The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas on December 1, 1982 · Page 26
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The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas · Page 26

Baytown, Texas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 1, 1982
Page 26
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THE BAYTOWN SUN WediMMdty, December 1, 1*2 RobertUrich Enjoys Role In 6th Series By JERRY BUCK -;, AP Television Writer '•'. LOS ANGELES (AP) — Robert Urich, clad in red, blue, and yellow scuba sear, slips into the huge, glass-walled water tank to complete a scene begun weeks earlier in the Virgin Islands. He has an arc welder in his hands, and outside the tank a camera is aimed through the glass wall. Beside the camera a man works on a steel beam with another arc welder. The flash of the outside welder is directed into .-.the water tank by a mirror and ~4he camera sees Urich's welder -'Cglowing. '2.f Urich spends a lot of time under t'-.water — and in hot water — in his ~;new adventure series for NBC, ••^•'Gavilan." He plays an '' <>ceanographer and former CIA - : ^gent who is always up to his neck '.Tin something. « A few minutes later, still ; dripping wet, Urich heads for his ; motor home parked beside the « stage at MGM. His wife, actress '* Heather Menzies, and their two children are waiting inside. Miss ,* Menzies has a role in the episode ; being filmed. ; As he dries himself with a ; towel, Urich explains that he's - doing various "pickup" scenes to v fill in the shows that were filmed i on location at St. Thomas in the " Virgin Islands. ; "We ran out of time in the ., islands," he says. "We were ; filming on a sunken ship. I'm - looking for something, gold, " treasure, something. There's a ' cave-in and we're trapped. And I cut us free with the arc welder." ; The recent death of Fernando ; Lamas, who was his co-star, is ; much on his mind. "Fernando - and I had this immediate rap"port," he says. "He was such a -warm individual. He always imade 'everyone around him feel !good. • "So you don't replace ;somebody like that. I've had some 'difficult times. I'd get in the middle of a scene re-shooting something I'd done with Fer- 'nando a:nd I'd have to leave the iet." ; The episodes with Lamas were •re-filmed with Patrick Macnee. The character is still Gavilan's •'pal, but the role has been altered to fit Macnee. • "Gavilan" is Urich's sixth "television series, and he says, '."Unlike a lot of other stuff I've ;done, I'm doing it for fun. I had a Contractual commitment to do another series but the fact of the matter is I like to do it. I have fun. 1 like the pace, I like the pressure, ;I like the challenge of getting 10 pages done in one day, I like having to invent things on the spot. •; "And as it turns out, 'Gavilan' is more fun than anything I've done. We're doing high adventure, finding the sunken treasure, • bad guys chasing us. ';'• "Whether it's going to work or riot is in the execution and in the Relationships <of the people. It's Tgot some flash and dash, but I like to think we're going right to the heart of the matter and are doing good solid relationships." Astro-Graph Bernice Bede Osol cfour ^Birthday D«cwnbwr 2,19*2 Major shifts or changes will work to your benefit this coming year, even those you do not Initiate. When things begin to move, be alert for opportunity. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 23-D«c. 21) Instead of letting negative conditions dominate you, make a concerted effort to' bring about positive changes. Much can be accomplished if you are willing to try. New predictions for the year following your birthday are now ready. Send $1 to Astro-Graph, Box 489, Radio City Station, N.Y. 10019. Be sure to specify birth date. Send an additional $2 for the NEW Astro-Graph Matchmaker wheel and booklet. Reveals romantic combinations and compatibilities for all signs. CAPRICORN (D«c. 22-Jan. 19) A little extra patience and tolerance may be required today in dealing with a sensitive friend. You'll know how to handle things so as to build stronger bonds. AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-F«b. 19) This is a good day to tackle a task you've been postponing because you thought it was too tough or distasteful. You're up to it now. PISCES (Feb. 20-March 20) Let the one you love know how much you care for him or her. not by what you say. but by your meaningful gestures. Deeds are more important than words today. AMES (March 21-AprN 1f) If you are diligent and persevering today, your ' chances lor working out a problem which has been bugging you are very good. Stick with it. TAURUS (April 20-May 20) Instead of trying to do things on your own today, seek to team up with a competent associate. Collective efforts are apt to