The News from Frederick, Maryland on December 4, 1951 · Page 3
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 3

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 4, 1951
Page 3
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Deer Toll On First Day 46 Game officials estimate at least 3000 hunter* scoured the Catoctin ! Mountains · of Frederick County Monday' to slay 46 deer for the opening of the annual six-day season. No one was reported injured. It was the second highest one- day total on record. Hunters dropped 57 on the opening day of 1949 when the top season total was compiled at 79. The total dropped to 74 last year. Prior to 1949, the b'ert season total was 67 in 1947. . Regional Game Warden Benja- .min F. Phebus, Sr., who reported a record opening day turnout, said it is pretty safe to say that every deer in the mountains was on the move yesterday. He said he can't recall as many people being in the mountainous area on any one day. Size About Average Officials estimat-d that the average size of deer slain was about the same as last · year. ! The biggest buck was shot by J. E. Harshman, this city, whose 8-pointer dressed- out at 153 pounds. Alfred N. Myers, Westminster, had an eight- pointer that weighed 154 pounds undressed. The -prize head of the lot was checked out by J. H. Haines, Mt. Airy, who shot a ten-point, 145- pounder on the east slope of the .Frederick watershed. - Among the successful local hunters was Chester G. Grove, this city, who dropped an 8-point, 130- pounder about three miles north of Thurmont. It was his first kill in many years of hunting. Three Illegal Kills Warden Phebus said three illegal deer were found slain. They included two spike bucks and a bm- ton. buck. No dead doe were found, .he said, in contrast to previous years when most of the illegal kills ' have been females. ' He said two anxious hunters were arrested for hunting before the opening hour. Last year the opening day km was 38 with 18 bagged on Tuesday. 6 on Wednesday, 3 on Thursday, 4 on Friday and 5 on Saturday. . Deputy Game Warden Marvin Myers, who is in charge of the checking station this year, reported kills included: Junior Linton, Thurmont, 3 points, 136 Ibs.; William Eyler, Thurmont, 3 points, 88 Ibs.; Frank Weddle. Thurmont, 5 points, 127 Ibs.; Edgar Fleagle. Thurmont, 7 points, 113 Ibs.; Thomas F. Wright, Sykesvllle, 5 points. 98 Ibs.: Fred A. Beale, Hyattsville, 6 points, 101 Ibs.; Charles Esworthy, Frederick, 6 points. 86 Ibs.; Ralph L. Tabler, Mt. Airy, 4 points, 110 Ibs.; Ray Dewees, Thurmont, 3 points, 90 Ibs.; Russell Favorite, Thurmont, 4 points, 124 Ibs.; Ralston LeGore, LeGore, 5 points. 130 Ibs; Charles T'-essler, Thurmont, 3 points, 111 Ibs.; Otey Howell, Cabin John. 6 points. 109 Ibs.; Jack Rippeon, Mt. Airy. 7 points, 114 Ibs.; Walter Shaw, Frederick Route 1, "3 points, 83 Ibs., William Ray Day, Mt. Airy, 4 points, 93 Ibs.; Oscar Beard, Union Bridge, 5 points, 97 Ibs.; Lloyd Buhrman. Lantz, 4 points, 91 Ins.; Russell Willard, Sabillasville. 3." points, 95 Ibs.; J. E. 'Harshman, Frederick 8 points, 153 Ibs.; Percy S. Payne, Thurmont, 5 points, 93 Ibs.; Claik E. Heffner. Thurmont, 7 points, 109 Ibs ; Amon E. Esworthy, Walkers- vj.lle, 7 points 125 Ibs.: Paul E. Black, 2532 Yorkway, Baltimore, 5 points, 122 Ibs.; George Wagerman, Emmitsburg, 8 points. 133 ibs.- Sanford Fox. Lantz. 8 points, 111 Ibs.; John E. Brown, Thurmont. 5 points. 109 Ibs.; James Gaver, Highfield, 6 points. 78 Ibs.; G. W. Arnold, Frederick. 5 points, 83 Ibs.; Harry M. Boyer, Keymar, 7 points, 120 Ibs ; James O'Toole, 4366 Shamrock avenue, Baltimore, 4 points, 98 Ibs.; Douglas Falk, 506 North Market street, city, 3 points. 