The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on November 28, 1924 · Page 12
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 12

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, November 28, 1924
Page 12
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PAGF TWF.I.VR. THE HUTCHINSON NEWS, FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 28, 1924, Today's Markets Grain, Stock, Produce LIVESTOCK MARKET WAT A CENT HIGHER TODAY RANGE OF OPTIONS Furnished By Drain Marketing Co. 110 Rorabauah-Wllay Quiidlno Com Up a Half to a Cent and; a Half at the Kanaa« j City Markets. AT CH1CAOO. Wheat. Pi;-.. ! .Miiv, ' July.. I >fn. . I . MIIV. ; .Inly. Open i..'.:!*« 1.1:1V; 1.1 II i.w.i -nosed— IIlBh Lew T.uluy (MI y l. :,;;»» l.M*» 1.S1H 1.61% i.i'hi»i, i.t;i'- l.l:: 1.41*. Corn. 1.14 l.II'i I .SlU 'i US', l.ill'a l.i'l O.HS. l.i^S l.«V» i.v.i'i May .Inly 1.?.;' Rye. I J: I.:(•.•-*, i.:: i.i'i'i .41% .»«» i .r .t'* 1M''« N 1.SS. l.S«»i '» l.Ji'.'i j.r.Vi UPWARD SWEEP IN STOCK PRICES Trading Resumed Spirited Pace Following Thanksgiving Holiday. AT KANSAS CITY. Wheat. MIIV .1 ii I y 1.10\ l.'.J'. 1.31 Chi™ (so. Nor. 2S.—Assertion? Iluil. linlf of tho erop or wheat In iMiithi'i'ii Argentina la irreparahly Injured liy frost and that llio crop In western AiRentinn is also hndly i luirl, CUVM llio wheal iniin<et tuil.'iv ; jiiij. an upward «lanl. despite a show i of wcnUnes.s at tliu otUKot. 1'i'kor. cloned firm, at the .sumo an Wednesday's finish In Vic higher: Doc. 51 .G4•?» lo $l.5.|i£, and May $1.62% to ?l.i'.2 : H. f.'liiciiKo, Nov. 2S.— Favorable proirrcst of ihe harvest In Argentina, toKethre with u dnellno in quota f lon^ af Liverpool, Jed lo lower prices for wheat today, during Hie earlier dealings here, lie-1 purls of frost in .Southern Arson- j Una, were iKiiorod. Predictions of I decreasing supplies, in Die United j States the remainder of Iho nea- i son, failed likewise to have any! apparent effect on values. The! opeiiinK which ranKcd from % to j changed to ',(. cent •lie: lower. Dee. ?].f.:P; to 51. 4 and I demand- No corn sold up to the May ?1.«2 to $1.02% was followed ; ,.i 0S( .. Xominal prices nuclianced New York, Nov. 28—Stock prices stinted upward today In a market which ignored the higher call money rnle and developed Increased ! velocity as trading progressed, j Representative industrial issues ! led Iho advunee, with I*. S. Stoel j gaining two points, more than rc- . . , r."Si 0 '"f'!^ I covering tho dividend of $1.75 a i -i.". i '.J''" i v'u*.! sl.are which was deducted today. L;;:,<\ \.':a'.„ w .»u \ More than fifty issues established Illinois Central K C Smitlievn Mo I'nelflc Common Mo 1'iH'ltle 1'referred ,\ r Central Northern 1'aclfle I'ennsvivioila Uy ItcaillnK Uy Unci! Islnn.t Ky Soiiiliiiii Uy n I. K- S !•* Uy Southern r «clflc Uy fnien Pacific lty MOTOHS: Cieneral Motors ludtd.alter Motor* Hup Motors Pierce Arrow *.. Hudson Meters I'hmi.ller Meters Overland Melors .Mark True]! Inc Kelly SprltiKfleld Tiro Co .. t: a niiidier e<> Coodrk-h Itul.lier Co lloodyenr T tc K Preferred \Jax Kllblior Co ,\nni-ltosi-li MitRneto Co ... AMI .1 ChHlmera Mftr Co .... Maxwell Mnlors "A" Maxwell Motors "B" Jul • SI Corn. >-i i.