The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on September 19, 1918 · Page 11
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 11

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 19, 1918
Page 11
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Page 11 article text (OCR)

THURSDAY mPmMBEU 19/1918. THE HtJTCHtNSON NEWS, PAGE ELEVEN. THIN, NERVOUS PEOPLE NEED BITRQ-PHOSPHATE Guaranteed to Put On firm, H Ml thy Fleth and to IncreaM Strength, Vigor and Nerva Force. ^Vontt, thin poople—men or women— arc neatly alwnyn nftrvous wrecks; thus conclusively proving that thinness, weakness, debility suifl neuraathnnla are almost Invarlnbly duo to nfirvo atarvatlon. Kped your nwrei Bnd all these symptom* dun to nerve starvation will dlaapp^ar, Eminent apoclnllxta atalo Hint the beat nerve food la an ora/anle phosphate known amoim drugAtsta as Bltro-Phoaphato, a rlve-Kraln tablet of which should bo taken wlih each menl. Uelnar a Bonulno nerve tiullder* and not a •Uimiliuit or habit-fanning dru«. BltrD-Phoaphate can be safely taken by the weakcat and most delicate sufferer, «ti& the-result* tollow- Ing Its use nro often simply natohlahlnl!. Weak tired people regain atrangth and vigor; thlnnoaa and angularity give way to plumpness and curves; aleep returns to the steeples*; confldenoe and cheerfulness replace debility and gloom; dull eye* bocome brttbt, and polo sanKnn ehecKs regain the pink glow of helth. III- tro-Phosphate, the use of which la lnux- lieiialve, also wondwfully promotes the assimilation of food, so much Bo that many people {report marked . gains uf weight In a few weeks. CAEraON:-*A]thoti«h bltro-phosphate Is unsurpassed for relieving nervousness, sleeplessness and general woaJtneas, It should not, owing to Its remarknble flesh- growing properties, bo used by anyone who does not desire to put on Hush. PORTAGE TIRES SOOO MILES Wichita Double Tire Co. DISTRIBUTORS. 205 South Main, Hutchinson, Kan. Attractive Proposition for Dealers. Baldwin Sales Co. REMOVED t to new location at 11 Sherman East The Famous Iillibridge Oil Vapor Burner is being demonstrated here daily. You are invited to come in and see a practical demonstration of the most reliable fuel for heating and cooking purposes. \ Serial Numbers of Registrants Who Registered September 12 ELECTRICITY finds many ways to brighten your house and lighten your work. Snap a switch and any room is flooded with clean, safe light. Put in Western Electric Power and Light and have light for every room in your home; every 6tall and passage in the barn. It gives you power to run the many electrical household devices as well as the grindstone; separator, fanning mill, water system, etc. See this Weriern Electric outfit m operation - = AT THE FAIR , It Will Run 75 Lights Without \ : Aid From Battery. ., Hun on Kerosene. Give the Battcriej a TAPERING CHARGE. Shuts itself off when battery is_full. Run other machinery, engine only directly off pulley up to 3 H.P. Start by pressing button. Generate 1500 Watta It Has Vacuum Fuel Feed, Taok in Base, Dual Control, Splash Feed Oiling. Automatic Change front Gasoline to Kerosene. DWIGHTCHAPIN Jr.W, 603, Lewis Allen Maker, ft. 1. 604, George Hasklns Glenn, It. 1. city. 605, Marry J. Drettillbls, Haute 1, Burrlon. 606, James Spencer Morgan, R. 1. 007, Henry Englor, It, 4. 508, ESmore J. Hallcr, K, 4. 609, Walter Magazine, ft. 4. 610, Win. Willis McCandless, R. B, Hutchinson. 611, Altretl Smaucl Baker, R. 1, Burrton. 612, Charles C. Sullivan, R. 4. "613, Thuclileiia Colo Hrown, R. 4. 