80 Ibs.; Earl Wolfe, Myersville, 6 points, 119 J b s , S. L. Barkdoll. Smithsburg, 3 points, 103 Ibs.; Paul E. Young, Union Bridge, 6 points, 107 Ibs.; C H. Boiler, Graceham, 7 points, 126 Ibs.; J H. Haines. Mt. Airy, 10 points, 145 Ibs.; William H. Windsor, New Market, 6 points, 94 Ibs. Radio Program NBC CBS MBS WBAJL WFMD WOE WMAL ke Mt ke Tit ke M t k t ABC * Evening f«»--News for 15 Mln--ruio-cb« Network Silent Hr.--abc-tnbs-M Kiddies Hr. (rpt.)--abc-mbs-WM l:15~Dlscussion Series--cb« · :45--Newscast By Three--nb« X«w» Comment--cbs 7:00--News Commentary--nb« Bsuiah's Skit--cbs News Commentary--abc New* Commentary--mb» T:1--J»cle Smith Show--cb* Daily Commentary--abc Dinner Date--mb» 7:30--News Broadcast--nbo Bob Crosby Club--cbs Mr. Mercury Mystery--abc Gabriel Heatter--mb* 7:45--One Man's Family--nb« Xows Broadcast--cbi Evening- Newsreel--mbi · :00--Cavalcade Drama--nbt People Are Funny--cb» Newsstand Theater---abc Count ot ifonttf Cristo--mbi 1:30--Hollywood Theater--nbc Mr. Mrs. North--cb« Chance of a Lifetime--abo Detective Drama--mb« 8:55--News Broadcast--mb» *:00--Bob Hope--nbo Life With LuisI--rb* Town Meeting--abc John Sfteele Drama--mbs »:30~Flbber and Molly--nbo Pursuit Drama--cbs Mysterious Traveler--mb» 1:46--Newa Comment--abc 10:00--Ble Town Drama--nbe Meet Millie--cbs New» Music--ftbc Comment; Mystery--mbs 10:30--Broadway Playhouse--nbe Robert Q. waxworks--cb» United or Not--ftbo Dance Show--robs 11:00--News Variety--all net* Television Summary 7:30--Beulah Film--abc 8:00--Milton Berle--nbo Frank Sinatra Hour--cbi Charlie Wild--abc "What's the Story--DuMont 8:30--Psychiatry Program--abc Keep Posted--DuMont 8:00--Fireside Film--nbc Crime Syndicated--cb» United or Not--abo Cosmopolitan Theater--DuMonl 9:30--Circle Theater--nbc Suspense Drama--che On Trial Forum--abc 0:00--Amateur Hour--nbo Danger Drama--cbe Hands of Destiny--DuMont 0:30--Chicago Symphony--aba St. Joseph's Teams In Double Victory Here Emmitsburg's St. Joseph's High School boys and girls varsities won a doubleheader at St. John's Frederick, Monday night, the St. Joe's quint taking a narrow 32-30 thriller while their sister team won 3426 over the Johnnyettes. Sprankle, higti s c o r i n g St. Joseph's guard kept his five In front of the Johnnies who had no Bowling League Opens Third Five-Week Cycle All but two of the eight trams in League A dropped to lower leagues this week as Camp Detrlck's three- league t e n p i n bowling circuit opened its third five-week cycle of competition. Only the Indians, with a record Of 10 victories and live defeats, and the White Sox, with » 9-6 record, managed to stay in the top loop. The Braves. Browns, Yankees. Athletics and Bugs dropped to League B and the Buds to League C. Climbing from League B to League A were the Beavers UO-5), Pirates (10-5) and Senators (9-6). The Red Wings (10-51, Stars (10-51 and Mudherts (9-6) made the climb from League C. The Indians, made up of Camp Detrick Navy personnel, had the top plnfall of 11,636, followed by the Dodgers with 11.212, the Yankees with 11,196, and the Braves with 11,177. New individual figures posted showed John O'Neill of the Dodgers hogging all the honors. He had the top average of 175, the high game of 269, and the high set of 702 (.on games of 269, 225 and 2081. Observers believed the set may have been the highest ever bowled in Frederick. Others in the top-average list were Bourland with 173, King and Leatherman with 169, Brabander with 166, Rubner with 165, Thomas and Maloney with 164, Rohrbach and Zimmerman with 163, and Gage with 162. Chiodi had the second-high game with 240. while Harp had 230 Other high individual sets were 595 by Gage and 581 by Rubner This week's schedule: Monday-Indians vs. White Sox. Cubs vs, Giants. Tuesday -- Beavers vs, Stars, Phillies vs. Saints. Wednesday--Senators v*. Mudhens, Athletics vs. Bugs, Cardinals vs. Buds Thursday--Pirate vs. Red Wings Browns vs. Braves, Yankees vs Dodgers. Standings of the teams (end of second cycle): League A W. L. Pet Indians 10 5 .66' White Sox 9 6 .599 Browns 8 7 Braves 8 7 .52; Athletics 7 8 .47' Yankees 7 8 47 ' Bugs - 6 9 -40 Buds 5 10 .33 League B W. 8 10 12 12 12 17 19 19 21 21 21 26 Pet. Landls, Stup's. Of The Teams W. L. Jltzer Moore 25 Quaker \ C i t y 23 .andls Jewelry 21 tup's Texaco 21 longan's Lunch 21 S'. E. Barbers 16 3road Run 14 H -... 