(i7 i or. l.ll'a 1.13 1.1P i.i :n» ii i\ i.lST Ont«. .SJ .» '3 HUTCHINSON GRAIN hy n moderate further setback and then something of a rally. ' Corn and oats averaged lower .is a result of sympathy with •wheat. After opening at Vk to%c off, Hay $1.1S1>; to $1.19, the corn market sagged a llttlo more and then made fractional gains. Later there was a scarcity of offerings and Willi commission • other terminals: Sallnu, 50 cars; houses buying freely, the market < Wiehita, S2; Kansas City. 291); St. leveloped slretigtli. The close was) [,<,tils, S2; Omaha, .12; Chicago. 24; ' Minnueapolls. 42"; Dululh, 1,062; firm, 1 to l'ie net higher, May J1.2(i':. to $1.20%. Oats started at. Vs to '.»c decline. May IIS to r .S'«e but later steadied at about the samo as 'Wednesday's elose. Provisions 1 jko hos values wero without material change. Kansas C'ilv, Nov. 28.—(CASH) —WIIKAT— Receipts 293 cars; un- ehanged to lc liigher; No. 2 dark hard iLan'il 1.B0; No. 'i dark hard Jl.'UlVi l.Mi; No. 2 hard Jl.l.v'il.uT; No. 3 hard $l.tS «1 .5«; No. 2 red $l.fiOS|.l.i;i; No. II red \<il 1.U0. COHN-• Viiru lli liigher: No. 2 white $1.07Ji; No. .'( while $1.06; No. 'J yellow Sl.nSV.; No. 3 yellow ^1.07: No. 2 mixe.l $;c.',Tl.»7; No. :•; tniNo.t ji.iit'n ii l .or. OATS-l.'iifliansed; No. 2 whlti No. 2 white e2c. F!YK—$1.21. U Mil KY —Sr/il'S-lo. K.M-'KIH—$l.fi7ftl l.SS. Mil.(I MAr /.lv-il.iiCfl l.fiS, Deiailoil sale.-; at Kansas Cllv today: Wheat. 2 Dalit—1 at l.f.6; 1 at 1.52%. » Darl:—i at 1.5S»,. 1 Hard: 1 al l.r.l'i; 1 nt 1.54; 1 at l..*S ! i; 3 at leiili; 2 al 1.50; 1 at 1.PIU; :: at LIU. 2 Hard: 1 at 1 :,.<..; 1 nt I.5S; 1 ut Lfia'-i; 2 al; l'at LGIIi-i; 2 at 1.5:1; 2 at 1.".2; 2 at l.r.i \u ; l at l.fil: 1 at l.r,n; 1 at 1.48ij. Sniul'.y; 1.4 lU to 1.{.B. Nu. .'1 iiard, i at 1,'iij; smutty, l.lS'i to 1.00. Corn. No. :( white. 2 at I.OC. No. 2 yellow. I at l.o«Vj. No. 2 mixed. 3 at I.<I7; !i at l.(i8«. No. T', uilxvil, 2 at l.t'5Vi; 12 at l.o5; 32 nt l.UI'j. Rye. No. 1 nt 1.21. Oats, .1 White: 1 at 52. Sample grade: 1 at 50 Kaffir. 3 White: 1 al l.&fi. 4 White: 1 at 1.51'.. :i Mixed: 1 at 1.5S. Milo. 2 Yellow: 1 at 1.IJ5. 5 Hard: 1 at l.-l'.i. ."ample Hard: 1 al 1.14. rtmulty: 1 al 3.12. I Yellow hard: 1 at 1.4S. :i Keil—1 in 1.5s; 1 at 1.57 1.55; 1 at 1.5-1. 1 Ited —I at 1.51. 1 .Mixed—1 al 1.50. 2 Alive.] —1 at 1.52. CORN-2 White—4 nt 1 .07H. Winnipeg Markets: Nov. wheat: l.ti'VJ. Dee. wheat: 1.07',. May wheal: 1.B7. Minneapolis Markets Dee. wheat: 1.52-v Slay wheat: 1.50. i nr,.v i 0.-. ' n '' w """tlnuim prices, with liumnr l.t 'i ^a t inioitH gains of llireo jioints or more 1.11\ 1.13 s, i roeorded. Sales approximated 2,I 400,000 shares. [ New York, Nov. 2K.