614, .lacob Krehbell, 11. ". GIF,, Williani Ira Macklln, R. 4. 016, Mniion Ulysess Keckler, Jl. 1. 617. Howard Cornelius Hosklnson, Route 1. 61.8, Wm. JameB Collins, R. 4. 619, Robert Clinton Rowlings, R. 4. 630, Francis Edward Bailsman, R. 1. • 621, VMA WITber Myers, R. 4. 622, Charles Hugh CMbben, R. 2, Hutchinson, 623, Archie A. Brown, Burrton. R. 1. 624, Dan Edward Krehbell, R. 2. 625, William Howard Corner, R. 2, Hutchinson. 620, Warren Kile, R, 4i Burrlon. 627! Cary Rimer Ijcnnton, R. 2. 62S, Charles Richard Brown, R. 1.', 629, Wm: Hayes Hanselman, R. 4. '630, William K. Baughmun, R. 7. 631, Kveritt EHcltson Morgan, R. 1. 632, George Francis Fr.var, R. 1. 633, Adam T. Base, R. 1. 634, Colby Blrton Sullivan, R. 4. 635, Edward Bryan Osliorn. It. 1, 636, Harry P. Ooodell, It. 2, Hutch- InBon. 637, Francis Seba DeWater, R. 1„ Burrton. 63S, .llm Rile, It, 4. 639, Cloorgo Plumtner I.owe, R. 4. 040, Harry Oris Macklln, R. 4. 641, Charles l>oug!as Hoskinson, II. 4. 642, William Perry Reed, R. 2, Hutchinson. 643, Charlos M. Johnson, R. 4, Burrton. , 644, William Lane Warman, R. 3, Hutchinson. G15, John William Hadlcy, R. 3, Hutchinson. 646, Cube Henson. R. 3, city. 617, Arhur Symms, R. 3, ciy. 645, IJoyd Samuel Ulstott, R. I, city. 610, James N'athanlcl Taylor, R. 3. 650, .lames Thomas Vaughn, Para-- gould, Ark. 651, John Smith, R. 3, city. 6r>2, James William Jones, It. 3, city. 653, Ray Bonham, R. 3, Yukon, Okla. 654 Charles Thayer, R. 1, city. 655, I^cwls Paul .Vafzlnger, R. 1. 656, Jernld Qulnch Ayers, R. 3, city. 657, Roland Thompson, R. 1. . 058, Alter Madison Buser, R. 1. 059, John Gragg, It. 3. 660, Fred Uneoln Mills, R. 3. 661., Bmmfitt Smith, K. 3. 662, C. Allen Murphy, R. 1. 663, Walter Amos Shulcr, R. 1. 664, Alfred Alfonso Jeffs. R. 3. 665, Andrew Johnson Brown, R. 3. 666, Franklin Edward Wllon, R, 3. 667, Herbert Lyman Dukelow, Jl. 1. 60S, Alfred Edward Rowland, R. 4. 669! Charles Oscar Bundy, R. 3. 070, Francis Clyde Oloover, R. 1. 671, Percy C. Hopkins, R. 3. 672, Harry Clayton Bloom, R. 1. • 073, William James Morgan, R. 3.674, Thomas Rayl, R. \. 675, Bouldln Fred Umg, 523 N. Maln.- 676, Joseph Clyde Rauh, 113 Fourth cast. 077, Andrew Lynde Jacobs, 210 First west. 678, Glen Arthur Miller, 22fi Second west. 679, Elmen Jesse Krehblel, Y. M. C. A. 6S0, Alexander Howard Gojdberg, Baldwin Hotel. 681, Albert Steven Smith, Baldwin hotel. • 652, Roy Bartlett Shuler, 816 First west. 083, Ray Howard Sovereign, 203 Second west. 654, Charles Wilson, 416 First west. 655, James Wilson Spear, 542 First west, i • 686, Edward Harold Bundy, 503 Sec ond west. 687, Oliver Dolivan Hudson, R, 2, city. OSS, Gilbert Ebe Pursel, 410 Twelfth west, 6S9, Lyle N\ Dreibclbis, 306 Second west. 690, Roy Albert White, 26 Second west. 691, Frank F, Patterson, 731 Fifth east. 692, Yerling Dorr Welker, 300 Second west. 693, Samuel Wallace Patterson, Baldwin hotel. 694, Harold Dewey Wilson, 416 First west. 695, James Elmer Brown, 16 First west. 696, Thomas Lafanta, Mexican camp. 697, William WHson Clemments, 120 First.eKst. 698, John Smith, illaldwln hotel. 699, William Honry Wagner, New State hotel. 700, Ainadon, Cundilla, Santa , Fe Mexican cniap. 701, Pedro Garcia, Santa Fo Mexl can camp. 702, Fellclanco Chaves, Santa Fe Mexican camp. 703, Novento Cercvantes, Santa Fe Mexican camp, 704, Andres ScrvenLes, Gen. Del 705, William Leutz, 300 Second west. 706 Walter Reagu McKean, 514 N. I Main.' 707, James Wallace Winkler, Bald| win hotel. 