14 ^iddlemoser 12 ladhill 12 diddletown 12 Harold's ... . . 7 Weekly statistics--High team match, BlUer Moore, 1.703; high earn game, Bitzer Moore, 616; ligh individual set and game, Craner, Gladhill's Funlture, 422 and 87. individual star. Miss Murphy, visiting forward was top performer for her team while both Misses Rosensteel and Wivel were consistent marksmen for the losing lassies. The scores: Boys' Game St. John's G. F. TP. D . Thomas, f ·--· 2 2 6 E. Tracey, f 1 Beavers 10 Pirates -.. 10 Senators 9 Dodgers 7 Cardinals 5 Cubs 4 League C W. Red Wings 10 L. 5 5 6 8 10 11 Pet .66 .66 .59 .47 .33 .26 Industrial Bowling League Luteat K/vsulU Itzer-Moore, 3: Broad Run. 0 Quaker City, 2: Northcnd. 3 K. H., 3: Riddlomoser. 0 Middlelown, 3 Morgan s. - GladluU, Standing Harold's, 0 I 1 .U1I4 .63ti .036 .636 .491 .424 .414 .364 .364 .3(54 .212 Glade Valley Bowling League Ramsburg Weld, 3; Kidds Cnfe, 0 2agles, 3: Shriner Mfg, 0 Ox Co.. 3; Farmers Supply, 0 Fred. Co. Prod., 3; Legore, 0 lountry Club, 2: Walkersville, 1 Standing Of The Teams Pts. Country Club 34 Sagles . 34 farmers Supply 34 Walkersville 25 Kidds Cafe 24 Ox Co 24 gore 2C Ramsburg 2C Fred. Co. Prod IS Shriner Mfg. , 14 Weekly Statistics High game--Marian Nicodemus, 151 Country Club; high match--Lee Cox. 394 Fred. Co. Prod.: high tean game match, Country Club, 6041,650. · The currency of the United States is printed with 98 pounds of ink on every 100 pounds of papers Each sheet o£ paper money it counted 18 times: 15 by hand and three by machine. Minors Draft 66 Players COLUMBUS. O.. Doc. 3 (/D-Bargain-hunting minor leaguers drafted 86 players for $224,000 today, a decline from 3«50, a* their golden Jubilee convention opened. The same nine leagues--three Triple A, two Double A And (our class A--picked 77 men for $278,000 a year ago. This cutback was In line w i t h recent moves to reduce players and salary limits. Instead of rustling blindly to market with checkbook open and pen poised, the baseball clubowners thought of last summer's dreary attendance--and held back.,,, The talent pool held a few exciting names because most of the big league farmers harvested their hot shot' prospects long ago. Fresco Thompson, Brooklyn vice president In charge of farms, explained the draft like this: "Our farm club rosters weren't crowded, like they usually are, because of the manpower situation. All the clubs were able to bring up the best and left only the players they didn't mind losing." Dodgers Lose Four Brooklyn lost four men in the Triple A draft of 17 men for $87, 000. Thompson didn't consider any of them top level prospects. The St. Louis Cardinals, however, were clipped for a couple of real losses. Toledo of the American Association snatched first baseman Harry Zernia from Omaha of the Western League. Although Zernia had n poor .264 year in the Western League. Care Owner Fred Saigh regarded him highly. Outfielder Roy Broorne, a 295 'hitter nt Columbus of the American Association, was taker off the Houston roster by the New York Giants' Minneapolis farm. One of Brooklyn's four losses was player-manager Larry Sheparc who had a 24-U pitching record a Billings, M o n t , in the Pioneer League. Actually he was drafted off the Great