the House considering a number of minor bills, committee sessions highlighted congressional activity for the day. The big developments: ERP -- The Senate Foreign Re- M T - N M P T T V-h T ( U P ) Orman £ ' itr 1Ile · :e "' l « : iuic»5» «c- MLMCH, Feb. o--(U.PJ--^erman comm ittee wound up four police threw a_ dragnet throughout ^^ of pubUc hearings on the the state of Bavaria re- T H t M n d a t o \\Titine a Titmg a of the German-American bund in New York who escaped from Dach- j au prison Tuesday under myster- j ious circumstances. j Qne Q - £ the last witnesses was Police were placed on the alert' Wa lter Reuther, president of the i . The Palace gave gifts to all attending the opening. Women re- --^ stock market ap p are nUy. *^E! was reacting to the downward were available also. plunge of grains. President Truman declined to f t - v. - - c of 30 by 34 inch dimensions:- last night after a 36-hour search united Automobile Workers (CIO)., 1 failed to uncover any clues that \ He su g ges ted that Congress should V«rnf Jon Before m 'S ht lead to Kuhn ' s hiding place, i think about raising, instead of low- vacarion Derure Thg po!ice said they W g re mak . i thg administration - s requ est Becoming Columbia ing a cf-nc'-"'r=' nr i ·· -rch m t n e l f o r s6,800,000,000 for the first 15, Univercirv President Dachau area and that the Dachau 5 monlhs O f the program. · - - -. I Umversiry rresiaenr ^ cam p. ha a- bee n-pja4ed on an alertj . G RA1N -- An administration Lyi^u.-H.fw.^'----v-,-^-. »- v i- -nip-two -liinsBur- oanKs w m j -WASHrNGTON*. Fcb/S.--(dl-lto prevent addition escapes · j-^gKesman useffrising food prices I'etru "Gr,oza and Foreign Minister *" c l T 3( j'^ rr ^^ a majority 1 Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhower an-. The Germans professed to have as an argument for government · political temperature will' Ana Paukei. ,. 4; . \ ^fttm-e operators have signified nounced today he will retiie as i no idea how Kuhn got away_ from controls on the amount of gram ,hooi up m Czechoslovakia r-'over: ? T,Mc f freaty was signed ester-. o» itoie opera I0 rs their ° doors A r m v chief of Staff at noon Salur-, Dauchau. They questioned icllow use d to make,whisky. Charles F ihc next three months, says"Cusi-i day after several days of nego- ^ ^ nflernoon for thc func - day." · ;inmates and came up with a n u m - j Brannan, assistant secretary of -- · - - - - - "· --'=--- !*:-»:^«o ' .. 5 n r iinrrv Tnvlnf nt the Firs' T-- u * 11 ^t; n ^-,\ nr^ r « ber of conflicting versions which, agriculture, asked the joint con- ^thodis"church , E »!T h T er n 0 hJ win n k ? ? x?!thcv said added up to the fact, g ? e ssional economic committee to ^ tnuich^ club luncheon he· \vMI take a ,a^ : .vanished. Spprove government powers to al- n^r^^f^^l^ "d^SSi-^^tS ^i 8 " 111 t0 diStmerieS Unm I,al and prominent citizen is ,2J {. ersity .' H e is expected to .take i to »oid^tifymg^^a «J^ , Oct.31- p. m. The a I- the 1: will Week magazine. Elections i tiations. come in May and the Communists] ^ ha\c been losing popular support. I fcmmZ* DlaW I tMlM If the Communists don't gain; UUH rld| r LimiUI ground .so6n -liiey may try a coup. Hank oincials who had watched I .urns on giiards grow out of style ;i Lank lobbies have been think- :m thc front might be ready for r.other change. A newcomer has he up^tj.;e spot at the Kalamazoo j A large portrait of Herman T. !comment on the tumbling prices Towle, who has been connected o£ tne last two fa ys _ ^ a wash- with the Palace since 190-5, was ington news conference, he said hung on the west wall -near the the na ti on s tm faces the danger- front of the store. . It was a gift ous prospec t O f an economic crash from his family and came as a sur- unless congress curbs rising prise to Mr. Towle, who did not Dr j ces know of-the picture until after he ** The ' price of almost all wheat went to-wdrk yesterday morning. an( j corn f or f u t ure delivery drop- it, in a gpld frame, is d th f u Hmit on the ch icago t inch dimensions:- · £ oard Q£ ^^ and at the big iKansas -City and Minneapolis ex. changes. 