The Paris News from Paris, Texas on August 1, 1934 · Page 3
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The Paris News from Paris, Texas · Page 3

Paris, Texas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 1, 1934
Page 3
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WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 1, 1*34 PARIS NEWS. PAGE Society Churches Club s Parisians Have AudienceWith they motored to Monterrey, Mexico. Th-re, they left their car and went by train to Mexico City where they have spent the last two weeks. Return From Wedding \ Mr. and Mrs. Max "Williams, ! who -svere married last t-reek in —- i J>al"as. returned "Wednesday from News from the two youns Paris' their we d«2ing trip and are now at European travelers. Miss Helen | home in the Belford apartments. BJyth and Miss £usenia Crook, is j they had an audienc-3 with Make This Model At Home Paris News Daily Pattern LAURA WHEELER DOILIES MUST BE IN Hugo Social Affairs STYLE AT SUMMER OUTINGS Tuesday Evening Woman Named Art the Pope at the .Vatican. At present the party is in Venice and: from there the plan is to go j to Austria, and to Germany, then bacJc do-scn Into France. Miss Blyth the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Richard Blyth. and Appreciation Chairman j - i HUGO. Okla. — Mrs. E. R- De- 1 has been appointed state ; i chairman of the art appreciation committee o* Federated Women's clubs of Oklahoma. The appoint- ! ment came after a recent board M«a Crook is the daugnter of meeting of state officers in Tulsa Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Crook. They j and ig for a three-year period, left here the latter part of June j Mrs. Z>eTVeese -who is already j for «. three months" tour of Eu-j fine arts chairman for the seventh | rope in company with a party j district, will, in carrying on the i •which they joined in New York, i duties of her nevr work, visit all | They will return to this country, clubs in Oklahoma during her late in September. .Family Returns From Mexico City "Mr. and Mrs, Maury Robinson and daughter. Katherine Morgan. and son Gregory Robinson, returned Tuesday afternoon from a month's trip which included Rod- Ark., Carlsbad Cavern In term of office, arstl on art. rive lectures PERSONAL NEWS OF \ HONEY GROVE FOLK i KONEV GROVE-—Mr. and Mrs. j Finley Huffman of TYschita' Fails | are visiting Mr. and Mrs. Henry j Mexico and from -whence to $4.50 V»h>** s i French JGd Lambckin C*pc*kf~i Doeskht Sue<kr Beige T*n Brown Grey of jfjrtvc-t. Cho«>3~»» from 4 -Tr.d * bxitTon !*'n<rt?i't with p'.tin or fanry rtiffy. s^Tr^ r-'-rsir*'* -tr*» ir^ort. but nor .I*! »!z**!- ar« whown !n *nrh «rylr, Hx»rry 1n for th^sft h-»rsn*n^. MAIN FIXX>n Perfcins BJTO& 1 C <^ AA P» A K- V ^7 2424—The St<*rr of Paris. Special Purchase INSTEAD OF SLKEVKS IT HAS A COOI* CAPE COULAR Pattern 1»2> v By ANNE ADAMS i Nothing 1 compels you to make * this frock of one of the new non- j crushable cotton voiles, of course. | but wouldn't it be nice that way? j It is a charming 1 frock! No sleeves j to make you warm—just *. big j cape collar to take their place an<3 | make you loofc slim and charming j in the bargain.