Falls, Mont, roster, foi the Brooks just shifted w o r k i n g agreements from Billings to Grea Falls. As a player-manager. Sheparc does not have to report to Pitts burgh'* Hollywood farm, which drafted him, unless he wants. BUi-nn I'rUr Pick Th« No, 1 pick In the minor l«a- r draft wan Frank Biscati, for- St. Louis Browns pitcher, who WB* selected by San Francisco from Memphis, where h« had a l(f-» record. Rubsn Gomez, a Puerto Hlcnn pitcher with a 12-6 record and 153 strikeouts at St. Jean. Que. in the Provincial League, went to the New York Yankee*' Kannan City farm, Cardinal farms grabbed two-Columbus taking pitcher Bill Allen from the Dodger*' Fort Worth farm and Rochester drafted outfielder J»ck Byers from Charlotte of the Tri-State after he hit .370 at Erie, ». The Chicago Cuba, In the midst of a rebuilding spree, got four for their minor league clubs--two for LOR Angeles and two for Springfield. Ralph (Country l Brown, an outfielder who led two or three leagues in h i t t i n g was taken from Atlanta by Montreal. There were a couple of familiar names in the Double A d r a f t ,of 18 men. for $85,500. Pitcher Charley Haag, once » Yankee, was drafted from Albany, N. Y. of the Eastern by Shreveport of the Texas League after a 13-11 year. And Eddie Sinick!, once touted as the Phillies' regular center flelder, wa« selected by Cincinnati's Tulsa farm from Schenectady. N. Y. of the Eastern, where he Kit only. 249. The draft · continues tomorrow w i t h the Class B and C leagues going into action. The final total is almost certain to fall below the The NVw«, Frederick, Md., Tuesday, December 4, 1951 JfcJUEVBN Recreation League Latrxl Result* Coca-Cola, i'.; »V K.W., 1 'Broad Hun, 2. ASCO. 1 ·Monoeuey. 2; Kelly Mill, 1 WdneMlay Matches oo'* Clrs. vs VF.W. 'Dorsey Meats, 2, Font Spring*, 1 S-R Poultry, 3. Joe's C l r s , 0 '"Point for total pintail Broad Run vs Font Springs Wks. Kelly Mill vs Coi-a-Cola Thursday .Matches ASCO VH Monocacy I n n R-S Poultry vs JDorsey Meat Standings Of Tlie Team* Coca-Cula Pis. 37 S-R Poultry 34 Kelly's Mill M Monocacy Inn 29 Joe's Cleaners 27 V.F.W. 26 Dorsev Meats 24 ASCO . 18 Fout Springs Wks 17 Broad Run 15 Weekly Statistics High individual game-R. Dudderar iMor.ocacy I n n ) , 170; high indivldua 1 set-J, Crampton (Coca- Cola) 411. high team sel-Mono- cacv Inn, 1,730. 154 picked and $347,600 spent last -V WEATHERALL WINS DBS MOINES, Dec. 3, WPV-Jlm Woatherall, University of Oklahoma senior tackle, todny was named winner of the Outlnnd trophy, annually awaicied to an outstanding gunrd or tackle. The award waft established vear. TKAM TO REST KNOXVILLE, Tenn.. Dec. 3, (/P) --Tennessee's undefeated and untied football squad will rest u n t i l Dec. 17, before beginning preparations for its New Year's Day Sugar Bow! game with Maryland, Gen. Bob Neyland said today. Neyland said the squad will work out Dee. 17. 18 and 19, and then will be released for Chrsitmas holidays. The players will report here Dec, 26 and fly to Baton Rouse, La , that afternoon by chartered plane. Daily practice sessions will be held at Baton Rouge until Dec. 31. N O W -- Thru TONIGHT For Reserved 750 Gen. Adm. seats on before «ach performance 1945 by the late Dr, John Outland who felt that guards and tackles were the "forgotten men" of loot- ball. Washington County Soccer League Yesterday's Results Willlamsport, 1; Walkergville, 0. Middletown, 3; Thurmont, 2. Clearsprlng, 3; Hancock, 3. Games Sunday Walkersville at Middletown. Thurmont at Clearsprlng. Hancock at Willlamsport. Standing of the Clubs W. L. T. Middletown 4 1 1 Williamsport 4 1 1 Thurmont 3 3 0 Clearpprins 1 2 3 Hancock 1 3 2 Walkersville 0 3 3 Give Her A DOMESTIC SEWMACHINE The Only Machine With A Life-Time Guarantee :- Console and Portable Models Storm Shipley THE BUSY CORNER Market Second Sts. Plion« 2G6 Shade, f 0 Larkin, f 0 P. Kennedy, c 2 Lipps, c 1 Grove, c 0 Koogle, g 2 M. Kennedy, g 2 Dutrow, g 0 Totals St. Joseph's O'Brien, f Chrisner. f J. Arnold, f 0 Stover, c 1 Sprankle. g 5 10 G. . 