1 Chicago soybeans also fell the permissible limit for a single day's trade. Wheat, Corn Futures Off Limit 'At Chicago, all wheat futures were off the full 10 cents except Decembery-'Which sold 9 1-2 cents '.lower. jMy^h wheat sold at $2.75 '-a bushel."" ' " · AU Chicago corn futures were off the full eight cents. Lard, too, dropped -sharply. ' Kansas City wheat dropped the full 10 cents, 'and corn was off Stop Price Rise, Says Congress Must Pass Legislation * To Curb Inflation Cause Arrests of tl-erc until the funeral hour. The State bank - a lobby Flctchei , Eldorado . was ' casket will be closed immedgieg- n a P d m g c semce. D - C U .«.«««. under 81,000 bond on a .------- - r b ndalc Rev j^^ffc-a^rwSvu incident about -i p. m. jesicraaj a caHon for how long .. aid he would like%o gi4 KanCOck Spends in Tn; Hou^las fir is not a fir tree. n-. ;he new Funk and Wagnall iiuionaiv. It says the Douglas ir. named for botanist David Doug- j tablishmeht a-, is a \cr large timber of the | employed. nine family. j ih c * c har: Knd Aiclne Kelly and Halfback Justice of the lack Kurko-Aski have been elected i Eldorado ::tplains of the University o f ' sistanl Detroit v 1948 football team. They ' cher was arrested ceed Halfback Joe Wright and i lice following a s ._ Guard Hob Greiner And: When in which nobody was injured.- Chuck Kemcn. high-scoring Uni- Following Fletcher's arrest. Herb , su TM;% ot Detroit guard, dropped Simmons, proprietor of the es- u*"" _ ( - i , - v - - - - i _ - . _ . _ ; -- i. TM J ·«« §-**· ?w».. " \ 111 in JO ings on the maximum eight cents. At Minneapolis wheat generally lost 8 1-2 WASHINGTON, Feb. 5.--U.E-- to 9 i. 2 cen ts and oats dropped President Truman said today that s ix cents. unless congress'acts to stop rising The New York cotton market the dan- fluctuated erratically, economic ^.^ umities Lower the Pre- On the New York Stock Ex " -- -o , -- -- --- - . , change, rails were at their lowest their bill by the House sident reiterated m strong words level s ince Dec 16 and utilities i Agriculture committee, which here-j his desire for legislation to curb; averaged tne lowest since May 20 toforc has declined even to hear inflation. ' j arguments in favor of repealing the levies. ! EMPLOYMENT -- Labor Secre- he Checker Inn. Eldorado es- duct the rites. _ . . - * T - * I _ * - . I _ « -- ,f*\c~ r rttf\ c/»nnAI -,'--.nd find a cottage with a rocker cit Judgc Lvnndon 51. Han- tarv ' Lcw ; s B. Schwellenbach asked la" , * ._ i_ i ·«_:*. * l_ _ «·,, r^vi. ^i^.» ^***-^ ^ » , i _ * I · . » -r~* . _ . IT* -- reporters that unless . . hi«. statement that he could not'the bench was injured in an auto- thc Labor Department unless Con" " ' '" :J ~-' «nool .is against Quito univer- j tablishmcnt. was picked up by po- e . m. ·cuador last week he lice and charged with selling in- Hags at « h c PO« jKice ana 10 third highest scorer toxicating liquor. Cox stated todav. ^ the cu ouiiai ^ "f Ecuador u- the third in T;:a:i c.i^e history. A nev. -.ood preservative paint', Argus saia inc rw-r.ts iot and decay of the ; Fletcher was liled Piir.u d \\:ifacc. poisons ·;nil ;C;H\ insects besides AS;KK. ss^xss-ss'r; -£· i±sr - ^ ^"iH-sirsn^'SS i s.-±fis, »f -c k nj a,o t ; ~?~^"'xsl»z£F!-- alumiPt,:,, penetrates dceplv into . cr Inn. that he was pla.Mi g a pm , uo jcfc aa - ^ · K , , . , ^ f .. . . * *- ' i _ _ i i .«.« n uimt i in pnnioncicn 1*1*11 tt«- | i»'-i*i» »tv«*.v, _ ,, _ · and would not accept a presidential nomination he said: "In mobile accident. During the threc-d?y lion ne saia: UULIU »"v i...^~«. ; r - now assigne , , , i n . ,,..,, Judge Hancock sentenced five me.i . Agencv _ thc last 10 _days or U.o th nenitentiary. one to ihc; ll - nnethfl . , «rcss decrees otherwise. They are P snotl nnw nctioned to the Federal Secur- ^Jg ^^ - *.M*V year. Waving a chart which showed j' N ew York bonds moved lower a continuous rise in the price !