- It Is designed for J the matron's figure—the point at i the front of the bodice, the sof-- j gathers, and the panels in. the j skirt are amazingly slenderizing— ; but it is attractive in a size as j small as 15. Arid it is attractive ' in silk, voile or chiffon, either plain or patterned. Pattern 2925 is available in size-? !£, IS. 20. 34. S-?. 3S, 40, 42 and { 54. Size 35 takes 3 3-4 yards 39 i inch, fabric- Illustrated step-by- j »iep sewing instructions included, j Send FIFTEEN CENTS (15c) i m coins or stamps ( coins prefer- | red), for each Anne Adams pat-i [ HUGO, Okla,—Miss • Booth entertained with ; Shirley buffet 1 supper in tiio garden at her home ] Tuesday evening. In honor of her ! house guests, Misses Nancy Vaughn and Betty Frances Vick 1 of Fort Smith. Ark. Guests were Misses Ruth Evelyn Lambeth. Katherine- Dudley, Ann Howse. Ernestine Brewer, Ruth Glenn. Pauline and Frances Williams a«d j Marylin Booth, j Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Blakeney entertained with an informal din- ner Tuesday eveiiins *a honor o£ Mrs. Henry Oliver of Houston.. Texas, th-e guest of her Mrs. £L P. Oarrett. Mr. and Mrs. Carl Askew ia.ine<l at bridge Tuesday in the Askew home on East when the following : Messrs and Jiffies. John S'ursis* Chester Nease. Leon Rice and Orland Simmons and Mrs, OtJe Walton. SON' IS BORX A son. who has been named DonaM \Vayno. was born Sunday room in-:; to Mr. Jtnd Mrs. Homer Kearn of 243 G raj-tana street. lern. TVrite plainly your name. a<3- ' ^••"•ss and stvle number. BE SoJxi. | ~ I rnu ^ h Iike h * r " 5 as possible? TO STATE SI2S WANTED. And while you are ^riling-, -why DOLL WITH BEACH ACCESSORIES PATTERN 4-87 *~hat little grirl is not delig-hted ; tion 14 drtyri Soil as —ell as the have her doll's -wardrobe as i ra ^ doli for -«*ich they -~-.----re de- Give wlf ""~ > Ever if Bottle bears the Exact Date the Beer was Brewed.. na.ilr!s: book, crammed from cover to cover i\~ith stunninsr .illus- irati-ons and ca-ptivatiuj-r <2escnp- ilons of Tie-TV fashions, fabrics and other things that make a. ---roraar. chic TUB SUMMER OF TH EAXNE ADAM: Mr?. Clyde Kins-: and baby of B^nham have returned home after j vi-ntin--: Mr. and Mrs. Harley Todd. Mr. and Mrs. Tom Scott spen 1 . thr past week end -with Mr. and Mrs. Ed Roberts at G'adev.-ater. Miss Pauline Walker of Gainesville has been the i-ruest bere of Mr. and Mrs. Joe ."A'ise. Mr. and Mrs. Fulton "Ware are visitin"-: relatives at Snyder arid F'uvanna. ?.Iisses Betty. Arsnle and JennJe Carra.