—Stock prices | again swept forward nt a spirited pace as trading was resumed today i after the Thanksgiving recess. ' With tlio market's vitality apparently restored by the holiday rest, | during which buyiug orders accti- Sales of hard and dark wheat tin- 1 undated in heavy volume, more liigher. Fair! than 5n stocks mounted to now ' high levels In tho first two hours of trading, on sales exceeding 1/ 000,000 shares. Business improvement, especial ly noticeable in the steel Industry, brought a heavy influx of buying orders from nil parts of the country. Highest Steel Price. . United States Steel established a price equivalent to 119%. the highest in seven years. Six other Issues in the steel group attained new high ground. Oilier repres. ntatives issues recorded new maximum prices, In- Kansas City I clU(li "S Studebaker, American ' ! Smelting, May Department Stores and slow demand. Sales of kaftir nnd milo two cents lower and fair demand. Receipts ot wheal here today 121 cars; corn 10 cars; barley 1 car; kaffir and milo ,10 cars; rye 1 car. One, week ago today 5^3 cars and one year agu 42 cars. Receipts of wheat at various Nn -sli Motors 1G4 Kansas City Livestock. Kansas City, Nov. 28.—CATTLE —Receipts 4,000; calves S00; killing steers slow; few loads short , nl , i feds $7.7lj(&8.M; steady to weak; as ! »he slock mostly steady; spots shnde higher on ennners; calves and bulls steady: top veals $9.00; Blockers and feeders steady. HOGS— .Receipts fi,500; uneven, steady to 10c higher than Wednesday's average; shipper top $8.05; packer top $8.60; bulk ot Bales $S.TO@S.S0: hulk desirable 1,80 to 300 pounds $S.'t0iIp8.80; packing sows mostlv $S.25; stock pigs slow, steady; bulk $0.7B(ai0.00O. SHEEP —Receipts • 3,000; fully ir>@>25c higher; double 82 pound fed western wooled lnmbB some what hurry, $11.00; top fed clipped lambs $12.00; best wooled natives $14.00; small lots wooled wethers J.'l.OO; best fat ewes quotaulo to $8.00; 59 pound Kansas brazed Texas feeding lambs $14.00; full and short mottthod breeding owes $7.S0. .. 701u ..•nr.», .. «.'k .-. -isi, .. liS-'i, .. 47', .. 7.V-J .. W, .. linn.. ..ISO's .. Wi, .. H.\ .. 11'., .. no ... 32!» ..'10 ...112',, ... 1SK ... 411'v ... it:,', ... S3% ... 121V, r,7'._. THE BLANK CARD USED BY THE VISITORS IN THE HOME VISITATION TODAY HOME VISITATION RECORD Surname Apcllida Cj>jrnomm Ctv«n N«m« Nombr« Nomea Aire* Under 24 Moon Motor SU'wnrt Warner MfB Co .. Stromberff Curb On TimUen Holter J1f:irlnR ... IMU!STU1AI.P: A mn Hei v t S"R»r Intlustrinl Alcohol A mn Oivn Co Amu Cur & Poumlry Amn l.ucomotUe WatmKli "A" Anm Steel Foundrl^ Amn Tel & Tel Amn Tobsu.'co • ANUI Wooli-n A .*-^iK *iatO(l Dry (.Jootls ..... MontKomory Wnri\ Unlrlwin r,t>comotive Continental Can Coeoa Cola Co Jijivhlsnn Clifml.'nl Co Corn 1 'roducU Uffining .. Viimous IMoyera LftHrtj* I'nnpdleum Co Cuban Amn Supar Amn Agrl Clu-m Pupont 13G Nem Amn A.*t>bnH Co Ctencral Klcctric intl Harvester Co ....... lntl Vapor Co I'uUman Co Sfiira Uoebuck WVstlnghouse Klec & M\g I'nitctI Drue Co Wonlworth 1 V V s Ktivfler (Julius) Silk Co 24>* Wlunipep, 1.490. Hales here today basis 1 ear 1 linr.l , ... cn.1 io.c.1 J1.49 1 cur 2 hard . ... ss.s is.r.2 l.M'4 1 ear 2 hanl . .., r:..2 i2.2s i.s:iV* 1 ear 2 I'll id ... i.s.f. 12.2S 1.03 1 car 2 hard . . .. r.V.f. I2.L2 1 ear 2 hard . ... r.s.r. i2.'..n 1.52V4 1 ear 2 lend ... to.* 12.01 1 .1 ,2'., e;tr .i 2 liai.l . ... .-.:».2 11.'ii 1.50 :t ctirK 2 hard ... r.ii r» li.d.'i 1.49V4 eals 2 hard ... r,s s li.iin l.lll i ear 2 hard . ... '.,•).! 