708, Jesso Parker, 618 N. Ford. 709, Francisco Cervantes, Gen. Del. 710, Antonio Margudo, Santa Fe | Fe Mexican camp. 711, William Thomas Drury, Mid| land hotel. 712, George Robinson, 382 Second I west. 713, James Addison, 109 First west, 714, Charlio Shut/., 328 First west. 715, Tom Donaho, 314 Second west. 716, Frank Carol Jackson, 127 Hoc- I ejld west. 717, Charles Elmer Boles, S03 Sev[ £nth vest, 71S, Bert Franklin Dickson, 283, I F«t* Weat 719, Terry U FolU, 128 N. Main. 720, Frank Oakley, 209'4 N. Main, si reel. 721, Jesse Stenge, 809% Second W. 722, Richard Chnvc, Mexican Camp. 723, Luther Holton Jones, 412 Washington north. 724, Verne Sebroe, 300 North Main. 725, Charlie Benjamin, Second wesl. 726, John lister KingJ- Mldlnnd hotel. ! 727, Raum Lloyd Brooks, 110 Twelfth easl. 728 Leo Leslie Starks, 71S First west. 729, Edgar Elmer Chnney, 114 Monroe north. 730, Ira Martin Ruckcr, 105 Fourth oaBt, • r .1], Frank Grant Wlldrr, 300 Sw- ond west. 732, Noel Larenu, "30 Second west. 733, William Bernard Cain, 129 Seventh east. "34, Robert Pearl Fln'ighcr, tlen. Del., city. '35, Fredenclo Candlllo, Mexican eainp. 730, Annstacla Martlnle, Gen. Del. clly. 737, Emboglo Hcrracnds, Mexican camp. 738, Charles Elmer Hlnkln, Chalmers hotel. 739, James A. Garfield Nicholson, 123 A west 740, Aaron Coleman, 201 Secont west. 741, Frasla A tins, Mexican camp. 742, Joseph Zaohftrls Frindt, W6 First east. "43. WyliP Madison Chapman, kin hotel. 744, Allan Lrroy Linn, 310 Second west. 745, John Hunter McCarroll, 420 First west. 746, George Charles Pells. 2801 N. Ma'n. 747, Benonl M. Clack, 318 Second west. 748, Charles Wlllard Faanacht, US First east. 749, Richard Sylvester Murry, 127 .Second west. 760, Cms Pnlacln, Mexican camp. 751, Fanstino Garcia, Gen. Del., city. 752, PRsquel Alcnla, Mexican camp. 753, Clements Scvantes, Gen. Del. cltv. 754, Frank Morris Finkelsteln, 101 Thirteenth west. 755, Ben Greenberg, 402 Second weat. 756, James Hamilton Peters, 123VJ North Main. 707, William Wesley Tamplln, 400 First west. 758, William 1-ee Blake, 406 Fourth east. 759, Frank Marshall Moore, 204 First west. 760, Irvin Harold Yeager, 226 First west. 761, George Pearson Rodman, 309 Second west. 762, Walter Ray Jarv-is, 11SH Second west. 763, Arthur James Stanley, 230 1st west. 764, Robert Franklin Turner, 16 1st west. 765, Frank Henry Slallmani Jr., 112 North Jeffer«on. 766, John ITIeberl Dyek, 121 Fourth east. 767, Arthur Elroy Alli.-on, 709 First CRSt. 768, Samuel Enslev llnves, P O., Box No. 1. 769, Ijftmon Haldnn Tolbert. 309 Third west! 770, Santato Rrllers. Mexican camp. 771, Elbert Elero Camphell, 111 Seined west. 772, Henry Held, 26 First west. 773, Frederick Oliver Brower, 720 Fifth east. 774, Claude Morton Slovnll. city. 775, Everett Alva York, .101 North Main. 776, Roy Ralph Mcl'aihind. 127Vi N. Main. 777, Edward Henry .McDonald. Baldwin Hotel. 77S, Joseph Rank, 113 Fourth eii.nt. 119, Cortes Andres, 2.'! Fourth west. 7sn, William Irf-sslpy SchaJl. 209',-j North Main. 781, Milton J. Flrey, 213 N. Main 782, John William Strickland, 127 North Washington. 78". Ilugli Joshaway Mobely, 200 Second east. 784, Harry Lehman. 12 Sixth east. 785, Ray George BrookB, 225 Second west. 786, Joseph Franklin McMahan, 107 Second west. 787, Alfred Elvatris Lambert. 328 Second west. 788, Charles John 1-arson, 9 Atwood Flats. 