--vay have returned from a. visit -rvith Mrs. N". O. Stal'ings at Bonhain. MJ--S Ethel Tiro^TS of Austin !s the sr-uesr of Mr. srid Mrs. Grant j ____ _ . j Sa Mr. r "ry-d Mrs Ed Bailey and j MAN DIES. SKULL ! HUGO PERSONALS \ S^^^^™* n^MiS. lf S! CRUSHED IN FIGHT i AM) LOCAL NEWS | Pattern 4ST comes to you --vilb real titrll! by making- tills • a transfer pauern of a. doll, a pa- net include an order for a fasci- j Pajama. and sun suit with match- j tern of the- garments in-s; hat. If possible, make xhetn ; terial requirements: and detailed of the same material as those of ; directions for making: the coll and their proud owner and watch, her delightedly take them •frith her OR every outing just because of their ISSUE ! "ipprojriaie dress. The -rarrnenti- "pVT-i are a - 1 vei ">~ eas >" to sew. need lit- \ Depr., S" "E TERN BOOK. PRICE FIFTEEN j tie "Aerial aud will fit a regula- 1 York. X. T. CENTS. BOOK AND PATTERN ) TOGETHER, TWENTT - FIVE : | Address orders to The Ne-*s H Pattern Department. 243 Wesl ; i 3 7th Street. New Tork City. i 1 garments. j Send 10 cents in stamps or coin j (coin preferred) for this pattern to The Paris Ne^vs. Ne^xl'ecraft ; jhth Avenue, Ne CHURCH ACTIVITIES VOLFE CITY LOCAL AND PERSONAL NEWS FE CITY,—Mr. and Mrs. G. i J. Carter "were at Honey Grove j Sunday to visit Shelby Ldttrell. ^-bc> FIRST BAPTIST | has returned from a Mtiskogee. >TTT>-\\"E£X SER.Y1CK ; Okla.. >iospiial somewhav improved, Ed Meredith is ill this weete and Miss Marv "Elizabeth Ohr "h.-.F f An-rnmcm at Smithville Said to i HTTGO. Okla,—A. J. Campbell of r^tt-me,** from an overland toi:r! Have ,\rL*c-n Over 50 Cent I>cbt | Cooper is visiting his sister Sirs, of rsortlVKJSiern states. C-ina'dia.n j [ C'au<2 Patterson, s and Chicasro. f 31>ABEL.- Okla.—Ar-r-jment said { Karv-ey M- Black superintendent fiitv-ceni j o' the city schools has returned COMMUNITY NEWS * ----- •—* •- -*--• <*-*** ~f <-«--.--. itrom the Presbyterian encampmem \ J- Wai-;on Skinner as the princi- • to have arisen over a -: -Ic-bt resulted in the death of Solin OF SHADY GROVE \ Bohamion. SO. of Srm-nville. ^rho The mid--s-eek prayer service or 1 confined to his home, the First Baptist church ivili be ! Gardner Aike" v:s!te held in the Yo^ng- People's room ! and "relatives "in Dallas" of thx Educational building -\VeJ- i -,-^^.1^ en< s. nesdav evening: at S •o'clock. Dr. I ^, , -. ^ T- E. Hunt T-fill be IT charge, --vith I --IT-E- Be^ie c-la^ener .s no>-. at | home of her son. G. E. Glazeaer. in | Marieita. Okla-, after ha-.-in.s-; made her borne nere -nriih her daucnter. r>ast SHAl>r GROVE.—Good crowds are attending the revival irteet- •>ns at -Cedar Grox'e Baptist ch-^rcfc -.-.'here the pastor, the Rev. John 1'ayr-e of Far;? is preaching- Serv- ft-es -s-riH continue until Thursday. Re^. Mr. Sprin?er- t mt Price's Falls --vhere he appeared i pai speaker. '^C»2X tlie.prosrata. . ,_. ... ~.~ .^ v.a • ^_r%t '"".-'ia o'clocl": ..the .. teo-2-bersr ) «S«d four hours after his skuilhadf M!ss Ma ^. NaO nii"Tav^-- O f Ok^l^^ 5 officers of the Sunday school j Mrs - a E - ^^~^- th ^ been crushed. apparently with | Jah otaa Citv is the ^-jest of her j ^ li!T> ^ eet - kh Superintendent X p--^^ _, -_^ i. , _. ^•'-= ! i-s:---jr.