11.16 x l ear 2 hard l.r,J snilltl , 1. w. X l.r,J l ear 3 hard ... 57.5 12.2s 1.52 ! car .1 vellow inllu. cwt . 1.67 l ear 1; if fir. 3 white, cwt. ... . 1.56 Famous Players, Mallinson Silk, IT. S. Realty issues, and Commercial Solvents" A. and B. Union Pacific, and Pennsylvania, were among the leading railroad stocks to scale new peaks. Call money rose to 3 Hi per cent, but failed to retard the aggressive buying movement. ::: ::: B* 1 ... *!\ ... sr. ...149 I ...171'i ... sr. 1 ; ... &3\ ... 4:t>i ...lSDii ...164 ... lUli ...132'i ... id, ...12SH ... 6.1 ... 7S% ... 42y ... 43 ... MM ... 44H ... 31H ... 151. ...136 ... 62 ...270H ...103',i ... 49',l. ...137Tli ...13S ... 63y, ,.io: Chicago Live Stock. Chlcaso, Nov. 2S.—HOGS—Re­ ceipts 68,000; steady to 10c higher; light light and slaughter plgi strong to 25eup; active demand; top $9.50. CATTLE—Receipts ' 12,000; expecting enow offerings qunllty ot steer run generally plan; few de-' sirable kind steady; neuium and lower grades more or less neglect- eel, weak. SHEEP—Receipts 18.000. very active; fat iambs 25@50c higher. Wichita Livestock. Wichita. Kan., Nov. 28.— HOGS— Receipts 700; looks steady; prospective top $8.60; bulk $8.25^8.55. CATTLE— Receipts 900, including 400 calves; slow, around steady on all kinds; beef steers $5.25© 7.75; beef cows and heifers $3,255)5 7.00; bulls $2.B0@3.75; veal cilves 53.50587.50; stockers nnd feeders $3.0000.40, Fakk or DmomiaattoD R«li*km Mnm dtetocT Local Church or Synatoni* |(Or Pbamr. PriM. or JUhbl Pref «Teit)| No* a: Hor e pectinetl Information..... vacant Houaa. 'B ^mr 'pqr'nl's. attonil •< nvn . . StiniUy , "QpORTANTt Aak aaea o( all wider 24 aad rntet oppoake thair namca. If the visitors missed your horns today for any resson, or did n't find you, you are requested to fill out the above blsnk and send It or mall It to the ommlttee headquarters at the Chamber of Commerce. Cars Wrecked, Nobody is Hurt LIBERTY BONDS. Final prices quoted by the Me- Naghten Loan company today were: 3H% 5100.23-32 1st iVt.'n 101.26-32 i 2nd 4';% loi. 3-:i2i was wrecked this morning about 4U5 !?Ll<-??! ten o'clock when she was driviug The light Overland sedan driven bmy Miss Pearl E. Gaut ot St- John 4',4% 102. 105.11-32 PRODUCE MARKETS MARKET GOSSIP The Thanksgiving holiday on the Hutchinson grain market greatly Increased the amount of grain received this morning. The wheat shipments totaled 121, cars; kafir, 30 enrs; corn. 10 cars; rye, 1 car; and barley, 1 car. The wheat situation seems to be bullish, according to the cables from Chicago. It lost a little ground on the Winnipeg market vesterdnv. Mav wheat is expected ' r " e 2 ''=: ''losing bid 4; of.ered at to sell much hlejior during the! ' af ^ loan 4; call loans against spring months. Speculative buyers acceptances 2U. Time loans were Foreign Exchange New York, Nov. 28— Korelgn e.v-j changes firm: quotations in cents: | Great rllain demand 4.03^4; cables 4.C3V4. France demand 5.38%; cables 5 39 Italy 4.34V, cables 4.35. Hclglum demand 4.S'JVi; cables -f.flfl, Germany demand 23.81. Holland demand 40.33. Switzerland demand 19.31. Greece demand 1.77Vi. Poland demand 19>i. Czecho-Slovakia demand 3.00H. Call Money. New York, Nov. 28.