| n moderate trading, but most de- qf cost-qf;living items,^ the Presi- c ij n es were less than a point. New curb stocks moved lower in active market. $2.75 a bale, prices moved up- within -15 to 30 iv's closing price.. President Tru- unless Congress rising prices the icountry faces the prospect of an the economic crash. At his news con- to, ference, the President showed Pooh-Poohs GOP Efforts the Communist issue, Mundt lions from thc newsmen prc.-cnt me bony i out moisture. sres War wilh Russia HOI inevitable i:o 5 lowers, as- 'laylor. ocen requestea i!CC Authorizes Rate Hike of in Eldorado (U.R)--Mrs. May Smith. 80. died of j non-jury cases, burns at her home yesterday \\hcm Hancock said tncrc ! chcr ordered him out of the I H C Vrhargcd that when he ques- i:« 1 tioned Fletcher regarding why he Li., ju. ^ 01 ; Ccrtl . a) Tavlor of 'should leave. Fletcher secured *£. ^«- ^ n .] a w 01 ?.Sr. i pistol from under the counter and rucD^o, Cu o.. . ^ ^ i fired a .shot into the floor, slaUna /^J^Jf"/^ .^ Her nus- ( !*fi«B«-: :%Hr:r::»afl!er Man Soflsns; Calls Off Hew departed, that he told Chief of ,,;,,,,,;.;',,, ^' ^ Oll j, s . huo«.na, 'plications for probation. Thc SHELBYV1LLE. 111.. Feb. 5.-- i ci Feb. 16 he will preside over _. commerce Commis"at Springfield today author,,,,.- izcd the Eldorado Water Co. to -.'v' increase its water rates in Eldorado *··· |/\T* fjl ^^· i ·' * * · · » · * ···» * * · · * · · » · · « · % * " v « - * - - - ' -- ^ · - -- - - ^ - - - « ^ | » I/\.W 111V »jilV*\/* »»v«^ i . w -- ».- -- · oi \Sr burns al flcr hoinc yesterday \\hcn i Hancock said tncrc were oni , |ncrcasc ils walcr ra tes in Eldorado to.rknt'ner dressing gown was ignited by three continuances in l»e n c^ , 10 pcr ccril and approved an agree- U-r. nus-- a cigarette she was smoking. . docket this WCCK. menl letv.-cen the city and thej $37.700.000,000. he said. Claims Budget Tight Icompaiiy'rclaVive to fire hydrant j This showed, i rental. cut his budget would get ab 501 " 16 ^!"^TM^ J, items. that unless some way is stop the inflationary will proceed to its logical OOo'budge't request for the fiscal year starting July 1. A cut of that amount was recommended! yesterday by a senate-house subcommittee. The President said he had heard much the same talk last- year when he reguested $37.500.000.000. The budget actually ended up at Cold Wave; in Sent io California . ly on the ,. w in the final hour of trading yesterday after slipping downward all day. Some stocks dropped as much as S5 a share with chemical listings the hardest hit It was the biggest break in the Chicago Grain Exchange since mid- October and the worst on the New York Stock Market since last May. Other Commodities Fall that he had submitted a pretty) O^" commodites fell with the , Karl B. Xarans. superintendent tight budget ^^^^^^^^^^ of me Eldorado water plant, today, b true *££$$? Jg^Si ^ffil! city 1 anti-inflation controls began when .under the 1 »J« en ^ p ^. a§s If stln ! indjhb opinion was sought on the buying at New Or'fans. *t we u_ ' f. _^;.,, t n ~ »hn nniv0r clOSC. DnCCS WCrC 11C IO 'A wwiuta »hc one-lime presi-1 mons wi '.ir.did.-itc said "America | the city hall. V, » « I I V - --V3UI J V I I » . i V . « l , » · · » · ---. -.. , . . :"". ·'·"- irom a lurid, terrific | when he fulcd Iwnd on ' . ."'""'·' honeymoon with Rus-1 charge. -.1 ,i Th,. opposite extreme of in-1 ~ ; ~~ .'": i M I j l acceptance of thc Stricklin, Green *' ' ' *' ^^* ^V«JI* \ \ l l l l htf*T" ** ! 1*5 * t tj, - i i *j 1 ficoFDorovc · Qin i / ^'V' : ( :i ;ui in'.crnational peace Wallpaper Store ·"·'.-,r- io create a basis for, | ·' ' ; .n(i (m i \vorld War II "eith- Announce.-, · rr without thc Soviet." 