->- <m : ->- ' *-•'- Roberts t\ inaK.e Pta~s for the ; A son ~--~a5 corr: to "Mr. ana Mrs.. rocks Satt-r^ay-nifr^t. >aj,,^..^. ^^...^ ^..^ .. | montia of August. ! O- C. Kerndon. July 27 o< r 'fi<-A*-< ;iere were "r^t notified i >I:ss ihelrna has returned i { , , " , - " <*,, A-O-.-I a ^*»r- -, K--a*- ,-je^r -:-, »,,=,; | ->- r * ? - ^ - ^- "G~ards. o^ Cciom- of the affasr until Sunday -hen j ^ ^"J.^,;^ to^se/ ^'' ! AiATHEAN O^ASS _^ r ^ | bia. South America. Is visiting her Mr. ar.d Mrs. J. A. ?tull and j " ' " j >-^-n~^. ^^ - ^.ec..... BATED Beer. BLATZ BREWING CO. F© 1334. 33zt= Er- Distributed by J. D. GIBSON Photse 115 24T BonJiam Si Paris. Texas Aged in huge ageing vats, Blatz Old Heidelberg Beer is bottled at just that time when ageing has produced the distinctive flavor •which judges of good beer prefer. Then the BREW- DATE is placed on every bottle — the Blatz guarantee that Blatz Old Heidelberg "BREW- DATED^ Beer is fully-aged. It is also your guarantee o£ all you like best in beer — with no raw flavor of imaged beer. Yen -will prefer the full-bodied strength, the richness of flavor, and the mellow crearniness o£ Blatz Old Heidelberg BREW- r>eTidi^s: prelim- . . . •reifst *w~ho is ho;d:n:r a revival irt | inary hearinsr. It. -,vas reported to j-i^.-ighter Miss Mildred have r-r-ttirn- -r^e Alathean c'ass c-f the Tn:" Paris, preaches here ""V-e-dnescay i officers rnskin.^- an irivesusration r-fterrtocn at ":""0 o'clock at th-1 r hat Bohannon and The two men tr-'-'errsac'*?. ! hel-d ha<i hsa an aitercatlon. over The :nfai-t of Mr, an<3 Mrs. I-il- j - t >, e debt and ".hat the fatal fight b<~rn LJinder-r --vas burU'd at Shany i ^ ns -r!e<J Sher-'fi O- F. Stewart says. Grove eer^ery Jhur^ay after-; ' ^^^ service s for Bohannan noon, the Rev. ; _. B. ihcrn'p*cn. ; .H•?:"-£odtst pastor, havinsr charge. t Charlie- Car.p«nt-?r from Tennessee tvh from S-c;phur. Mlsses Xancy Vaughn ana Betty j- rarrces Vfck of 5"ort Sm'Th guests of Miss Shirley Booth. manuel Baptist church -mill have j a so-cis.1 a.i~;d busiizess meettns: i _re | Tliursca;.- at 3 p. rn. at the Mrs. Maud Aske~~-~ returned Mon- ave-u€ y from a visit — hh relatives in ^^ ^^ Mrs. Jack Crensria^v Tv-;T! tar.- r.csiess. ; -T^-er held. Sunday exeninsr a.t re ^^?! e ^ | >"r. Bsachiem of the Christian '• ch-Jirch. Sohannon is surviv-ed by Mrs. D. "-"T. Bra-R-ner is reported j FTRST BAJPT1ST T."?T^. ot Fprhics *r. -sptrid' .. e f:t of Eetr>- Kc Short ha? returned from * Ark.. -"*.'here I?* bs* ' " the s unifier fo- ': i-iisrhtlj.- improved months illrtes?. Mr. and Taylor, rrt '- is-;!>hine e.iid ••d a brother. into their horn? t-.asr"a.n<!I ( Circle OT- "^"est i church of Far;-- i LONE OAK TTEM5 ! OF PERSOiVAt I rr ; '.?:j?led after s recent fire. Mr, an-3 >I--s. Elmer Burris and M:-s. J. K. Burri? have r--t"Ttec PICXIC f the First Faptisi r.T.A. Crool-: Thursday evening-, and all are to rceec at the church at T o'clock. TK» F.VIUO OT^SKR PK-'Tv-flf A, ?."P« — A ?S60.'>0» astro ru.= roio~ii cl-5^r- ;: ;cry ivjth 72 inch re fleet in:; t^!t-scoj.