1 . 1 Joy, g Doyle, g Totals Timer - 3 F. 2 2 0 1 2 0 0 1 1 1 10 F. 1 0 1 0 5 1 0 0 1 6 2 0 5 5 1 30 TP. 3 2 1 2 15 7 2 12 8 32 Brifeh. Scorers -- Lipps and Keefer. ( St. Joseph's Girls' Game G. Pick-Ups Gain In Detrick Loop Standing Pick-Ups climbed to within two g a m e s of the first-place All Arounds in the Camp Detrick Wonw 's. duckpin bowling league last week by'sweeping three games from the, 709'ers while the leaders were dropping two of three to PD Division. The Pick-Ups thus took over undisputed possession of second place v, hile PP 'Division, previously tied for second, dropped into a tie with MM Division for third. 1 Still tops among individual averages was Jane Burgess' 101.7. Behind her }n order were Catherine Murphy with 99.0, Lillian Gross- mckle with 98.26. Charlotte Dunn ·with 97.14, and Odette Kehne with 87.12. This week's schedule: Dots Dashes vs. 709'ers, PD Division vs. MM Division, Pick-Ups vs. PP Division. Property vs. All Arounds. .Standings Of The Teams W. L. Pet. All Arounds 12 12 .636 Pick-Ups 19 14 .576 PP Division 17 16 .515 MM Division 17 16 .515 Dots' Dashes 16 17 .485 709'ers 15 18 .455 Property 14 19 .424 PD Division .. .. .-12 21 .364 Horse Racing Revenue At New High In State ' BALTIMORE, Dec. 3, (#)--The State revenue from horse racing reached a new high in Maryland this year. The State tax on betting, license fees and breakage amounts to $5,825,534.15, the highest ever. The previous tops was $5,086,151.02 in 1947. This year's revenue will be add. ed »o slightly wim license fees for owners, trainers and jockeys. The 1951 State income from racing is 31 per cent higher than last year. The upswing in racing was evident at every Maryland track, three mile and five half-milers on the flat and four harness. All 12 handled more bets than last year, the first time it happened since 1947. Marylanders bet more than ever during the 230 days and nights, a grand total of $115,029,778. Fitzgerald, f 2 Orndorff. f 1 Rosensteel, f 5 Wivell, f 6 Law. f 0 D. Orndorff, g 0 Joy. g 0 Tappen, g « D. Tappen, g 0 Totals I* St. John's G. McClung, f 0 Sprankle, f 1 Reese,, f 2 Murphy, i 9 Bailey, g ° Smith, g ° Hartman. g 0 Keyser, g 0 F. 0 1 2 2 0 0 0 0 0 6 F. 0 1 0 1 0 0 0 0 L. 5 5 6 Pet. .667 .667 .599 .401 .401 .266 Stars 10 Mudhens 9 Saints 6 - 8 Phillies 6 9 Giants 4 11 Lineup for third cycle: League A--Indians. Red Wings, Beavers, Pirates, Stars, White Sox, Mudhens, Senators. League B--Braves, Browns. Dodgers, Yankees, Athletics, Bugs. League C--Saints, Phillies, Buds, Cardinals, Cubs, Giants. ATLANTA BUYS PLAYERS COLUMBUS, O., Dec. 3, UP)--The Atlanta Crackers of the Southern Association today purchased six players--three right-handed pitchers and three infielders, including Pitcher Anderson Bush (22-3) from Hagerstown, Md., of the Interstate League. Totals Referee^--Foland. Scorer--Lingg. 12 TP. 4 3 13 14 0 . 0 0 0 0 34 TP. 0 3 4 19 0 0 0 0 26 In the 1860's, wasteage from wells and leakage from tanks and barges covered Oil Creek, in Pennsylvania, with floating oil. People stood along the banks with buckets, skimmed the oil off the top of the water, poured it into barrels and sold it. thus getting a start in the oil business. Timer--Brish. FIGHT POSTPONED CHICAGO, Dec. 3, (ff)-- A proposed Billy Graham vs. Johnny Bratton welterweight bout at the Chicago Stadium Dec. 19, has been postponed tentatively until January 16. the International Boxing Club announced today. 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