789, Frank Delbert Plekrell, 123 1st west. , 790, Elijah Thomas Hampton, 2:; First west.. 791, Robert Yates. Midland hotel. , 792, Milton U'roy Hogan, 213 Second west. 7M. George William Phillips, Third nasi. A l.alley purchaser given service. Ileno-Buick C<i. 16-61. Try This If You Have Dandruff Th< re Is one sure way that never fails lo remove dandruff completely and that 1= to dissolve it. This destroys It entirely. To do this. Just Bet about four ounces of plain, ordinary liquid II rwin; apply It at night when retiring: use enough to moisten the scalp and rub. it In gently with the tinvcr tips. I'y morning, nio*t if not all, or your iliinii! ufl will be (:i>n,', ainl three or four more applieniilintis will completely dis*i,l\c and entirely destroy every single 'i^u and trace of It, no matter how much dandruff you may have. Vim will find. ton. that all itching and digging of the scalp will stop Instantly, and your hair will he puffy, lustrous, glossy, silky and soft, and look and feel at bund red times better. You can get liquid nrvon at any drug stare. It Is Inexpensive, and four ounces is all you will need. This sim. pie remedy lias never been known to fall. It^sprangTrom $13— : and a set of. drawing «* • instruments / / Today it is an organization serving millions of women T WENTY-EIGHT years a with $1,1.00 and a set of drav instruments for capital, a voting i a "IW tpital, a young started to build ;i great business. In New York, the great whirling cin where millions struggle in vain to outstri others, and. hundreds win their way success, he dareti to-entcr a field aire overcrowded. Today, the magazine he started is foremost in its field; the pattern serv which grew out of it has outdistanc every one of its coinpetitors. ady the \x A NEW MAGAZINE for women ! Why, already there were a dozen such, and the leading ones had twenty years and more of success behind them ! A new pattern for women ! The pioneers in pattern making had already been forty years in the field ! Yet steadily, swiftly, the young publisher's unerring sense for the coming Woman's interests, the designer's •genius for line, and instinct for the American woman's taste in dress, made their impression. Before long, women asked: "Where can we get patterns of these styles?" And so the Pictorial Review Pattern service was born. In twenty years the new patterns had sprung far ahead of every other ! "They are so practical," women insisted. These styles, which everyone recognized, were newer and better, had so few pieces to put together that the veriest amateur could fashion for herself a dress of distinction from them. And when Pictorial Review developed the plan of also furnishing cutting and construction guides with instructions of a simplicity hitherto unknown, the popularity of the pat- ferns bounded ahead ! Today, Pictorial Review's peculiar appreciation of the taste of American women has placed their patterns in every city, town and village. Seven thousand stores offer Pic- 1 tonal Review Patterns to women! 1,500,000 copies of Pictorial Review are bought by women every month ! 2,000,000 Fashion (Quarterlies each year! 42,000,000 Monthly Fashion Books are distributed yearly through Pictorial Review Pattern agents. Today more Pictorial iReview patterns are bought by American women than tiny other pattern on the market. jvr LESS] yilEAT The October Fall l : ashipn Issue One hundred illustrations of new styles of distinction and •implkity. Tw*niy- ftix in full color. TUc correct material* and colors for Fall and flic way fo ufce them. PICTORIAL REVIEW October Fall Fashion * Issue AT ALL NEWS-STANDS The Pictorisl Review Company New York Buy W,S.S. and Liberty Bonds to rem* the copy J2.00 lUe yew

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