>c. ib aarsr*r5t In th-:- POTS* hem hcmispher t* to bt- *rect**d on the veldt tita- C»N".E OAK,—Mrs. R- T. Mitchel? | KiJorado. .\rk.. ^5 vls;--nc her! i. Robert M'tchf!;. [ •*ii-= M:-;n-;ri Ar.if-r^or- of De-" H^-uscr in Ch-co-ah Mr. aT-£ ?»*rs. K. L,. A Mar:e B. VACATTOX SCHOOL .TCNIOR I DEPAKTMEXT PICXTC •" Ark. j ""Vedncidsy aft-rr-cor. the Jun- .nncaster • ior department of ihe First Meth•:> Ok'ahcma >.":;-- aft- c<Ji?t church vacation school --vil! have a picnic at Gcrcc-n Cot:n~:rj Bargains for the early shopper August Sale ^YEARLY AIX TYPE8 IMPROVED GAS HEATIXG EQUIPMEXT AT PRICES YOU LIKE TO PAY ycuf:vr peo r-.s T ;pft n-sor<» than -»?•> y-f- John Radciiffe. ^ physician. o"'- of FT>AY AT •MMKKCF:.—T?-,.- ^A«.•\TION SCITOOI- THtKSDAV ar Oxford. at. S o'clock. A NEW WAY TO SOLVE YOUR INSECT PROBLEM FLIT 17RAY AND W 0 E R TH£ H00$€ THAT f UT SPRAYS FUT POWOCR KILL€D MY REAS WHITE ROCK LOC\L: .- r-royrarr; AND PERSON VL NEW? i I *hc Fretherro ROCK.— -?e ARMERS AT \>!E!A BUSY MAKING HAY last Mondnv r-,- | A?,'BIA. hay. FLOOR FUK.XACE '* " d e * I for b*»lt!ifiil ---•arratn* Flarae <3oe»u"t t«yocJ» the air ?t circulate*. Sc-or. "I kno^w it's •worn out and ineiScIerir, but make tKis old neater do until next -w-iater,** That "•"vas one Tray of economizing last "winter. Isoi-r,, berets another, and we believe a better "way to save: Buy good, improved heating equipment. It gives maximum comfort ^vith a rnininiuiii of fuel used. Buy it at this sale. "Next winter" will be here before we know it, so investigate this opportunity to bring your house heating up-to- date. - j^f V 'A:.:" day ve"jrsr TV ay " h3i! a p:-.-rt'i'~ las" rt^ns: or; Ma'Tcry Mr-*, HOIT.T t?r>'«ixr' .ir-.-'! bori ' i Entrrtam Oomnterrr Mr. Mrs. ~R, C. Kc*?c a~«* h-~r mother li^v?- bcth br^r: 5*! the ^s.-'t ~x'ee3<. Mry, Orval Bro"\-ri <\f Cur Tin.?, heir)'! -who had an operation Three i> OP-KS asT',- 1 -i? -T-»? hoT^f cf C'ydc- ">o:t'--r! 4 je «••] o->n fired t^ brd. .\rs -"isrht ••••"3 or.-'^-'h^l''' 7>O'.:~'i3 bo> ; "A ^5 b-orn ^Tivdny to Mr. and M*~5. COM M EKCK . — Tr.(p:oi>j* form:n«: sist-»T?v > «r for T^xas Sia*^ c i t ir.f n M of « I FAT Cabbage Buy in Angnst to Save! • Radiant-type Room Heaters! • Circulating Heaters! •* Healthful Floor Furnaces! Special Terms Tn addition to the special values there are un~as~aaIJy attractive terms. Pay only small down payment at time of purchase. Balance monthly, bejjinniis';; ^vith 535 bills payable in October. CIRCULATING HEATER i.t sd<ra[ for rooms ttard t<* beat. Circslal-ssiban-daric of •warm *jr. Pr*"f«Bts wait *-"re*t:n£. Knocks cold j»pots aiTil corner*. RADL\NT-TYP£ HEAT- tR for quick !*«»t » an- »arpas»e3. Masy on s*«. of the local will be rMo -h~imbor -ied a: t Park ir co*r* »o ui ftt-.r oocs »o MUCH Thursday aftfrnoon at 5* o'clock, j Th<»r* wiil !>A pl^ntv of ->arkm.? ; rpnr^. arnpTe i>ol'c^ t-ri.>", action, a-nd . for IEU-ANS me Gas Heat anytime*"' LONE yrAJt Texas CitiesH| Gas Company

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