'of the incor liouor liquor existing hytontsad F.v United Press but iiiglu six ad his-rail and auto iraflic. The weather man chanson . vicm was made ncorporation of Inc rt.rl will i'O ..n «^ 11%V ''""";r;r: and would carrv torn;«; and :^s- normal cojumjipyMj --'="-·- .-«... ,-. 4 , w ,, *«'.«·£' w '"^ H '» M 000 "i,d me o;;icr four, sit "., !!jn - Uiblv the co'dc^l weather of ^-c Jacobson said, and She cold will }a ny will be amortized at 5UJW V! B We«J.r«.oi. Lloyd L. ParKd ^ c ; ft ° a .^rtlvept aero., ihc last as far ahead as thc «caiher, a vcar. That is. Narans »id. the and Frank r. rarkcr. arc inc,udca : · - · hu ^^ L company will credit the ci^ with Frank "1.10 ----- - _ -- .- BuiWino Burns slorc '·^K. ill.. Feb. 5.--(UR1-- "- esiiniatcd today that ford Stilckr.n. ; : c h destroyed thc Clar-' under the incorporation '7 ^irajrc b-.nldins: here,tiniic busincw; of ""-V!^,,,, n!t , n ^ *· ^cd*50.000 damage., in,, at regard -^^ a Y ,ot no.iorary pail- ^'\\^\^ j'acobson forecast, at Rains"in~Califoraia $1.000 on this account each year, i Chicago,'sai.l today, however, 'hat Hea\-- rains foil in parched TT.":: the new cold front probably v..;:ld soulhcrn California Isst n:M .or ^ f ^ ^-jla Williams 'do little more than reinforce :nc the first time m more «r.«n a o r/ -L- c Mm sub-normal weather already -"!· month. fCllS, DfCOKS nip 'ping the northern portion o: Jhc Bain x»as Uiroi^nom Williams. 216 Dayton Goat Owners Say Goats Don't Smell (Much); »·*»»·· k "· _ . i "·£, iiiv. » n ' « » n v 4 . I'uinf.i · - - - - - - - - - - - - · . . .,- MT* HI 13 OHJimiw. *»*« f*j ·"·· f;*f Pair Goat Show · nition from the Kocky mo:r.: »ns Los Angeles coun.y anl tn, su.- ; ^ u ffo ro d a broken hip and Uer · ' """· ·-"- -- rounding area. The doxvnpour «.* fr ^ UJ .' cd ^^ in a fall which ;to thc Atlantic coaM MINES 1NDI\X\POL1S. Feb. 5-r.r»-.ji; ,aVy S«ow"iVfe*i · heavy in «me Mcuons uwj "~"7 cd " i n -V h e bedroom of her 1NDIA Slate Fair Board 7^ mi d-AJlantic coast *t .les il washed down conitruclwn SD.l ^"^moramc^rs. Williams earnest p]ea. in-defense j wcrc Blanketed yiih .heavy ,o»- ?? d. forced^ tcnjporar- closing J2«J£j Swi^ightner hospital i CtC. i ir.corporator and Mr. and r Mr. Green, a , ,, . is thc operator iv" }'".-. "·£ "- lfi - Washer work, 'store in Marion. '^""^iiM'.itold Hie board. i» ^ ;·; ;f»-r s - i^w^^r;^* ;**«irss-r»' L ift^K*- "s*j iSSiWErnsr. JHw ·· -·-- ·TM t - lower. r New Orleans cotton closed cents lower. .r. hides, sugar, cottonseed wool futures reacted ner- ith March hides dropping cent a pound to a new last October. Rubber ,, .J 35 points. Cottonseed Tncn~thV President picked up j oil lost more than a cent a jouni a orice chart prepared for him Stock transactions at New \orK by ^budget bureau. It showed ] totaled 1.200.000 shares, compared that all cost-of-living items, in- -eluding food, clothing and rent have gone up since his Nov. 11 message. , , The President said he found the situations alarming. Inquest Friday Into Cyrus Naugle Death The inquest into the death of Cvrus Naugle, Harco merchant ..^11 vi \.~IA «* T-'jn n m t ft morrow (Continued on Page Four) The Weather animals.' Ar. 8-inch fall was rcporU. 1 .it hold thc Pittsburgh. ntcd bv Mr Sticklin since i High 'Vinds drifted thc -no* (Continued on Page Six) Tnc'rain'nciped"case California's Balabas \vho became \\eek aw. has entered the veterans hospital in Marion for observation. SOUTHERN ILLINOIS: Snow tonight and Friday changing to sleet and later to rain near Ohio river. Littie change in temperature Low tonight 20-25. High Friday 233. will be held at 7:30 p. m, tomorrow T ««»ntiire in the court house. Coroner Rees v J^ vJtiaxftn S^v Turner announced today. . i _ Wednesday TWrsaay Naugle's body was found last 3 p. m 39 3 a. m. Saturday morning in his burning · 6 p. m ^» o a. ra. house, a bolfet hole through his 9 p. m 34 head and a pistol at his feet 12 mid 31 ^ 12 noon 30 1 rf 1 ! '.*!· Ill 1 i'i.. i! il i! '! T I 0,1 U 1 NFVSPAPFR( NFWSPAPFR!

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