—Call money strong,' high 4; low 2Vfe: ruling of wheat for export are buying wheat in anticipation of filling the French requirements of 40,000,000 bushels in the near future. There is an unsold surplus of wheat in the United States amounting to only 4(i.000,000 bushels, according to tile reports of grain statisticians. j The corn supply prospects are j reported to be decidedly bullish, , according to reports from the Chl- ! cngo market. Hogs are being 1 rifshed to the market only halt ; finished because of the scarcity of 1 corn. 1.51; 1 at 2 at A. R. t'pji, an Independent elevator operator at Fowler, was a visitor on Hie Hutchinson market this morning. Fred Smith, a former Hutchinson grain man, now of Salina, was hero today on business. The Kansas wheal will suffer unless H receives a good rain or .snow before the zero weather sets In. says Wm. Poling, ot the Central Grain Co. steady; mixed collateral 60-90 days XliZ^i: four-si* months X%&'S%; prime commercial paper 3V4@3',4. Kxports from this country averaged more than GO percent of our total annual copper output before tlie war. In the future it is only logical to expect that exports will again total more than 60 percent. NEW YORK STOCKS. Reported by Jame.* K. Bennett & C.i,. MJ'3 P.orabauKh-Wilt'y building, by wirrf from New Vork. Cloao STEELS: Il.-lhlelu-ni sU.'el Con' 41 C.,l<. Cue! & Iron Co 4(l'-i Crucible Hte^l Ce 71 Iron Pipe Co 140H Ci;lf States .Ste.-I SHt .Northern Oie .IUVs Republic Iron i-. Steel 53V« 1' S Steel Corp Common 115 U S Steel Corp I 'rtftiTC -d 122 ~t COPI'KRS: Amn Smelting & Refining SS^ Anaconda Copper Co Callahan Zinc ,t Lcud 4 f Chlno Coyne-v Co 2t.% Chile Copper Co 34Mi llutto & Superior 1. le.splrntion Copper 21) K.-nnoeott Copper 49-\i Kav Cons 16^ Cliih Copper Co =0 OILS: Sini-lalr Consolidated Marland OH Co P.oliic Oil Co •• Paii-.Amil Pet & Trans "A l\in-A"tn Pet & Trans "13 Pure Oil Co Philliiw Pelrolcum rwaden & Co ltovnl Piltch Skellv f'll SuinO.'ird I'll (it N .1 ....... .-ilnndnrd "'I "f Calif Shell Colon Oil T.Mia Co While EiJKle l> & 11 P.AU.P.ilADS: A T A. S P Palllmore & Ohio Canadian Pacific Hrie Uy Creut Northern Ry Kansas City Produce Kansas City, Nov. 28—BUTTER —Unchanged; creamery citra, In cartons, 42@44c; packing stock, 21c. BUTTER FAT— lc higher; 34c. Chicago Produce Chicago, Nov. 28—BUTTER— Unchanged; creamery extras 50c; standards 46c; extra firsts 45®' •ISc. EGGS—Higher; firsts 48 @55c; ordinary firsts 425T45c: refrigerator extras 36ViS '37c; firsts 35®' "'Vic. ten oo'clock when she was driving along North Main street in iho 600 block. An Elgin touring car driven by George Henderson of 106 Ave. F east was backing out just as Miss Gaut came along and struck her car with such force that tore oft the front wheel broke an axle and badly damaged the car. The fender and back wheel of Henderson's car bore the brunt of the crash. No one was hurt. CITY PRISONERS HAD THANKSGIVING DINNER Although the prisoners In the city Jail did not