be more successful- GEMINI (May 21-Jun* 20) Look for ways today to tigmen up things to your advantage where your work or earnings are concerned. The right moves now will enhance your security. CANCER (June 21-July 22) Make a game of tilings today, and play to win. However, of more importance, do'this in a way so as to help others as well as yourself. LEO (July 23-Aug. 22) Take your duties and responsibilities seriously today, especially those affecting your family and loved ones. They'll be counting on you. VIRGO (Aug. 23-S«pt. 22) An old friend whom you know will hear you out and whose advice has been helpful to you before is the person to go to today if you have an important matter to discuss. LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 23) Goals and objectives may not be too easily achieved today, but if they are worth working for be prepared to extend yourself. Motivation is the key. SCORPIO (Oct. 24-Nov. 22) Your chances for success are very good today because of your ability to appraise matters realistically. See things for what they are and you won't go wrong. Bridge NORTH * AQ6 »A75 • K9 +Q8752 12-1-82 WEST » J973 VJ96 * 8432 4 104 EAST * 104 2 ¥K 103 * AJ107 + AK J SOUTH * K85 VQ842 »Q65 4963 Vulnerable: Neither Dealer: North West North East Soutl 14 1* 1 NT Pass Pass Pass Opening lead: 42 By Oswald Jacoby and James Jacoby Today's hand is taken from the same Barbara Kachmar article in the "Bridge World" anthology. We have changed the cards a trifle. The hand is supposed to have been played at New York's Cavendish Club. Barbara (the mystery lady) was West, the other players were Cavendish chauvinist male pseudo- experts. The bidding is not what you would expect from an expert East. But it got South to one no-trump and Barbara to lead a diamond. She led the deuce. The king was played from dummy. East took his ace and returned the jack which was allowed to hold. Barbara played the three. East shifted to the three of hearts and declarer made three spades, three hearts, one diamond and his one no- trump contract. "Poor girl," said South, "She didn't know the right..." "I made the right play," said the mystery lady seething, "If I played the eight there would be no way to defeat declarer. I needed it as an entry so I could lead a club." "James Bond" Crawford thought, "This lady is interesting, indeed. I will compliment her because she was right. Not that she would find that club lead if she -iid get in with the diamond eight. Even I might not have found it." (NEWSPAPER ENTERPRISE ASSN.) Cros-sword Puzzle ACROSS 1 Lacking 4 Outer (prefix) 8 Color 12 Hurricane center 13 Poverty- stricken 14 Ages 15 Environment agency (abbr.) 16 Goddess of fate 17 Northern Albanians 18 More withered 20 Baseball player Mel 45 More austere 47 Animal flesh 49 Actor Wallach 50 Snow runner 52 Actor Torn 54 Mishandle 58 Seed containers 60 Mideast seaport 62 Glum 63 Hawaiian instruments 64 Desert in Asia 65 Energy unit 66 Knot 67 Homa of Adam 68 Small cube Answer to Previous Puzzle 22 Deface 23 Time of life 25 Weather bureau (abbr.) 27 Relish 31 Dine at home (2 wds.) 34 Long time 35 Biblical land 37 One (Ger.) 38 School of modern art 40 A sip of 42 Mine product 43 Expatriate DOWN 11 19 21 24 26 1 Observes 2 Advertising (si.) 3 Twelvemonth 4 Centerpiece 5 Heart (Lat.) 6 Alt (Span.) 7 Expound 8 Brain wave test 9 Corpse 33 burning 36 10 Indian music mode 39 27 28 29 30 32 Soviet Union (abbr.) Consume Mao tung Skinny fish Oil-grading number Relinquish Pull one's leg Entire Frambesia Regarding (2 wds,, Lat, abbr.) Never (contr.) Annoying insect Pub beverage 1 12 15 18 2 3 19 There's Fun In The Sun In 'Entertainment' Each Friday Edition ONE Of THEIR CAR* HA» dOTTEN LOOS* I THAT* OLJfC C^lt • . ^ tl«T?u,ssvhN\it>s\ ...I'M GONNA TURW INTO A B«ONTOSAL1RLJS! GEE, I'D UIKE TO WATCH THAT. GUZ! HERE, HAVE MINE HOW LONG/ TOO LONG,OOP! MOU BEEN I IF I PUT MUCH MORE OF THIS VEGETARIAN INSIDE ME.. SOME PEOPUE EXCUSE ME, v«U. EATIN' THIS STUFRGUZ? TO SEE VOU. YEP HIGHNESS.' THEV'Re BCTH CRAZY. THE THAT EVER LIVED... \£> N/AMED/MRYLCU/ AND BELONGS TO THE FINCHLEYS OKI MAPLE AVENUE. NO WAY/ BOXER THAT EVER. LIVEP WAS OOE- LOUIS/ VOL/VE 60TTO GOOIA DIET, WAV TO MM.CAMNCW6ALL PROM AM 88MM.CAMNOM- OOWT 7W FDR A TOO AS LOfOG A5 UNDERSTAND WHY. ^ TOO MANY PISA61KOUS HAPPEN TO ME ... © SALISBURY"-I9ei III pisthbuttdbuNEA.Inc WORK, THAT'5 WHAT , WERE AR5 1HO55 ARBUT M^/PUDS IMTUIS BAJ6H. TH5V ALL PLASHED. THE- GUBY DISR£6AED THAT UA5T ..AND SO,YOU IT VYA5 MY GU£NT YOU SAW ISOBBIN6 TH£ VICTIM? WAY AHEAD OFVOU YOUE- HONO&- 41 Jelly 44 Part of corn plant 46 Chest bone 48 Vassal 50 Made thread 51 Executioner in "Mikado" 53 Stog 55 Not new 56 Hindu garment 57 Margin 59 Compass point 61 Lincoln's nickname

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