have any noon meal yesterday, according to the usual custom. Chief of Police W, !i Long insists that they did have a special Thank~-iving dinner. The dinner was served in the stylish manner in the evening. The menu consisted of turkey, cranberry sauce, dressing, potatoes, and all the trimmings. Almost 1,000 men and women, representing every church denomination and creed ot the city today, made a house to house visitation of every home in Hutchinson this afternoon. They took a religious census of the city, and nt tho samo time extended a cordial invitation to attend church and Sunday BchooL Not any particular church, nor any particular Sunday school, but just some one, the one of tbolr choice, whether Protestant, Catholic or Jew. And the visitors were from every faith, Protestant. Catholic nnd Jew working side by side, pairing off in teams, and working regardless ot denominator. General headquarter" were at the Chamber of Commerce, where a staff of business men directed the taking ot the canvass. Tin city had been divided Into fifteen districts, each with a district headquarters. Theso headquarters were locatad st various churches which are centrally located in the respective districts, although in some instances school buildings were used. The Catholic parochial school was headquarters for one district, and Sherman junior high school for another. The visitors, all met at 1:15 p.m. nnd all bogun their work at 2 p.m. It was expected all wot'ld bo finished by 4 p.m. Those who may have been away from home, or were missed are asked to clip out the blank card given above In Tho News, fill it out and either take it or mail it to the Chamber of Commerce. "Wo don't want anybody to be missed, not a single man, woman or child," suggested .1. S. Durham, superintendent of tho visitation. SIX MEN CHARGED WITH DPiVING TOO FAST. McPherson Boys Visit Industries LOCAL MARKETS Sunflower Produce- Heavy liens, Hie; light liens, 13c; springs Hie; stags 12c; Leghorns and blacks, all weinlitd 13c, oh 1 , roosters 7c; turxe.vs, No 1 ISc; No. 2 be; old turns !3c; ducks lye, geeHo Ke. EGGS—Fresh, per doz. 40c. Locai Ora>n. WMKAT—(mimed by Wm. Keli> Mill) wheat $1.32. SHOUTS—$1.63. IlllAN—$1 31. Swlrt & Co. 11 UTTER FAT—No. 1 39c; No. 2 'SB... BUTTER—Creamery 42<ri -13c. EGGS—F.'esli, 40c. mi 46 .15 •'. 56>i 27 H 37 •» 4:l»i Sli'.i. Potatoes Chicago, Nov. 2S—POTATOES— Early morning trading slow; market dull; fair lo ordinary quality, few early sales Minnesota sucked round whiles aostly around 80c, Idaho sacked russets few $2.00®' 2.10; few higher. Six local men charged with Chicago Poultry ] speeding yesterday will appear In Chicago. Nov. 2S— POULTRY 1 police court late Ibis evening for ALIVE—Lower; fowls 14^®20c: I trial. Among them are L. L. Shirk, springs 21c; roosters 14'ic; tur- 13 North Monroe, Ernest Morse, keys 23c; geese 16c; ducks 16c. 100 West 24th street, E. 1. Stafford. • 10S Bast 19th street, Clarence Car- Good looking sport dresses ot J isle. 113 Twelfth avenue east, [of this city. Jersey cloth are trimmed with W. A. Wilson, 315 East 16th street, The boys were taken down Into corded ribbon or fur. and Virgil Emery, 523 Ave. A east |the Carey saltmine and also visited A Tangled Story of Illicit Love Affair Nowata, Okla. Nov. 28—A tangled story of an alleged illicit love affair through which Joseph B. Yeats, unfrocked minister, became tho half uncle of Georgia Tleld, 15 year old girl for who reputed ftb- ductlon ho Is on trial here, was related on the witness stand today. The narrltlve was recounted by Alma Richardson, girl friend of Miss Fields. She quoted Mies Fields as telling her that Floyd Faber, said to have been a half brother of Yeats, was her father. After Miss Fields' birth. Faber was slain by the maternal grnndfatner of tbe child, the witness said -she had learned. The alleged affair, according to the witness, transpired before the marriage ot Miss Fields' molher to Albert W. Fields. The testimony was Introduced by the defense to streugthon its contention that unhapplness In the Fields home prompted the girl to elope with Yeats to Texas In September. the Morton salt plant. They visited tho Kansas Industrial school and the Rlchard-Scheble candy factory. During the afternoon the boys motored through the residential districts taking in the fair grounds, tourist park and Carey park. When they all get back to school each boy will write a paper on what they saw and learned. RABIES AMONG COYOTES. Trinidad, Col.—Rabies havo appeared among dogs and coyotes on tho eastern edge ot tho San Luis Valley, spreading very rapidly. TOO LATE To CLASSIFY FOR UENT—Five-room modern, furnace and Borage, cor. 12th and Walnut. Phone o35S. Sixteen boys from the Junior and senior high schools ot McPherson came to Hutchinson early this morning with Walter Christmau, of the high school faculty, to see a few ot tbe large Industrial plants Caught Between Cars In Crash Will Zink of Tjiron was badly injured by being caught between two automobiles In a crash half a milo north of Turon. Arthur Simon was driving to Turon in hi-i new Buick roadster when he ran out ot gas and 7.1nk was tilling the tank, standing at the rear ot the machine pouring tbe gasoline In when a Ford touring car driven by Harrison Elliot caruo along. The Ford ran into the Buick, catching Zink between the two cars, pinning him In and badly cutting and bruising him and also severely scalding him. Both cars were wrecked. It was a wonder that Zink was not crushed to death In the impact between tho two cars. Ho is In a serious condition but will recover. In the Ford car with Elliot were Miss Georgia Tharp, of Preston and Miss Oma Jones of Turon. WANTED to buy—1,000 fuel used lumbar. Quick. P. O. box 248, city. FOR SALK—Jersey cow, fresh, 02« «j. Plum. WANTED to buy— Hood used heavy canvas, suitable to cover Ford road- ater. Hee George Ca tton. Iris theatre. M Of URN rooms. Heard. 306 W. 2nrT MARCELLING, day or evening, r.oc. 101 Weal IS, phone 116. VKRY attractive apartments. 1.10 lit. Fast. .113 .155', . 31?-, FAIR FOOD PRICES!!! 14 Sbs. Fure Cane Sugar for Sl.Ot On Orders (or $5.00 or Over Groceries or Meats Other Thin Flour 48-lb. sack Guaranteed High Patent flour $1.80 12 lbs. Large Navy Beans, quick cooking $1.06 Sun-Maid Seedless Raisins, per lb 10c Oranges, per doz 15c; 25c Can Red Pitted Cherries for. 15c! 12c Glass Jelly for 05c English Walnuts, Large Size, lb .24c Rice Pop Corn, Shelled, two lbs . .15c Crackers, Fresh From the Oven, lb 09c Ginger Snaps, per lb 10c Cranberries, per lb 15c Large Bleached Celery, bunch 15c Full Quart Jar Pure Honey for 49c Good Coffee, per lb 25c Phone 2293, 2746, 909, 260 and Get Your Goods Delivered Free of Charge Dillon Mercantile Co. New York, Nov. 2S.— Cotton i . , «. fiiinrcH Hosed steady; Dee. 23.37c; j Urocene* and Meats Jan. 2'.'..524.i 2'.'..55e.; March 23 .urt'ir i CO MAM MEL General Manager 23 !i2e~ • Sput tpiiet; middling! No. 1—318 N. Main. fj .K5c. I No. 2—Corner fi and Main. Ns. 4—12 S. Main. No. 3 —4W0 S. Main. Kansas City Hay. Kansas Clly, Npv. 28 —11 AY — Itoccipi.- 112 ears; unchanged. PRAIRIE—N.i. I, »J2.«0.S*'12.»i»; No. 2, $Ui.b()«t 11.50; No. 3, $7.00C'(. f'J.Mi. ALFALFA — Choice $23.00®24.50; No. ". $20.5O7/)22.5(); standard $I7.505t:20.0i); No. 2, $M.50@17.00; No. 3 $7.00«j>10.00. Grapes! Grapes! Grapes! We Have Received a Large Shipment of Michigan Concord Grapes That We will Sell While They Last— Genuine Michigan Concord Grapes, basket Red Emporor Grapes. - - - 11c lb. 45 Cents .......45 Cents 45 Cents Soft Shell Walnuts Post Toasties, 2 Pkgs. for .25c Nut Ola 20c Lb. 40c Lb. ,.15cLb. 10c Lb 25c 10c Lb. 20c Lb. 18c Lb. HOUSK lor rent, S06 Knai Utn; i"is- et-ssinn nt oneiv I'liom* !"-(.w, lu.)AHl> ami loom, furua.v !n>;it. TWO or ihrvo roams, t-Ju-ap, nuMf furnace hwtt, garagp. !'!n<in- CHOldC SO acrts r!o»<> inu;.. price richt; extrn nl.'t; <»:-;..• ranch; fiasy term."*. 6 -room svini-modern hi>"s.?, cite. : T cheap. Wo make farm loans in rrii tral Kansas. Andurson Jnv m-.-. Wmitn M»m. pnonp iijiv \VANTKL>—Women chlfK- a "pi-'V : 1 • Swift and Ct». l-HOLli Jf'iict corn Kholi- i for s.i. with 10-H.p. I. H. O. rntrfne. i*:inii Xflllpr^ Haven, _Kan. t Ut. 'J ft. I too M huusi\ modern IVXI:«*IH lur- iiH'io; ttiiniR' 1 , coal and i-hiCKon house; nsar senna.; Kood fur two fam- SOMKTiTfNt* runv in~"a" 3-Toom furnished apartment at ill Has I Kirat, O'CONNELLS CASH GROCERY AND MARKET HUTCHINSON BRANDS OUR SPECIALTY Cash and Carry Grocers PHONE 894 14 East Sherman Little luxuries niafe? pleasant journetjs California The Rock Island-Southern Pacific has gone on* step further than merely providing the modern comforts oi travel. Homelike, yen plus all the facilities of a metropolitan dub. Bathroom, barber shop, valet And attendants who appreciate that courtesy is their contribution toward satisfied passenger*. No extra iare. Leave Hutchinson via Rock hlanJ Llnti at 3 :40 B m. -through sleepers to Los Angeles, San lego and Santa Barbara. The Califomian horn Hutchinson at a. m. daily carries standard and tourist sleepers and coaches to Los Angeles. It's the short, interesting, low altitude way through the sunny Southwest, with a touch ot quaint, colorlul Old Mexico here and there. Ask for dacriptire booklet) and full information Phone 160 I. L. PRATZ, Agent Hutchinson, Kans.

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